More of the sexual conquests of Roy Hammer
Chapter 11

Roy walked to the kitchen and looked out the glass door. Things were progressing very well for the kids. He saw Ann lying on her back on the side of the hot tub. Dave was standing between her legs and had them up high over his shoulders as he pounded her pussy. Her head was rocking back and forth on the ground and her legs suddenly locked around Dave’s head as she arched her body from the edge of the pool and her climax peaked. Dave started pounding her harder and then froze with his dick buried deep as his face took on an intense expression. Roy knew he was cumming inside of her at that moment. Unlike the others, he had no idea if Ann was on birth control but if she got pregnant, at least there were other’s to worry about that.

On the other side of the hot tub, Tim had Becky on her hands and knees with his dick buried deep in her pussy from behind as he lay over on top of her. It was pretty obvious he had just cum too. The couples lay exhausted for a few minutes just chatting quietly but then the two young men smiled at each other. With a nod from Tim, Dave turned to Becky while Tim pulled away to give him room. Roy was impressed. Dave’s dick was almost as big as his. Almost but not quite. Within seconds, Dave had Becky turned on her back and she reached out to guide his dick into her pussy with a big smile. She opened her legs eagerly and fed his dick into her soaked pussy and Roy saw her mouth open in a cry of pleasure as he sunk it deep. Ann was not so eager to engage in a swap. She had clamped her legs together and Tim had to kiss her a few times and play with her pussy before she relaxed enough to let him fuck her. After that, she became just as wanton as Becky. Roy smiled as he watched the two young couple’s fuck. He couldn’t remember ever fucking four women in the same day but he was sure going to do that today. He just needed some time to recover.

Looking at his watch, he saw it was almost 5. Gina should be retuning anytime and he wanted to be at the security console when Chuck pulled up out front. He quickly headed to the basement where he concealed the system and set down at the monitor. He checked the hot tub on the monitor and saw that the two young couples were still fucking away and he knew they would be a while. That was the advantage of youth, he thought to himself. He took a few minutes to check the tape of his session with Lorrie and remembered her request for a copy. He started the copy and then checked the monitors for the front of the house. He sat patiently for 10 or 15 minutes, checking back on the kids occasionally. He was rewarded by seeing Becky whisper into Dave’s ear and then watched as Dave pulled out of her pussy and quickly flipped her onto her back. Seconds later, Becky welcomed his big dick into her tight ass. Her face grimaced at his initial entry but then she really started to enjoy it. So did Dave.

He finished the tape for Lorrie and put it aside. When he glanced back at the monitors, he noticed the limo approaching the gate. He quickly zoomed in on the camera and watched the car stop in front of the house. He saw Gina lean forward and say something to Chuck. Chuck looked back at her with a smile, then quickly got out of the car and went to the back. Minutes later, he had Gina lying on the back seat with her legs wrapped around his waist. He began to fuck her hard and she fucked him back with enthusiasm. Smiling, he left the security room and walked to the den and went outside. He walked boldly up to the car so he could watch them from close up. Neither one seemed realized he was there.

“Fuck me harder!” Gina said loudly. “Cum in meeeeeeee!”

It was obvious that Chuck granted her wish based on her expression and the way she locked her mouth to his. Almost as soon as he finished cumming, Chuck pulled himself off of her and slid back out of the car. He stood up on the opposite side of the car and his face took on a look of shock when he saw Roy. Roy immediately put his finger to his lips and smiled. Finally, Gina set up and began to arrange her clothes and then she saw Roy too and she immediately gave him a big smile. She quickly scooted to the door and opened it. He smiled at the outfit she had purchased. She was wearing a white linen sun-dress with small yellows flowers located over her titties and pussy and she was braless under it. She was pulling the dress down as she spoke to him.

“Roy,” she said quickly. “I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed being fucked by him.”

He laughed. She never seemed to amaze him. “You did well Gina. Give Chuck a thank you kiss and then we’ll go inside.”

