Hogwarts School for Boys (Revised)
Part One: Harry’s Sexcapades

I took out all the Dumbledore weird sex stuff.


Harry skipped through the Gryffindor common room and up the tower stairs to his dormitory. Ever since the decree to split Hogwarts into two separate schools, one for boys and another for girls, everything at Hogwarts School For Boys had become undemanding and lighthearted. Albus Dumbledore was still their headmaster and Minerva McGonagall was now the girls’ headmistress. All the female teachers were now working at the girl’s school.

Without girls there to have sex with the boys started having sex with each other. He, Harry and his best friend Ronald Weasley, now in their sixth year at Hogwarts, had become an item. Ron had the best kept secret, a gorgeous hulking nine inch cock. Harry worshipped his best mate’s (boyfriend as he secretly thought of him) knob and was on his way to search for Ron in their room to see if he could be of some service.

Harry arrived at the door to the room that Ron and he shared with three other boys, Neville Longbottom, who was a bit nerdy and chubby but a good friend of Harry and Ron’s, also Dean Thomas, a tall thin good-looking black boy and his best mate Seamus Finnegan, an Irish boy with red hair who was shorter and stocker than Dean. When Harry entered the room he was treated to the sight of both Dean and Seamus fully naked. Dean was standing behind Seamus, they were both facing Harry, Dean had reached around and was wanking Seamus’ erect six inch uncut fat dick. Seamus, lost in the sensation had his eyes closed and his head was resting on Dean’s left shoulder and his hips were gyrating to make the most of Dean’s caresses. Seamus turned his head to kiss Dean’s neck tenderly.

Dean noticed his roommate and grinned, “Hey ya, Harry,” greeted Dean in a soft, smooth, relaxed tone. Seamus opened his eyes and just smiled at Harry.

“Hi Dean, Seamus,” Harry looked around and noticed Neville lying down on his bed peeking beneath his sheet at Dean and Seamus playing together but Ron was nowhere to be found, “Hey, Neville.” Harry greeted his peeping friend. “Have any of you blocs seen Ron? I‘ve been searching for him all day.” asked Harry.

“He was here when me and Dean began making out but when my bit of chocolate here started to undress me,” Seamus sighed and shuttered while Dean continued to slowly stroke his dick, “he announced he was going to go looking for you. Fuck Dean, squeeze my balls too.” Seamus finished moaning as Dean complied with his request.

“How long ago was that?” Harry asked. He thought the duos slow hand screw was very erotic and it caused his longing for Ron to triple. He wanted to be in Seamus’ position with Ron unhurriedly pumping his seven inch dick while he, Harry, gyrated his arse against Ron’s big love stick. Harry could imagine his hand in Ron’s hair as they French kissed and then he would…

“Not more then fifteen minutes mate,” Seamus broke into Harry’s daydream. “Said he thought you were at the library.” Seamus moaned again as Harry turned to leave but had a thought.

He walked around the arousing duo and stood behind Dean and whispered in his ear, “Do me a favor mate,” Harry said quietly so Neville would not overhear, “could you please include Neville somehow?” Harry nibbled Dean’s ear and gave his thick eight inch thick cock a squeeze.

“Sure thing, Harry.” Dean murmured back, “I was gonna have Seamus cum on Neville’s face and Seamus thought we should take turns bum fucking him. He’ll love it.” Dean assured Harry.

“Cum in his mouth, Neville loves to eat cum.” Harry offered then he pinched Dean’s arse and took leave of his roommates in search for his hung red head Adonis.


Harry ran down the stairs, sped through the common room and hurriedly clamored out of the portrait hole. In his haste he failed to hear the calls of little Collin Creavey, a runt of a forth year boy with sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes that was obsessed with “The Famous Harry Potter”. Harry and Ron sometimes shared him. He was great at blowjobs and he had a tight little arse. Collin was their little cum slut and everyone in the castle knew he belonged to Harry and Ron and not to touch him. Collin called both Harry and Ron “Master” and Collin loved when his Master Ron would punish him just thinking of it made his four inch pecker hard. “Master, Master,” Collin called after Harry, “Master, I was told to give this to you.” Collin held up a sealed scroll of parchment.

