Mark punishes Rachel
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Chapter 7 - Punishment

It was nearly three days before Mark came back. And by the time he showed up at Rachel's door, she was worried sick. Last time she'd seen him, he'd stormed off after discovering the truth. That she'd been screwing him while he slept for over a year. And as he'd walked away, Rachel Smith had known one thing for certain. Her best friend was majorly pissed off!

Finally though Mark showed up at her door, and she leapt at him and threw her arms around him in relief. He made no move to hug her back.

"Oh Mark, where have you been? I've been so worried!"

"Nothing to worry about Rachel," he said calmly, as he pulled out of the hug a gave her a stare. It wasn't an angry look, but his brown eyes were devoid of their usual warmth. "I was just with Amy."

She was surprised at first, then she got angry. "What?! She kidnapped you again, didn't she?! I thought I taught that bitch a lesson about..."

"Amp down Rachel," he cut her off, raising his hands. "I went to see her willingly."

She paused and stared blankly. "Willingly? What for?"

"Oh, to have sex," he said, as if he had just told her he had gone for a cup of coffee. "And we did too. A lot! It was really great."

Rachel went pale and stared at the slight smirk on the guy's face. "You... you spent three whole days... having sex with Amy?"

He waved a hand at her dismissively. "Nah. We spent some of it having sex. Some of it arguing, but I spent most of my time there playing with my new baby daughter."

"Wait, what were you arguing about..." Her blood ran ice cold. His last comment had been so unbelievable; it had taken a few moments to register. But when it did, her jaw almost hit the floor. "D... D... Daughter?"

"Yes, Rachel. A baby girl." He smiled widely at his flabbergasted friend. "Her name's Veronica and she's way cute. I think you'd like..."


Mark just chuckled, much to Rachel's surprise. She just stared, jaw still agape and eyes as wide as saucers. Mark stepped up and pushed her jaw up with two fingers. Rachel just listened in rapt attention. She couldn't believe what was happening; it had to be a cruel joke. This was probably just Mark trying to get back at her for molesting him in his sleep. That had to be it!

"Yeah that's nice and all," he said dismissively, before changing the subject. "But I think it is about time we talked about the whole, 'raping your best friend' thing."

"I wouldn't call it rape..."

"I would," he said, coldness in his eyes now. "I've had a few days to think it over, Rachel. And I know exactly what to do now."

She stepped up to him and started to run a hand up and down his chest. It had been more than three days since she'd had any Mark cock after all, and now that the shock of Mark's baby news was out of the way, that Smith woman's sex drive was making itself known. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been so wet.

"Mark, listen. I'll make it up to you. I'll do anything you want. Anything!"

Mark just laughed at that, and backed away as she was lowering her hand from his chest to his crotch. "You're trying to buy me off with sex, Rachel? Please! Thanks to you, I have dozens of beautiful women who are willing to do anything I want."

Now she was worried. She had shared him with so many women because of her own taste for pussy. Even a lot of women who thought they were straight would fall in love with Rachel's tongue after she shared them with Mark. Now her own pussy lust had seemed to have backfired on her.

"But Mark!"

"I'm angry at you Rachel. Very angry. And I've decided that you need to be punished."

She blanched. "Punished? What do you mean?"

"Well, I've had a little help with ideas. Amy jumped at the chance of course, and Jennifer... Oh Jennifer! She told me such stories! You've been very mean to her Rachel, and she wants a little payback."

Oh great! Jennifer was in on this too?! That brunette bitch had become quite the talented cunt licking slave, who Rachel had taken great pleasure in mistreating. She would have her pussy licked out by Jennifer at least once a day, but wouldn't let her cum, sometimes making her wait for months on end. And to add insult to injury, she had become a total master of licking pussy without making a woman cum. That worked for Rachel too. The more sexually frustrated and horny her slave was, the more eager she was to please. Now however it seemed to have come back to bite her in the ass.

"Jennifer and I have a little date scheduled at her place tonight. And you're invited. That's where your punishment will begin."

Rachel failed to stifle her smile. Maybe this punishment wouldn't be so bad after all. Maybe he was going to use her as a slave for a while; she could live with that. Even if he doesn't give her pussy any attention, she would frequently orgasm hard when she made him cum in her mouth. If her punishment involved her sucking Mark's big delicious cock, it would be a total cakewalk.


It was not a cakewalk, SO NOT A CAKEWALK!! She had gone to Jennifer's house with Mark, and the brunette had met them at the door in a skimpy purple bathrobe. They all walked up stairs to her bedroom, and once there, Mark grabbed the girl's hips, pulled her close and pressed his lips hard against hers.

