Sophie's new school
Sophie's new school

Sophie was starting afresh this year at a new school. Her parents were wanting to improve her grades and signed her up for a prestigious private school,
so this meant new school, new friends, new surroundings. Part of the fresh start was having to join a team sport as it was a mandatory condition of the school. Sophie
was a bit of a vacant minded girl, attractive but not very bright but the change might see her get ahead.

At the initiation day, Sophie decided she would take up beach volleyball. Sophie wasn't really the sports type but liked the beach, and had started to acquire a
naturally gorgeous beach bod for that matter! In the sports uniform store on campus she picked up the uniform briefs and singlet that were required for the volleyball team, they would look cute she thought.
No daggy gear for her, just a singlet and tight butt hugging uniform was what she was looking forward to jumping around in.

Like everything mandatory at this school, there was the referral for a physical check up as well. Sophie wrote the address down when she had signed up. It was offsite
somewhere nearby.

On the way home she went via the local shops, and near the shops she noticed the street sign Marsden Street. Wasn't that the street she would need to get her
physical done. Sophie pulled out her note with the address on it, number 62 was written down. Out of curiousity Sophie took the street, it had shops anyway so that
was a bonus. Number 62 was a shopfront but had a unit upstairs, this must be it. I may as well get this out of the way if I can.

Incidently the street Sophie took this day was not the right one but nevertheless, Sophie unwitingly proceeded up the stairs to the unit door and knocked. The door
opened within a few moments and a lucky man opened the door. Sophie says Hi I am looking for the place to get my physical exam for school, is this the place? The man's
name was Brad, he was there finishing off the new fitout for the premises. Taking in the breathtaking beauty enquiring at the doorstep, he opened the door
and replied with what school is it you are attending.

Taking this as a yes, Soph entered and Brad led her to the waiting area of the new massage studio. It passed as a medical sugery in her mind, it was certainly very new
and clean. Brad initially was just going to help Sophie out but as they talked he admired the lovely slender legs sitting across the new leather suit before him. They led to a sumptious
little skirt barely covering the vital areas of Sophie's young bod.

Sophie was already explaining her choice of volleyball and Brad just listened and enjoyed perving at his cute visitor. So what uniform do you wear for this Brad asked
intently. Sophie unties her bag and pulls out her new briefs and, somewhat half innocently holds them up for Brad to see. Aren't they awesome, I love red and the team
colours are like, red. I can't wait.

This was too much now, Brad was feeling way too hot and the moment was starting to drive him and his cock wild, especially with the view up her skirt opening and closing as she moved around excitedly. Soph chucked the uniform back in her bag and proclaimed so
can I get this out of the road today?

Brad smiled and said sure as he made a shift for the room he had now in mind to explore things further. Just wait here and I will be back in a minute. A few minutes passed,
the room had to be sorted out. Brad moved the massage table to the wall and decided this would suffice as a surgery. After all this girls a bit ditzy.

Come on in, Sophie hops off the couch, and enters and looks around wonderingly but without any indifference, as Brad firly closes the door. Trying to hold his nerve Brad kept talking to a minimum, prompted Sophie to stand as he sat
at the desk with a serious expression. Sophie complied and stood close to him. Thinking gently, gently, yet with the raging urge to ravage this little hottie, Brad placed his hand on
Soph's waist and felt up to her underarms and down to her waist, turned her around. Legs apart, she complied. Bend over for me. This was a brillaint request, Sophie had
great elasticity and arched over touching her toes.

Hold it there, Brad said with some urgency as Soph's butt now in his face and her panties the only layer between him and her pussy. The fact the panties Soph had on were
white with navy blue frill around the edges just screamed innocence for the taking. This was amazing, she looked so sexy in this hot skirt from the outside. But the cute
face and delicate brown hair emerging from what was her natural blonde, was matched by the soft cotten panty underwear she had underneath.

Sophie returned to face Brad and was a bit flushed but did not appear to second guess Brad's actions. Ok Sophie this might be easier if we have you down to your underwear,
Brad didn't make eye contact to see Sophies reaction but swung around in his chair importantly. When he turned back she was already undressed. Sophie a bit emabarrased
that she only had her old training bra on and girly briefs.

Her breasts hadn't really matured much for her age now, but they were definitely getting too big for the bra which was basically her first bra. It was not the type of
thing to give breast support but Soph was so firm that her pert tits just sat in the light fabric so firmly anyway. The panties, now visable front-on, had a tiny purple bow at
the top and sat tightly over her pronounced pussy mound, then slightly gathered together, in folds a bit, as they extended down around her vag.This made it clear that she hadn't
much hair on the mound but everything else was vague and alluring.

Come over to the table, and we'll lie you down. Hopefully get a better view that way.Brad pushed and felt her stomach and moved down to the hips. Softly he drags the
panties down a bit, and preses some more. Soph doesn't flinch. Her faint pube hair visible now but wispy and thin. Brad pulls them down a bit further and suprisingly Soph
raises her butt unexpectedly off the table to unable the movement of her panties from her waist. The panties now with sudden jolt slip along her tender legs.

Brad looks at his patient. Soph's eyes look immense and now a sexy feeling exudes with a raw willingness.

This place would pass as a doctor's surgery i guess, but it'll be nice type of day spa too, Soph asserted in a telling admission hinting at her doubts of the authenticity she has encountered, given he was so direct focussed on getting her naked, and feeling her up. It excited her young desires, hence the fact she let him get into her panties like this. Do you have any massage oil? Brad smiled, I have something better. He bends down and approaches the bare pussy before him. It does have hair around the labia lips , as if it hasn't been trimmed but so fine and fair that it is cuter than anyting Brad's seen.

Sophie recklessly forfilling her curiousity for sexual lust, braces for the touch of a man. The last thing she expects as Brad spreads her legs apart, and places the
wispy hair aside is his warm wet toungue on her pussy. Soph arches her back and the bliss follows unrelentingly. Brad, expertly manipulates the labia lips and caresses
her clit in intermitent waves of pleasure.

sophie breathing is heavily laboured to allow oxygen, as she writhes to Brad's forceful tongue and mouth engorging from her nipples and down on her vag. As the convulsion appears
to mount in intensity, he denies her the satisfaction of an orgasm.

Brad's clutches at his pants to remove them and urgently and his cock swings up and erect glistening with precum. Before Sophie can take in what's happened, he is
rubbing his cock on her swollen vag hole. Again Soph braces having regained her breath. Before she can protest, and too exhausted to make words coherent Brad has his head
inside Soph and her young pussy is heaved on by Brad's manhood searching as far as it will go.

Sophie is pulled by the legs and Brad heaves with rapid momentum, on her virgin hole taking at least half of him inside. Relentless pounding again releases the imminent
surge to orgasm. Hahhh,,ah,,,ah,, ah,ahhh,ah,, mm,, mm,, ah

Sophie cums, her mindblown by the rush and her pussy ravaged by Brad fierce thrashing at her little wet hole. The sound of her sweet voice deperately coming to him,
sets Brad off and he pulls out and shoots his load up her chest, a burst of hot cum flops onto her lil bod, the second burst shooting up onto her lower lip and down her chin.
Sophie's mouth opens to taste the warm salty cum.

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This story is pretty crap, extend the sex, use quotation marks and use more detail

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