Short incest story
Chapter 1

Jason had been living with just his daughter and step-daughter ever since his wife had left him for a younger man. He didn't have a lot of money so Lauren (his daughter) and Stephanie (his step-daughter) had to share a bedroom. They were both eighteen and seniors in high school.

Lauren was tall with long blonde hair that went all the way down to her firm ass. Her tits were a full C cup and she had perky nipples that were often peeking through her tight tops.

Stephanie was medium height with dark black hair shoulder-length hair. She had rather large D cup boobs as well as a tight little ass- probably from being a cheerleader.

He often wondered if they shaved their pussies and would imagine their wet hairless cunts when he masturbated at night.

Stephanie and Lauren were rather playful and liked to tease him. At first he thought it was just a coincidence but then he realized that they did it on purpose.

They always seemed to want to do their aerobic exercises when he was in the living room. He would watch them in their tight sports bras and short shorts bouncing up and down while they ran in place. Occasionally he would get an up-close view of an ass crack if they did toe touches in his face and when he would see their pussies pushing against their gym shorts he couldn't help but get excited.

This day started out like any other:

Jason was downstairs making breakfast when he heard the girls coming down the stairs.

"Hi Daddy" they both called. Stephanie had gotten into the habit of calling him Daddy and he couldn't help but enjoy it.

He turned around and saw Stephanie standing there in a towel that barely covered her ass, with her hair dripping wet. Lauren had on a very short black skirt and he could see her thong sticking up in the back. She had on a tight white t-shirt with no bra and her nipples were at attention. She was also wearing thigh high boots.

"What's for breakfast?" Lauren asked as she leaned over and kissed her father on the cheek. She also rubbed her breasts against his arm in the process.

Jason felt his dick already started to stiffen as he answered "eggs and bacon and toast- your favorite."

"Mmmmm...yummy." Lauren sat down at the table and her father brought her over a plate.

Stephanie braced herself against the counter and jumped up to sit on it. "Dad I can't eat all of that fattening stuff! I have to stay in shape for cheerleading"

Jason turned to look at her and saw that she was sitting with her legs spread wide open. Well, now he knew at least one of his daughters had a clean-shaven pussy! He tried to casually glimpse another peek between her legs but he saw Stephanie meet his eye and he knew that she had seen what he was doing. Instead of yelling at him she leaned back and spread her legs further and licked her lips. Jason's dick jumped in his pants.

How could they keep doing this to him?

Lauren looked up from breakfast and half shouted at Stephanie, "Stephanie, you slut, close your legs! Daddy shouldn't be looking at his dirty little daughters like that."

Stephanie pouted and jumped off the counter. "I'm going upstairs to get dressed." She stomped up the stairs while Lauren rolled her eyes. "She's such a drama queen! I'm going upstairs too to finish doing my hair and makeup."

Once the girls were gone, Jason started thinking about seeing Stephanie's sweet pussy. He wondered if she'd ever been fucked. "Of course she has", he thought to himself, "look at her!" He slowly started to stroke his dick through his pants, while imagining his step-daughter riding the dick of some faceless guy, bouncing up and down on his hard shaft while she squeezed her own nipples and moaned. Jason closed his eyes while he kept this fantasy going. He unzipped his pants and started to stroke his dick faster as he imagined her moans getting louder and louder...

Suddenly, Jason opened his eyes wide. Either his fantasy was getting really intense or he was hearing moaning coming from upstairs!

He zipped his still hard dick back in his pants and went quietly up the stairs. When he got to his daughters' room he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The door to their room was half-open and Stephanie was laying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide open. That would have been hot enough on its own, but there was more. Lauren was on her knees at the foot of the bed with her face buried in Stephanie's pussy! Stephanie was moaning and writhing as Lauren ate her after breakfast dessert. She was pinching her own nipples.

"Oh Lauren, I love the way your tongue feels in my pussy. Eat my pussy Lauren, eat me!"

Lauren was only too happy to comply as she lapped up Stephanie's cunt juice with her eager tongue.

Jason had started to stroke his dick again. This was his greatest fantasy come true! Now if only he could join in...

