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After a few minutes Joe and I stood and without saying anything, I followed the big, beefy blond guy out of his barn, with a quick glance back at the dogs. Nero, the hundred-plus pound male Weimaraner and Pandora, the eighty-five pound rottweiler bitch, were both exhausted after their bestial breeding session and were laying at separate ends of the horse-stall. I was feeling quite a bit the same as the dogs, after having a good, long cry in the arms of the beautiful blond man I, who was walking a few feet in front of me. The sun was much brighter and quite a bit higher in the sky than it was when I first went into Joe’s barn. We walked right to the house, Joe opened the door and, with a hand on my shoulder, ushered me inside. It wasn’t much of a house (compared to some of the homes I’ve been inside), the barn was actually quite a bit larger. But it was clean and comfortable-looking and I’d never felt more at-home anywhere in my life. The man guided me to the couch and, even with out the gentle push on my shoulder from Joe, I fell onto the over-stuffed sofa. Still without a word, he walked across the room to where a faded yellow telephone was hanging on the wall. He lifted the receive, punched one of his thick fingers into one of the dial’s holes and turned. Six more times he spun the dial with his chunky finger, then he looked right at me.

My feeling of intense comfort was instantly compromised. What if he was calling my dad, to tell him that I’d been getting it on with his dog. What if everything Joe said to me, out in the barn, was bullshit. What if he never had actually fucked Pandora. What if he’d been lying when he told me that he’d let Nero fuck him up the ass. Why the hell did I let my guard down with this man? But he already knew what I’d done. I was sure that Joe tasted my pee on Pandora’s face, when he licked her and if he didn’t taste it, he surely smelled it. Then, I saw him stick his fingers into his dog’s pussy, no more than five minutes after I’d fucked her and shot wad after wad of cum inside that hole. He sniffed his fingers, then sucked them into his mouth, getting a taste of the mixture of body-fluids from inside Pandora. And there was the way he sniffed me, when he first greeted me that morning. I’d fucked Pandora three times since my last shower. Sure, I used spit and Pandora used her spit too, to clean the cum and lubricating-juices from my body. Regardless, I must have smelled horribly of sex.
I heard a voice on the other end of the phone-line. It was our house-keeper, I’d know her voice anywhere. “Hortence, this is Joe,” he responded, still looking right at me. I’d had it. It was all over. I was a nasty, evil person and I was about to pay for everything I’d done. “Say,” Joe continued, still staring me down, “you think it would be any problem if Billy stayed the day with me, then spent the night here so...” I couldn’t make out the house-keeper’s words, but it was easy to hear her tone and I knew she was pissed-off. Only then did I notice a huge smile on the beautiful blond man’s face and when he knew he had my attention, he winked at me. “Yes, Hortence, I know Willy’s gonna get home tomorrow, but I also know his plane doesn’t land until somewhere around five-thirty in the evening. I’ll get Billy back to you before noon, so you’ll have plenty of time to put a spit-polish on him, before his old-man gets there.” There was more grumbling from the old woman on the other end of the phone-line. “Ah, don’t give me that bullshit, he’s safer here than he is in that big, old house with you three old farts! Besides, I’m working on a project and I need another pair of hands to get it done.” More lip from the house-keeper. Joe held the phone away from his ear and his face scrunched-up into what I could only imagine was his imitation of the house-keeper. He even started wagging one of his index fingers, just like the old woman always did.

