Introduction: Hermione is upset and seeks comfort from Hagrid.
Hermione: The Wicked Slut Witch
Part 1
Hagrid’s Wet Dream Come True

Introduction: Hermione is upset and seeks comfort from Hagrid.

It was a chilly and blustery afternoon as Hermione Granger strode across the Hogwarts grounds towards the Forbidden Forrest. She was on her way to visit Hagrid, the Care Of Creatures teacher, she was forlorn because Ron Weasley and Harry Potter her two best friends weren’t speaking to her just because she had told the head of Gryffindor House, Professor McGonagall, about the Firebolt Broom Harry had anonymously received as a Christmas gift and she had taken the broom away to examine it for dark magic which infuriated both Harry and Ron.

Hermione was just worried someone was out to harm “her boys”. That’s the way she thought of them now, “her boys”, ever since they had decided to lose their virginity together at The Leaky Cauldron last summer. All of the Weasley’s had gone to the local Wizarding Fair in Diagon Alley except the three of them who stayed behind on the pretence of writing an essay for their Potions Class, which Hermione had finished ages ago and she had helped the boys do theirs days ago. As soon as everyone was gone they ran up to Harry’s room and bolted the door, she had fucked Ron first (he won the coin toss) then Harry. She found she loved having sex, so much so that she fuck both boys on the regular, at times one on one and sometimes together. She couldn’t believe how big of a slut she had become. She enjoyed sucking their dicks and she even delighted in swallowing their sperm, she loved the taste, relished it in fact and “her boys” loved it a great deal too and called her a “cum slut”. She also appreciated when “her boys” ate out her pussy, which she keep shaved and smooth the way “her boys” liked her kitty cat. That’s what “her boys” had named her pussy because when they licked it or fucked it just right she would purr. She especially liked it when Harry would speak parcel tongue (snake language) as he lapped and nipped at her kitty cat and Ron had an obscenely long and pointy tongue and having a big appetite ate everything with great gusto. Just thinking about it made her pussy so wet that her cunt instantly leaked. At that moment she wanted to turn around, run back to the castle, find Harry or Ron, throw him down and grind her dripping wet pussy on his face, riding whichever delicious tongue until she reached her much needed orgasm, but she couldn’t because they were mad at her. Hermione was so horny and sad and she didn’t know what to do about the situation so she was going to see Hagrid and ask for his advice.


Hermione arrived at Hagrid’s cabin. She heard a low moaning coming from inside the small hut. ‘Could Hagrid be hurt?’ she wondered. Then she heard more low moaning accompanied with soft sighing and cooing. Her mind reeled, ‘Merlin’s beard, Hagrid’s wanking off in there!’ her already drenched pussy got wetter and she put her ear to the door to eavesdrop.

“Oh, Hermione”, she gasped loudly as she heard Hagrid moan out her name, but put a hand over her mouth and continued to listen at the door, “that’s it beaui’ful girl put it in yer mouth and suck it proper like…you like that don’t ye, ye right little trollop…oh, look ‘ow wet yer cunt is why don’t ye shag me finger…I know it’s bigger then Harry’s and Ron’s cocks…now lie still so I can bugger you.” Hermione was so hot she couldn’t stand to hear anymore and knocked on Hagrid’s door. She heard him bolt off the bed and knock over a chair. “Who is it?” he yelled at the door furiously.

Hermione hurriedly thought up a plan to seduce Hagrid into shagging her stupid. She instantly produced tears and sobbed out, “It…It’s me…Hagrid, Her…mi…one. C-can I c-come in?” she stammered and hurriedly opened the front of her cloak and pinched her nipples erect before Hagrid opened the door.

“Hermione, what’s wrong? Summit hap’en’d?” asked Hagrid with genuine concern in his voice.

Hermione heard as Hagrid pulled up his pants and buttoned and zippered his fly. He bounded to the door and threw it wide open. Hermione could smell his musky sex and it smelled of outdoors, fresh air and trees plus musky yummy smelling cum. It made her lions quiver with anticipation. Hagrid saw Hermione’s tears and gently grabbed her hand and tugged her into his cabin and shut the door behind them. The cabin was warm and dim. The shutters were closed to prying eyes and a low fire was burning in the fireplace. Hermione notice that Fang the boarhound wasn’t around and Hagrid‘s bed that was usually neat was undone and messy.

