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rape is bad, this is a fantasy, all fiction. clearly
Decemeber 31st 2069

“ah John it’s the end of the decade, finally going to be saying goodbye to the 60s” remarked Zane
“it was a good ride Zmack, you get that old computer working yet or what” asked John slamming down a cold one on the other side of the lab.

“look I may be a genius but I aint a miracle worker, I’ve only been at it for 4 hours….im going to need at least 6, besides I don’t see you helping, all I see your ass doing is drinking” barked Zane
“ah ah ah, im busy, doing some research on the fabric of space and reality according to the ancient Egyptians.” Retorted John lazily flipping through a thick light orange book, still slamming his booze down
“oh all that is such shit, come on, there is a reason those people died out, they were wrong, what a waste of time, believe me i should know”
“ah maybe so but what else you gonna do” laughed John finishing his beer.
at that statement a thin peace of old paper feel from the back of the book onto the floor. John looked down at it with lazy eyes but decided to pick it up, upon opening it he saw hieroglyphics and a note on the bottom that read

I have only managed to get this far with the decoding, alas, the last 2 numbers i have not been able to figure out in 10 years, so In defeat, I leave this code to the ages, may someone smarter then I find out what I failed to, someday, if you plan to try, all power to you my good sir or ma’am

Doctor Taps
June 14th 2010

“yo man look what I found” said John leaping to his feet an over to Zane.
“what is it now, im busy” responded Zane ripping the paper out of his hands and reading the note
“any idea what the last 2 numbers are” asked John
“no, because these arnt numbers, the Egyptians used a widely unknown secondary dialect in the deep caverns that they buried their pharaoh’s, I studied then when I was 15, when I visited Egypt, got pretty far in my research and if I’m not mistaking, these are that dialect, and they read, t-t with a secondary need of the sound of P.”
“so your saying it goes 1943859955765712979188174799t-p-t….weird I wonder what that-”
“wahhhh!” screamed Zane backing into the wall.
“what, whats wrong?” freaked John
“look um your ah, glowing” stuttered Zane in fear
John rushed over to the mirror on the far wall of the lab and sure enough, he was glowing with a dull purple light that encased his entire being.
“oh man, fuck, what do I do man, whats happening?” said John barely making audible words in his fear
Before Zane could make any suggestion, the sound of fireworks went off in the distance, and the sound of people cheering in the distant streets. The pressure of the moment was broken as they both turned to the television that just erupted with cheers, reading 12:00am January 1st 2070.
John stood transfixed on the tv, scared to turn back to the matter at hand, he first thought to himself was what will I do if it never goes away, and then thought wait think of something else, clear your mind a little
“umm I didn’t think it was this late, I thought it was only 11:45 or some-”
Zane watched as a brilliant flash of purple light engulfed John and imploded into sparks of nothing.
All that escaped Zane’s mouth in that moment was a small wimper.

December 31st 2069
The test animal kennel room

“what the hell, how did I get in here? What the fuck is going on here” said John getting to his feet and looking around suspiciously.
He rushed to the door and looked at his reflection, just as he was hoping, he was no longer glowing….but why? Was the purpose of the glow fulfilled? Or was it absorbed by his very skin? OR was the glow the start to a short range teleporter? Looking up his eyes finally feel on the clock above the door, it read 11:45….was it true? Could it be possible? Was the glow not any of the above, but the code of codes, the code that overrides the fabric of reality, was this code, the key to time travel?
He had to know, he quietly opened the door and scurried down the hall to the main lab.
Peeking inside he got the answer to his question.

“oh all that is such shit, come on, there is a reason those people died out, they were wrong, what a waste of time believe me i should know”
"ah maybe so but what else you gonna do”

It was himself and Zane, sitting and talking as they were only minutes ago.

John watched all the way up to he flashed out of sight, he was in shock at first. But at that started to wear off he got ideas, a lot of idea, some good but most dark and self serving.

“eek” squeaked Zane as the sparks died away.
“dude!” announced John entering the room.
“what the hell, how did you get- I mean I was talking to you over- and then you big boom fire flash- I- i-” murmured Zane
“ah is it possible, is the great Zane speechless, wow didn’t know it was possible” laughed John
“what happened!!!!!” said Zane finally getting something out right.
“dude, I time traveled! Back to 11:45. because if you remember from a few seconds ago your time, I said 11:45 and then vanished. Dude we have just stumbled on the final key to time travel, the world is ours!!!” shouted John in excitement
“wait wait, if this is a 'time traveler thing' why did you not appear in the middle of this room 15 minutes ago, where did you go?”
“the kennels down the hall, and heres why I think that happened, when I traveled, I was thinking about being anywhere but there right now, because I was so afraid of what was happening, and my mind wandered to the last place I was but here, and that was the kennels.”
“ok ok, now assuming all of this is true, how is the world ours?” asked Zane
“because now we can go to the past and steal all the great riches of history, and with our superior knowledge and weapons, we can go to the past and just have fun, fuck bitches, steal whatever, do what we want because we will be above the law.” Laughed John

At that moment the old computer that lay abandoned on the table near them flashed into life, coming up to an old internet search engine known as google.

