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It is better to have loved and lost (bullshit)
JackassTales…Tale # 59…Readers; I never have cared much for stories written by guys speaking from a female point of view. But for this contest tale, I have written one of those stories myself. I like happy endings, yet the rules say this is supposed to be about unrequited love. There are some good sexual times to be found within, but the reader must judge whether or not the ending can be called happy.

P.S. With this story, I begin my 5th year posting tales on XNXX

Wet Dreams; Bitchy Behavior; Lust & Love

(Part one) Wet Dreams

Sometimes I just get so aggravated at being a girl. Damnit, guys don’t have to have periods and fool with all the messy feminine hygiene stuff! They don’t have to have babies either. They can pee just about anywhere they please and do it without even having to squat down. Then there are all those insensitive sayings like; “men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” or, even worse, “men don’t make passes at girls who have fat asses”!

Well, I’m here to say that, at the age of seventeen years, eleven months, and twenty days, I am a girl who proudly wears glasses! As for my ass, well it’s not exactly what you would call ‘fat’ but it is…what’s that word Uncle Ethan used…oh yeah, he said it was “ample!”.

I suppose Uncle Ethan meant the word as a complement. He and Aunt Edna were unexpectedly visiting Mom and me in town a few months ago. When I pulled the shower curtain back, how was I to know that my uncle was standing there at the commode with his long, hard cock pissing streams of amber liquid. There I was jaybird naked with a man gawking at my birthday suit as if it was something hung in a storefront window. Of course I quickly turned around so as not to expose myself. When a hand slapped my ass, I jumped as if a stick of dynamite had been lit under me. Then I heard words. “Anna, that’s a nice ass,” was said. “Yes indeed, that’s an ample handful of feminine flesh!” A zipper was zipped up and then the man was gone.

But not forgotten. God no, he wasn’t forgotten! I dreamed about Uncle Ethan, I fantasized about him, and heaven forgive me, I coveted him. I think this last part was in the Bible as one of those big commandments you don’t break. I even looked it up and sure enough there it was. I was quite relieved to see that it was the last of the ten. Why, it was nowhere near as bad as killing and it was far from stealing! But, on the sinful scale, I guess it was still very naughty.

Anyways, I guess I was in love with Uncle Ethan, but he didn’t know it. Other than slapping my ass that one time, this man didn’t even notice me as a woman! Except, well there were a couple of times I could have sworn he was staring at the swell of my 36DD boobs as they strained at the tops I wore. And, back on New Years Eve, I think he had a hardon inside his pants as he danced a slow dance with me. Oh god, did I ever get wet and horny that night! That man could have dropped me on dance floor right then and there and ravished me!

Why oh why can’t I have the man I want. At thirty-four, he’s not too old for me. My love is not really all that incestuous. Aunt Edna is my mother’s sister, so Uncle Ethan is not of my blood. Besides, my aunt doesn’t even want her husband. Mom has told me that her sister stopped loving him over a year ago. I have been told that the bitch has even been cheating on him! She may be my aunt, but damn her soul, I would love to stick a hot poker up her ass and fill her adulterous cunt up with hot coals! Bitch, bitch, the goddamned bitch doesn’t deserve Ethan, but I sure do!

Yes, I called him, Ethan; in my dreams. Whenever I want him all I have to do is relax myself and fantasize. I dream, dream, dream. My favorite dream begins with me getting slapped on the ass in the shower and hearing the words, “Oh Anna, what a beautiful ass you have!” I turn around and see Ethan’s long hard cock pissing out hot yellow liquid which shoots into my bellybutton and runs down into my curly blond pubic hair. The pee turns white and has the look and consistency of man cum. Oh how slick and oily it is! The head of the naked man’s stiffened penile pole slips so effortlessly into my vaginal hole. I whisper a squeal as my virginal hymen is torn. Whispers are soon forgotten as earthquaking orgasms wreak havoc on my mind, my heart, and especially my feminine body. I scream and faintly hear the words, “Oh my darling Anna, I love you!”

I hear the words even now, “Anna, wake up, you must be dreaming!”

The words become more insistent, “God Anna, wake up before you drown in my bathtub! Girl, why are you in my tub and not the one in the guestroom?”

