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Title: Alandra Naked in School ­ Monday (14682 words)
Author: Tenyari
Part: 1
Universe: Naked in School
Keywords: NiS, exhib, voy, naked, ff, mf
Summary: School troublemaker Alandra Cabrera finds herself forced to attend school naked after she is drafted into a new sweeping social program.
Copyright: March 26, 2003 - all rights reversed.


This story is based around the Naked in School series started
by Karen Wagner with "Karen Naked in School"

The series can be found through this link:

As is my nature, this tale does have its social angle, and features characters that are not entirely perfect nor even always likeable. Being real is like that though. Not everybody can have June Cleaver for a mom.
Feedback is desired but please be kind and constructive.

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May wasn't bottomless for the first time all summer. In fact, she was wearing my skirt.
Senior year started out a bit strange. Friday before classes we had a mandatory assembly. It was announced in a letter sent out in mid break. We were to dress under the old dress code, the one before the new nudity rules. Everyone had to be there and I knew from May that they'd gone as far as calling the student's who hadn't sent back the response letter.
We were in the second year of what everybody was calling 'The Program'. I never paid much attention to News, so I couldn't really say what it was all about. Last year though, I started seeing naked women all over TV, then down at the mall, and finally in school.
That was how my crew and I saw it; all these naked kids in school, even the boys. You didn't see any men running around nude, but boys under 21 could dress down, so to speak. It was pretty cool at first; we had a hell of a time making fun of the kids who got dragged into it. Apparently their parents had consented to it all. After a while though, we got used to it. May and I had even tried going nude at the Mall a few times. That was cool. We got a lot of cheap stuff and even got away with stealing a video game by letting the store clerk fuck us. Should'a been Rubin getting screwed on the shop counter in front of everybody, it was his game after all; but we were the ones who got caught.
So Friday we were all gathered in the big auditorium. Of course we sat in the back of the balcony like always. My skirt was an ill fit for May. She'd burned all her bottoms over summer after declaring herself a half nudist -whatever that meant. As far as I could tell, it meant seeing her pussy on display everywhere we went, even though she still always wore a top of some kind.
She was pissed off over losing her newfound freedom, and kept scratching herself as if she had an allergy to my skirt. Rubin, Rick, Kevin, and Marcy where there too of course; the whole gang, delinquents according to principle Harrison. Everyone thought it weird to see May in clothes, and we were all edgy over the assembly.
It began with Principal Harrison giving us the usual routine. 'Welcome back, hope you enjoyed your summer, it's nice to see all these bright young faces', and all that kind of shit. I looked over to Marcy and Kevin "Think we could get outta here?"
"I doubt it" Kevin said.
"Yeah" May added, "Looks like they've got monitors on the exits."
"Oh well, wake me up if it gets interesting." I slumped back to doze off and there was a teacher on us in seconds, snapping her fingers.
"Miss Cabrera. Miss Cabrera! You WILL pay attention young lady." How do they always know my name? She looked us all over "That goes for the rest of you as well."

It did get interesting though. They told us all kinds of stuff about 'The Program'. It would start up again Monday, with a lot more students. It was a graduation requirement now, so parental consent was no longer a part of it. Over summer they'd torn down the walls between the girl's and boy's locker rooms, and mixed in the showers. They did the same with the restrooms, making them all unisex or something.
"To promote openness," some naked Asian lady had said. May told me she was Filipino, but I couldn't tell the difference. A little darker than May maybe, but there aren't too many Asians out here. Principal Harrison had introduced her as Ms. Magante, a representative from the Program offices. She was probably early thirties, thin, with full breasts and a shaved pussy. All she wore was a waist chain with some kind of stick dangling from it. I wasn't quite sure what it was from where I sat.
"It's kinda like how you look Mexican" May said; by way of explaining the difference between her Chinese and this lady's Filipino looks.
"Yeah whatever." I said. "I'm Spanish, not Mexican."
"That's what I mean." May said.
Kevin grinned at me and I shrugged. "Rubin's the Mexican..." The teacher from before glared in our direction so I let it drop.
We sat through another three hours of what they kept calling 'The New Deal on Society'. I could almost hear the politician at the end of that line. Something about the end of STDs, changing morals, social openness, self awareness, getting in touch with humanity, and a bunch of other crap that sounded like something my Pa would come up with around a big reefer. I felt like gagging on it all, it was so much bullshit. But hey, if it let May be naked, and let me get my hands on all those boys, who was I to complain?
May perked up when they covered voluntary Program participation. The new dress code allowed for nudity; and you could get Program credit for it. The rules were different for boys and girls -2 units for a girl, 1 for a boy. That figures, more of that boys and girls are different crap I'd been hearing lately. Boys could only demand relief if they were in the regular program. Stay nude long enough and you got exempted from the regular program. You had to follow all the rules, and do it for at least 30 school days.
When it was over we all took off for the mall. May was out of my skirt the moment she hit the door to the auditorium. She had a half halter on still, and her own waist chain like the Program lady. We laughed watching her; scratching her butt red "How do you guys stand wearing all that?" she asked.
"Don't you remember? Miss Nude High wannabe..." Marcy called out.
Kevin just gave her a good swat on the behind "Hey, I figured it was already red anyway." He explained. I could tell by her pussy she liked it, or at least the attention; her lips were all puffed out and colored up.
"You been shaving down there?" I asked. May was sitting in the back of the city bus, her legs spread out like a boy.
"A little, keeping it trimmed. But it doesn't get all bushy like you white girls." She ran her fingers through it, spreading her labia to demonstrate the thin fur. May had no sense of shame.
"Hey I saw this Japanese girl in a video who..." Kevin began before seeing everyone stare at him. He shrugged "Well she was... all hairy and stuff. You can't say it's just a white thing May." He looked around at us all "What? It was my brother's, you know he collects stuff like that."
"Sure..." we all said.
"Yeah Right..." Rick stated before punching him in the arm.
"Hey my bush isn't all hairy." Marcy called out.
"Yeah like we'll ever see it." Rubin said.
"Well it ain't." she said. Marcy was as white as they came, Swedish stock or something like that.
"You might see it..." I began.
"Like, what're you talking about?" Marcy asked.
"Well, you might get picked for the Program." I said.
"But my parents..."
"You heard what they said?" Rick started. "They don't need parental consent anymore."
"What?!" Marcy and May said.
"Like you care." I said to May, poking her belly button.
"Yeah, they were saying something about ensuring proper moral decency." Rick said.
"That's bullshit, a few years ago they'd be saying the same thing about keeping us clothed..." I said.
"Yeah, my brother got busted for fucking his own girlfriend when he was in high school..." Kevin said.
Rick shrugged. "Hey, that's what that chick said..."
"The Filipino?" I asked.
"Yeah..." Rubin began "She was pretty fine..."
We all gave him that stare.
"What? Ok, for an old chick... Like you didn't notice Kev."
"Then again she was white from uptown..." Kevin finished, still musing on his brother.

We killed time. It was the weekend before school started. Really started that is. So we all hung out at the mall, and over at the Albatross cafe, or down by the park watching May show off her pussy to any guys she could chase down and making jokes about it. None of us thought we'd get selected, not even May. They wouldn't pick us right? They wouldn't pick a gang of troublemakers, an interracial gang? Not in this town. Principal Harrison had been trying to get rid of us since day one. Oh he never said it, but I knew better.
No, they'd never pick any of us for the Program.

Monday came and I got ready for school. I'd told Pa about the assembly, but he already knew. They'd sent a letter and then called all the parents while we were there. "They said they'd put you in a foster home if I got in the way."
"Well I'll deal if they put me in it then."
"It's a grad requirement now isn't it?" he said.
"Yeah, but only for the kids starting this year." The twins chose that moment to come in. Manuel and Rosa, they were starting their freshmen year today. "Too many kids to put us all through it."
"Too many for what?" Rosa asked.
"The program. I'm just saying I might not have to do it like you guys."
"Hey we're out of milk again." Manuel said. "I think it'll be cool when I get selected."
"Maybe we'll get picked together." Rosa said.
"You know you guys ­are- brother and sister..." I started.
"Ew gross, I ain't talking like that." Rosa said. "No milk again?"
"I'll get some on the way home tonight." Pa said.
"So what the fuck am I gonna eat?" Rosa muttered.
"Watch your mouth young lady." Pa said.
Rosa just rolled her eyes "Yeah, yeah, yeah... We 'least got any toast Manuel?"
"I'm on it." He said.
"Well I gotta go. I'll get something at school." I said. "can't be late after all." I added with a touch of sarcasm. The twins had to go too, but didn't seem to be in any hurry. I was gonna meet the gang first anyway.
"No cutting this year young lady. Those Program people are getting serious, no telling what they'll do..." Pa said. He'd given up telling me to watch my grades years ago. Maybe that's why I didn't bother anymore...
I put on a basic white tee and jeans, grabbed my bag, slipped into my sneaks and took off on my bike. Only Kevin had a car, but he was always talking about getting busted for driving while black. Like this was LA or something. So it mostly just sat on his street.