“wow it works, lets see what we got on here” said Zane trying to change the subject unable to believe that his partner had such comtemplations.
“don’t change the subject, I still want to talk about this, but ill humor you” asked John sitting down in front of the computer.
"well good then, so where did you get this thing” asked Zane
"my grandfather gave it to me, said the thing was taking up space in his cluttered attic" responded John not really concerned with his own words, his mind floated through a world all his own at that moment.
They checked the history, the only listened site was an old site known as facebook, they click on it and find a logic page, the email and password are already filled in so they just click login.
They come to a page of a beautiful young women named Emily.
“wow that bitch is sexy, but how old are these pictures damn, they don’t even move, they got to be at least 50 years old, if not older.” Laughed John
“yes she is quite attractive. Lets check the rest”
They searched through the rest of the photos, coming across an album featuring a lot of photos of this Emily and her supposed best friend Kayla.
As the guys watched they felt there cocks getting harder and harder with each picture.
Emily had bleach blonde hair and soft lips, beautiful white teeth and a broad strong face, that looked as soft as silk, her body was perfectly shaped slim but athletic. Her breast were a high B maybe a low c, but it looked like the mango colored Bra she was wearing was a size to small, because it hugged her perky breast rather tight.
Kayla had a similar build, but was thinner in her features, her tits were much larger too, at the least a D, and very supple. Her hair was dirty blonde and her face was that of an angel.
“are you getting a stone off this man, because these bitches are hott, who are they?” asked John
“umm lets see” replied Zane checking both the girls individual accounts.
Both girls used a single letter as their last name, so finding their full identity was impossible. But they found something out on the way that turned their stomachs, the pictures were labeled “june 14th 2010”
“dude…that’s the same date Doctor Taps gave up on the code….dude maybe this means something” suggested John
“maybe it means we should just forget what happened here tonight, its dangerous” said Zane looking down at the ground
“ooor maybe it means we have our first destination, lets go back to that day, and…lets get our hands on those tastey bitches, sweet talk em, maybe we can fuck em, wouldn’t it be awesome, fuck girls who are like mad old now back when they were in their prime.”
“no” replied Zane looking up and stroking his chin
“oh come on man you never wanna do anything fun lets just-”
“you didn’t let me finish, yes lets go back, yes lets pay those girls a visit, but like you said the world is ours, I hate to admit this but the idea intreges me, Being a genius and man of science i have never gotten any women. Time for some pay back, so why get their permission, we are above the law so lets break the law, lets rape the shit out of them we can make them do anything we want for hours, we are superior, we are the kings of time, lets show them whose in charge” laughed Zane vindictively
“woah Zane what the fuck happened to you, I haven’t seen this side of you” said John in shock at what he was hearing.
“lets stop pussy footing around, you can feel that pain in the front of jeans, you can make them relieve it for as long as you want any way that you want, then when we are finished with them, we will just return to the present. Where we are only 25 years old, so It would be “impossible” for us to have committed the crime.” Smiled Zane
“ahhh you know you have a point, lets do it, lets rule the past, you know what lets go right now”
And with that they both picked up the paper and recited the code, this time the glow made them smile as they looked upon each other.

They looked at the pictures, one of them was taken outside so they choose that spot to show up and together said

“June 14th 2010 12pm”

With a flash of light the lab vanished…..

The air was warm and the grass they now laid on was slightly wet with dew from the morning. The smell of honeysuckle swarmed around them and the feel of summer was in the air, a feeling they had not felt in some time, the place they just left from was at the start of winter.
Zane got to his feet first, looking up he saw the house he had only seen in old photos. The house of Emily.
John got to his feet a few seconds later and was the first to speak.
“damn mon, were here, I cant believe it, you bring your cap pack?”
John pulled a small case out of his pocket and pulled a small tube out of it, barely bigger then his nail. He pushed the top button and the tube expanded to the size of his hand, he then typed in the 5 digit code, once activated a number of things feel out, 1 binocular small enough to fit on one eye, an auto key former (his own invention) and lastly a gun.
“ya I got it” responded Zane doing the same "dont think we need the gun though"
John put on the binocular, replaced the gun in the cylinder and looked at the second floor window
“ah I see them man, they are taking the pictures now, the ones we saw in the future, I guess the best thing to do it wait till their done to let ourselves in…to the house and them” laughed John
“good idea” said Zane
They made their way over to the bushes and sat, watching the room, waiting for the best moment to strike.

