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Chapter 7

Trying to get Bayleef settled in was a wonder. As long as I took care of her, mom said, it was fine. Since I already took care of Delcatty for the most part, I had no real objections to this, and with a quick visit to the store after work, we stocked up on the right food for her and the like. Everything was in order by the time I sat down for the night.

Everything, of course, except for Amy.

"It's not fair! Adam has a Pokemon, Charla's been on her journey for two years and you bought her a Pokemon...why can't I have one?" I could hear Amy shouting and complaining downstairs to mom, going on a tirade about unfairness and such, but I just tried to ignore it. It was pretty easy, actually, with Bayleef by my side, as I went online to tell Tabitha the good news.

I relayed the story to her with the same kind of florid prose she had given me the day earlier, detailing everything from Delcatty to Bayleef in intense, intimate detail that gussied just about everything up. I avoided anything too overblown or purple, but got the details across about as well as I could. It was rather story-ish, close to the way Tabitha retold her experiences the night before.

"Hot." The one-word answer she gave me back told me all I needed to know. Mission accomplished.

"How was your day?"

"Totally uneventful. I just stayed in and messed around with Infernape a bit."

"Damn. I was hoping for something exciting to happen."

"Yeah, well, sometimes it's nice to scale things back and just have some quality time. Can't always have gang bangs and orgies after all."

"I guess not."

Right around that point, Bayleef was brushing her head against my leg and mewling. I was still a little new to picking up what she meant by things, not yet having that bond that would transcend words, but it was pretty clear what she wanted.

I returned to the keyboard and frantically typed out, "And I think Bayleef wants some quality time right now. Be back later." Very calmly and orderly, I logged out of the messenger, closed my browser, put the password on the computer, and got out of the chair, leaning over to the door next to the desk and clicking the lock. With the same calm demeanor I walked over to my bed and took my pants off, making no sudden movements, just going slowly.

When Bayleef rushed by me, hopping onto the bed and raising her hind quarters up in the air, I still didn't react, slowly lowering my boxers next. I nonchalantly climbed onto her bed, on my knees behind my Pokemon while my hands grasped her green hips. Delicately I moved forward a little, tender in my movements, treating her like a flower made of something that even the slightest bump would crumble. She was too beautiful to destroy like that.

Carefully I slipped it into her, her hot, slick insides responding overwhelmingly to my intrusion. I fed a bit more of my shaft into her, working the entire length slowly into her dripping flower--pun sort of intended--until finally my body was pressed tightly against hers, her pussy almost impossibly tight around me. I let out a sigh as my hands tightened around her, the ticking of the clock behind me counting off the seconds as we braced ourselves for what was to come.

Deciding I had a handle on things, I pulled away and slammed back into her, not spending any time being sentimental as I pulled back and did it again. It took all of about three seconds before I was pounding into Bayleef with all my might.

Our house was ridiculously soundproof, a few tests proving that even the next room over, which belonged to my traveling older sister Charla and currently wasn't in use, sound was pretty much nil. I had no worries about anyone hearing Bayleef and I was we lost ourselves in the animalistic urges that just sort of crept up on us.

With my worries cast aside, we were free to fuck as wildly as we desired, and we took advantage of everything. It was technically our first time together, since we hadn't done anything after I ate her out. Intended to take full advantage of the opportunity now that she was here, though, to give her a first time she'd remember forever. I could give her that, at least, to top off the day she'd had; confessing her feelings, having them reciprocated, and finally being adopted by a trainer who'd give her a good home. An earth-shattering orgasm would have been how I'd want to cap it, had I been her.

"Bay," she moaned with each thrust, pushing her body back against mine frantically. She lacked the finesse most of my previous partners had, but her frenzied lust brought on a different dimension of wonderful as her pussy clenched down ever so tightly on me. Even if she didn't have much in the way of technique, she had excellent muscle control, and used it to our mutual advantage.

Not that any of that mattered. We had each other, the closeness accounting for a lot. What was a difference of finesse in comparison to that?

After being blue-balled and then servicing someone selflessly, I was about ready to burst at any given second, but I pressed on as much as I could, holding it back with every fiber of my being. I'd hold on, for her.

