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Around you beautiful dark-haired witches laid on damask pillows are being plowed, exposed to show for your pleasure alone the slick pricks sliding in and out of the wet cunts.
Samantha's Night Out

The excitement had been building for weeks. Samantha knew something was in the wind but she didn't know what. Nervously she dressed for an evening out. Her husband had told her that it was a special treat but he would tell her nothing more even though she pleaded, threatened, cajoled, and tried to bargain with him.

At last Samantha was ready. She had chosen a short, halter-style black dress which revealed her ample cleavage and showcased her shapely calves and thighs. Her copper tresses fell softly to her shoulders and bounced as she walked. She was a striking sight as she walked out the front door to the waiting limousine. Her husband watched with pride as the filmy black fabric rode high on her thighs when she slipped into the back seat and he took his place beside her.

After a brief stop for dinner the limousine headed out of town and turned onto a narrow lane which wound through the woods. About ten minutes later they arrived at a large iron gate which guarded the opening in a high stone wall. The driveway beyond was softly lit and lined on either side by meticulously maintained gardens. After gaining access through the gate they proceeded up the driveway and arrived at the entrance to a grand mansion that was brightly lit. Samantha could hear music and voices inside as she exited the car, but just as she and her husband reached the entrance he stopped her and produced a black silk scarf with which he proceeded to blindfold her; she hadn't expected this and it added to both her apprehension and her excitement.

Taking Samantha by her arm, her husband led her through the door, across the atrium, and into the Great Room directly across from the main door. With her eyes tightly covered she could only guess at her surroundings by the clues derived from her remaining senses. The floor of the atrium was hard, probably stone. It felt rough and porous like travertine rather than smooth like granite or marble. When they stepped into the Great Room Samantha almost stumbled because her stiletto heels sunk deep into a heavily padded and carpeted floor. From the voices she could tell that there were perhaps a dozen others there to greet her, both male and female, but she didn't immediately recognize any of the voices. Perhaps because she couldn't see anything, her sense of smell seemed to be especially keen. She caught the fragrance of fresh flowers, candles, both scented and plain, various colognes and perfumes, and even the faint but distinctly sweet and pungent odor of marijuana. The room was warm and the scent of clean, fresh sweat was also evident in the bouquet of aromas that she was trying to sort out in her mind.

As Samantha was taking this in she felt someone approach her and then a feminine hand touched her face. She caught her breath as soft lips pressed to hers and an insistent tongue parted her lips to sensuously explore her mouth. This kiss seemed vaguely familiar but she couldn't yet identify who it was that was kissing her. Soft hands swept across her back and lightly around her full hips, lingering briefly at the hem of her short dress. The hands continued up her waist to cup and firmly squeeze her full breasts. Samantha could feel her nipples hardening as those wonderful hands continue to fondle, caress, and explore. After this brief, but very passionate embrace, Samantha felt the neckline of her halter dress fall away to expose her very aroused breasts. Then the other person, Samantha still had no idea who she was, knelt and began to tug her dress over her full hips until it fluttered to the floor around her feet. She caught her breath at being so suddenly exposed, standing clad only in a tiny black string thong. Her lover was kneading the flesh of her ass while kissing her thighs and nuzzling her fragrant and obviously aroused pussy mound.

All this time no one else had made a sound, it was almost as if Samantha and her unknown lover were alone in the room. Suddenly the unknown paramour stood, took Samantha's hand and placed it on her breasts. They were soft yet firm and on the small side with long sensitive nipples that hardened at Samantha's touch. Then her lover pushed her hand down, across the wiry curls to her sex. Samantha gasped as she instantly recognized her lover. Tearing her blindfold off, she held Sandra close and kissed her passionately while playfully tugging at her obviously male sexual endowments. Sandra was a 'shemale' and obviously relished her exotic sexual nature. She was very feminine with a soft, sultry voice, smooth skin and almond shaped hazel eyes. She was in every appearance female except for her cock and balls which she seemed to flaunt with pride. She was uncircumcised and clean shaven and as out of place it all seemed to be, she appeared totally natural and at ease. The sensual kisses and petting of the previous few minutes had aroused her and her cock was beginning to swell with excitement.