Ahh, it’s my Ethan. I stood up jaybird naked with all the blond curls on my head and my pussy wet and disheveled. I threw myself into my man’s arms and kiss his sweet lips ardently. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as I slipped my hand down into his pants and grabbed his cock possessively. He groans. I awaken.

It’s my Ethan! No, I mean it is literally Ethan’s mouth I’m tongue-fucking and it’s Ethan’s cock I’m jerking! I’m at the farm. Mom and I are spending a weekend visiting. This is not a dream. My mouth stops kissing. I jerked my hand off the hardening cock.

Goddamnit, this is not fair! Rebelliously, I kissed the man again and I again rammed my hand down into his pants. Oh goodness, he is full on hard now! “I love you, Ethan,” I breathlessly announced. “I want you to fuck me! I want your cock in my pussy today!”

My heart stops then. Ethan patiently removes my hand from his pants. Regretfully, his cock doesn’t come out, too. This man I love forces his lips from mine. I’m not a child, but he speaks to me as if I am, “Oh Dear Anna, you ‘cannot’ love me! You are experiencing a schoolgirl infatuation. It will pass. Now get dressed and join us in the kitchen.”

How dare he dismiss me! How callous of him to deny me love! I’ll teach him! When Ethan began his turn away from me, I grabbed his hand and placed it squarely over my water-wet pussy. Vaginal wetness drips onto his fingers. Girls know, yes we know men are weak, and yes we know instinctively that men can be seduced. I begin grinding my pussy mound into this man’s hand.

And, then I felt it. Indecisive, I knew Ethan to be, but I feel his middle, ‘fuck-you’ finger tentatively testing my wetness. Not too deep, but he touches my hymen. He flicks my drippy clit. His finger explores and then he tenderly runs it across my sensitive pink pearl. As I gasp for breath, he gives it an enthusiastic swirl. Swirling and twirling round and around he goes. He digs, he pokes, and he prods deep. Oh god, too damn deep! My hymen breaks, blood flows, and pain comes.

I refused to scream. From somewhere way down in my woman-hole place, orgasms are born. I feel the heat of a thousand stinging sensations. Euphoria overtakes my mind. My feminine body screams in elated ecstasy. Vaginal cum squirts from my pussy and fills my man’s hand with stickiness. Undaunted, the wonderful rogue of a man continues swirling relentlessly. My orgasms multiply into countless erotic stimulations. I weep, I whimper, I sing silent songs of joy. My legs weaken. My knees give way and I slumped to the bathroom floor. I hear the audible plop as Ethan’s magic finger is pulled from my pussy.

“Young lady,” I hear. “This will not happen again!”

Ethan turns, opens the door, and disappears through it. I place my fiery face against the cool tile of the floor. To no avail, I scream at the retreating figure, “Oh yes it will!”

And, by god, I meant it!

(Part two) Bitchy Behavior

“Damnit Ethan,” I heard Aunt Edna grumble. “Have you tracked mud into my kitchen?”

Upon further investigation, my aunt exclaimed, “Oh god, that’s cowshit!” Looking her nemesis in the eye, she added, “Get yourself and your shitty boots out of my house!”

Why Ethan stood for that woman’s berating, I couldn’t guess. The kitchen was as much his as hers. And the house, well this country house and the farm had been in Ethan’s family for generations. So, the way I see it, the property was more his than hers.

I suppose I was more than a little bit prejudiced as far as to who was right or wrong here. I loved Ethan and his wife didn’t. Also, and I wouldn’t tell this aloud, I really don’t mind the smell of cowshit. Oh, I avoid cow-patties when walking through the woods and fields, but I wouldn’t go girlie-girl crazy if I got some on my shoes or feet.

If asked, I would say that Aunt Edna doesn’t like living in the country any more than she likes her husband. I think I am the very opposite. I strolled into the kitchen softly singing a song from an old sitcom rerun I had recently seen, “Green Acres is the place to be…Farm living is the life for me…”

“That’s not funny, Anna,” Aunt Edna charged. “Just wait until you get your own kitchen!”

Before I could stop my mouth from speaking, I said a little bitchily, “Can I have yours?”

My mom was sitting at the table sorting dishes. “Now Anna, that wasn’t nice,” she admonished. “Maybe you should apologize.”

“Oh Enid, it’s not necessary,” Aunt Edna quickly replied. “I would just about give Anna my kitchen if she would take my shit-shoed husband along with it!”