June 14th 2010

“god are those bitches done yet?” whined John
“yes I think so, but I say we give it another minute or 2 before we go in” answered Zane still watching like a hawk through the lenses.
“ hey what are you doin! who are you?!” came a yell from the sidewalk
John and Zane both turned to see a very fat man standing at about 6’2 with a concerned and angry look on his face and a skinny, but lean mousy man standing curiously beside him.
At a lost for words all they did was stare at them as they came up to them.
“you want to tell me why your hiding in the bushes? And what the hell is this?” demanded the man ripping the wearable binoculars from Zane’s eye.
“give that back now” barked Zane jumping to his feet but still standing only to the neck of the large man.
“shut up, what is this some kind of alien device, you just put it on your-wahhh- I cant get it off, freaks! Freaks!” yelled the man
John and Zane panicked as the man yelled trying to attract the attention of the whole neighborhood. In the Panic John was the first to act, pulling out his gun and setting it to stun, he knocked the man and his friend out and placed them in the bushes.
"guess we did need the gun after all" laughed John, but Zane was staring up at the window where the girls where, a haunted look on his face.
They looked up to the house, and saw the girls staring down at them, saying stuff to each other, and Kayla turning and walking out of sight, probably with the intention of calling the police.
John and Zane turn to each other and then back to the window, they knew it was now or never, they had to act, before she made that call, the last thing they wanted was to end up in jail in the early century with all their future devices.
They took out their hand held laser cutters and cut the lock on the door and pushed their way in, there was no time for the key former, not now.
They broke their way into the kitchen, where they came face to face with Kayla, phone in hand, ready to dial the police.
“ahhhhhhhhh!” she screamed but before she could dial a number John reached forward and grabbed her hand, and pulled it behind her back and put his hand over her mouth.
“shut the fuck up, do you understand me, one more sound out of you and ill be forced to hurt you baby, I don’t want to have to do that so please don’t make me”
“now im going to take my hand off your mouth” finished John removing his hand slowly.
“what do you want from me, please don’t hurt me” cried Kayla
“oh were not going to hurt you baby, and ill tell you what we want, we just want to fuck you and your little friend upstairs, which reminds me Zane, before she does what this one was about to do, go detain her”
“no! EMILY CALL THE POLICE THEY ARE-!” screamed Kayla
“what did I fucking tell you, you stay quiet and I don’t have to hurt you” said John thrusting his hand over her mouth.
A few minutes later Zane dragged Emily through the door hand over mouth and arms restrained with rope.
"lovely, now that we are all accounted for i can tell you what your going to do for us" said John looking praticularly at Emily who as of yet heard nothing of their fate.

Zane let out a sinister giggle, and looked down Emily strapped shirt. He wished only to plung his hand into that Mango bra and go on a fondling feast but he reframed, wanting them to react to a speech of their fate rather then an action.
Kayla and Emily stared at jon, whose Booze buzz was now wearing off, as he began to speak.
"First, do NOT piss me or my comrade here off, or the consequences will be beyond anything you can imagine. Just do exactly as we say and you’ll get through this day with little physical damage" laughed Jon momentarily bending backward but quickly reconstituted into a upright stance.
"Now that we have that covered, you can now know the plan for the day, you are going to serves us today ladies, minister to our every desire, you will suck, fuck and love our dicks. YOU WILL praise our Cocks!" shouted John
Kayla and Emily began to uproar but before any obscenities could escape their lips Zane hurdled his foot into Emily's back and John Slapped Kayla across the mouth.
"I said DO YOU UNDERSTAND, I hope its the right answer too, I dont wish to have to abuse this beautiful mouth a second time, I have" said John clearing his throat tauntingly "big plans for it"
The girls gave each other a desperate look, both with horror arched in their faces, they turned to John ready to strike if he must.
"yes we understand" they announced in weak half hearted voices.
"wonderful, now which one do you want first Zane" asked JOhn looking at him, his eyes transfixed once more on the mango bra contained breast, John smiled
"Never mind, perhaps you wish to take her into the other room, i see you lusting after those tits, you are but a 10 foot walk from relief buddy" laughed John
“that i am" laughed Zane dragging her by the shoulder to the door way.
Emily gave Kayla a frightened look, from the fear of what was to come and the terror in being separated, her eye teared as she faded from sight.

