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This is as close to reality as you would get - if you meet a young mother who has a fetish for kiddie porn..
Ever get the chance to help a mother ‘educate’ her 2 young daughters in the art of love making? I did. I was 20, going on 17. A baby. And though I didn’t know it at the time, I had all 3 girl age groups at my fingertips -
1. Girls under 12 (at summer camp for example) would get a crush so big they would swarm around me in groups, trying to impress.
2. Older teenage girls would ask me out frequently.
3. My girlfriends’ mothers over 35 would sigh with sadness, trying to remember the last time they saw, let alone sucked, a good looking young guys cock.

I used to get comments from MILFs in bars - ’oh, you’d be a great son in law, but my daughter’s only 14’ and when I was lured to their bedrooms, they’d almost be purring with contentment as they sank their middle aged lips down my 7 inch shaft. ’God, I would have loved to met this guy when I was a tweenager - he could have taught me so much’ they thought to themselves. And as I lay there being blown, pacing this MILF’s head with my palm below me, I dreamed of being blown by all 3 age groups at once.

And so it came to pass. August 2nd, Saturday, 75 degrees, partly cloudy. Venue: Detached suburban house in Pennsylvania, containing 2 big friendly dogs, a lonely single very attractive 37 year old blonde eccentric writer (Gloria), and her 2 girls. Dana, 13, who suffered from a minor mental backwardness which meant she was going on 9 or 10, but who now was beautiful and full of energy. The adopted youngest, wonderful Mia, was a 10 year old Korean, whose body was beginning to shape and curve out beautifully.

I’ll be honest here. Gloria and I had history. She was my Mom’s close friend, and I grew up knowing the family very well. I was there when Dana was born, babysat her as a young girl, and I remember first seeing her hairless vulva when she was 11 and I 18 when she was being dressed in the garden by her Mom. I was also often being stripped half naked in fun by Mia when she was 5 or 6. The girls looked up to me as they grew older, especially Dana, whose illness made her rather vulnerable. She did anything I asked her to. A year later, I asked her not to wear panties any more because she was so keen to show me her cartwheels and handstands in her nightdress. I learned more from studying her open vulva during those 2 years than I did with my regular girlfriends. I even got Mia to help me hold her sister’s flawless thighs open, and wonder what I was taking such a long time to look at. I watched it blossom, from pre-pubescence to post. It took all my strength not to pleasure her right there and then.

Abuse came in many forms and from both sides. They too had watched me grow up and I had always known Gloria was just crazy about me, and her daughters’ diaries let her know that her babies felt the same. Gloria was, lets say, a little peculiar. Her husband left her in strange circumstances and she would always say or do the unusual. I remember barging into their unlocked bathroom as a kid, aged 6 or 7, dieing for a pee, and seeing a younger Gloria standing facing me with her blouse raised above her belly and her blonde pussy greeting me as she stood, otherwise naked. It was a strange moment. I stood in shock for a moment, while she giggled for a second at this little boy staring at her bush. But then she stood arms folded in confidence, realising that such a loner wouldn’t tell a soul, and urged me to close the door and pee. I remember her standing behind me as I took out my tinyness and froze while she reach down to hold it for me, watching it all. At first I couldn’t go, but once I looked up at her smiling face, I relaxed, not knowing what to do with my hands, so I just stood there, and peed staring down at her huge red-painted fingers. When done, I turned around, and my eye line was suddenly level with her belly and this mature blond mass of loveliness below it. Like most boys at that age, I wanted out, not understanding what I was looking at, but she calmly, almost motherly, placed her hands on my shoulders and said ‘Don’t be scared. Take a long look. It’s important you learn’. So I did. My pre-adolescent eyes focused on her vagina, its lips, its curves and this intriguing light hair. No wonder I took such a fascination in pussies ever since. Her breathing suddenly grew very heavy, her blouse fell to the floor, and my tongue was introduced to her breasts individually for the next hour. I didn’t sleep for 2 nights.

Today, I felt I was more like the son she never had; charming, good looking, helpful, kind and carried a trustworthiness which made her feel safe whenever I was around. I was uncle paul to her daughters. Her seductions were long in the past I thought, and I was comfortable around her. But Gloria was worried about the family’s remoteness, Dana’s inability to grasp sex education and conversely Mia’s obsession with laptops, cyberspace and her subsequent questions about why men’s penises became hard. She was lonely too, and here was a pretty boy whom they all adored, trusted and wanted around.