Before wrapping her arms around him, Jennifer unfastened the belt of her robe, and let it fall to the floor. She was of course completely naked beneath it. As Rachel just stood there and watched, that total whore was rubbing her body against Mark's fully clothed form and moaning as she kissed back with enthusiasm.

Rachel could tell that Jennifer was still sexually frustrated from her mistress' torture. It was clear, that though Mark had talked to her, he had not had sex with her yet. But by the way his hand ran down the front of her stomach then cupped the aching mound of her pussy, it was clear she wasn't going to have to wait much longer for the release Rachel had denied her for so long.

The fingers of his big hand ran along the outside of her slit, the he started to gently pinch and pull on the hard little clit as he kissed her. Jennifer pulled out of the kiss, shuddered hard, and hugged him, resting her chin on his shoulder. Her legs nearly gave way beneath her, as Mark gave her what was probably the most fantastic orgasm of her life. She was cumming like crazy all over his busily working hand.

Mark chuckled. "You like that, lover?"

"Ohhhh, Maarrrk!" she groaned, grinding her pussy hard into his hand. "Your sooo good with your hands! I had no idea!"

That was news to Rachel too. In his sleep, he would on occasion grab her hips while she rode him, but she garnered most of her pleasure from his cock and his tongue. She had no idea what his hands were like. But from the looks of Jennifer's reaction, they were designed for giving pleasure, just like the rest of his body. She instantly started envying her rival.

Mark turned to look at Rachel with slightly evil looking smile, as his hand continued to work away and Jennifer's pleasure deprived pussy. "You've been neglecting poor Jennifer, haven't you Rachel? Well that ends here. I'm going to satisfy her right now, and you're going to sit on that sofa there and watch."

"Maaark!" Jennifer groaned, still enjoying his skilled fingers on her dripping wet crotch.

Rachel just stared, but did as she was told; sitting down on a small sofa across from Jennifer's bed. Mark gently pushed Jennifer and sat her on the edge of her bed and fell to his knees. She stared into his eyes with a sexy smile, and then slowly started to open legs for him. Mark leaned in between her knees, and looked up at her with a smile.

"Mmmm, that looks good, sexy. Going to let me have a taste?"

She anxiously started to stroke the back of his head in reply. "Oh yes Mark! Yes!"

He kissed the side of her knee, and then sent a slow trail of kisses up her inner thigh. Her breathing became loud and labored, as Mark spoke between kisses. "I'm not going to stop this time, Jennifer... I'm going to do it for as long as you like... You can have whatever you want..."

His kisses were getting maddeningly close to most sensitive flesh, and the teasing was driving her crazy. "Please Mark! Pleeeaaassse!"

"Mmmm!" he moaned, as he finally ran his tongue between her soft folds.

Jennifer shivered hard, looked to the ceiling and grabbed both of his big ears tightly. Rachel watched from her seat on the sofa, and pouted. She adored Mark's ears, and she would always grab them just like that while she was riding his face and cumming her brains out all over his tongue. And now she was watching Jennifer getting licked out, and imagining it was her in her rival's place. Needless to say, she was getting hornier by the second.

Jennifer looked into Rachel's eyes and smiled evilly, as Mark licked away at the eager young girl's pussy. "Oh Rachel, he's so good! SO much better than when he's sleeping! God, I'm about to cum sooo hard!"

Rachel scowled at her, as she watched her shudder into what promised to be only one of many orgasms that night. She was bragging that BITCH was taking pleasure from HER Mark and was bragging about it! That sucked!

"You bitch!" she hissed, harshly.

Jennifer came down from the orgasm, and then pouted at the guy that had given it to her. "Mark," she whined, childishly. "Rachel's calling me names!"

He lifted his mouth from his meal, and glared at the red head. "That's a bad girl, Rachel. You're going to be nice to Jennifer from now on, you got that? No name calling!"

"What?! But Mark!"

He cut her off with a glare and a raised voice. "You want me to forgive you, don't you?! Then you'll be a good girl, and you'll do as you're told! You'll take your punishment, and you'll like it!"

Rachel paused and stared... She was starting to realize what her punishment was. Mark was cutting her off. Cutting her off until he decided to forgive her. Not only that though, he was going to make her watch him satisfy other women while she suffered. That was just cruel. And Rachel very much doubted Mark would have come up with something so malevolent without the help of Amy and Jennifer.

Jennifer impatiently grabbed the back of Mark's head, and pulled his mouth back to where she wanted it. "Less talkie more lickie please."

"Whatever you say Jennifer," he obliged, lapping a few times before making a final comment. "Apologize Rachel, NOW!"

She glared at Jennifer, who was smiling meanly as she received the pussy licking of her life. Rachel really didn't want to apologize to her, of all people. In fact it was probably one of the things that she least wanted to do... And yet she didn't want Mark to stay angry at her either. There was no way she could handle the torture of denial for too long. So she swallowed her pride and did as she was told.

