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Mom fetched his face on her lips and they both start smooching each others lips. I think mom was in hurry, she removed his vest. Till the time dad adjusted himself top on mom, now mom hooked her legs around his waist and start squeezing his ass cheeks. Her chocolate nail polished long nails were pressing deeply dad’s ass cheeks. It seemed that mom was hungry for sex for centuries.

Now I got finished but still showing interest in seeing all this. That night I masturbated 4 times and this was the night which starts inducing me toward my mom. In next morning when mom was serving breakfast to me as well as dad, they both are behaving as usual. As usual dad asked me about my study and mom and cooking. It didn’t seem that they both are same person who are talking nasty and dirty to each other and talking so gently with me now.

I came to know that every person plays dual or more than two roles and they behave accordingly. But now I started staring mom’s pound, shaky, huge bulging ass whenever I got chance. Her ass cheeks looks dancing up and down in nighty, gown, and skirts.

So reader I have long series to go. It is my first story and gives your suggestions too. It will help me to present better story next time. All suggestions are welcome. Soon I will come with next chapter.
I already discussed in my previous story, how I started fantasizing about my mom. I got attracted toward Linda due to her huge, big, curvy, and bulging ass. Whenever she walks her ass cheeks starts tremoring and those pair of ass cheeks induces my shaft inside my trouser.


Linda is a nice bitch, who knows how to seduce and attract a man. Initially she was not too much interested in anal but after indulging in relation with me she become anal freak. This is story just after a week when I saw her doing sex with dad.

After seeing her sex with dad I always had been searching for moment to see them in intercourse positions. One day I went to my friend’s birthday. It was almost 12 nights. I called mom on her mobile that I will be late so don’t wait for me. I came almost at 1.30 am and opened house main gate from my own keys.
I wasn’t wanted to disturb dad & mom so silently entered in house came upstairs. As usual I came nearer to mom’s bedroom and peeped inside.

Mom was in doggy was behind her and he smelled her asshole. It started making me on. He was just enquiring her asshole by smelling and touching with fingers that her bitch has been fucked by another dog. (Dad please keeps trust on your bitch, she is still one doggy bitch, but I want to assure you that in upcoming future she will be her puppy bitch.)

It was first time when I was feeling jealous about dad. I think….Dad got really a nice woman, who is so horny and always ready to cooperate her partner...ooh my god...i really need this bitchy mommaa for me.

Mom was completely nude while dad was still in his underwear. Dad parted her both thighs in opposite direction and sat between her thighs. Dad embedded his complete nose inside her asshole.

Feeling his nose inside asshole she replied…..Honey please don’t do that, it is all stinky.

Smelling her deep cave he replied….Honey it is not stinky, it is giving me heavenly pleasure. You are my whore…luuuppp….wwooo…what a great taste your cave has.

After saying all he started fingering inside hole. He put three fingers inside and also teasing inner wall of ass. Mom was also getting fun and she was shaking her ass cheeks round. Doing all this for 10 minutes dad took some black grapes and put it on entering point of asshole.

Mom asked… what you are going to do...

Dad replied…..honey wait for a while, after some moments you will certainly know...

Seeing all this I just start imagine….if she would be my wife, I will insert hot dog inside and take my breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well….

After inserting 4-5 grapes inside her ass he told mom to push it in his mouth... (Oohh my god...what rubbish all you are doing with my mom? please don’t do that...i was just thinking about because am really jealous with him)

Mom replied…..Please baby, don’t order me do all this. I will feel embarrassing. I can’t do all do. Please try to understand…

Dad replied….Honey, don’t feel embarrass, let’s do what I am ordering. I want to eat ass fruit of my dear bitch...

After that dad closed whole asshole with his mouth. Mom started to push grapes inside his mouth, but grapes were deep inside her ass.

Mom replied….Baby it is deep inside my ass. It will not come...i can’t do any more...

But tonight dad was not in mood to hear anything. He was still stacked with her ass opening. After more push he starts getting her goddess ass fruit. After getting last grape he detached himself from her ass and come to mom and starts giving her lip kiss.

They both complementing each other nicely and dad was also transferring grapes from his mouth to her mouth. Dad took mom in her lap and gave her huge and tight hug for tonight treat.

They both lied and grabbed each other like a mom is giving sleeping hug to her baby. Both are nude. Dad’s leg on her waist and he hided his face inside her huge boobs. Mom was gently squeezing his ass cheeks and sometimes creasing his ass lining too.

I think they did fuck session before I reached and this was treating before sleep. As usual I need your valuable comments…waiting for your massages....


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