Stephanie's moans started to get louder and Jason knew she was getting ready to orgasm. "Oh Lauren, fuck me faster, faster...Ohhhh..." Stephanie exploded on Lauren's tongue and kept thrusting her pussy in Lauren's face until her orgasm was over.

"That was a good one," Stephanie moaned.

Lauren climbed on top of her naked sister and kissed her on the lips, thrusting her pussy-flavored tongue into her waiting sister's mouth. "I love the way my juices taste on your tongue," Stephanie sighed.

Jason had his dick out fully exposed and was still stroking away when both of his daughters looked up and saw him in the doorway.

"Daddy!" they both cried. "We didn't see you there! If we had" Lauren said slyly, "we would have included you in our fun."

"It's never too late though," Stephanie said. She pushed Lauren off of her and got off the bed. She led an astonished Jason by the hand (his rock hard dick still sticking out) over to the bed and sat him down.

"We've been fucking each other for months," Lauren said. "We've just been waiting for the right time to include you in our fun."

"Girls, this is wrong," Jason protested weakly.

"How is it wrong if we all love each other?" Stephanie answered sincerely.

"We just want to make you feel good Daddy."

Stephanie got down on her knees and pulled Jason's pants the rest of the way off. She spread his legs and swallowed as much of his dick in her mouth as she could. She went to work sucking and stroking it like a pro.

Lauren sat on the bed kneeling and took off her shirt. She bent over her father with her breasts dangling in his face. "Suck my tits, Daddy" she pleaded softly. She didn't really give him much choice and shoved a breast in his mouth. He immediately started sucking her tit, drawing circles around her nipple with his tongue. He loved the feel of her hard nub in his mouth. He gently bit her nipple and she groaned with pleasure. "Bite me harder Daddy." He did as she asked clamping down on her nipple with full force. She shrieked in pleasurable pain.

"I like it when you hurt me Daddy" she whispered.

He took his hand and started rubbing her other nipple in between his fingers, pinching hard.

Stephanie was still giving him the blowjob of his life and he was getting closer and closer to cumming. She felt his balls tightening and abruptly pulled away. Before he could wonder what had happened, Stephanie was whispering in his ear, "Daddy, I want you to cum in my pussy."

Lauren got up off the bed and wriggled out her tight skirt. Jason was pleased to see that both of his daughters had hairless pussies. He reached out and softly stroked her damp slit through her panties. She reached down to unzip her boots when he stopped her.

"No, my little sexy girl, leave them on."

Stephanie got up off the bed and started kissing Lauren. She put her hands on Lauren's waist and slid her thong panties down around her ankles. She pulled away from Lauren and led her back over to the bed.

"Daddy, I want you to eat Lauren's pussy while you fuck me," Stephanie ordered.

Lauren straddled Jason's face looking away from him and facing Stephanie as she straddled him between the legs and got ready to fuck him.

Jason thrust his tongue inside his daughter's warm wet pussy. He couldn't believe this was happening. He'd never tasted anything so sweet.

Stephanie took Jason's dick in her hand and guided it to her own dripping pussy, she lifted herself up and then sat down on him hard, impaling herself with his hard cock. She moaned loudly as her father's dick filled her tight pussy.

Jason continued eating Lauren's pussy, lapping up her sweet juices, flicking her clit with his tongue. Remembering how she liked having her nippled bitten, he bit down hard on her clit and was rewarded with a loud moan.

"Daddy, that feels sooooo good."

Jason couldn't believe that he was inside both of his daughters' pussies. Stephanie was riding his dick, setting her own pace to maximize her pleasure. Stephanie leaned over and started to kiss Lauren. For a few minutes, the only noises were moans and the wet sloshing noises of Stephanie's pussy against her father's dick, Jason's tongue lapping up Lauren's pussy juice, and Stephanie and Lauren's tongue wrestling match.

Lauren moved her mouth down to Stephanie's nipples and bit down on one of them hard.

"You bitch!" Stephanie cried.

Lauren released her nipple only to do the same thing to her other one.

This time Stephanie just moaned with pleasure.

She started to increase her stride, bucking faster and faster. Jason wasn't sure how much longer he could hold his load.