"I... I'm sorry, Jennifer."

"You will call me Mistress," she moaned, as she pulled hard on the back of Mark's head. "Now apologize again!"

Rachel gasped. "What?! But..."

"Mark said you have to be my slave until he forgives you! Isn't that right, Marky?"

"Mmmmph!" was his muffled reply of agreement, when he decided not to stop this time.

"Like he said, you have to be nice to me!" Her breathing got louder and louder as she spoke, while Mark's licking became more vigorous. "Very nice!"

This whole punishment was getting worse and worse by the second. And yet her main priority was getting Mark to forgive her, so she again did as she was told. "O...Okay. I'm sorry... Mistress..."

Jennifer laughed at Rachel, and smiled at her wickedly. "Apology NOT accepted!"

Rachel fumed, but held her tongue. She had forced out that apology, had wanted to do that less than anything else in the world! And she didn't even have the decency to accept it! What's worse, she couldn't even say anything about it! God this whole slave thing was going to suck!

"Nope, an apology isn't good enough. You'll have to be punished," she moaned, as Mark decided to let her do the talking, while he used his mouth for more important tasks. "Mark said I can punish you whenever I want. And that he'd do anything if I asked him, even fuck you."

Rachel's eyes went wide.

"That's right, Rachel. A word from moi and this long tongue of his will be licking away at your pussy instead of mine. Meaning... Uhhhh, yeeessss... that whether you get some tonight is entirely up to me!" Revealing this to Rachel seemed to get Jennifer so hot, and she started cumming again right there, looking to the ceiling, stretching out her legs and pulling on Mark's big ears hard as he started slurping. "Ohhhh, Maaarkk!"

Rachel pursed her lips angrily. She had no doubt that Jennifer was telling the truth; Mark probably would fuck her brains out if she asked him to. But she also knew there was no way in hell that selfish cunt was ever going to ask him! ... Still... If she was good, maybe... No, NO!! That was exactly how Jennifer wanted her to think, wanted her to do everything she was told, with eagerness and enthusiasm for the off chance of being allowed some Mark time. Rachel had been doing that exact same thing to Jennifer for the past year!

But... Oh God, she was so horny! What she wouldn't give to be in Jennifer's place right now, orgasming all over that cute guy's tongue! She had admitted it long ago, that Mark Johnson was way cute. And now she wanted that cute guy doing all kinds of things to her... And there was only one way that was going to happen tonight... It was a long shot; a practical impossibility, but if Jennifer decided to show some mercy... Rachel decided she was going to have to be good.

She lowered her eyes passively, and spoke softly as Jennifer listened with a delighted smile. "I... I'm sorry Mistress. I'll be a very good slave. I promise."

Jennifer giggled evilly, and then pulled Mark's mouth away from her pussy to look into her eyes. "You hear that Marky? How about we reward her, by letting her watch you fuck me?"

He smiled, and stood up as he pulled his shirt off over his head. "Sounds like a plan."

Rachel moaned and finally decided to do something she never liked to do. She slipped a hand down the front of her jeans to start masturbating. Mark however looked at her, and snapped.

"No Rachel! That's naughty, you are never allowed to cum without permission! No touching your pussy!"

Rachel looked up at Mark, and reluctantly pulled her hand back out of her pants. And to her horror, the always successful puppy dog pout had absolutely no effect on the guy. Jennifer turned and looked at Rachel as she was unfastening his belt. She kept her eyes locked with hers as she eagerly reached in and pulled out his huge cock, and started to stroke it.

"Mmmm, remember this Rachel? Well it’s all mine now!"

Rachel again started to fume as she watched Jennifer take him into her mouth. She knew for a fact, that at heart Jennifer was still a selfish lover. Sure, she'd learned to enjoy eating Rachel's pussy, being as she hadn't been given much of a choice. But she still never much desired to suck Mark off. Which had always been fine with Rachel, just meant more for her. But now, there that bitch was, slurping away for all she was worth, like he were the world's most refreshing Popsicle in the desert. Eyeballing Rachel while she sucked, enjoying this so much because she knew Rachel wanted it.

Mark started to moan and stroke the girl's hair as she slurped. "God Jennifer, that feels so good!"

'Feels good?!' Rachel thought, angrily. 'Hah! Jennifer clearly has no idea what she was doing, she can't even deep throat! Fucking amateur! Just let me do that for you Mark, I'll show you what good really feels like!'

"Mmmm!" Jennifer moaned, before slipping him out of her mouth. She started rubbing the sensitive head against her soft cheek as she stared up into his eyes with her sexiest smile. "Oh Mark! Rachel hardly ever shared this with me! But I want to make up for lost time now, baby! I want it in me!"