I started to laugh. Any fears I had about Joe revealing my dirty, dark secrets faded. He hadn’t called to tell on me. He wanted me to stay with him, so I didn’t have to go back to the lake-house in the emotional, confused state I was in. I couldn’t stop laughing. I barely heard Joe telling the house-keeper, “Ok, yeah, you do that Hortence, go discuss it with the butler. And if he’s got a problem with it, he’s got my number. Tell him that I’ll have the boy home within half an hour of his call. Yes Hortence. Thank you, dear. Goodbye.” By the time Joe had put the receiver back on the worn, chrome cradle, I was laughing almost as hard as I’d been crying earlier. Joe was laughing too and he walked over to me. Slumped down in the deep cushions of the couch, the big man standing above me was a wondrous sight. I couldn’t believe how his muscles stretched his clothing, or how big the lump at the fly of his jeans was. I stopped laughing and so did Joe.
Seconds later, he’d flopped down beside me, so that once again, our bodies were touching (his right arm against my left arm). “So,” he said, the smile on his face was replaced by a wide grin, “you ever fucked-around with a person before?”
I didn’t say anything, instead I gave my head a bit of a shake. “How much you jack-off?” he asked. Somewhere I found my voice and said, “A couple times a day, I suppose.” Joe’s grin widened even more and his eyes squinted a bit as he looked at me. “You were jacking-off in the bushes that day, when I was down by the pool, weren’t you?” I nodded. “I could see the cum-spots on your jeans and on Pandora’s nose, too.”
I tried to grin. I didn’t know what to say to the man. I knew he understood, but actually forming any words and speaking about what I was feeling, well, I wasn’t quite ready for that.

“It’s all-right, Billy,” the beefy blond said. His right arm went around me and before I knew it, he was cradling me against his muscular chest, which was still damp from all the tears I’d poured onto it out in the barn. A serious look crossed Joe’s face and he asked, “Was Pandora your first?” The man understood completely. I nodded my head and fought hard to stop the tears from bubbling out my eyes. “The first animal I ever fucked was an old nanny-goat. I was probably right around your age. It was right after I figured-out how to jack-off. I’d gone out behind the barn one evening, while my mom and dad were watching the six-o’clock news. I pulled it out and started pounding and all the sudden the goat was there. She seemed really interested in what I was doing, so I let my dick go and she started sniffing on it. Then she started licking it and before I knew it, my dick was in the goat’s mouth.” A gentle smile had returned to Joe’s handsome face and he continued his tale. “Did you know that goats don’t have top teeth?” I shook my head, which was comfortably cradled between the man’s strong arms and powerful chest. “Nope and this old nanny’s bottom teeth were so worn down that I was surprised she could still eat. I’ll bet she didn’t suck my dick for more than a minute or so, before I started emptying my balls in her mouth. She sucked it all down, too. Kept pushing her all-but toothless snout right up against me, as she gulped my load.”
Joe’s smile turned a bit impish. With his right arm cradling my head and shoulders against his chest, his left arm began to slowly rub my stomach and chest. Then right between my shoulder-blades, where the man’s body was the warmest, I felt a throb. “Later that night, after everyone was asleep, I went back out to the barn and found the old goat. I let her suck me for a bit, then, well, it just seemed like the natural thing to do,” the man said with a wink. “I got around behind her and stuck my spit-slick dick just as quick as I could up her cooch. She let out one hell of a sound and immediately I stopped moving, my dick about half-way inside her cunt. Once I stopped moving, the goat went quiet. I started to pull-out, slowly, terrified that someone heard the noise and was on their way out to the barn. But then, well, I never got my dick all the way out of her. And before I knew it, I was fucking her. Slowly, but it didn’t take long for me to get it all the way in. I couldn’t believe how great it felt. Even better than when the goat had my dick in her mouth. I don’t think I fucked her for more than a minute, before I started shooting my cream. The goat did let out a softer sound, as I dumped my balls in her cunt, though I knew it would never be heard from the house.”

I felt another throb between my shoulder-blades and Joe lowered his head a bit, so I could feel his breath on my face. “I must have fucked that old nanny every day for a couple years. A couple times, some days. But then, as I got older and my dick started to get bigger, well, I think I had too much for her to take, after a while. She still sucked me off, after that, when she started acting like taking me up her twat was getting to her, I stopped fucking her.” His face got even closer and his words became softer. “But, this was a different farm back then. Dad had all kinds of live-stock. There were other goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. We had pigs, cows, horses, you name it. Once he even brought in a big bull buffalo, to breed a couple of his heifers, to get beef-allo calves. I never tried to fuck around with him. He’d have killed me for sure. But I got a great view of his huge fucking cock plugging those sloppy cow-cunts. But I have sucked-off a normal bull, or two. And once I even let a young bull fuck my ass. “I’ve fucked pigs, horses and cows and when I was young, I even fucked a few of the chickens and turkeys, but the geese always squawked so loud that I left them alone, for the most part. And over the years, I’ve fucked and been fucked by dozens of dogs, as well as a few human-beings every so often.”

