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I had a dream that Chris caught Jason Coleman fucking me on my living room floor. Chris had pretty much gone psychotic and beat up Jason to the point where he wasn’t moving. I opened my eyes and realized--and was glad--that none of that had happened for real. Looking out the window, I saw a dark gray sky, the kind of sky that was ready to explode with hard rain. It was probably really cold outside. But I was inside, naked and warm, laying next to Chris. His arm was still loosely around my waist, his large hand placed lightly on my stomach. I felt his dick pressing up against the crack of my ass, not hard, but not soft either. His body felt really warm next to mine, and I enjoyed the way he felt. I didn’t want to move. I listened to Chris’ slow, rhythmic breaths, the soft beating of his heart, and I felt calm and content.

A lot of things ran through my mind, one of them being Jason. I recalled vividly, how only about nine hours ago, he was leaned up against his car, telling me how much he liked me, and how much I had disappointed him by leading him on and not telling him that I was involved with Chris. When I asked to be his friend, Jason told me that I wasn’t the kind of person he wanted to know anymore. Thinking about that again sent chills running up and down my body. Chris shifted slightly; his hand moved away from my stomach and rested on the side of my ass, and his forehead rested gently against the back of my neck. I thought about Chris too, how he had called me his ‘boyfriend’ in front of Jason. I was sure he had only said that to make Jason jealous, but a part of me wanted to be hopeful, a part of me wanted to believe that Chris had actually meant what he said.

Rain started to fall lightly against the window and it sounded like a child throwing grains of rice against the glass. I moved Chris’ hand aside and stepped out of bed. He groaned, but didn’t open his eyes. I walked over to the window, still fully naked, and peered outside. It looked like it was gonna be a really cold, empty day. I hoped that it wouldn’t be, I hoped something really good was gonna happen today. I needed something really good to happen today.

Chris rolled over on his stomach on the bare mattress, revealing his muscular back and his incredibly round, tight bubble butt. He reached out in the spot where I had been laying, and when he noticed that I wasn’t there, Chris opened his eyes and saw me watching him. “What are you doin’ over there?” he asked. His voice didn’t sound groggy at all. And as usual, he looked perfect, despite waking up only seconds ago.

“Just lookin’ at you,” I said.

“Come over here,” Chris told me.

I ambled over to the bed and instead of laying in the empty spot next to Chris, I climbed on top of him, flattening my body against Chris’ back. My dick started to harden as it was wedged slightly in the tight crack of his ass. “I didn’t fuckin say get on top of me,” Chris said, chuckling, but I knew that he didn’t want me to get off of him. I kissed the back of his neck and licked around his shoulder blades. His body felt so warm and smooth beneath mine. I could’ve rested on top of him all day if possible. I continued, with my tongue, down the length of his spine, to the arch of his back, over the sharp curve of his ass. Chris moaned and groaned, his body heating up even more. I spread his ass apart and dove in with my tongue. His humid musky smell intoxicated me, and as I licked down his crack, circling around his asshole, I was grateful that Chris was with me, and for that moment, I felt like his body belonged to me, that Chris belonged to me. I moved upward again, placing my dick inside of his buttcrack. Chris grabbed hold of the bed posts in front of him loosely. When my cock entered him and I invaded his inner warmth, Chris cried out, not too loudly, but his gentle scream echoed in my ears. I shoved all of my dick inside of him; Chris’ whole body tensed up at first, but then quickly relaxed as I continued to make my way in and out of his beautiful butt. It still surprised me, even after the near three weeks that we had been together, that I was fucking Chris Green. He had been someone I never could--or really wanted--to imagine myself with, but I liked him. I liked fucking Chris, I liked being around him. He was intriguing to me. Chris grabbed the bed posts more tightly as I drove my dick deeper and deeper into his ass. He didn’t howl or anything; enjoyed my dick in silence. As I was closer to shooting, I started to move faster, and shoving myself into Chris even deeper and harder.

“Fuck...” That was the only thing Chris said the whole time, but it was enough for me. I started to breathe a whole lot heavier and so did Chris. The rain continued to blast upon the window, and the heat in my room continued to rise. We were both sweating now, our sweltering slippery bodies sliding against each other. I grabbed Chris by the shoulders, jammed my dick all the way inside of him, and released a ton of cum up his ass. Chris groaned and his body went still. Slowly, I rolled off of him, back onto the empty spot next to him. My dick was still halfway hard and sticky. I stared up at the ceiling, at the shadows that moved across the white walls. The rain finally stopped outside, and there was nothing but silence, until Chris asked me, “What are you thinkin `bout?”