On this 2nd August afternoon, the dogs were lazily snoozing again at the feet of Gloria who was writing a new book, ironically about incest and family betrayal. Mia had come home from her tiny backward 30 pupil school, wearing her blue uniform which hugged her cute 10 year old Korean buns. I remember caressing them a year ago while she goofed around on the sofa one night, and she loved me touching her generally. She never dreamed I would do anything untoward but secretly wanted me to. She smiled broadly upon seeing me, and pestered me to follow her to her room to show off her new computer. Gloria swished her hand in a ‘please take her away from my work’ manner, so I innocently ambled behind her but grew guilty as sin when my eyes watched every movement of her legs and cheeks, and held her slim hips as we giggled up the stairs. My erection was horrendously obvious but such was the relaxed atmosphere in this house, I doubted that any of the 3 ladies would notice or care, certainly not Dana. As thoughts of making love with these two children swarmed over me, I grew weary - ‘stop, stop’ I had to keep saying to myself, but within seconds we were in her pink room, the door was closed and Dana was there already.

The teenage brunette hugged me in delight asking ’are you here to see Mia’s computer?’ and I gave her a big friendly kiss in her lips -’yes’ - while Mia sat down at her screen to get it booted up. I encouraged Dana, in a white tennis skirt, to take a chair on my left while I stood between them, my hands free to caress Dana’s silky neck and shiny hair while my eyes looked down at Mia’s lap. After a 5 minute PC demonstration, Mia wanted to show me some photos she had stored, the first was of a nudist family on a beach - ‘why don’t they have any clothes on?‘ she asked while Dana giggled cutely. The second was of a woman kneeling in front of a guy, about to pull down his shorts. A knock at the door saved me, my cock was now rocket propelled as Gloria appeared, always loving my company and particularly enjoyed seeing me in one of her daughters’ bedrooms, as it strengthened the bonding I had built with them. I stood in front of the monitor while she leant against the wall smiling and clearly already in the know. ’What are you young ladies up to?’ so I honestly replied ’They’re, lets say intrigued as to the birds and bees. Mia wanted to me to clarify a couple of things’ I had to be honest and stood aside to reveal the photo. ’Ar, I see’ she replied, with a serious expression, then a thoughtful, almost amused one.

’Girls, I think it’s time you understood’. Within a few minutes, I watched this mother go straight to a sex education page she had clearly done her research on and showed both her daughters suggestive but fully clothed couples, then half clothed and finally photos of an erect penis, and what the helmet, shaft and balls did. I felt uncomfortable but wonderfully aroused, holding both girls around the waist as I knelt between them. Both girls took in what they were being told intently, Dana asking more questions understandably.

They all watched some guy’s balls rotating on screen, while Mom described the sperm generation process, followed by why sperm was so important. My cock throbbing below their young faces, I gently cupped both girls heads with my hands, and stroked them softly. Both girls looked at me sweetly and then across at a man being unzipped by twin girls, his cock springing out and two sets of lips working along the shaft. Gloria was wonderfully poised and calm - ’So you can see the man gets hard when around very special girls and these two have decided to perform on him, take him in their mouths’ . She froze the film, strangely on that image, the two girls’ noses touching as they locked onto him. Mia leaned forward, her face intrigued by this penis anatomy, while Dana was already shuffling in her chair. Letting the film run, Gloria was relieved that a man she trusted was there for support. There was silence as the film ran on, until the guy climaxed and shot 6 or 7 waves of semen into the air. Again she froze the film. ’That is semen girls, sperm. When the man becomes so excited he orgasms and sprays out semen. It’s white or grey, sticky, warm and tastes a little salty. Smells very musty’ Dana asked ’What’s musty? Is it good for you?’ ’Well, yes, it gives you protein and some calcium goodness. And mustiness is…well, you’ll both see’. Gulp..‘what?’ I thought.

By now, I was staring at Dana’s almost wax-like thighs, and it had been a while since I had seen a pair of perfect pins so young so close up. Mia’s were also tempting under that blue skirt, and I seemed lost in a head spin for a second, not noticing Gloria was drawing the curtains behind me and then closing the bedroom door. Dana asked ’so where do babies come from?’ Mia interjected ‘Can Uncle Paul show us semen?‘ and Dana ‘Yes can we see how sticky it is, mom? I think I’ll like semen’ Both girls grew hysterical with excitement. ‘Will you?’ Mia now asked me beautifully, her face so close to mine, I kissed her on the forehead before putting my finger to my lips.

‘Ssh, sshh. Hush girls! Keep quiet. Now..’ replied her mother, but this parent had a plan, and there was nothing the three of us could do to avoid it. We seemed caught in a trance, such was her authority. Suddenly, I was that 7 year old boy again. ‘You both need to grasp the basics first. And Uncle Paul and I have decided that you need to take your first steps into being a woman.’ Both were now 100% bought in, blushing badly but trying to stay calm ‘Is Uncle Paul going to show us? Really?‘ before thinking of her less fortunate sister ‘Shall I look after Dana? you can copy me Dana. Just do everything I do.‘ Gloria stroked her face sweetly ‘Thank you sweetheart.’ Dana looked down at my crotch and giggled shyly. I held her head and kissed it. Gloria was trying not to make them feel overwhelmed, or to freeze, and it was working.