Just getting to campus was a bit of a shock. The clothes box was gone from north entrance along the main road. I figured maybe they just moved it over to the other one on south side between the buildings and the fields. The metal detectors were still there, and we all passed through with ease, everyone wondering who the nude kids would be this week. My locker was gone. In fact, all the lockers were gone. It was just empty walls all along the building. I heard they'd done that in the big cities to stop drugs, but we'd never had those kinds of problems here. "That sucks. Now we gotta carry all our books." I said to Marcy as she just stared at the spot were her locker had been last year.
"Man Rube... told ya not ta bring all that weed up with you from Mexico" Rick said.
"Yeah right..." Rubin answered good naturedly "Aren't you from Canada or something, where they all smoke that stuff. Maybe they just thought you'd be trying to stash it."
"Hey Rube, we gotta go. Look there's May... guess we got our first nude student."
May was coming down the hall in her birthday best. Looking like the only kid on campus happy to be back in school. She joined us on our way to Study hall. "Right on sister." I called out.
"You said it girl." She called back, beaming with pride over a gathering entourage of worshipping freshmen in her wake.
I just shook my head and went to class. That was May... Who would've figured a girl who'd been so shy would get so into her body like that.

"Ah, miss Alandra Cabrera is it?" the teacher announced as we entered the room.
"Yeah..?" I looked up at the clock; I hadn't heard the final bell yet. "I'm not late am I?" There were only a few kids in the class anyway, three boys and another girl; a girl in a Muslim headdress or something in fact. Man was she in for it... May and Rubin pushed past me and sat on the other end from her.
"No, but you're wanted over near the south entrance." He said. "Here, take this with you."
"A hall pass?" I asked.
"Sort of. Go to the bungalow." He said.
"Bungalow?" I said. I didn't recall any bungalows on our campus.
"You'll recognize it." He said as he waved me on.
"What's that about?" May asked.
I shrugged. "Got me... I'll tell you 'bout it at lunch." I said.
I left as they took their seats, 'berka girl' staring at May like she had the plague.

Sure enough there was a new bungalow outside the entrance. Right about where they'd put that clothes locker last year. It looked big enough to hold a class. I stepped inside to find myself in a room with a bunch of other kids and that lady from the Program ­nude as the day she was born. Up close, she looked pretty good. I smiled at the site of her shaved pubes. I'd started doing that myself over the summer; after me and May had gone to the mall nude. My smile deepened as I thought of something I had there she clearly didn't. Then I realized something.
Me. Here. In this room with these kids and her. It could only mean one thing.

"Aw shit..."
It was her turn to smile. "You must be Ms Cabrera. Nice hair, do you dye it?"
"Naw, it just grows like that." I shook my dirty blond locks. "Are we..?"
"In the Program? Yes. We're just waiting for Mr. Harrison and Ms. Mitchell. Why don't you stand over there with your fellow students."
I joined the group, looking around me. The faces were a mix of eagerness and abject horror. I counted twenty people including myself. Eleven girls. We were split by class. There were two boys and two other girls in the senior section, with me making up the third girl. Somehow I'd managed to be the last one there.

The principal and Assistant Principal, Mr. Harrison and Ms. Mitchell; arrived a few minutes later. They came in with an unarmed cop and Mr. Roquette, one of the gym teachers. Mr. Harrison opened the lid on what looked like a metal dog house on a post box pole with wheels, and then gave the keys to the program lady, Ms. Magante.
"Morning kids, I trust everybody was at last Friday's assembly?"
One of the freshmen girls raised her hand.
"Yes, miss..." Harrison looked over a list "Forney is it?"
"Um... I missed the assembly cause our flight got cancelled."
"Oh yes, I got your father's message. Well young lady, you and your fellow students have been chosen for participation in a very special program."
"The Program? But my mother signed to keep me out."
Harrison looked over his clipboard. "I see..." He looked to Ms. Magante and I swear I caught a disapproving note in his eyes. "There've been some changes since your mother enrolled you last June. I'm sorry but, participation is mandatory."
I had to ask "What if we refuse?"
Ms. Magante looked displeased. Mr. Roquette flexed but stayed leaning against the wall. The cop was motionless.
"I'm sorry young lady, but that is not an option. If we have to, we can strip you. If for some reason you fail to participate, you cannot graduate." Ms. Mitchell commented.
"But I thought the graduation rule was only for them." I waved to the freshmen.
"Once selected, it applies to you as well." Harrison said. "On the plus side, for today at least, you're all excused from your first class."
Yeah right, that makes up for it. I rolled my eyes but he ignored me.
"We know this is a shock for many of you, so we've given you this hour to get undressed." Harrison said.
"And ask any questions you may have" Ms. Magante said.
"Put your clothes in the locker. You can keep your shoes." Ms. Mitchell began as she started to hand out pamphlets. "This covers all of the rules in detail. In short, you must remain nude during all school activities until next Monday. You cannot take any action to cover yourself and must participate in class when requested. You are also subject to any reasonable requests by your fellow students. Page three should help you in judging what the Program considers reasonable. You are encouraged to keep a journal of your experiences and there is extra credit if you share it with your fellow students afterwards."
I raised my hand. "Yes Miss Cabrera?" Ms. Mitchell said.
"Is there going to be a test on this?" One of the guys chuckled at my comment. Ms. Mitchell was about to respond when Ms. Magante cut in.
"Additionally," Ms. Magante said "you are encouraged to experiment during your time. Society is changing, and we want your generation to be more sexually aware and open. You will not suffer the oppressions of your parents' generation." I could swear I caught Harrison roll his eyes. He looked just like me last time I got called into his office. 'Cept I was the only one who caught him. "You are only allowed to spend up to five minutes every three periods in a private bathroom stall. Since the lockers and bathrooms are now mixed, the old rule of using the other gender's facilities is no longer in place." She paused to gauge all our reactions "Furthermore, you may not gather together in groups of more than three nude students. I was pleased to see a few voluntary participants this morning on my way in. The rule of three includes your being with them as well. We want you to mingle, to gain exposure with the clothed student body. It's vital they share in your experience."
Well that might make it hard to hang with May, I wonder what would happen if more'n three nude volunteers hung out together...
Ms. Mitchell picked up from there. "Consider yourself on display at all times while on campus. Other students may examine you as they please as long as they stick to those reasonable requests we mentioned." Yeah right, everybody knew from last year just how unreasonable the Program defined reasonable. "We know you will find the experience to be very arousing, which is perfectly normal. For the boys, the constant erections can become quite painful, so you may ask for relief during the first few minutes of class. The pamphlet details all of the rules of this."
I raised my hand.
"Yes... Miss Cabrera? What is it?" Harrison said
"What about me, Can I ask for relief?" A couple of the girls giggled and one gave out a loud "Yeah, what about us?"
"No. The Program feels the heightened sexual tension you will feel will help you to open up more. In short, it will bring you to the point of having to seek release." Ms. Magante said.
"But you just said I couldn't." I said.
"You can't use class time like the boys, but we fully expect you will find ways." Ms. Magante said.
"So why do the boys get to?" I asked.
"Boys and girls are different, with different needs." Ms. Mitchell said. "The boys will need release to avoid painful long term erections."
Yeah right, I thought. It's probably really just to get us all used to seeing guys get their rocks off.

