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A week had passed since I had sex with Kim’s mother, Barbara, and I was ready for more. I waited until my parents were asleep before I snuck out. As I reached Barbara’s backyard, I looked around to make sure no one was about. I moved to Barbara’s window with the idea of waking her up for sex.

As I got close to the window I could hear moaning, and the sounds of two people fucking like no tomorrow. I moved away and checked Kim’s window. She was asleep. So I moved to the far side of the house and there was Neal’s car.

I waited until Neal left for the night, and I went around to Barbara’s window and knocked. “Barbara, I need to talk to you, may I come in”?
She came to the door with a look of surprise “It’s too late for you to be out. What do you want?

“I came to be with you, I wanted to have sex again” I said. “Why was he here tonight“?
“He is my ex-husband and the father of my children” she answered.
“But I thought we would be together, Barbara” I said weakly.
“Look, what happened was a mistake, I never should have had sex with you” she said.
“You are too young and I was wrong. Go home and leave me alone”.

I was hurting and angry and all I could think of was getting even.
“What if I started telling people the baby you are carrying is mine”?
“You wouldn’t dare” she said.
“Ok, well, listen to the neighborhood tomorrow, I going to tell every one starting with Kim” I replied.

I could see her weaken, so I went for the kill.
“How many people know you shave your pussy, or have a mole under your left breast”?
“They will all know we have been fucking“ I said. The blood drained from her face. “I have you now” I thought.

“What do you want from me” she said faintly. I felt my cock grow hard in my pants. “Follow me outside” I said. I turned and started to walk away not bothering to look if she followed. I heard the door close behind me. I walked to the middle of the Backyard.
I knew it was late but I liked the idea of someone seeing us.
“Take off the robe” I said. She did.
“Drop to your knees now” I demanded. She did.
“Unzip me” I ordered. She did.
“Now suck me off and be noisy about it.

I felt her warm mouth close over my cock. Her tongue tasting the under side of my cock. My knees went weak from her tender attentions she was giving me.
Slurping sounds escaped her lips as she sucked.
Watching her head bob up and down on my cock and the power I felt was so great that I blasted my sperm in her mouth.
“Don’t swallow it yet bitch; play with it in your mouth. I want to see it on your lips” I demanded.
She did.

I walked away from the house feeling so powerful that I knew I wanted more.
Barbara would not give in so easy again. I had to take my time and create a record of us having sex. So she could never again refuse me or fuck anyone but me.
I was going to have a full grown woman and with luck, Kim too!

I found out that Kim and a new girl to the neighborhood named Peggy were going to have a sleep-over at Peggy’s house on Saturday.
Peggy was curvy and earthy, the girl next door. She was a very free spirit even then.
Kim was classy and the type most likely to marry a doctor.

I went to the store the next day to purchase a Polaroid camera and three boxes of film. When Saturday came around I was ready and hoping for some luck.
I snuck over to Peggy’s house and into her backyard. I wanted to catch them having sex and I was going to take some pictures.

Please remember, I was young and believed girls did girls as easy as they did guys according to the magazines.
All I could overhear was them talking about boys and some they would like to see naked.
I approached the tent and let them know I was there.

“Can I come in” I asked.
Peggy was the first to say ok, Kim was not so sure, but agreed it would be ok for a while.
For the first hour the talk was about school and who the cool teachers were. But I started a game of spin the bottle. And then it turned into truth or dare.

After about a half hour Peggy was topless. Her beautiful breasts were within reach. Her nipples were about the size of half dollars. I could not take my eyes off of them. Kim was wearing a bra and panties. I could see her looking at Peggy’s tits too.
I was in my underwear. Trying to hide my stiff cock.

It was Kim’s turn and she asked Peggy “truth or Dare”. “Dare” Peggy answered.
Let him suck your tits for a minute. I could not believe my luck. Peggy stuck out her chest to me and I started licking and sucking her tits as much as I could in the minute I had.

Then it was my turn “Kim, truth or dare”. “Dare” said Kim.
“Suck Peggy’s tits for two minutes“. Kim smiled and moved over to Peggy and started sucking like she was breast feeding. Peggy’s eyes were closed and I could tell she was ready to fuck. At the two minute mark Kim was still sucking and Peggy did not care.
I watched the two girls caught up in the moment. I knew that I could fuck at least one of them then and there. But I had to stay on course.
I dressed and left for the night. The girls seemed not to notice my leaving.