Harry took it from Collin’s hand, “Thank you, Collin.” Harry said and caressed the boy’s face and softly kissed his eager lips. Collin’s head reeled from the kiss and beamed with pride at having pleased his master. Harry broke the seal and un-scrolled the parchment and immediately recognized Dumbledore’s scrawl. The note asked Harry to meet him in his office at ten o’clock that night. Harry checked his watch. It was 7:30. He had better hurry up and find Ron so the two of them would have enough love making time.

“Does Master require anything more from me?” Collin stared at Harry’s erect crotch hopefully.

“Not right now Collin but stay where I can find you.” answered Harry now desperate to return to his search of Ron he turned but then turned back. “Collin, have you seen Ron?” inquired Harry.

“Oh dear, Master, please forgive me,” Collin looked sheepishly; “I forgot that Master Ron bid me to tell you to meet him in the Room of Requirements as soon as possible.” he looked forlorn.

“When?” Harry snapped.

“Not ten minutes ago, Master.” Collin said with his head hung in shame at having displeased his master.

“Ron and I will deal with your punishment later. Go to your room, do not pleasure yourself and do not leave until your first class tomorrow.” commanded Harry who was not really mad but knew how much Ron loved to punish their little cum slut.

“Yes, Master.” Collin turned and walked away with his head hung low but a secret smile on his face he loved being punished by Master Ron that’s why he “forgot” to give Master Harry Master Ron’s message.

When Collin was out of sight Harry turn and ran towards the seventh floor taking every shortcut he knew in his haste. As he pushed aside the tapestry that covers a tunnel he happened upon Draco Malfoy sucking on Professor Snape’s eight inch cock. After the decree and all the boys began fucking each other Snape relax and felt that he could tell Harry the truth. Snape was truly in love with James Potter and Lily Evans, Harry’s father and mother. The trio were having a bisexual affair that no one but the three of them were privy to and the reason he was so mean to Harry was that Harry looked just like James and had Lily‘s eyes and every time Snape saw Harry he got a hard-on. Snape told this to Harry in confidence as he was still deceiving the Dark Lord and pretending to be a Death-Eater in order to spy for The Order of the Phoenix. Harry swore he would not tell anyone Snape’s secret, even his best friends Ron and Hermione.

“Detention, I presume, Professor?” asked Harry and he grinned widely when he spotted Malfoy’s four inch fully erect penis.

“You presume correctly Potter, although if Mr. Malfoy does not suck my cock better then this I may have to ream out his arse.” threatened Snape as he lewdly winked at Harry while Malfoy wasn’t looking. Harry smile at Snape as he, Harry, had reamed out Snape’s bum more than once. Harry hurried around the two, “Potter before you hurry off I would like a word with you in my office first thing tomorrow morning.” Snape said in a threatening manner that Harry knew was put on. Harry waved his consent as he speed away but he could hear Snape berating Malfoy, “Fuck, ease up on the teeth bitch. Neville Longbottom sucks better cock then you. I’m disappointed in you Draco. I thought you were a good cocksucker like your father. The Dark Lord and I use to love to fuck your daddy’s mouth and arse. We would fuck his arse and then make him clean our cock with his mouth. The Dark Lord would demand I fuck your mum’s pussy in front of him and your father. Your mum’s quim was very tight because your daddy had a pathetic little penis like yours. Later your mum told me I was the first man to give her an orgasm before me her sister Belletrix would have to get her off with a strap-on. If you didn’t look just like your daddy and have his teeny tiny penis I would have thought you were my son. Call me Daddy, bitch!” Harry knew Draco’s father Lucius Malfoy had fallen from Voldemort’s favor that was why Snape was able to mistreat Draco. Harry laughed then ran faster.


