*This story is going to be a little different than my earlier stories. This story is going to be written like you are watching the action onscreen. If you have some suggestions, in order, to better improve the action or substance of the story please leave a comment below.*
How Can We Be So Lucky Chapter One

Description of our Main Characters:

Sakura Sato (Jun’s Sister) – age 16, hair color pink, height 5’5’’, weight 105 lbs, and breast size 34D.

Jun Sato (Sakura’s Brother) – age 17, hair color black, height 6’1’’; weight 155 lbs, and penis size 11 inches.

Daisuke Sato (Jun and Sakura’s Father) – age 41, hair color grey, height 6’3’’; weight 160 lbs, and penis size 13 inches.

Our story begins in the suburbs of Tokyo during probably one of the hottest summers ever. The camera eventually stops at an unassuming two-story house. Our story begins around 8 am in the morning with the sounds of lustful moans coming from behind the door of a girl named, “Sakura Sato”. Within this bedroom we see a young girl named Sakura, still dressed in her Hello Kitty pajamas being ravaged by her brother Jun.

“Oh my God, oh my God! Jun you are so horny this morning,” exclaimed Sakura as Jun continued to pound his sister’s wet pussy viciously in the doggie position. After what seemed like hours for both of them Jun knew that his aching back couldn’t take this position anymore and decided to surprise his sister by grabbing her huge boobs underneath her pajama shirt and lifted her into a reversed cowgirl position.
“Teehee Oni-chan is so full of surprises today,” laughed Sakura as she took the initiative and quickly pulled off her shirt revealing her beautifully natural 34D breasts. Still sitting with her back to her brother, she began to pick up the pace and dropped on and off like a piston on her brother’s huge dick.

“Damn Sakura, you are such a freak. I wish you and I would have started fucking years ago. Hahaha!” exclaimed Jun. After ten minutes of the best sex that either of them have had up till that point, Jun quickly realized he was about to be cumming very soon. “I’m about to Cum Sakura, get off of me. I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“But Jun we are clearly made for each other, why can’t I have your baby?” Sakura moaning to her sweating brother as he had trouble replying because of her increasing rhythm. “Oh okay, if you insist,” said a somewhat disappointed Sakura as she dismounted her huge sibling. “If I can’t have you cum inside me, I can at least have your cum in my stomach.” Before Jun Sato could even react his busty sister enveloped the purple head of his cock with her sweet mouth just as Jun shot the biggest load he ever had into his sister’s mouth and down her throat. After a couple minutes or so, of Sakura enjoying the special breakfast meal that her brother gave to her by swallowing the cum in her mouth, as well as, cleaning up the remains in his rapidly deflating cock by sucking the head of his penis like a straw.

“Itadakimasu! Thank you Jun.” After a morning of hot sex, Sakura looked over at her digital clock and realized what time it was. “Oh SHIT! Jun get dressed. We need to get to school pronto!” “Can’t we just call in sick again like last time,” exclaimed an exhausted Jun. “No you idiot, if we both keep calling out sick someone is going to get suspicious.”

At around 10 am in downtown Saitama Prefecture, Jun and Sakura make it to their high school late and try to sneak into their respective classrooms without being noticed. Somehow during 2nd period, Jun Sato makes it into his history class without being seen; however, it cannot be said the same for Sakura who is stone cold busted trying to sneak into art class. Eventually both siblings settle into their morning school routines of hanging out with each other’s respective best friends.

As Jun Sato was sitting in his 5th period class after lunch, he found himself daydreaming of how he and his sister became such fantastic lovers. It was just about a month ago in June that he and his sister began their incestuous relationship. It was a night like any other both Jun and Sakura’s father Daisuke Sato was again out of the house because he was traveling in northern Japan because of his import/export business. Both Jun and Sakura were use to the fact after four years of this that their father wouldn’t be in the house and so Sakura would be the cook of the family while Jun would do most of the other chores so the house would still look presentable if any of their friends come over.

After a couple hours of watching television in the living room, Sakura turns around and asks Jun, “Have you ever had sex before?” Jun was surprised by this random question from his little sister and replied, “Why do you want to know if I have had sex yet?” Sakura looking down at the floor a little embarrassed now she starts to give Oni-chan that precious puppy dog look that she used to give their father all the time when she wanted something from him. “The reason why I asked Jun-kun, is because right now I feel very horny and I was wondering if you…if you…” Jun getting out of his chair and kneeling on the floor next to his precious little sister asks, “If I could what?”

