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Denise made it back home
Denise made it back home the next morning. She had called in sick to work again from Ken's house. She walked into the kitchen and ignored Harry while she helped herself to a cup of coffee. Harry asked her where she had been and Denise said, "Seeing as how you are willing to share me with anybody who has the money, I guess I will be having a little freedom from now on." She established that the kids had spent the night with friends and would not be back until tomorrow. She also told him to call Steve because he had a job working for Ken. Denise then went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. When she was finished she felt refreshed. Wrapping a short robe around herself, she walked barefoot back into the kitchen to get more coffee. Three strangers were there with Harry. They introduced themselves as Greg, Kirk and Mike. They were here as "friends" of Steve.

The three motioned Denise out of the kitchen and guided her back to her's and Harry's bedroom. Once there they closed the door and Greg pulled her robe off. Denise stood there looking at the three men that were going to fuck her and her nipples hardened. The men removed their clothes and Denise gasped in surprise, the smallest dick of the three was nine inches long and a good three inches around. All three dicks were hard. Greg came forward and laid Denise back across her bed. He opened her legs and without waiting rammed his hardness up between them. While Denise was adjusting to the monstrous cock that was fucking her in her cunt, she felt something brush her lips. She opened her mouth and another monstrous organ pushed its way between her lips. Her mouth was forced open to a degree it had never been. Denise gagged as the urine-tasting member filled her entire mouth. Once it had reached as far as it could go (the cock she was blowing could not fit all the way in), it withdrew to her teeth and then moved forward until the smallness of her throat stopped its movement. Denise tried to match the in and out motion of the dick in her pussy and the in and out of the dick in her mouth. She heard a noise and realized that while she was getting gangbanged in her own bedroom by three strangers, her husband Harry was watching TV in the next room! Denise thought the intrusions into her pussy and mouth would never stop. She tried to clamp her cunt down to increase friction on the member there and she tried to use her tongue to make the huge prick in her mouth ejaculate. She was starting to feel stretch pain from the assault on her clit. Finally the movement in her pussy sped up as Greg began to climax. He stiffened and groaned and she felt the giant wad of cum from him get spread around her cunt by his dick as its motion subsided. The penis in her mouth started moving faster also. It was causing her to gag when it was all the way to her throat. Denise did gag on the huge amount of sperm that exploded in her mouth and she coughed it out onto her tits. As she got herself under control she saw that it was Kirk who had been in her mouth. He was upset and had her lick his giant shaft clean. Mike then stepped up between her legs. With no pause he guided his member between the lips of her vagina and rammed it all the way in. Denise grunted with pain. She figured that the first massive dick had been a little abrasive to her pussy and this one was aggravating the condition. Mike quickly settled into fucking Denise. She had her legs locked behind his hips and was determined to match his motions and get this fuck over quickly. Greg then knelt by her head and grabbing her by the jaw, opened her mouth and he ran his dick as far in as he could. He used his hands to hold her head still while he fucked Denise in her mouth. Again, the member in her mouth was so huge that she spent half of the time gagging on it and the rest of the time trying to do something to the penis so it would climax. Denise’s body did start to betray her. She felt the heat spread out from her clit as it started to react to its stimulation from the dick rubbing on it. She tried to groan but the massive shaft in her mouth deadened the noise. Denise increased her hip thrusts with Mike as she came closer to orgasm. The pricks that were in her were so large that Denise could not really do anything to control the situation. Her body was at the mercy of the massive thrusts into her mouth and pussy. Again she felt the movements into and out of her body increase, as the men got closer to coming. Mike cried out and his dick jerked several times as the huge amounts of sperm tried to find space in her vagina. Most of it squished out and ran down her butt. Trying to be better prepared, She immediately started swallowing when Greg let his juices flow into her mouth. Denise lay there spent on the bed. She felt someone grab her at the waist and she opened her eyes and saw Kirk. He rolled Denise onto her stomach and spread her legs. He scooped some sperm off of her and used it to lubricate his again hard shaft. He then placed its tip at the lips of her ass. Getting the head inserted he then plunged his full length into Denise with no warning. She cried out and tried to rise off of the bed but was held in place by Kirk’s weight on her body. She could feel the monster cock reaming out her butt. She adjusted herself and tried to fuck back. This went on for several minutes and Denise gradually adjusted to the posterior pounding her body was taking. She felt herself spasm as she had an orgasm. Then she again felt Kirk first speed up the ramming of his prick into her soft ass and then she felt his juices shoot out of his member. Again there was no space in her for both the massive dick and the large amounts of sperm. It ran out of her ass and down to her pussy.

They helped Denise walk back to the kitchen. Once there they settled down at the kitchen table and poured themselves some coffee. They told Denise and Harry that they had no reservations about Denise being able to perform sexually with strangers if need be. Denise sat at the table completely naked and again wondered what they were getting into.