She didn't seem to want to wait, though. Savoring the moment wasn't her thing, and she was determined to drive that point home. I half-expected her at any moment to push me onto my back, straddle me, and have her way with me as long as she wanted. And I wouldn't have minded. In fact, I loved it so much that the mental image shattered my resolve. Never had I felt it hit me as quickly as it did then, my entire body reaction in one fell swoop as I leaned over her, my knees practically useless, my cum rushing into her sweet hole.

Then, something happened. Something strange. Something I had never even conceived of before. A small white light sort of started around Bayleef, stronger than anything my house could muster, and seemingly at random. The light faded as quickly as it came, receding into her, much to my amazement. With the same suddenness, the light came back, stronger, then faded again. The rapid blinking almost blinded me as it grew in strength each time, and as my sight crapped out, I could tell I was lying against something different. I had been pushed back a fair bit and the leaves around her neck had become flowers.

At the same time, her pussy clenched down so tightly around my spent penis any more pressure would have been painful. Her juices ran down my legs as they rushed out.

I fell backward, lying on the bed as I just stared in shock. Bayleef had changed. She was bigger, her skin a richer, livelier shade of green, all the leaves on her flourished and open.

Bayleef had evolved mid-orgasm. And she was beautiful. Before me stood an elated Meganium, our juices dripping from her pussy. It was a sight I never wanted to forget. With every ounce of willpower, I committed it to memory, the moment I brought a Pokemon to simultaneous orgasm and evolution. So fitting that it was with Bayleef, that we shared such an incredible moment together. Not that I ever looked, but I had never heard of this happening before.

It raised a problem, though. I may have been spent, carried away from such a great orgasm, but she had been revitalized by the coital evolution, and she wanted to go again. Probably more than just one more trip, if her libido was fully regenerated. The fantasy that sent me over the edge suddenly seemed like a possibility.

To compound matters, I found Delcatty beside me, demanding attention as well.

Well, crap.
Meganium and Delcatty each extorted an orgasm from me each, having me eat out the other. Physically spent, I left them to familiarize--which apparently involved cleaning each other out--while I went online and tried to recuperate. A quick check online actually yielded some rather quick results. One forum post in particular caught my attention and refused to let go:

I had no idea what would happen that night.

What am I talking about? Well, it's a funny story. Every night for the past 3 months, my Pikachu and I have been having sex. How it all started is another story completely, one that I just may tell you later. That night, as per usual, we were sitting on my bed while I held her on my lap, moving her up and down on my hard cock, letting her have all the pleasure while I did the work. It felt amazing either way, so I didn't mind.

"Pika .. Ka-chu .." She began to moan parts of her name, her yellow ears twitching from the sensation. Her small, tight cunt was so warm, and when her pink walls squeezed me from moving her, it felt so damn amazing that it was very hard not to just bounce her on me. I was too afraid of hurting her. She looked up at me, giving a nod; she wanted me to go faster - She wanted to cum.

I took a deep breath, beginning to move her up and down as fast as I could, feeling a slight shock from her violently sparking cheeks. The soft moans of her name had turned to screams, with her tight pussy milking my dick the best she could. The little mouse was extremely close, but didn't want the feeling to end.

"Pikachu, it's alright," I moaned a bit myself, softly stroking her back when my moves had started slowing down. "You know we can do this anytime you want." She looked up at me, shaking her head; it looked like tears were beginning to form in her eyes. Was she begging for it that much? This was very unlike her.

Well, I want to please her as much as I can, so ... I gave in.

I did what I had always feared - I started to move her so fast that she bounced up and down on my cock, the screams of her name becoming louder by the second. Her warm cunt squeezed me so tight that I thought I was going to explode in her at any second. Her cheeks were beginning to spark much more than I had ever seen - She didn't get this powerful even in battle.

"Pika ...Pika ...!"

"It's okay girl, come on ..."

"Pika ... CHUUUUUU!"

And just as I started to give in, she came - But this time it was different. As soon as I felt her warm juices leak onto me, I was completely taken back by her body now in a bright glow. She wasn't learning a new attack from sex, was she?

Well, whatever it was, the light continued to get brighter. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was getting taller too. Taller and bigger. Her ears were beginning to curl as well.

Wait a second. There's no way ...


My little sex-addicted Pikachu had evolved into a Raichu. I don't have a Thunder Stone in my pants pocket or something, nor on the bed, so how in the world is this even possible? Did she evolve from cumming so hard? This is amazing! I can't tell anyone how it happened because I'd get arrested, but it's amazing!