I held my breath. Mom did, too. My mother wasn’t fooled. She knew I loved her sister’s husband. Mom also knew that my love was a one-sided, unrequited adoration. Ethan was ‘safe’ because he didn’t love me. I was damn near eighteen, but I guess Mom was not ready to give me up to a man. Well Mom, ready or not, I’m horny-hot for a man and he is your brother-in-law!

Our meal was eaten in relative silence. Oh Mom and her sis rambled on about this or that, but I didn’t join in. I guess I was too busy admiring the sturdy ruggedness of Ethan’s manly form. His sandy-haired head sat atop wide shoulders. A few chest curls of the same color peeked from beneath his work shirt collar. This man’s eating utensils were handled with strong, stout, long fingers which were plenty hefty in size. I wondered if he had washed them…especially that middle one which had broken my hymen and given my pussy such exquisite joy.

God, my pussy is dripping again! That man, the hardhearted, half-blind fool; why can’t he love me? Why does he push me away? If I had his wedding band upon my finger there would be no bullshit admonitions running him from our kitchen. And damnit, you had better believe there would be no cold, heartless bitch to be found in his bed! As a bedmate, I would fuck my man silly every night of the week and twice on Sunday!

Suddenly, Ethan pushed back from the table. “Time for Bossy’s evening milking,” he explained. Glancing at Aunt Edna, he deliberately jabbed, “I hope I don’t step in her cowshit!”

Goodness, my heart jumped and missed several beats. Good for you Ethan; tell the bitch to stick it where the son don’t shine! Tell her to fuck herself and then let me fuck you!

Wait! I silently screamed for Ethan to ask me to come to the barn with him, but the tall, broad-shouldered man disappeared out the back door of the house. Damn him, damn him, damn him! Doesn’t that hardheaded imbecile know that barns are perfect places for fucking wet-pussied girls? Oh shit, how dense can one man be!

(Part three) Lust Fulfilled

Excusing myself from the kitchen table, I slowly ambled to the hallway opposite the door Ethan had excited. “Gonna take a little nap,” I lied. “I’ll be out and around in a bit.”

Once into the hallway, and away from prying eyes, I ran. Straight to my bedroom, I went. Without thinking, without hesitation, without doubt as to my intentions, I opened my window sash and climbed out through the opening. Again, I ran. The barn was my destination this time. I had a plan. I was bound and determined to get Ethan’s cock inside my cunt! And if reason or seduction didn’t work, then I would do what the old farmer did to get the attention of his stubborn mule; I would hit the infuriating man over the head with a two by four.

I was breathing so heavily by the time I reached the barn, I had to stop to get my breath. My bosom rose and fell beneath my clothing. Of course I was barefooted, but I did wear clothes; at least for now. I wore a pair of rolled-up-to-the-knees, ragged, baggy old bib overalls. They were in no way seductive or flattering to my female form. I did not have one of those hourglass feminine figures, but I did have quite a few shapes and curves that a man might find appealing.

In an effort to make myself look more attractive, I unhooked my bibs and removed the tank top I wore. Now my bra looks out of place. So I took it off and allowed my 36DD breasts to spill out. Oh shit, in for a penny, I jerked the overalls off and removed my panties! Now that’s too damn far, so I pulled the bibs back on and hooked the straps.

Entering the nearly dark barn, I stashed my top, bra, and panties in a hidey hole place. At the far end of the wide center aisle I saw a light. I padded silently toward it and soon came to the milking shed. I then saw my love sitting on a milking stool with his head propped against the side of old Bossy. The man’s strong hands were pulling on long-nippled teats from which creamy-white milk was shooting into a galvanized pail.

“Need any help, ‘Uncle’ Ethan?” I asked unannounced.

I received no look or answer nor did I expect to. Damn him! Damn stubborn jackass! “Ethan, why did you teach me to milk when I was younger if you didn’t want my help?” I asked.

Pointing to an extra milking stool nearby, Ethan replied, “Suit yourself,” he said while scooting over a bit. “Make my day!”

Grabbing the extra stool, I sat down beside the love of my life. Of course ‘he’ didn’t know it, but he definitely was. Well, maybe he did know it but just refused to acknowledge the fact. Bastard, I’ll teach him! As soon as I leaned my head against Bossy’s bovine side, a thing happened just as I expected. My free-dangling breasts escaped from their barely-there bibbed confinement and tumbled out; one to the left and the other to the right towards Ethan.