The living room, one minute later, 1:19pm

Zane had not yet spoke, he simply removed the ropes that bound her and sat on the couch, she lay on the floor confused on what she should do.
"get up bitch" ordered Zane.
Emily jumped to her feet in fright and advanced to his front turning to him, a waiting whatever was to come.
"you have beautiful breast, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on them I wanted them, I love tits" smirked Zane matter-of-factly.
Emily gave a half disgusted and half aghast look at his brunt statement, not so much what he said, but how he said it. However she did not speak.
Anger began to swell in Zane but he digressed quickly. "listen bitch, here’s the ground rules for the way you will act with me. When I give you a fucking compliment you accept with a thank you, second you will call me Sir, show respect where respect is due, third you will be grateful for all i allow you to do for me today, show that gratefulness when instructed too"
Emily couldn't believe what she was hearing, Sir! what respect does he deserve ,and grateful! he plans to rape and molest her and expects her to say thank you in return! she was outraged, which apparently was clear to Zane at that moment.
"have a problem with that bitch, do ya" smiled Zane "because i am more then happy to go into the kitchen and inform my Pal that you will not cooperate, and that perhaps since you wont be a team player, we can dispense of all our sexual rage on your big breasted friend"
Emily look of anger dropped from her face and was replaced with a desperate and pleading look.
"believe me when I tell you I do not wish to have to do that, I prefer your breast, they are firmer, more supple, sweeter, so sweet in fact I can hardly wait for a taste. So what say you bitch, gonna show me your tits or not" said Zane drinking in her appearance.
Emily knew that she was beaten, she reached down to the bottom of her strapped shirt and pulled it over her torso cross armed to not.
Zane watched as the Whole of the Mango bra holding in that minutes greatest treasure came into view.
Emily stopped for a moment, trembling, sickened by the fact that she was giving this pervert ass hole the right to see her naked flesh.
For a moment she feared anger as Zane began to speak but instead he simply barked an order "wait bitch, before you remove that bra, which believe me is a moment I shall relish in, I would like you to pull off the straps, and lick your lips sexfully toward me, like a good whore" smiled Zane
Emily did not protest she pulled the straps off and did as she was commanded, her eyes widened when he leaned back and pulled from his jeans a modestly large sized cock and began to stroke it up and down.
"you like my cock bitch?" questioned Zane staring her down.
Emily did not, but she knew what was expected of her in this moment "Yes sir"
"tell me what you like about it bitch" barked Zane.
"I like how long and hard it is Sir" answered Emily automatically, knowing that would suffice.
Zane grinned and continued stroking his cock.
She knew that this was the time when he nodded, the time had finally come, she was going to expose her complete upper half to her attacker.
She reached to her back and found the hooks that held her breast from the sight of this SOB. she undid the hooks and took a abnormal amount of time to remove the garment, but before long the bra hit the floor, and there her tits rested upon her chest, for him to observe at his will
Emily Made no attempts to cover her exposed body, she knew a act like that would only anger him.
Zane stared at her enchanting breast, they were better then he imagined, not a flaw on them, falling perfectly even on her body, her nipples, perfect size, pointy and pinkish red that contrasted well with the light tan flesh of the breast.
"I can restrain no more, get over here bitch, I want your boobs" beamed Zane.
Emily stepped forward, without hesitation and stood before him, he did not sit eye level with her chest, so she lowered herself and laid her legs on either side of his in a kneeling position. Simply to avoid any more demeaning commands.
Zane grabbed at her chest roughly, and fondled hard, finally in his grasp.
Emily did not cry, she wanted too, so bad, not just because the attention her breast were receiving was painful but by the way she was being treated, like nothing more then a piece of meat, however she did not want him to have the satisfaction of her tears.
She felt his rough dry hands squeeze and pull on her breast, they grew tender and strained but she did not whimper, she released a slight shiver then his mouth wrapped around her pointed left nipple and began to suck.
Zane felt the shiver, and keep his open eyes locked upon her now goose bumped skin. He felt a shiver of glee inside,-he was overjoyed by his position, not 2 hours ago, of course not two hours ago after all, should be just 60 years from now ago-, he laughed to himself while he lifted his head and switched nipples.
-i sat on a cold winter night, alone, haven't had sex in nearly a year, and with a women that looked rather like a horse and with a small lopsided pair of tits, but fate- he thought - had choose him, gifted him, with the power to do whatever he wanted, he deserved it anyway-