“I want you to have sex with me, stupid!” replied Sakura with her face 8 inches from her brother on the living room floor. Jun sensing that his sister was just messing around with him for a laugh got up and started to walk away when Sakura exclaimed, “Don’t you think I’m sexy Oni-chan? Are my breasts not big enough for you?” This made Jun stop cold in his tracks. Turning around to face his sister, a new thought crossed his mind that he never had before. Jun staring down at his sixteen year old sister in her high school uniform with her luscious pink hair down and still wearing her knee high black socks made his heart start to beat faster. Never before had a sexual thought crossed his mind about his little sister but after being asked NO dared to have sex with her his vision of Sakura as the little girl who once fell in the snow during the winter time or went to sleep on a roller coaster one time was replaced in his mind with a sexy vision of a hot schoolgirl whose uniform shirt could barely contain those massive melons behind those three little buttons.

“Okay Saki, a childish pet name for his sister, if we do this, Dad can never know or we will both be in trouble and I may go to jail.” Upon hearing Jun’s response she quickly leapt off the floor and ran into his arms. “Thank you Jun. We are going to have so much fun,” Saki laughed as she grabbed his hand and led him up to her room upstairs.

“Um Jun-kun, it’s my first time so please be gentle,” said a nervous Sakura. “Don’t worry Saki I’ll make sure that you enjoy you and I enjoy our first time,” Jun replied comfortably with a smile. Jun guided his little sister down onto her queen size bed next to stuffed teddy bears. “Here, let me take these tight clothes of yours off,” said Jun as he proceeded to slowly undo her silk schoolgirl blouse and remove her Victoria Secret bra. “It is so nice that you are my first Jun because other boys would have ripped my clothes off my body by now.” “Don’t worry Saki I promise to make this evening very special for you,” said Jun as he finished removing all of Saki’s clothing.

Before going any further Jun took a moment to enjoy the scene in front of him. Here he was a seventeen year-old male who had probably one of the most beautiful women in the world naked in front of him; thus making him one of the luckiest guys in the world because she asked him for sex not the other way around.
Jun started by french kissing Saki and then he moved downward licking and sucking her succulent breasts which made Sakura moan. “Ha ha if you like that Saki then you are going to love this.”

Jun was finally eye-to-eye with Sakura’s stunning shaved pussy. When they were younger they both use to take baths together but this is the first time he has seen her young pussy since except for the occasional moments when they would pass each other in the hallway after showering. Jun moved his face just inches away from her now dripping pussy. Jun stuck his tongue into Saki’s quivering cunt which made Sakura jump off the bed a little in shock. “What are you doing? That’s dirty I haven’t showered yet today.”

“Don’t worry I like the taste, it reminds me of strawberries ironically,” Jun-kun chuckled to himself as he proceeded to push his tongue farther into her vagina. Jun’s oral assault went on for fifteen minutes or so which made Sakura’s breathing start to quicken. After twenty minutes of this Sakura finally reached her limit, “Uh Oh Oni-chan, I think I am about to cum.” This only made Jun re-double his efforts by taking his three of his fingers and push them inside her vagina while his other hand twisted and squeezed on her clitoris. “OH GOD! I’M CUMMING ONI-CHAN!” yelled Saki as if she was possessed. With no time to react Jun’s mouth and face were immediately bombarded with a torrent of sexual juices from Sakura’s virgin pussy.

After taking a few moments for both of them to catch their breaths, Saki was the first to speak. “That was amazing Jun, I had no idea that sex could be that awesome,” Saki hugging her amazing brother. While holding her brother in a lover’s embrace, Sakura felt something weird sticking her in the stomach. “Hey Jun is that your cock?” Sakura asked innocently.

“Yeah, it’s been like that since we started because I am so horny for you Saki,” Jun replied nervously. “Well since you helped me achieve sexual orgasm then I shall do the same for you.” With Sakura’s blessing Jun switched positions with Saki having her knelling on the floor and Jun’s shorts right in front of her face. Unlike Jun, Saki wasted no time pulling Jun’s pants and underwear off of him exposing his rock hard cock right in front of her eyesight.

“My God, where have you been hiding this monster? It’s HUGE!” Jun couldn’t help himself but laugh at her surprised reaction. Little Saki couldn’t help but be surprised because up to this point she had only seen penis’ in anatomy books and none of them were as big her brother. “Um Oni-chan I hate to sound stupid but what am I suppose to do now? You seemed to know what you were doing when you played with my vagina.”

“Don’t worry Saki I will walk you through the basics of oral sex.” Firstly, you put your hands on my cock. “oh my your penis is so rigid right now,” exclaimed a surprised Sakura. “Don’t worry Saki that is normal. Now after placing your sexy hands on my cock you start stroking it up and down like when you rub your hands to warm up in the cold.” Yeah Yeah like that Saki; okay now I want you to stick your tongue out and lick the head of my cock like a Popsicle.