The next few days passed in a fog for Denise. Although she had had more sex than she planned. Things seemed to be settling in. Harry was working, they were caught up on their bills, and it looked like they would make this months payment to Steve. This condition continued for the next couple of weeks and Denise continued to relax and her hopes grew. She was cooking supper one Friday evening when the phone rang. It was a friend of Harry's and there was a problem. Denise needed to come to the Penney Road Pub as soon as possible. Denise slipped on her sandals and ran to her car. Trying to stay calm she made her way to the pub, calling Michelle to come get her kids. When she arrived she was met by Harry's friend Ray. Ray said that she needed to follow him. They entered one of the back rooms of the pub and Harry was there passed out. Ray explained that Harry had been shooting dice and had lost. In fact, his losses were more than what was on his paycheck. People were upset and wanted their money. Denise said that she did not know what to do. She did not have the money to cover his losses. Ray asked if what Harry said was true and Denise looked at him with a question on her face. Ray said, before Harry passed out, that Harry had said that Denise could square all their debts. What was Harry talking about? Denise denied knowing what Haary was saying. She asked if her and Ray could speak in private. They walked out of the room and pub. Ray said that if Denise needed to get this mess cleared up he might have a solution. Knowing what was comming, Denise asked, "What is it?" Ray replied, "I will pay off all of the gambling debts for this evening, You will get Harry's paycheck back. But you spend the rest of the evening with me and my friend Frank. Yes or no?" Denise just nodded her head and said "You can't tell anyone else about this." "OK." was the reply.

Denise climbed into the back of Ray's conversion van. In a couple of minutes both Ray and Frank climbed in. Ray asked for the keys to Denise's car. He then handed them to someone outside the van. Ray then explained that he was having Harry taken home and both of their cars delivered there too.

Frank was in the drivers seat, so Ray went back to lay with Denise on the couch (bed) that filled the back third of the van. Finding out that Denise had no underwear on, Ray quickly had her out of her blouse and skirt. He was kissing her and running his lips down to her nipples. His fingers were traveling between her clit up to her erect nipples. Though originally trying to fight her physical responses to Ray, Denise quickly gave up to the sexual heat that was spreading out from her pussy. After watching Denise orgasm to his fingers, Ray quickly lost his clothes to the van floor. He grabbed his hard, throbbing seven inch prick and guiding its head between the lips of Denise's vulva, he rammed it home. Denise gasped with desire as his member filled her cunt. Ray started thrusting his hips, fucking Denise. Denise quickly matched his motion. She felt her pussy quiver as another orgasm formed and passed throughout her body. Vaguely, she felt the the van stop and anothe body join them. Denise sensed someone kneeling over her face and something smelling of urine forced its way into her mouth. She starting sucking on it so that she could get the taste out of her mouth. The dick started moving in and out, fucking her mouth. She orgasmed a third time, wetting her thighs with her juices. She then felt the prick inside of her pussy spasm and warm sperm spread through her vagina.Things settle down for a bit with just some nipple sucking and finger fucking keeping Denise hot. Finally she felt a body lay on her and a prick enter her pussy. She heard Frank moan that he could not believe how tight she was.
Finally he came and left his sperm in her. She felt herself being moved again and another dick pressed into her mouth. It was not completely hard, but Densie sucked it anyway. When it became hard it was pulled out of her mouth and She felt it slide into her cunt. She could tell that this was Ray's dick. Ray quickly established an "in and out" rythm in her pussy. As her clit was rubbed Denise gave a cry as another orgasm jolted her body. Ray kept up his fucking and she felt still another sensual spasm course through her. She heard Ray give a small grunt and she felt his sperm shoot into her cunt. Ray rolled off of her. She hear the van door open and she could hear a muffeled conversation. There was a head next to her's and Ray;s voice whispered to her that the two guys who had taken her cars and Harry home were here. It seemed only fair that they get a fuck to thank them for their help. Denise just turned her head away and opened her legs. "Man, after all your snooty attittude, I can't believe that I am going to fuck you, you bitch," was what Denise heard as a body moved between her legs and jammed a prick up her cunt. The man immediately started fucking her as hard and fast as he could. Denise just wrapped her legs around his thighs and tightened her pussy as much as she could to get the assault over as fast as possible. Finally he gasped "I'm coming!" and shot his sperm into abused pussy. His dick no sooner pulled out when another was roughly inserted and began hammering her. She again just clamped down and tried to get the act over as quickly as possible.

Denise felt something at her ass, she was groggy and realised that she had lost track of time. She was laying face down and someone was on top of her. She heard Ray say that he wanted a piece of her ass before he was done. Ray pushed his dick all the way in. Denise felt a few twinges of pain as she stretched to accept his full length into her. He quickly began fucking her in her ass grunting as he slammed his thighs against her butt cheeks. After a bit he cried out and jammed himselt into her as far as he could and shot his sperm into her anus. Ray rolled off of her and Frank immediately took his place. After Frank finished and rolled off of her. Ray said that they had to go. He slid open the door and Denise saw that they had spent the night in her driveway. As she was naked, she quickly looked around and Frank handed them to her. She wrapped her skirt around her sticky, cum covered thighs and pulled her blouse on, which was wet with something. She grabbed her sandals and stagged barefoot to her house as the van pulled out and drove away. Denise figured that she had managed to avert a financial crisis, but she was afraid of what the total cost was really going to be. Now she just needed some sleep.

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2008-12-21 18:10:02
continue story with them fucking her whenever they want and taking her to parties and using and selling her as a bareback fucktoy


2006-03-15 08:03:30
Great story


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2005-02-26 16:18:41
Wow. Nice movement of the story. But damn, some of these paragraphs are WAY WAY WAY too long. Such is daunting for most readers to wadse through. Spelling errors and some whoppers of grammatical mistakes flaw the story, too.


2005-02-11 21:02:42
I liked it alot. Good story

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