I waited about fifteen minutes and went back with my camera.
I moved to the back side of the tent. Looking in I could see the were both naked and kissing. Their hands explored each other. Their fingers were pushing into each others pussies.

Peggy put her head between Kim’s legs and she started to lick.
Kim reached out and grabbed Peggy’s hair. “Oh god that feels sooo goood” Kim moaned. Kim moved to place her head near Peggy’s pussy. I could just see her tongue snake out and lick Peggy. Kim seemed to unsure about eating Peggy. But Peggy pushed her pussy to Kim’s lips.

Kim started to lick and push her tongue into Peggy. They both were moaning and licking with abandon. The sounds of slurping and wet kissing were growing in volume as they became more frantic in their passions. I rose up the camera and took aim. Flash, the girls started screaming and I was gone. By the time I reached home. I had a picture; I went to the utility room to look at just what I had.

Nothing. The picture was blurred by the screen of the tent.
The girls looked like a tan sheet. There was no way anyone would believe it was a picture of Kim and Peggy eating each other out. I went to bed for the night hoping they did not know it was me.

The next day at school Kim all but attacked me. “You asshole, how could take my picture” she yelled. “I have a bet with some guys in school” I lied.
“What kind of a bet” she asked.
“A group of us guys bet five dollars each we could get nude pictures of a girl in school. that was not a girlfriend” I answered.

“Money! I’ll give you money just give me the picture” she demanded.
“Ok, it will be one hundred dollars” I said. “A hundred dollars? Why so much?” she asked.
“There are a lot of guys in on the bet” I said.
“Ok I will pay, now give me the picture” she said.
“Do you have the money on you” I asked? “No, but I can get it” she said.

“Sorry Kim, the bet is the first one with a picture wins the bet. I can’t take the chance some one will bring in a picture” I said.
“I don’t have the money now. But I can get it to you” she said.
“Well, if you could make it worth my while to take a chance on losing the bet” I said.
“What do you want from me” she asked.

“You could let me have my way with you, in exchange for the time to get the money to buy the photo. Or just trade it for hundred dollars worth of sex” I said
“What? Are you joking?” she asked. I smiled and started to walk away
“Ok, I’ll just show the photo and pick up the money” I said over my shoulder.
“Wait, what are you wanting from me” she asked. “Sex” I replied.

“What kind of sex” she asked. “Pussy, blowjobs, when I want it” I said.
“No way” she said. “Ok, see you next period” I said. “Don’t go please” she yelled.
I looked her in the eyes trying to get a read on her. “Make an offer then and hurry” I said.
“I will jerk you off three times” she said. I smiled and said “Bye”.

“Ok, Blowjobs” she said. I turned quickly. “When I want and where” I said.
“Two blowjobs only” she countered. I started walking away.
“Don’t make me do this” she pleaded. I stopped and turned “Blowjobs when I want and were I want. And if I want you naked you will do it” I said.

“Please don’t” she sobbed. “Look Kim you have fucked a lot of the guys here at school, but never me” I shouted. “I am too much like a brother. I hear Incest is best, sis”.
“My cock or hundred dollars” I demanded. “Make up your mind now”!

“Ok I agree” she cried. “Great, let’s go to the hole” I said.
The hole was just that a hole in the wall under the football stadium. The players used the place for sex and smoking dope. “Now” she asked?
“Yeah, I want to make sure you really are going to suck my cock” I said.

She followed me to the hole. I could hear her sobbing the whole way there.
When we entered there was a black guy smoking some pot. His name was Jake.
He played football and was with the in crowd. When Kim saw Jake she looked relieved.
I think she thought that I would not demand sex now.

“Hey” said Jake. “Hello” I replied. “Can I have this place for a while Kim’s going to suck me off”. Kim looked faint, her knees buckled. “Really man, cool but I will just watch ok” he said. “Sure I don’t mind” I replied.
“Kim, strip now” I said. “Please don’t make me” she said. She turned to Jake “please don’t let him do this” she begged. I looked at Jake and said “she made a deal, now she has to keep her end”.