"Whatever you say, Jennifer," he said with a confident smirk. She gave him a sexy smile as she scooted back, and then opened her legs for him. He climbed onto the bed on top of her and crawled into position between her legs. Jennifer's breathing got louder and louder, and Rachel knew why. She knew all too well how good that big prick felt sliding in and out of her; if she were in Jennifer's position right now she's be panting like a dog in heat too.

Rachel watched as Mark took his time getting into position, so to make Jennifer wait for what she wanted. His instincts when it came to pleasing a woman surprised Rachel a little. The simple little things that he said to Jennifer seemed to turn her on immensely, like 'whatever you say' and 'you can have whatever you want.' Rachel knew that she was a girl who liked to be in charge in the sack, a girl who liked to get what she wanted, no questions asked. And Mark was masterfully using those personality traits to heighten the girl's excitement.

Rachel was wondering just how big of a mistake she had made by not awaking him long ago.

She didn't even blink as she watched Mark slowly lower himself onto her rival. The brunette shivered, and was clearly being racked with dozens of little orgasms from the moment he started sliding into her. The way Mark bought pleasure to a woman when he entered her was almost magical, but it must have been even a hundred times better for Jennifer after being without release for more than a month.

Her whole body shivered as he ever so slowly inched his penis into her, and she moaned long and loud as she ran her hands down his chest. They were barely started, and already she was gasping for breath. And as Rachel watched she could tell that Jennifer was about to get the fucking of her life.

"Deeper," she managed to gasp between breaths. "Deeper!"

Finally he sunk into her to the hilt, and Jennifer didn't stop shivering. Dozens of little orgasms were still causing her to shudder, but the real pleasure was about to begin. He leaned forward, using one arm to keep the full weight of his body off her, and started to kiss her neck in a way that Jennifer seemed to love. Then with his free hand, he started to massage and fondle one of her breasts. And slowly he pulled his hips away, slipping out of her, and then pushing it back in. Soon he had a slow yet steady pace going that had Jennifer groaning even louder. He was taking his sweet time.

Rachel continued to watch it all with rapt attention. The way his hips slowly raised and fell, his mouth sucked and nibbled away on the most sensitive area of her neck, and his big hand worked away at that breast, gently massaging and tweaking. All of it was giving Jennifer the most amazing pleasure. And Rachel knew it was just going to get better.

Again she started imagining that it was her in Jennifer's place. With his big strong hands all over her, his oh so talented mouth seeking out every sensitive spot within range, and most importantly that wonderful big cock slowly plunging in and out of her dripping wet pussy. All the while, lying beneath him, just laying back and willingly letting him do whatever he wanted. That was something she hadn't had before. She had always been on top, thought she preferred it that way. But now that she saw what Jennifer was getting, she wanted some. Desperately!

'Dammit, look at her!' she thought bitterly, to herself. 'He's barely started and already she's cumming like crazy!'

"Maarrk! Oh God, more! Mooooorrre!"

Mark smiled smugly, and then started to pick up the pace a little. The total stud looked ready to go on like this for hours, and Rachel was pretty sure by the end of this, Jennifer's legs were going to be so weak, she was going to need a wheelchair.

"Oh yes! YES!! Faster Marky, HARDER!!"

His hips started to slam into her harder, and Jennifer's whole body started to spasm in reaction. "That's it Jennifer. Just tell me whatever you want, and you're going to get it. Your wish is totally my command."

"Oh God! It’s too good!" She turned her head slightly to look in Rachel's direction. Her eyes were glazed over, and she barely managed to pull off her gloating smile in her euphoric state. "So much better than when you're sleeping! Can't-- stop-- CUMMING!!"

Mark's smile widened, as he kicked his thrusting into overdrive, eliciting veritable screams of pleasure from the girl. "Not going to pass out on me are you, baby? I'm barely warmed up."

"No! NO!! Waited too long! Feels too good! I'm going to take everything you can give me!"

"That's a good girl. You're pussy feels so good, so damn tight. I'd just hate to stop."

"Don't stop!" she whined. "Never stop! You can have it any time you want! Every day! Please fuck me every day!"

"If that's what Jennifer wants that's what Jennifer gets."

"Yes! Yeeeessss!" She threw her head back, and exploded into the most intense orgasm of her life. Still though she managed to turn her head and look at Rachel as she came. "All... mine! He's all mine! Uhhhhhhh!"

Rachel pouted. He was so not all hers! Mark just had to get over this whole punishment thing, and then she could show him how a REAL woman pleased him. She'd get her chance in time, and then she'd show him how good a pussy is supposed to feel. Rachel fit Mark like a glove, and she knew every square millimeter of that cock of his. Just one chance, that's all she needed. But until Mark decided to give her that chance, she was going to have to be a good little slave.

