Standing outside my house, I knew I was waiting for someone. I knew that someone was coming to see me and at midnight I saw him. I had no idea how he knew where I lived or how he found out my name but he did and now he was walking towards me in my moonlit driveway. I met him halfway and we just sort of stared at each other for a moment, then he took my hand and we walked away from my quiet house. We said nothing the entire walk back to his truck. He smiled, I smiled.
I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed it like an addict needs their drug. I stared at him with so much lust in my eyes. He knew what I was thinking the moment their eyes connected with mine. He was leaning against his truck, and I was sitting across from him on a little hill. I stood up and walked to him like a tiger stalking their prey. When I reached them the energy was so thick it was like you could almost touch it. I reached out and touched his chest through the thin fabric of his shirt. His chest was so muscular. I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him hard and deep. He eagerly returned my kiss as his hands found my perfectly round C cups. As soon as his fingers ran over my nipples they were instantly hard and at full attention. He smiled through the kiss and started getting a little more rough. He reached under my tank top and squeezed till I moaned in more pleasure.
I moaned into his mouth and threw back my head. He kissed down my neck and found my nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and sent stars to my vision. He flicked my hard nipple with his tongue and rolled it in between his teeth. It felt like the most amazing pleasure I have ever felt. He picked me up and laid me on the cab of his truck. His hands moved up my leg, to my thigh, then found my hot wet pussy ready for his throbbing cock. Me took off my shorts and rubbed his hand all over my hot pussy I moaned and moaned begging for more of what he was offering me. He slipped a finger in between my pussy lips and ran it up and down and the pleasure it sent up my body made my nipples rock hard. He brought his mouth to my nipples and sucked hard. He pulled them and bit them and make me scream for more.
I felt his fingers rubbing my swollen pussy lips as he sucked my nipples. He found my sweet juicy clit and rubbed the tip of his finger on the tip of my clit. I was screaming for more and more when he put his mouth on my pussy and sucked my clit hard and fast, that’s when I had my first orgasm. I came so hard I squirted down his face and he just sucked harder. I screamed in ecstasy begging him never to stop. He lifted his face and it was covered in my cum. I bent down and kissed him, we tasted so sweet and exotic I loved it. He stood up and I saw his dick ready for anything. I scooted down and rubbed it through his pants. It had to be at least ten inches. And boy was I right. He undid his pants and grabbed his throbbing cock. It was full and thick just how I thought it would be. He was grinning from ear to ear as I pulled him into my mouth I got about half of him in my mouth and that’s about it. He grabbed my head and throat fucked me. I didn’t say no. I felt his need I felt how much he wanted this. I loved the feeling of him slamming almost all ten inches of hard throbbing cock into my wet tight throat. He suddenly pulled out and it made a popping noise.
He pushed me down and slapped my pussy with his cock getting it covered in my cum I moaned for more and he gave it to me. He found my tight wet hole and inched himself inside of me as I moaned and screamed for all ten inches and he finally bottomed his cock in my pussy. He pumped in out of me slow at first getting his rhythm. I met his eyes and said one word. “harder” and he gave me harder. He grabbed my shoulders and slammed his cock into me over and over. I came over and over again. All over his cock and his chest but I couldn’t stop it, it just felt so damn amazing. He picked me and continued slamming into me as he held me he kissed me he sucked my nipples. He fucked me like an animal. He put me on all fours and rubbed my asshole. I looked at him questionally, but he didn’t give me a chance to tell him no but he slipped into my ass with so much ease. I screamed in pain and pleasure, it was like my body couldn’t make up its mind. He went harder and faster and I felt his cock get bigger. He turned me over with his cock still inside of me. He fucked me harder and harder then he pulled out and shot his cum all over my stomach tits and some on my face. He collapsed on top of me, his breathing was fast but sounded pleasurable. I rolled him over so I was on top and slipped his cock into my dripping pussy. He moaned for me and I rode him harder till I felt my orgasm on the brink of explosion, he felt it to because he thrusted into me when I went down and it sent me so far over I drew blood from his chest. I got of him and sat at the end of the cab. He came up from behind me and massage my swollen tits I arched my back with the pleasure still coursing through my veins. I reached back and started massaging his cock he jumped with joy. He grabbed my hips and brought me into his lap. He rubbed my cock on my ass smiled at me and slipped in again I rolled my hips around it and slowly bounced on him. But he didn’t want slow he wanted fast and furious and that’s what he gave my asshole. He fucked me in my tight little ass hole so hard as I was screaming he came into my ass. He laid back and I swiveled to see him cock still in my ass. He rubbed my dripping cunt as I squirted and came. It was the best orgasm so far and I made it last

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2011-10-22 12:03:02
story was short wanted time take care~


2011-05-10 19:53:53
Love the story but yeah - have to watch the paragraphs. And you may have had them in there - from experience sometimes when you load it up on here they disappear - worse case double space the paragraphs - better to have 2 breaks than none. Definitely hope to hear more from you - indeed a sexy whore! ;)


2011-05-05 21:01:36
Story is sexy and there the good comments end. PARAGRAPHS . . . .a solid block of text is hard to read. Hard to read stories are simply dropped. Space out the story with paragraphs and it becomes easy to read and appreciated. Read other stories and see how layout improves the story. Positive vote for the sexiness but personal 4/10 for crappy layout.

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