I heard a gasp and a quick intake of breath. My fingers closed around Bossy’s teats and I began milking. Other than his first sounds, I heard no more from Ethan. Oh boy, what a poor excuse for a seductress I am! Just when I was about to lose all hope, I felt a couple of fingertips gently caress my right nipple. The nipple stiffened and swelled in response. The fingers became more insistent in their fondling. A hand, one of the hands of my man, cupped my boob and lifted it up. Where it was going, I knew not, but I soon found out.

Ethan fell from his stool onto his knees in the hay. Oh glory be, his mouth closed over my strawberry-red right nipple! He suckled, he licked, and he mouth-milked my nubile, milk-dry mammary protrusion. This man juggled my tit, he rubbed it, and finally he kissed every inch of the hot-tittied flesh he could reach.

I suppose Ethan was warming to my stumbling seduction because he unhooked my right bib strap then he unhooked the other. Awkwardly reaching across my milking arms, he captured my left breast and played with it as best as he could. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was a bit disappointed by not being able to make oral contact. When I released Bossy’s teats and leaned back on my milking stool, my suspicions were confirmed. Quick as a cat, masculine lips captured my left nipple and suckled it vigorously. Just as he did with the other, this man fondled and juggled my boob.

With no buckles holding it up, my bib top fell to my waist. My bellybutton was exposed to full sight. Ethan had vowed never to play with my pussy again, but I began wondering if he really could hold to that promise. God bless the weakness of the male species, but this man didn’t stand a chance! There it went, his strong farm hand, down into the depths of my pants. Not showing surprise at meeting no panties, the horny, helpless man cupped my pussy and again lost himself in my vaginal delights.

Hands squeezed and played pussy-sport games. Fingers found recreation in hide-the-finger-deep. Lips whispered serious, adamant, I’m-gonna-fuck-you-Anna words in my ears. So far I had seen no evidence of this last pledge’s affirmation. Whoa, what’s this? Ethan sat the milk pail aside, he pulled my bibs completely off my feminine body, and then he grabbed me up in his muscular arms as if I were a featherweight sack of grain.

Rising from the straw-covered floor, Ethan carried me to an aromatic hay shed. One, maybe two ratty old barn blankets were carelessly tossed onto a pile of sweet smelling hay. I was unceremoniously tossed onto the makeshift bedding with no kiss and with no semblance of affection. But then, this man, this stubborn bastard as I had called him, shed his own clothing and dove into the hay-bed with me.

God, I thought I’d been kissed before, I thought I’d tasted sweet-as-wine lips, but good lord, what was the magic of this man’s touch? Ethan’s kisses touched my heart with a million effervescing bubbles of enduring love. Intuitively, I knew that no female, whether woman or girl, had ever had felt the unfathomable magnitude of this particular man’s passion!

“Damn you, Anna,” Ethan’s words burst in my ears. “You are the most exasperating, infuriating seductress ever to cross my path! At the same time, you are the most attractive, tempting, sexy piece of feminine cunt ever to steal my heart and drive me insane with desire! Okay Woman, you want me, well my dear, be very damn careful what you wish for!”

With no fair warning, I was flipped over onto my belly. Work-hardened masculine hands descended upon the tender flesh of my ass. Stinging smacks, one after another, seemed to be punishing me for daring to seduce. My ass, while not fat, had an abundance of fleshy cushioning, yet no amount of padding could have spared my body from this man’s unrelenting assault. I knew without seeing that my skin was beet red, I knew this was a spanking I’d be feeling into next week.

Yet, what was this? Lips, warm, wet, sweet soft lips now began kissing my stings. I soon felt the color coming back into my ass. Lips still kissed, they licked, and they explored all the sensitive derriere flesh they could find. A tongue, Ethan’s tongue, delved into the opening in my ass crack. Oh no, he wouldn’t dare, but he did, he touched my puckered asshole just for a few seconds and then stopped! Yet again, he flicked into the pucker leaving a promise of uncompromising molestations to come. God forgive me, but I wanted it so!