Samantha, now able to see, looked around the room and recognized some of the people present. There was, of course, her husband. She also recognized Justine, her first lesbian lover, Francesco and his enormous ten inches of man-meat. Also present were Marco, Samantha's first lover along with David, his wife Julie, and Michele and Anna, regular swinging partners of Samantha and her husband. In addition to these close friends there were also some that she hadn't met. Sara was a delicate Asian beauty with olive skin, black almond eyes, soft black hair and delicate breasts that fairly begged to be fondled. Also in the room were Andre and Robert, both young men, strong and fit with above average male 'assets.' Samantha would soon be very well acquainted with both of them.

With the ice broken the others in the room began to interact. Francesco approached and kissed Samantha deeply while Sandra, having removed Samantha's thong, was kissing her wet slit, and flicking her wicked tongue across Samantha's swollen clit. Francesco's cock was enormous and fully erect as Samantha stroked it slowly back and forth. From time to time Sandra would lasciviously run her tongue over the head and around the wrist sized shaft; it was far too large to fit in her mouth. Robert moved in behind Samantha and let his rigid cock slip between her thighs and rub her slit while he reached around and fondled her ample tits and teased her nipples. His cock was a good 8' but somewhat slender. His strong arms made Samantha feel secure in his grasp. Sandra was now alternating among the three of them while she reached down to stroke her own cock.

After a few minutes, Sandra moved away from the little group to mingle with the others while Francesco and Robert continued to sandwich Samantha. Robert laid back and motioned Samantha to join him. She turned and knelt beside him, taking his entire length of meat in her mouth while Francesco got behind her and began to lick her pussy and gently finger her tight ass. She was smoldering with sexual heat by now and after sucking Robert until he was nearly ready to cum she turned to face Francesco, lowered her self to Roberts cock and eased him into her ass which Francesco had opened up with his expert stimulation. Francesco gently pushed her backward until she was fully reclined on Robert's chest then he began to ease his meaty log into her wanton pussy. She shrieked with pleasure/pain then groaned as she opened up and took Francesco's massive tool into her greedy cunt. He could feel her tight, wet heat surrounding his cock and with only a thin membrane separating them his cock was sliding against Robert's as he pistoned in her ass.

Samantha was groaning with pleasure and feeling so full she thought she might split asunder when she looked up to see Justine standing over her. She smiled at her former lover and flicked her tongue across her lips. The gesture was not lost on Justine who immediately straddled Samantha's head and lowered herself until her sweet pussy was at Samantha's mouth. She groaned as her girlfriend's tongue lapped at her moist folds and stabbed at her swollen pleasure bud. She then leaned forward and began to lap with her tongue at Samantha's ravaged pussy while Francesco's enormous tool was plowing that moist furrow again and again. Samantha was at her limit. The combination of the 2 cocks assaulting her pussy and ass along with the sensation of Justine's tongue pummeling her clit she exploded in an orgasm that nearly dislodged her three lovers. Justine groaned at about the same time and began to grind her cunt into Samantha's mouth and thrusting tongue. The two men simultaneously began to shake, and their muscles rippled as their orgasms began to build. Furiously they pounded, their cocks grinding against each other and their balls bouncing as they began to climb toward release. Simultaneously they groaned and Samantha felt the heat as they flooded her love tunnel and bowels with their white hot seed. The four lovers writhed in the sweet agony of lust then quieted.