"Well, if there aren't any more questions, you should all begin to disrobe now." Ms. Mitchell said.
Well, there it was. They'd soon all know something about me that I was pretty sure was against some school rule. I started with my tee, putting it into the locker they gave me. I paused to look around the room and watch a boy drop his shorts and underwear in one motion. Oh well, he was descent, but not as big as that guy from the video game shop.
"Miss Cabrera? Is there a problem?" Mr. Harrison came over to watch me.
I looked up at him, wondering what he looked like under that suit of his. He wasn't bad for an old guy, though not really my type.
"No, I'm ok." I took off my sneakers and set them aside. Then I dropped my jeans, leaving me in socks, a bra and panties. Harrison's eyes went to my crotch and I saw his eyebrows rise. Well, here it comes. Might as well get it over first.
I dropped my panties revealing my shaved bush. At this point, half the kids were nude and a number of the boys sported nice hard cocks. Half of me was thinking of what I'd do if I could get my hands on a few of those. The sight however, left my vulva puffed up and reddened with desire. But that wasn't where Harrison was looking. He was looking at my clit. It stood out prominently, in its constant state of arousal thanks to a nice gold ring with a stone poking through the hood and rubbing against it.
I'd used a fake ID to get that, and I was quite proud of it. It was my birthstone.
"What's this young lady?" He came up to me and put his hand down to pull on my ring, then ran his finger along my clit causing me to shudder.
"It's um... a clit ring."
"I can see that, but what is it doing on you?"
Ms. Mitchell came over. Mr. Harrison still held my clit in between his thumb and forefinger. I was a scared and in ecstasy at the same time. "You'll have to take that out young lady." She said.
"I..." I began, but Ms. Magante cut in.
"I don't think that's a good idea." She said.
"What do you mean? I know full well you can't get one of these if you're under eighteen." Ms. Mitchell began. "School policy is clear on this sort of thing."
"Young lady, when did you get this?" The entire room was watching now as Ms. Magante pushed Mr. Harrison's hand away and brushed her own fingers over my clit, causing my knees to wobble.
"Last month, it's been in for five weeks since Sunday."
"So it's only just healed." She looked to her co workers. "We can't make her take it out; it might close over and scar this early on. It's already there, the damage is already done." She let me go then. "It's kind of pretty anyway. I was thinking of getting one myself last year."
Ms. Magante waved Mr. Harrison and Ms. Mitchell away. "Well, I'm sure you two have things to do, I need to start their orientation now."
Mr. Harrison took a look at me then turned to leave. Ms Mitchell looked at Ms. Magante and said "Lunch Yasmine?"
"Sure, see you then." And they left.
As the door was closing I heard Mr. Harrison ask Ms. Mitchell "Do you really think it will scar?" To those words I unclipped my bra and peeled the cloth away, dropping it into the box. When I looked up the cop was watching the bounce of my tits. I looked away, not wanting to know what was on his dirty old mind.
All I had left was my socks and my clit piercing. I looked around, everyone was putting their shoes back on, and so I took my socks off and put them and my shoes into the box. Ms. Magante raised her eyes at me, but didn't comment. I knew the rules said you could keep your shoes, but it didn't say you had to. No point in following the pack.

All I had left was the little gold ring piercing through the hood of my clit. I didn't even have a cross on or a hair pin like most of the other girls.

So that was it. They stripped us and locked away our clothes. Mr. Roquette pushed the locker into a corner.
"Ok everyone; I want you to sit in a circle, boy girl boy girl." Ms Magante waved us all around till we were sitting in one big pow wow with her at the head. She sat Indian style opening her pussy up to everyone, much to the excitement of several boys. I caught the cop sneaking glances of his own, what was he doing here?
She went around the room, having us tell our names and grade. She also made us list off one hobby, one dislike, and one good thing about the person next to us, the one who'd spoke just before we did.
I said I was Alandra Cabrera, a senior. I liked working on cars, I didn't like people who were stuck up, and I thought the boy next to me had really nice abs. The guy after me liked my breasts. He said they looked firm, not too big and not too small, with a pretty curve. He actually got me to blush. She asked us what we thought of this situation. I said I thought it was kind of invasive but neat at the same time. She told us we'd get asked that question again at the end of our week. We had to tell everyone if we were a virgin or not. I think a few girls lied. One even got caught at it when a boy said he'd had sex with her. I figured what the heck and said I'd been with a couple boys. "It was ok, but I don't see why it's such a big deal."
Ms. Magante said that was one of the program goals, to make sex not be such a big deal anymore. But I think she meant it in a different way than I did.
One girl looked at me like I was a slut. "Hey I haven't been with half as many people as my friend Rubin, and nobody calls him a slut."
"Boys and girls are different." She quoted the Program mantra at me.
"Yes, but not like that." Ms. Magante said. "We want boys and girls both to open up more." Yeah, like you're doing I thought looking at her slightly spread labia.
All in all she made us feel a little better about being in the Program, about having to step out that door and go to classes nude.
When it was over she told us the clothes bin would be outside before and after school. This was her office and she'd be available during first and last periods and for a little after school. She was to see the Program goals through and watch out for us. Personally I think she was just there to spy for the people who made all these new rules.

On my way out I ran into Mr. Harrison. "Young Lady, open your bag."
Oh well, there goes that. I opened my bag, and he took my cigarettes away, a well practiced ritual for us. But I was off. I ran from the bungalow into the halls of the school just in time to hear the bell ring and see a flood of kids make their way out of first period classes.
Everybody was stopping to take a look. The others were all ahead of me and I could see the visual assault already in motion.
"Hey! That hurts" "Ew, he came all over me." "No squeezing." "Sure, that sounds reasonable." It was a chorus of voices and strange activity and I had to get through it.
One boy came up to me and made to grab for my clit ring. "Wow, check out what she's got!"
I grabbed his hand and looked it over "Don't even think about it with those hands..."
"Hey it's a reasonable request, I just wanna touch it." He said.
"Wash your hands first; you've got grease on them." I said as I pushed him away. There was a gap in the hall and I cut through to run across the quad over to 'A' building where I had civics. Everyone cheered to my bouncing tits as I made my way across. I saw Rick coming out of 'B'. He took one look at me and dropped his bag like a village idiot.
"See you at lunch Rick!" I waved and ran off to the site of his shit-faced grin.

I ran up the stairs to civics class. Third floor, room 312A.
"Ah, Miss Cabrera I presume?" The teacher said; Mrs. Jacobs according to the blackboard.
"How is it that everybody knows me?" I asked. Surprisingly enough, I was the first one there. I guess the others were still distracted by the scene downstairs.
"They told me you'd be nude." She said. "Could you sit up here?" she tapped her desk.
I shrugged but took a seat on her desk, dropping my bag to the floor. "Well one of my friends is a volunteer. You never know who might show up nude. Do I have to do anything?"
A few students wandered in. I saw some smiles and a little giggling. I knew some of them, but most people in my track didn't take Civics. "Hey Alandra; looking good." One boy said, before sitting right up front where he could get a good look.
"Well here I am." I spread my arms out for him. "Nice to see you too Max." I remembered the rules and spread my legs a bit, leaning back on my hands. Silly rule; requiring me to flash people.
Kevin came in and took the seat next to Max. When he saw me he gave a thumbs-up and a big smile. I pouted my lips and blew him my best Marilyn kiss, causing Max to scowl. Kevin was black, so people didn't like us being together. We played it up like we were lovers, even though we were just friends.
When everyone was in, and the bell rang, Mrs. Jacobs started her lecture. At first I wasn't sure why I was up there; she just went on about typical stuff. She told us about the class, gave us books, a homework list, and a short overview of the subject. That led to me being where I was.
"So, since this class is about the rules of society; and as Ms. Cabrera here is demonstrating, the rules have undergone some big changes recently; we'll start the semester out with a discussion of the new Program." She started handing out copies of the pamphlet I'd been given, and a little reader she'd put together with news articles, speeches, and essays.
"A class in civics is at times also a class in current events. You won't find this in your history books, and certainly not in the civics textbook; so I've put together some of the key events. Read up to page ten for tomorrow. For today, I'd like to begin with an open discussion of what each of you thinks this Program is about, why it's happening, and how it will affect the way America does things."
With that, we were off. I was just a sideshow, something to keep the eyes looking forward. We spent the class discussing Program history. From the end of STDs, mandatory vaccination, to the passage of the ERA and its change on the differences in decency laws between men and women.
"If we have an ERA now, how come everyone keeps saying Men and Women need to be treated differently?" Max asked.
It was a good question. Mrs. Jacobs had us debate it for a bit before giving her own answer. While men and women now had equal protections, society had come to recognize their fundamental differences not as inequalities as our grandparents had, but as simply differences requiring balanced but tailored treatment.
To me, it sounded a little fishy; but that was the spin they were putting on it. I was wondering how they managed to justify the laws letting only women over 21 be nude, or even something as simple as only boys being able to demand relief.
Mrs. Jacobs went on to discuss the "Great Society" measures of the 1960's. How the liberals of that time had chosen to take small steps -steps which could be torn down one by one as society was gripped in the fear of AIDS and a growing conservative backlash. Already there was talk of a 'New Great Society'. She showed us a few slides of congressional debates. This time around a strong radical left movement had gone straight for the throat of things; shooting for the most extreme of measures they could find and pushing it through in a time of euphoria over a new sexual revolution. The aim, as Mrs. Jacobs saw it, was to finally break the back of America's puritanical roots. "Even if a conservative movement takes hold again; they will be unable to reverse the clock on a change so drastic. Free love isn't just a mantra anymore; it's become the law of the land."
I recall giving her something of a sideways glance. She was sounding a bit like that Ms. Magante earlier. It all sounded a bit like an attempt to brainwash us. But with Max and the other boys staring down my pussy, I was getting a bit hot and bothered and having trouble really focusing on the message. Funny that I kept looking at Kevin.