That was not a prospect she particularly relished.

So she just sat there watching. Some of history's best sex was happening in that room, and poor Rachel wasn't getting any of it. Mark rode his lover for what must have been more than an hour, and she came almost constantly. Little orgasms and big ones that increased in intensity every time she was hit by one. Rachel was actually a little impressed that Jennifer hadn't passed out yet. Sure she had a lot of time to make up for; her body needed the release, no doubt. But to keep her consciousness under all that pleasure, just so she didn't have to stop, was impressive.

And Mark, the sex God, didn't slow for a second for the whole time. Both he and she were glistening with sweat, but he seemed to have a lot more in him. And the longer Rachel watched, the hornier she became. God damn, she wanted to touch herself! Just a little orgasm to take the edge off, that's all she wanted. She was so hot now; it would probably take little more than a few gentle tugs on her erect little clit to do it.

But she had to be a good girl. Mark had said, 'no cumming without permission.' And as much as she wanted to disobey, she was going to be good. The sooner Mark forgave her, the better.

Jennifer was eagerly raising her hips to meet Mark's, and was still cumming. How long could one woman orgasm for?! Geez, the one hour orgasm had nothing on this.

"Cum in me, Marky!" she gasped. "Fill me up with that hot cum!"

Mark's thrusting sped up, and his breathing started to quicken. Rachel knew all too well what it meant when he breathed like that. He was getting close.

"Is that what Jennifer wants?"

"Yes! Shoot all of it in me baby! It’s safe, I'm on the pill, just give it to me! I'm going to make this feel so good for you!"

He started to gasp as his thrusts got hard as he could make them, and his eyes started to glaze over. "If... that's what Jennifer wants... That's what Jennifer... Uhhh, here it comes!"

Rachel just couldn't pull her eyes away, as she watched Mark's body shook hard while he shot copious amounts of his seed into his lover's welcoming pussy. He tensed every muscle, rolled back his eyes and curled his toes as he injected spurt after spurt of hot cream. Jennifer came like crazy right along with him. And Rachel was about ready to cum right there just watching.

As much as she adored sucking him off until he rewarded her with her favorite creamy treat, she quite often loved to make him cum inside her too. She always came so hard when he did, and knew how good Jennifer must have been feeling. And now, like she had for most of the night so far, she imagined what it would be like to be in Jennifer's position, receiving that nice big load.

The fantasy was so good; if only she could touch herself... Or even better, if Mark or Jennifer could come over and lick her out for a few hours... No, Mark and Jennifer! Yeah! Two wonderful tongues working away at her pussy at once. Mark licking away at, and penetrating her hole with his long flexible tongue, while Jennifer used her smaller, nimble and pointy tongue to flick away at her clit. Oh yeah, she'd reward them both with a yummy reward, then she'd let Mark cum in her pussy. That was how it was supposed to be anyway, his cum belonged in her body, not Jennifer's.

Mark's climax lasted a good long while, and he must have shot a record amount of cum into her pussy, before he collapsed forward on top of her, and groaned in satisfaction.

"Maaaan, I don't think I'll EVER get tired of that!"

Jennifer giggled, and then lifted her arms around him in an affectionate hug. "You liked that, huh? Well I'm going to do that for you every day from now on, Mark darling. I'm going to have so much fun keeping that cock of yours milked dry."

He smiled, then leaned in to give her a kiss to the side of the neck, before rolling off of her, and slumping out onto his back with a sigh. "If that's what Jennifer wants."

"Oh it is," she giggled, before turning to glance at Rachel with a lecherous smile. "Speaking of which... Oh Rachel!"

Rachel looked on nervously; this call from Jennifer is the first thing she had said to her in over an hour that didn't involve her bragging about how good Mark felt. She decided to answer like a good slave. "Y... yes, Mistress?"

"It seems my Mark has made quite a big mess. Be a good slave, and lick me clean would you?"

Rachel stood up and looked at her hopefully. A chance to at least participate in the fun had just presented itself. Maybe even cum a little too. "Really?"

An angry look crossed Jennifer's face. "You had better not make me ask you twice, cunt slave! Get over her right now, and get on your knees in front of me where you belong!"

She eagerly and obediently ran to the bedside, where Jennifer scooted forward until her butt was rested near the edge of the bed, and her feet on the floor. Rachel fell to her knees in front of her new Mistress, and watched as she parted her knees, to give her slave's head plenty of room. Rachel couldn't help but lick her lips as she looked at the meal awaiting her. Well fucked pussy filled to the brim with Mark cream. One of her absolute favorites!