Emily kneeled there for a good 5 minutes, she felt it had been dreadfully longer but the clock thought otherwise. She wished to herself this is all he wanted, shed give him all he wanted from her tits and then he'd be on his way, and she would never tell anyone what happened here, but even as this hope formed in her head she knew it was utterly ridiculous bordering on childishness.
She looked down for the first time, and saw his still rock hard cock staring her in the face. She felt ashamed but she hoped this act -no matter how much it disgust her- would make him go easier on her for the remainder of his terrene
She built up the nerve and tucked away her hatred andreaching down slowly, she steadily wrapped her fingers around the mid of his cock, clenching her eyes shut she began to stroke it for him, up and down, gently yet firmly.
Zane felt a thrill building inside him, the bitch grabbed his cock without his demand, he of course knew this act was based more on fear then desire, but that’s what he wanted, he wanted her to be scared, to feel controlled and used. She was giving him what he seeked on a silver platter.
Never the less her soft smooth hands playing with his dick felt much better then his own and he basked in every stoke.
Lifting his head he said "enthusiastic are we bitch"
Emily looked into his eyes and repeated "yes"
"Pardon?" inquired Zane raising an eyebrow
"Yes sir!" hasting to correct her so called mistake.
"better, perhaps since you are so eager, yet forgetful of your place you fancy me less of an attacker and more of a lover, or is that not the message you are attempting to convey"
"i-uh-" muttered Emily, shocked and unsure of how to respond, angry and fearful that her plan had dramatically backfired.
"I see, shy are we? Here perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone here. Kiss me bitch, deep, with tongue, show me that affection you have proven to long too display, and you may learn your place since I pose it in the form of a command" said Zane clearly delighted by his own villainous treachery.
Emily felt the burning sensation of tears and a lump in her throat, Kiss him? The very thought revolted her. He had attacked her and her best friend, molested her and continuously reveled in demeaning and humiliating her. A kiss was an act of compassion she wished never to give this bastard, but he grew impatient, she could feel that growing beneath her so she lowered her head to his obediently
She found his breathe to be hot and smelling less then fresh, but she opened her mouth slightly upon contact and slide her tongue down to the back of his throat, probing and runnning the tip along the roof of his mouth. She opened her eyes and saw that he had left his open too, she felt him forcing his tongue into her mouth sloppily and roughly. She felt sure that he had not kissed many in his life and she was not surprised.
Zane lathered his tongue against hers with purpose, The Bitches spit tasted as sweet as candy and her mouth, so wet and inviting, her tongue so soft, he could not contain his pleasure and moaned slightly, Her sweet mouth on his, and her soft hands stroking his cock was almost to much.
He retracted his tongue from her mouth and allowed her to continue probing his, when her tongue touched the back of his throat again though, he bite down, roughly, but not viciously. Emily let out a frightened squeak, her eye tearing slightly.
Next, to Emily terror, He began to suck on her tongue, stopping only to demand she remoisten it within her mouth, at which time he began to fondle her breast feverously once more.
He forced her into a repeated game of tongue sucking, first him then her, the whole time she was fighting back the urge to upchuck, but she succeed he had stopped.
Laughing he questioned weather she enjoyed the embrace, she gave a disgusted "yes Sir" and he could feel her distain in the very words, but he choose to ignore her insubordination.
"Now that I have given you a suck, the time has come for you to, return the favor" giggled Zane maliciously.
Emily knew what this meant of course, she slumped back and stood up for a moment, and then lowered herself to her knees, leaning forward she rested her elbows sideways on his knees and stared at the dick she was now to suckle on. She had never sucked dick before, found the act utterly gross, his cock smelt like sweat and she knew she was not ready for this, but she had no choice.
"What the fuck are you waiting for bitch grab my cock!" shouted Zane
Emily jumped slightly from the boom of noise in the silence, and for a moment she wondered, what was Kayla being put through at this moment, what was that Sick Fuck in the kitchen making her do to him, was she crying? Had he hurt her? Was that son of a Bitch in there even worse then her attacker? The answers to these questions she knew nothing.
She moved her head forward and stared down at the tip, There was Pre-cum streaming from the hole, glistening in the light flooding in from the far window. She stared at the Pre-cum as it slide down to the bottom of the head, the dick was clearly anticipating her attention, growing even harder in response to her warm breathe.
Emily mind wheeled for a moment, her head had been thrusted up as Zane hand Slapped her right across the mouth.
"Bitch im losing my patients with you, Either you use that mouth to pleasure me right the fuck now! or you can neglect to after i lean back, and if you do i shall instead delight in slapping you around!" yelled Zane his finger held firmly in her face.