He licked at Lauren's cunt furiously to be rewarded with her loud screaming as she came all over his face. He didn't stop though. He went back to chewing on her hard clit and Stephanie was still increasing her speed on Jason's dick.

"Ohhh baby girl, I don't think I can wait much longer..."

Before either girl could respond, Jason came hard and fast shooting his sperm deep inside Stephanie's dripping wet twat.

"Ohhh Daddy, I'm cumming too" she cried as her orgasm washed over her.

He continued to thrust until every last drop of his cum was inside her.

Stephanie got off of him and laid down next to him,

her head on his chest. "I love you Daddy," she sighed.

"I love you too Daddy," Lauren said, not to be outdone.

Lauren got off his face and crawled down to where his now limp dick was. She gently lapped up the combination of Stephanie's pussy juice with her father's cum off of his soft member. When she was done she laid her head down on her father's chest on his other side. He kissed both girls softly on their heads.

"I love you both. You made Daddy very happy today."

"Don't worry Daddy, this is only the beginning..."

Jason wasn't sure which of his beautiful daughters said this, but he smiled silently and closed his eyes to rest up before their next round of pleasure.

Chapter 2

When Jason woke up, he thought he was still dreaming. He was laying naked between his two daughters who were also naked. Stephanie was spooning him from behind and he could feel her breasts in his back. Lauren was curled up in front of him, his dick resting against her ass. When both girls woke up and kissed him hello, he realized it was real. He had fucked his step-daughter and eaten his "real" daughter's pussy. His dick got hard at the memory. Stephanie reached around and started to stroke his hardening cock. Lauren pushed her hand away.

"No fair Stephanie. You've already had Daddy's dick in your mouth and your pussy. Now it's my turn."

Stephanie moved her hand and Lauren put her head under the covers and started sucking Jason's dick. Stephanie turned her father's face towards her and started kissing him, stroking his tongue with her own. He responded and put one hand on Lauren's head to push her dick even further in her mouth and the other hand on one of Stephanie's tits, stroking every inch except her nipple. Stephanie's pussy was getting wet from the teasing and her nipples were both hard as rocks. Her dad finally gave in and moved his mouth down to one of her breasts and gently sucked on her nipple, causing her to moan with pleasure. When he used slight pressure from his teeth on her nipple, she felt her thighs getting sticky from her cunt juice. Lauren continued to suck off her father, but her fingers crept up Stephanie's sticky thighs.

Stephanie gasped when Lauren abruptly jammed two of her fingers into her step-sisters juicy cunt. She began to twist and turn her fingers and added a third finger to the mix as she slid her dripping fingers in and out of her sister’s tight pussy. She increased the speed of her mouth on her father's dick and knew that he and Stephanie were both close to cumming. Stephanie gasped again when she felt a fourth finger shoved up her twat. She kissed her father as they both neared orgasm. Seconds later, Lauren sent them both over the edge. Her father shot his cum into Lauren's mouth and she swallowed it eagerly. She continued to work her fingers in Stephanie's pussy as she climaxed twice more.

Finally, Lauren removed her fingers and climbed out from under the blanket. She stuck her wet fingers in Stephanie's mouth, getting her to suck her own pussy juices off her fingers.

"Baby that was sooo good," Jason moaned, "You're both Daddy's dirty little girls."

"Daddy!" Lauren exclaimed, "I want you to fuck my pussy!"

"Baby girl, I will as soon as I recover from your excellent cock-sucking."

Stephanie got a devilish look in her eye. "I know what can fill you up in the meantime."

She sat up and reached in her night table drawer for her 9 inch vibrator. Their father watched in awe as Stephanie turned it on low and grazed Lauren's nipples with it.

"Mmmmm...I like that" Lauren moaned.

Stephanie trailed the vibrator down her stomach and teased Lauren's hairless slit with it.

"I need it inside me... Fuck me with it Stephanie!"

Stephanie spread Lauren's legs and pushed the vibrator deep in her cunt as she switched the speed to medium. Jason got on his knees and held Lauren's arms above her head. She struggled with him, aching to play with herself. He bit down hard on each of her nipples making her pussy even wetter and her moans even louder. Stephanie upped the speed to high and watched her step-sister buck and thrash against the vibrating toy. Stephanie bent down and licked Lauren's clit while she continued to torture her pussy with the vibrator. Lauren's body couldn't take it anymore and she screamed as she orgasmed and her pussy juices dripped down her thighs.