When she regained her composure Samantha looked around the room to see what else was going on. Across the room on a large sofa she saw her husband with his face buried between Sara's thighs. Andre was kneeling at Sara's head and had his gorgeous cock between her lips. A short distance away David, Julie, Michele and Anna were getting acquainted and Sandra had gone over to join then. David was behind Anna, his cock glistening with her juices as he fucked her doggy style. Julie was sucking Michele's cock while she had her ass backed into Anna's face. They were all so focused on each other that they didn't see Sandra approach. She caught Michele's eye and moved over to him, kneeling at his feet. He took her cock in his mouth and began to suck it while she pinched and teased her own nipples. Sandra loved to have her cock sucked and Michele soon had it fully erect and ready for action. Motioning to Anna to move aside she knelt behind Julie and entered her with a long, deliberate thrust. Julie moaned softly and redoubled her efforts on Michele's lollipop. Sandra's breasts swayed as she worked her cock in and out of Julie's sopping pussy. This scene continued for several minutes, perhaps a quarter hour or more until Michelle began to grunt and thrust wildly upward into Julie's hungry mouth. Michele howled as his hot load jetted down Julie's throat as she attempted to swallow every drop. Sandra pulled out of Julie at this point and rolled her over. She then turned and mounted her in a '69' position, her aroused cock taking the place of Michele's spent member and her lips and tongue assaulting Julie's white hot slit. The scene was surreal as the two lovers writhed in pleasure. Breast on breast, turgid nipples fencing, tongues flashing and Julie hotly devouring Sandra's fleshy sword. Soon they each reach their crisis, bucking and crying out as Julie's thighs trapped Sandra's head in a vice-like grip and Sandra's cock escaped the suction of Julie's mouth and began to spray sticky fluid all over her face and hair. After they quieted, Sandra turned and kissed Julie then pulled her face to her firm, proud breasts and held her tightly for several minutes.

On the adjacent sofa Justine had joined Andre and Sam's husband. She was sucking Sara's tits, pinching and teasing her nipples. After a time she worked her way under Sara and was lapping at her ravaged pussy and clit while Sam's husband was pounding his tools deep into her cunt. Sara continued to suck Andre's weapon while his balls brushed Justine's soft thighs a oozing slit. Sara would alternate between the thrusting cock and the hungry pussy that was at her face. She would take Andre's cock and rub it through Justine's cunt and across her clit then take it into her mouth and lick it clean. After several minutes of this activity both men began to quake and jets of hot sperm erupted from their cocks. Sam's husband deposited viscous strings of seed on Sara's thighs and pussy as well as Justine's face. At the other end Andre spewed gobs of silky jism all over Justine's lesbian cunt and Sara's hungry mouth. The three rolled over and lay still for several minutes until their breath returned to them.

The evening continued in this fashion into the early hours of the following morning. There was hot sex, pleasant conversation, good food, and interludes in the showers, spas, and pools of the estate. No sexual fantasy was left unplayed. Males and females alike cast aside their inhibitions and abandoned themselves to the overwhelming current of sensual lust which flooded the house. Men fucked and sucked their own kind, women eagerly devoured cock and cunt alike. Sandra's exotic body was the centerpiece of many a writhing sexual encounter. Even Justine's pussy dripped with male essence before the night was done.

At last, the mystery had been revealed and Sam's fantasy had been played out. Would she now be content to return to her former lifestyle, or had this kindled a fire that would not be easily contained?