Emily whimpered and teared as he screamed, she had not been this terrified since she could remeber....she now knew he would not restrain himself from hurting her if he decided too.
"OK! Alright please im sorry sir! i was just-"
"thats enough out of you, now do as you are told or....OR" said Zane turning his head slightly so he appeared to be very curious about something " perhaps instead of a beating, I can have your little friend suck my dick for you, would you like that?"
Emily knew there was no more time to be wasted, she was to do as she was told now, or she may condemn her friend to sexually servicing 2 men, no not men, monsters, while she would be undoubtedly made to watch.
She lowered her mouth to the tip of his penis, and slowly extended her tongue toward the pre-cum oozing slit in the tip, she clenched her eyes shut quick as the tip of her tongues taste buds make contact with the salty summit.
Zane felt her tongue finally make contact with his tip, he felt a jolt of pleasure surge through him, he had never received a blow job before, and he couldn't believe the pleasure a simple lick could minister too.
She Began to circle the head of his dick with her tongue, around and around she went, taking in all of the pre-cum, tasting the sweaty skin that sat confined in his underwear for hours, the smell was musky, and the taste was warm, mildly salty, and stale. She lowered further and enclosed every inch of the cock with her mouth.
Zane could not resist the temptation to close his eyes as she engulfed his cock into her mouth, all the way to the throat. The warmth, the slippery wetness, the soft work of the tongue and the gleam of saliva when she raised her mouth upward her lips however, never passing above the head.
He stared down at her breast as they hung freely below her as she worked his dick in and out of her mouth, with much more haste in each passing moment. He reached down and took both breasted in hand, twisting the nipples and squeezing the flesh as roughly as before.
Emily found thought was harder to gather as her head bobbed, working hard to make this monster cum, make him feel as good as a women can make a man feel. She had never done this and upon doing this she realized that she simply hated it, maybe not even because of the circumstance either, the whole act was distasteful and in her deepest thoughts, whorey
She continued for minutes or hours more, could of been either, time no longer felt real.
Zane knew at that moment that this was the best he had ever felt. Her tits so warm and soft in his grasp, totally his to fondle to his desire. Her mouth, ah her mouth. He thought suddenly changed to thoughts of her life outside this day, all the boys that sat in their homes no doubt masterbating to this bitch sucking thier dicks, touching their cocks and she was here, her mouth was working his cock, working hard to make him cum. If only those little bastards could get a load of this bitch now.
A few more minutes past and the pleasure began to sharpen, his cock tightened with the rest of his body as he started to cum, a sizable loaded shot from his dick, unseen into Emily's mouth.
Emily pulled her head off quickly as if she had just taken a sip of the foam a top a beer that had been sitting out for an hour or more. She opened her mouth and his cum covered his lap, Her eyes stared down in horror, she knew that she had just made a mistake, she knew she was to swallow what now streamed down the side of her attackers legs.
She feared looking up at Him but forced herself too, she could see the anger in his eyes, An anger she had not seen till now, the look chilled her to the bone she opened her mouth to speak "Sir! Please im sorry! I didnt mean that to happen! Please I beg you please dont hurt me. Ill do anything to mend my error please!
Zane looked into her face, her desperate eyes, the despair in her voice, and desire to take back what she just did, in this moment Zane needed to decide weather he was to be merciful, or not. He was going to rule time and space, he could let a little slip up go, or should he punish her as the ruler of time and space.
He spoke calmly "you realize what you have done, you fuckin bitch? give me one good reason why i should reframe from beating you right here and now"
Emily was surprised by the way he spoke, but she knew she had to act fast, she dreaded the thought that he might hurt not only her but Kayla for something as stupid as a little spilled jizz.
"please Sir, ill....ill uh....ill lick every drop up sir, please let me clean you, im sorry for my mistake, I want to lick your cum sir honestly, please let me take every drop as an apology to you sir" begged Emily
Zane could hear the plead in her voice. He raised an eyebrow and gave a slight nod, gesturing to his lap.
Emily saw this as the go ahead to do as she had asked, She lowered her head quickly....She realized as she lopped up thecum she lacked any disgust, just relief, she was associating the taste of cum to that of relief....
When she had gotten the last drop she turned her face up to her attacker.
He looked down at her face, his cock content. He stood up, Emily remained on her knees as his feet.
"follow me bitch, we are going to find out what my comrade and your hot titted friend have been up too, stay on your knees where you belong"