"Someone made a mess," Stephanie giggled as she slid the toy coated with pussy cream out of Lauren. She started licking it like a lollipop.

"Let me take care of that," Jason said. He buried his head between his daughter's legs and lapped up her juices, making her cum twice more in the process.

Jason's dick was definitely ready to go again. He spread Lauren's legs and put each one on one of his shoulders. She was spread apart as far as she could go. He started ramming his dick into her willing cunt.

"Fuck me harder Daddy! Hurt me!"

She scratched her nails down his back and he retaliated by biting each of her nipples as hard as he could. Stephanie was watching this whole thing with her legs spread apart and three fingers thrusting in and out of her dripping wet twat. Lauren and Stephanie came at the same time and after a few more thrusts, Jason exploded inside his daughter. He loved the feel of her tight pussy clutching his dick as he splattered her with his cum.

"That was soooo good Daddy," Lauren sighed.

Jason put her legs down but he stayed inside her, loving the snug fit of his daughter's pussy. Stephanie licked her own cum off her fingers. She loved tasting herself but she couldn't wait until it was her turn to be fucked by her Daddy again.

Chapter 3

A few hours later, Jason awoke to having his dick sucked by Stephanie while Lauren lowered her hungry pussy on his face. His girls were unstoppable! He used his tongue to explore Lauren's pussy while Stephanie sucked his dick like her life depended on it. Lauren started to bounce up and down riding his tongue like a dick. When Stephanie heard the loud panting, she increased her sucking pressure and speed. Lauren exploded on his face and just as he was about to blow his wad in Stephanie's mouth, she pulled away, causing him to splatter his cum on her face and tits. He realized that she'd done this on purpose. Lauren immediately went to work "cleaning up" Stephanie with her tongue. She loved the taste of Daddy's cum on her step-sister's skin. She didn't stop there though. She licked her way down to Stephanie's pussy lips and shoved her tongue inside while their father watched. Stephanie came rather quickly, but Lauren didn't stop. She used her fingers and her tongue to make her cum two more times.

When Jason thought they were both finally exhausted, Stephanie whispered, "Daddy, I want you to fuck me from behind."

Jason's dick sprang to attention at that. Lauren laid down and spread her legs, while Stephanie dove face first into her cunt. She was on all fours and Jason could see her tits dangling and her pussy lips glistening as she snacked on her sister's cunt. Stephanie wiggled her butt in the air and for a second Jason had the image of thrusting his hard cock into that tight little asshole.

"All in due time," he thought to himself. Instead, he grabbed Stephanie's hips and slid his aching cock into that beautiful pussy. Even after all this fucking, she was still so tight. He sighed with pleasure and he felt her pussy muscled clench his dick even tighter. He reached around her and grabbed her size D tits. He pinched both nipples as she squealed in pleasurable pain.

He heard Lauren cry out as her orgasm ripped through her. She moved aside to watch her dad and step-sister fuck each other like dogs.

"Daddy ram your dick inside her pussy," Lauren encouraged.

Jason started thrusting faster and he could feel Stephanie's cunt juices dripping down her thighs.

"Fuck her dirty pussy Daddy. She's been a bad girl. Punish that slutty twat of hers."

Lauren's dirty talk was really working for Jason and he knew he was getting close.

"Fuck your baby girl. Hurt her!"

Stephanie joined in too. "Daddy, cum in my pussy!" she panted. "I love the way your big cock feels in my tight little cunt. Please shoot all your cum in my dirty muff!"

Jason didn't need much more encouragement. He moaned loudly as he emptied his load into her willing, wet pussy. He held onto her tits as he continued to thrust the last few drops into her warm cunt. Stephanie collapsed on the bed in happiness and he rolled off of her and laid next to her.

"Daddy loves his dirty little girls," he said. They both snuggled up to him again.

"We love you too!"