I was already rising to my feet in shock, staring at Gloria who was now standing beside me. Before she could progress, I pulled her to one side in a daze. ’Are..Are you sure? You want me to…I mean...’ and she smiled at me like a comforting aunt, bringing her red lips to my ear. ’I don’t want you to do anything. Easy now. Leave everything to me. I’ve thought about this for a while. Dana especially needs to know the do’s and don’ts. Just smile, keep silent, try to detach yourself from the experience. I don’t want them to fall in love, just to learn how it can be expressed. Try to keep your hands out of the way, ok?’, kissing me on the cheek. I understood of course, but it didn’t help me comprehend the situation. ‘What if I cum?’ ‘That’s the lesson dear’ she reassured ‘don’t feel embarrassed. Cum as many times as you like. I want them to see a man cum. Ok? You can do this, right?’ I was lost for words so I nodded, walked up to her waiting daughters, Mia high fiving Dana as though they were both about to get into a helicopter, and smiled down at their waiting faces.

My breathing grew heavy and my head giddy with pure adrenalin. I was almost shaking, struggling to stand still, as this middle aged woman ran the show and her fingers matter of factly over my bulge, trying to reveal the shaft outline and shape to her girls. ‘Ok, girls? Don’t look at Uncle Paul, ok. Focus on me. Scoot round here’. Taking us all over to the side of the bed, both girls sat on it, while I was stood, facing them, but she had them lay face down in front of me so that their eyeline was level with the main focus of the lesson. Gloria knelt to my right, and brought her blond head alongside my hip. My arm wrapped around her shoulders, to ensure it didn’t interfere. More relaxed now, Gloria, brought that familiar right hand of hers up to my crotch and crudely ensured her babies could see my cock and balls outline through my denim, and even she was taken aback. ‘wow’ she whispered to herself, looking carefully round at what I had to offer 13 years on. Meanwhile, the girl’s faces grew more flushed, their lips tightened, their eyes transfixed and their little hearts beat faster then mine.

I looked for the first time around what I could see of this darkened pink bedroom, waiting to be undressed. At the posters of boy bands, at bears and dolls, at photos of Mia and her friends, at pink pillows and at her immature drawings attached to her wardrobe doors. I then looked down at her innocent oriental face hypnotized by the lesson. The devil and saint appeared subconsciously on each of my shoulders: Girls are growing up too fast I thought. Maybe this is a good thing then. Maybe not. Look at her lovely face. Her cheeks, her innocence. You cant allow a grown mother, foster albeit, to ask such an angel to release her 10 year old innocence to a grown man. Dana is handicapped, you monster. She won’t understand. You can’t. But look at her face, her almond eyes blinking cutely as she watches her Mom draw her into this new life chapter. You owe it to both to comply. To teach. To bring her as close to a normal womanhood as she will ever get. They all adore you. Show them how much you adore them. You have the mother’s blessing and support. No police. No questions. Just this darkened sweet perfumed paradise. Gloria had already seduced me as a boy. Time to show this family what I could offer as a man.

Holding Dana’s neck softly, as I stared down again at both skirt-craddled asses splayed out across the bed, my time was finally arriving. ‘Ok. Here we go. I’ll just unclip these.‘ Unclipping my button, we all stared at these expert fingers drawing down the zipper, and a gentle tug brought my jeans crashing down to my ankles. Both girls stared at my crotch in a shocked silence, occasionally looking up to check it was really me. Their instinct was to back off, my stretched Armani boxers now evident to all, but Gloria was a wonderful teacher ‘It won’t hurt you. Look, come closer.‘ clearly delighted that the cotton offered a perfect lesson in genital shape outlines. The girls obeyed to watch it up close. ‘You see? Here you have the shaft, the testicles, and here’s the head or helmet, where the sperm comes from.’

Totally in control, Gloria began cranking up the lesson. ’Ok, now girls, I want you both to keep your hands and fingers away but I want you to just to look at the basic shape outline‘. Dana and Mia, carefully watched by Mom, moved their heads to look at me from every angle. ’Mom’ Mia asked ’Is this ok, I mean, it’s not..wrong or anything?’ and Gloria comforted her by smiling ’Of course it’s not wrong. I don’t want you or your sister to be shocked or confused when you grow up and start going out with boys. I you both like and trust Uncle Paul’

Mia smiled back, looked up at me smiling back down at her, before I forced myself to look away, facing my demons once more. Both girls were now comfortable, and their mother deliberately held back from the next step until she knew they were used to the sight. I stepped out of my jeans almost unnoticed, and stood legs ajar, my left hand free to wonder from head to head below me, stroking hair from the girls‘ eyes and smiling down at their innocent eyes bright with eagerness and nerves. Gloria whispered to them, clearly aroused herself, ’that’s it my children. Don’t let your eyes or nose trick you. Breath in the mustiness. Now watch me slowly run my nose along the outline, to take in the aroma’ and she duly did so, her eyes fixed up at me as her nostrils erotically absorbed the scent of musty cologne. Her daughters peered round to gaze at her face, so she closed her eyes and allowed me to clasp both the girls’ heads, guiding them to a better viewing angle. I desperately all the while tried to stay upright, my legs wobbling in weakness.