The kitchen, 1:49 pm

Zane stepped into the room, Emily with her tits out and knees gliding across the floor followed.
Both Zane and Emily's eyes widened at the scene. Kayla was Fully naked, her giant tits hanging over the edge of the kitchen table she was laying on, they were red as fire and looked as if they would hurt to the touch clearly caused by a pair of hands being rough with them.
Her ass Had a whip cream can shoved a quarter of the way up it and her face was balls deep in John cock, the Fridge hang open and food lay across the floor, some opened, some casually tossed unused. Empty bottles of beer lay on the ground a few feet in front of the kitchen table, Clearly John had been drinking again.
Further inspection of Kayla showed her ass was also red as a beat but her eyes held an era of deep pain. Her hair was a mess and appeared to have cheese in its blonde waves.
"kayla!" shouted Emily getting to her feet sloppily and attempting to advance on her friend, wishing only to comfort her, clearly this man was more of a monster then her own attacker but Zane stretched out his foot lazily and she tripped, he stepped forward and pressed his foot into her back, "bitch did I tell you to get off your knees? I didnt fucking think so"
John meet his friends eye with a satan like grin "this cunt got a mouth on her, she should learn to watch it or im sure the thing will get her into more trouble down the road, but she can take in the same she lets out, she really can suck a dick” laughed John clearly drunk “not to mention her pussy is one for the ages”
John pulled his cock out of her mouth, she began to cough and then laid quietly.
"I think I may have tamed the cunt, she knows her place now dont you cunt" laughed John reaching down to her large tit and giving it a quick jiggle.
Emily looked into her friend eyes, they were scared, but had something more, Emily thought as she stared, she hated both these men with a passion, they were ruining her best friend, she had taken so much more already, JUST LEAVE! she screamed in her head you've done enough to us, especially her!
but that was an empty hope
"you fuck your bitch yet?" asked John leaning against the wall next to the table where Kayla lay, near tears.
Zane looked into his face and uttered "no, I got my blow job though, and I tell you man those are tops!" Emily still under his foot, she did not struggle.
"How could you come back in here if you havent make the bitch ride your cock for awhile, make her scream your name, make her beg for anal" laughed John staring at Emily's ass.
"I figured we could trade off, I wanted a taste of that bitch, but you seem to have given her more then a once over"
Kayla focused on Emily's eyes finally, while the man talked about fucking the latters ass. Kayla appearance changed in that moment, no longer ruined or pained, but a weak smirk and a wink, her only way of conveying to her friend that she was alright. Emily instantly felt worlds better. Associating a beaten women with a small smirk as a positive....
"alright so here is whats going to happen bitches, my buddy here needs to get his fuck on, He will be fuckin you slut" leaning down toward Emily who still lay on the ground.
Emily knew that was coming, but what were they going to do with Kayla While she was made to fuck the monster holding her from her.
Right then John got a fun idea, so he thought.
"I see you want your friend, havent stopped staring at her naked body since you came in here, if you want her so bad, dont fret, you can have her. Lift your foot, let her" commanded John.
Zane lifted his foot and Emily darted to her friend, and stood at her side, giving her a hug, whispering in her ear that she was alright, they were both alright and would be alright.
"Ah already touching her huh Bitch" laughed John "kiss her for us"
Emily looked at kayla, who moved her body for the first time since they entered. They both looked to John and Zane, looking at them with thirsty eyes, a thirst that could only be quenched by the viewing of a lesbian encounter.
Emily and Kayla looked at each other, they found some comfort but disgust in what was asked of them, comfort in the fact they would rather kiss each other then kiss the bastards lusting after them, but disgust in that they were not lesbians and had never even made out as a joke or to turn a guy on at a party, they were dick only, but not now.
Emily lowered herself to her friends mouth, they opened their mouths and wrestled their tongues outside the lips, as to give the bastards the best show possible, not desiring to be punished.
Zane and John started to rub their displayed Cocks, and tossing gazes and lesbian jokes at each other as the girls ravaged each others mouths.
Kayla brought her hand up and took Emily's tit into her hand, knowing this is something they would no doubt long for. Emily did the same, taking both of Kayla's tits into her hand and squeezing as they form fitted to each of her fingers as she fondled.
"Finger each other, I want to see some sopping pussies in here" laughed John followed by a loud deep beer belch.
the girls did as they were directed, feeling the slim fingers of each others hands penetrate each others bodies, let a wave of lust fall over both of them, both felt their pussies begin to get moist.
Zane and John came in for a closer look, as the girls ministered to the others body The two could smell the pussy juices odor filling the warm summer air in that Kitchen.
Zane reached forward, taking Emily's other tit in his hand as kayla fondled the other. His dick began to harden again, no longer satisfied.
John walked over and began pushing and pulling the Whip cream can in and out of Kayla's ass, Kayla hardly felt the pain, the pleasure at the hands of her best friend was overwhelming, and she felt something, something happen, the most intense orgasm she had felt in life flushed over here.
