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I really tried to write this story write
It was friday night. About 11:30pm, when me and my friend Derek were chillen on my corner house's side porch. It had a screen around it, and a couch. My friend Derek was on the couch, and i was on a hamock next to it. He was staying over as he and various other friends of mine did on weekends. We were both in 8th grade. We lay talking about stuff, like cool ideas for video games and movies. Then we started talking about girls at our school that we found hot.

"Dude, Nicole is growing some great tits! By 10th grade those things are gonna be beautiful!" Derek said.

"Oh for sure man, i swear im gonna hook up with her by the end of school man, get me a suckle on those babies!" I replied, and we laughed. AFter a little bit of talking about girls and stuff, i was definetely in a horny mood. I found myself wishing in our silent moments that a hot babe would show up and let us do whatever we wanted to her! So, me and Derek started talking about that, and what we would do to this woman if she appeared magically. It was clear we were both horny.

Then, we slowly eazed into a conversation about doing stuff with other guys...

"If a friend proposed to you that he would suck your dick, if you sucked his, and he swore no one would ever know, would you?" I asked.

"I think so... i dunno. I would have to trust him alot, and know he would never tell." Derek replied. We sat in silence. Both thinking about what that meant.

"You know, your a good friend of mine. I trust you alot to talk about shit like that with you." I said, staring up at the ceiling. He agreed. AFter another moment of silence, i sat upright on the edge of my hamock, facing his layingA‚A body. I reached out and pressed my hand on his blanket over his dick, witch i could feel was hard. He just looked at me.

"You swear you wouldnt tell anyone?" He asked. I knodded. I had to admit, as into girls as i was, i was very curious to see how giving head felt like. I had recieved it from a girl before, but only once.

I looked around, and saw it was dark and didnt see anyone. I leaned down on my knees by the couch, and lifted his blanket, and reached inside. His dick was out of his pants and hard as rock. I looked at him, and he just stared back wide eyed. I leaned my head under the blanket and could barely see his 5 inch penis. I just looked at it in my hand for a minute, and thought about what i was about to do. I leaned forward, and touched the side with my tongue. I felt Derek quiver. Then i licked the tip a little, and kissed it. I quickly pulled out from under, and led him quietly into my backyard.

In the corner of my yard, out of sight of the windows, was a large wooden work bench. A blanket was strewn over it, hanging down the sides to make a little fort inside we had been chillen in a while earlier, and eating snacks. There were lawn chars around it as well.

"Sit on one of the chairs, up against the table. Lay the blanket around your legs. This way, if my parents get up and look out here, they wont see me but they'll see you. You can say i went to the bathroom or something." I whispered. He agreed, and sat as i told. I crawled under the table and could see his legs sticking under. I crawled between them, and pulled his still hard dick out. I was about to give a blowjob. I couldnt beleive it. What would i do when he came? Did i want it in my mouth? We'll see.

I leaned between his thighs, and took his dick into my warm wet mouth. I heard him lightly moan. I sat and sucked, not sure how to do it right. I tried to remember how the girl had done it to me. I started move my mouth back and forth on his cock, sucking gently. I decided to use my tongue, and waved it under his dick as i sucked. He kept quivering and breathing heavily. It didnt taste so bad. Just like sucking my own finger only bigger. Then i started kinda getting into it.

I began to bob back and forth faster, sucking harder. I tried to go further down, but felt his dick kind of gag me. So i pulled back. I was determined to go all the way like in the porns i had watched. So i kept sucking and slowly going further down his dick. Spit was dripping from my lips, down my chin and his balls. It was very noisy, i kept making slurping and sucking noises. I was loving it! I began to want him to cum. I tried to deepthroat again, and choked hard. I pulled back, and spit out a mouthfull of saliva. He moaned. I leaned back in andA‚A licked the tip, and rubbed my wet lips on the head. Then i just sucked on the head while my hand was wrapped around the base. His hips bucked a little as i sucked.

I removed my hand and began bobbing down far and up again, sucking hard. Listening to my slurping and his little moans and deep breaths. His legs shook and i knew it was coming. I sucked harder, and faster. Then suddenly a thick, warm, gooey, salty blast hit the back of my throat. I gagged and pulled back, coughing. Another spat out and hit my cheak, and my lips. I leaned back again, not wanting cum all over my shirt and sucked on the head really hard, as a few more gobs popped into my mouth, on my tongue. I swallowed as much as i could. Then it stopped coming. I felt a little bit leak out, as i licked the tip in my mouth. His body stopped shaking and his moaning faded. I sucked a little more to drain it, and pulled back. He quickly climbed under the table with me, and looked at me wide eyed. His cum was dripping from my lips, down my chin.

"That was fucking amazing. You did hella good." He said. I smiled nervously, and whiped my face off on the hanging blanket.

"My turn dude. You owe me." I said, sitting back. But he laid down on his side, and closed his eyes. I was worried.

"Aaahhh! Man im tired. Cant we do it tomorrow or something, that hella killed me." He said. I was totally bummed. But at the same time i wasnt as bummed as i figured i'd be. I was surprised at my level of happiness. I felt some how done... as though sucking him off was my only goal. It was fun. And i guarantee i'd do it again.


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2016-07-30 05:02:15
Story is almost believable and it is well written. I guess I would say this sort of thing could happen but probably at a much slower pace. I cant imagine two young guys becoming sexual on that level the first time. jacking each other first at the least and maybe while sleeping over take a chance and grope the other boy. If it goes on for a bit then I can see the groper going on to giving the other guys dick a kiss while jacking him. And then later on another occassion giving him head. I can imagine it going on for some time in this one way type of relationship. But the ultimate will be when he wakes up and then there is the moment of truth and perhaps them mutual sex. But to start off with a bj is going pretty fast down the way. It could turn one-way and end badly with someone telling etc. But all in all this it a good story. Maybe you can write another putting some of these ideas into it. They are basically my story which is true.

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2013-10-04 12:02:30
my best friend just shot a lot of cum in my belly.

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2012-06-14 07:56:21
my best friend made me into a pee freak.

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2012-03-17 22:58:59
love the story,everybody suck a cock

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2011-05-05 01:06:41

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