When Jason woke up this time he realized that it was 6 o'clock at night. He had been fucking his daughters all day! He got out of bed and left his daughters there sleeping. He went downstairs, still naked, and checked the voicemail on his cell phone. There were several angry calls from his boss wondering where he had been as well as a call from the girls' school wondering where they had been today too.

"Time flies when you're having the best fuck session of your life" Jason thought as he smiled.

He left a message on his boss's phone at work explaining that both of his girls had needed his constant attention and had been bed-ridden all day (or ridden in bed all day he thought again to himself). He made a mental note to write the girls an excuse note for school. Then he remembered that today was Friday- This meant that he still had all weekend to play with his little girls before they had to go back to the real world!

Jason realized that he was starving and in desperate need of a shower. As he walked upstairs, he heard the shower running. He went back into the girls' bedroom and saw that Stephanie was still fast asleep, face-down in the bed with her legs spread.

"I can't wait to fuck that tight little ass of hers" he thought wickedly. His dick started getting hard at the thought. He took two steps closer to the bed and remembered that Lauren must be in the shower.

He walked into the bathroom and saw Lauren through the glass shower stall, washing herself and humming. He realized that her eyes were closed and so he quietly crept into the shower behind her. He reached around her and pinched both of her nipples hard. She shrieked and turned around

"Daddy! You scared the hell out of me!"

"Sorry baby girl, I couldn't resist. How about I make it up to you?"

He took the soap out of her hands and started slowly lathering her body with it. He made sure to spend extra time soaping up her breasts until her nipples were little rocks and then he slid a soapy hand between her legs.

Lauren was breathing harder and his rock hard dick was pressing against her ass as his fingers worked their magic between her legs- sliding in and out of her pussy- first one finger, then two...Her head leaned against his chest as he thrust his soapy fingers in and out of her dripping cunt. She screamed with pleasure as he found her G-spot and gave her an instant orgasm. He continued to finger her sensitive pussy and he rested his dick just between her ass cheeks.

Lauren pulled away from him and turned around. She could barely stand.

"Daddy, I've never been fucked in the ass before and I want you to be my first." Lauren said almost shyly.

"Never?" Jason was surprised.

"Well," she hedged, "I've had fingers up there before and my vibrator a few times, but never an actual cock.

Jason want to shove her to the ground and split her ass right there but he knew he had to be gentle about it. He turned her around again so her back was against his chest. He dipped his fingers into her pussy and collected as much of her cream as he could. He slid his fingers back out and gently started to coat the outside of her asshole with his wet fingers. He gradually began sliding his finger into her tight hole. She gasped the first few times, but then she started to relax. By the time he had three fingers up her ass she was really getting into it, thrusting herself against his fingers. She bent herself forward on the small stair in the shower, bracing herself on it with her hands.

Jason took his dick in his hands and gently started to push it against her dirty hole.

"Ohh Daddy that feels so good... I want your hard dick in my ass. Hurt me! Shove that big dick up my tight little asshole..."

Jason thrust his dick as hard as he could and he moaned loudly as he felt the tightness envelop his throbbing member. He used one hand to brace himself on her hip and the other to finger her pussy. Lauren couldn't believe that she was being stimulated in so many different ways at the same time.

"Cum in my ass Daddy!! Shoot your load up my dirty little hole!"

Jason started thrusting faster and harder and they were both breathing so hard he was afraid they'd pass out. He felt his balls tighten and then he gasped as his dick emptied its load inside his daughter's no longer virgin ass. Lauren orgasmed seconds later, screaming with pleasure.

"That was fucking great Daddy!"

After their breathing returned to normal, Jason released his dick from her hole and she straightened up. She turned to face him and lovingly stroked his face.

"I love you so much Daddy! I don't ever want to be with anyone else!"

"I think we can arrange that" Jason answered happily.

Chapter 4

Lauren and Jason finished up in the bathroom and when they went back to the girls' bedroom (dressed only in towels) they saw that Stephanie was still sleeping in her bed.

Jason laid down on Lauren's bed, leaning his head against the pillows. Lauren approached Stephanie who was still face down under the covers. She kneeled down next to Stephanie's head and gently dipped her tongue in Stephanie's ear. Stephanie let out a little moan in her sleep. Lauren started kissing down Stephanie's neck as Stephanie woke up and realized what was happening.