"Rai ...?"

I looked down, hearing her speak - She nodded when our eyes met.

This is gonna be good.

I wasn't alone; other trainers experienced the same thing, and rather than cheapen what happened, it made it worth more. I read on about how it strengthened their bond, and every version told the same thing. It bound them.

Delcatty came one last time on Meganium's face, mewling so adorably before rolling off her. They had worn each other out, a friendship I hoped would endure, since I had made it clear to Bayleef--sorry, Meganium--that the random trysts wouldn't stop, and frankly, the two keeping each other satisfied was a weight off my back.

Deciding it was getting late--for someone who rises before the sun, at least--I crawled into bed between the two, stroking Meganium's antennas as she nuzzled against my bare chest.

"I think you need a name, girl. How does..." I wracked my brain for the first good-sounding name that came to mind. "...Megan sound?"

She responded well to it, snuggling closer against me. Megan the Meganium. Sometimes, I was too original for my own good.
Chapter 8

The clock radio greeted me that morning to Fleetwood Mac. Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks were singing by the bed, a Meganium curled beneath my feet and a Delcatty at my head. It was one of those 'I could stay like this for the rest of my life moments', so serene. It was exactly where I wanted to be. I waited the song out, soaking in every last second of the calm before hitting the "off button" on the radio and getting up.

My morning routine no longer bothered me, my body long-since used to the sleep schedule I had been saddled with. The morning shower refreshed me, and the promise of what waited that day was incentive enough to get moving. I loved my job, not just for the sex, and when finally the hours didn't bother me, I had grown to look forward to taking care of all the Pokemon. And the sex.

I returned to my room, remembering my computer was on from the night before. When I got to it, though, I saw that I had an email from an address I didn't even begin to recognize. The title read "Hey, it's Angie", and I tried to figure out who I knew named--

Gardevoir's trainer.

I smiled, never wanting something to load so fast in my life. Gardevoir mentioned her trainer being 'down' with Pokephilia, and I wondered just how much she had been filled in on what happened. Eagerly, I read the message, more enthused even than for the Pikachu story the night before.

"Hey, Adam. This is Angela, the trainer of the Gardevoir. She told me everything that happened, and I just wanted to thank you. Gardevoir gets really horny sometimes and I can't satisfy her the way she needs it. She said it should be a few more months before she gets into heat that badly, so I'll take it from here.

She wanted me to get in touch with you, but I'm not sure why. She had a message she wanted to pass on, but seems to think we'd be good friends. So this is me saying 'hi', I guess, and we can give getting to know each other a chance."

She went on to introduce herself, then gave me the message, sort-of-cryptic-but-not-really, reading "Umbreon and Espeon next". I knew damn well what it meant, and it made me real damn happy. Even happier, though, when I saw a .rar file attached, titled "For Adam". I hastily downloaded it and opened it to find a drool-worthy treat.

There had to be about fifty pictures, all taken the same night--presumably, the one before--and all featuring both Gardevoir and Angie. The willowy blonde, with her hair down and her clothes all gone, looked incredible by herself. In various position with Gardevoir? I would have masturbated right there if I didn't think Umbreon and Espeon would be more than a handful. The pictures, which got hotter and kinkier as they went, would provide some great relief some other time. I had to get to work, though.
It was strange, my first morning not finding Meg waiting for me at the gate. It seemed so empty an arrival, not watching someone's face light up as I stepped in. Still, there was something in my stride that just couldn't be broken. And it persisted through the day, when Heather passed off duty to me and made her way out as fast as possible, much to my eyes' dismay, when I got the breakfast done early, and before the Pokemon woke up, and when I, having completed my work, took an early desk shift for Elaine.

It wasn't that I was just very efficient today for no reason and decided to do her a favour. I wanted computer access to compose my reply to Angie. Elaine was glad to have that break, and I got to type up the necessary storm. I gave her a pretty similar rundown of myself, pretty much copy/pasting the list of points she had and adapting the ones I didn't have to add and deleted the obviously inapplicable ones. I complimented the pictures and told her to thank Gardevoir for being so good and helping with Meg.

It didn't take long to compose the email, really, with my fingers moving so eagerly to get it out as soon as possible, which left the majority of my allotted hour of morning desk work wide open. I killed time by reading the newspaper and playing around with a pen. The normal bored stuff, really.