I wasn’t really crying, but tears were rolling down my face and onto Joe’s belly and crotch. I lay there and, in a voice as soft as his was, told him about everything I’d done with Pandora. I told him about how she started licking my balls, when I’d pulled my dick out in the woods two days before and how she proceeded to start licking my dick, then used her tongue to pull my little hard-on into her mouth. I told him all about the fantastic orgasm I had, when I sprayed my cum into the rottweiler’s gulping maw, in a steady stream like I was peeing, rather than pulsing jets, like it normally shot out of me. I told him about fingering and eating her pussy, then about how I slipped my dick in and fucked the big rottweiler bitch. I told him about that morning, about how I’d just finished shooting deep inside her and how, when I went to pee, I saw her blood on my dick, but didn’t have much time to think about why her pussy was bleeding, as that was when the man had returned to pick Pandora up. By the time I told him the whole story, I realized that at some point, his right hand had crept under my soiled t-shirt and I could feel his calloused hand moving against the smooth skin of my torso.
“I taught her how to suck-cock like that, never even grazed you with her teeth, did she?” I laughed and told Joe he was right, Pandora had been perfectly gentle, while my dick was in her mouth. Over the next little while, we just talked, Joe sitting on the couch, holding me tight against his chest with one arm as the other explored my chest and belly. When he started tickling my peach-fuzzed armpit, I started to giggle. Joe dug deeper into my pit, moving a couple fingers all over the concave surface of my skin. Then he pulled his hand from my pit, then all the way out from under my shirt and his fingers didn’t stop until they were right below his nose. He sniffed his fingers deeply, then as he’d done after sticking the same fingers into Pandora’s pussy, he shoved his stinky fingers into his mouth.
“Tastes like it’s been a while since you’ve had a shower,” Joe said around the fingers in his mouth. Once he’d sucked off as much as he could, he licked his lips, as his now spit-coated fingers dove back under my shirt, then directly to my other arm-pit. He dragged his fingers around that pit for a bit, then pulled his hand back to his nose and after getting a couple good sniffs, he started sucking on his fingers again. This time, when his fingers came out of his mouth, he was looking at me a bit strangely. “Want a taste,” the man said, slowly licking the taste of my armpits from his lips.
As a response, I raised my upper body as best as I could and as Joe’s head lowered a bit, we kissed. I could taste my sweaty funk on his lips and on his tongue, when I’d dug mine into his mouth to find it. We kissed deeply and we were both feeling all over the other’s body. I got a hand up and under Joe’s t-shirt and was instantly fascinated by his lightly-hairy chest. Not to mention how big and hard his pectoral muscles were. When I found and started pinching one of his pencil-eraser-nipples, Joe sucked my tongue into his mouth. I could hear and feel him moaning as he sucked my tongue. And by that time, I was sure that the pulsing thing I could feel under my shoulder-blades was Joe’s cock.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Not only had I lost my virginity less than forty-eight hours before (even if it was a rather unconventional de-flowering), here I was cradled in the arms of the most gorgeous man I could imagine, our mouths pressed together and our tongues wrestling. It wasn’t until I felt the tingling in my belly, that I knew I either had to cool things down a bit, or I’d surely cream my jeans. Although, I didn’t have to do anything, the mood quickly faded on its own.
From the barn, we heard a horrendous ruckus. I couldn’t tell if it was Pandora or Nero, or maybe it was even both dogs howling and yelping. Without any warning, Joe stood, lifting me with him. A second later, I fell onto the over-stuffed couch-cushions and Joe was standing above me, laughing. “We better go out and check on them, then we’ll come back in and I’ll fix lunch.” It wasn’t until the man’s mention of eating, that I realized I’d missed breakfast and I was famished. By the time we reached the barn, the dogs were tied together, Nero’s knot deep inside Pandora’s pussy and they were both standing there, connected by their rear ends, panting. “They’re gonna be locked together for a bit, while Nero shoots her full of another load of his spooge,” Joe said, one of his big hands gently gripping my shoulder. “Lets go in and get a bite to eat, then we’ll come back and see how they’re doing.”