He got to the corridor with the tapestry of the trolls dancing ballet and knew the door would appear opposite from the tapestry. He paced and thought the only thought he could think, ‘I really want to fuck Ron, I really want to fuck Ron, I really want to fuck Ron,’ on his third pass the door appeared. Harry entered and there was Ron reclined on a huge bed fully naked, hard and ready for Harry. “Ronny, my big hulking man, I’ve been searching for you all evening. Are you hiding from me, love?” Harry asked Ron with his sexiest pout.

“Never baby,” replied Ron stroking his cock that was reacting to Harry’s sexy pout, “come here so I can show you how much I missed you, my love.” and he opened his arms wide and Harry flew into them. Ron kissed and embraced Harry passionately as he thought how lucky he was that “The Chosen One” chose him. Ron was from a poor family. He had five older brothers and one younger sister and though they were rich in love they didn’t have much else. Ron’s family was very important to him but he never owned anything first. All his clothes and possessions were used hand-me-downs. Harry was the only new thing he ever possessed. Harry gave Ron his virginity (and took Ron’s) and although they sucked other’s cocks and let others suck their cocks and they bum fuck other boys, Harry and Ron swore the unbreakable vow that only the other would ever stick his cock in their anus. Ron loved Harry and he knew Harry felt the same way and although Harry was very important in the wizarding world Ron was the most important person to Harry and that made Ron feel very special. The only other person who came close to their love was their best friend Hermione Granger. They both loved and missed Hermione a great deal.

Ron wanked Harry’s dick, “This is my cock, Harry Potter and I want it in my mouth. I need to taste your cum.” Ron said as he flipped Harry onto his back and straddled his waist. He leaned down and kissed Harry’s lips and trailed kisses down to his neck. Harry moaned and gyrated against Ron’s bottom. Ron slid down Harry’s body and licked and sucked Harry’s nipples while his cock grinded on Harry’s.

“Oh Ronny, fuck mate, bite my nipples, hard.” begged Harry. Ron did as Harry asked biting, licking then sucking Harry’s right nipple and then switching to his left before eagerly licking his way down to the cock he had craved all day. Ron was so excited he swallowed every last bit of Harry’s seven inches in one with Harry’s cock down his throat Ron then stuck out his tongue and lapped at Harry’s balls. Harry groaned, “Fuck Ron, I love your mouth the way you take it down your throat, Love is amazing.” Harry grabbed his lover with both hands by his red hair and worked Ron’s head up and down his shaft while also thrusting his hips forward. Ron moaned he loved when Harry roughly handled him he sucked harder. Harry was close to climaxing so he pushed Ron’s head away, “Enough,” Harry shouted, “I want to worship your cock, my love.” Harry sexily whispered and without warning he flipped Ron over on his back and reverently wrapped his hand around Ron’s perfect, super hard, thick, circumcised nine inch wonder. Lovingly stroking Ron’s member Harry said, “Oh baby, how I’ve longed for your beautiful cock!” before Ron could reply Harry took Ron’s whole huge cock in his mouth and down his throat.

“Fuck…Me…Harry,” Ron begged and Harry started to bob up and down on Ron’s dick, “Oh yes Love. Oh Harry. I love you! FUCK! Ron was in heaven as Harry continued to sloppily suck Ron. Harry took some of the saliva that was dripping from Ron’s balls and pressed a finger to Ron’s rosebud. His finger easily slid in so Harry added a second and finger banged Ron’s arsehole while continuing to blow him. OH…FUUCCKKKK…HHAARRRRYYYY! I’M FUCKING CUMMING! YES…YESSS…OH FUCK YYEEESSSSSSSS! SUCK ME HARRY! FUCK ME HARRY! YYYYEEEESSSSS!” Ron came so hard he sat up and rammed his pelvis forward to insure Harry swallowed ever last bit of him. Harry swallowed all of Ron’s cum like a champ. Harry sat up on his knees and Ron threw his legs over Harry’s shoulders, “Shag my arse please, Harry.” Ron begged.

Harry reached for a bottle of lube on the bed next to them and he rubbed the lube into his still hard cock then he asked Ron, “How do you want it, my heart, rough and fast or soft and slow?” Harry finished by rubbing some lube on Ron’s rosebud and massaging it into Ron’s arsehole.