She extended her tongue and ever so slowly started to lean forward, but Mark climbed down from the bed, knelt down behind her and grabbed her shoulders. She and Jennifer both groaned in frustration.

"One moment Rachel, just a little word before you start," he whispered softly into her ear. "Jennifer has told me about a lot of the things that you like. And apparently the taste of me can make you cum pretty hard. Just remember, you aren't allowed to without permission. If you feel the urge to cum, you hold it back."

She groaned unhappily. She had been so ready to start shivering all over as she delved into Jennifer's deliciousness with her tongue. Maybe she could make an excuse. "Mark, I... I don't know if I can hold back."

"Yes you can Rachel. You can do anything, remember? But if you need further motivation, every time you cum without permission, I'll add to your punishment. Not only will it take weeks longer for me to forgive you, for every orgasm you have, but I'll have Jennifer or Amy come up with a nice punishment for you. Those two have a real talent for stuff like that. Am I clear?"

She shuddered as a cold chill ran down her spine. The mere thought of any punishment concocted by those two took away any desire to cum without permission. "Y... you're clear Mark. Crystal clear."

He smiled, placed a hand on the back of her head and gently pushed it towards Jennifer's waiting vagina. "That's a good girl. Now eat up."

"Mmmmmm!" Jennifer moaned, throwing back her head when Rachel buried her experienced, cunt pleasing tongue into her tasty cream filled snatch. "Good slave!"

Rachel started to moan too as she lapped away, slurping up and swallowing the cream inside. But she gasped when Mark slipped one of his big hands down the front of her blue pants, and started to gently caress her aching needy crotch. As surprised as she was though, she knew better than to stop licking.

"Rachel, you little slut," Mark chuckled, as his fingers worked away in ways that drove her crazy, and made it awfully hard for her to be a good girl and hold back her cum like Mark had ordered. "How long have you been going commando?"

"Mmmmph!" she groaned, as Jennifer pulled her face hard into her meal.

He continued to snicker evilly, as he worked away with his fingers like a pro. "Remember Rachel. No cumming. You be a good girl, and you won't have to wait long until I forgive you. And when I do forgive you, I'll do whatever you want. You do want that, don't you?"

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, as she continued to lick and slurp for all she was worth.

Jennifer shivered in delight under the treatment, and then giggled. "I think that was a yes."

Mark smiled, then leaned forward and nibbled on one of Rachel's earlobes, while she obediently devoured her Mistress' hot pussy. She never even knew her earlobes were sensitive, but what he was doing in conjunction with the torturous cunt fondling was driving her absolutely nuts! This should have been so good, the delicious meal, while Mark's hands and mouth did such incredible things! But having to hold back her orgasms made it simple torture! She wanted to cum so bad, and she couldn't!

"Oh and one more thing, Rachel," he whispered, not letting up on the torturous fondling. "Don't even think of trying to sneak an orgasm while I'm not around. Because I will know and make you pay dearly for it."

She moaned miserably as she licked, wishing this wasn't such torture. The desire was there, the eagerness to please, she was even at the point where she didn't want to stop licking. But without release, this was going to be nothing but agony.

He undid the button on her pants, and pulled down the zipper, then let them drop to her knees, exposing her lower body. Then put his hand back to where it was without any pesky pants in the way, and the other slipped under her green tank top to fondle a breast. He was squeezing and massaging that tit just the way she liked it, she was going to go nuts if he didn't either stop, or make her cum. unfortunately for her, neither of these was going to happen anytime soon.

Jennifer had two handfuls of Rachel's hair as she enjoyed her tongue bath. "Mmmmm, that's it slave! Remember all those times you licked my pussy for an hour and didn't make me cum?! How you'd make me suffer?! Then after that you'd make me watch while you ate someone else's pussy and made her cum all that she liked, just so I could see what I was missing?! Well you're going to make me cum this time, aren't you, you fucking tease?!"

"Mmmmm," Rachel groaned.

Her breathing got quicker as she approached her first orgasm in Rachel's mouth. "It's payback time bitch! I'm going to make you sorry for how you treated me! I'm going to be even crueler to you than you were to me! And I'm going to make you eat me out way more often than you made me lick you! You're going to make me cum so much every single day!"

Damn, Jennifer's promises were actually getting Rachel even hotter. Usually that was a good thing, but without any chance for sexual release, it was only adding to her torture. She was starting to feel very, very sorry for her mistreatment of Jennifer over the last year. If she had been a nice mistress, and made her slave cum every day for being good, maybe Jennifer would have shown her the same mercy here. Hell, if she was allowed to cum, being Jennifer's slave would probably even be enjoyable. But all she had ahead of her was sexual torment.