Joe made burgers and fries for lunch. We talked as we ate, getting to know one another better. We talked about books, movies, tv-shows and stuff like that. We discussed our favorite foods (Joe’s is a rare steak and a baked-potato, with sour-cream, garlic, onion and bacon - Mine was and still is, country-fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn-on-the-cob, covered with butter and salt), our favorite music and how we liked to pass our free-time. Although, that was when things started getting a bit hot again. Feeling more comfortable than I ever had with another person, I admitted to Joe that my favorite pass-time was getting naked and jacking-off (even adding with a sly grin of my own, that sometimes I even would sneak a spit-slicked finger, or two, up my butt, when I wanted to come really hard). Joe informed me that lately, his favorite pass-time had been getting it on with Pandora. “‘Though, considering what’s going on out in the barn right now, I guess I’m gonna have to lay off her for a while. She’s got enough on her plate with Nero, out there.”
After we ate and the kitchen was cleaned, we went back out to the barn. Both dogs were fast asleep, in separate corners of the stall. We walked across the large, open space within the barn, me following Joe, taking two steps for each one of his. At the far side, Joe reached a ladder and began to climb. I was right behind him, staring up and seeing how strained the seat of his pants were, each time he flexed his ass to reach the next step. The ladder led through a trap-door, onto a loft that extended over more than half of the barn-floor. It was much warmer up there, than it had been down below.
“Mind if I strip-down?” Joe asked, though he didn’t wait for an answer. As soon as his words were out of his mouth, he was already raising his t-shirt from his body. I followed suit and a couple seconds later, we were both standing up in the loft, bare from the waist-up. I watched as Joe’s big hands moved to the buttons of his jeans. I have no idea where the burst of courage came from, but before I realized what I was doing, I called-out, “No!,” and I quickly moved right in front of him. His hands had shot away from his jeans the instant I yelled ‘No,’ and my comparatively tiny hands moved right in where his had been. I sheepishly looked up at the big, beautiful man and whispered, “I want to do it.”

“Go for it, kid,” Joe said. I fell to my knees before him and started to rub my hands all over the huge, hot lump in the front of his jeans. I didn’t start unbuttoning his jeans, not just yet. Instead, I pawed at the whole big bulge. After a moment, I started to realize which part of the massive mound was his cock and which part were his balls. Everything seemed so huge. And, even before I actually saw the man’s equipment, just from the way it felt and how it pressed at his pants, I realized that, unlike mine, Joe’s foreskin had never been clipped. After a bit it wasn’t enough to just feel his cotton-covered crotch with my hands, so slowly my face moved forward and before I knew it, I could feel his hardness and heat with my nose, lips and cheeks. Before I was done exploring Joe’s manhood through his pants, there was a big dark wet-spot at the front of his jeans. I knew that a lot of the wetness was from my saliva, though I suspected that some of the moisture had oozed from the man’s massive cock, that his pre-cum had mingled with my spit. Now, as I knelt there with my face properly planted against the fly of his pants, I’ll admit that I really couldn’t taste much. But the smell was incredible. Every breath I pulled in, filtered through the worn cotton of his jeans, was filled with the most amazing, potent and masculine scent I’d ever smelled. I wondered how long it had been since he’d showered. Surely a man didn’t work-up an odor like that in just a few hours. My own dick was hard as a bone and throbbing as I mashed my face into the front of his jeans. I wanted to reach down and start stroking myself, but resisted the urge, as I couldn’t bare to take one of my hands off the man’s hips, where I was holding tight to him for support.
I finally did move my hands from his hips, not too far though, just to the buttons of his fly. But before I started unbuttoning his pants, I looked up at the magnificent man. His bare torso was so massively muscled. The upper part, his chest, was covered with a light dusting of blond fur. And other than a fine line of blond body-hair that bisected his ripped, tight stomach and descended below the waist-band of his jeans, the man’s belly was as smooth as mine. I popped the first button of his fly and without thinking about what I was doing, shoved my tongue into the little ‘V’ that appeared. His body hair had begun to spread toward his hips a bit and I could feel his pubes tickling my tongue. His skin tasted extremely salty and a bit musky. When I popped the second button of his fly, the skin-covered head of his cock suddenly appeared, pushing up, even higher than the first button.

