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Adam becomes a man, playing with the birthday-presents his father gave him.
“So what do you say, son,” Dad’s voice was just as soft as the girl’s, “you wanna pop this beautiful girl’s cherry?”
Under Dad’s guidance, we put a pillow under Marie’s butt and I got into position between her legs. “Now rub your cockhead right over her gash,” it felt like I was rubbing my dick on something with an electric charge. I couldn’t believe I was getting ready to fuck a girl. A young, beautiful dark-haired girl, while her twin brother, who had the most gorgeous blue eyes I’d ever seen, and my father watched on. “That’s it Adam. Now stick it in a little. Go slow.” My dick was pushing at her slit, and it wasn’t giving. And, considering I’d only had one orgasm in the last week and I’d been sleeping when that happened, I started to wonder if I wouldn’t start shooting before I even got it inside her. “Keep pushing, but not too hard, and rub it up and down, just a little.” I did as he said. Holy Fucking Shit! I felt her pussy opening for me. “Oh yeah, that’s beautiful, son. Now stick it in a bit more.” I looked into Marie’s face. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open, her chest was heaving and her little nipples were hard as little stones. I looked at Joe, he looked, well, excited (his dick was still hard as a rock) and maybe a little mad, or upset. Dad moved around and was now sitting on the edge of the bed, right beside us. Then I looked back down at my dick, as it slowly slid into a pussy for the very first time. And knowing that mine was the first dick to get inside Marie’s pussy made it seem just a bit better.
When I felt the tip of my dick bottom-out, I had to stop. I had to take a deep breath and squeeze everything between my legs to keep from exploding. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath.
“Can you feel her cherry with your cock?” Dad asked softly. I nodded. “And you’re about to squirt, aren’t you?” I nodded again. “Ok, Adam, what you gotta do is pull it out just a bit, then shove it in, as hard as you can. That’s your cherry son, pop it. Fuck your little virgin, Adam!” I pulled out a little, then pushed back in again, only, I didn’t get through. Slamming my dickhead against the barrier in her pussy just about sent me over the edge. And the little squeal that Marie let-out didn’t help one bit. I had no idea how much longer I could last. “Don’t worry, son, one more time.”

I pulled out, just a little further this time but not actually taking my dick out of Marie’s pussy. And just as I got ready to thrust back in I felt my father’s big hand on my butt. I pushed and he pushed even harder. Seemingly at the same instant, I felt my dick break through the girl’s hymen, I started to shoot my cum. Poor Marie let-out one hell of a scream and she tried to get out from under me. But with me over her, my body completely out of control while I blasted wad after wad of cum inside my first-ever pussy, and my dad’s hand still on my butt, holding me tight down on top of her, she couldn’t get away. That was the best-ever orgasm I’d ever had. It was the fist time I felt like I was pissing cum, rather than it shooting out in individual spurts. It was incredible. And as I shot my wad, I looked quickly at Dad, who’s grin was even bigger, then at Joe, who looked terrified, then down at Marie, who looked anguished. All the while, I kept pumping my cum deep inside her. I could hear my dad mumbling, “That’s my boy. Fill her up, son. Fill that little cunt with your seed. Give it to her, Adam.”
Marie stopped screaming before I stopped coming. Although her face still looked pained and she was breathing like she’d gotten the wind knocked out of her. She stopped struggling, but her body twitched and wiggled under me. My cock felt like it was being held by a soft, hot, wet vice-grip. I swear I pumped a good half-gallon of cum inside the girl’s pussy. It seemed like it was going to last forever, which at the time I prayed could happen.
When I finally stopped coming, my whole body went limp. Well, except for one part. My cock stayed hard as a rock. And when my whole body came down on Marie’s, I swear I felt my dick pop inside something, inside Marie. She let out a loud yelp, and her breathing got really rough again. My dad’s hand was still on my butt, pushing my hips against hers.
“Are you still hard, Adam?” Dad asked, when I was starting to get my breath back. I nodded and looked at him. “Good. Now, are you ready to actually fuck her?” I nodded again. “Ok son, just pull it back a little, then put it back in. That’s all you gotta do. In and out.” So I did. I started slow, but it didn’t take long at all for me to start moving faster, pulling out a bit further, and pushing it back in harder and deeper. In fact, it didn’t take me long at all to shoot my second load. No more than two minutes. My second orgasm wasn’t as intense as the first one was, although it was still better than any other orgasm I’d had. And my cock didn’t go soft after that, so, at Dad’s prompting, I went at her for a third time.