Civics class finally wrapped up and I was excused from the desk. Someone ran a finger through my slit when I bent to get my bag; but they were gone by the time I turned around. Too bad; I kinda wanted them to finish what they started. I went through the halls looking for somebody with a 'reasonable request', but everyone gave me space. Odd how they always bother you when you want to be alone, but never when you need attention.

My next class was Creative Writing. That's the thing about being a senior, no matter what your track; by this time, its all electives and blow off classes. As I rounded a corner of the halls I thought I saw a naked boy enter the classroom. He looked a little familiar. Making my way in, I placed him as the boy who'd liked my breasts in orientation. I sat across from him, up at the front of the room. I usually liked sitting in back. Another girl came in nude and sat on the other side. She hadn't been in orientation; she was a volunteer. Sandra I think. This would get interesting, with three of us.
The teacher was a Mr. Turner but he didn't get very far. The boy next to me was sporting a rock hard erection and raised his hand the moment the teacher came in. Mr. Turner looked over the three of us and grinned. "Yes Mr. Williams?"
"I uh... I need to..." Ray Williams began.
"He needs relief." I said.
"And I'm going to help him." The other girl said, beating me to it. Darn that little bitch...
She smiled over at him, licked her lips, and then bit into the lower lip as she glanced down at his cock.
"Oh man..." he said.
I glanced across him and gave the other naked girl a dirty look. Yes, this would definitely get interesting.
"Well come on up here you two. You can start as soon as the bell rings." Mr. Turner said.
The last of the students made their way in. All eyes turned to them and I found myself momentarily ignored. She didn't look half as good as I did...

The naked girl began fingering herself, and I could see at least two boys rubbing against their jeans.
The moment the bell rang she attacked; wrapping her hand around his cock and pumping in a nice steady motion.
"Oh yes..." he said, but he didn't last much longer. Mr. Turner was slow on getting a tissue, so when Ray was almost there the girl ducked down to catch it on her chest. He gave a soft "oh..." as his penis twitched and shot a load from her tummy to her breasts. Mr. Turner offered the tissue and she used it to wipe the mess in, like lotion.
"Do you need to go clean up?" the teacher asked her. She nodded no and returned to her seat. The whole scene left me sexually frustrated.
From her seat across from Ray; Sandra shot daggers with her eyes at me. There was a challenge in that look.
Mr. Turner started by having the three of us come up to recount our morning. The class had to write a one paragraph story or poem on that theme. Mr. Turner said it wouldn't be graded; he just wanted to see where we were each at.
When we left I saw Sandra take a card up to Mr. Turner and get it signed. What was that about?

I had gym next. I was curious to see what they'd done with the lockers. Most seniors are done with physical fitness, but I'd stayed in for Gymnastics as an elective. I'm no star athlete, but it was fun and kept me fit. With all this nudity going around, I didn't dare get fat. I hear nudists say it's all about body acceptance, but in high school; the few fat girls who'd been through the program last year had gone through hell. The popular kids ate them up, so did some of the meaner kids. Being outcasts ourselves, my crew and I mostly left 'em alone.
I had to run down a set of stairs and around the corner of 'B' building into 'C', then out the south exit past Ms. Magante's bungalow on my way across the alley to the gym and fields. On my way over a boy stopped me at a corner to feel my ass. I rolled my eyes and caught my breath then let him go ahead, trying to ignore him. He asked if I liked it so I just said 'Yeah, sure, whatever; look I gotta get to gym." His fingers ran through my crack and poked up at my slit before pulling away.
"It's wet." He said.
"Hope you had fun." I yelled behind me as I took off, hiding my growing horniness. I doubt I'd recognize him if I saw him again. I did see May disappear up a flight of stairs just before I jumped out the exit. On the way across the alley I could see a few men in the distance outside school grounds watching in from the fence of the main field. Probably hoping some girls would show up for something out there. One of them pointed me out, but they were pretty far away and I was gone into the gym before the others could do more than a quick glance.

One thing about nudity, not much need to change. I did stop at a shower to quickly rinse out my pussy. I didn't see that boy's hands. At least he didn't penetrate, but this is the last week I'd ever want an infection; some of those freshmen still haven't learned to bath daily.
Gym teacher was a Ms. Janine Moore. Last time I had P.E. it was Mr. Roquette, for general P.E. in my freshman year.
"Well, look who's here." It was Sandra from writing. Great, I had her two periods in a row. We were the only nude students this time, but that didn't last. Ms. Moore came out of her office nude as the day she was born and told everyone to strip.
"There will be no gym uniforms for this class. As I'm sure everyone knows, girl's physical training is mandatory nude. That holds for boys as well in gymnastics."
I raised my hand. "I thought it was just sports that were nude for girls?"
"Gymnastics is a sport." She looked at the two of us who were nude. "Which one of you is Ms. Cabrera?"
"Me." I answered. "But I meant, isn't it just for sporting events?"
"Well it was, but it doesn't make much sense to practice in a uniform that isn't used for events so that's been changed. Gymnastics, like swimming; benefits from the freer body movements of nudity. So we added boys as well."
I shrugged and let it drop, like I really cared anyway. I was already nude...
"Ok class, hurry up. Put all your clothes here." she held up a sack "You'll get gym lockers tomorrow. Ms?" She looked to Sandra.
"Beckett. Sandra Beckett. I volunteered for the Program ma'am."
"Yes... well that includes you too. Put your shoes in the bag." I didn't have any shoes, so I was already set to go.
Everyone stripped and we did some basic stretches. Ms. Moore asked us each in turn about our level of gymnastics experience. You could tell with some of the kids. There were two guys who looked like those muscle men in cartoons with huge upper bodies and little tiny legs. Three of the girls were well toned; though balanced throughout unlike the boys. The rest of us knew the very basics. It was fun seeing all those bobbing cocks as the boys did their tumbles and a few attempted cartwheels. Judging by the way their eyes locked when it was our turn I'd say we girls gave them a real show as well. Was this school or a mandatory strip joint? Whatever, it was fun; something I hadn't said about school since I was eight.

After class in the showers the boys all went to one end, the girls another. I went over to the boys end, got right in the midst of them and began soaping up. "Hey Sandra, aren't you forgetting something?"
She gave me a blank look from were the girls were trying to hide behind each other, despite having been nude in front of all these boys for the last hour.
"Program kids have to shower with the other sex. Now get over here girl. Henry here needs something to fill his hands." I gave the boy next to me my bar of soap. "I'm sure it's a reasonable request, right Henry?"
It's good to be quick in the showers sometimes, I was rinsing off before Sandra had even found her way. She came over and submitted to Henry. The mean look in her eyes changed to ecstasy as he went to work. Darn, I didn't think he'd actually be good at it; I got jealous as I finished rinsing. I gave a boy a few quick strokes and a wink and went to towel off.
Poor Henry got a little too into his work and came all over Sandra; so they had to start all over again. The last thing I heard as I left was her screaming out "Oh God yes!" Well, that backfired.

