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The city eviction.
Do to the destruction of the city everyone is being evacuated to the next town. Good thing this is a small town. All daycare pokemon will be transfered to the center and all that. So we decided to leave, not just to the town, but out to the world again. So for right now we have to go to Losona town to register for our data transfer. We're taking as many things as possible and all of our money. We're probobly just going to be camping in our R.V. anyways, but we have to be prepared for anything longterm. Mika is going with Adam to register for our families, while Shantal and I go to buy any supplies we need. Sucks we have to go to the next town to do it.

There are a lot of alleys in this town. It's hard to find your way around here. This alley is wierd, theres a lot of machinery here. We started examining some of the equipment when I noticed a peice of paper wedged inbetween some scrap and a wall. I pulled it out and started reading: I am scientist Fennel, I am in need of a person, perferably a trainer, to test my new invention, the Move Ability Starter (MAS). Come to my office if you are interested. 1280 Draten Dr. "Why not we have time to kill," Shantal said. "Alrite let's go."

When we got to the office spot I knocked on the door and waited a second till a Women in about her early twenties answered the door. "Hello," I said,"I'm here for that MAS invention testing." "Oh hello!" she said, Realy excitedly. " My name is Fennel, I'm glad you came I've been waiting for someone to test this new invention!" "Follow me!" We did upstairs into a lab. "Alrite step in here." I stepped into a blue room. " Okay put that on your wrist." A dome in the middle of the room opened up and a machine that looked like a long watch was there. I put it on like she told me. " Um what exactly is this supposed to do." I asked. " One moment let it register your pokemon data." she answered. The machine made a beep and a training dummy popped out of the ground. " Okay," she said act like you are using one of your pokemon's moves." I started to. " Okay use aura sphere" I said, then I acted like lucario would and I felt a lot of energy surge through me and out like a giant bullet from my hands came the blue ball of pure energy. It hit the dummy with a large explosion. A joy laugh came over me and I said " That was awsome!" Then Fennel said " Yes it works!"

After I came out of the room Fennel told me" You can have that first model for free." I told her my thanks and we left. We went to the store to buy what we needed. After we brought the stuff to the R.V. I went back to town to expirement with this thing. Attacking old boxes and barrels. I used bounce up onto the roof of some buildings. I was running across the rooftops looking down at alleyways when I saw some commotion down in one. I stopped and started looking. A girl about my age was struggling to get away from some guys pulling her down the alley. " Hey what the hell do you think you're doing!" I yelled down at them. They turned and I could see they were pokemon hunters from their masks, though I didn't know why they were trying to take a girl. " Just get out of here kid this isn't your buisness!" They yelled back. They chose the wrong day to do wrong. I jumped down and said " Jump kick" and slammed my foot into the nearest guy. The man holding the girl used a piece of rope to tie her hands back, then through her against a wall. "Overheat!" I said then a burst of flames exploded across the alley.

I used slash to cut the ropes off the girl. She was knocked uncontious by the impact. I picked her up and started running with extreme speed out of the alley. When I felt we were a safe enough distance from I set her against a wall and sat against the wall myself, I didn't know using moves could be so exausting. After I caught my breath I got up to look and see if anyone had followed us. I started walking up the alley when I heard a girls voice say " There you are." I turned around and saw two of the girl the other one still siting but awake. Those moves must have done more on me than I thought. They started looking at me. Then the standing girl said "Are you a pokemon to?" "No" I answered " follow us" she said. We went down the alley into one of the houses. One of the girls started talking" My name is Lily. The reason I asked if you were a pokemon is becuase Mew saw you using pokemon moves and saw your strong aura." "Mew?" I asked. " Yep she's right here." The other girl turned into a blue light and transformed into Mew. "Why were those guys trying to take her." "Mew knows were a lot of treasure is buried in this town. Everyone knows the legend and everyone knows that I talk to Mew. So they probobly didn't know they were taking her they thought they were taking me." Mew was identifying me by flying around me. "You know it's probobly better if you guys left town so no one would hunt you down. You could travel with us away from here." "That doesn't sound like a bad Idea but what about everyone else.They'll know were missing." "That's the point they won't know where to look." " Okay let's do it."

We went back to the R.V. to make our plan. Were splitting into two groups. We'll meet up at every time we can. Were going to take team plasma by storm after we get all the gym leaders possible. And pokemon league leaders. The beggining is barely starting.

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2014-08-29 04:18:02
finally some people who have some nice things to say

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2012-10-03 16:12:14
Hope I'm not asking for much, but I'd like to make my own silly dub of your coimcs. With your permission, I would appreciate being able to use your coimcs as the background images. Please? :?I promise to give you credit, provide a link to this webpage, and do my best. I would get to work as soon as I get a new microphone.-provided I remember to do all of these things. Don't worry, I probably won't forget.

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2011-10-24 05:23:40
Yo i relly think yr story was good u shud write another i would love to hear about some ho geting fucked with the power of a pokemon


2011-06-29 23:28:53
now whose point of view is this story from? who is the main character?


2011-06-29 23:28:38
now whose point of view is this story from? who is the main character?

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