Toward the end of my shift, a middle-aged man came in and gave us his Charizard and Rampardos, and said he didn't want any eggs they came up with--they apparently went at it 'more than I wanted to know'--and to do what we wanted with them, and he'd come by in a few days to pick them up.

Some paperwork later, releasing them coincided with Elaine's return, so I went back out into the fields and sought my prize.
I thanked my lucky stars for seeing that email and finding out that the twins were pretty much a done deal, because getting them into the break room with me was easy. Exceedingly easy, to the point I almost wondered if Gardevoir had asked them, they said yes, and had just been anticipating this. I looked away from them, just for a moment, to drop my pants, and when I looked back, Espeon was on top of Umbreon, reaching behind and pawing her sister's pussy.

While Gardevoir and Lopunny were damn popular with people who wanted human-shaped Pokemon, an overwhelming number of Pokephiliacs seemed to tell me that if I had an Eeveelution, I'd be set. Stories about trainers who caught an Eevee and had it breed so they could have one of each evolution were more common than I was almost comfortable with. The friends I had picked up asked if there were any Eevees or evolutions lying around, because I'd have to be a fool not to tap one of those adorable like Pokemon.

And there were two sisters in front of me, both wanting to share me, apparently. Not in the 'taking turns' way, either.

Dear Penthouse...

With the food house door locked to keep Robert or Elaine from wandering in for some reason, we could go as wild as we wanted. There was something I wanted to try, and with them being the same size, it would work perfectly.

I got down on the floor, helping them along so that their vaginas pressed together, Umbreon lying face-up on the floor and Espeon on top of her. I leaned in a little, my hand tenderly grasping Umbreon's side. My tongue slipped out, coming into contact with their fur and the very bottoms of their labia, making them both shiver. Further along their folds it slithered, dragging along until my tongue was as far as it would go. But that was just the beginning.

This was, for me, the great test. I had satisfied several Pokemon now with my tongue, but could I satisfy two? I was determined to do just that or die trying. It'd be a great way to die, at the very least; my tongue sandwiched between the sweet pussies of an Umbreon and an Espeon.

They squirmed a little against me as my tongue shifted, tasting both of their pussies; identical, a little sweet, and certainly something I wanted more of. It darted downward into Umbreon's sweet canal, my hands reaching forward, a finger slipping into each of them to help the process along.

I heard their breathing grow heavy and delightful moans ringing around my ears. Their tails waved around my face, responding very well to the fingers that, along with my tongue, went deeper. Repeatedly I struck the roofs of their pussies, zeroing in on the most sensitive spot, which luckily was, of course, the same. My assault focused there, relentlessly working the single area inside them while I switched over to Umbreon's pussy, her dripping slit soaking her and Umbreons' crotches.

Another finger in each, this one working the soft labia in complement to my tongue while I gave Espeon the same loving attention and treatment as I gave her sister. Things were boiling up inside them; pleasure building and swelling deep within, and we were just getting started. We'd only have one more position after this before I had to go back to my duties, but after work was done, but they still had a few more weeks before their trainer was due to pick them up, and I was going to see them as elated as I could.

With both of them given equal attention, I began to split my attention between them more efficiently, focusing a lot on their pussy lips and their clits while my fingers worked their insides rather devotedly. I wanted more, wanted their pussies to just explode on my tongue, bombard it with more of their sweet emissions than I could ever hope to take in, not that I wouldn't try my damndest.

I saw it coming just seconds before it did. Their tails whipped around frantically and their mouths open, tongues meeting in a frantic kiss as their mounds trembled. I pressed down on their clits with my thumb, expecting the flood, my tongue lying flat between them, my fingers in to the knuckle. And it was glorious.

They moaned and squealed and sighed, breathing heavily into each other’s face in their sloppy kiss as the tasty rush of juices was a delight for my tongue. I was almost drowning in the stuff, but what a way to go out. The sisters had their fun, I had proven myself, and gotten a nice treat.

Then, I found out why Eeveelutions were so sought after; they wasted no time between orgasms. Afterglow was something for when the whole ordeal was finished. The moment their orgasms subsided, they got to their feet.