A true master, she kept a professional yet aroused sense about her, but I knew what she was thinking. She wanted this thing inside her mouth so badly. Pulling back, it was the girls turn. ‘You see? Slow, sensual. It’s an important step for you two. Now you try.’ Both girls looked at each other and slowly drew their nostrils in hesitantly to touch the cotton, and closed their eyes to take in my cock scent. It was a beautifully crafted lesson. Delicate, intimate, careful, controlled.

My cock twitched, hungry to be unleashed as tiny noses ran along the cotton now, until the familiarity of the scent brought smiles to them both. Gloria continued. ’That’s it. That’s good. Take your time, their’s no rush. It’s important you get confidence. Paul‘s not going anywhere, right Paul?’ Gloria looked up at me admiringly, almost in gratitude. ‘Sure‘ I whispered down to them all, ‘Take your time, enjoy.’ I was transfixed by these two angels now staring in at my cock outline, as their faces turned in toward each other. I had no choice but to break the rule and cup both girls heads to keep them close to me, temporarily shutting Gloria out of the circle. She allowed it for a few seconds while I groaned quietly above her, before pulling my right arm around her shoulders again.

Mia gently kissed my shorts, so her sister copied her until both had closed their eyes again and threw themselves into a schoolgirl pecking session, their lips not really knowing what to do besides make contact with my underwear. I fell into a yoga-like meditation, cupping Dana and Gloria’s heads, fighting my impatience to be sucked.

After a few more seconds, Mia brought her little hand up to my shorts. ‘wow’ she almost croaked, her fingers trying to take in the warmth filtering through the material. Her mother watched intently, while Mia was free to look at me from all angles, and run her fingers over my thighs weakly. Gloria tightened the cotton to give her daughters the clearest sight yet of my length and size. I couldn’t remember ever being so aroused and erect. I was enormous. All three watched Mia bring both hands up to lightly glide all around my cock and balls, until Dana wanted in and two sets, and 20 fingers adored me, growing in confidence all the while. ’Keep silent girls, focus’ Gloria insisted as she watched her babies. I smiled down at such soft silky hair below me, Dana’s young furry eyebrows, Mia’s even softer and black of course. I decided to rest my hands around the mother and elder daughter’s shoulders, and waited for the moment of liberation.

I didn’t have to wait long. Gloria wanted cock. I could see her getting impatient as her girls’ fingers danced over my shorts. ‘Girls’ she whispered, ‘I don’t want to hear a sound, ok?’ With a maternal confidence, she brought her fingers up, prompting them to pull away, and both almost gasped as my Armani’s were stretched up, over my helmet, and swiftly sent half way down my thighs. Finally, I could throw my barriers of shyness out the window. It was done, quickly, effortlessly and with parental consent. I could finally stand in this girl’s bedroom and confidently show Dana and Mia my penis. I had always wanted to know what it was like to stand naked, erect, in front of kneeling young girls. In that moment, here I was, my penis veering up to look at its probable victims, the head reaching out to Mia, the shaft straining proudly, and my balls whirring round like a generator. Gloria could see her girls freeze with wonder of actually laying their eyes on their idol’s cock. Both closed their mouths and blushed without smiling at the size of it, and took a back seat while their mother led the show. ‘Good’ she sighed, with equal relief. ‘Here we go. See what a lovely cock Uncle Paul has? You can see the head, the shaft, the balls. See the veins running up the shaft? That’s to pump blood around it to keep it big.’ I clasped Dana’s head to try to bring her closer, and it worked, her confused but excited face looking up at me for a second before moving her eyes round my genitals.

Mia asked ‘Are we allowed to touch it?’ ‘Well’ replied Mom ‘Let me show you how to’ and on that I had to cast my eyes around the room again, the adrenaline making me giddy. I felt a warm large hand take me firmly and begin stroking my shaft, very slowly, to ensure full erection - she didn’t have to worry. My right hand cupped Gloria’s blond head firmly in return, the left still attached to Dana, ‘You see how big and beautiful they can be? Some grow even bigger, some smaller. See how the head gets a deeper purple? They can be quite mesmerising.’ Dana didn’t understand of course, but it didn’t matter now. I just wanted it planted inside one of her flushed cheeks. My own face now flushed and my breathing deep and sporadic, all three of us just fell silent watching this woman begin to shuffle her middle aged hand around my cock. Mia, growing more confident, especially now she understood that those numerous new dark hairs around her vulva were normal after all, relaxed a little, and broke the silence by whispering something into Dana’s ear, which in turn relaxed her. They both, in that moment, seemed to want to settle in for the evening. Mia even fanned her face, smiling, trying to cool herself down.