"Oh yeah, OH YEAH!!" she screamed as she made a few hard tugs on her handfuls of red hair. "Lick that pussy, slave, I'm going to cum! I'm almost there, just a little m... YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!"

Rachel slurped up the tasty pleasure juices that were mingled with more of Mark's cum. She could have cum right there if she wanted too, if she just stopped holding back. She wished that she just couldn't hold back, that the orgasm would force itself out, but she just had to suffer as she licked up the yummy treat she would usually enjoy to no end. Mark was right she could hold back, even though it bought her no end of pain. For the first time in her life, she wished she wasn't a girl who could do anything. Any NORMAL girl would have cum her brains out by now, holding back or not.

Jennifer's orgasm onto Rachel's tongue was a nice long one, and Rachel didn't let up on her licking, not even after the spasms in Jennifer's body died down. In her intense state of need, her mind had become clouded, and despite the fact that it was never going to happen, Rachel was hoping her Mistress would let her cum. If she licked her out extra good, if she made her feel so wonderful she thought she was in heaven, then maybe her Mistress would show her some mercy and give her permission to cum.

She conveniently forgot however, how Jennifer used to do just that, often giving her pussy an utterly fantastic licking. That however had never afforded her any mercy from Rachel. Jennifer simply wasn't allowed to cum, and Rachel was deluding herself by thinking her slavery was going to be any different. She was doomed to lick Jennifer into utter satisfaction without any reward.

"Mmmm, that's it slave! You have a lot of licking to make up for! So I'm not going to let you stop for a very long time!"

Mark chuckled into Rachel's ear, as he continued to torture her aching cunt with his fingers. "I think Jennifer likes what you're doing Rachel. Keep it up, and she might give you permission to cum. If she does that, I have something right here that should do the trick."

She moaned loudly when she felt something long and hard press into her lower back. Oh God, he was so close! All he had to do was pull back a little, line it up with the entrance to her body and push forward! That would feel so fucking fantastic, not even she could hold back her orgasm for a second if he slid inside her. She had to have it! She had to get that permission!

She started licking harder and deeper than before, using every single pussy pleasing trick she knew. It also helped that she knew Jennifer's body really well by now, it helped in teasing her to know exactly what she liked. But now she wasn't using that knowledge not to tease her, but to give as much pleasure as Smith. There was a whole lot more of Jennifer's pleasure juices coming to Rachel's mouth in her immediate future.

Jennifer groaned and lay back, pulling her red hair hard and insistently. "Oh yeeeessss! That's it; you know exactly what your Mistress likes, don't you? Such a good, obedient, cunt licking slave! I'm going to cum so hard!"

"Mmmmmm! MMMMMMM!!" Rachel moaned eagerly, as she put everything she had into it. Her delusions were getting worse; she honestly started thinking that being called a 'good obedient slave' meant she was going to be rewarded for all her hard work. That if she kept it up she was going to get the permission she oh so desired.

Sadly for her, she was getting no such permission, no matter how happy her Mistress was. The only woman cumming her brains out tonight were going to be Jennifer.

Jennifer screamed and moaned as she came, again and again all over Rachel's enthusiastically working tongue. She kept demanding more and more from her 'good slave' and Rachel eagerly obliged, while Mark still knelt behind her running one hand all over her body, and the other concentrated on her pussy the whole time. This kept her constantly on the very precipice of incredible pleasure, but not quite there.

This lasted for a very long time, just as Jennifer had promised. It had felt like she's been eating the brunette out for hours, and the delectable flavor of her sex was strong on her tongue. She had made her Mistress cum so many times she had lost count. Jennifer lay back and moaned as she stretched then affectionately stroked the back of Rachel's head, while she still licked away.

"Mmmmm, that's a very good slave. You may stop for now."

Rachel pulled away then looked up into her eyes with a hopeful look. "Did I... do good, Mistress?"

Jennifer giggled. "Oh yes slave. You did very good. Did you enjoy licking that for me?"

She had actually suffered through the whole thing, but decided to be good and tell her Mistress what she wanted to hear. She nodded. "Yes Mistress. You tasted wonderful."

"Mmmmm, that's good slave," she purred, as she continued to stroke her hair. "I'll let you do that some more later, then. And every day too, for hours and hours on end. Wouldn't you absolutely love that?"

Rachel nodded with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. "Oh yes Mistress, please let me lick you every day for hours! It tastes so yummy, I would make it so good for you, I promise!"

Jennifer smiled and nodded. "Well... I suppose I can let you do that. Am I not generous?"

"Oh yes Mistress! Thank you, thank you so much!"

Rachel felt Mark's hand start to work a little harder and she started to breathe a little louder, as she felt herself coming closer to orgasm than ever. This was it, she was about to get her reward for being so good!