“Yeah you are,” Chris said, “you just don’t wanna tell me.”

“You don’t care what I think anyway,” I answered back.

Chris rolled on top of me, his body weight pressing me deeper onto the mattress, his hard dick grinding against my stomach, his hot breath on my neck. He stared me deep in the eyes without blinking; I stared back and we didn’t say anything to each other because there was really nothing that needed to be said. Chris leaned down, brought his face close to mine and kissed me. His tongue drove into my mouth, making my heart beat faster and my dick get hard again. I loved the way Chris kissed me with so much passion and intensity. I didn’t want him to stop, but he did.
“Were you thinkin bout him?” Chris asked.

“Thinkin about who?”

“You know who I’m talkin bout, B.”

He was talking about Jason. “Why are you askin me that?”

“`Cause I can tell,” Chris said.

“Tell what?”

“That you was thinkin about him,” Chris replied. He rolled off of me and I could breathe more freely again--I don’t know if that was a good or bad thing. “Had a dream,” Chris said after a few moments of deep silence. “That he was fuckin you. He was fuckin you and you liked it, right on this bed. And then I came in and saw you two, and then I fuckin went berserk and started beatin the shit outta him. You kept tellin me to stop...but I didn’t. Fuckin weird ass dream.”

It was more than weird, it was, for the most part, the same exact dream that I had. Must be a bad sign. “Yeah, that’s weird,” I answered finally.

“What did you dream about?” Chris asked.

I wanted to know why he was asking me all these questions. “I don’t remember.”

Chris chuckled. “Fuckin liar.”

I didn’t respond. There was a loud sound, like an explosion. When I looked out the window, I saw a bright flash crackle through the sky. Thunder. All of a sudden, I asked Chris, “Did you mean what you said last night?”

“Did I mean what?” Chris asked looking at the ceiling.

“When you called me your boyfriend.”

For a few seconds, Chris didn’t say anything, as though he were trying to come up with the perfect words to say. “Why does shit like that matter so much to you?’ he questioned.

“I don’t know what you’re talkin about.”

“Why is it so fuckin important that I be your ‘boyfriend’? Why can’t we just chill and do the things we do without puttin all that heavy bullshit on it?”

“Because it makes it more real, Chris.”

“Makes what more real, B?”

“It makes ‘us’ more real.”

Chris scoffed. “Do you know how fuckin stupid you sound, Brandon? What do you mean, real? It’s not like we’re fuckin fake or somethin.”

“You know what I’m talkin about, Chris. Don’t act dumb.”

“You’re the one that’s fuckin actin dumb, B. Not me.” Chris placed both of his arms behind his head, so that I could see his hairy armpits and the bulge of his triceps. I still couldn’t get over how good-looking his body was, especially the way the shadows danced along his tight, muscled skin. “Don’t try to break me, Brandon. You can’t do it.”

“What do you mean, break you?”

“Try to make me fall in love with you. I know that’s what you want from me.”

“Who said anything about love? I never said that I wanted to love you, Chris. Don’t go addin words in my mouth...besides I don’t even believe in love.”

Chris looked at me from the corner of his eye. He lips curved into a smile. “Of course you do, B.” he said. “You might never been in love before, but you believe in it.” My silence affirmed his statement.

“What about you?” I asked. “Have you ever been in love with anyone before?”

Staring deeply at the ceiling, Chris answered, “No.”

“Why not?” I questioned.

“`Cause I don’t know what it means to be in love. I don’t think most people really know what it means to be in love. Not the real kind. Not the kind that lasts for more than two weeks or even two months. People get tired of people quick. They like each other for maybe a couple of weeks, and then it’s off to somebody new. Nobody really want to know about each other--they just like what they see on the outside, the looks, the image, and all that other bullshit that really doesn’t matter when you get down to what’s really important,” Chris said. “And then there’s those people that wanna be in love so bad because they want somebody to think they’re special, `cause they don’t think they’re special already. I don’t wanna be like that.” I didn’t know whether to be disturbed because Chris was being profound, or because he was making sense.

“What’s really important? To you?”

Chris turned his head and looked at me. He just stared deeply into my eyes without blinking. It was the kind of staring that could make my heart stop beating. I was hypnotized by his eyes. “ I don’t know what’s important, B. Guess I’m trying to find out.”

I ran my finger along his forehead. His skin still felt very warm and soft. “Am I important to you?” I asked. I was waiting for Chris to tell me ‘no’, but he surprised me with his answer.

