With the overwhelming stimulation of that night, and my own overactive imagination; it was no wonder that my dreams were full of warm bodies, organs, and tongues. The first thing I remember was Mel dragging me along after her as we raced towards a shadowy building. As we approached it resolved itself into an enormous Big Top. We raced inside past the ticket booth to feast our eyes on the amazements within. My mind swirled as I stared around at the snake charmer, the lion tamer, and the ballerina dancing on her pet elephant.

Ignoring the barriers Mel steered me over the wall and out to the snake charmer. She immediately grasped the viper coiled in his basket and held it up to my face. I watched in fascination as the venomous snake coiled around her arm. Its tongue flicked out close enough to tease my nose.

"Meet my friend the chain viper," she hissed as if speaking to the snake. "I think he wants to meet you."

I stared frozen as the coiled snake moved over to my shoulder. He wrapped himself lazily around my neck and gave it a gentle squeeze as if saying hello. Then it moved in slow circles down my torso. It pinned my arms against my sides as it moved down my naked body. I could feel every scale brush against my skin as it slithered on its merry way. I saw the last of his tail unhook from Mel's arm and I wondered how long this monster was.

"Over five feet," Mel explained reading my mind.

The serpent had finally made its way to my waist wrapping itself around me like a belt. But it soon slipped lower. It enveloped my upper thigh with its coils pressing its thick body against my vagina as it bounded me. I moaned deeply as the slithering snake split my lips open. The scales rubbing against my crotch felt exquisite. The pleasure only intensified as my fluids greased his movements.

Once a portion of him had secured my leg, he moved to the other to fasten it as well. The sensation of two thick coils rubbing against my naught bits was too much to handle. I fell back onto my butt and reveled in the silken sliding snake. The undulating waves of snake flesh drove me mad with lust.

But eventually I saw the head of the snake extricate itself from the writhing mass. It pulled itself away and slithered off to my side. Gradually more and more of his body followed after him until I could only feel one portion of him snaking through my pussy. Then the last of his body left me. I reclined myself carefully catching my breath after that interesting encounter when I heard a soft hiss. I made it to my elbows just as I felt the viper's tongue flicking at my exposed cunt.

Before I could form a coherent thought, his angular head shoved itself into me. I gasped in shock as the snake dove into me cavity. With all of those slick scales surging up my cunt I was in heaven. He rapidly found my cervix blocking his path, but that didn't even faze him. With a concentrated push he shoved his way past that barrier and into my womb.

I could feel him exploring his new territory. His body rubbed affectionately against my uterine wall as more of him slithered into me. I watched as the rest of his body came slithering out of the gloom and into me. After what seemed like an eternity I could see the tip of his tail. It slowly followed the rest of this monstrous snake deep into its new home.

I stood up and held my stomach like a proud pregnant mother. Five feet of undulating flesh had slid through my birth canal and all I could think of was where I could find another. Mel crouched down in front of me and gave my full belly a kiss. I could feel him shifting and moving within me like a mass of worms. Finally I could feel movement pressing down against my cervix. Before I could protest I felt the angular head of my live in companion slide down and out of my hole.

Mel grabbed him gently and spun him around her body as each magnificent inch slowly slipped free from my body. I definitely wanted to go again. I reached out to take the snake back into my arms, but it was already making its way into Mel instead.

Before I could reach them I felt a long muscular arm wrap around my waist. I was lifted bodily up off the ground and spun around to face the elephant from the center ring. I looked down and realized that it was his trunk that was trapping my body and holding me up to his eyes for inspection. After staring at me for a few minutes, he swung me down towards his mouth. It appeared under his trunk looking like a big yawning vagina ready to swallow me up just like mine did to the snake.

In a panic I grasped his extended tusks and stuck my legs out to the side in order to prevent him swallowing me. Instead, he sat me down on his lower jaw and immediately started exploring my pussy with his tongue. It was huge, and thick, and slimy. All in a very good way. It spread my lips wide and dove in deep searching for any hidden treasures.