Lunchtime, I crossed back into 'C' and out the other side of the hall into the quad, scanning for my friends. I stepped up on the concrete mini wall alongside those steps going down into the quad so I could see better. And be seen better it turns out.
Our school is shaped like a big square donut with an open area in the middle we all call 'the Quad'. The north, west, and south sides are buildings 'A', 'B', and 'C'. They're all actually one building. The east end holds the auditorium on it's north corner, then the cafeteria, then the administrative section in a little square that gives the whole thing a sort of 'Q' shape. The north entrance faces a busy road, but the south entrance faces an alley and then the gyms. I think they put the boys and girls strip box together on the south side to keep non-students from making trouble.
So standing there in the quad, up on that mini wall, I was visible from all sides and almost every classroom that faced the inside. I quickly heard Kevin's voice shouting my name, then shortly after May's. It didn't take long for the rest to gather but before they'd reached me I'd had to pose for two boys and let one girl feel my clit ring.
"Hey guys, we gonna eat out here? Let's get something quick before the line's too much trouble."
Everyone just gave me a blank stare.
"What?" I said.
May said the obvious. "Your naked."
"Really? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Where'd my clothes go?! Like, I didn't notice." I said with faked panic.
Kevin jabbed my tummy. "Get off it A.C." A.C. was my nickname.
I shrugged and looked at May. "I got programmed when they called me out of study." I tugged Kevin's arm and got us walking.
"I thought your dad signed a non consent letter?" Marcy asked -her face a bit paler than usual.
"He did. You know my dad. He thinks it's all some right wing conspiracy to force all the gay kids to go straight." I said. "Or something like that."
"That don't make any sense." Rubin said, shaking his head.
May reached straight for my clit and brushed my ring. "Nice, when'd you get it?"
I looked at Rubin "Hey, I never said I understood Pa..." Then looked to May "After we went to the mall that one time..." A look of complex memories crossed her face. We'd been forced to have sex on a store counter to get out of shoplifting. We never told the gang about it, even though we'd been trying to get a video game for Rubin's birthday. "I went back the next day to that salon we saw."
"Purrfect Pussy?" she asked.
"Yeah, they put it in, and showed me how to shave off my bush and keep it trimmed."
"I been there." Marcy blurted out. We all gave her a look. "Well I have."
"One of these days Marcy... one of these days I'm going see that pussy of yours." Rick said.
"Yeah..." I added. Marcy just rolled her eyes.
We made our way through the lunch line. May played interception on the boys trying to come over to get a look or a feel of me. Not because she wanted to keep them off of me, but because she wanted them on her. When did she become such a slut anyway?
Everyone had questions for us. Kevin wanted to know why May always covered her breasts. She thought they were ugly cause they were small, but he said he loved what he saw. May and Marcy wanted to know if the piercing hurt. I showed them how it went into the hood. "This kind is a vertical clit hood piercing. The ring is 10 gauge, they can size you."
"Is that?" Marcy began, her face inches from my crotch.
"Turquoise. My birth stone." I said.
"What's it feel like?" Kevin asked as he gently tugged at it.
"It feels great." I sighed to Kevin's touched and he jerked back. "They told me I'll get used to it eventually. But for now, it's like there's somebody rubbing my clit all the time."
"That's why you're so... puffed up." Rick said.
I blushed a bit as I looked at myself. "Yeah... and being naked like this with everyone checking it out doesn't hurt any... I feel like I need to get fucked."
"Well..." Kevin and Rick began, "we're here if you need us."
"Oh wow; my own personal service station. Yeah right boys." I could see from the bulge in their jeans they were definitely up to something, but it wasn't going to be that. Was it? We'd all been friends since middle school, a gang of sorts at times; we'd kept it cool by staying just friends despite the obvious possibilities. Everybody thought the boys were gang-banging us daily, but the truth was none of us had ever fucked each other.
"What is this shit anyway?" Rubin asked looking at his tray.
"Tastes like Tofu." May said.
"Must be connected to all this Program shit." Rick offered.
Lunch looked dangerously healthy, something I'd never seen at school before. It looked like something Pa would come up with. Real veggies, not frozen, and a tofu burger if May was right. It sure wasn't meat. Apple slices for desert. No jello, no soda, no candy, no meat, and no grease.
"I'm packing tomorrow." Rubin said.
I shrugged. "Relax, it's won't kill you. It looks healthy."
"That's what I mean, what the point of food if it doesn't kill you?" He said as we all laughed.
"Hey there he is." I heard Marcy call out. She was pointing to a geeky kid across the Quad playing some kind of card game with a few freshmen. "Back in his element I guess."
"Too bad he didn't volunteer." May said.
"Yeah... could you believe it?" I stated.
"Who?" Asked Kevin as he looked. "Oh, 'The Horse'."
The kid in question was a junior; he'd been Programmed last year in the last week -his freshman year. It'd taken him into instant stardom with the girls. He was hung like a horse; it was almost uncanny on a 15 year old frame. Half the boys gave him an eerie respect; the other half had tried to kill him.
"What's his name again?" I asked.
"Um... Saul I think. Saul Peterson." Rubin said. "Man... it just isn't fair. A geek like that. He could get any girl in school with that thing."
"Almost any girl." I amended.
"Oh come on Alandra, I remember you looking too." Marcy said.
"That's not the same. May's right though, why'd he cover up again?" I said.
"Probably got scared of the attention." Rubin offered. "Remember what that football jock did to him over at the park."
"That guy was always a jerk, good thing he graduated." Marcy said.
"Oh my God!" I heard behind me. It was my sister Rosa.
"Wait'll Pa hears about this!" And there was Manuel, her twin.
"Hey guys, liking High School so far?" I tried and failed to switch the subject.

Lunch passed to the twin's constant questions and it was time to get to class again. A few freshmen had made to check out me and May while we were eating. If the boys didn't wave 'em off, other kids did. We had a rep after all; one fight in our Freshman year and we'd gone unchallenged since. People figured it was best to leave us alone when we gathered. As usual, I could see Principal Harrison or Ms. Mitchell watching us in shifts; waiting to pounce.
In the halls before class was another matter. As soon as I broke from Rubin I could see them coming in, like circling sharks; boys hungry for a 'reasonable request'. Considering my next class, I figured it could only get worse.
I stopped to pose for a boy, but pulled away when he took out his penis. There were a few girls last year who let the boys rub their cocks along their slits. I wasn't so sure I wanted to be in that category. Chances are I would by the end of the week, but this guy was a bit much for Monday. I did let him put his finger in me and tug on my clit ring; which felt good and got me all horny again before I went to class. Darned boys...

Metal shop; as expected, I was the only girl in the class. I loved cars and mechanics, and this was the closest thing the school offered. Pa said they used to have an Auto shop in the old days, but modern cars were too computerized for a high school course to handle. It was mostly lower track kids with no college plans. That was me in some ways. I'm smart sure, but I don't pay much attention and I don't really study much.
I wanted to ask for relief, but that wasn't an option for the girls. It crossed my mind to sit in the back and rub myself to satisfaction, but that wasn't going to happen. The moment he saw me the teacher; Mr. Carson, called me up to the front of the class.
"Ms. Cabrera, how wonderful, you can help us demonstrate the equipment." I looked around the room, 20 boys and a teacher, all their eyes locked on me and solid bulges in the pants of almost every male in the room; including Mr. Carson. Great...
He started me off with safety gear. I had to hold up everything for the class to see and let the boys come up for a closer look. I doubt he'd ever had a more successful lecture on shop safety. Even with these guys, guys like Rich and Mark who never paid attention to nothing. You could quiz them all on it and get perfect scores.
We were just moving on to the tools when the classroom door opened and Ms. Mitchell came in with a shy girl in tow. She looked familiar...
"Mr. Carson; I'm sorry to interrupt but Jennifer here has been added to your class. She just got back today."
Mr. Carson looked up and glanced at Jennifer. "Ms. Mitchell, this class might not be appropriate for just filling out..."
"Um, actually sir I asked to be put in here; I love sculpture; I'm working on getting an art scholarship." Jennifer interrupted.
"Then you should make a fine addition to the class." Mr. Carson beamed at her. I could almost hear him add 'especially when your turn in the Program comes up.' There was going to be a lot of slime in this class, and it wouldn't come from the can of grease pressing into my naked leg.
"Hey that's where I know you... I dated your brother last year, Anthony..." I stepped forward to take her hand.
"Alandra?" She said. "What happened to you?" She looked me up and down, taking in my long legs and stopping on my breasts. She smiled, or perhaps drooled "No wonder Anthony liked you..."
I shrugged.
"Young ladies, I'm sure you can catch up later." Ms. Mitchell said. "I'm sorry to interrupt you Mr. Carson, can we talk for a moment?"
They stepped outside. I used the time to catch up with Jennifer and fill her in on my status with the Program. She'd just returned from a vacation in California. Her brother Anthony moved away over the summer, the other two brothers were still in the house. "Wait'll I tell them about you."
'Oh great.' I thought, 'A family affair. They're gonna want to share. I seem to remember it was something like that which led to the breakup between me an Anthony. Something about his younger brother, a friend, and their great dane.' A couple of boys smiled and one shifted his pants at the sight of my shudder.
When the teacher returned I went through the basic tools and then the signup procedures. Mr. Cason had me hold everything up like a Game show model as he went through the works describing operation, safety, and buddy procedures. Everyone had to have a buddy for the class to watch them when they ran any equipment. Jennifer looked to me at this, but Mr. Carson said he'd work up a list to ensure we each got a chance to work with different people.