It took me at least five minutes to work-up to my third come. When I looked at Dad, I could see pride in his eyes. Marie’s eyes were full of tears, and mostly she kept them closed. But when she did open them, I couldn’t tell if I was hurting her, or making her feel just as incredible as I was. As my orgasm got closer, I started fucking the girl hard. So hard, that she started to scream-out with each deep thrust of my cock into her pussy. I was about there, when I looked at Joe. I saw something flash across his face, and he leapt right at me. And as I saw him moving at me, I started to blow my third load inside his twin sister.
Joe never got to me though. Dad caught him just as he got to the bed. As I watched my father physically restrain the naked boy, I pumped even more cum into Marie’s pussy. Over my howls of passion, Marie’s screams of, well, whatever she was feeling, and Dad’s booming voice attempting to calm the boy, I think I heard Joe saying, “Make him stop! He’s hurting her. Please, make him stop.” However, I really wasn’t paying much attention to anything other than how incredible it felt to pump another load of cum inside the cute dark girl underneath me. And being that it was the third load I’d shot in, well, I suppose it was no more than ten minutes, I was completely exhausted by the time I finished. As the last few drops of my cum dribbled out of my dick, my whole body went limp and, with my dick, finally deflating a bit, still embedded inside Marie, I came to rest on top of her and tried to catch my breath.
“So, how was it son?” I heard Dad asking a few minutes later. “Was your first piece of pussy all it’s cracked-up to be?”
I was a bit shocked when I looked-up at dad. At first, I thought he was making Joe suck his dick, as he had the naked boy on his knees right in front of him, his big hands in the boy’s black hair, and the boy’s face pressed right against his crotch. And I swear I saw a tear in my dad’s eye. Dad almost never cried. But then, as I started telling my dad how great it felt to finally fuck a girl, I realized that Dad didn’t have his pants open. He wasn’t making Joe suck him, he was just holding the boy there.

“I’m glad you like it,” Dad said. Then, with his hands still full of Joe’s hair, he turned the boy’s head around so that I could see his face. “You want to let her rest-up a bit and have a go at the other half of your birthday-present.” With that, Dad gave the naked boy a shake and I could see tears dripping from in his beautiful blue eyes. “He’s yours to do whatever you want with, Adam, they both are. Anything you want, son. Just say the word. Although, there is one thing... Your little pet, Joe here,” and Dad tightened his grip in the boy’s hair, which caused the boy to open his mouth like he was about to scream, but no noise came out, “was bad. Very bad. Did you see how he tried to come at you when you were really sticking it to his sister. He should know better. He’s forgotten his training and he needs to be punished.”
I could see the Joe was struggling a bit, although Dad had is fingers tangled so tightly in the boy’s hair that there was no way he was going to get away. Dad continued, “He’s yours now, son, and it’s up to you to say how he’s punished.” Dad must have seen something in my face and eyes, the reality of it all hadn’t yet clicked in my brain. I was still laying on top of Marie, and my dick had gone mostly soft, but it was still inside her. And as I looked at the naked boy being held on his knees by my father, I felt a hot surge of blood between my legs and wondered if I would be able to get it hard again. “Or if you want to keep fucking your girl, that’s fine too. Whatever you want, Adam. It’s your birthday. You can always punish him later.” I felt another throb in my dick, and as much as I would have loved to start pumping again, in Marie’s cum-sopped, no-longer-virgin pussy, the thought of punishing her brother intrigued me. I felt like I’d been put through a winger, but I managed to lift myself off the girl and, when I looked down and saw my still-semi-hard dick slip out of her red, puffy pussy, all other thoughts were forced from my consciousness.