Gina quickly walked around the car and put her arms around Chuck’s neck. She kissed him using lots of tongue. Finally, she turned to look at Roy with a smile and then walked back to him.

“Was that okay?” she asked calmly.

“Perfect,” he said as he took her arm and led her inside and on through to the back. When he opened the door to lead her to the hot tub, there was a mild look of surprise on her face but the reaction from Becky and Ann was even more drastic. The four young people were setting side by side. Both young women instinctively covered their titties with their hands and looked from Gina to Roy while Tim and Dave just stared intently at Gina’s beautiful body showcased by the white linen dress.

“Relax ladies,” he said quickly. “This is Gina,” he said and then introduced the four young people to Gina. “Do you mind if we join you?”

Becky’s eyes lit up and her hands dropped back to rest on the edge of the tub. “Of course not! The more the merrier,” she said quickly.

Roy quickly shed his clothes and saw that Gina had done the same without prodding. She wasn’t wearing much of course so she finished before he did. At the sight of her gorgeous body, the young men now had their mouths open and their dicks were beginning to rise very rapidly again.

“Gina, you go over and set between the two good looking young men and I’ll sit between these two beautiful young ladies.”

Gina walked silently around the pool and smiled at Tim and Dave as she slid into the tub between them. Roy’s dick was limp from the workout he had already had today but Ann was staring at it with her mouth open. She was definitely impressed, he thought, even if he wasn’t hard yet. Becky gave him a big smile as he slid into the tub between them and then looked at Ann.

“You’re in for a treat,” she said to the astonished young woman. “You thought Dave’s dick went deep but you haven’t seen anything yet.”

With a smile, she reached over and wrapped her small hand around Roy’s dick and began to move it up and down. Roy smiled at Ann as his dick began to harden. He had thought he might have difficulty getting hard again so soon but that wasn’t the case. The more she stroked him, the harder he got. When it was fully hard, it was at least 2 inches longer than Dave’s and much thicker.

“Ohhhh my God!” Ann said slowly. “He’s huge.”

Becky winked at Roy and motioned towards Ann. “Come over here and sit on it,” she said frankly.

“I can never get that in my pussy,” Ann replied quickly.

“I did and you can too,” Becky replied quickly.

Slowly Ann stood and Roy got his first close look at her body. Her titties were larger than they had appeared from the distance and they stood out firm from her chest. Slowly Ann moved through the water towards him and just stared in awe at his dick.

“Go ahead,” Becky said impatiently. “If you don’t hurry, I’m going to fuck him.”

Roy took matters into his own hands. He reached out and took Ann’s hand and pulled her towards him and then kissed her. She moaned into his mouth as his hand found her titty and began to massage it firmly. He released it and slowly let his hand move down her body until he reached her pussy. When he put a finger at her opening, she quickly opened her legs to let him finger her. He broke the kiss and gave her a smile.

“Set on the edge,” he told her calmly.

She quickly stood and set on the edge of the tub, fully expecting him to move between her legs. When he slid down into the water and pulled her thighs apart, she looked at him in dismay.

“What are you doing?” she asked in dismay.

Roy looked up at her with a smile as he pushed her legs farther apart. “These young studs get in too big of a rush to cram their dick into a pussy and forget how to really please a woman,” he said and then dropped his head to start eating her pussy.

She immediately put her hands to her side and clenched the towel she found there. She began to moan with the first lick of his tongue.

“Ohhh. Ohhhh. Ohhh.” She moaned.

He used his fingers to spread the folds of her pussy apart and then drove his tongue as deep into her pussy as he possibly could. Her pussy was smooth with just a small patch of hair forming a small vee at the top of her mound.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she cried as she quickly put her hands to her mouth.

Roy probed deeper and then moved his tongue back to flick rapidly at her very aroused clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!,” she cried out as she quickly put her hands on Roy’s head and pulled him harder against her pussy. As soon as she did, he reached forward and suddenly slid a finger deep into her ass. She immediately cried out again.