We didn't do any actual work that day, and when the class got out I made my way to Algebra with Jennifer in tow. She stuck to me for the first hallway asking some rather personal questions about sex with Anthony. 'He was ok.' I said, I didn't mention the dog I'd had to turn down; I think it was her dog. As I made my way to go she stopped me one last time at the intersection of A and B buildings.
"Oh Alandra... I just wanted to know..."
"Yes?" I said, watching her eyes trail down my body.
"Can I touch it?" she asked.
It was a reasonable request, according to my Program pamphlet. Darn these rules... A number of students stopped to watch.
"Jenny, I'm not a..." I began. She wasn't the first girl to feel me today, but the way she watched me made it different.
"I just want to feel it, I know you let Anthony." Some of the kids who remembered her brother gave me that knowing look. In their eyes she'd just confirmed the school's opinion that I was a regular slut, even before this whole Program thing.
"Very well..." I stood feet apart, arms folded over my head, and chest thrust out.
Jenny put her middle finger over my clit and ran it gently over to the ring, which she took in her fingers and gave a light tug. She followed through by running her fingers down my slit and pushing her way gently into my vagina. That was enough for me. I managed to turn a building sigh into a shudder and stop my hips from thrusting out as I reached down and pulled her hand away. "That's enough Jenny. I have to get to class."
She pouted, but I ignored her and pushed past to a nearby restroom. That couldn't have been a 'Reasonable Request' could it? I mean, I wasn't a dyke or anything...
In the restroom I went for a stall and sat down. They'd removed all the doors to promote openness, but I didn't care. Everyone saw me already anyway. I was wet, and I could smell it. I had to wipe down before my next class; I had to get rid of the feeling of her fingers in me.
As I finished up I saw a girl go by in one of those head scarves Muslim women wore. She looked familiar; I thought I'd seen her that morning before being sent to join the Program. She was busy at a sink when I stepped out. As I came up beside her to wash my hands she stopped and stared at me in complete horror.
"Hi." I said, ignoring her stare.
"Why..?" She began. She cast a quick glance over my body then lowered her gaze to the sink.
"Why am I naked? You don't know?"
She shook her head negative.
"I'm in the Program." I said.
"The what?" she answered. At which point I heard the bells ring and a hall monitor came in to herd us all to class. I just shrugged and went out, it was a warning bell, and I had a minute to make it to Algebra. She hurried on ahead of me; I had a few pushy boys to deal with.
"I'm late..."
"But it's a reasonable request..."
"Not if I'm late to class it isn't, now get your hands away from my cunt or I'll rip your nuts out." This seemed to be a growing pattern. It'd probably wear off by mid year like it did last semester, but I was in it all now. Boys could be fun, but they could also be a real pain.

Still I managed to get in just under the final bell. I took the only seat left and as I sat down I noticed the girl from the restroom was sitting to my right; Rick and Marcy where behind and in front of her. Extending my hand I greeted her "Hi, I'm Alandra. You have Study, Period 1? May didn't explain it?"
She was clearly struggling to not look at me below the neck. "Fatima. You had clothes this morning... You mean the oriental girl? I didn't get a chance to talk to her."
"It's ok, you can look; everyone else does. It's the..."
"Miss Cabrera, would you come up here please." The teacher called out.
I got up, but before I made my way to the front I gave Fatima my Program pamphlet. "Here. This'll help."
"Miss, do you have something to share with us?" the teacher asked.
I looked at the board behind him, reading off his name. "Um, it's just my Program pamphlet Mr. Dennison. I don't think Fatima got one."
Mr. Dennison looked to confirm, after which the class got under way. As I went through a series of demonstrations, getting chalk all over me; I could see a growing look of horror on Fatima's face. She clearly hadn't known about the Program, and the concept obviously disturbed her. I wondered how the school might deal with that; didn't Muslim women have to stay covered or something? The Program didn't seem to care anymore about consent, and I could see things getting ugly if she got selected.

When it was over I stopped her on the way out and introduced her to Rick and Marcy. They had to go in a different direction so I walked with Fatima.
"Hey, stop by the Albatross after school; my friends hang there. You look lost."
"Albatross?" she asked.
"It's a cafe near the mall." I told her how to get there as we walked. For once the boys steered clear of us, or rather; of her. Go figure. I grew up beating half these kids to a pulp and they still jumped me all day long. She just showed up in a headscarf and they made a clear path for her. Maybe it was the contrast between us. We parted at the stairs with her promising to try and meet me tomorrow at Albatross, I had to go up to biology and she had to go to art class. As I left, I thought I saw Ms. Mitchell shaking her head at the sight of us.

Biology was with a Ms. Lippmann. Did all bio teachers have suggestive names or something? Ms. Hooker was gone, and now a Lippmann...
She was late, but her name was on the board. A few boys whistled when I came in, one even clapped. The rumors of biology class with a naked student had long made their way around school. This one had two, as I noticed May already in the room standing next to Kevin and idly stroking her pussy. The buzz in the room was on Ms. Hooker though; we'd all heard she'd been let go; now we had confirmation. Rumors ran from her running off with a student to being in prison for her special classes. Everyone knew a couple of girls had filed complaints over that. There'd even been two pregnancies.
I sat up front with my friends to my sides and told the boy behind me that yes; he could feel my breasts. "Why don't you come over and sit in my lap?"
"We're in class Joe, maybe later ok?" On any other week I would've kicked his ass for the way he said it.
"Ok... wow, they're soft." He was squeezing me from behind, a little rough and not too pleasant.
"You've never felt tits before?" I asked. "Here." I took his hands in mine and guided his actions into a gentler rubbing. "Just keep that up for me will you?"
He did, and I was just getting into it when a nude naturally red haired woman walked in. Natural, or with matching dye that is. Despite a lush red pubic bush her cunt still managed to peak through enough to clearly make out her lips and the bulge of her slightly extended clit. Her only clothing was a belt from which a small purse dangled on her left hip. She looked freshly showered. "Sorry I'm late class; I had to meet with Mr. Harrison." She took us all in and then focused on me and May. "My name is Ms. Sandra Lippmann; this is my first semester here, I'm originally from Chicago. It's good to see we have Program students. I'm sure you've all noticed my attire by now." A few boys snickered. "Oh. Do we have some additional volunteers?" Silence.
"This class will have a sexual component, and I've just been told that we will be doing that for the next two weeks." She shrugged. "I don't think it's a good idea for the first week of school, but rules are rules."
Ms. Lippmann opened her folder and pulled out a roll sheet with what looked to be a seating chart. "As I call roll, I'm going to pointing each of you to your assigned seats. For now I want everyone to get up and go stand back by the lab tables, take your seat when I call you." She called us all out, splitting the class in two and putting each group in a boy-girl-boy-girl pattern.
Interesting, I noticed we had exactly twelve boys and twelve girls on my side of the room, but only four girls and two boys on the other.
After the final seating with me next to Kevin I found myself called up to the front to sit on her desk. "Spread your legs a little please, Ms. Cabrera. Are you limber?"
"I've been in gymnastics, enough to do splits." I offered.
"Good, that may come in handy."
I spread my legs, but not so far that I couldn't dangle them over the table's edge.
"Oh, what's this?" She went straight for my clit ring and tugged it slightly forward, causing every boy in the class to lean forward for a better look. "I see you shave, I prefer a more natural look, but this is useful for demonstration. Are these allowed?"
"Um..." I said.
"Well never mind, it's not like you're hiding it."