My dick was covered with blobs of white (which I knew was my own cum) and streaks of red (which I knew was blood, only I didn’t know was who’s blood it was). I let out a little scream, first thinking that somehow it was my blood. I reached down and with a shaking finger, scooped a bit of the blood off my dick. I was about to scream again, when I heard Dad laughing. I looked from all the goo and blood, to my father. “Don’t worry son,” he chuckled, “It isn’t your blood. It’s hers.” And as soon as he said that, I saw Joe give his biggest try yet to get himself away from Dad and I heard him moan-out his sister’s name. But, Dad had such a big fistful of the boy’s hair, Joe wasn’t going anywhere. “That blood is all that’s left of her virginity.” Then, dragging Joe with him, Dad took a couple steps closer to the bed. “She’s probably still bleeding,” he said, and with the hand that wasn’t holding the boy, he pointed at Marie’s pussy. I almost screamed again when I looked. Oozing from her slit was more blood, and more of my cum. “Stick a finger in and see what comes out,” Dad suggested. Marie’s body twitched and I heard her whimper a little, as I pushed a finger in the hole I’d just taken my dick out of. I formed a hook with my finger and slowly pulled it out. It was coated with both cum and blood (and I’m sure that there was also some of her natural lubrication also, but as it was clear, I didn’t think about it).
“There are some cultures who believe that ingesting the blood of a deflowered virgin gives strength and potency to a man,” Dad said, as I examined the mixture of body-fluids on my finger. “Take a taste Adam.”
Ok, so in an evening of one strange thing after another, I found myself thinking of licking the goo from my finger. The goo I’d pulled from the girl’s pussy. My goo, her goo, the goo of our first fuck. And thinking about it made my dick throb. When I finally gave-in and stuck my tongue out, put my coated finger to it and licked, there was another, much stronger throb. It was an extremely different taste. I wouldn’t have said it tasted good, nor would I have said that it tasted bad, just different. After one lick, I stuck my whole finger into my mouth and sucked my finger clean. I pulled my finger from my mouth and, looking down at the girl’s seeping pussy, I put my finger back inside her and scooped more of the goo from inside her. I sucked that off my finger and, just as I was getting ready to stick my finger for a third taste, Dad said, “It’s easier if you just eat it right out of her, Adam.” It took me a second to realize what he was saying, and, well, his prompting might have helped too. “Get down there and eat her pussy, son. Remember, you can do anything to them that you want. And if you want to eat that pussy, lick-up every bit of her cherry-blood, then do it. That’s your pussy, Adam, yours to do whatever you want.”

When my face was an inch or so away from Marie’s pussy, I could feel how hot it was. I took a tentative lick, scooping up just a little more of the oozing goo from between the puffy pussy-lips. Her body wiggled and it sounded like she giggled. I took another swipe with my tongue, this time digging into the slit a bit. As I ran the goo around inside my mouth, getting a really good taste of it, I felt my dick getting really hard. Then I stuck my face tight to her crotch and just started to eat. Without pulling away from her pussy, I used my tongue to scoop as much as I could from inside her. And by the time I had to come-up for air, my dick was fully hard again. Breath caught, I dove in for more.
I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Eating my cum and the blood from her busted cherry from her pussy, it felt so nasty. And knowing that my father and her twin brother were watching me do it, for some reason made it even better. When I came-up for air again, I couldn’t help but reach down to my now-rigid dick to stroke it. But Dad stopped me by grabbing my hand and he said, in the biggest surprise of the evening so far he said, “Adam, before you wipe it all away, I have a favor to ask you.” I looked at him, then down at my dick, which was still coated in the goo of my first fuck. “It would mean a lot to me if you let me have a taste. Can I suck it off your cock, son?” Well, I wasn’t going to say, “No,” and I couldn’t say, “Yes,” so I just nodded my head.
Dad had me move over to the edge of the bed, on my knees, with my rigid dick pointing right at him. Still holding Joe by his head, Dad moved right to me and, looking right into my eyes said, “Thank you, Adam.” Then his mouth opened and he put it around my dick. Billy had sucked my dick before. But it had never felt as good as my dad was making me feel. Billy usually licked and kissed it, and when he did take it into his mouth, he only sucked on the head and a bit of the shaft. Dad took the whole thing into his mouth, and it felt incredible. Maybe even better than how it had felt when I was fucking Marie. And even though I’d come three times in the last fifteen-minutes, within seconds I was feeling like I was about to shoot again. I couldn’t believe my dad was sucking my dick......

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2013-03-14 16:44:37
Hot ass story...I wish I was dad and also I wish I was Adam getting to pop his first cherry then get his dick I cam so hard while reading this!

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2012-10-03 10:52:57
Freakin crazie! Dad sucking son's dick? It gets weirder by the chapter!

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2012-06-19 18:47:41
Love Love Love this story wish they where younger like 5 or 6


2011-08-28 09:33:19
This is my second read and the story gets better each time. I wish I was Dad. Likeemyoung!!!

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This is fuckin awesom! Very creative. Well written. I love it!

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