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She’d been the one that I’d thought about for months. She was all that was on my mind, even when we were just friends. I tried my hardest to hold back my feelings for her, but I just couldn’t any longer. It was slowly making me sick to hold this secret back and so I finally unleashed my true feelings for her.
Her dark cocoa colored skin was radiant, always glowing. It was the perfect contrast with my fair skin, the true definition of opposites attracting. She had a very feminine figure, yet still fairly slim, something that turned me on even more especially with my fuller build. I had imagined the two of us holding each other in our arms, as I slowly brought her into the next chapter of her life, one in which I would become the man of her dreams.
But, above all, it is her eyes that are most sensual about her. Each and every time I look into those wide dark shiny eyes, I get hornier and hornier, my cock throbbing. I can barely control my hormones when she smiles at me and her eyes widen. They are the eyes of a goddess, waiting to be fucked like no one has ever fucked her before.
Now here she is, laying on the bed with a purple silk robe on, the same color that she’d worn the night that I had first discovered my love for her. She lay there so innocent, batting her eyelashes and smirking at me. As innocent and sweet as she may appear, she is a tigress waiting to be treated as a whore, my whore. I move on to the bed and lay on top of her as I start pecking her on the lips. The way she moves and moans quietly while I make our kisses longer and start using my tongue a bit more, make me want to speed it up and just get to what it is that I want. But, something holds me back. As much as I want to enjoy my own self, I want to make her feel like the woman that she is, my queen.
I loosen up her robe and start moving my kisses down to her chest, using my tongue to tickle her tits, making her moan a bit louder. I slowly start nibbling in between each kiss, sucking on them as though I’m a child. But, this is the way that it will be once we start our new life together and she will be the mother of my children.
Still living in the moment, I slowly moved my kisses down to her navel and eventually, to the golden spot. Her pussy is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, it’s perfect. She’s shaven, just the way that I like it. This gives me an even better feeling inside; she actually listens to the things that make me happy and keeps it in mind. For this I am truly blessed to have such a woman and I will make her enjoy her night. Her pussy is that of a goddess, and that is how she’ll be treated.
I pull down my underwear that now resembles a circus tent for how large my boner is. I’ve had boners over the thought of her, but having her here on the bed all to myself, makes me harder than I have ever been in my entire life. But what turns me on even more is that fact that she is in awe at my cock, breaking all stereotypes of light men and their manhood. Though I’m long, I’m thicker than that of the average man, something that makes her eyes light up. And those lips, how seductive they are, how I’d love to ram my dick inside of it while making her choke, but that’ll be for another day.
By now she’s soaked and I can see she’s ready, its time for me to treat her right. I slowly retract my foreskin, revealing my head and its extreme thickness. I take it and start rubbing her pussy lips, teasing her, not giving her the jackpot just yet. She moans, “Ah yeah, baby, fuck me. Just fuck me and treat me like I’m your whore. I want to be your slut.”
Its at that request, I decide that I should give it to her just the way she wants it. Without any hesitation, I take my cock and ram it into her tight pussy, forcing it in. She gasps, almost in tears, she’s taken aback by the extent of the size of dick. But, she begs for more, making me hornier. How lucky I am to have a woman that wants to feel pain, I can make her wish come true.
Now I force my cock in deeper and start fucking her with no mercy, making her scream to be spared. I flip her over so she’s on all fours, like a dog, after all isn’t that man’s best friend? From this angle, my dick is so deep inside her that I speed the pace up to make her feel what its like to fucked by a white cock. I go between slapping her gorgeous cocoa colored ass, to twisting her nipples like a savage. She is moaning and gasping, her juices flowing in unison. My cock is covered in her pussy juice as it runs down on to it, making this effortless with no friction.
I throw her down onto the bed still behind her, now being able to pound her pussy harder. Even if she asks me to stop, I can’t at this point, I feel as though my control is gone. But she doesn’t. Instead she asks me to keep going until I am satisfied. How lucky I am to a woman like her, willing to give me whatever I want.
By this point I can feel it coming, my heart racing faster, our two bodies together as we sweat profusely. I can feel pressure slowly starting to develop and I want to cum as though I have never cummed. I pick up the pace, my saggy hairy balls slapping her beautiful round ass, making the noise so apparent. She seems to get horny by the sound of my balls slapping that ass of hers.
Now I can feel that the time has come. Something has come over me and I can’t control myself and my usual calmness. I start moaning and gasping as though I have entered into paradise and she is my forbidden fruit. I turn her head toward me and start kissing her passionately as my speed is faster than I have ever even driven before. Then I pull out from the kiss and start pulling on her hair, making her feel as though she is my servant. Now she is screaming and I am so close to that point of paradise. In seconds, I feel it shooting out of my cock with such power slapping the walls of her pussy. The warmth of my jizz adds to the heat of this night and as it fills her tight pink pussy she moans calling me, “Papa”. This sets me off and makes me keep flowing my cum as though it is the cream of heaven.
My cheeks are now flush in a crimson color. I pull out of her, only to be surprised by her desire to treat me. I lay on my back as she pushes me down and then she begins to lick my cock clean. She uses her tongue like no other, sticking inside of my whole and sucking out any cum that has continued to flow out. Then she begins playing with my foreskin, using her tongue to clean the cum that she has made me shoot out with her beauty. Its as though I have gone to heaven with that jumpy feeling that I get as she cleans under my foreskin. I feel as though I could jizz again, this time on her beautiful face. With her cum covered lips she starts licking my balls, fondling with them, regardless of their hairiness, as she tells me that she likes them just the way they are.
Then she raises her head and I tell her to come and lay on top of me. We start kissing, intensely, with our tongues working viciously. I’m hard again, even harder than before. I look at her beautiful eyes, and she nods, I put my cock back into her tight pussy, now soaked with my juice. Our night has just began.

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2011-06-26 03:06:20
Made my black pussy very wet. Thanks Vincey

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2011-06-24 01:59:57

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2011-05-28 06:00:20

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2011-05-26 03:53:59
A very good story on the whole. Good pace and deion, billed as a true story but reads like a fantasy. Not well constructed, you talk about imagining fucking her then go right into the story of a supposedly real fuck, with of course a huge cock.

It has two impossible details which I've seen several times here lately. You were about to cum while fucking her from behind and your balls were slapping her ass.

When a man is about to cum his balls are pull themselves up tight against the base of his cock and can't slap anything.

When you're fucking a woman from behind her ass is above your cock, your balls cannot slap her ass in that position.

Think about the realities while you write and don't include impossible bullshit. Huge cocks do exist there are pictures of them but they are very rare. However half the men who write on this, site claim huge cocks....BULLSHIT.

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2011-05-13 12:20:52
ah that was beautifully amazing

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