Ms. Lippmann began what sounded like a prepared speech: "Over the summer your parents were all sent consent forms. For those of you in the main group the next two weeks of biology for this period will be a course in practical sex education. We will cover, and practice, technique as well as contraception and social issues." She turned to the six remaining kids "You six will be spending that time in a more traditional sex education seminar presented by nurse Magee."
Isn't that what Ms. Hooker did? I thought. The boy behind me raised his hand and asked that very question.
The teacher looked nervous. "We're not going to discuss Ms. Hooker."
I raised my hand "I thought the program didn't require consent anymore?"
"I think you'll find this very different from the core mandatory Program." She answered.
She pulled out six hall passes and gave them to the six students who would not stay with us. "Report to nurse Magee's office. She'll have you for the next two weeks and then you can rejoin us. Do you know where it is?"
One boy nodded and answered: "I've been there before; it's right next to the office."
"Very well, Josh? You can show the others."
When they were gone she continued by reaching over and spreading my labia. "Since there are no freshmen in this class, I'm sure you've all seen this before. Today we'll go over some anatomical basics to prepare you for the sex-ed portion. Now I need a boy for a male model. Can I have a volunteer?" Silence. "I can just as easily select one of you at random... how about... you." She looked at her seating chart. "Mr. Jacobs, Fred, come on up here and disrobe for us."
She took us to the lab tables in the back arranged so she could stand in between; with the class forming a semi-circle around the whole event.
Ms Lippmann began with Fred's penis. He was uncircumcised which seemed to bring out some excitement in her. She took the shaft in hand and began to lightly stroke him as she described the basic characteristics and functions of the male sex organ. "Once it's hard, the penis is ready for insertion. Mr. Jacobs, do you feel ready?" Fred was practically drooling, his eyes darting from her hand to my pussy, her pussy, our breasts, and so on.
"Yes, Fred definitely looks ready." She said as I giggled, along with a number of girls. She turned to face the gathered students and began; "male arousal, as you can see, is a fairly obvious event."
Despite that high point, the class was fairly benign. Ms. Lippmann gave us the standard sexual anatomy lecture with me and Fred as props. May joined us and we were poked and prodded from every angle with lots of hands on participation from the class.
At the end, Fred and I were pretty worked up. Ms. Lippmann stroked him till he came for her into a tissue, but left me quivering as I walked from class to gather my clothes and meet the gang. Somebody was going to get fucked if I had anything to say about it...
May came with me and sure enough there was the bin outside Ms. Magante's bungalow. With the boys and girls dressing in the same place now, a mixed crowd had gathered around it.
We pushed through and saw a number of boys and girls getting dressed together.
I found my stuff, pulled it out, and started to walk away; thinking to avoid the crowd.
One look told me I'd just end up dragging them with me, so we sat with the other kids to get dressed and get grass on our butts.
As I sorted my clothes May pulled a halter top out of her book bag and put it on, sighing with relief as she looked down at her covered breasts. "I don't know what the big deal is girlfriend, you're still showing what counts." I cupped my hand into her pussy then let go.
May shrugged. "I dunno... I don't have..."
"Tits like mine?" I hefted them for emphasis then quickly dropped them on a cheer from some boys around us. "No big deal May, you'd look silly with these on you anyway."
"Hey why don't you girls pose for us?" one boy called out. May stood to face him and ran a finger through her slit. I rolled my eyes and looked around, spotting Ms. Mitchell at the school door watching us. Oh well, I began to stand as another girl stopped dressing and put her hands over her head. She'd managed to get her panties on at least. The final bell rang though, so I looked at the boy and told him "Next time maybe, if you're fast enough. I'm on my time now." And I squatted down to get my bra. If Ms. Mitchell hadn't been there I probably would'a tried to get him to fuck me.
I saw Ms. Mitchell shake her head and go inside as I was clasping the bra together. May was still posing, and in fact letting a different boy run his penis along the outside of her slit. I got dressed, thankful for the distraction. I left my shoes off though, stuffing them in my bag. Barefoot had felt nice.
"May, time to go." The boys gave me an annoyed look. Actually, so did May, but she stepped back from a finger pumping in her vagina and followed me as we left campus.
"God May, you're such a slut..." I said.
"I know..." she giggled back. "Isn't it fun though?"
"Yeah... wait'll my Pa hears bout today." I said.
"Yeah... wasn't he against all this?"
"He thinks it's some kind of anti-gay conspiracy."
She just looked at me like I was crazy and I shrugged. Even I couldn't explain Pa.
"We're not waiting for the twins?" She asked, in reference to my siblings.
"Naw, they know how to get home, let's just hit the cafe early." I said.

We walked to Albatross where the gang would meet us soon enough. May got a lot-a cat calls. People were getting used to all the nudity, but still finding it something to take advantage of. For her part, May smiled, waved, and posed at every boy who passed us by. I'd had enough of being on display for one day. I don't know how May could stand it, let alone thrive in it.
I don't know why or exactly when we all started hang'n there. Albatross was just a worn-in cafe near the mall, in the middle of the old town center. Pa always said it used to be real busy here before the mall opened. "Malls were a conspiracy by a right wing corpratocracy to destroy communities where people could organize resistance and participate in a non commercial existence". At least according to Pa... But then everything was a conspiracy to him.
We just liked the place. Old couches pulled off street corners, dim lighting, and the feeling of sudden poetry stalking you in the corners. It wasn't cool, it wasn't in, and it wasn't Starbucks. So it was us. Bill ran the place, a big guy with tattoos and Hell's Angel posters behind the counter. Pa said he'd been there for decades, so he probably wasn't a real biker; but he looked the part. Cept when he smiled, which he did a lot for us.
And he didn't try to run May out. When the nudity thing first got started a lot of places gave discounts for girls coming in undressed. But the novelty wore off, and most of the discounts did as well. You could catch naked people anywhere now, so the draw was lost. Some places with food started adding 'no clothes below the waist ­ no service' signs, and they didn't mean socks. Most of em just charged you for a seat cover. But Bill just shrugged and said something about 'kids these days'.
We got there first. The gang usually gathered there after school to smoke a few and shoot the breeze. "You're early" Bill didn't even look up when we came in. I lit up a cigarette and took my usually spot. May sat straddling the arm of the sofa and waited for me to pass the cig on.
Bill just started working on our sodas. Why bother with the order when you're in there almost every day. "How's school?" He asked.
May started chuckling, till I gave her the smoke. "Interesting" I responded.
"I hear they're picking up the pace on that Program thing. Any you kids get pulled in?"
I raised my hand like I had a question and Bill just smiled and muttered something I couldn't hear.
"Also heard they're bringing it into middle schools this year; still voluntary for them though." Bill added, and then turned his head to the door.