Ron groaned at the sensations Harry was causing with just his fingers. Ron impatiently craved Harry’s cock shoved up his arse and hollered, “ROUGH AND FAST.” Harry smiled and hastily rammed his entire seven inches into Ron’s hot, sexy, tight butt and thrusted fast and furiously leaning forward to tongue kiss his sexy boyfriend. Harry kissed his way to Ron’s neck and was nuzzling his neck as he continued to fuck the shit out of him when he heard Ron whisper, “Harry. Do you love me?”

Harry looked at Ron disbelieving. How could Ron doubt that he, Harry, loved him? Harry knew that Ron came from a big family and although there was a lot of love because they were so many Ron never got all the attention he craved. He stopped fucking Ron and with his dick buried deep inside Ron Harry grabbed Ron’s face lovingly in both hands caressing his cheeks and wiping away the tears that had appeared on Ron’s face, “Ronald Billius Weasley,” Harry started formally, “I love you dearly with all my heart. You are my first and only love. Without you I would die. I need you more than air. I will love you and only you until the day I die.” Harry kissed him with all the passion he could muster. “Do you understand? Do you believe me?” Harry asked after he finished kissing him. Ron nodded too over come with emotion to speak. “Okay, let’s finish fucking!” said Harry with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Ron giggled then moaned as Harry resumed ramming his arse.

Ron was in heaven Harry truly loved him and was brilliantly fucking him for all he was worth. He was the luckiest boy alive. Harry Potter loved him and only him. Ron felt his orgasm begin, “Oh Harry, I’m gonna cum!” Ron said just before he came and started to squeeze Harry’s cock with his bowel muscles, “FUCK…OH YES HARRY! I’M CUMMING…I’M…FUCKING…CUMMMINNGGGG!” Ron screamed and writhed.

Harry felt Ron’s arse milking his cock and heard Ron yell out in passion and could not hold back. He fucked Ron faster and shouted, “I’M FUCKING CUMMING, RON! I’M CUMMING IN YOU ARSE! I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL RED HEAD ADONIS!” Harry’s cock pumped a ton of sperm into Ron’s bowels, “Take that,” he said as he continuously pumped, “and that,” more and more cum into Ron’s arse. “FUUUCCCKKKK!” Harry collapsed forward and kissed Ron. Harry was completely spent, but his cock was still buried deep inside of Ron. “Oh shit!” Harry exclaimed between breathless pants, “I’m sorry love I have to run. I almost forgot I have a meeting with Dumbledore in,” Harry looked at his watch, “ten minutes. Damn it. I have to run.” Harry kissed Ron once more pulled his dick out of Ron’s arse and got dressed.

“Oh, do you really have to go? I was hoping to bugger you now.” Ron pouted.

“Unfortunately I do, but I’ll take a rain check.” said Harry longingly. “I love you. Oh, before I forget Colin needs a punishment. I ordered him to stay in his room until one of us comes for him. I don’t know how long I will be with Dumbledore so if you want to start without me that will be okay.”

Ron perked up at that piece of information. He really liked doling out Colin’s punishments and it will help pass the time as he waited for Harry to return. “Okay baby, I’ll see you later. I love you, too!” Ron blew Harry a kiss and Harry blew one back at him as he left the room of requirements.


Harry ran through the corridors and when he reached the gargoyle that blocked the passage to Dumbledore’s office Harry spoke the password, “Lemon Drops” the gargoyle jumped aside to admit Harry. Harry stepped on the self ascending stairs and rode it to the office door.

Harry knocked on Professor Dumbledore’s office door right on time. “Enter Harry,” Dumbledore answered.

“Professor, you wanted to see me?” asked Harry.

“Yes, my boy, I most certainly did. Please have a seat. I will be with you shortly.” replied Dumbledore with a serene grin, his eyes a bit out of focus.

Harry was puzzled as to why Dumbledore was making him wait when he seemed to be not busy at the moment, but a couple of minutes later Harry had an answer to his conundrum.