The tears on her face caused him alarm, but her couldn’t help giving her body a quick once over and saw her erect nipples underneath her tight white jumper that was hugging her c-cup braless breast, her pleated tartan skirt barely brushed her mid-thighs and she had on the sexiest pair of white knee socks. The sight of her caused the huge bulge in his pant to swell. “What’s wrong Hermione? Did summit hap’en to Harry or Ron? Why yer crying?” he asked with concern as he steered her to a chair which she ignored. She slid off her cloak letting it just fall to the floor and went to sit on his bed in the back corner of the room instead. She sat on his crumpled quilt and she smelled his sex all around her and she felt her cunt juice spurt out of her pussy hole.

Hermione saw Hagrid’s eyes rake over her body and knew her plan was going to work like a charm. “Harry and Ron still aren’t talking to me, Hagrid. Just because I told Professor McGonagall about their precious Firebolt and I only did that because I was worried it might be enchanted with dark magic, but they don’t care and now I’m so miserable and alone.” she finished with a sexy pout and folded her arms under her braless breast to make them thrust out more. She saw Hagrid staring at her big tits and put her hands over her eyes to fake sobbing. She peeked at Hagrid between her fingers and saw the huge bulge in his pants. ‘Merlin’s balls, his cock must be as gigantic as the rest of him was.” Hermione thought. Hagrid handed her a handkerchief and for the first time she really looked at his hands. Hagrid’s hands and nails were clean which sort of surprised her, him being the Care Of Creatures teacher and Gamekeeper of Hogwarts and all. She took a look at his fingers and he was right his fingers were longer and wider than either Harry’s or Ron’s dicks and they were both a decent size. Harry’s dick was seven inches long and average width and Ron’s dick was only six inches long, but it was pretty fat so they cancelled each other out. Hagrid’s middle finger had to be at least nine inches long and was even fatter then Ron’s dick. Hermione wanted that finger deep in her pussy. She was so horny that she could hardly keep from gyrating her oozing pussy right into Hagrid’s quilt.

Hagrid watched Hermione mop up her face with his handkerchief and he thought, ’If only a pretty lit’le thing like that would let me have a go, I would never be mad at her.’ what right really did Harry and Ron have to be mad at Hermione. He knew for a fact that she let them shag her when ever they wanted. He had secretly watched her and Harry fucking in the Forbidden Forrest plenty of times and he saw her and Ron shagging behind the greenhouse a few times and once when they thought he was hunting they snuck into his cabin and he watch through the window as they both fucked her, Harry in her creamy pussy and Ron fucking her mouth. The sight was enough to make Hagrid cum for months just from the memory, right now his already hard cock throbbed from the recollection. What else could ruddy boys their age ask for? They should get down on their knees and beg for her forgiveness. What he wouldn’t give to suck on those gorgeous tits and lick that sweet pussy or plunge deep into her love canal, he almost swooned as he thought of squeezing into the tight arse. As Hagrid was daydreaming he became aware of an all too real and very soft caresses over his swollen manhood. Her looked down and couldn’t believe his eyes. Hermione, the girl of this deepest secret dreams, was tenderly rubbing his crotch. He closed his eyes because he thought he was having a lucid dream. He reopened his eyes and she was still there looking at him with lust in her eyes.

“Hagrid,” Hermione purred sexily, “please I’m so horny. I need you.” She opened her legs and she wasn’t wearing panties. “Can you lend a hand, a tongue, a cock?” she flipped her skirt up and leaned back on her elbows so Hagrid had a great view of her pussy. He got down on his knees between her legs and could not believe his luck. Her cunt was beautiful! It was pink and very wet. He put his finger at the top of her pussy and her huge clit popped out of the hood. It looked like a little one inch dick. Hagrid had never seen such a big clit before in his life. Not even in Play Witch or Horny Hag magazines. He gently pressed down on it and Hermione immediately had a powerful orgasm. “Oh Fuck, Hagrid. Oh Yes, wiggle your finger a bit.” he did as she asked and she screamed so loud and passed out.