The Illumination of Samantha

There were only eight people in the room now, Samantha, her husband Keith, two nude women, one of which held a warm basin of perfumed water and the other, towels of soft linen, the three nude blacks, who had stood silently throughout the proceedings, and of course myself.
I had put on a soft leather loin cloth of Creek design I had brought from my home.
Keith was still dressed in his suit, but his trousers had been unbuttoned and his manhood was stiffly erect as it pointed at his cum spattered wife who still knelt on all fours before us.
I spoke to the two silent and waiting women "Clean her" I said and motioned to you.
They stood you up and began to bathe your still trembling form from head to foot. Leaving no area untouched. Indeed their fingers and hands tweaked nipples, and 'accidentally' touched your now dormant clit.
I watched, and waited. Five minutes went by as the women continued to run their hands over your body. Warming you with the scented water, rubbing you so that your skin began to tingle with the stimulation of the linen cloth.
Eight minutes, There! That's what I was waiting on!
You head tilted back slightly, you hand began to caress your stomach and your nostrils flared as you breathed deed, causing your breast to rise.
"Enough" I commanded the women and they stopped and left us. Leaving only you, standing nude before Kieth, the three blacks, who had began to stroke their cocks into 10" long shafts of man flesh, and me.
Reaching into a hidden pocket inside my loin cloth I brought forth a set of spanish silver chains with three rings of the same material attached.
"Come here Samantha, and stand before me"
As you stopped three paces from me, I extended the chains in my hand.
You knew.
And you placed the collar around your neck, and the bracelets around your wrist.
Your hands trembled and your head lowered as you ran a length of chain thru your collar and attached it to the bracelets. Limiting your arm and hand movement to a mere eighteen inches.
Another chain was attached to your now hardened nipples via the clips attached to each end, and from this chin an "Y" shaped chain hung, also with clips attached to each arm of the Y. These clips you attached to your labia,causing them to open and expose you erect clit, and your now moist and swollen inner labia.
I handed you a piece of white silk and you tied it so it circled your waist and hung to your knees in front.
You now stood with head down, dressed in only white silk and slave chains before myself and your husband.
The simple act of putting on your own chains had aroused you to he point where you were wet and ready for whatever was to come hadn't it Samantha?
"Kneel" and as ordered, you knelt in the position of the pleasure slave. You do remember that position don't you Samantha? There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you have thought of yourself in just that position before me at times over the past few weeks.
Leaving you I motioned to the three blacks. They disappeared behind the heavy brocade curtain before which they had been standing.
I returned and slowly began to circle you, padding softly on bare feet I walked and looked at you from every angle
"Lower you head wench"! "You have not been given permission to look at me"!
The words were stated flatly and with out emotion, but the tone left no doubt as to what was required of you.
Stopping in front of you, I reached and attached another chain to the necklace, but this one led to a leather loop that I held in my hand.
I turned and walked toward the curtain, holding the leash, and without comment you followed.
The scene that met your eyes as we entered the chamber sent a shiver of fear, anticipation, and pure lust racing thru you.
A single spotlight illuminated the center of the chamber. The area outside the light was heavily shadowed but you could see movement and hear the low murmur of hushed voices. There were at least one hundred people in attendance in seats arranged in a circle around the 'stage'
The stage consisted of nothing more than a large wooden pillar set into the stone floor, an iron ring set into the pillar about twenty four inches above the stone.
A thin pallet had been placed before the pillar and one of the blacks lay on his back on it.
Another black stood at his head and the last at his feet both standing blacks faced their prone companion.
All three blacks were stroking their massive 10" dicks and looking at you.
I lead you over to the three men and ordered you to straddle the prone man.
Without comment you obeyed.
"Squat" and as you did so I grasp the blacks penis and guided it into your now wet and dripping pussy. You needed no further lubrication as the 10" black cock slid deep into you its head touched your womb causing a slight spasm of pain. But you like that don't you Samantha? The pleasure / pain sensation is one of the strongest in the sexual world and you crave it.
Can you guess what's coming next my sweet and lustful Samantha?
I take the lead and attach it to the iron ring in the wooden pillar, once again leaving you on all fours, but this time with a 10: thick black cock at eye level.
Do you lick you lips in anticipation?
But first I want you to look at me.
You have just enough play in the lead to glance over your shoulder at me.
I stand beside the black at your back. Even as you look I take the mans erect cock in my hand and pour a copious amount of lubrication over it, and smiling at you I begin to spread the lube over and around the length of his throbbing shaft.
"Face forward" and obidiently your head turns.
Walking to the Black in front I kneel and grasping your chin I open your mouth and place the head of the the black shaft in it.
Once again I walk toward your back side you can sense me kneeling by your ass. I place the hand still covered with lubricant on your butt and spread the round full globes, exposing the tight little ring of your ass to everyone seated in the chamber.
Then I take that thick, throbbing black shaft and place its tip up against that elastic muscle.
Can you picture yourself Samantha?
I am aroused, erect and throbbing with the mental picture I have created for us.
The spotlight. The three blacks, one in your mouth,one with his dick ready to penetrate your ass, and one already in you with the head of his jerking cock pulsing against your womb and sending almost electric thrills cruising thru you.
The thick black shadows that hide the audience. They wear mask. Who are they? Maybe your dress shop owner, maybe that one is the lady that sells you your scarves, and him? Who is he? Perhaps the gentleman that gazed so lustfully after you as you walked by him this morning . Each and every one is leaning forward and intent on the scene about to be played out before them
Oh yes, lest we forget. What about Keith. You do remember him don't you my sweet?
Is he in the crowd or watching from some hidden corner? Or is he even present?
Do you care?
At this simple utterance, the man under you begins to thrust and withdraw his cock in a pounding rhythm that stretches your aching pussy to its limit. The man in front of you grabs your head and while he stands still he forces your mouth as far down his throbbing member as he can before relaxing and forcing it backwards. You will not be allowed to suck or lick his cock Samantha as you so desire. He will fuck your face at his whim.
And the man behind you. Can you feel his large cock begin to stretch wide the sphincter? Does it burn? Do you clench your asshole tight in fear or strain backwards in order to receive his member into your bowels?
Moan, my dearest and wanton slut Samantha. Moan as best you can with an 10" black cock pistoning in and out of your mouth,,
Can you feel the one in you pussy dearest? Does it still hurt? or has the pain began to give way to pleasure?
The huge cock in your ass. How does it feel? Has the burning subsided somewhat? Has it been replaced with a fullness that you've never felt before?
Can you feel the cock in your ass and the one in you cunt almost touching each other as they thrust in and out with only the thin membrane separating them?
Shall I tell them to stop now Samantha? To just turn and walk away leaving you in such a lust filled stupor that you cry and beg for them to return and finish you.
All else has faded into nothingness hasn't it my sweet? Nothing nor no-one exists except you and your three black cocks. all else is as if it or we never existed in your world.

