Gordon decides to teach his wife a lesson and getsome of his step daughters pussy in the process
At the sound of Sharon’s voice, Gordon gritted his teeth.

“Come here!” She barked from the livingroom,”I need you to refill my glass.”

Gordon sighed and replied,”Coming dear.”

At 38, Sharon was a very good looking woman of small stature. She stood 5' tall and weighed 105 lbs. Gordon was not much bigger. He was 5' 4" and weighed 135 lbs. His step-daughter, Crystal was also diminutive at 4' 10" and 85 lbs..

Gordon and Sharon had been married for 6 years and she had been dominating him for all of it. Gordon was a very submissive type and for their entire married life, he never disagreed or argued with her and would always acquiesce to her demands. Normally he didn’t mind it, in fact under certain circumstances he found the domination sexually arousing.

But, for some reason, over the last several months her domineering ways had begun to chaff him. Perhaps it was the fact that her daughter, his step-daughter, who had just turned 16, had started to emulate her mother. Or perhaps it was that Gordon had finally gotten his fill of it. Or maybe it was the vacation he had taken the summer before, all by himself and realized how bad Sharon’s domination had become.

Whichever it was Gordon had decided to do something about it. He decided that the best thing he could do was to destroy some of Sharon’s confidence and self-esteem. If that happened, he reasoned, than she would ease up on dominating him. Not completely he hoped, for he did like some of it, but maybe just a bit.

How to go about doing such a thing had him puzzled, until he read a story on the Internet and decided that having her raped would do the trick. Again he found himself at a loss. Who could he ask to do such a thing?

Gordon worked for a trucking company as their accountant. His office was on an upper floor, so he never came in contact with the men who worked on the loading dock. But a week or so after he came up with the rape idea, he got a call from the dock supervisor who wanted to talk to him about a tax problem they had on a special shipment they were handling. Gordon made his way to the bottom floor and after wandering around for a while located the supervisors office.

As he walked through the shipping area he was amazed at the bustle of activity. It reminded him of a beehive. And it was completely different from the slow, quiet work atmosphere up where he was.

He knocked at the dock super’s door and was motioned in by a large man sitting behind a desk heaped with papers.

“Mr. McMillan?” Gordon ask as he stepped in and closed the door.

The man behind the desk grinned, extended his hand and said,”Call me Chuck.”

As he took the larger man’s hand Gordon gasp as Chuck gripped his hand like a vise.

Chuck waved to a chair and launched into a narrative on the problem they had. They talked for 15 minutes and just as Gordon thought they were done a knock sounded on the door. Chuck waved the person in and Gordon found himself looking at a shapely, mid-twenties blonde female dressed in tight blue jeans and an even tighter plaid shirt.

Chuck addressed her as Cindy and after a quick exchange about where to put an incoming load, she grinned, turned and left the office.

Chuck stared at her as she left and a moment or so after she had closed the door he said,”Damn Gordy, I’d give my left nut to plow that sweet tight little darlin’s snatch. Hell if I could get away with it, I’d probably just take her. What do you think? Is she a nice piece or what?”

At first Gordon was shocked, then an idea popped into his head.

“Can you come to my office later today?” He ask Chuck.

Chuck looked puzzled and ask,”Sure, but why?”

“I have a proposition for you.” Gordon replied,”Can you come up at say, 4:00 PM?”

“Ok. But I’d still like to know what it is you want.” Chuck replied.

“I’ll tell you at four.” Gordon said as her left.

Gordon sat in his office the rest of the morning working up the courage to present his plan to Chuck. He had lunch at his desk and through the afternoon watched the clock, which seemed to have stopped. But eventually 4:00PM arrived and with it Chuck.

The big man settled into a chair in front of Gordon’s desk and said,”So what’s this all about?”

Gordon handed Chuck two framed pictures, one of his wife and one of his step-daughter.

“This is my family, my wife and step-daughter.” He said.

Chucks eyes lit up when he saw the two pretty redheads.

“Nice. Very nice.”He said, then he set the pictures on the desk and ask,”But what is this all about?”

Gordon began to talk and with a lot of stammering, stuttering and hesitation he told Chuck all about his relationship with Sharon. After that he took a deep breath and went on to tell the big man about what it was he wanted to do.

“So,” Gordon said in a weak voice,”I thought, perhaps, could help me...if you would.”

Chuck leaned back in his chair looking thoughtful.

After a few moments he said,”So you want me to rape your wife and you’re going to help me set it up? And no one will know it was me?”