We weren't going to be done for a while.
Since I did my desk hour early, Elaine decided to bark at Robert to take the hour for me and eat lunch there while we'd talk. The moment I found out, I had to run over to the place and use more canned air freshener than is probably safe for anything with lungs to cover up the smell. After I ate them out, the girls gave me a double blowjob that brought me so much pleasure I wanted to grab the two and run away so I could just fuck them forever. I fingered them as they did so, licking their fingers clean afterward while they swapped my cum back and forth. We'd do more later on, but I had work to do before I could give them a proper fucking.

With the heavy scent of sweat and sex as gone as it was willing to get, I ate lunch with Elaine at the table. She was an old family friend, which was how I got the job to begin with.

"So how's Bayleef doing?" I figured she'd ask about her when she got the chance.

"Great. She's settled in, and actually, she evolved last night."

"Really? That's strange. Did you take her out to battle or anything?"

I'd have to think my way out of this one, and keep out any details that could give me away. I liked my job and not being in prison.

"No. I was lying in bed and it just sort of happened. I'm considering taking her to be checked, just in case."

"Probably for the best. So how is little Amy?"

"She spent the whole night complaining that I got a Pokemon. Even when mom said she didn't even buy this one like she did for Charla, which was more of a way to get her out of the house than anything."

"Yeah, Charla was..." she trailed off, not wanting to say anything about my older sister. It was fairly standard for pretty much anyone who knew our family; say nothing about Charla beyond the fact she existed, and she now trains Pokemon. I didn't agree with it, but there was no point in pulling up all those grievances.

"But, about Amy," Elaine said, shifting the subject rather quickly. "If your mother would be okay with it, the next time we have an egg and the trainer doesn't want it, she can come by when the Pokemon's hatched. In fact..." she trailed off again, this time her eyes rolling up a little, which always happened when she thought. "That man you served today, he said he didn't want the eggs, and Rampardos and Charizard are compatible, so..."

"Eggs only take about a day to hatch, right?"

"Right," Elaine said. "You should be able to come by some time tomorrow or Sunday during the day and we'll have a little Charmander, just got Amy."

"She'd like that. And it'd get her off my back about Meg."

"You named her Meg?"

"Yeah. Original, I know."
I went home that day completely satisfied from the twins, and hoping they'd be there Monday for more. If their trainer picked them up, it'd be totally out of left field, and I didn't want those to go before I had fucked them silly.

"Good news, Amy!" I shouted, pushing that image out of my mind so my shorts didn't tent up in front of my sister. I really didn't need that.

"You've finally come out of the closet?" she asked, coming down the stairs.

"Fine. I guess you don't want your big brother to get you a Charmander."

"What? Really? A Charmander?" She began jumping up and down, shouting and cheering.

"Elaine will call us some time this weekend to go over and pick it up."

She didn't hear me though, already running up to her room, probably to clear space for one.

I sighed, walking up the stairs much slower than she did, entering my room to see Meg and Delcatty sleeping, which was good, because I wanted a break.

First thing I did was check my email and saw that yes, Angie replied. I read on, and the gist of the email was that since she supplied those pics, and I had two Pokemon with me to fool around, I should follow suit and get her a good gallery going. She promised some stuff with her Nidoking if I did.

"Girls, wake up," I said, getting out of the computer chair. "We've got an album to make."

So much for a break.
Chapter 9

Saturday was so intensely crazy that I honestly expected it to be a dream I'd wake up from at any moment. It started the moment I woke up and got online, starting to chat up Angie and Tabitha, when I found out the two knew each other, and the pictures I had sent to Angie the night before were all forward to her. Then I found out Angie also knew Lopunny's trainer; conveniently, named Bill. I honestly believed for a moment that he may have been Bill S. Preston, Esquire. He had the personality to match, at least.

The result was a crazy four-way conversation between all of us, Bill congratulating me on Meg and telling me how restless Lopunny has been since I left her, proposing I go by his place some time with Meg for a little partner swapping, an idea I wholeheartedly supported. The four of us swapped links to our stuff, shared a few stories, and all in all, it was a great way to spend my morning. Behind me on the bed, Meg was experimenting with her vine whip attack to provide some rather interesting pleasures to herself and Delcatty, something I gladly got some footage of for them. One guy and two bi girls, talking about fucking animals. But by that point, I was so far gone that everything seemed to make sense and didn't seem at all strange to me.