Concentrate on those three cocks my love. feel them as they pleasure you, taste the one in your mouth smell, the mustiness of man and Samantha juices intermingling and flowing over your lips, out of your pussy and ass, to meet at the juncture of thigh and cunt and continue down your leg, sticky and stiff as it dries.

Can you ever be the same?

A Dark Lady's Fantasy

I'm a cosmic slut, a witch, the dark lady of medieval times. Can you now not hear the moans of the numberless whores and sluts like me, groaning your name as they are possessed by their lovers? You are now part of the cosmic vagina through which we pleasure the world. I have drunk deeply your seed and quenched my thirst. I drank your wife's nectar as I wrapped myself around your throbbing penis; I was there with you, inside your wife, she had visions of untold lust during the act, and I was in her fantasies. Now as I cross the Atlantic waves, I gasp as the chill of the morning causes orgasmic tremors to move through my body. The touch of the crisp morning air is like your tongue moving wantonly between my breasts and down my stomach. My nipples harden as waves move over them. So aroused they tighten as the sun gently dries and encases them with the warm salty spray.

As the waves lap rhythmically onto my body and kiss my feet like soft silky lips bidding me adieu, I retreat to my secluded cave between earth and sky and once again read the arousing words of your seductive letters. The radiance of the sun as it dances off the icy white clouds reminds me of the happiness it brings when we are together, tied for eternity by a single red thread of lust. Memories resound of embraces shared on this , cuddling under the dazzling sapphire sky while the joy of countless couplings surrounds me here. As I lay on the furs of past lovers transformed into wild animals and slain for their infidelity, the sun moves behind a darkening cloud, the wind picks up and a tremor spreads up between my legs causing a shiver to race through my body as it cups my Venus mound before retreating. My eyes close as I gasp at the finger that kisses and gently moves away.

