Took a break from my Jessica Loves Me series to write this. The first part is straight from the series Chuck but thats to make sure everyone is up to speed in whats happening. Hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is most appreciated.
Chuck had just rescued Sarah from the Daniel Shaw and had taken her to a hotel after saying goodbye to John Casey and his best friend Morgan. Chuck had also just registered his first kill as a spy. The scene was still very vivid, like it had just happened. Shaw had Sarah leaning over the bridge near where his wife was murdered, his gun in hand, whispering into her ear on how he was going to kill her. Chuck had pursued Shaw hoping he would find a way of getting Sarah away from Shaw without killing him. Chuck didn’t know if he could pull the trigger and kill a man. Chuck had never really liked Shaw and he didn’t hide that fact either. But Chuck was no killer and he knew that.

Chuck had run up the bridge and pointed his gun at Shaw and said “Stop!!”

Shaw had turned round and pointed his gun at Chucks head and replied “I warned you.”

“Please, it doesn’t have to be like this. This isn’t you Shaw. You can’t do this” Chuck was panicking inside he knew what he had to do. The moment Shaw had taken Sarah Chuck knew he had to Stop Shaw, no matter what the cost was. Chuck had started to lower his gun, trying to get Shaw to reconsider and back down. Until Shaw said:

“No Chuck. I can. You can’t.”

Chuck let his instincts take over, he raised his gun and fired 3 rounds into Shaw’s chest. Chuck had looked down at his gun in disbelief at what he had done. He looked up and saw Shaw grab Sarah’s hand and begin to fall over the bridge and into the river, dragging Sarah with her. Chuck screamed out Sarah’s name and ran to her, grabbing hold of her for dear life, not letting her be dragged down with Shaw. Shaw’s hand slowly slipped off Sarah’s and Chuck watched as he plunged to the cold depths of the river. Chuck then wrapped Sarah in his arms and held her to him still in shock at what had happened.

At long last he had gathered himself and taken Sarah to the nearest hotel and booked the two of them a room, he had taken her up there and laid her down in the bed. Chuck had then gone off to say goodbye and give his thanks to Casey and Morgan who were catching the next flight out of Paris with the ring director in there custody. Chuck had gone back to the hotel and collapsed into a chair by the bed where Sarah lay and stayed awake through the night making sure Sarah was ok and that he would be there when she woke up. Dreading the moment she woke up and asked him what had happened. Would she still like him, Chuck had just killed a man and Sarah had made it clear that she couldn’t love Chuck if he was a killer. He would have to try and reason with her.

Sarah started to stir in the early morning when the sun was coming up. Chuck was on the computer trying to catch up on a few things he had to do for the Buy More. When Chuck start to stir he got up with the laptop and went over to Sarah and sat on the edge of the bed putting the laptop to one side.

“Hey. How you feeling?”

Sarah sat up and looked at Chuck “What happened?”

“Everything's ok now.”

“But what about Shaw?”

Chuck cringed at that question and he knew the time had come to see how Sarah would take it. “He’s dead. I’m sorry”

“Oh my god, I remember. There was a cafe and a bridge and he tried to kill me. Oh my god you shot him.”

Chuck could see this was going badly and was breaking up inside. He had done everything to protect the woman he loved. He loved Sarah so much and he couldn’t bare her hating him for what he did. He had to try protect himself and explain what he had done. “I know. I couldn’t let him hurt you Sarah. Trust me, I did what I had to do. But I’m still the same guy. I’m still Chuck. I promise”

“You saved me” Sarah leaned over and kissed Chuck. Chuck was taken aback but got over that in a couple seconds and kissed her back. They broke the kiss and looked at each other. Chuck felt a wave of relief wash over him and smiled at Sarah and then leaned forward kissed Sarah again.

But they were interrupted by the sound of the laptop which had just received an incoming video call from General Beckman. “Chuck. Sarah. Excellent work. I have consulted with Colonel Casey and he brought me up to speed. I’ll expect a full report once you get back to Burbank.”