“Y..Yes.” Gordon replied,”I want you to, awww, r...rape her,” He almost whispered the words,” and I’ll do whatever you want to set it up.”

Chuck grinned and picked up the two pictures.

“What about your step-daughter?” He ask.

“Aw, well....” Gordon stammered almost panicked by what hew was about to say,”I don’t want her harmed,’s been as bad as her”

“Well spit it out!” Chuck growled.

“ part of this.... I want you to force me to have sex with her.” Gordon said.

Check let out a huge laugh and replied,”I get it! You want to fuck your step daughter but haven’t ever had the chance. This way you can and it will appear as though you didn’t want to! Damn Gordy, that’s brilliant!”

Gordon felt embarrassed and replied,”Ye.....yes I do want to have sex with her, but I really don’t want her hurt.”

Again Chuck looked thoughtful then replied,”Ok, we won’t harm your step-daughter. And I’ll do it. But I’ll need help, two other guys. They’re close friends of mine so you don’t have to worry about them.”

“Do you really need them?”Gordon ask looking a bit green.

“Yep. I have to include them if we’re going to do this so no one gets caught, or hurt.” Chuck said,”And besides, wouldn’t you rather see three thick dicked guys fuck your wife one right after the other? Now that’s revenge!”

“I...I...don’t know about that.” Gordon replied, but he could feel excitement starting to build inside him at the thought of watching such a show, ”So how do we go about this?”

“Well,” Chuck said leaning on the desk and staring at the pictures of Gordon’s wife and daughter,”I think we should......”

They talked and planned for the next two hours. When he left Chuck promised to call the next day and let him know if everything was going to work. Gordon couldn’t sleep that night and the next day paced his office floor until the phone rang.

“It’s a go.” Chuck said,”You’ll get a packet in the mail informing you that you and your family have won a weekend at the Stone River Lodge. When you head for the lodge, just follow the map and when you come to the detour signs we set up, just go where they indicate. When you reach an old house with a pickup parked next to it, stop as if to ask questions. Me and my buddies will be waiting and we’ll do the rest.”

Gordon was very nervous for the next several days and when the fake winners packet arrived in the mail he almost broke down and told Sharon what was going on. Fortunately, after she read it she began to harp about him being a cheap sake and never taking them to a place like that. It didn’t take much of that and Gordon’s resolve returned. He replied that since he hadn’t ever taken them to such a place, they should take the offer. Sharon hesitated and Gordon almost panicked thinking she was going to refuse. But after a moment or two she replied that they should, because she deserved it.

Three weeks later they packed the car and headed for the lodge on Saturday morning. When they came to the detour signs, Sharon made a fuss and wanted to turn back, but Gordon convinced her all they had to do was follow the signs and they’d get to the lodge.

He turned onto the dirt road indicated by the detour arrow and just after they rounded the first corner and were out of sight, a large man with a beard stepped out of the brush and took down the sign. He pulled a gate across the dirt road taken by Gordon and used a piece of chain and a padlock to lock it. He jumped onto a motorcycle that was hidden by a thorn bush and rode off after Gordon and his family.

The road got narrower and rougher as Gordon drove. Sharon began to be very abusive and about the time Gordon was ready to turn back, he rounded a corner and spotted an old dilapidated looking house next to the road. As he got nearer he saw a pickup parked next to the house.

“Since you won’t turn around, stop and go see if anyone is home. If there is, perhaps they can tell us where we are.” Sharon snarled.

Gordon pulled up next to the pickup, got out and walked around to the front door. He knocked and a second later Chuck opened the door.

“I see you made it.” The big man said.

He peeked around the corner, chuckled and said,”And you brought the little woman!”

Chuck took hold of Gordon’s arm, pulled him in the door and said,”We need to get you tied up first, to make it look convincing. Then me and my buddy,”Chuck nodded his head at another man standing behind the door,”Will go out and invite your wife and step daughter in.”

Chuck pushed Gordon down onto a chair and quickly tied him to it.

“You did take the keys out of the ignition when you came in didn’t you?” Chuck ask.

Gordon nodded.

Chuck grinned and said,”Ok. Show time!”

The big man pulled a ski mask out of his pocket and pulled it over his head. His buddy, who’s name Gordon was later to find out was Frank, did likewise. They both slipped out the door.