"Sounds like she did a good job, Jennifer," he whispered, looking into the Mistress' aqua green eyes. Rachel felt like she was about to go nuts when she felt Mark's penis lower, then hover near the entrance to her pussy. "Do you think she's earned a nice long fucking? By the feeling of her pussy here, I'm sure she could use it."

Jennifer stroked her chin, and looked down with a smile into Rachel's wide hopeful eyes. "Well... She did give me about the best cunt licking of my life... And you're going to do it again just like that whenever I want, aren't you slave?"

Rachel nodded, with an enthusiastic smile. "Oh yes Mistress! Every day! It’s so yummy I'll never want to stop!" Rachel practically begging at this point for the slim chance of some cock action.

Jennifer's smile widened. "Such a good, eager slave. I'm going to enjoy having you at my beck and call whenever I want my cunt licked. We're going to have a lot of sleepovers in the weeks ahead."

"Mmmmm, yeeesss... I'll come over for a sleepover with you, and lick your yummy pussy all night long."

"Oh yes Rachel. You will." She stroked her chin again, and glanced down at Mark who had pressed the tip of his cock up against her swollen mound, causing her to gasp. That bought her so close to cumming, she almost passed out trying to hold it back. Once he entered her though, there would be no stopping her pleasure.

"So that's it, Jennifer? Rachel gets some tonight?"

Jennifer smiled at him, then at Rachel as she seemed to think about it. "... Nah. Not tonight."

Rachel's face fell, as did all of her hopes. She wanted to scream, wanted to call Jennifer a multitude of names after doing this to her... But she knew she couldn't, she needed Mark to forgive her. This meant she still had to make nice with Jennifer, and likely keep all her promises too. She was going to be pleasing her Mistress with her tongue for hours every day, and she was going to like it. She was even going to beg for more when Jennifer made her stop.

"Sure she did really good, but that was just one night. I think she has to satisfy me a few more times before she deserves any of that cock of yours."

Mark smiled and pulled his penis away from her, and Rachel groaned like a starving woman who had had her last scrap of food taken away. "Whatever you say, baby."

"Besides," she snickered. "Why waste a perfectly good erection on the slave, when I would gladly drain it dry for you?"

Still smiling he stood up from behind Rachel, and climbed onto the bed with Jennifer. "Sure thing. If I don't use it on Rachel, it'll just go to waste if you don't want it."

"Oh, I want it," she purred, before smiling at a very unhappy looking red head. "I bet you'd like to watch us again, wouldn't you slave?"

Actually in her intense state of arousal, and her inability to cum, that was about the last thing in the world that she wanted to do. But she nodded, and said exactly what Jennifer wanted to hear.

"Yes please, Mistress."

"Good girl. I might let you have some more of my pussy when we're done, wouldn't that be nice?"

Rachel nodded and licked her lips. "Yes Mistress. I can't wait."

For the next few hours Rachel watched in agony as the two teenagers fucked each other silly. And to Rachel's surprise, Jennifer didn't make Mark cum in her pussy a second time, but this time sucked him off, looking Rachel in the eye the whole time. She moaned, slurped and swallowed, as Rachel watched Mark moaning with pleasure and Jennifer gulping every drop. From the totally blissful look on her face, it was clear that she was enjoying the cream a lot more than she expected to.

"Mmmmm, now that is tasty," she purred, as she looked at Rachel with her most evil smile. "I'm definitely doing that more often. But for now, I think I promised you a nice treat, didn't I? Do you still want it?"

Rachel nodded, and tried her best to smile. "Oh yes please, Mistress."

Mark had already collapsed onto the bed, and watched from his lying position, and Jennifer scooted back to the bed's edge and opened her legs before Rachel. "There you go slave. I think I'm going to let you lick it even longer than you did before."

Rachel leaned in and said something before she started licking. "Oh thank you so much, Mistress."

To Rachel's surprise, Jennifer wasn't exaggerating. She did indeed make her lick it even longer than the first time; this bitch could take a whole lot of pleasure. And as she licked and Jennifer moaned and shuddered, she knew one thing for sure. She was definitely going to be doing this for Jennifer, much more often than she'd made Jennifer do it for her in the past. And in her attempts to be a good slave, she's going to beg to eat it for her, even when she doesn't ask, just to seem extra eager. Maybe then, Mark would forgive her sooner, or at the very least, Mistress will show some mercy.

But there was no mercy to come. As a matter of fact, things were going to get much, much harder. Rachel didn't know it yet, but this night was only the tip of a very big punishment iceberg.


To be continued...

*Maybe a little shorter than my earlier chapters but i am trying to bring this story to a successful climax. No Pun intended.*

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