“I’m cummmmingggggggg,” she cried as she arched her back and flooded his tongue with her juices while her ass clamped down on his finger.

Roy didn’t give her time to recover. Standing quickly, he spread her legs wide and stepped between them. She was so soaked that his dick slid all the way in with one push.

“Ohhhhh. I’ve never felt anything that bigggg! My pussy is so full!” she moaned. “Oh yes! Fuckkkkk me!”

Roy smiled and moved his dick in and out with hard, deep strokes. She was returning as much as she got. Her pussy was grinding against his dick, trying to take it deeper with every stroke. When he reached out and pulled on her nipple, she went crazy.

“Yessssss! Oh god, yes!” she moaned.

He began to slam into her pussy harder and harder as he watched her body move from one climax to another but none of them really strong. He smiled as he reached down and grabbed her clit and squeezed. That set her off.

“I’m cummmmmmingggg againnnnn,” she cried just as he slammed deep and froze. He groaned as his dick erupted inside her hot pussy. “Please. No more,” she cried weakly. “I can’t stand anymore. My pussy is too sensitive now.”

Roy took several deep breaths as he watched her drop back to the concrete in a state of bliss. Her eyes closed as she laid her head over to the side and her body went totally limp. He smiled to himself and pulled out slowly to lie down beside her.

He looked at Becky and saw she was still setting just a few feet away. She had her legs spread wide and was fingering her pussy. She gave him a big smile as she crammed two more fingers into her pussy and then her mouth flew open as she made herself cum.

For the first time, he glanced over at Gina and saw the two young men had her well in hand. Tim was sliding his dick in and out of her already well fucked pussy rapidly while she reached out for Dave’s dick and began to suck him. He undoubtedly had already fucked her at least once because his dick was limp but began to get hard quickly inside Gina’s now expert mouth. He watched her writhe and moan repeatedly as Tim fucked her hard and fast at the same time that Dave fucked her mouth. Both of them came at almost the same time and she took all of Tim’s cum inside her pussy while she milked Dave’s dick for every drop he could manage. He smiled and thought to himself that she had become quite the pro at sucking dick.

Becky was determined she was not going to be left out. She moved to Roy’s side and leaned over to suck his dick. He thought he was exhausted but this young lady had plans that called for him to be hard again. She looked up at him as she sucked his big dick down her throat. Her tongue was doing marvelous things as she used it to tease his dick while she sucked him at the same time. It didn’t take her long to achieve her mission.

He was only semi-hard but he was still bigger than her husband. She straddled him and eased her body down until she had all of it inside her pussy. With a big smile, first at Roy and then to Tim and Dave, she began to move her lower body back and forth, increasing her tempo with every second until she screamed in climax and dropped her body against Roy’s chest. She managed a weak whisper. “I know you’re drained now. You can cum in me later. I just couldn’t wait to fuck you though.”

Roy reached out and grabbed her as she started to move away. “Not so quick, young lady!” he said with a big smile. “I’m not as drained as you seem to think I am.”

His dick was still hard and he knew he would have trouble cumming again so soon but there was a big smile on her face as Roy pulled her towards him. He turned her to face the hot tub and quickly slid a finger into her pussy and pushed it deep, searching for her juices. He coated his finger and then pulled it out and slid it into her ass.

“Ohhhh yes,” Becky moaned and then turned her head to look at him over her shoulder. “I hope that means you’re going to fuck my ass,” she said with a big smile as she pushed back against his finger.
He just gave her a smile as he grabbed her hip with one hand, smacked her ass firmly and then lined his dick up with her beautiful ass. He hoped his semi-hard state would make it easier. When he started to push in, Becky dropped her head to the edge of the tub and moaned. “Go slow Roy. You’re so big!”