Sharon was starting to get agitated at having to wait, when the car door was yanked open and a large masked shape jerked her out of the car. She started to scream, but that was cut off by a hard slap across her face. A large hand gripped her by the throat and pulled her face close to a ski masked covered one. Hard eyes squinted through the mask holes as he spoke. That and what he said scared her.

“You scream once more bitch and you won’t ever scream again, you got me?” He growled.

“You got the other one?” Her capture ask.

Sharon glanced across the roof of the car to see another mask figure holding her daughter.

“Oh please, don’t hurt us! Please!” She whined.

The man holding her laughed and said,”You do like we say and you won’t be hurt. You scream, try to run or fight back and you’ll wish the hell you hadn’t have.”

He spun her around grabbed her by the back of the neck and marched her around the corner and into the house.

The first thing Sharon saw was Gordon tied to a chair. She gave him a withering look, but a moment later the large hand holding her neck squeezed making her whence. The man holding her pushed her ahead of him toward a door in the far wall. He opened it and Sharon was roughly guided down a flight of stairs.

When they got to the bottom and she had time to take in the large room they were in, a chill ran down her spine. In the center of the room was a large mattress with chairs placed around it. The hand on her neck pushed her to the edge of the mattress, then to her knees on it.

A moment later Crystal was forced down next to her.

“You two bitches stay right there. Don’t move.” Came the order.

The two masked men walked away and a moment later Sharon could hear them whispering as they conferred. It went on for several minutes.

A moment later one of the men went back up the stairs and returned with Gordon, who was again tied to one of the chairs.

Sharon hoped that someone else might follow the detour. Perhaps see the cars and stop. Maybe scare off these thugs who held them.

“Where’s Meat?” One of the men ask the other.

“He’ll be here shortly.” Came the answer

Her heart jumped as she heard the sound of a motor approaching. And her hopes jumped again as she heard it stop outside. But a chill swept through her when she noticed that both men remained calm. Several seconds later another masked figure entered the room. The three masked men walked over and stood around the two diminutive women.

“Just to let you know,” One of them said,”The detour signs were fake and the road you came here on has a gate, with no trespassing signs, that’s now closed and locked. No one will be coming by.”

Sharon felt a cold chill of fear as she listened to the man talk.

“But there’s a bright side. You do as we tell you, exactly as we tell you, when we tell you, and you’ll get out of here almost unscathed. But if you don’t....” He left the threat hang.

“So the first order of business,” The one who seemed to be the leader, and who in actuality was Chuck said, as he reached down and pulled Sharon to her feet,”is to see what kind of a treat we have.”

Chuck lead her to a chair, sat and pulled her around in front of him. It was a warm spring day and she was dressed in a light sun dress, sandals, panties and bra with no nylons or panty hose. He placed his hands on the outside of her thighs and slowly slid them up under her dress. Sharon trembled but didn’t move as a moment later Chuck’s thumbs slipped under the front of her panties and stroked across the lips of her pussy.

He grinned as he felt her tense, then grinned again as his thumb found her clit and he heard a tiny gasp from her. He pulled his hands from under dress and stood.

He pointed and said,” Take it off.”

Sharon hesitated so Chuck said in a low menacing voice,”Take off the dress and sandals, or I will. And you really don’t want me to.”

Sharon trembled, then quickly removed her sandals. She unbuttoned the front of her dress and slowly pulled it off over her head, then dropped it on the floor next to the mattress.

Sharon stood before them in only her panties and bra. Chuck looked her up and down, then made a circular motion with his finger, indicating she should turn around for them so they could get a 360 degree view of her. Slowly she did.

When she was again facing Chuck he said,”Nice. Now lose the bra.”

Sharon reached up and one at a time unsnapped the front catch of her bra. When she had it completely unfastened she hesitated until Chuck started to rise, then she quickly pulled it off her arms and dropped it with the dress.

Chuck motioned her closer to him. He reached over and cupped one of her firm B cup breast, then rolled her nipple between his fingers. He chuckled as it hardened, then a second later he leaned forward and took it in his mouth. He sucked on it for a time, than clamped his teeth to her erect nib. He pulled on it until he heard her groan, then he let it go and allowed it to snap back.

“Very nice indeed!” He said.

Next he reached out hooked his thumbs into the band of her panties and pulled them to her ankles.

“Step out of them.” He ordered.

Slowly Sharon complied. Chuck picked up her panties and placed them against his face, breathing deeply.

“Nice smelling cunt you have.” He said,”I’m gunna’ like filling it with my meat.”