Was that you touching me? Enjoying each orgasm as it slaps harder and harder onto my moaning body, my eyes remain shut. Breathlessly I lie there as the wind begins to blow and lightning dances from cloud to cloud. The thunder seems to join with the rolling clouds as stronger waves of pleasure that are more insistent roll through my body causing my senses to rise to an even higher pitch. I moan as the climax hits between my legs and retreats just to return and hit again. The wind picks up causing my body to lurch against the cavern floor, the lightning strikes closer and faster with the continuous roar of thunder coming without delay, shaking the walls of my daemon woman cell. I groan and roll onto my stomach clasping my hands over my head, covering my ears trying to drown out the sounds of the squall. It is, as if, the storm has joined in our pleasure, and has connected to the unwelcome tension of our separation.

I stand and struggle against the howling winds and flowing sands outside my lair, to make my way to the safety of my female lovers. As I near their lairs I look back at the emptiness of my den and wring and twist the salty brine from my drenched body, then toss my head back squeezing the torrent of salt water from my hair. The thunder continues to howl its anger and turbulent tears tumble down my cheek as I join in its rage. I will visit you soon, for I am your slave a much as you mine.

My pussy is dripping and throbbing uncontrollably as I watch: Cum dripping down and soaking the pretty pink silk bow tied so perfectly around my lovely slut neck. Your cock hardening at the thought of using your whore, filling you with my cum. " Images of sensual lust flow from sentence to sentence, enchanting me, driving me to moan as I put myself into the scene you are creating for me. You are my Master and I your slut. No man has had such power over me before. We are lost in each others' passions and fires, consumed by the orgiastic world we are creating for abode of pleasure.

I and my witch whores shall visit your dreams; wanton beauties treating you to rousing sex shows, eating each other's cunts out with great relish, including you in our group, rubbing your body all over with exotic aphrodisiac oils, making your manhood lengthen and thicken to gigantic proportions as we spread our delicious cunt lips over it and slowly slide down your elephantine pole. Around you thousands of enormously breasted women moaning and groaning at the sight of your phallus, reaching out to touch it as cruel mistresses whip them back as your mast spouts jet after jet of milky fluid into the room, and I and my elected few take turns trying to suck more out of it. Your room is full of gorgeous, naked women. There are women taking an entire donkey's prick into their cunts. Others are moaning as their cunts are exposed to your lustful gaze; their engorged cunts luxuriously covered with the same shade of golden fleece that adorns the silken curtains and satins of your room.

Around you beautiful dark-haired witches laid on damask pillows are being plowed, exposed to show for your pleasure alone the slick pricks sliding in and out of the wet cunts. Continuous orgasms that seem to last for hours will be your reward and my fount of nourishment.


2007-05-14 02:46:23
you are wasting your diive talent on trash


2006-11-02 15:06:53
To answer JAW'S question on my different styles.
Well, I like to experiment. The stories he refers to were writen at different times and with different moods. Why should I publish other people's work?


2006-09-07 08:44:18
great story! i was once fucked by two men at the same time. it brought back incredible memories. i couldn't help but to touch myself all over as i read it. my tits swelled and my pussy throbbed with desire. you must write more of the threesome adventures!


2006-08-29 16:02:59
Story 2 is written in a completely different style than stories 1 and 3. Is is older, or did someone else write it for you to post?


2006-08-21 22:38:58
First there are many cocks bigger than 10 inches and not all of them black. Second a cock can penetrate the cervix. Like all muscles and such it is flexible and put enough pressure on it and it will bend and expand. Third amazing story samantha, write many many more

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