Even though I didn’t want to, I wondered if Aunt Edna’s ass had ever felt the touch of this man’s tongue. Remembering how prudish she was, I concluded that it hadn’t. As I was making this conclusion, my body was summarily lifted by strong hands and I was flipped onto my back. Not missing a beat, Ethan transferred his oral assault from the crack of my ass to the crack of my pussy. My clit, my swollen feminine protrusion, was captured in hungry lips. These lips, they sucked, they licked, and they flicked side to side. Teeth latched on, they bit, they pulled, they threatened to voraciously eat me!

Ethan pulled at my curly blond pubic hairs. He pushed them aside as he kissed the flesh of my extreme upper thighs and the engorged outer lips of my pussy. Having satisfied himself, this man’s hands spread my outer lips so his tongue could spread the delicate wings of my inner pussylips. I didn’t know if it was coming, but I silently prayed that it would, and glory be, it did! My barn lover’s tongue disappeared through my vaginal lips and descended into the deep, wet hole of my womanhood.

Oh heavenly joy, Ethan’s tongue played inside my vaginal vault! Having burst my hymen earlier, he had no obstruction to limit his licking and slurping onslaught. Hot, wet fluids ran wild as a spring flooding river. If my man only knew it, I could stand little more of his oral manipulations. Orgasms were being conceived as my pussy was eaten. In only a short time they would be born.

How he knew, I certainly didn’t know, but Ethan stopped eating my pussy just before I started cumming. What next, I wondered. To my delight, I soon found out. Pulling away from me, he lay on his back and huskily commanded, “My turn! Eat me!”

Why, I never! I mean, I had never actually eaten a cock. For a few seconds, I lay unmoving catching my breath. While resting, I was thinking. I’m expected to eat this man; and I don’t even know how! Oh, I’ve seen it done on a porn video or two. Actually, it was only one and it didn’t really show all that much. Now, here I am with an experienced man whom I’m trying to impress. All I am is a virginal small town girl and I don’t really know enough! Shit, why doesn’t this come with the Birds & Bees growing up manual?

Okay, here goes. I sat up and scooted down into the proper cocksucking position. For the first time, I looked at Ethan’s manhood. Goodness gracious, is THAT supposed to fit in my mouth; and it just couldn’t possibly fit into my pussy! Why, the thing is thick as a Polish sausage and damn near as long as one, too! Yet, well, it is kinda cute. And it’s sexy, more so than I expected. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if I touched it.

So, I did. The thick, long thing was soft, yet surprisingly hard. This may seem a contradiction, but it is every bit true. Damnit, I’m a woman full grown of nearly eighteen years in age and I ought to know more about men than I do! Well, I’m not ignorant and it’s about time I proved it! So, I reached over, grabbed a hefty handful of cock, and plopped that bad boy into my mouth.

Oh wow, it’s nice! While not quite as hot as a fresh-from-the-oven drumstick, it was nevertheless very warm with an irresistible tangy taste. I took it back out of my mouth and gave its ball-sized, one-eyed head a kiss. The moisture from my girlie-girl mouth was doing wonders, so I went ahead and kissed that head a few more times and I licked it quite a bit, too. I thought this cock was already hard, but as I licked, and kissed, and sucked, the erection grew into a ramrod straight penile pole.

My feminine lips just naturally started kissing up and down the entire length of this rigid pole. I began tracing distended veins whose reddish blood was tinted blue by their warm coating of cockskin. Before I could guess what I was doing, I had this big fellow so wet with my saliva that it accidentally slipped back into my mouth. Once there, the heavenly projectile seemed to dart to the very back of my throat. In my inexperience, I gagged, I choked, and I tried desperately to breathe.

Ethan saved me. This man lifted me up, threw me onto the blankets beside him, and again kissed me with such an ardent passion I knew it had to be love. Or, I suppose it could be just plain old loveless lust. Oh me, I could have accepted my man’s kisses all this damn day long! Yet, such was not to be. I felt the kisses stop, while at the same time, I felt a solid masculine body climb atop my soft feminine one.

I had dreamed, dreamed, dreamed about this day forever, yet when an unfamiliar intruder entered into my pussy, I was totally unprepared. I had no idea my vaginal muscles were so tight that Ethan’s cock had to push through them using a tremendous effort. Other than this man’s finger and his tongue, no object had ever entered into my holy female sanctum before.