These females of varying ages and experience were fascinated by my cock. Gloria’s memories of first falling in love with it seemed to come flooding back to her, and she pulled it to face her and cast a long sweeping gaze at my head and underneath at the shaft and balls. Happy with the size and energy my penis was broadcasting to her daughters, she gave a final shuffle of her wrist and pulled her hand away, so that they could get a clear view of the sky facing monster. I softly caressed any faces I could reach, while Gloria prepared herself for the moment she had been waiting a lifetime for - to show her babies how to suck cock, and it was my cock.

I decided my shorts were still a partial hindrance, so I asked Dana to carefully lower them a little, but Mia was having none of it, and all four little hands set about shuffling them down my open thighs to just above the knee. I felt even more exposed and helpless, as their little soft sticky palms ran up my bare legs. Wanting two free hands, both girls decided to sit up so that they were almost level with my face, leaving their mother below us. This allowed me to clasp both girls heads while they peered down at their hands being meticulously placed on my cock and balls by their Mom.

I groaned, staring at these two wonderfully young faces trying to concentrate on touching their very first penis. Pulling their foreheads into my chest, I gave them some privacy while it gave me the chance to kiss their hair, take in their pre-teen aroma. I closed my eyes, smiled broadly and kept kissing my babies in turn. Dana’s hand was closed around my shaft, which brought out a groan from me and Gloria set the pace of the masturbation by holding her wrist. ’Easy. Easy. Good girl. Slowww.’ I groaned into Dana’s ear, kissed it, licked it, before doing the same over to Mia. Refusing to allow them to look up at me, they acknowledged this, Mia’s hand now was cupping my balls. In stunned silence, I was under the impression they were taken aback at how warm I felt, and how vulnerable a penis was. Every move of their fingers made me groan, even their feeble first attempt at hand jobs. I could feel Gloria extend her head round to watch her daughters work more intently. ’Mia, you need to be a little more confident. Like this’ And on that, this blond mother swept her left hand up between my legs from behind and engulfed my balls tightly. I gave out a helpless yelp between the girls faces, but refused to let them see it, their heads locked facing south to watch the lesson.

Dana’s grasp tightened on my shaft, inspired by her mother, and as Mia’s fingers joined her sister, they both suddenly launched into a shuffling motion, slow at first, then quicker, while Gloria lit up at the sight of her girls’ new found confidence. ’Good! Good job! Work together girls. Work together. Show Uncle Paul how much he means to you’ Dana took the base, Mia the length, and as my hands clasped both little heads below me, the girls set about desperately trying to please and impress me. It was working. And I couldn’t even move in defiance when Gloria brought a camcorder into view and began making kiddie porn - ‘I’m just gonna get this so we can all review it later and make notes. Ignore the camera girls, just focus on Paul’

I actually felt myself grow an extra fraction at being a film subject, even though its discovery would send me to hell. I was now truly huge, while Gloria’s confidence with the camera allowed her to bring it down closer to my genitals, and keep a hand free herself to massage my balls. With two right hands working hard now, I groaned to give the girls assurance I was happy, while they stared in nervous delight at my helmet almost smiling at them. ’Cant believe we’re holding it and looking at it’ Dana whispered, before looking up at me with terrified eyes but a besotted smile. Mia added ‘Feels weird. Is this right mom?’ ‘That’s a great job, girls’ she replied. ’Here is where you should be looking, not at Paul. You need to check it stays hard - very hard. If it’s hard, it’s happy, ok?’ Both heads nodded as I kissed and stroked them.

The sisters were now in a nice rhythm, watching my cock strain under the attack, its veins proudly showing off how hard they were working to keep this muscle powerful and warm. But Gloria was keen not to allow a premature explosion, easing them down in pace by holding both their wrists. ’OK. Good, Good. Ease it down girls. Now, would you guys like to touch it with your tongues like I did?’ ‘I would’ Mia whispered, her body burning up in her uniform. ‘is it allowed?’ Dana followed, and their Mom, bringing the lens up to capture her daughters reactions, smiled. ’If mommy says it’s ok, it’s ok’ and immediately both heads seem to instinctively move towards it, but I held their bursting enthusiasm back by saying ‘easy, easy. Plenty of time’

With the camera flashing red, the sisters giggled at the thought of getting their tongues on their favorite grown up’s penis. It was probably too much for their young minds to handle, and why their mom was so keen to teach them everything in person. The reason was simple - this woman was probably abused as a little girl, and she had become fixated with ’the forbidden’ ever since. I wasn’t going to re-educate her. I had to release these babies from my kisses, as they were beckoned down my chest by mother, who positioned their faces inches from my helmet. Cupping both of them still with my hands, Dana was first up as her tongue touched my hip and belly softly, before moving hesitantly to my cock.

