Alas I have submitted my story :) Hope you like
Hello everyone. I am sorry it took me soooooo long to get around to this. I lied about my age earlier i am 19 freshly in college and have been kinda busy recently so that is my issue. I am not at all straight as i thought before ( i was telling myself that) i am in fact bisexual . Ok now that that's out of the way let me tell you about one of me and colin's other stories..

It was a friday afternoon I was sixteen during this occasion and my dad and his girlfriend we're going on a cruise. My step sister was off in college and so i was to watch Colin the entire weekend. To say the least the idea excited me. Since our last little session we had a few more interactions but no many and usually just masturbating.This was most certainly not going to be the same experience.

Friday passed quite uneventfully, everyone had left early that morning and Colin had spent the day outside with his friends. It wasn't until dinner in which we ate mac & cheese and watched some dumb movie that we even spoke that day. So we had a dull day up until it was near to bed time.

"Ok Colin I've let you stay up long enough get undressed its time to get a bath" I shouted up the stairs.

"Okely Dokely" He replied.

After turning off the TV and making sure all doors were locked ( I was expecting to go to bed after this as well and as much as i like some gay sex I try to discourage rapist's or burglars from getting to me) I padded up the stairs, towel in hand, into the bathroom. He already had the warm bubbly water going and was splashing around with a little bubble santa beard attached to his face.

"Well look at you looking all cute" I said smiling.

I put the towel down on the counter and rolled up my sleeves.

"Let's get you cleaned up" I said.

I shampooed his hair and lathered his body with body wash as I did so i ran my hand under the water and felt his hard little dick.

"Look at you already excited" I said grinning at him.

"Well of course I was thinking that since we're going to be alone all weekend we could try some more things than what we normally do" He told me.

I was intrigued.

"Well like what?" I asked.

"Like some of the things they do in the videos like when they suck the other guys wiener or one guy puts his thing in the other guys butt" He told me. I always smiled when he talked using his child words, because he may be a child but at heart he was a sexual demon.

"Well sure here we can try that now" I said lifting him out of the tub dripping all over me.

I quickly took off all my clothes and smiled as he played with my boner his wet hands sliding up and down it. He giggled and bent down and licked the pre-cum off of it. I let out an involuntary moan as his little tongue flicked over the tip of my dick. I easily moved him so his face was between my legs and let him suck me off. He sucked and licked playing with my shaft and tip. He seemed to prefer licking up and down it then tracing a circle around the outer edge of the edge and slowly moving inward. I remember getting really hard when I started involuntarily thrusting a little and he gagged on my dick. It wasn't long before he reached around and started sticking his fingers into my asshole. This made me about cum on the spot. I started bucking as he sucked up and down faster and faster and I shot my load in his mouth. It was so much that it filled his mouth and started overflowing out ( He had a small mouth) He sat there for a moment then swallowed it. I looked at him catching my breath.

"Wow did you like it?" I asked huffing.

"Ya that was fun now you do me!" I laughed and got down between his legs.

I started sucking quickly on his little dick easily swirling my entire tongue around the entire thing. At one point he grabbed onto my hair and held me there as hard as he could. At this point i decided to do what he did to me and I came off his dick for a moment and sucked my middle finger i then continued sucking him off and i lifted his butt of the ground and slowly put a finger in his butt. He moaned instantly and started hitting my head telling me to stop.

"Ahhhh stop im going to come!!" He said.

"Well isn't that what you want" I asked smiling.

"No, not yet! I want you to put your wiener in my butt" He said.

I looked at him for a moment.

"Sorry bud but i dont think ill fit. I'd tear you apart" I said.

He looked down sullenly for a moment then his face lit up and he smiled real big.

"Ya but mine is small enough to fit in your's!" He said looking at me his eyes pleading.

I think what really threw me over the edge was the bit of cum still on the outside of his lip.

"Well sure if you want to go for it buddy" I said getting into position.

I laid on the floor to the best of my ability with a raging boner.

"You'll have to lubricate me first just lick my butt hole till its nice and wet k?" I said.

Without responding he delved deep into my ass with his tongue licking and tasting and play with my ass hole I tried my best to stay as quiet as possible and not let out loud moans. I remember feeling his little tongue penetrating in and out of my ass lubricating it.

"Oh my god! Colin just fuck me before I cum again" I said in a horny rampage.

He giggled and quickly I felt his little stick of a dick entering my ass. It felt surprisingly good for its small size. He fucked me for a little bit but it didnt take long. He started to speed up his dick going in and out of my lubed up anus. He went faster and faster until finally with one final thrust he yelled out in ecstasy and slumped down on top of me.

To be continued... ( promise it wont take as long as last time)

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