Dumbledore let out a sexy moan, “Thank you, Philius. That was lovely.” Dumbledore sighed looking down at his lap that was hidden behind his massive desk.

“You’re welcome, Headmaster. It was my pleasure. You have a divine cock and I would be honored to further assist your needs.” squeaked little Professor Flickwick as he popped up from underneath Dumbledore’s desk. Harry could barley see the top of Flickwick’s head even though Harry knew the small man was standing.

“Oh, that would be exciting Philius. Would you mind waiting in the teacher’s lounge until I have my meeting with Mr. Potter? It should take just an hour or so.” pleaded Dumbledore.

“Certainly Headmaster,” Flickwick’s head disappeared and Harry heard as Flickwick kissed what Harry presumed was Dumbledore’s cock then Flickwick turned, “Good evening, Mr. Potter.” he addressed Harry.

“Good evening Professor. How are you getting along?” asked Harry with an amused smile knowing full well how he was getting along.

“Just excellent, Mr. Potter, thank you for asking.” responded Flickwick. The little man then turned to Dumbledore and said in a sexy voice, “I’ll see you later.”

Dumbledore smiled amorously at the dwarf, “I’m looking forward to it, Philius.” was Dumbledore’s response.

“Now Harry, the reason I asked you to my office tonight was to ask a favor of you.” Dumbledore said getting down to business.

“Of course Professor, anything, and what can I do for you?” Harry said as he pretended not to have witness that intimate and awkward moment.

Dumbledore smiled at Harry affectionately, “I need you to watch Draco Malfoy for me,” Dumbledore absentmindedly started to stroke one of his own nipples, “he and his consorts Crabbe and Goyle are up to something I have yet to figure out what. They have been spending lots of time on the seventh floor, but I don’t know why.” Dumbledore caught Harry’s eyes and pinched this nipple. Harry inwardly cringed, “Professor Snape and I have followed them successfully on several occasions, but recently they spotted us so we had to cease our operations. Severus has giving Malfoy lots detentions to keep track of him, but I thought maybe you could be of great help to us by pursuing Malfoy and his consorts and reporting your findings to me or Severus. Can you do that for me Harry?” Dumbledore asked.

“Yes Professor, it would be my pleasure to assist you. I would like nothing better than to catch Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle up to no good. Tell me Sir, will you expel them from Hogwarts School for Boys?” Harry asked hopefully.

“That is the goal, Harry.” Dumbledore confessed. “Harry, my boy, I have one more favor to ask you before you leave tonight,” Dumbledore said as stopped playing with his nipple and lightly scratched his nose, “I understand you and Mr. Weasley have become very close,” Dumbledore paused knowingly, “so I don’t mind if you let him in on your mission, but just Mr. Weasley and of course Miss Granger if you speak to her but just the three of you, you understand?” Dumbledore asked.

“Yes Sir, believe me, I will.” Harry promised.

Dumbledore smiled tenderly at Harry. “I shall send word of our next meeting or if you have information on Malfoy you can come see me,” Dumbledore sighed and looked longingly at Harry once more, “what I’m trying to say, Harry, is anytime you want to see me I’ll be here.” Dumbledore finished gently.

“Professor,” Harry started respectfully, “I will do my best and come back when I have something to report.

“I do understand, Harry. Feel free to bring along Mr. Weasley when you have news about your mission.” Dumbledore offered. “Goodnight, Harry.” Dumbledore said. He waved his hand signaling that the meeting was over.

“Goodnight Professor, I shall see you soon.” Harry turned and exited Dumbledore’s office.


Harry ran all the way back to Gryffindor tower when Harry arrived at the portrait of the fat lady he yelled out the password, “Blowjob” the fat lady swung forward to grant him passage into the Gryffindor common room. Harry ran through the common room and up the stairs to his dorm room. From the moonlight coming through the windows Harry could see that Ron had pulled the curtains on his bed, but Neville hadn’t and he was asleep spooning Collin. Harry hastily undressed and parted Ron’s bed curtains and crawled in behind his love. Harry tenderly kissed Ron’s ear. Ron stirred, “Harry?” Ron inquired sleepily.

