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I met Stacey at my local pub one Friday night about 6 months ago, Stacey is 37 with a nice curvy body , slightly chubby arse and big round tits, she has blonde hair and a cute little smile that makes her look very innocent. I started talking to Stacey one night when I seen her standing alone at the local pub, she told me how she was waiting for her friend and that she was at the pub for her sisters birthday drinks,after a few minutes I asked if she wanted a drink and as her friend came out to meet her we headed to the bar for a drink, we chatted for a bit before she said she had to get back to her friends and although she had a wedding ring on I still told her I would love to see her later. She said maybe and walked back over to her table of friends. A few hours later I was sitting at a table with a few mates when I seen her at the bar I walked up and said " so where's hubby tonight" " at home with the kids" she answered with a cheeky smirk " so how bout another drink" I asked before she could take off " yeah ok but wait there for a second" she said as she walked over to her table with a hand full of drinks , she came back with a younger chick next to her " it's my sisters bday ya have to buy her a drink too" she demanded " ok " I replied and bought the round of drinks , after a few minutes the sister was gone leaving me and Stacey talking at the bar " let's go sit down" I said and she followed me to a table, after chatting for a while and a few more drinks I began to tell her how sexy she was and how I wished she wasn't married, she laughed and said I was too young for her but I disagreed and the conversation began to get more and more sexual. I asked her if she had ever fucked a younger man and she told me that she had cheated on her hubby a few times since they had been married, she asked me what I seen in an older woman like her and as I started telling her how hot she looked she started to move closer and within a few seconds we started to kiss softly and slowly, a few minutes passed and we decided to get out of there , she said she had to tell her sister she was going and would meet me outside, a few minutes later we were in getting into a taxi and heading towards my place, once at my place we poured a drink and headed for the lounge room, we started kissing and I felt my cock getting hard as I looked at this sexy married woman in front of me, her short dress and top soon came off leaving her in just a lacy bra and panties, I stood in front of her and ripped my shirt off while she undone my jeans, my cock now hard and in her hand she looked up at me as if to ask permission to suck it, "suck it you naughty girl" I said and she wrapped her lips around my knob as I slid into her mouth , deeper and deeper until she couldn't take anymore, she sucked harder and faster until I was furiously fucking her head and she was gagging on every stroke. I pulled her to her feet and spun her around roughly throwing forward over the couch. Her arse pointing up at me ripped her now soaking wet panties down to her ankles and I spread her legs apart before positioning my cock at her wet pussy, she looked back at me " fuck me hard baby" she begged as she undone her bra letting her big round tots free.  I pushed my cock inside her and she gasped with the first stroke " fuck me baby" she screamed as I forced my cock deeper and deeper into her from behind , louder and louder she begged me to fuck her, with a handful of her hair and her arse slamming back into me I drove my cock into that sexy pussy from behind. "I'm gonna cum" I yelled " "cum inside me "she demanded so I held her tight and unloaded deep inside her pussy. She pulled away and spun around to her knees in front of me, grabbing my cock in her mouth and sucking furiously again I began to feel it getting hard again within minutes, Stacey lay back on lounge and began to rub her clit "fuck me again " she begged I pushed her legs apart and held my knob at her pussy teasing her as she furiously rubbed her clit " fuck me baby! Fuck me now" she screamed I slowly pushed my cock into her as she rubbed her clit and she moaned like a whore as I began to slam it all into her. After a few hard minutes of her tickling her clit and me fucking her wet hole she started to buck and jolt " don't stop" she screamed " don't stop baby" she yelled " cum all over me your dirty slut" I yelled " oh yes, I am a dirty slut! Fuck me like a slut! I'm cumming, I'm cumming " she screamed before convulsing on my cock with her juices flowing all over me, I collapsed on top of her for a few seconds her heart beating like crazy in a mess on the lounge, she wrapped her legs around me and said " fuck that was awesome baby" after a few minutes I got up and led her into the bathroom where we showered together, after her sucking me hard again in the shower we headed to my room where we fucked every way possible for the next 2 hours before passing out together completely naked, I woke in the morning to this naked married woman next to me. As she woke up she looked at me with a look of satisfaction on her face, she knew she had just been fucked by a guy 10 years younger than her while her hubby slept at home, as much as it felt bad it felt so good as well. Stacey and I had another shower together and she sucked my cock that good I had to cum all over her face. She licked it all clean before finding her clothes and getting dressed, she found her bag and her phone which she decided she better use to ring her hubby, " sorry babe stayed at kelly's place " was all I could here her say over the phone, she walked in and rang a taxi before handing me her number on a card, "hope we can catch up again soon" she said with an innocent voice "I hope so too" I replied as we kissed before she walked out and into a taxi, the perfect end to a perfect night but just the beginning of our affair. . 

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2011-05-12 05:34:55
hahaha loved that first comment.

Tell him if he took better care of her she wouldn't be out looking for it.
The story was very believable for me because I've done plenty of the same thing. When I was 27, I met a 39 yr. old beauty and we regularly fucked each other's asses off for four years. Then I was a passenger in a bad car wreck that I almost died in. Put me out of commission for over a year. By the time I was back in shape, I'd lost the connection. She ended up being sorry. When I saw her again, it was six years later and she was cursing the guy she'd hooked up with. They were split. She was happy to see me but I didn't make any offers. We'd had terrific sex and gotten along beautifully but she didn't wait for me. Payback for treachery is a bitch.

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2011-05-12 00:13:16
paragraphs. indentations

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2011-05-07 23:20:26
Good story. In next story have another fuicking session and get her pregnant.


2011-05-06 20:27:39
great story can't wait for next chapter


2011-05-05 15:18:57
Good story , try paragraphs for part 2

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