Joe’s cock was huge. I’d known that even before I saw it, judging only from the bulge it made in his jeans. And despite the fact that I could only see maybe an inch or so of it’s tip, I had to stop and take stock of what I was seeing. I’d been right. Joe’s cock was un-circumcised. I couldn’t actually see the head of his cock, but there was no mistaking the shape of the flared helmet within the covering of skin. And at the very tip, the skin was pulled tight, like the opening of a draw-string bag pulled tightly closed, extending a good half-inch or more over the blunt form of the fat head of his cock. And sure enough there was clear fluid pooling in the puckered hole of his foreskin, some even drooling down over the bit of cock-shaft I could see, poking from his fly. I felt an instinctual need to taste the clear goo dripping from the tightly crimped pucker of skin, though something held me back. I popped the third button and got a look at another inch, or so, of Joe’s cock, as well as more of the bush of dark-blond curly hair growing on the hard, flat skin between his hips.
“Is that the first man’s cock you’ve seen up-close?” Joe asked. His voice was soft and carried a gentle tone, but it startled me anyway. I didn’t respond vocally, but my head nodded a bit, as I breathed in through my nose. There were all sorts of scents emanating from Joe’s crotch. All of them were strong, potent smells and it seemed like I couldn’t breathe in enough of his funky masculine odor to satisfy my desires. As I popped the fourth button of his jeans, the huge column of flesh throbbed, then relaxed, falling away from his tight belly and I felt the heat of his thick shaft make contact with my nose. Having that monstrous cock right in my face, I had to close my eyes (I couldn’t focus that close without straining my eyes). And before I knew it, my tongue was out and I was licking the burning hot skin of the man’s mighty cock-shaft.

I still don’t know for sure if I yanked his pants down to his knees, or if Joe helped-out a bit and pushed his own jeans down. Regardless, there it was, hard as steel and bigger than I’d have ever imagined a man’s cock could be. And not only was his colossal cock impressive. I now had a clear view of Joe’s huge, heavy, hairy balls, dangling below his big, hard bone. There was no stopping me. My tongue was out and I pushed my mouth tight against the bloated, furry sac and began licking the man’s sweat from his balls. Joe let out a deep groan as my mouth and tongue went crazy trying to get as much of his salty, bitter, musky taste from the skin and hairs of his scrotum into my mouth. It didn’t take long for my saliva to cover the hairy sac and before long, the man’s potent taste began to dissipate. Once I’d thoroughly cleaned all Joe’s funk from his bloated ball-sac, I thought about moving my tongue elsewhere on his body, in an attempt to lick-up more of the manly-tasting sweat from his skin. But I started to hear words mixed-in to his moans.
“Oh, fuck yeah!” I heard Joe moan. “That’s it, kid! Gnaw on my fucking ‘nads!” So, I spent a bit more time licking and sucking on the man’s balls. They were so big that I couldn’t open my jaws wide enough to get even one of them all the way inside my mouth.
I was still fighting the urge to reach my hand down my pants and start jacking-off. But I knew if I did, I’d come in an instant and I didn’t want this to be over so quickly. After a bit, I pulled my spit-coated face out of Joe’s crotch to catch my breath. While I breathed, my hands gently caressed the two big oblong orbs. They were still dripping from the tongue-bath I’d just given them, as I weighed them in my palm, wondering if mine would get that big when I got older.