One brush, two brushes, mommy recording, sister watching,
“Close your eyes baby, it will help you to concentrate’ encouraged Gloria, and as my hand stretched around Dana’s head in a vice to restrict her movement, all she could do was spiral her tongue around my head, Gloria’s lens peering closer, as though she was studying a piece of art.
’That’s it sweetheart. Open your heart, relax your tongue, let Paul guide you.’ Over and over, round and round her tongue swept like a tornado around her idol’s helmet. It was so overwhelming for her, she began moaning in delirium, while Mia was open eyed, stunned into total silence. ’Lick it like you would an ice cream, baby’ instructed her tutor and her strokes magically became more assertive, her head rolling in my palm. ’Mia, close your eyes and get ready’ which was my prompt to vice her tiny black soft head with my other hand, in preparation. Just as Dana was gaining confidence, her mother brought a hand each of her babies and placed it on the base of my shaft, before adding her own as a third, and guiding myself over to Mia’s waiting face.

My face was burning up now, and buried in the luxurious heaven of silky pillowness. I was so comfortable on this bed, so relaxed and grateful, bursting with happiness at being licked by 10 and 13 year old sisters.
‘It’s ok, it’s nice’ Dana whispered to her sister and Mia’s youthful fascination about fellatio was now a crushing reality. This monster was waiting to be licked and with a huge hand edging her in towards it and a family audience watching, she had no choice but to close her eyes and extend her tiny pinkness to my monster, almost saying ‘hello’. A tiny peck, silence, then another, then a proper lick, before flickering pathetically across it. I could barely feel anything but with Gloria’s verbal help - ‘good girl, it wont hurt you‘ , the little girl was able to keep contact with the helmet surface and start to pleasure me. My fingers now extended down both daughters’ faces, caressing the sides of their silky smooth cheeks. I was deluding myself that I truly loved these girls - their physical form and presence was so overwhelming, and the fact that two adults had total control of them, affected me profoundly.
It kept them locked an inch either side of my cock, Dana watching her sister’s attempts to come to terms with their legend’s penis. While Mia tried to rush the job, such were her nerves, Gloria slowed her down and gave her confidence by using a simple technique - namely just keep licking it until you get it right. Words like ‘easy’ and ‘good’, followed by ’that’s it Mia. You take your time. I’m so proud of you’ eventually relaxed her, and with lots of head strokes and groans of gratitude from me, her tongue lost its fear, and would never be the same again. She was able to close her eyes and take long sweeps up the shaft, again and again, while I groaned on every single contact to let her know I adored her. Dana, protective of her sister but utterly devoted to me, watched each stroke with intrigue, while the mother beamed slightly insanely up at her youngest casting her innocence away so eagerly. ‘Oh Mia, that’s very kind of you.’ I stammered as I closed my eyes in bliss.

Staring at the ceiling smiling, my temporary lack of attention down below gave Dana confidence to copy her sister’s tongue movements, and Gloria laid on what little room there was left on the bed between my legs, filming her two children licking a grown man’s penis. She could see first hand what effect this can have on a man. My fingers stretched down both cheeks, palms attached to little soft heads, goading them into licking up and down in a sisterly union. My face contorted in pleasure, so Gloria brought her free hand up to lock with mine to try to reassure me that all of this madness was ok. Two wet little organs swept up to my helmet, down to the shaft base, repeating over and over and over, unable to stop with two grown ups pacing and directing them. Little tongues get tired of course, so they swept for as long as they could together before alternating. My groans of hysteria above them made them smile. Gloria filmed from an angle while she engulfed my lonely balls, just laying there, sucking and watching the show. How I envied her front seat ticket. Looking down once more, the sight of this harem of brunette and black heads flanking a larger blonde one, all crowded around my genitals brought it home to me how important I had become in their lives, and how large the responsibility I had of not disappointing them. I realized this family had put their futures in my hands, total trust, and dedication to pleasing me and learning from me.

The heat being generated from these little girls was nostalgia itself - I could feel them both burning up in those clothes, faces red with adolescent lust, vulvas crying out to be discovered by the world beyond their owners’ fingers.

It was no use, I was trapped in the kind of pleasure reserved only for the sexual experiences of medieval Egyptian kings and modern day billionaires. This female tongue kept swirling and snake-like probing my sack, while the daughters were now staring at each other, nose to nose, now ecstatic that licking their favorite man’s cock was no longer to be feared but to be enjoyed.