Harry drew the curtains and waved his wand to cast the muffliato charm (a silencing charm) so they wouldn’t be over heard “Yes, it’s me love,” Harry answered and he kissed Ron’s cheek, “Love, why is Collin spooning with Neville instead of tied to my bed?” asked Harry.

“Well, Love, you wore me out so after I whipped Collin I let Neville have a go because Seamus and Dean teased him all evening long and then just jizzed in him, wankers.” Ron said angrily. “When Neville finished I was gonna tie up Collin, but Neville pulled me aside and asked if he could sleep with Collin. He went on about how everyone else has someone to love and how lonely that makes him feel and, well, I felt bad for the bloke. He never catches a break and Collin likes him. I can tell.” Ron explained.

“Shh, Love, it’s fine with me. Neville can have Collin every night if you and Collin agree, that is.” Harry kissed Ron’s neck. “Anyhow, let me tell you about my meeting with Dumbledore,” Harry then proceeded to tell Ron all about catching Dumbledore with Professor Flickwick, then about the mission Dumbledore had given him, “I’ll need your help tailing Malfoy and his gang, Ron.” Harry told Ron.

“The first objective should be to survey the seventh floor and see what those goons are really up to. Did Flickwick really polish Dumbledore’s knob?” Ron asked incredulously. “We should use the Marauder’s Map to locate Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle.”

Harry laughed at Ron‘s rambling, “I think your right about the Marauder’s Map and the surveillance of the seventh floor, as for Dumbledore and Flickwick, yes they really are together.” Harry answered all of Ron’s questions. “I’m very tired, love and I have to get up early for a meeting with Snape.” Harry said stifling a yawn.

“A meeting with Snape?” Ron snarled, “What does he want?” Ron asked angrily. Snape had always mistreated Harry and the unfairness angered Ron.

“I’m not sure. I’ll find out in the morning. Don’t worry, love it will be alright, I promise you.” Harry kissed Ron’s lips. “Goodnight, my sweet prince.” Harry whispered and snuggled closed to his beloved and fell into an instant dreamless sleep.


Harry woke up early this morning. He had to meet Snape before breakfast. Harry regretted consenting to the meeting when he caught eye of Ron lying naked next to him on Ron’s bed with his gorgeous cock begging for Harry’s mouth, but he had told Snape he would meet up with him so he better get a move on. Harry got up and quickly got dressed and took one quick glance back at Ron’s sexy form. He would catch up with Ron later and ravish him, but now it was off to the dungeons were Snape still kept his quarters though he was now the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher and could have taken accommodations in the Defense against the Dark Arts Tower. The dungeons were far from Gryffindor Tower, but Harry knew all the shortcuts and made it down there in less than five minutes. When Harry arrived at the door of Snape’s office he lightly knocked then entered, “Professor, it is Potter. Are you here?” Harry asked he didn’t see Snape anywhere in the room.

“Come in Potter and close that door.” Snape commanded with a sneer.

Harry closed and locked the door behind him. “Are we alone, Professor?” Harry had just spotted Snape at the bookcase that opened to Snape’s bedroom his sneer had turned into a sexy smile.

“Yes Harry, we are alone.” Snape said as he let his robe slip down his shoulders to the floor.

“Severus you look good enough to eat.” Harry smiled as he walked towards his Professor and sometimes lover. Harry was touched that Snape had remembered that Harry liked his hair best without the hair tonic that Snape favored. Snape had laughed when Harry first suggested he not use the hair tonic and told Harry that his parents disliked the tonic also. Harry reached out and touched Snape’s hair when he finally reached him to let Snape know he appreciated the gesture. Harry tangled his fingers in Snape’s hair and pulled him in for a kiss. “It’s been too long Severus. I’ve missed bum fucking you.” Harry liked the way Snape’s mouth always had a slight hint of peppermint. Harry wrapped his arms around Snape’s waist and dragged him into the bedroom and flung him onto the bed, Harry then straddled Snape’s chest threw open his school robes to revel his already hard and throbbing manhood, “Suck on that, Sev.” Harry demanded as he shoved his cock into Snape’s willing mouth.