My hands, coated in my own spit, which I’d just rubbed off Joe’s balls, slowly slid up a bit to where the man’s scrotum seemed to stop and the fat base of his cock started. I twisted my arm so that the back of it rested lightly against the beefy blond man’s big bone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. With my wrist pressed to his cock, well, I could see a good amount of cock-flesh on either side of my arm. Joe’s cock was quite a bit fatter than my bony wrist. With my hand trembling, I twisted it back around so that my fingers were touching the huge cock. Slowly I reached my fingers around it. And the thing was so thick that even squeezing quite tight, there was a good inch of space between the tips of my index-finger and thumb. So, the first cock (other than my own little dick) I ever got my hands on turned-out to be so big that I couldn’t even wrap my fingers all the way around (and looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way).
There I was kneeling in front of Joe, who’s jeans were shoved to his ankles, with both of my hands feeling all over his cock and balls. I didn’t stroke it, not at first anyway. I was mesmerized by massive slab of man-meat in my little hands. Once I got used to it’s girth, I started exploring it’s length. It was longer than my hands and thinking about the foot-long rulers we used in school, I guessed that it was at least that long. As though reading my mind, I heard Joe’s soft, growling voice say, “That’s eleven and a half inches of cock you got in your hand, kid. And almost seven inches around.” (Now, I’d measured my own dick - it wasn’t even five inches long and no bigger around than a quarter.)
After exploring the shaft of the man’s cock my fingers moved up to the bulbous head, which was still covered, as nature intended, by its fleshy foreskin. And oozing from the tightly cinched tip of Joe’s sizable, solid slab of meat, so much so that it was dribbling down the side of his shaft, was a good amount of slime sparkling in the bit of sunlight filtering through the filthy windows in walls of the barn’s loft. I fingered the man’s foreskin for a few moments, never before having had my hands on an un-cut cock (for that matter, I’d never had my hands on any sort of cock, other than my own little dick, of course).

But the temptation proved too much. With the sweaty, musky taste of his balls still in my mouth, I had to get a taste of the precum bubbling from the tip of Joe’s cock. I pulled the man’s meat toward me, so that the wrinkled pucker of his foreskin was pointing right at my face. Breathing in deeply, I inhaled his virile stink, before extending my tongue and shoving it into the tight sheath of his cock-cowl. At first I tasted something sweet and a bit salty. It wasn’t a strong taste, but it was heavenly. I dug for more. However I didn’t find more of the pleasant sweet-taste of Joe’s cock-dribble. As I buried my tongue deeper into the man’s foreskin, the difference in taste was so different, the shock hit me almost like sticking the tip of my tongue on a nine-volt battery.
At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the new taste I’d found, digging my tongue deeper between Joe’s foreskin and the fat head of his cock. It was strong, bitter and, well, it sort-of tasted rotten. However, my tongue dug wildly, trying to find more of the fermented flavor, just to be sure. Before long, my lips were sealed around the nub of foreskin and I was trying to suck the flesh into my mouth, so that my tongue could delve deeper, to get at more of the strong bitter-tasting substance from around his fat cockhead and into my mouth. I opened wider and tried to get more of him into my mouth. Though ready to wretch from the caustic taste that had filled my mouth, I couldn’t stop my tongue from mining more.
I felt Joe’s hands on the sides of my head and for a moment, he pulled my face closer to him, making more of his cock press into my mouth. Then he reversed his motion and with a pop, the head of his cock pulled completely from between my lips. He tilted my head so that I was looking right up into his down-turned face. “Before you start doin’ somethin’ that neither of us are gonna want to stop, I wanna see what you got down there, tenting your trousers, kid.” And with that, his hands gripped me under each arm and he lifted me to my feet.

Before Joe started unfastening my pants, he pulled his hands from my pits and once again, sniffed his fingers a couple times, I watched as he sucked each finger that had been in my underarms clean of my sweat. With one finger still in his mouth and a hand on my shoulder, the man moved us a few feet and sat on a bail of straw, that was already covered by an old horse-blanket. He then positioned me right in front of him, between his legs, with his hands on my bony hips. Same as I’d done, Joe first pawed at the hard little lump in my jeans. I felt his fingertips moving over the cotton covering my nuts, then up and down the skinny shaft of my dick. And, just like I’d done, once he’d felt me up enough with his hands, he moved his face to the front of my pants. I could feel his breaths on the skin of my crotch, through my jeans. When Joe exhaled, the whole area between my legs became hot. And when he inhaled, I felt cool air rushing around my nuts and dick. I was sure that I’d never had a stiffer, more rigid erection in my life. Even when I was pounding my dick into the rottweiler bitch’s pussy, I don’t think it was as hard as it was with Joe’s mouth separated from it by only a thin layer of denim.
The man’s face pulled out of my crotch and he looked up at me, a wily grin on his face. “I can smell ‘Dora’s cunt on your crotch, kid,” Joe said, then he licked his lips.
He didn’t go at my fly one button at a time, as I’d done to his. With his face only inches from my pants, he grabbed each side near the top button and yanked, popping all the buttons at once. My dick was so hard it instantly sprang out, directly into Joe’s waiting mouth. I doubt he sucked my dick for more than ten seconds before I grabbed his head and started spewing my seed into his gulping mouth. I shot my load in a stream again, rather than in pulsing wads. I heard a deep baying howl off in the distance and a high-pitched whine much closer. And I could also just make-out the sound of the man gulping, swallowing every bit of the fresh spunk spewing from my bone-hard dick. My orgasm was so intense, that if Joe hadn’t been holding me around my waist, I’d have surely fallen to the straw-strewn floor of the loft. My consciousness was so far off that I couldn’t even count the number of mind-blowing orgasms I’d experienced in the previous three days. Though I was aware that none of the orgasms I’d had with Pandora came close to the incredibly intense sensations I was feeling, as the big blond man slurped my sperm into his stomach. I was breathing in the combined smells of both our sweaty bodies and the strong taste of Joe’s cock-cheese was still in my mouth.