This woman had convinced me by now that she was enjoying the show as much as me, her eyes glued to her two little disciples above her. A pedophile mom who got off on watching her children about to suck adult cock. Or maybe it was the inevitable cum bath they were all to receive which was intriguing her. I could stand it no longer - ‘Gloria, I’m asking you to pop me inside your daughters. I love them so much’ I gasped, wriggling my body uncontrollably. Waiting to be blown by a little girl is a peculiar sensation. You lay there, permanently erect, your loins being cradled by young bodies, and you’re just waiting for the warm wet sensation to flood across your body. I wasn’t expecting a professional job of course, but I needed to know what a child’s lips and tongue felt like when clasped around me. Holding both soft little heads, I felt Gloria’s fingers prop up the cock in front of the girls’ faces, ‘ok, Dana, look at me. Look at me. Open your mouth, close your eyes, that’s it. Now, bring your mouth down over the head, don’t bite it, and just enjoy the feeling of it being in your mouth.’

So it was gonna be Dana. This baby who I’d watched grow into a teenager in what seemed like just a few years, was going to fellate the man she had always had a crush on. Finally, she shuffled excitedly, hesitated for just a second or so before whispering up to me ‘I love you too’ before wonderfully drawing me into her. ‘Wow’ Mia whispered, obviously in a little shock. My hand pressed her sister’s head down on me. I seemed to gasp out laughing at the sensation of such forbidden fellatio. Between the four of us today, we were breaking every taboo yet it was such an honor to be the subject of an intimate family lesson. Lip caresses, then the tongue popped out, then her mouth sank down, prompted by Mommy - ‘Slide down, that’s it, slide, slide. Take him in baby….oh Dana, great work’. Indeed, Dana set about gently working on me, paced by my hand, encouraged by mommy and watched by her sister. ’That’s good. I’m so proud of you baby. Keep a nice gentle rhythm, relax your cheek muscles but make sure you’re still sucking. Pretend you’re sucking love from him. Oh, that’s it. That’s it. Oh, good girl. Good girl. There’s nothing to it. Now, open your eyes baby. Open your eyes. Look at me. I’m proud of you. Every suck will bring you closer to your man. Think of it that way.’ Shuffling for comfort, Mommy carefully placed her baby’s hand on my balls, and delicately moved Mias face into the action as though she was directing a movie. Which she was. Picking up her camera, she switched on a clever light, which lit up the action like a pro movie set below me, and both girls must have been squinting into the lens. No matter. I had both girls in my control now, and Gloria and I were gonna finish this movie like they all do - with the guy satisfied.

Feeling an instant star, Mia watched her sister’s lips sink down my shaft, and wanted to get involved, to help in some way in what was the most important moment in these girls lives so far - giving sexuality to a man for the first time. I found myself paralysed with pleasure. This situation was so illegal, yet so intensely intimate and important for the family, my guilt was blown away by pure high octane lust. I looked down at this scene below me, Gloria happily recording her kiddie porn, while Dana simply got to work. With my palm guiding her pace and movement, she felt comfortable to roll her tongue around my helmet while her mouth pleasured my shaft. I was proud of her courage and confidence, and it couldn’t have been easy blowing your first boyfriend while being filmed by Mom .

As the footage grew, so did the school girl’s confidence. My cock stretched a fraction longer in her warmth, and with reassuring hand presses from me on her head, her pace quickened and she began to groan. I called out my lines with relish: ’Oh! You little girls. Show me you can be grown up.’ Gloria sprung up for a second, switched on a TV behind her which was linked to the camera and I could see everything she filmed from here on in. Splaying my thighs wider to lay between them, she got back to filming a close up of daughter’s lips sliding down a shaft, and then of Mia’s voyeurism - eyes wide and black, staring at her porn star sister’s first act.

As Dana’s sucking slowed due to a youthful naivety of too much early pace, we sensed it was time for baby Mia to get to work on set. ‘ok baby, slow it down, and relax’ Gloria instructed. Cradling Mia’s shoulders tightly on my right, I crudely pumped Dana’s face down on shaft a few more times, before pulling her face away, leaving a sodden red long erection for anyone to suck. Dana took a few deep breaths to get her senses, her Mom filming her reaction to her first successful head giving. ’Look at you baby!’ exclaimed mom, ’You look so grown up and beautiful. Mia, pop it back into your sister’s mouth for me, that’s a good girl.’ Before I could get Mia’s face closer to it, Mia’s little fingers gripped the wet shaft and offered it to Dana as instructed, who didn’t need to swoop her head down to it. I simply watched the screen as I palmed that soft brown head again and smiled to see such a youthfully pretty teen face being force fucked.

Gloria panned back to get us all in the shot, my flushed face staring down at them all, but the girls werent interested in porn. They had this special cock, and it was getting closer for Mia to suck her very first one. A few final lip slides from older sis eventually brought my length back into the open, but Gloria was throwing herself into the scene, taking the cock herself and sucking it with passion, filming it from the side. She ensured Mia held the base to direct it where Gloria instructed, and as soon as she pulled up, she ordered ’to Dana’, prompting the 10 years old to direct it back upwards for sis to swoop on for 5 sweeps, and then ’my mouth, baby’ returned it down for mommy.

