I was 12 when I had my first wet dream. I had just finished 6th gradeand attended summer school at a high school i planned to go to. It was a co-ed school, not like the other private schools. Well there were many hot girls, but i wasn't aroused or anything. It was school, and I came to do what i intended, learn. Between getting lost and classes, i couldn't help but think of all the girls around. I wasn't staring, but I was wishing for once i could hook up with one, not for sex, but for "love" at this age. Well there were many, but one caught my eye. She was 5' 3 with nice baseball sized tits. She had a perfect body, with a great ass, and beautiful hair and eyes. After a week or so, i awoke in the middle of the night with my underwear filled with some liquid. At first i thought i was going to the bathroom, but then i realized that my cock was hard. I wondered if this was cum or sperm or something else, but soon i learned how to make more.

Another night, i woke up to find myself having a vivid dream where i was humping the girl i liked. In reality, i was humping my pillow, but it felt so good that i kept going. Soon i came again. THe next night i was curious and aroused my own dick. It felt weird touching myself, (humping a pillow was better), but i was in bliss. After a month, i was jerking off almost every night. The smell of cum was strong, but i enjoyed it.

Soon after the first night experience, i was really into looking at porn. It was summer and no one was ever around. I would watch the porn movies, not to jerk off, but to learn how sex worked. From time to time, i would jerk off in front of the computer, but would rather in a dream. Then it ended.

Summer school ended and i never saw the girl of my dreams again.

School started up again, and i found myself staring at my new teacher. She was fairly tall around 5' 8 with small perky tits, and a nice ass. She was new and young. I would find myself staring at her when i finished work, but i knew no one saw me. More than once in class, i fantasized fucking her, and got hard-ons. Everyone in my class was beginning to mature and some friends were popping "boners". I was too, but tried to hide it as I was young and my dick wasn't as big, so it was fairly easy. I would fantasize about my crush too, but it was just a dream. She and I knew that she didn't like me.

School ended faster than i expected, and i was soon into summer. Summer actually i did nothing. I never came in contact with any girls so i couldn't fantasize about anyone. Once in awhile, i would jerk off, but it wasn't the same.

I was accepted into the high school that i attended at summer school. I was both excited and nervous. First day, was an orientation where seniors lead some freshmen around. My senior was a girl. She was white around 5'8 or 5'9 with small perky boobs. SHe had a very nice tight ass, and her looks were to die for. She was fit for sure. After orientation though, never quite saw her. There were other girls to deal with. And there were a lot. Girls usually think that all guys can think about is sex, but for me. Having a girlfriend was a big deal. I was never a smooth talker or a pimp. I had never actually went on a date. WIth all these girls around, i was always nervous and sweating. I was always shaking, and could only talk to the guys without studdering. I was trying to hide it and act tough, but in my mind, i was about to die. I could sse myself fucking any single one of them. All of the girls seemed, to have huge boobs, which didn't help me either. Even some of my friends caught me staring at some girls. Walking to class was the hardest. First, there were lots of people around. Second, all the hot girls would sometimes flash a smile to someone else but me. Third, all the senior girls were tall that their boobs were at my face. But i didn't really worry to much.

So i never really fucked anyone, and you may think this is a waste of time. But u wait, and i'll complete this when it happens. If it doesn't, well who said it had to be true... XP


2010-07-25 17:23:40
haha 15 years later.... im gonna finish that story when i have sex yea right?!?!

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2009-06-07 02:14:01

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2009-05-24 13:39:17
that was shit pointless

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2008-06-19 21:30:09
wow leave him alone at least he being honest wow u know something not many people age 14 get sex unless there fucking ugly trust me, the only person in my grade thats no longer virgin are fucking, ugly they look like the hit every branch on the ugly tree on her way down from heaven


2008-04-17 21:11:01
so he's 14
cause he said he'd finish the story when it happens

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