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In life, we all have to make decisions. Sometimes, these decisions are easy, but sometimes they are “hard”! But some decisions are so hard, that you don’t know which route you will decide to take until the very last moment. Now, it’s time for Harry to make the most difficult decision of his life!
WARNING: This is a gay story, If you are under 18 years of age or dislike the deion of homosexual acts then do not read any further!


Authors Note: Welcome to part 2. This continues from part 1 of this series “I Don’t Want The World, I Want You!” so if you haven’t read that yet, I recommend that you do before reading this. Enjoy...


...Adam didn’t keep him waiting any longer. He was satisfied that Harry was ready to be fucked. He firmly grasped Harry’s raging hard penis and jerked it up and down vigorously, feeling it twitch and throb in his warm hand. The two men shared a brief kiss before Adam hastily began pecking his way all the way down over Harry’s hard, hairy chest and tightened toned six-pack stomach. He stopped momentarily at the navel. Harry squirmed uncontrollably when his boyfriend inserted his warm wet tongue into his belly button and circled it around in playful circles. He then moved away from his navel and looked upwards. Adam felt excited by the lustful look in Harry’s vibrant, glowing green eyes. They shared a tense moment, full of anticipation. The atmosphere heated even more. Keeping eye contact, Adam slowly descended down towards Harry’s smooth crotch. Harry closed his eyes and rolled his head back in anticipation of what he knew was about to happen. His cock twitched massively as Adam’s slippery tongue made tender contact with the head of his solid dick.

“Mmmmmpphhhh!!!” Harry grunted, biting his lower lip with his perfect white teeth.

His upper body tensed up, all his muscles contracting simultaneously as he felt the bulbous head of his pulsating manhood plop into his boyfriend’s steamy mouth. Adam’s silky lips devouring his tender cock head. The pleasure became even more intense as those same gorgeous, smooth, wet lips glided downwards, engulfing his shaft. Adam, having had plenty of practice over the years, had no problem getting the delicious wad of man meat all the way into his mouth and straight down his eager throat. He sucked gently as he let his juicy lips slide up and down Harry’s smooth shaft. He made use of his tongue, using it to sensually massage the pulsating organ.

“Oooohh yeahhh!!!” Harry moaned in ecstasy as he felt a wave of hot, slippery saliva drip slowly down his cock when Adam’s lips slid off of him and gasped quickly for air before getting immediately back to work.

The pleasure was amazing. Harry and Adam were enjoying every intimate second of this steamy encounter. However, Harry still wanted more. He wanted to be fucked! After all that begging earlier he had built up an appetite. He loved getting his dick sucked but right now, he wanted nothing more than to feel his boyfriend’s hot hard penis, throbbing inside of his tight ass hole. The next time Adam came up for air, he made his move!

Harry felt the head of his cock slip out of his boyfriend’s tights lips. It twitched with excitement. Before Adam had a chance to take his next gulp of Harry’s delicious meat, Harry latched his hands firmly onto either side of Adam’s pretty face and pulled him upwards. Forcing his lips onto Adam’s, Harry took the opportunity to gain full control of the situation. Harry removed his hands from Adam’s face, and then while kissing him deeply and passionately, grabbed hold of Adam’s gorgeous, smooth, round buttocks. He played with his ass for a while, massaging the cheeks and kneading them like dough in his hands. Adam gave in with no fight, trusting his lover, giving him total control over his body.

Adam felt Harry’s hands loosen on his bum and smoothly slide up over his hips onto the sides of his stomach. Harry took full advantage of his dominance and gently pushed one side of Adam’s warm stomach while pulling the other side towards him. Their silky-smooth, sexy, hairless bodies somersaulted and rolled over each other putting Harry on top of his partner. Their throbbing hard-on’s rubbed together, oozing pre-cum. They glanced into each other’s eyes momentarily as Harry got to work on lubricating Adam’s boner with his slippery saliva. He flew down the bed as fast as he could and plonked his boyfriend’s bulging cock head into his hungry mouth. He let his lips glide over the shaft making extra sure that it was coated with a layer of his sloppy spit. Adam practically screamed in pleasure!

“Oh yes! Yeah baby work my cock! Oh yeeaaaaah!!!”

Harry continued to vigorously thrust the meat deep into his throat, preparing it for the main course. He was hot, he could almost feel it in his ass already. He continued sucking for literally a few more seconds but then he could wait no longer! He eagerly removed Adam’s dick from his mouth and immediately leapt up onto his stomach. Adam was taken a little by surprise, wincing in pain as Harry’s hungry ass thumped down on his stomach. Harry wanted anal sex so bad that he didn’t even notice Adam’s pain! He had turned into a full blown snarling animal and he wasn’t going to stop until he got his satisfaction! He spat onto his hand and rubbed it into his ass. He grabbed hold of Adam’s pulsating member and positioned it directly level with his puckered hole. He looked into his lover’s eyes and saw the anticipation in those dazzling brown orbs. Adam did the same but from his view, he saw raw animalistic lust in Harry’s glowing green eyes. Then it happened.