Between all the new pictures I received from them and the stuff I had already gathered--videos included--I was considering buying a new computer, or at least a hard drive, before I ran out of hard drive space. A terabyte would hopefully be enough for me to enjoy every last damn Pokephilia image I so damn wanted.

Another thing I emerged from that conversation with was a 'to do' list; Pokemon that I would, if they were female and in the daycare, attempt to get it on with. Tabitha said it really wasn't hard to even get a wild Pokemon to have sex, and seemingly rare was one that wasn't willing. My list was a fair bit longer than I probably would have been comfortable with had I not had three apparent veterans of Pokephilia telling me it's alright. Having a big list was alright, since it was unlikely I'd encounter every last one of them. Except I worked in a daycare, so it was more likely than they probably realized.

Would it have been admirable for me to finish the list? They said yes, I said yes simply because of all the pussy it'd get me, but it still felt a bit off. I guess I wasn't as far gone as I thought. Whether that was good or not, I'll leave up to people to decide for themselves.

Elaine called well before lunch to tell me a Charmander had hatched and that we could come by to pick him up. As if she knew exactly what the phone call was about, Amy was ready to go the moment I had the phone down, dressed in her jeans and with a massive luggage bag, since I promised to stop off at the Pokemart with her and get the stuff necessary to actually have a Charmander, the same supplies I went out and bought for Meg. I shook my head, asking for a moment to fill up the food bowls and tell the girls we were out. She waited downstairs while I swiftly moved up to tell them to hold off on the sex until we got back. Last thing mom needed was to come home seeing my Pokemon violating hers on the kitchen table.
Arriving at work during mid-day when I didn't have to work was so satisfying I wanted to come by every Saturday for absolutely no reason, even if it's coming in through the front door.

"Good to see you two," Elaine greeted us at the entrance. "My, Amy, how you've grown."

I left the two to talk and slipped in as quickly as possible. Not sure why, it just seemed a much more comfortable thing than hanging out by the front desk with my little sister while a family friend treated her about half as old as she was. Even if she did act that way sometimes. It was my daily routine by that point, perfectly normal. Even if it wasn't my shift, I'd at least get to visit some of the Pokemon. If the weekend worker was on break--it was almost noon, so he was likely about to go on it--I could maybe even grab some time with the twins. Some sweet Eeveelution pussy would certainly make hauling around my little sister all day a lot more worth it.

As I hit the field, however, a red mass about my height charged me from the side. I had absolutely no time to respond, just only leaning forward into my roll when everything went blank for just a second, but long enough to seriously rattle me. Trying hard to center myself, I felt warm arms around me and no ground at my feet. Or head. Which at least means I saved myself from falling on my head. Hopefully. When finally I came to, I found myself in the arms of a large, red flying type. Mommy Charizard. Maybe she wanted a little something in exchange for taking her kid.

Seconds later, she dropped me off in a clearing just shortly outside of the daycare; barely far enough to be secluded from any roads or the hearing range of anyone resting against the fence. We were pushing the envelope, but with more people walking around than usual, it was a precaution we had to take.

I turned around then, to find the fast-moving Charizard presenting. Her body, even projecting its power, was streamlined and feminine, attractive and calling out to me with allures only the presence of a woman could convey. Her skin was a lighter shade, more orange than the deep red of males. But the biggest declaration of her attraction as she leaned on all fours in front of me, tail raised, were her holes. Her slick, dripping cunt begging for me to just ram my cock in it, while at the base of her tail, her even tighter asshole called out to me just a touch quieter than her pussy.

My moral dilemma was which hole to fuck first on a Charizard.

Mama, this surely is a dream.

I obliged, dropping my pants and moving forward, hand reaching down and taking aim as I took the plunge.

And it was glorious.

Everything Tabby told me about fire-types made perfect sense. She said they were the apex of sensation, and I could see why. You'd think a Pokemon big as a Charizard, especially apparently getting drilled by a Rampardos as frequently as the trainer implied, would be a bit looser than, say, Meg or Ampharos. But she wasn't. She cuddled my cock snugly inside her wet hole, and on top of that was an intense warmth. Not the warmth of a body, but heat, soothing and welcoming, like the distant radiation of a fire on a cold winter morning. It pulled me in deeper, calling out to me and comforting mind and body. Why on earth I would have ignored Tabitha's word was beyond me, since she had been right so many damn times.

