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It was late friday, when I decided I need to get out of the house, and go for a drink. I had been working hard all week, and I really need a break. The nine-to-four routine was so dull, and boring. The hours, the days, the ticking clock it was all so endless.

I am bisexual. I had a few girlfreinds. I had one now, but I was bored of the sex, always satisfying her needs, and never my own. I never had a boyfreind but once in awhile I would have sex with a guy. I wanted this night to be different. I needed something new. I wanted an adventure. I wanted something to remember. I told her I had to go to work for an extra shift, and headed off to the village.

I took the 7:30 train, and headed to the gay village. I knew it was early, but I really wanted to get out. I got off the train, right in middle of the village, and took a walk looking for a bar. I was a bit 'iffy' walking around the village. I really was not into the whole 'guys holding each others hand in public' thing. It was summer, and there were lots of sexy half dressed guys around. I tried not stare, but it was hard not to..

I saw several bars, but one caught my attention. I was into older men, and I was also a bit on the 'bear' side. I was a bit overweight, and was not into 'abs' or chiseled features. I just liked 'regular' looking guys. I was looking for some sort of chubby/bear type place. I walked for about twenty minutes, and one bar caught my eye. The neon sign above the bar read 'studs place'. I walked in cautiosly, afraid I might bump into someone I know. The entrance was pretty narrow, and dim lit. There were two bar counters inside, and a couple of pool tables. There were not to many people there because it was so early. There was some gay porn playing on the Tv screens above the bar, and one screen was playing music videos.

This was the place I was looking for. It was very casual. The people at the bar seemed pretty relaxed. They looked like typical 'regular' looking people. A few of them where well built, but most were just like me, regular guys.

The night progressed. I had probably sat there for about an hour in a half. I had quite a few beers. It was two for one night, so every time I ordered one, the bartender gave me another. I was not sure but I thought someone was glancing at me from across the bar. Woah ! he was really sexy. I could not see his height but his features were amazing. He had long black shiny hair. His hair was in a small ponytail. What I noticed most was his chiseled Jaw. I kept trying to look away but his sexy blue eyes were staring right at me. His lips were so full. He looked so masculine but he had this calm caring side to him. I finally stopped staring at him, and continued with my drink.

I looked back, but he wasnt there I figured he must have headed home. "Oh well there goes that" I thought to myself, having another drink. I asked the bartender to keep and eye on my stuff, and headed to the washroom. I was so horny, and needed someone to take care of my needs. There he was again. Woah he was tall. He must have been around six foot two, and his frame was really muscular. I went to the urinal closest to the far wall from him. I was still a little apprehensive, and a bit scared. I took a quick peek over at his cock, and noticed two things. It was massive!. I mean it was thick, and must have been like 11 inches long. The other thing I noticed was someones hand sliding up and down his hard cock. It was so dark, so I couldnt really see the other person, but It was for sure the guy with the pony tail who was getting the handjob. I quickly finished peeing, not wanting to have him notice me staring I left as queitly as I could.

I went out for a smoke break, and made some small talk with some guys from out of town. They were pretty cool but I realized it was going anywhere. There was a tall black guy, a guy with a heavy italian accent, and a couple american guys. They were all visiting Canada for a couple days. Thats all I learnt about them. I would have loved being with the black guy, but my mind kept drifting to the stud.

I headed back in and took my seat, I ordered another beer, and drank it slow. It was getting late, and started to think about getting home. There he was agian. I figured the other guy must have left after they finished in the bathroom.

I did not even notice him coming to sit next to me. I felt a hand on my leg. "you like what you saw?" he whispered in my ear. I felt his warm breath on my face, and my cock responded with excitement. I didnt answer right away. He slid his hand higher up toward my cock, and rubbed my hard cock through my jeans. Well I couldn't hide it anymore. "well I guess you do" he said, and he felt me getting hard. He moved closer to me, and I could feel his legs pressed against mine. He took my hand and brough it to his pants. He was wearing softer pants than mine, and WOW was he hard. "You like that, huh?" he whispered again. My cock was tingling, I was so hard thinking about his massive member. "yea, I do" I said with a huge smile. His eyes sparkled and radiated with sexiness. He held my hand with his huge muscular hands

"Whats your name?" "David" I replied. "Mines Tony" . Wow he even has a sexy name, I thought. "Wanna leave with me?" |He asked it so casually, I was a bit shocked. But his hand was rubbing my cock through my jeans, and I was rubbing his cock a bit through his pants. For a second I was worried that my girlfreind would be suspicious but I texted her 'working night shift, love ya', and thought that would work. Well I did not need much convincing, but then Tony did something that nearly made me precum. He took the side of my face with one hand, and placed my cheek in his palm, and with his other hand rubbed my cock a bit more, He gave me an amazing kiss. First he kissed me softly, on the lips, and then used his toungue just a little bit. I had never been kissed by a guy like that, and he turned me on so much. "I live nearby' he whispered. he took my hand, we both paid our tabs, and we left the bar.