Chuck looked at Sarah and replied “Actually General, I think we’re going to need a few more days in Paris”

“No I want you back a s a p. We have a new mission. Last night a team of assassins broke in. . .” Sarah reached for the laptop and turned it around so it was facing the wall “Agent Bartowski? Agent Walker? I’ve lost contact. Get them back.” Sarah smiled and closed the laptop and turned to look at Chuck.

Chuck looked at her and asked “I don’t know. .”

Sarah interrupted “Shut up and kiss me”

Chuck smiled and leaned in and kissed her with all the passion he had for her that had been mounting all these past years. Sarah returned the kiss with just as much passion and fell back on her pillow pulling Chuck with her. Chuck allowed himself to be pulled down and pulled the sheets over the two of them as they kissed each other with fiery passion.

Chuck began to kiss his way down Sarah’s neck, slowly, savouring each time his lips brush her skin. Chuck reaches the base of Sarah’s neck and lingers there while his hands grab her shirt and pulls it off, pulling his head back to allow the shirt to come off. Sarah reaches behind her and undoes her bra and drops it to one side and then taking Chuck’s head in her hands pulls him up for a long passionate kiss before releasing him. Chuck immediately begins his covert operation of ‘get Sarah off under duvet’.

Chuck lowers his head to Sarah’s wondrous mounds and buries his head between them. He begins to run his tongue along them and then takes one of her nipples into his mouth and begins to suck and play with it. Sarah Runs her hands through Chucks curly hear moaning out loud as shivers are sent up her spine from the treatment Chuck is giving her breasts. Chuck not wanting to bring the bartowski name down gives his all in attending to Sarah’s breasts, nipping her nipples, flicking each with his tongue while his hands fondle the other his mouth is not attached to. He then runs his hands down her soft skin to her pants where he begins to pull them down trying to indicate what he wants to do to Sarah. Sarah obliging lifts her cute round ass off the bed so Chuck can pull them off with his mouth still attached to her breast.

Chuck begins to continue his journey south kissing her soft skin all the way down, savouring each kiss. Chuck finally arrives at his destination and is not disappointed when he sees that the way has been cleared for his landing and that there is not a single hair to halter his course. As he continues to stare at this treasure Sarah looks down in time to see Chucks eyes roll back. Chuck feels the usual rush come over hi and sees all different ways in how to pleasure a woman by going down on them.

“Chuck?? Did you just flash??”

Chuck coming out of his flash looks up at Sarah’s concerned face and smiles. Not trying to think why pleasuring a woman is in the intersect at this point in time he focuses on the more pressing matter at hand. Chuck lowers his head and begins to run his tongue up Sarah’s slit opening it up for his invasion. Using techniques and intel gathered from all around the world Chuck rushes into his mission eagerly. He begins to start drawing patterns on Sarah’s clit while moving his hand up to help his tongue out. Sarah’s concern about Chuck’s flash is thrown out the window when she experiences the strongest feelings to have ever been felt by her body. Sarah doesn’t even have to time to think about where Chuck could have learned how to become so orally competent when she feels her climax building up and when Chuck pushes two fingers into her that pushes her over the edge.

Sarah had experienced some pretty intense orgasms in her life with all the men she had dated but she had never experienced anything of this magnitude. She screams her release as her juices squirt onto Chucks face. Chuck doesn’t even hesitate as he continues his attack on her. He curls his fingers in her and finds her g-spot and begins to do all sorts of things to it learned from the intersect. Sarah barely has time to come down from her most powerful orgasm of her life to be thrown into another record breaking climax as Chuck clamps down on her clit. Sarah shouts out Chucks name as her legs clamp together around Chuck’s head as she squirts a fresh wave of her juices all over his hands. Chuck is still attacking Sarah’s pussy with vigour when Sarah comes down from her latest orgasm, when he feels his head being pushed away weakly. Chuck backs off and looks at Sarah in confusion.