This went on for 20 or so alternate assaults, each suck on film forever, each time the helmet kissing the back of their throats, Dana’s face becoming contorted on the screen as she struggled to cope with the intruder. But she thought she was extracting love, not lust, and every one of my groans and head clasps reassured her that this was normal. Gloria even handed the camera to Mia who duly took the directors chair for a short while, Gloria and Dana holding my shaft base together, so that they could more quickly alternate.

On each suck and lip smack echoing round the room, I snuggled blissfully into the pillow, until I realised that the sucking had stopped and two tongues were now caressing my head, both ladies with eyes closed and providing Mia with a wonderful shot of a mother-daughter sandwich. I gasped as I looked down to see nothing but a small brown head tilted, and a larger blond one behind it tilted the other way, obstructing my eyeline, but both still and silent as they licked and kissed a particular inch of my cock. The screen showed me it all however, in wonderful digital color. Clasping both heads to ensure they remained locked in place, I ordered them to suck a side each and they duly did so, staring at each other, just centimeters apart. As I slipped into delusional heaven, my right hand found instinctively its way onto Mia’s little black head. ’Keep filming, little one’ I murmured, as my hands tried to cover three heads at once, which was proving impossible.

It was no good, an adrenalin shot rushed through my body and I found myself forcing the 13 year old to deep throat while the mother split open my thighs to take my balls into her mouth. Mia caught it all beautifully, and I could see them both staring at each other with a large piece of my genitals throbbing inside them. I held them there for 10 seconds, their stillness and silence only broken by Gloria’s tongue swirling around my ballsack. Dana stared down at her Mom’s closed eyes and at this point was probably wondering why a man would want his penis so far inside one’s mouth, but as she settled her face on my lower chest, and moved her hands away, I knew I had to exploit this moment to its fullest. Gasping down at this family porn movie, I removed all hands from the action, and just took in the moment of having ones genitals orally massaged so intensely by a lovely young woman and her child.

I pressed their faces closer together, their noses now almost touching as I gasped, back arched, desperately longing to ejaculate into the girl’s mouth. What a shock that would have been for such innocence. Gloria was even taken aback at the ferocity of their assault, with only an inch or so of my cock visible to Mia. After 5 wonderful minutes, I released them, and both pulled back, gasping for air. ’Wow - uncle Paul, you naughty man. Forcing my baby to suck so deeply’ But this insane lady was in no mood to see sense. Her idea of punishment was to lick her daughter’s saliva off my shaft, take the camera from her youngest, and invite her to lay with her between my legs. A wave of lustful adrenalin pulsed through my body - ’you are kidding me’ was all I could mumble, as the 10 year old lay just inside my right thigh, mother inside my left, and a cock and balls splayed before their eyes.

Pointing the lens at both her girls, Gloria picked up her teaching duties once more. ’Ok, now Dana, I want you to get into shot, that’s it. Now, if you put your hand Paul on Dana’s head, there, ok. Now, Dana I want you to use your right hand to gently pull your sister into view. That’s it. Mia, hold Paul’s penis upright between your faces. Good! Good girls. Now, face the camera. Smile…great’

I watched the show of course, wondering what the next scene was, but with Mia looking am emotional messy mixture of excitement and trepidation, I sensed what was coming for main course. ’Both tongues extended to that lovely helmet - that’s it! that’s it! Beautiful.’ She even panned round to get my reaction to having the girls now huddled around my naked lower body, fingers clasped around their heads, cock straining proudly trying to reach the ceiling.

‘Now, Mia. It’s your turn baby. I want you to close your eyes and just take that helmet into your mouth, slowly’ prompted mommy, and while big sis held it up for her, Mia looked at the lens directly before lowering her Korean face and slipping me into her warm mouth. As I groaned at being blown by a pre-teen virgin, my right hand was replaced by Gloria and Dana’s as they pressed her down on me. This gave me the freedom to take my hands elsewhere. With a plan to help my cock as much as possible get inside every female orifice in this room, I cast my eyes down Dana’s back, concealed by a yellow blouse and down to that wonderful little ass being hugged by tennis whites. Her skinny tanned legs, riddled with tiny blond hairs which little girls always seem to have, teased me deliciously. While this girl below me was forced to watch a porn shot of her little sis blowing a grown man, I simply cupped her head securely with one hand and slid the other down her warm back and rested it on her bottom. She did nothing. Not a single attempt to turn her head, not a movement. And as my fingers walked their way to the hem of her skirt unchecked and touched her burning velvet leg, I gave myself a reassuring smile - girls ARE like statistics - once you get your hands on them, you can do anything…and I intended to do everything tonight..

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That was a great start you kept me hard the entire time wishing it was me! You have to keep this going, I want to have them both deflowered with the same gentleness they have gotten so far. Teaching the little ones is the best and little Mia is going to be my favorite. Keep writing. Likeemyoung

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