We held hands walking together, it wasn't even that strange. On the way home we made some small talk. Tony worked as a mall security gaurd, and I told him about the bakery I worked at. We talked about guys, and what we liked. Of course nothing about me having a girlfreind.

It took about ten minutes but we finally reached his place. I opened the door, and before I was even able to get a good look at his place he pushed me up against the wall, and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I gave him what he wanted, and our tongues felt so warm together. His body felt so sexy on mine. He grabbed my ass hard, and I felt his cock pressed against me through our clothes. He undid my shirt as he made out with me, treating me like someone had 'fallen from the sky. I undid his shirt, and couldnt resist running my hand on his chiseled chest.

He was so solid. He must work out so much, I thought. We were half naked our bodies pressed together, arms rubbing each other down, and making out like it was our first time being with someone. I ran my hand up his body, and felt the stubble on his face as we kiss. He undid my buckle, and made my pants fall to the ground. I did the same, and we continued making out. I was pressed against the wall, and he kept grinding me with his huge member.

Finally. He reached into my boxers, and took my cock. His hand felt so good. I reached in and grabbed his massive cock. We took each others boxers off, and started gently pulling on each others cocks. He was moaning a little bit, and so was I . I felt a bit of pre-cum at the end of his cock. He cupped my balls, and squeezed them just enough to make me jump a little. I was hoping he would suck my cock, or at least demand I suck his huge one but he had other things in mind.

"come with me". I readily followed his sexy naked body into the bedroom. His ass was so chiseled but cute at the same time, and his back was pretty well sculpted. He took my hand and brought me into the bedroom. "LIe down on your stomach" . I lay in middle of his bed with my ass exposed, and my hard cock pressed against his bedsheets. He disappeared for a few minutes to get something.

I heard a tube of something open up. He kissed me so well. He started at my neck, and work his way down. His body heat felt amazing on me. He nibbled on my ear a bit, sending shivers down my body. He squeezed my ass cheeks a little. I felt him move off me, and he started sliding his hands up my legs.

He spread my legs open, and lifted my body a bit. I was now 'doggy style' on his bed. I had been fucked before, and I was afraid he wouldn't 'warm me' properly. I mean like I was afraid he would just stick his cock in there.but he didnt . I felt something really warm and wet. "|oooohhh ' I moaned. I was his tongue. He was so gentle, and caring. He stuck it in and out. He kept his warm tongue in there, making sure I felt good..Then he took it out, and I felt a bit of a 'burny' feel it was his finger. He was so good. He hit my spot right away sending shivers down me.

"If you want me to fuck you, I need to be nice and hard" . I was not sure what he meant, but he stood in front of my mouth with his huge member dangling. 'Oh this is what he wants'. I was very willing to do that. I hungerily took his cock in my mouth, and was barely able to get half in my mouth without choking. Yum! his cock tasted so good. It was so meaty, and wide. I fingered my ass a bit, as I sucked him off. He grabbed my head, and made me choke on his cock. I gagged hard, but I loved it so much. I looked up as I sucking him, and made eye contact. His eyes were begging for more. I guess he was ready. becuase he took his cock out of my mouth and threw me on my back. He spread my legs open, and placed my feet near his shoulders.

He teased my asshole a bit first, and gently shoved his cock in. Immediatly I screamed 'MORE LUBE!' his cock was just to thick. He added a lot more lube, and went a bit easier on me. He was only able to get a small part of his cock in, becuase my ass could not handle his massive cock. After a few minutes it felt fucking amazing. He fucked me nice and slow, and after awhile saw I was handling it well so he went a bit faster. He was hitting my spot nicely , and I rubbed my hard cock as he fucked me. It wasnt long before he screamed "CUMMING!!" He took out his cock, and came all over my face and chest. I quicky sucked every last bit of cum from him. It always takes me awhile longer. But he was patient, even keeping a finger in my ass while I finished cumming.

I ended staying the night. It felt good to have my needs satisfied. It also felt good to have a hot guy holding me, arms wrapped around me, and waking up with a huge cock begging for my mouth. My girlfreind said she called work, and I wasnt there. So I decided to tell her the truth. The whole story turned her on so much, that we decided to invite Tony for dinner, and that would be the only way she'd forgive me

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2011-05-08 19:05:10
Great story, can't wait for the next chapter. Wish I had an 11 inch cock in my mouth

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