Snape adored when Harry called him, ‘Sev”, using the old nickname Lily, Harry’s mother, had given Snape, he was completely smitten by this boy. Harry was the best of both his parents. Snape knew Harry belonged to another, but he would happily take whatever Harry was inclined to give him.

Harry was thrilled with the enthusiasm in which Severus sucked his dick. Harry had many people, both male and female, suck his pleasure stick, but none have done it as well or with as much gusto as Severus Snape. “Oh yes, Sev, suck Lilames and don’t forget about the twins.” Harry directed. Lilames is the pet name Severus gave Harry’s cock; it was a combination of Harry’s parent’s names, Lily and James. “Sev, you’re doing a terrific job on Lilames, but I want some arse before breakfast.” Harry got off of Severus’ chest and grabbed his legs and flung them towards his chest so that Severus was almost folded in half. Harry put his head between Severus’ legs and swallowed his ten inch skin snake whole. Harry then did something Severus truly loved, with Severus’ cock buried deep in his mouth and throat Harry began speaking parselmouth, which was a snake language Harry spoke that sounded like a lot of hissing.

Snape loved the vibrations from all the hissing on his cock. Three minutes after Harry started to speak parselmouth while blowing Snape; Snape yelled out, “HARRY, I’M CUMMING, OH FUCK I’M GOING TO EXPLODE!” When Harry heard that he rode Snape’s cock with his mouth as fast as he could and was rewarded with five huge ropes of sperm that Harry gladly swallowed. Harry then licked and sucked Snape’s balls for a few minutes then trailed his tongue to Snape’s rosebud. He lapped and slurped at Snape’s bum hole enjoying Snape’s flavor, it was like an aphrodisiac and Harry wanted more and more.

“You taste so good, Sev. What is your secret?” Harry asked between licks. Snape was moaning so loud he didn’t hear Harry’s question. Harry shrugged; he’d ask Snape the question later. Harry got up on his knees, lined up his cock with Snape’s anus and thrusted straight in to the hilt. “Merlin, Sev, that’s one tight arse there. Fuck Sev; keep working those bowel muscles on Lilames. Oh fuck yes!”

Harry was thrusting faster and stroking deeper into Severus, driving them both to the point of no return. “HARRY…HARRY…IT’S SOOO GOOD…OH FUCK…DEEPER…FASTER…MORE…MOORRE…MOOORRRE!” Snape screamed out in ecstasy.

Harry furiously fucked Severus, “I’M CUMMING. FUCK, I’M CUMMING!” yelled Harry as he let off four giant jets of cum in Snape’s arse. When Harry withdrew his cock from Snape’s bum Harry quickly replaced it with his mouth and slurped all of his cum and Snape’s ass juices then he slid his body up Snape’s to share their love potion with him. Snape opened his mouth like a baby bird and anxiously waited for his half of the elixir that Harry generously shared. Harry and Snape kissed until all traces of the love juice were gone. “I have to get going Sev; Ron will wonder why our meeting is taking so long.” Harry said as he sprung up and got dressed.

Tell him Dumbledore ordered more occlumency lessons. How’s every other Thursday evening? Snape suggested.

That’s brilliant, Sev, as long as I don’t have business with Dumbledore that would be perfect.” Harry bent down and kissed Snape goodbye. “See you later, Sev. Have a great day. I’ll meet you here in two weeks.” Harry said as he rushed from the room hoping to make it to the Great Hall in time for breakfast.


I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to your comments.

Part two is on the way!

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Way too clingy. Too much "I love you"s and blown kisses.

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Really hot! Made me wet.. But it was a little to mushy lovey dicey for me... Ease uP on that...

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2012-09-30 23:02:04
Really hot! Made me wet.. But it was a little to mushy lovey dicey for me... Ease uP on that...

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