A soft moan escaped her lips as I began to thrust slowly, powerfully forcing myself back in, rocking our bodies forward every time like a well-oiled machine. A solid, rough fucking was just what she needed and I have happy to oblige, eager to prove myself worthy of her, hopefully even moreso than Rampardos. Sending her away elated would just make day. If I was lucky, she'd get another egg out with Rampardos's help before leaving, and there'd be an adorable, female Charmander fuck toy for me to take in and care for. If her pussy were any indication...

I shivered as my mind wandered off to all the filthy things I would do that little fire type before realizing all the filthy things I could do to this rather large fire-type, and in fact was doing. My hands found their way to her round, full hips, holding on as I sped up wildly, forcing my dick hard into her each time. In response, her neck curled back and twisted a little as she tried to cope with the pleasure surely surging through her.

My thumb got adventurous, my grasp on one side slipping just a bit more inward as it caressed her tail hole, sending her body twitching randomly. It seemed I found a sensitive spot. Slowly it circled her second entrance, like water slowly spinning down a drain. Her body twitched violently against mine, revealing herself an anal whore. I lamented that I had to leave her divine pussy, but her pleasure was my concern right now, and to be honest, I don't know how much longer I could have resisted.

Slick with her juices, I pulled out of her vagina and repositioned my penis just a bit upward. My teasing finger soon found itself displaced by my penis, sliding slowly and carefully into her tight anal passage that, in response to my intrusion, clenched down, blasting me with heat that ran through my body. It was even stronger than before, spreading even harder and faster through me this time. Every minor ache found itself relieved, melted away by the heat, replaced with the slow-burning flames of passion. Every pleasure point grew alight as the fires reached into my core and back outward, racing through my blood like a drug that made me hunger for more.

Cramming so much into her ass sent her into overdrive. While I was willing to take things slow until she could grow accustomed to it, as I had done with every previous anal adventure, she had taken the reins and decided for me; this girl wasn't taking things slow.

Fine, I'm game. She wants it hard? She'll get it hard.

With as much power and force as I gave her cunt, I pounded Charizard's ass relentlessly, the slick, intensely hot hole convulsing as she clenched and unclenched, alternating between pleasantly tight and a flesh vice. Every thrust felt different as she kept up the erratic pace my motions had no chance or desire to synch up with, since it kept things strangely fresh.

Against me her whole body began to quiver, and with her moving just as much as I did, I let one hand go of her hips and brought it down to where I had neglected. My fingers playing with her vagina while my penis focused on her ass seemed to be the optimal solution, as she hit her orgasm right there. The sleek orange frame trembled against me as fire vomited from her sky-turned maw, dissipating before reaching the line of trees, accented by a loud growl-turned-moan. She froze up partway through, soaking my hand as her ass clenched down tighter than ever before.

My turn to scream. And boy, did I did. Her anus refused to release me as I blew a solid stream of cum directly into her anal cavity, my knees weakening as I leaned against her for support. I brought her hand to my mouth to taste her plain, albeit warmer than usual, pussy juices. Like a warm glass of...something. Her pussy wasn't terrible, but not one I'd go out of my way to sample.

I remained in her ass for the better half of five more minutes as she just cooed in response to my presence up there. I wondered exactly how she got so many eggs if she preferred it up the back door. Unless Rampardos wasn't an anal guy himself. Boy was he missing out.
We were back into the field before anyone could notice, and I found when I came back the male Machoke walking by and offering a high-five I eagerly took. It seemed all the Pokemon knew about my antics. Maybe I should try to set up something with the long-runners to gauge interest from all the females, since Gardevoir couldn't help me beyond knowing about Umbreon and Espeon. It'd sure as hell help with my list.

I returned to the desk to find Elaine handing the ball to Amy, who immediately let her Charmander out. "Blayze isn't going to stay in his Pokeball."

The Charmander took one look at my sister and smiled. I sure as hell hoped it was a "you seem like a fun person to raise me" sort of smile. It had fucking better have been.

Then I realized her nickname for him, and turned to face her. "You're naming him Blaze?"

"No, Blayze! You have to pronounce the 'y'!"

A y. Great. I guess I shouldn't have expected more from a thirteen year-old who rarely even acted her current age. "Come on; let's go get Blayze some food." I emphasized the 'y' even more than I should have, but I don't think she picked up on it. All the same, I guess. I got something from his mom that certainly made matters even for the day.

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