Hermione was breathing so Hagrid knew she was alive. He had been afraid when she fainted. He had barely touched her. That wonderful clitoris of hers was very powerful he would have to be careful from here on out. He lifted her up and tenderly laid her out on the bed so he could lie next to her. He gently removed her jumper, skirt and shoes, but left on her knee socks because he thought they made her look very sexy, he caressed her all over. He loved the feel of her smooth flawless skin underneath his rough hand. When he reached her tits he rubbed her nipples and they hardened to half inch nubs they looked like a muggle pencil eraser. He flicked his huge tongue over her right nipple a few times then licked over her whole boob with his big tongue and slowly sucked her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it with zeal. He heard Hermione sigh and felt her small hands on him forcefully holding his head to her tit.

Hermione wasn’t sure what had happen, but she awoke naked, her kitty cat tingling and Hagrid was sucking her nipple. It felt so lovely that even though he wasn’t touching her pussy the more he sucked the more she could feel a phantom tug in her cunt. Hagrid, being half-giant, had features that were larger then a normal man’s this obviously included his mouth which could have engulfed Hermione’s whole tit. Hagrid switched to her left tit. Hagrid’s large full lips felt blissfully delicious on Hermione’s erect nipples. Hermione grabbed Hagrid’s massive hand and shoved it towards her pussy. “Fuck my kitty cat with your finger, Hagrid” she begged and he was too happy to oblige. Hagrid swipe his mammoth finger along her slit to get it lubed up he paused from sucking her tit to lick her juices from his finger she tasted better then he could have ever imagined. “Let me try, Hagrid.” Hagrid dipped his finger back in her cunt gathering as much nectar as possible and deposited a big glop of it on the tip of his tongue he then fed his vast tongue into Hermione mouth. She sucked his tongue and when all the juices were cleaned off his massive tongue she grabbed his hulking finger sucked it into her hot mouth and sucked it like it was a cock, making sure she sucked off all her cunt honey.

“Blimey, Hermione yer a right slut, ain’t ya?” Hermione smiled at him around his finger. He pulled his finger out with a pop and continued pulling on her teat. He lubed up his finger again and slowly inserted it into her pussy. He could hear her moaning and kept penetrating her cunt until his finger was in all the way and set off to bite and suck her nipples.

Hermione had never been that filled before and she loved it, “Oh Hagrid, fuck me with your big finger. Shove it in and out of my kitty cat,” she purred in a very sexy way as she bucked her hips towards his finger to impale herself fully on his whopping digit.

“Hermione, luv, yer so tight” Hagrid said as he finger fucked her faster and faster.

Hermione could not believe how good this felt and this was just his finger with that thought she started to come, “ Fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK, FUCK, FFUUUCCKKK!” she screamed out as she came her pussy squirted and clamped onto his finger.

Hagrid pulled out his sloppy wet finger and slid down the bed to get in between Hermione’s legs carefully avoiding her clit he lapped at her sodden slit and heard her coo. He continued licking adding pressure with his large, long, thick, rough tongue. Occasionally dipping the pointy tip into her moist love-hole and her anal rosebud which caused Hermione to gasp and shutter. No one had ever licked or even touched her asshole and she was enjoying it immensely. “That’s right baby lick my arse.” she pleaded and Hagrid complied he licked, sucked and probed her rosebud with his tongue and reinserted a finger in her sloppy pussy. Hagrid thrusted in and out of her pussy with his finger and her asshole with his tongue faster and faster until he drove Hermione over the edge, “Oh, I’m Fucking Cumming,” she cried out and Hagrid felt pressure building up in her pussy and removed his finger and Hermione squirted like a geyser. Hagrid stopped tongue fucking her ass and licked her dripping hole. He loved the taste of her squirt he even enjoyed the musky taste of her ass. She was so perfect in his eyes. She could fart in his face and he would find it charming he was so enchanted with this curly haired witch. He lightly rubbed her clit and she erupted in his mouth. He swallowed what he could and ran the tip of his tongue around the rim of her hole, she squirted a third time. Hagrid was vaguely aware of her orgasmic screams of pleasure. Somewhere in the back of his mind Hagrid worried that someone might hear them, but he could not really bring himself to care. “Oh Hagrid that was the most fantastic orgasm I‘ve ever had in my life! It’s just what I needed. Thank you.” Hermione said as she and Hagrid sat up. “I’ve never squirted before but I’ve read all about it and have been trying to since I first found out what it was. Now I know what needs to be done to achieve it so thank you again. Now, Hagrid, it’s my turn to pleasure you. So, take off your clothes and lay down on the bed.” She commanded and Hagrid eagerly obeyed.

