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Katie is turning 15 years old and her friends want to have a sleepover
--- Naughty Birthday ---

Sam hears a knock on the door and walks over to answer it. "Hey

Meghan, how are you?"

Meghan was 15 years old like Sam and had a perfect body. Her breasts

were almost fully developed and the rest of her body was

beautifically curved and tan.

"I'm good. I hope this sleepover will be as good as last year's was"

"Lets hope so, I..." Sam replies but gets cut off by another knock.
He opens the door to see Katie holding a sleeping bag. She was just

as good looking as Meghan only a few inches shorter and not quite as


"Hello there birthday girl!" Sam said smiling and checking out her


"Hi Sam, hey Meghan. I'm finally 15 with you guys" She said grinning

looking at Sam's tan and perfectly tanned body, "Where do you want

us to put our sleeping bags?"

"Anywhere you want, I don't really care" Sam said sitting down on

the couch, "What do you guys wanna do?"

Meghan puts her bags near the door and sits down next to Sam. "I

dunno!" She says.

Katie puts her sleeping bag on the floor and sits on the couch on

the other side of Sam "I dont mind, what is there to do?"

Sam smiles then says "I'm not sure..whatever you want to do"

"It's up to you, you're the host" smiles Katie

Meghan gives them a shiny white smile

Sam rolls his eyes then gets up to get a drink. "You want anything?"

"Guys" Meghan says "Lets not just sit here...lets do SOMETHING!!!

And I'll take a pepsi"

"Amen to that, what do you guys want to do?!" Sam says handing

Meghan her soda, "What do you want Katie?"

"Oh I don't want anything I'm fine."

"Geez It's Hot" Sam groans as he takes off his shirt and cracks open

a Dr. Pepper

Meghan stares at him "Wow" she mutters

Sam smiles then says, "Well we can't just sit here and do nothing"

"ok" says meghan "You have a pool out back?"

"I Sure Do!"

"Cool I'll change into my bikini"

"Great!" Katie says and walks off to the bathroom to change

"Where should I change?" Meghan asks.

"You can just change in my room, I got my swim trunks on under my


Sam then walks out to the pool just as Katie comes out of the

bathroom with her purple bikini on.

"You like?" She says twirling.

"Very Nice" He replies checking her out

Sam then grabs Katie by the arm and jumps in the pool

"Hey!! Not cool" Katie says giggling

The next thing both of them know Meghan runs full speed and

cannonballs into the pool

"Why hello there.." Sam says looking at Meghan's silky soft looking


Katie gets out of the pool. "I think I heard someone ring the


"I'll go check" Sam says hopping out of the pool, "Meghan it's your


"Shit guys, I gotta go I'll see you later have fun!" Meghan says

grabbing her stuff and walking out of the door.

"What was that about?" Katie asks walking up to Sam

"Her mom said she was grounded and wasn't even supposed to be here"

Sam replied looking at Katie's sexy wet body

"Oh Okie Dokie" Katie says secretly checking out Sam

"That bikini looks tight, how do you get into it baby?"

Katie laughs, "What do you want to do now?"

"Whatever you want it's your birthday"

"Your the host"

"Fine, fine. But first do you want to get changed?" Sam says not

taking his eyes from her sleek body.

"Sure" Shye says walking to his room "Your bathroom is a little

small I'd rather change in here"

Sam chuckles "No problemo"

Katie raps her hair in the towell and takes her bikini top off

noticing she's left the door open a little

Sam walks to his room and catches a glimpse off her naked breasts "

Daaamn.." He thinks to himself

She walks out of Sam's room into the living room wearing her black

and red pajamas with bear slippers

"Nice slippers!" Sam laughs

"You be quiet! Aren't you going to get changed?"

"Yeah I was waiting for my room"

Sam then walks into his room and changes into blue snap-off pants
A few minutes later he strolls into the living room and looks at

Katie kicking her slipper on and off waiting patiently

"Soooooo" He says to get her attention

"Hmm?" Katie says checking out Sam's toned chest, "I saw you have

Twister, let's play that!"

--- Ten minutes later ---

"Right hand red" Katie says after she spins the spinner

"CRAP!" Sam yells out as he falls over onto Katie, "Guess I'm out..

what do you want to do now?"

"I donno" Katie says running her fingers through her hair

"This is it.." Sam thinks to himself and pulls off her shirt

"Sooo you were thinking the same thing..." Katie smiles

Sam fondles her breasts a little and runs to the room jokingly

"Hey! Where are you going with my shirt!" Katie yells giggling

He pushes the door open and falls on the bed, right as Katie jumps

on her knees onto the bed

"I got your shirt and I'm not gonna give it back so hah!" Sam says

smiling looking at her breasts

"I don't know. There's not a lot i can do without a shirt....every

shop says no shirt no shoes no service. I need service..." jokes


Sam pops a boner and then feels up Katie's smooth body

"What's going on down there?" grins Katie

"What do you think" he grins back

Katie couldn't play games anymore, She leaned forward and slid her

tongue into his mouth and felt him tongue her back

She stroked his toned chest and pulled off his pants exposing his 7

inch dick, "mmmm looks yummy"

"You wanna taste him?" Sam smiled

"Oh you know it" Katie smiled back and moved down to put his cock in

her mouth

"Don't stop it feels so good babe" he moaned

"This is great birthday" Katie said looking up into his eyes

"One of the breast..erm best.. ever" He replied just as Katie sucked

even harder and licked the tip of his dick

"Oooh I'm gonna cum in your mouth soon ok Katie?"

"Good I'm getting thirsty"

Right as she said the he shot his warm load all over inside her

mouth "Omg that was great, my turn know" Sam said as he jerked down

her pajama pants to see her wet pussy

"Ok hunny" Katie said laying back on his sheets

"He licked her pussy lips quickly then slid his two fingers in and

out slowly

"ooooooooh that's good" moaned Katie as Sam went down and sucked her

clit a little bit "Oh God" Moaned Katie loudly

"You taste delicious" He said as he slid his tongue in and out of

her tight slit

"mmm you too" She breated

Sam then sucked her clit and fingered her deeper then before

"OOH GOD YES" Katie screamed as an electrifying orgasm washed over

her whole body

"mmm yumm" he said as he licked up all her pussy juices

"You want to fuck me now baby?" ask Katie getting up and crawling on

top of him, her hands just above his shoulders

"Ok" Sam said quickly as he pulled her on top of his hard dick

Katie giggled softly and he started to push her gently up and down

on top of his cock

"That's it baby..that's it.." Katie said softly rocking up and down

on him

Sam squeezed her ass as he let her rock faster and faster "Oh yeah

Katie, don't stop..don't stop...don't stop mmmm"

Katie rocked up and down even faster "You like that Sam? She asked,

her tits wobbling

"Oh god you know it. You feel so good" He moaned

"You too baby you too oh god you too Sam mmm!!" Katie moaned back

loudly, "You gonna cum on my chest soon cuz that's what I've been

waiting for"

"MMMmm you know it" Sam said as Katie rocked faster and faster and a

few moments later he pulled out and cummed a second time all over

Katie's breasts

"OOOH mmmmmmmmm" Katie screamed as she had another wet orgasm all

over Sam then she laid across him

"What's wrong?" She said looking up at him seeing a look of dread in

his eyes

Katie turned around to see both sets of parents staring at them

"Hi there" Sam and Katie both said, how in the hell would they get

out of this one.

--- The End ---

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