“Hey man, if she will blow you, go for it” he said. “Better get naked, girl”
Kim stood alone; she looked at me and Jake. I thought for a moment she would run away.
Slowly she reaches up and unbuttoned her top. My cock sprang to attention. She unzipped her jeans. Jake’s eyes followed every move she made. She reached behind her back and took off her bra. Her sweet tits fell free. Jake’s hand moved to his crotch. She reached for the waist band of her panties and pulled them down. Her gold brown bush came in to view.

Jake started rubbing his pants. His cock was hard.
“Get on your knees, Kim” I demanded. I moved so that Kim’s back was to Jake.
I unzipped and pulled out my stiff cock. As Kim moved to take me in her mouth, I stopped her. I then lay on the ground making her bend forward with her sweet ass in the air facing Jake. Her mouth swallowed my cock. She was trying to make me cum as fast as she could. Jake pulled his cock out and started jerking off. His cock looked about seven inches long and ready to play.

Kim’s mouth felt warm and she sucked in every inch of my cock. I made eye contact with Jake. He must have read my mind because he moved to his knees and grabbed Kim by her hips. I held her head on my cock as he pushed forward entering her pussy. She tried to fight her way free but Jake and I held her down.
She was sobbing again but Jake was fucking her like a machine. After awhile she started sucking my cock again. But this time it felt different, she was in heat from the fucking Jake was giving her.

Moans were now escaping Kim’s mouth. “Never had a thick black cock before, have you, Kim?” I asked. She moaned louder. “Never had two guys at the same time, have you, slut?” I said. She almost screamed from orgasm. The sounds of Jake thighs slapping Kim’s ass and the slurping noises from my cock as she sucked my cock hungrily.
I could feel myself getting ready to blow. Her mouth pushed down onto my wet cock and I started to cum. I shot load after load in her hungry mouth.

Jake moaned “I going to cum, I going to cum”. “Fill her belly with your sperm Jake, Give her a black baby” I cried. Kim’s mouth was still dripping with my juice.
“Please fill me with your cum, Jake, fuck me full”. Jake pulled his shooting cock out of Kim’s pussy and sprayed her back and ass.

“I don’t need a bitch carrying my baby” he said. I started wiping Jake’s sperm with my fingers and feeding it to Kim’s mouth as she licked my fingers hungrily.
“Eat his sperm, lick it” I said. “Man, that’s one hot bitch you got there” said Jake.
“Yeah, she likes her cock. Don’t you, Kim?” I asked. “Yes” she whispered.

“Can I have the picture now” Kim asked. Jake was dressed and gone before I noticed. “No, not yet, that was just the first of many blowjobs you owe me” I said.
“But I was fucked by Jake. That was not the deal” said Kim. “So go find him and complain” I said. “What if I go to the Dean and say I was raped” she yelled.
“Go ahead. I have the picture and the names of about six guys you have been fucking” I replied.

Kim dressed and left for her next class, I had enjoyed her blowjob but Barbara was a lot better. I decided that it was Barbara I wanted. After school, I went over to Kim’s house and Kim was doing her homework. Barbara was taking an early shower.
“Hey Kim, I am ready for another blowjob” I said. Kim looked stunned. “Here? Now?” she asked “Yeah, or go to Peggy’s house to finish your homework “I said.

“Oh yeah, let Peggy know that I look forward to getting some from her too” I said.
Kim wasted no time packing up and left. I waited for Barbara to finish her shower in her room. Barbara walked into the room and jumped in start.
“What are you doing here” she asked? “I felt the need of some of your attentions” I said
“No, No more I will not be used by a kid” she said.

“Ok Barbara I have another hot slut to take care of my needs any way” I smiled
“Kim can suck cock almost as good as you” I said. Barbara looked struck “Kim is…No she is not” yelled Barbara. “I have some photos and she does not want the photos to get out so we made a deal” I said. “As a matter of fact we were all going to the Drive in on Saturday night” I said. “I was going to having Kim service Mike, Tom and me”.

Saturday night came and to everyone’s surprise Barbara came along.
Kim seemed relieved to have her mom along. Peggy kept looking at me with daggers.
Tom and Mike were unhappy about Barbara because they had scored some pot and could not fire up.
Intermission started and everyone but Barbara and me left for the concession stand.

“Stop blackmailing my daughter” Barbara said. “Sorry can’t help you” I replied.
“I am going to go to the police if you don’t stop it” she said. “Go ahead, you know what I will tell them, miss bald pussy” I replied. “How is my baby doing” I asked?
“Look, you have secrets, she has secrets, and one of you will be my piece of ass” I said.
“She is fucking half the school now, including a black guy named Jake” I said.
“You should have seen her take that black cock”.