"Hi Sis," Stephanie said sleepily, "aren't you ever satisfied?"

"Hasn't happened yet," Lauren said with a sly smile on her face.

Stephanie turned over so she was laying on her back. She noticed that Lauren was wrapped in a towel and that her hair was wet.

"Did you and Daddy take a shower without me?" Stephanie asked pouting.

"Yes and guess what? Daddy fucked me in the ass!"

Stephanie quickly sat up in bed and turned towards her father.

"Is that true Daddy?"

"Yes, it's true. Your sister's ass was so firm and tight..." Jason trailed off, remembering what has just happened a few minutes ago. His dick was already starting to stiffen under his towel again.

"Does that mean you like her better Daddy?" Stephanie asked.

"Of course not baby girl! Don't worry, I'll give you the ass-fucking of a lifetime as soon as I have the energy."

Stephanie continued to pout, not fully satisfied with her daddy's answer. Lauren sat down on the bed next to her and stroked her face.

"Don't act like a spoiled brat Stephanie. There's enough of Daddy for both of us."

Lauren leaned over and kissed Stephanie on the lips. At first Stephanie didn't respond but then she got into it, sliding her tongue into her sister's mouth and caressing Lauren's back with her hands. Lauren was running her fingers through Stephanie's dark hair, gently pulling at times, which she knew Stephanie liked.

Their father was propped up on his side taking in everything that was going on. Stephanie undid the towel that Lauren was still wearing so they were both naked.

"Your breasts are so beautiful," Stephanie whispered and started to caress Lauren's left tit.

Lauren took a sharp breath as Stephanie pinched her nipple between her fingers.

"I love watching your nipples get hard," Stephanie said as she switched her hand to Lauren's right breast and pinched that nipple as well.

Lauren could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as Stephanie touched her.

"You're making me so wet," Lauren moaned softly.

Stephanie moved a hand down to Lauren's hairless cunt and slowly dipped a finger inside. Her finger was instantly soaked with Lauren's pussy juices.

"Ohhh, that feels so good Stephanie...I love the way you touch me..."

Stephanie pulled her finger back out of Lauren's pussy and brought it up to Lauren's mouth. She smeared the pussy cream on Lauren's lips. Lauren started to lick her own lips but Stephanie stopped her and started doing it herself, thrusting her tongue back into her sister's mouth.

"I love the way you taste…so sweet..." Stephanie murmured.

Jason had long ago abandoned his towel and was stroking his rock hard dick. He was stroking himself slowly and gently though, not wanting to cum too early.

Stephanie moved her mouth down to one of Lauren's tits and harshly bit down on one of her nipples. Lauren gasped in pleasurable pain and felt her pussy getting even wetter. Her juices were starting to leak out of her.

With her mouth still on Lauren's tit, Stephanie grazed her hand down Lauren's body and found her soaking wet pussy again. She gently slid two fingers into her dripping snatch.

"I love the way you feel inside my pussy...Fuck my cunt with your fingers, Stephanie..."

Stephanie added a third finger inside Lauren's pussy but was still sliding them back and forth very gently, knowing she was driving Lauren insane.

While Lauren was being finger-fucked by her step-sister, she took her own hand in between Stephanie's legs and felt that her cunt was soaking wet as well.

"Mmmm..Lauren that feels sooo good" Stephanie said as Lauren worked her magic.

Stephanie increased the speed of her fingers inside Lauren's pussy, twisting them as she slid them back and forth.

Jason started to increase the speed that he was stroking his dick as he saw his daughter getting closer to cumming.

Stephanie now had three fingers of one hand shoved in Lauren's twat while her mouth alternated between Lauren's hard nipples. Lauren started thrusting her hips into her sister's hand, increasing her speed as her orgasm approached. It got to the point that Lauren's hand slid out of Stephanie's cunt because she was so distracted by what was happening to her own body.

"Fuck me faster Stephanie! You make me feel soooo good..."

Stephanie increased the speed of her fingers and finally, Lauren couldn't take it anymore. Stephanie felt the walls of Lauren's pussy contract as she came all over Stephanie's fingers, breathing hard and panting.