I had to change my grip in order to keep myself steady as my body shook like a leaf in a tornado. I wrapped my arms around the base of his trunk and held on for dear life as that outrageous organ licked me into submission. He responded by wrapping his trunk tighter around my body forcing me deeper into his mouth and harder against his working tongue. I was soaking in elephant spit and loving every minute of it. It wasn’t long before I came, screaming like a banshee.

He gently plucked me out of his mouth and sat me down before him. Then, he slowly lumbered forward until I was below his chest. Staring me right in the face was a penis that had to have been longer than my entire body. It was thinner than I thought it would be, though it did drag against the ground as he moved. Not wanting him to hurt his precious member I quickly grasped it to keep it from dragging.

Once I touched it though I was completely overcome. Without thinking I turned around and slid the giant cock between my legs. I slid up and down along its smooth length covering it with my nectar and his saliva. Without warning, the dick began moving like it had a mind of its own. It lifted me up off my feet and pressed me against his belly. By some divine providence I landed directly on the head and it sunk a full foot into my sopping crevice.

With a mighty trumpet, the elephant took off around the ring taking me with it. Every footstep served to force the enormous member farther into my abused opening inch by inch. I soon felt as if I could taste the giant prick tickling the back of my throat. Completely incapable of movement, all I could do was wrap my feet around the cock still behind me and enjoy the ride.

After several laps around the ring he slowed his pace. And with several long humps of his hips he filled me up with thick bull elephant cum. I fell forward off of the joyous cock and landed softly on the dirt. I could feel the massive dollops of fresh cum force their way up and out of my upturned vagina. But that was just his first shot. His snake like dick continued to empty itself onto my body as I lay there gurgling. I was soon covered head to toe in sticky elephant jizz.

I got up onto my knees to wipe the copious fluid off of me and into my mouth. I was just savoring the interesting taste of a new sperm type when I the sound of terrified shouting filled the air. I turned to see the lion bounding my way and growling fiercely. I understood immediately where the terror was coming from. The lion tamer must have lost control and the lion had broken free.

Petrified, I could barely manage to slam my stomach to the ground before I froze hoping the Savanna King would overlook my trembling body. I could feel his hot breath on my back as he stepped over me. He crouched down low bringing his teeth towards my neck. I could feel the thick fur of his chest mingling with the thick elephant sperm covering my back. Then I felt something different. Anticipating his teeth tearing into my flesh, I didn’t expect to have my ass prodded.

By the time I worked out what was happening, his thick lion cock had speared its way into my womanhood. I could feel my lips spread wide before his cone-shaped phallus. Just like the modeled tiger dick Mel introduced me to; I could feel the pull of his dick’s barbs with every short backstroke. And miraculously despite the fact that my pussy was just a moment ago being pounded by a five foot elephant prick, I felt as tight as a virgin. That arrowhead phallus sliced into my tight crevice and I could feel every inch of it as it spread me wide. His feline balls bounced against my legs as he screwed me straight into the ground. The thin barbs digging into me with every stroke only served to hasten my orgasm.

My eyes crossed in bliss as the mighty feline king made me his queen. I soon felt his gushing sperm coating my walls. The feline and elephant cum mingled in my womb to make a delicious tincture. He withdrew his royal phallus and nudged me over with his head. Blissed out I couldn't even try to resist. I stared into his golden eyes as he sunk his fangs into my crotch.

I didn't feel any pain, but I felt plenty of pleasure as his rough tongue played with my slit. I purred with contentment as the world faded into snowy clouds of nothingness.

I awoke slowly to the feel of a tongue between my legs. For a half dreamed moment I prayed that I lion had somehow found its way into my bedroom. Reality was even better. The first thing I saw was Mel's gorgeous eyes staring up at me from a cloud of her voluminous hair. Her eyes contained more hunger then any feline could possibly contain. Her tongue was digging deep into my open pussy. As I came to my senses they were alive with the buzzing ecstasy of an impending orgasm. Just thinking about the waves coursing through me tipped me over the brink and I came in her mouth.

She licked her lips before crawling up to join me at the head of the bed.

"Finally. I was starting to think you'd cum before you woke up. I hope I helped you have some sweet dreams."

"Oh yeah."

I told her all about the Carnival of Lust we visited in Dreamland as we headed down to breakfast and the surprise that was almost forgotten from the night before.


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