Hermione watched as Hagrid undressed. He took off his shirt and Hermione was surprised. He wasn’t as hairy as she thought he would be he had a pleasingly hairy chest and only a faint strip that ran down his stomach and disappeared into his pants. His stomach wasn’t a six-pack but it wasn’t a keg either. His arms were bulging with muscles. He unfastened and pulled down his pants and out exploded a gargantuan cock. That monster was at least twenty-four inches long and very thick. The head of his cock was as big as an apple and the slit at the top was weeping with copious amounts of pre-cum. Hagrid was hairless down there and Hermione remembered reading somewhere that giants didn’t have pubic hair. His balls were massive and heavy with his built up cum. His hulking thighs and legs were also bulging with muscles.

When Hagrid moved up on the bed Hermione climbed onto him and stood on his wide thighs. Her weight was like a feather to him. She rubbed the head of his cock gently on her clit for a few seconds then placed her pussy against his shaft and slowly sat down sliding her pussy along the deliciously throbbing veins of his penis until she was seated at the base. While her big clit and her drenched pussy were busy humping the shaft of Hagrid’s cock, her ass was gyrating on his balls and Hermione grabbed the head of his cock with her hand a licked around and around dipping her tongue into the slit that was dripping with pre-cum she licked and sucked some of the pre-cum and was amazed by the sweet and tangy taste she could have drank his nectar all day. While Hermione licked and sucked the head of his penis she slid her body up and down his rod and grinded her ass on his balls.

Hagrid was in ecstasy moaning and groaning. “Oh fuck Hermione, Luv. Suck on it more. Rub that pussy harder. Use yer hands to wank me shaft. That’s it. Fuck! I’m gonna cum all over ya, ye right lit’le trollop.”

“No please Hagrid, don’t come yet I want to try something” pleaded Hermione. She jumped off the bed and grabbed her wand from out of her discarded cloak and climb back up on Hagrid’s thighs. “Sit up Hagrid and cup my bum with your hands” she ordered and Hagrid did what she asked.

“What are ye up ta, Hermione?” asked Hagrid as the pinky finger of his right hand lovingly played with her asshole.

Hermione sighed as she felt the touch on her rosebud, “You’ll see,” she answered the she pointed her wand into her pussy, “Engorgio.” she said as she performed the enlarging spell that expanded her love canal to accommodate Hagrid’s enormous cock, then swiftly inserted his massive cock into her newly enlarged cunt.

It all happened so quickly that Hagrid was taken by surprise but regained his composer almost at once and gradually lowered Hermione onto his dick. “Oh Hermione, my luverly girl, I’ve dreamt of this happening, of shagging yer cunt and it’s better then I imagined. Even with the spell yer still so tight. Fuck, I never thought this day would come. How are ya? Are ye okay?” he asked concerned he might hurt her she felt so tight and his cock was three-quarters of the way into her cunt. That’s deeper then he’s ever been in anyone else.

“Oh Fuck, Hagrid. I’m fucking fantastic! Oh shit, I’ve never felt this much pleasure before. The spell is perfect. You won’t hurt me Hagrid, so fuck me. Fuck Me! Fuck Me! FUCK Me! FUCK ME! HARD!” she screamed, it was a request and command.