Jason shot his load of cum all over his stomach as Lauren continued to climax.

"That was fucking awesome Stephanie! You give the best finger fuck!"

Lauren leaned over and kissed Stephanie hard on the mouth. Stephanie withdrew her fingers, covered in pussy cream, from Lauren's dripping cunt. Lauren enveloped Stephanie's fingers with her mouth, greedily licking her own pussy juice off her sister's fingers.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Sis," Stephanie said with a grin on her face.

Lauren laid back on the pillows, resting from her explosive orgasm. Stephanie looked over and remembered that her father was right there. She realized that he had been jerking off this whole time. She saw the pool of cum on his stomach and got up from the bed.

"We can't let Daddy stay dirty, now can we?"

Stephanie straddled her father with her mouth at his stomach and her wet cunt in his face. She started licking his cum off of his stomach while he slid his tongue inside her dripping twat.

Stephanie stopped her cleanup long enough to moan, "I love the way your tongue feels in my pussy Daddy...Fuck me with your tongue!"

Once she had swallowed all the cum of Jason's stomach and started stroking and licking his limp dick. It started to get semi-hard as Jason snacked on his daughter's pussy. He couldn't believe that he was over forty and still able to get it up this many times in a row!

"I guess that's what happens when you have hot little snatches for daughters", he thought to himself.

He started to lick Stephanie's pussy more vigorously and reached up to use his hand to rub her clit as well. Stephanie began gyrating on his tongue and he knew she was close to cumming.

"I want to cum on your tongue Daddy. Swallow my hot pussy juice! Ohhh, you feel so good..."

Jason continued lapping up her juices and he felt her shudder when she orgasmed on his face. He continued licking her pussy until it became too sensitive and she rolled off of him.

Stephanie changed positions so her face was next to her father's.

"Daddy, I love you so much! No man makes me feel as good as you do!"

Stephanie's breathing returned to normal and she looked down to see that her father's dick was almost completely stiff again. She started to slowly stroke it with her hand.

"It looks like you're ready again Daddy," Stephanie whispered, "and I know just where you can shove that big dick of yours..."

Chapter 5

Jason couldn't wait to fuck his step-daughter in the ass. He looked at Stephanie hungrily and then ordered her to get on all fours.

Lauren decided that she would leave the two of them alone for this since her Daddy had fucked her ass in private.

"I'm going to take a bath," Lauren said, "You two have fun!"

"Oh I plan to," Jason replied with a big grin on his face.

Jason got on his knees on the bed behind Stephanie. She gripped the headboard for support.

"Daddy, I can't wait to feel your huge cock in my ass! Fuck my dirty hole!"

Jason decided to tease her first. He grazed her ass crack with his dick and slid it between her legs to tease her pussy. He groaned when he felt her wet slit against his dick.

"You feel so good're so wet for Daddy..."

He took his arms and reached around Stephanie so he could reach her breasts. He massaged her tits and pinched her nipples until they were rock hard.

"I love the way you touch me Daddy," Stephanie whispered.

Instead of slowly easing himself into her tight ass like he did with Lauren he decided to give it to her hard and fast. Without any warning, he gripped her hips and rammed his cock into her ass.

"Daddy you're hurting me!," Stephanie moaned.

Jason didn't know if that meant that she was enjoying it or if she was in pain, but he didn't care. He continued to force his dick in and out of her tight hole. He took one hand and fingered her dripping pussy.

"Now I know for sure that she's enjoying this," Jason thought to himself.

Stephanie bucked her ass harder against her Daddy's big cock.

"Cum in my ass Daddy!" She cried. "Fuck your dirty little daughter!"

Before Jason could slow down to savor the moment, he came in his step-daughter's ass hole. He kept fingering her pussy though and Stephanie climaxed soon after.

"Ohh Daddy, that was so good," Stephanie moaned.

Jason slid his softening dick out of her tight ass. His cum was leaking out of her hole, down her crack, with some of it even reaching her pussy. He admired what he had done proudly.

"Lay down Baby Girl," Jason said softly. "Daddy wants to cuddle with his little girl."

Jason pulled back the covers and they snuggled under the blanket together. They were spooning, with Stephanie's ass pressed up against Jason's dick. He reached around and started to play with her nipples.