Barbara was shaken by what I had told her. “She can service me and you can go back to your dildos and other toys” I said. “Leave her alone” she said.
“Then are you going to be my slut?” I asked. “No” she said. “Look, Barbara, you or her and it starts tonight” I said. “I will be sucked off tonight. By you or her, and if it is her then you will let it happen” I yelled. “Choose now Barbara, They are coming back” I said.

I could hear Tom and Mike talking. “Barbara, decide” I said.
Almost at the car. “Barbara, decide” I said. Tom reached for the door. “Barbara, decide” I said. The car door opened. “Barbara, decide” I said.
“ME” she replied “me”.

The second movie started and I waited for about ten minutes.
“I have to go to the restroom” I said. “Kim, want to go with me?”
“I will go” Barbara said. A look of relief crossed Kim’s face. She and I headed to the restroom. I looked in the men’s room and it was clear.

We entered the handicap stall and she looked me in the eyes not knowing what to expect. “Strip” I said. Off came the top. Off came the pants. Off came the panties and bra.
“Kneel” I said. She dropped to her knees. “Knees apart, back straight, head down” I said.
She did as I said. “I own you. I will use you when and were and with anyone I want” I said. She said nothing. “Answer me, cunt” I yelled. “Yes” she said weakly.
“When Neal comes over to use you, ask him for money for the doctors or the baby” I said
“He does not touch you without money” I said. “Yes” she replied.

“Lick my balls” I commanded. Her tongue started licking me
“Who’s my bitch” I asked. “Me” she replied. “Who’s your master” I asked.
“You are” She said. “I am what” I asked. “Master, you are my master” she said.
“You may now suck my cock” I commanded. Her warm mouth swallowed me deep.
Her tongue licked the under side of my shaft. It felt so good watching Barbara’s head going up and down sucking me deeply.

I was ready to cum “Take it in the face slut” I said.
I grabbed my cock and sprayed her face with my sperm. “Get dressed but wear my sperm to the car” I said. Barbara looked scared. Was I going to make her show the others?
As we walked out of the stall, another man walked in.

He saw Barbara’s cum covered face and looked at me.
Barbara could have died then. But what made her knees weak was when I offered her to the man.
“She is free for the taking” I said. I think he was just too shocked because he turned and walk back out. We started for the car. “Please” she said. We kept walking “Please” she said again. We were close to the car. “Please master” she said.

I turned “yes slut” I said. “Please may I clean my face” she asked.
“Wipe the sperm off with your fingers and eat it” I said. “Slut” I said. “Yes master” she replied. “Do not disappoint me ever” I said. “No master” she said.

A week later I watched Neal visit my slut. I creep into the backyard and looked in to the window. Barbara kept the lights on as I had ordered. Neal must have liked the new Barbara. She was sucking his cock like it was the only cock in the world. She made him cum in her mouth. “Damn, you’ve never been that good before” he said.

Barbara kept licking him hard again, and pushed him on the bed.
She climbed on top and started to ride him. I watched his wet cock disappear into her over and over Barbara was cumming hard again and again. Neal blew another load into her.
After he left I went in the house to see my slut. “You did well” I said. “Thank you, master” she replied. I saw the money on the dresser. I walked over and picked it up; he had left a hundred dollars. I took eighty and turned to Barbara. “Position” I said.

She dropped to her knees, knees apart. I reached down and felt her cum filled pussy. I rolled up the last twenty of Neal’s money, and placed it in her cunt. “Use it to buy something nice for yourself.” “Thank you, master” she said.
“Slut” I said.
“Yes, master?”
“Service me now”
“Yes, master”


2007-03-04 16:35:34
So Sick and really STUPID


2006-08-15 00:13:25
you sick mother fucker how could you do that to someone?! you obviously must b some weird looking twisted fuck if the only way you can get ass is by blackmailing and raping people! you fucker, your going to hell


2006-08-02 21:04:39
w/e people i say 8/10 = 0


2006-05-24 11:43:16
how dear you do that to her
she will be hurt forever now
rape messed up peoples lives.


2005-12-30 23:15:51
Slut” I say. “Yes master” you replied. “Do not disappoint me ever” i yell

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