"You heard right." She said. It was Ms. Magante, dressed in nothing but a pair of knee high leather boots and a belt from which dangled a long pink plastic rod with a bulb on the end.
She caught Bill's attention fast, as his eyes roamed from her pussy to her breasts, then politely settled on her face with a "Can I help you ma'am?"
Ms. Magante looked above his head to the menu, thought for a moment, and ordered a mocha with a sandwich. "It's nice to find a real coffee shop out here..."
"Where ya from?" asked Bill.
"California. I just transferred out to manage the Program for the school district here."
"Really? Why bring in someone from so far away?" Bill asked.
"We're actually federal; you guys are just the test case. First place we got all the legislation lined up." She answered as he prepped her food.
Bill stopped for a moment and looked straight to her crotch then answered "Well so much for state's rights, but I certainly approve."
Ms. Magante looked over to our table. "You kids can smoke in here?"
We'd hid the cig the moment she came in, but some people have a nose for it. Bill and I just shrugged.
"Alandra, right? Alandra Cabrera. You're in the Program this week." She said as she came over to sit across from us. She took a seat in a casual way, letting her legs spread out and giving me a clear view into her vagina as her lips parted just so. Even May couldn't pull it off so smoothly, but she looked like she was taking notes.
"Yeah, actually we're both in this week, but May's a volunteer." I answered.
"Oh." She looked at May and licked her lips as she focused on the light down covering May's bare pussy. "Did you get your paperwork for that? You need to get all your teachers to sign off to get credit."
"Um, what if one of them refuses? My history teacher wouldn't sign; she said it was exploiting women." May said to my surprise.
"I'll take care of that." Ms. Magante's voice went cold for a minute, then she smiled at us and continued "You've chosen to dress again Alandra, but May here... you're still half nude."
"May's always like that." I said.
"You should try it more. The Program seeks to create openness and body awareness. We can't make you outside of school, but I really encourage it."
"I've done it at the mall, and it doesn't bother me much like it does the other girls, but I prefer my clothes."
"Well give it some thought then. And May, why halfway?"
May just shrugged. I knew she didn't like talking about it, she thought her breasts were ugly and too small. I decided to change the subject. "Is that a vibrator? I thought I saw it at the assembly."
"Oh this?" Magante answered as she picked up the plastic rod. It was dangling from her belt by a small chain that looped into a fastener a couple of times, so she could pull it free but then tie it close again. "Yeah. Never leave home without it."
"You carry that around, out in the open like that?" I asked.
May leaned forward for a closer look.
"Sure thing girls, I get pretty worked up being on display all the time. It's nice to get a little relief whenever I can." She answered as the hand not holding her coffee slid into her slit and idly stroked away.
"But in public?" May asked.
"Sure. I could get a nice cock in me, but you can't live on one food alone." Magante said.
Wow I thought, you'd never hear one of my old teachers talk like that. This Program was really shaking things up.
"So what's it like? I've never used one." May asked.
Ms. Magante looked us over, an idea forming in her head. "Tell you what, I'll let you girls use it if she takes off her clothes." She said, pointing to me.
"Well that ends that." I said, but May had a pleading look in her eyes.
She went for my top and said "Come on A.C. I wanna try it out. Besides, poor Bill over there is just aching to see your clit ring. Aren't you Bill?" She called out.
Bill looked up and straight into my eyes, muttering something. If Magante hadn't sat with her back to him, I doubt he'd have been able to get anything done.
"Ok... Ok..." I said, letting May strip my t-shirt away as I unbuttoned the jeans. When I had them all the way down Ms. Magante flipped a switch on the back of her dildo, filling the room with a low hum. Bill chose that moment to come over and wipe a few tables, or more likely, to get a better look.
"It's ok Bill, you can watch us." I said. "You've seen May enough times anyway." But never May getting fucked; by a Dildo no less. Her own hands sure, she was a constant masturbator after all.
"You'll really like this." Ms. Magante said to me, pointing the thing straight at my clit ring. But she moved to where May sat on the arm of the couch. From where he was Bill had a straight on view of her ass and naked pussy poking out from behind. I had a quick mental image of him ramming into her, but with his bulk it was just all wrong. No doubt the same image was filling his own mind. "Why don't you scoot forward a little May?" She looked back to Bill and smiled when she caught him watching her pussy. "Can you bring us a wet towel please?"
Ms. Magante had May spread her legs then went to work with the Dildo, stroking it up and down, holding it on May's clit, and finally pushing it in to fuck her with nice steady stroking motions.
For her part May was in ecstasy. She let out a low purr and began to hump back against the dildo.
That was when Kevin and the rest of the gang came in. "Shit!" Kevin said. "Now that's what I like to see." He was near Bill, where he could see straight into Ms. Magante's pussy and watch her fucking May with the Dildo. I tried to gesture who it was, but Kevin couldn't make out my signals.
May let out a scream, then a series of humming "oh"s as she came. She finished with "I've gotta get me one of those." As Ms. Magante pulled the Dildo away May lay back against the couch stroking her pussy. Magante looked around at my group of friends and sat back, wiping her Dildo clean. The look on Kevin and Marcy's faces when they realized it was her was classic.
"Hey A.C., why ya naked?" Rubin asked.
I filled them in as Magante went back to her coffee. In the back of my mind I remembered she'd wanted to use that thing on me. She seemed really interested in my clit ring, something I filed away as we all sat and caught up on the day. After a few minutes Ms. Magante excused herself, saying something about maintaining a proper student faculty relationship. May's pussy might argue it was a little late for that. We brought out the cigs again when she was gone.
I never did put my clothes back on. They got lost somewhere. Bill or Magante must have taken them at some point. At least I kept my sneaks. After a few minutes though, I didn't even notice it. Sure the room was a little colder and I could feel it from my boobs to my cunt every time someone opened the front door, but on the whole it was actually relaxing to be nude among friends. Maybe May was on to something. Kevin really seemed to like it; I kept catching him looking at my pussy in a way he didn't look at May. That was the only thing that made me nervous, but not in a bad way. It confused me.

We all left together. Walking home naked was interesting. It was dark out so people driving by didn't see details, but those on the street sure liked what they saw. I was a little nervous at first, the street isn't school and it isn't the Mall. But with the gang all here it was easier to relax. I kept my shoes off; it just felt funny having them on and nothing else. We all split a few blocks from home, but I didn't see anyone between there and the house. I wondered what Pa would think. I know he kept me out of the Program last year.

In fact the twins and Pa were in the living room when I came in. Pa was finishing up a joint and Manuel was trying to kill something on the TV screen with Rosa telling him he needed to hit Y, then B, B and left. Something like that at least.
"Young lady, where the hell are your clothes?" Pa said.
"You won't believe what happened to me today." I said as I dug into my bag and pulled out the Program brochure.
I didn't need to explain much further. Pa took the brochure but his eyes were on my clit ring. "Looks like we have something else to talk about as well." Shit I remembered, he didn't know I'd gotten pierced...
There wasn't much point in getting dressed now that everyone had seen the goods, but I went upstairs anyway. When I came down in my PJs and a T the twins had left and Pa, done with his joint, was flipping through the brochure. "Looks like we've been targeted." He said.
"Selected Pa, I got selected for the Program. It's supposed to be random or something. They use a computer."
"Didn't they have a glitch with that last year?" He asked.
"Yeah, two girls got chosen when they were only doing one. They made em both stay in it though. They're doing a lot of people now though."
"Yeah whatever, look you don't have to keep with this after school you know..." He said.
"Yeah, well I had my clothes when I left school..." Oh that was a great line to send your Pa.
"And...?" He said.
I shrugged. "Things got kind of strange at Albatross. I think maybe Ms. Magante has them."
"Magante?" He asked.
"Oh she's the Program official." I answered.
"I see..." he said. "Well, you don't have to stick with it if you don't want to. Don't expect us all to join in at home; you know what I think of this crap."
"Pa it's just a social program. It's all to improve our body awareness or something." I said.
"Yeah well that's what they tell you. I studied social engineering at Berkeley; I know how these games work." He said.
"Ok Pa, I'll think on it. It's kind of nice though. A bit nervous, but a bit freeing. At least around the crew." I said.
"Freeing... Like that?" He pointed to my crotch. "When did you get that?"
I shrugged. "Summer..."
"You know how I feel on tattoos; this is even more permanent." He said as I just shrugged again. "Well next time at least talk to me first. You've grown into a beautiful woman; you don't need artificial enhancements like that."
I figured it was better not to get into a discussion of how it made my clit feel when it rubbed against me, so I left it at that.

Dinner was the microwave over a call to May. We talked about the day. Her parents were into her joining the Program, they decided to try nudity in the house, but hadn't gotten her shirt off yet. She wanted to go the Mall after school tomorrow, so we made a date.
In my room I took my clothes off again and sat down in front of my mirror. That was me, that was my body. I wondered just why it drove boys so crazy, I wondered why Kevin seemed to be looking at me differently now. It'd been a long day and I was horny as hell, so sought relief. Nice and slow, working my way through it in the bath to get all the tension out before bed.

[To be continued...]
Post Notes:

For those of you like me, who are ­geeking out- over this series,
here's some info I've pulled from the various episodes:

Principle: Mr. Harrison
Assistant Principal: Ms. Mitchell ­wears suits in 1st year
Program Director: Ms. Yasmine Magante

Swimming: Mr. Roquette
Gymnastics: Ms. Janine Moore
English: Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Zank
Government: Mr. Hansen ­ a bit young and vulgar
Calculus: Ms. Gallison ­lesbian
Creative Writing: Mr. Turner
Civics: Mrs. Jacobs
French: Mademoiselle Duclos
Physics: Mr. Cranover
Band: Mr. Peters
Biology: Miss Hooker (No longer on campus after year one).
Biology: Ms Lippmann (second year, nudist)
Metal Shop: Mr. Carson

School length 180 days. 3 year school.
Mostly white, so definitely NOT in California.
Small city of intentionally vague locale:
€ Nature of students is Naïve, almost rural.
€ Active Mall with room for a rare books store.
€ School has a dress code
€ Fighting is zero tolerance suspension.
€ Lying not tolerated in school honor code.
€ metal detectors at the doors

Holds 2000-3000 students
Main building has A, B, and C sections numbered by

+-------%%-------+%------------+ N
| A | | W+E
| +------------+ | S
| | % theater |
| | | |
P | | +---------+---+
| B | quad % cafe | P
| | | |
| | +---------+---+
| | | | |
| +------------+ | admin %
| C | |
b []
| | |
P | | Gym |
| | |
| % |
| field 1 +--------+ +
| | | |
| | field 3| pool |
| | | |
| +--------+--------+
| | |
| | field 2 |
| | |
| | |
| | |

A, B, C = classrooms on 3 floors on both
sides of central hallway
P = Parking
[] = overpass into 2nd floor of gym from
stairwell at level 2.5 of rooms.
% = door to outside.
cafe = cafeteria, windows open to quad and hall C
trucks enter from back.
admin = administration, councilors, etc.
quad = central, open air, hangout zone with bushes,
benches, and lunch tables.
field 1 = football, with stands.
field 2 = baseball.
field 3 = other small needs.
pool = indoor pool branched off of gym.
gym = gym lockers and showers (unisex now), basketball
gymnastics, and other rooms.

theater = auditorium, doubles as a community theater
for the city.
b = bungalow for storing clothes of program students.

North entrance faces city street, south the alley
between classes and field 1.

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