“Maybe,” Chris said. “Sometimes...I don’t know `bout you, B. You’re weird.”

“How am I weird?”

“You just are. I’m weird too...I don’t know...” Chris closed his eyes gently. “I don’t know...” he whispered.

“Don’t go to sleep,” I said. “I still want to talk to you.”

“Go `head,” Chris told me. “I’m listenin.”

I ran my hand down Chris’ chest, circling around his hard nipples with my thumb. I traced the lines of his abs with my index finger. “Do you think, one day, you could really be in love with somebody? I’m not sayin it’s gotta be me.”

“Don’t know,” Chris said. We regressed back into silence for about five minutes, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, Chris rolled on top of me, pinned my arms up behind my head so I couldn’t move, and started to lick the side of my neck. “I wanna fuck you,” he whispered very gently. Releasing my hands, Chris brought his hands to both of my hamstrings, pushing my legs into the air. Chris licked down my chest, to my navel, to my dick, which was rapidly growing hard. When he took my cock into his mouth, and I felt the complete and wonderful warmth and pleasure of his breath and tongue, my dick hardened to it’s full inches.

Very gently and slowly, Chris ran his lips up and down the shaft of my dick, and each time the head of my dick touched the back of my throat, it felt like little electrical currents were running up my legs, up to my stomach, and then around to my whole body. Chris took a minute or two to lick my nutsack, which had suddenly become really tight. He continued downward to the crack of my ass, where he began to use his tongue like a sexual weapon, licking around in vicious circles, stabbing the tip of his tongue into my hole, almost making me jump out of my skin. I was twisting and turning in all directions, with my legs still in the air. Chris pushed my legs back more so that my buttcrack would open more and he could get to the hole easier. He licked my ass clean. I took hold of my dick, but Chris took my hand away from it. When my asshole was wet enough, Chris shoved one of his long fingers inside. I hadn’t expected the finger, so I instinctively clenched my ass together, trapping his finger inside of me. But when I got used to the feeling of Chris’ finger inside of me, I relaxed and he began to slowly stick his fingers into my ass, very carefully at first, and then faster and faster until I was almost at the verge of begging Chris to just shove his thick eleven inch dick into my butt. Chris knew that I was waiting for him to stick the real thing in, so he snatched his finger out, flattened his body on mine. I wrapped my legs around the small of my back and began to take deep breaths. I always had to prepare myself mentally before Chris shoved that monster of a dick inside of me.

Chris started by kissing my lips, very lightly, then licking under my jaw. I felt his dick head poking around my buttcrack, looking for the hole. When he found it, Chris took a deep breath, kissed me again shortly, and then drove his dick into my ass. I gripped his back, digging my short nails into his skin. I squeezed my eyes tight and my breaths became more shallow and quick. Chris had filled me with his big dick completely, and I felt him all over my body. “Open your eyes, B,” Chris told me.

I did as he asked. I looked directly into Chris’ eyes as he looked into mine. There was the most incredible look of passion, excitement, and desire in his eyes. Chris took his dick out partially, waited until I was ready again and shoved it back in, really deep and really hard. I screamed silently. My fingers were still digging into Chris’ back, which had become wet now with sweat. The heels of my feet kneaded each side of Chris’ tight butt as he rolled his hips, shoving his huge dick deeper and deeper up my ass. As he continued to fuck me, harder and faster, everything around me seemed to vanish. I couldn’t hear anything except for Chris’ grunts; I didn’t feel the bed beneath my back, just Chris’ cock inside of me; I couldn’t see the room around me, except for Chris above me, staring at me deeply. Everytime Chris jammed his dick inside of me, it burned in the most incredible way, and it felt so right, as though my ass had been made just for his dick. Chris leaned downward, placing his lips to my ear, whispering, “You don’t even know how fuckin good you feel, B.”

“I know how good you feel,” I answered, basically out of breath.

Chris continued to fuck me harder and harder and the bed frame began to squeak and wobble around. I was almost afraid that we would break the bed. But really I didn’t care, as long as Chris was fucking me. Chris whispered something else in my ear, something that really made me hot all over: “I only feel good when I’m fuckin you.”

“Me too,” I responded.

Chris opened his mouth and growled. He looked down at me, and said ‘Tell me.”

I didn’t get it at first. “Tell you what?’

Chris responded by ramming his dick into me at full speed and with extra hardness. “You know what I’m talkin’ about, B. Lie to me. Tell me you love me.”