“If you make cum like that one more time I’m going to pass out and I don’t want to do that until I have returned the favour.” Sarah says weakly, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

Chuck smiles and pushes the duvet off them and crawls up the bed to kiss his girlfriend reflecting on the most successful and fulfilling mission to date. Chuck leans down and kisses his beautiful girlfriend. Sarah kisses him back tasting her juices on Chuck’s lips. Sarah gets even more turned on getting a bit of energy back begins to kiss Chuck harder, trying to get all her juices from his mouth. Chuck enjoys kissing his girlfriend with so much passion when he feels Sarah’s hands on his chest. Sarah breaks the kiss and then pushes Chuck hard so he falls backwards onto his back. Chuck looks up to see the most sexy sight to have ever graced his eyes as Sarah gets onto her hands and knees and begins to crawl towards him, swaying her hips to full effect. Sarah’s eyes are burning with desire as she looks down at Chuck. Sarah reaches Chuck and grabs his shirt in her hands she proceeds to rip it apart and pull it off roughly. She then grabs his pants and underwear and pulls both down with one pull with practised ease. She is taken aback by the size of Chuck not having ever imagined his size even after all the time she has been keeping an eye on Chuck. Chuck’s 11 inch cock is staring up at Sarah wanting to be attended to.

Sarah getting over her surprise lowers her head and begins to try take as much of him in his mouth as she can. Chuck lets out a moan of approval as Sarah swallows 7 inches into her mouth and throat. Sarah runs her tongue along his length while she begins to go up and down his cock, trying each time to get more and more into her mouth. Priding herself on somebody that always does a good job she does not want to start failing now. She forces herself to take the biggest cock she’s had down her throat. It takes her longer than she hoped but at last she is able to get to the base of his cock. Sarah then proceeds to start bobbing her head up and down while running her tongue around his big asset. Chuck is loving every second of this, enjoying how Sarah is the first girl to have ever gotten his entire length into her mouth, Jill coming in 2nd with being able to get in 10 inches but failing to get that last inch in. Chuck begins to feel his cum boil in his balls and knows he’s about to cum.

“Sarah!! Cumming!!”

Sarah swallows his length and holds herself at the base of his cock and just sucks Chuck’s cock as hard as she can. Chuck begins to cum and pumps his cum down Sarah’s throat. He keeps on cumming and Sarah is amazed at how much cum Chuck is pumping down her throat into her belly. Chuck hasn’t been able to get himself off in the last few months due to all the missions and back log caused by them at the Buy More so he knows he has lots of pent up cum waiting to be released. And released it is. He keeps pumping a huge load of cum down Sarah’s throat as Sarah struggles to swallow it all and breathe. Sarah gives it her best effort and is not disappointed when Chuck finally stops cumming and she hasn’t split a drop.

Sarah lifts her head up and crawls up to cuddle next to her boyfriend. Chuck wraps her up in his arms savouring the happiest moment in his life.

“Thank you Sarah”

“It was my pleasure Chuck, it’s me that should be thanking you.”

“Don’t think about it. But I do wonder why going down on a woman is in the intersect”

“I don’t know. Maybe it as something to do with seduction in the field and being able to please any target so not to compromise yourself”

“I don’t know but I don’t really intend finding out. There is one thing I wanted to ask you though Sarah”

“Oh? What’s that Chuck?”

“I’ve never really seen the Eiffel tower before or Europe for that matter and I was wondering if you wanted to come on holiday with me. Maybe catch a Euro train. It might be fun?”

“I still have some cash I have put away from mission bonuses I think that would be great. I haven’t ever really had a holiday since I joined the spy life.”

“That’s great!! Then I’ll go organise a compartment for two while you pack. As much as I want to continue the fun I fear if we stay here to long the agency might send out agents t come get us and I really don’t feel like going back right now.”

“You’re right, General Beckman has probably already sent out operatives to track us down and get us state side. We better move fast”

Deleted scenes of the train trip pending on your response to this story.

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