John saw as the juice swept out, his mouth curved into a wide smile "this fucking whore just had an orgasm, can you believe that mate, this bitch is a slut after all" giggled John amused at his own words "arnt you , you talk a prude game but your just a little slut arnt you"
The girls eyes opened to stare at each other in the middle of their continued passionate kiss. The fact was that Kayla had for sure had an orgasm, Emily could not believe what was transpiring, wondering weather the fact that her fingers sliding in and out of Kayla's soft wet pussy caused her to lose control momentarily, or was it merely the fact that they prefer each other to the horror that surrounded them in that kitchen.
However these thoughts could not be articulated any further, for at the moment Emily felt Kayla's fingers being ripped from her pussy, and the a larger, rougher, and colder finger of Zane enter and push hard and violently inward and out. However as quickly as the abusive fingers began they ceased. Emily continued Kissing Kayla, fondling her breast with one hand and finger her with the other, as a hard Object pushed its way between her legs.
The object slid slightly into her pussy, before retracting suddenly, at this moment she identified the object as the tip of Zane's Penis. He forced her legs wide open and processed to enter again.
He penetrated, slightly, and then deeper with each thrust, she could feel his body twitching behind her, she tried to think of the Cock as if they were still Kayla's finger, the fingers of her friend was what she craved now....
Zane felt the inside of Emily a little more with each movement he made, this was what he had been waiting for, he had not suspected that this is how they would end up having sex, in a make shift pile of 4 bodies on a now wobbling kitchen table, but he cared not, he was Inside the hottest bitch he had ever even dreamed of touching in his life, he was overcome with more pleasure.
John sat fascinated with the can in Kayla's ass, and the spare tit she had, he was fondling as hard as he could, he wanted to see the bitch flinch, but he digressed, decided the time had come. He would take another turn at fucking the big titted cunt in front of him, he could always do with getting his dick wet again he laughed to himself.
Zane forced his dick to the base with each thrust now, he stared at Emily and Kayla as they continued to lock tongues in front of his eyes. He decided he wanted a taste and leaned forward, his head passed over emily's left shoulder and come an inch from their tongue dancing mouths, he grunted irritated, a grunt that demanded they part lips for a moment and invite his tongue to join the party.
The right corner of Emily's mouth and the left side of Kayla's never parted but the opposites side separated as a way of allowing Zane mouth to join in, he stuck his tongue out which meet with theirs, they pushed his in and out of each others mouths, wrapping around his, he retracted his tongue into his mouth, theirs followed shortly after, they diverged in the middle of his mouth as he tasted their sweet tongues playing just before his throat, all the while he thrusted his condom less cock in and out of Emily's dripping vagina.
John was in a world separate from the three locked in what he believed to be an awkward kiss a couple feet in front of him. He cramped his large cock into Kayla's soaking wet pussy, he began to thrust in an out a few times clumsily, unable to get comfortable without laying awkwardly behind the Bitch he was ramming, in a slight annoyance he thrusted her legs apart pushing on up and locking it like two puzzle piece carved to fit together over his shoulder.
He began to fuck feverously, as did Zane, they both knew what was fast approaching.
Zane felt his balls tighten as he began fucking as fast as he possibly could move his hips into the bitch.
John felt the same feeling, He however slowed slightly, but thrusted with more purpose, ready.
They both came simultaneously deep into the pussies of their Whores.
They removed their dicks, John collapsed onto Kayla Which pulled Emily and Kayla's mouths apart causing John to land cheek to cheek with His cum dumpster as he thought of her in that second.
Zane leaned meekly on Emily who was laying half her body on the table, a mixture of her pussy juice and Zane's cum dripping from her vagina onto the tiled floor.
Zane and John straightened up, getting off the bitches, who still lay apparently spent on the table. They looked up at their attackers, wondering half heartiedly what was to come, what was left to come?
"alright, so listen up, unfortunate as this may be, we must be on our way now, we have a meeting and we dont wish to be late, Now listen closely cunts, YOU WILL NOT tell a soul what has transpired here. You will go through your lives in silence, we do not wish to have to come back here and punish you for running your teenage bitch mouths" spoke John very sternly, showing the first sign of unmistakable seriousness since his arrival.
"understand that I do not care who I hurt, I will hurt you if you cause us any problems, and I mean any, the fun we had today, will just be our little secret." continued John, as both He and Zane headed out the kitchen door
Once outside they looked at each other "how do you propose we find Dr. Taps?" asked John looking over to Zane how came to stand beside him, reaching into his pocket he removed a device that caused fresh cloths to appear on their bodies.
The two men in the bushes were rousing and they noticed, they decided best to head off, before they could be confronted by two buffoons again.
They set off down the road to as of yet unknown destination.

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2011-05-14 04:24:23
A good idea for a story, but lacked enough detail for me. Stil gave it a positive.

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