He just smiled but pushed in slowly. She obviously didn’t care if he was fully hard or not. Her ass seemed to welcome his dick as she relaxed the muscle to take him in. When he had half of his dick in her ass, she moaned again and then began to push back against him. “Now!” she pleaded. “Deeper!”
He smiled and shoved hard, driving his dick all the way into her ass and then froze. Even as much as Becky loved to be fucked in the ass, she still had a hard time adjusting to his size as his dick started to grow to full size again. He felt her gradually relax and then she was pulling her ass forward and pushing back. “Fuck me Roy! Fuck me hard! Pound my ass!”

“Oh my God!” he heard Gina exclaim. “Is he fucking her ass?”

He looked in Gina’s direction with a big smile and saw Becky do the same.

“It’s soooo good,” Becky said with a dreamy expression on her face.

“Watch and learn baby,” Roy said to Gina. “I’m going to fuck your ass too.”

“You’re too big,” Gina said. “It will never go in my ass.”

Roy laughed. “Someone needs to break you in baby,” he said nonchalantly. He then smiled at Tim. “Tim, fuck her ass for me so she’ll be able to take mine tonight.”

Tim’s eyes grew wide and a big smile suddenly appeared on his face. “Gladly,” he said quickly as he moved towards Gina where she was now resting on the edge.

“Nooo!” she said quickly but her voice was suddenly muffled as Tim put his lips to hers and began to kiss her long and deep.

Roy forgot about her for the moment and began to fuck Becky’s ass more rapidly. Every time his dick pushed in, Becky pushed back to get as much of his dick as possible. He reached one hand around her body and began to toy with her already sensitive nipple while he used the other hand to reach under to find her clit. As soon as his fingers flicked her clit and locked onto her nipple, her body arched up and back at the same time and she let out a series of moans to let him know he was doing everything right.

“Ohhhhh God yes Roy! That feels so good. I’m going to cummmmmmmmmmmm!”

He smiled as he felt her ass clinch down on his dick so hard he was unable to move for a second. As soon as she relaxed, he began to fuck her deep and hard until he felt his balls start to contract again. Suddenly, he heard Gina’s light scream of agony.

“Eeeeiiiiiii,” she cried.

Holding very still in Becky’s ass, he looked over to see that Tim had Gina’s legs high over his shoulders with his dick sliding slowly into her ass. Her eyes were clinched tight and tears were in her eyes but her hands were on Tim’s ass, holding him in place. Slowly, Tim worked more of his dick into Gina’s ass and the pained look on her face suddenly changed.

She opened her eyes and looked at Tim. “Go slow,” she said. “Please go slow.”

Tim just smiled and pushed in slowly but surely until his dick was buried in her ass. Gina seemed to relax then and her legs wrapped around Tim’s back to hold him in place.

“Ohhhh yessss,” she said slowly. “It doesn’t hurt as much now. Fuck me slow.”

Roy smiled and turned his attention back to Becky. After so much action already in one day, he felt no immediate need to cum and he fucked her ass slow and easy. She twisted and turned with every thrust, trying to get him to fuck her harder and faster. After a few slow thrusts, Roy speeded up until his balls were slapping her ass with every down stroke.

“Ohhhhh God. I’m cummmming againnnnnnn!” Becky cried as her ass clinched down on his dick again.

That was all it took to finally push Roy over the edge once more. He thrust deep and exploded in her ass. It took all he could do not to drop his body on top of hers. Now he was drained. Pulling his dick out slowly, he moved to lie beside Becky and watched as Tim continued to fuck Gina’s ass. Dave had also gotten into the action. He was now kissing Gina and pulling hard on one nipple while Tim pulled hard on the other. The young men had apparently learned of her weakness quickly. Within minutes, Tim was fucking her ass hard and fast while Dave was biting on her nipples and playing with her clit. Gina was lost in her passion. When Tim exploded in her ass, her body arched off the ground and her eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out.


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I miss Yvonne though. Great series, and I agree about using different words besides "dick" and "titties". Some other good words are twat, sex, cock, labia, bud, and (rarely) cunt. Sex can go for men and women, twat = vagina, bud can be for clit and nipples. (I'm sure you know these, but for those who don't)

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