Those words were all Hagrid needed to hear from her. He grabbed her underneath her arms and thrusted her up and down on his cock. Faster and deeper Hagrid went until he was fucking her to the hilt and Hermione lost her mind. She screamed out with her first orgasm, “HAGRID, OH HAGRID. I LOVE YOUR COCK. FUCK ME FASTER. FUCK ME HARDER. FUCK ME, FUCK ME. OOOHHHHHH, OOOHHHHH, OOOOHHHHHH FFUUUCCKKKKKK YYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” she was basically a rag doll that he was manipulating up and down on his colossal fuck stick.

“Oh Hermione, beaui’ful lit’le Hermione, FUCK, yer cunt is so good. I’m gonna fuck ye so hard yer won’t sit right fer a week.” then he lifted her and placed her on all fours on the bed and mounted her doggy style. He pushed his dick in to the limit and then pulled out completely. He did this several times each time Hermione let out a squeal of pleasure and on the eighth time when Hagrid pulled out Hermione squirted all over his cock. After that he put his soaked penis deep in her pussy and fucked her silly.

Hermione came a second, third, forth time. She was so glad she decided to seduce Hagrid she was having the time of her life. She felt her fifth orgasm churning in her pussy when Hagrid yelled, “AYE, LUV, I’M CUMMING!” and he started to pull out.

“NO HAGRID,” Hermione screamed, “Cum in me Hagrid, please cum in my kitty cat.” she purred sexily. Then she came again, “Fuck spay your cum deep in my kitty. Fill me up. I want to feel your cum leaking out of my pussy. Please Hagrid your slut is begging for all your cum. FUCK ME! FILL ME UP!” She pushed her ass out at him like a cat in heat.

Hagrid felt the churning of cum in his balls as Hermione’s pussy orgasm gripped his dick. He grabbed Hermione by the hips just as his cock exploded. He came so hard and so much if he had not been holding her she would have flown across the bed. Hagrid’s sperm filled her up then started to leak out around his dick as her pussy milked his cock and he was still cumming. “Hagrid let me taste it.” Hermione asked.

“Surely, Luv.” and he pulled out of her pussy and she turned around and placed her mouth on the slit and sucked and sucked and sucked. His cum was even tastier then his pre-cum. Hermione had her fill and Hagrid was still cumming.

She lay on the bed and said, “Come on my tits Hagrid” he was more then happy to do so rubbing his cock all over her gorgeous titties until at last he stopped cumming and sat up on the bed. “That was brilliant, Hagrid. We must do it again sometime.” She stood on his lap and kissed him deeply.

Hagrid broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes, “Thank ye Hermione, luv. It’s been a long time since summit let me fuck their pussy. Ye really are the greatest witch of yer time just like Harry and Ron always say. They’ll get over their anger soon, luv. I’ll have a word with’em. They’ll listen to reason and I reckon they’ll be making up with yer by next week. I just hope yer don’t forget me once they forgiven ye and all.” Hagrid finished with a tear in his eye.

Hermione had tears in her eyes too and she grabbed Hagrid great big face between her small hands and made him look into her eyes, “I could never forget you Hagrid. You’re the best lover I ever had and next time I thought maybe you can try shagging my arse, but first I want to read up on it and make sure we are prepared. You know Hagrid; no ones ever had my bum before. I want you to be the first.” she saw the happy gleam and tears in his eyes and knew she found the perfect secret lover. “Thank you for offering to talk to the boys I would really appreciate that.” she kissed him deeply once more and jumped off his lap and got dressed. “I better get back it’s almost dinner time. We can do this again during the next quiddich match. Is that good for you?” she asked circling her nipple through her jumper then sucking her finger for Hagrid‘s benefit.

“Yea, that’s perfect ya little minx.” Hagrid growled at her and palmed her tight ass. “Ye have me heart Hermione, Luv,” he said tenderly, “and me cock too.” he chuckled as she grabbed his schlong and gently squeezed.

Hermione turned and left with a wave and Hagrid stood at the door and watched her ass sway to and fro until he could no longer see her. He closed the door and sat on his bed. He smelled her on his sheets. He lay down and snuggled into her scent and dreamed about their next love making session.

To be continued...

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