He grabbed her by the throat, pulled her down to her knees between his legs. Slowly he unzipped then unsnapped his jeans. He reached in and pulled out his rock hard cock. He held it with one hand while still holding her throat with the other.

“Now my sweet little redhead,” He said,”You’re going to suck this until I tell you to quit.”

He pulled her head down until her mouth touched the tip of his cock and said,”Get to it!”

Sharon had never been in such a situation. She had always been in control, always been the one to call the shots. But this time she had no control at all and strangely she could tell she was getting physically excited by it. She found herself wanting to suck this brutal mans cock waving in front of her.

She wrapped her hand around his pole, then leaned over and popped the engorged head of it into her mouth. She began to slurp and suck on the large purple knob.

“Oh yea baby! Suck that fat cock! You like that don’t you bitch? You like being forced to suck on my cock. Oh yes... that’s the way ....suck it bitch!” Chuck groaned as she bobbed her head up and down sliding his hard rod in and out of her mouth.

After a short time she tasted the sharp, salty tang of his precum. She knew he was close to cumming, close to filling her mouth with his spunk and she could feel her pussy tingle at the thought of it. But a moment later Chuck grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up, causing his cock to pop out of her mouth.

“That’s enough for me for the moment bitch.” He panted,”But my buddy over there is waiting for you.”

She looked over at the other men and saw that they had removed their pants and were sitting on chairs. One was ideally stroking his hard cock, the other sat holding Crystal by the arm, with out stretched legs, his hard rod causing a tent in his underwear. Chuck stood, took Sharon by the arm and lead her toward the other man.

He nodded at the guy, then pointed to the mattress. Without hesitation the guy rose, walked to the mattress and stretched out on his back.

Chuck pulled Sharon to the mattress, then pushed her down between the legs of the man laying there.

Chuck said,”He needs the same treatment you were giving me.”

Chuck turned, took Crystal’s arm and lead her back to where he had been sitting. He sat down, turned the young red head around so she was standing next to him, and grinned as he noticed that Sharon was already busy sucking Frank’s hard rod. He watched enthralled as Sharon worked on Franks hard shaft. After a time he found himself wondering, because of the way she was sucking him, if she might be starting to enjoy it.

Sharon was on her knees, her mouth around Franks stiff pole. This put her ass stuck up into the air. So a few moments later, as she shifted around, Chuck’s question was answered as he got a good look between her legs and could see the lips of her pussy glistening with moisture.

Chuck grinned again, pointed at Greg, the other masked man, and then pointed at Sharon’s firm ass waving so invitingly in the air. Greg gave Chuck a thumbs up, rose walked over and got on his knees behind Sharon.

As she felt someone touch her hips Sharon pulled her mouth from Frank’s cock and looked behind her. She got a glimpse of a man on his knees behind her lining his cock up with her pussy.

“Please don’t....” Her protest was cut off a moment later as her head was jerked back around and her mouth was shoved back onto the hard cock she had been sucking.

“Shut the fuck up bitch.” The man laying in front of her growled,”Just pay attention to my cock!”

Sharon began again to suck the cock in her mouth knowing that at any moment she was going to have another stuffed into her wet snatch. She felt the head touch her labia, and a moment later he slammed forward stuffing his entire length into her. To her surprise it didn’t hurt. In fact it felt so good she groaned and froze at the sensation, only to be brought back to reality by a stinging slap on her ass.

“God!” The man who was fucking her exclaimed,”She’s sopping wet! This fucking slut’s pussy is sopping wet!”

He leaned forward as he hammered his cock into her and growled into her ear,”So the fucking little whore likes being forced to fuck. You like that we’re using your wet snatch for our pleasure don’t you cunt. Answer me, Don’t you, you fucking little cock hound? You wanted me to fuck you, ram my hard cock into your wet pussy, fuck you until you scream, don’t you cunt? ANSWER ME SLUT!” He punctuated the last with a hard slap to her ass cheek.

As the two men fucked Sharon, Chuck glanced over to see how Gordon was doing. He grinned as he saw the bound figure’s eyes were glued to the scene. And Chuck’s grin grew bigger as he noticed the lump in Gordon’s pants.

‘I think he’s enjoying this!’Chuck thought.

He turned to look at the young girl standing beside him and noticed she too had her eyes glued to the scene on the bed. Chuck had promised Gordon he wouldn’t hurt Crystal, but he hadn’t promised he wouldn’t fuck her.