I looked at him questioningly, trying to figure out if he was actually being sincere with me or not. The intense look in Chris’ eyes told me that he was being serious. I was shocked that he had asked me to say that. I didn’t know what to say. Chris saw my confusion and he shoved his dick as far as it would go up my ass. “Say it, B.”

“...I love you...” It came out sounding very quiet and it was the hardest thing I ever had to say to anyone in my life. I couldn’t even remember the last time that I told a person that I loved them and actually meant it. In fact, I don’t ever remember saying ‘I love you’ at all. And of all people I wasn’t expecting to say it to Chris.

The intensity in Chris’ face grew. He stared at me without blinking once, driving his dick into me, ripping my ass apart. We had been going at it for a least fifteen minutes now, and Chris just seemed as though he got started. “Say it again,” Chris told me. He took his dick out of me, but kept the head of his dick inside my ass. “Tell me again. Lie to me, B. Tell me you love me.”

I took a deep breath, and I said it a little bit louder, “I love you.” It was a little bit easier that time. Chris was asking me to lie to him, but I really couldn’t tell if I was lying, or if I really did love him. Chris growled again and shoved all eleven inches of his massive dick inside of me at once. He sucked all out of the breath out of me, and my legs tightened even more around his waist, and my fingers gripped his shoulders even harder.

“Keep sayin it,” Chris said. “I want you to keep sayin it until I shoot in your ass.”

And I did. I told him over and over as he rammed his dick into my butt. it was unbelievable. The more I said it, the easier it became to say it--the more I actually liked saying it...the more I actually meant it. “Chris, I love you.” It was slightly above a whisper, but Chris heard it perfectly. He stopped for a few seconds, and he just looked at me.

“Liar,” he said, and kept going. If it was even possible, he fucked me harder and faster than before. I could feel myself getting ready to cum soon. I didn’t know how much longer I could go until I shot my load all over the place. “Are you ready for me to shoot?” Chris asked me.

I nodded. Sweat poured down my forehead. Chris gave me a super thrust, arched his back, causing all his muscles to flex and ripple. He shut his eyes really tight and bit down hard on his lower lip. His mouth dropped open and a soft moan came out. A few seconds later, I felt his dick erupt inside of my ass. Wave after wave of his hot cum shot up my butt. When I felt his cum inside of me, I shot my load. Part of it landed on Chris’ tight six-pack, and on mine as well. Chris took the cum that was on his stomach and placed it in his mouth. With his tongue, he licked the rest of the cum off of me. Chris collapsed on top of me, and we were both panting very loud and heavily. Once more, I said very quietly, “I love you.”

“No you don’t,” Chris said. “But I’m glad you said it.”

We just laid there, motionless for a while, listening to the rhythm of each others’ breath. I was still surprised that I had told Chris I loved him. I was even more surprised by the fact that I did love him. Chris didn’t love me back--or maybe he did and just would never tell me. I don’t know.

“Stop thinkin `bout it,” Chris said.

My heart skipped. “How did you know...”
“`Cause I know you, Brandon.”

We stayed in the bed for the most part of the day. We had sex three more times that day, taking turns fucking each other, and each time was better than the one before it. It felt so natural being with Chris. It was weird, because I actually felt ‘safe’ being with him, and I felt like a large part of me belonged to him. A part of me was scared, because for once, things were going the way I wanted them to go--no unnecessary fighting (well, maybe a little bit earlier), no hurt feelings, no resentment. For once we were both at peace with each other. And I felt like I was at peace with myself really. I had gotten something that I had been asking for, for a really long time: spending a whole day with someone I really cared about, someone I really liked. I never once thought that I would ever really have deep-rooted emotions for a guy, but I was having them now--and they were with Chris Green. Everyday I was realizing that he was much different than he appeared to be on the outside; Chris was actually deep, caring, and there was a vulnerable side to him that I had never seen in him before and never really knew existed--there was a vulnerable side in me that I had never really acknowledged or knew existed. I was actually content for once. I looked at Chris. He was still looking at the ceiling. I wondered if he was thinking about the same thing I was thinking about.

“You do love me, don’t you?” I asked.

“What do you want me to say, B?” Chris questioned back.

I looked up at the ceiling as well. “I don’t know. Tell me anything. Tell me a lie.”

Chris smiled. “Yeah, I love you, B. I think you’re the most sexiest dude in the world, and there’s nobody else for me but you.”

I placed my head on his chest. “Liar.”


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You are such an amazing writer! There's so much emotion in it and the ending is just ..ugh! Seriously, if this wasn't just a story to jack off to, it would be a book to actully read and understand it. Cant wait to read ur next story!!

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