Adam purred softly as he felt the tip of his penis sink into the other man’s moist man-hole. Harry closed his eyes, rolled his head back and moaned softly and quietly into the air as he slowly sank further and further down towards the hard, tensed body of the man he was in love with. The atmosphere was calming down as this tender, delicate operation unfolded. However they both knew that this was just the calm before the storm...


It was lunch time by the time they had finished fooling around. Harry and Adam were now sat at the kitchen table eating their breakfasts. Harry was wearing nothing but a pair of tight, white boxer briefs and Adam was dressed in his pink dressing gown. They were discussing what their plan was for the rest of their Sunday together. Both of them adored weekends because it the only time they really got to spend alone with each other. What with both of them being at work during the week and all of the other various chores and activities which always seemed to pop up, it was sometimes difficult for Harry and Adam to find space in their schedules for quality time together. They had enjoyed a relaxed Saturday together the day before which had left them with some things which they needed to do later that Sunday.

Harry handed the almost empty milk carton to Adam after pouring some of its contents into his cereal bowl. Adam took it from him with a smile and poured the remainder of the carton into his coffee. Adam never ate cereal; he always said that it reminded him of bird feed. Instead, he preferred to have something else with his coffee in the morning, today it was toast. Harry on the other hand always had cereal for breakfast, he didn’t however like coffee. Because of this there was just about enough milk to cover one cup of coffee for Adam and one bowl of cereal for Harry, perfect.

“We really need to go shopping today babe, we’re running out of everything.” Adam stated seriously, looking intently at the empty carton.

“Tell me about it!” Harry replied with a mouth full of cereal, “We don’t even have any sugar!”.

“I know,” Adam laughed, finding the way his boyfriend ate and spoke at the same time hilarious! “I need to get some credit for my phone too.”

“Hmm, shopping today then. Should be fun. I love our special Sundays!”

“Me too babe” Adam muttered, pecking Harry lightly on the cheek as the toast popped out of the toaster and he stood to go and get it.

He wandered over to the toaster, selecting a table knife from the drawer next to the sink as he passed it. Placing the knife on the countertop he plucked the toast from the steaming toaster and dropped it quickly onto the waiting plate so as not to burn his fingers. After collecting the margarine from the refrigerator he began preparing his toast.

“Hey guess what!” Adam suggested.

Harry looked round to show he was listening while crunching his cereal.

“We’re out of marge!” he giggled.

Harry couldn’t help but grin foolishly. He tried desperately not to laugh when he felt the milk trying to burst out of his mouth. A small amount of it dribbled out from the corner of his stretched lips. The smile disappeared from Adam’s face as he tried to hide the fact that he was mildly turned on by what he saw. The creamy, white liquid, trickling down his boyfriend’s sexy face. Of course his attempt to hide it was completely futile. Harry saw it in his face straight away. He swallowed what was in his mouth and smirked knowingly at Adam as if to say “caught you”! Adam turned away in embarrassment, turning his attention back to his now cold toast.

Scraping the remainder of the margarine out of the plastic tub he did his best to butter his toast. He glanced back momentarily to see if he was still being watched. Sure enough, Harry was still there in exactly the same place with exactly the same cheeky smirk on his face. Adam turned around fully and looked him in the eye. There was a knowing silence for the next few moments.

“Oh alright! Don’t rub it in!” Adam remarked shyly.

“What’s that?” Harry teased, “You want me to rub it in! You want me to rub my hot sticky cum all over your body?!”

“What?” came the humoured reply.

“You heard me!”

“But, we, we just had sex half an hour ago!”

“Are you saying you don’t want my cum baby?” Harry tested.

“Well, I don’t know.” Adam answered seductively. “You might just have to persuade me.”

Of course, Harry took that as a certain yes. He stood up, took his partner by the hand and led him eagerly to the shower. He was hot and he was ready for round two!


Thank you for reading! :) Please let me know what you think of the story so far by leaving a comment for me and by rating this story. I check the comments/reviews as often as I can and your comments genuinely mean a lot! I will try and post part 3 soon, thanks very much.


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2011-05-18 08:33:48
Very well written, but it would be nice to have longer chapters. Please also describe the guys and give their ages.

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2011-05-10 18:49:02
Good story but not enough sex lol

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2011-05-10 18:49:02
Good story but not enough sex lol

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