“Oh you mean like this,” said an excited Sakura as she skipped this step and proceeded to swallow his massive 11 inch cock into her mouth. “Wait Saki you are skipping ahead.” But Oni-chan I couldn’t help it you are making me so horny right now I decided to take control and skip a few lessons. Jun couldn’t help but give a warm smile back to his little sister. How could he get mad when she herself wants to get to the good parts of sex?

After five minutes or so of Saki taking half of his girth into her mouth, Jun figured what the hell why not go all the way. “Hey Sakura since you seem to have gotten the hang of sucking my dick why not try something a little more challenging?” Jun asked confidently with a lecherous smile on his face. “Oooh what could that be Jun-kun?” asked Sakura innocent as always. “I know its our first time but would you like to learn how to deep throat?” “What is that?” asked Sakura as she continued to stroke his cock up and down. “Well Saki, Deep throat is when you take the entire length of my cock down your throat.”

Without waiting for Jun’s permission, Sakura proceeded to take his entire 11 inches down her throat but this fast reaction made Sakura immediately gag and take Jun’s cock out of her mouth. “Saki you can’t take this monster down your throat in one try, you first should try getting use to my cock so that you don’t gag on impulse,” replied Jun as he patted his sister’s head in a consoling manner.

For the next 8 minutes, Sakura gradually got use to deep throating Jun’s cock. After 15 minutes of awesome oral sex Jun Sato knew that he couldn’t sustain this any longer. “Saki I am gonna cum soon I want you to try and swallow this.” Without waiting for his sister’s consent Jun grabbed the back of Sakura’s head and proceeded to face fuck her head which made Saki cry a little at her brother’s boldness. Within seconds her brother shot a huge load directly into her mouth and throat which made Sakura push herself off her brother’s cock which led to her getting the remainder of his cum all over her face and massive tits.
“Damn Jun-kun, you didn’t have to be so rough with me but I kind of liked it,” replied a satisfied Saki as she proceeded to lick and swallow the remainder of Jun’s sperm on her hot body. After cleaning herself like she was some kind of neko (cat-girl) she and Jun thought it would be best to go take a shower and clean themselves. While Jun was about to head back to his room little naked Saki grabbed his arm and said, “Well since we have gone this far why not go all the way?” Jun was shocked by this he assumed Saki was satisfied already from orgasming earlier but apparently not. “Okay I don’t mind but let’s go to Dad’s bathroom shower because it’s the biggest and can support our incestuous activities.”

Still naked as jaybirds and full of excitement they both walked into their father’s master bathroom and turned on the shower getting the water temperature just right. Before jumping the gun and jamming his cock into his sister’s little pussy he decided to savor the moment and chose to wash every inch of his sister’s sexy body focusing mostly on her huge breasts and curvaceous ass while Sakura, in turn, washed his body from head to toe spending most of her time stroking his increasing hardening penis with her sensuous hands and long pink hair.

“Okay let’s do this Saki,” said Jun as Sakura lowered herself carefully onto Jun’s hard 11 inched cock. “EEP!” exclaimed Saki as she felt an immediate surge of pain that went from her toes to her brain at lightning speed. Despite the pain and tears flowing from Sakura’s eyes, Jun Sato continued to thrust into his sister’s cunt to the point that she actually started to lose conscious while her light body bounced on her brother’s cock like a rag doll.

After a while though Saki’s demeanor changed from whining virgin to sex-crazed whore as she urged her brother onward to punish her body. “Yeah Come on Oni-chan, slam that big dick of yours farther and farther into my pussy.” After eight minutes of Saki riding Jun’s dick his ass was getting sore from sitting on the shower seat for so long so he decided to change positions on Sakura by lifting her up and pushing her massive 34D tits against the glass.

Saki was moaning like a bitch in heat now that her brother was being so dominate with her and punishing her pussy like it was going out of style. “Guess what Saki I am going to cum soon. Where do you want it: pussy or face?” asked Jun in between thrusts. “My pussy please my pussy, I need your sperm to put out the fire in my legs quickly,” yelled Sakura as she was beginning to lose herself in a sexual high. “Okay here I go….I’m CUMMING!” screamed Jun as he thrusted as hard as he could into her formerly virgin pussy as he blasted her womb with his seed.

After the best sex that either of them have had ever in their lives they exited the now cum stained master shower and retired to their father’s king size bed and slept together as a honeymoon couple while still in a naked embrace.

To Be Continued…

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