As my body relaxed a bit an my emanation subsided some, I realized that the high-pitched whining noise I was hearing was issuing from my own mouth. I guess I was so involved in the feelings crashing through my body, that I didn’t realize I was crying-out as Joe sucked my load of cum from my dick. The instant I figured-out I was making the piercing scream, it stopped and was replaced by panting, as I tried to catch my breath. The deep, baying howl was still in my ears, sounding a bit closer, though still a-ways from the barn.
Still supporting a good amount of my weight, Joe sucked the last of my load from my now-sensitive dick and gave his lips a good lick the second it popped out of his mouth. It was really warm in the loft and we were both covered in sweat. I felt myself being twisted around and a second later my bare butt was sitting on Joe’s naked lap. Our eyes locked and our faces moved close. When our mouths met and the man’s tongue pushed between my lips, I could taste my own cum. We kissed a moment or two, then I pulled away. “I want to taste your cum,” I said sheepishly to the beautiful beefy man. Joe looked at me and smiled and I felt his hard cock throb under my bare butt.
“I want you to taste it and you will,” he said as a matter-of-fact. Then we heard another of the deep baying howls, then a loud, rumbling growl came from the lower level of the barn. Joe looked away from me, wiping his spit-and-cum-coated lips with the back of his hand, as he gazed out the large half-open hay-door level with the floor of the loft. “But I’ll bet my bottom dollar that’s ol’ Elmer yowlin’ out there. He’s shown up here every time ‘Dora’s gone into heat. And if he manages to find his way into the barn, Nero would tear him to shreds before he got anywhere close to his bitch. The man put me back on my still-a-bit-wobbly feet and stood himself. I reached down and was about to pull my pants up, when I noticed Joe was pulling his boots off, then his pants fell free of his thick, hairy legs. I followed suit and pulled off my sneakers, then we were both naked in the warmth and soft light in the loft. Joe shoved his big feet back into his boots, so I put my shoes back on. Naked, but for our footwear, we climbed down the ladder, this time Joe looked up at my body and I looked down at his.

Pandora greeted us at the bottom of the ladder, giving each of our bare crotches a sniff and lick, before Joe shoed her away. Nero was straining at the chain and collar restraining him in the stall, snorting the air as best as he could with the collar all-but blocking his airway, the low, rumbling growl still emanating from somewhere deep in his lean chest.
“Come on kid,” Joe said, walking toward a door in the side of the barn. His dick was still big and thick, but it was no longer pointing up at the ceiling, as it had been. As I watched him move, I was once again fascinated at the way his well-built muscles moved under his lightly-furred skin. The man’s blondish body-hair covered all of him, except for the sides of his stomach and his wide back. His arms and legs were hairier toward his hands and feet and there seemed to be just as much hair on the massive mounds of his ass-cheeks as there was around his humongous cock and balls.
Opening the door leading outside, my eyes were shocked by the bright sunlight. It took me a few seconds before I could see. And once my sight returned, I saw a big, red dog loping across the field toward us.
“Ol’ Elmer belongs to the Graningers. They’ve got a farm about a mile and a half that-a-way,” Joe pointed to where the dog was approaching. “I’ll bet he’s only a year or two younger than you and for a hound his size that’s gettin’ pretty old.”

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