I knew from my recent cocksucking experience just how extraordinarily long Ethan’s cock was. I had to admit to myself that was a little afraid of what it would do to me. Would it hurt, would I be deep enough, could I even experience the exquisite glories of cockfucking pleasure? Even though I knew I shouldn’t, I worried. I need not have!

Ethan’s cock, while entering into a supertight hole, didn’t hurt at all! In fact, I was glad I was tight because I immediately began feeling the glorious fires of friction. Even though the penile length bottomed out inside my pussy, I knew I was plenty deep enough. As far as pleasure was concerned, I began feeling it from the very get-go of penetration. And, glory be, I believe my lover did, too!

My female body was pounded by fast, furious penetrations from a man who seemed determined to punish it for unsolicited seduction. Jackhammer hard, jackrabbit quick thrusts drove deep into my slippery wet, self-lubricating vagina. Guttural grunts and monstrous moans accompanied the physical molestations.

I guess I couldn’t complain because I was making my own noises, too. I whimpered, I cried, I cheered as my vagina began spasming with orgasms. I began cumming hard, oh so much harder than I had ever cum using my own individual self-manipulations. My cunt began spraying my lover with spurts of body-hot feminine moisture.

My body felt Ethan’s cock expelling pressurized streams of orgasmic man cum into me. Thick, gooey globs of semen and sperm entered a vaginal home where they found warmth and welcome. These hot streams of seminal liquids spurred my vagina into feeling a series of earth-shattering multiple orgasms. As I squealed and screamed unintelligible words, I hoped, I prayed these glorious climaxes would never stop.

But, of course, they did. Ethan lay as a dead weight upon my chest while waiting to catch his breath. I didn’t really mind because his heavy cock was still dripping into my pussy and even those drips were giving me quite a few mini-orgasms.

(Part four) Love Lost?

Ethan suddenly jumped up. “Damnit, Anna,” he reprimanded. “I told you this couldn’t happen! Now you’ve ruined me!”

My man, my forbidden lover was making no sense. Ruined him? I looked towards my leaking, sodden, cum-soaked vagina and wondered just who had ruined whom. In any event, I could never get back into the house without making at least some rudimentary attempt at cleansing my messy female parts. From the corner of my eye, I spied the brim-full milk pail. Isn’t milk mostly water? Plunging my hand into the whiteness, I vigorously washed my pussy.

Following my lead, Ethan also washed his cum-encrusted cock in the milk. When finished, this man pulled on his clothes even quicker than he had shed them off. Looking at me in utter disgust, he picked up the milk bucket and headed towards the barn doors. At the entrance, he stopped, turned to me, and swore, “Jezebel, I’ll never touch you again!” He then exited the barn and walked towards the house.

Left to my own thoughts, I wondered about the disgust I had seen in Ethan’s eyes and the malice I had heard in his words. Did he hate me? Did he not care for me at all? Certainly, he did not love me! Good god, he did not love me at all! I was ‘used’, I was a piece of meat; damnit I was nothing more than a hot-cunt plaything!

I found my bra and panties in the hidey hole where I’d hidden them. I slipped them on along with my bib overalls. Through a crack in the barn, I spied Ethan slipping into the house to deliver the milk for the cookies and cakes Aunt Edna was going to make. I believe I snickered a little as I wondered how cummy pastries tasted.

I came out of the barn still believing in love, yet knowing I mostly likely would not get it from Ethan. The word ‘Jezebel’ resonated in my mind. If I was a ‘used’ woman, then I was one who knew how to ‘use’ a man in return! Twice my uncle has played with me and twice he had vowed to touch me no more. Well Mister, your vows and promises don’t mean diddly to me! If I want your kisses, if I want to feel your stiff cock inside my pussy, and if I wanted a good hard fucking, then you had better hang onto your heartless ass, because I am a seductive bitch who is gonna get what she wants!

And, one more thing, this is one Jezebel who won’t have to dream, dream, dream about getting some cock either! Whether it’s through love, lust, or cunning seduction, I’ll just get it!

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See Jackass, I JUST KNEW deep down you were a woman. You're in my list of top ten authors : Erudite, grammar and space sensitive. Unlike Anon 16:15:38 I don't want you to be like WP. Be yourself. The difference is what makes you both so much fun to read. 8.5/10 and +vote.

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