"Daddy, I think you've finally worn me out for the night," Stephanie said. Jason could tell she was smiling. He took his hand off her breast and put it around her waist.

Lauren walked back in the bedroom, wearing a tiny black satin robe. Her hair was still slightly damp and Jason could see her nipples pressing up against the thin material.

"How's Daddy's other favorite little girl?"

"I'm all clean Daddy. Want to check?" Lauren asked.

She flung off her robe and twirled around for his inspection. She put her hand on her right breast and slowly massaged it.

"You look so sexy baby. Do you want to lay down with your dirty Daddy and sister?"

"Of course Daddy!"

Lauren walked over to the bed and got in it with her family. She was spooning Jason, with her breasts pressed up against his back.

All three of them fell asleep that way until morning. They spent the rest of the weekend fucking each other in various holes, positions, and rooms of the house.

Finally, Monday morning rolled around and it was time to return to the real world. Jason was downstairs making breakfast while the two girls showered together.

They took an extra long time soaping each other's breasts and rubbing their hands in and around each other's cunts. They both came several times while they finger fucked each other. When the hot water ran out, they got out of the shower.

"Let's wear something special for Daddy today," Lauren said as she walked naked into hers and Stephanie's bedroom.

"Ok," Stephanie agreed. "Like what?"

Lauren started going through the closet and pulled out a super short denim skirt. She slid it on and bent over.

"Can you see my pussy when I do this?" Lauren asked.

"Yes," Stephanie answered.

"Good. Now I just need to find a top."

She rifled through the closet some more until she found a sheer light pink button down shirt. It was made to be worn with a tank top under it, but Lauren buttoned it up with nothing underneath.

"How do I look?" Lauren asked wickedly.

"You look super hot, but there's no way you're going to be able to wear that to school without getting in trouble with the teachers." Stephanie replied.

"We'll see about that," Lauren said with a grin.

Lauren found her thigh high boots discarded under the bed and she slipped them on.

"Now we need to find your outfit."

Lauren pulled out a white pleated skirt that was just as short as her denim one. She went to her dresser and opened the top drawer. She pulled out a tight light-blue t-shirt that said "Princess" on it.

"You haven't worn that since middle school!" Stephanie exclaimed, but she grabbed it from Lauren and slid it over her head. She put on the white skirt and went to look at herself in the mirror.

Stephanie's shirt barely covered the bottom of her tits and her nipples were clearly visibly through the thin material. Her skirt wasn't tight but it was so short and kind of see-through.

"I'm too nervous to go to school without panties," Stephanie admitted.

Lauren went back to her dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of red thong panties.

"Wear these," she said almost daring Stephanie.

Stephanie slid the panties on over her smooth thighs and adjusted them so the thong sat just right. She bent over to put on her white high-heeled sandals when she felt a hand on her ass.

"You look so hot. You're making me wet just by looking at you." Lauren whispered.

Lauren slid her fingers under her thong, between her sister's legs and felt her smooth pussy. She slowly dipped one finger inside her cunt and was pleased to find that her sister was as wet as she was. She started stroking her finger in and out of her sister's wet pussy. Her sister's only response at first was to moan and push herself against Lauren's finger.

Lauren slid a second finger inside and increased her speed slightly. Her other hand reached around her sister to rub Stephanie's clit. Stephanie couldn't handle much more teasing and she came all over her sister's hand with a loud moan.

Lauren slid her fingers out of her sister's still throbbing pussy and sucked them clean. She readjusted her sister's panties for her and started to walk away.

"You got my panties all wet," Stephanie complained with a smile on her face. "Now I need to change them."

Lauren turned around and walked back over towards her sister.

"Please leave your wet panties on Stephanie. That makes me so hot thinking about you walking around all day in your cum soaked panties from an orgasm that I gave you."

Stephanie leaned over and kissed her sister on the lips.

"Just for you, sis," Stephanie replied, "Although I'm sure Daddy would like that idea too.

"Let's go show off our outfits to Daddy!" Lauren exclaimed.

The two girls walked hand in hand down the stairs together. Stephanie smiled as she felt her wet panties press against her pussy when she walked.

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