Crystal was dressed in a typical regional summer outfit, a tight top, cut off to expose her flat stomach and left long enough to barely cover her young breasts. She wore a pair of cut off jeans so short that if she bent just right you could see the crotch of her white cotton panties. A pair of sandals completed the outfit.

Chuck pulled Crystal closer to his chair, placed one hand on her ass and curled his fingers under the small strip of cloth that constituted the crotch of her cut offs, pressed his fingers against the warm moistness of her panty covered cunt. As Crystal felt his fingers slip into her cut offs and press against her snatch, she gasp and tried to pull away.

He held her firmly, clamping down on her arm with his large hand until he heard a squeak of pain escape her lips. He then pulled her head down until her ear was close to his mouth.

As his fingers continued to massaged her hot cunt through her panties he whispered,”Don’t pull away from me you little bitch. What I said to your mom goes for you too. You do what we say, when we tell you to do it and you’ll not be harmed. Fuck around and....” His hand clamped down again on her arm, only this time twice as hard.

She winced with pain and he said,”Understand?” As he released the pressure on her arm.

Crystal nodded her head in reply.

Chuck grinned under his mask and whispered ,”Good, good. Now we understand each other. I want you to tell me, have you ever sucked cock before?”

Again Crystal answered by nodding her head.

Chuck laughed low in his throat as he said,”Great! So you’re not a virgin?”

Crystal hesitated for several seconds, then for the third time answered with a motion of her head, only this time it was a shake instead of a nod.

It took a Chuck a moment to comprehend what he had just seen. She was a cherry! This yummy little bitch was a virgin! Chuck’s eye brows raised and his cock twitched at the thought of busting her cherry.

“Out fucking standing! A bonus! A fucking cherry!”He said as he pulled aside the crotch of her panties and slipped a finger into her young, tender snatch.

Crystal mewled as she felt his callused finger slip between the moist lips of her pussy. A second later she again tried to pull away as his finger found her hymen. Chuck squeezed her arm as a warning and as she felt the pressure, Crystal was reminded of the pain that hand could inflict and she immediately stopped trying to pull away.

“Now you got it my sweet, little cherry.” Chuck said as his finger slid in and out of her tight cunt,”Relax and enjoy the rest of the show.”

The exchange with Chuck had taken her attention from what was happening on the mattress. Her gaze returned to the three figures and she watched in fascination as the two men fucked her mother. The man behind her mom was ramming Sharon’s snatch with long hard strokes. Crystal could see her moms ass cheeks wiggle each time the man rammed his hard cock home into the redhead’s wet snatch.

Crystal‘s gaze moved up to where her mom’s mouth was working on the other man’s cock. Her mom had one hand wrapped around the base of the hard rod and the other was cupping the mans balls. Crystal could hear the man talking to her mom and could just make out what he was saying over the other noises.

“Oh yes! That’s it cunt! Suck my cock! Oh Yea! Use that sweet tongue of your’s! Damn bitch you are a great little cock sucker! Oh fuck....oh fuck.....OH FUCK I’M CUMMIN’.”

As he groaned the man arched his back ramming his cock farther into her mom’s mouth. Crystal could see her mom’s throat working as she swallowed the spunk that was being pumped down her throat. Sharon kept working his cock and after a few minutes the guy pushed her away.

The guy behind her decided he wanted to change positions. He pulled his cock out of Sharon and Crystal could see it was shiny and wet. The man roughly flipped Sharon on to her back, pushed her knees up to her shoulders and a moment later was again ramming his cock into her.

As all of this was happening Chuck‘s finger’s had been sliding in and out of Crystal’s wet virgin snatch. He was delighted to feel her getting wetter and wetter. With her attention riveted to her mom being fucked on the bed, Chuck let go of Crystal’s arm and moved his hand up under her top. He found the catch at the front of her bra and a moment later had it undone.

He pulled the cups to the side and his fingers found one of her nipples. He grinned as he felt how hard and erect it was.

Sharon had begun to pant and moan as a climax approached. She knew it was rape, knew it wasn’t right, but her body was responding to it. She could feel a huge orgasm building and she wanted it. She wanted this rapist to ram his cock into her until she came.

“Tell me you want it! Tell me to fuck you bitch! Tell me!” The man growled as he fucked her.

Sharon was wrapped in the raging pleasure of her impending climax. All she could think about was cumming so she moaned back at him,”Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill my cunt with your hard cock! FU...FU...FUCK ME!” She screamed the last.

Crystal couldn’t believe what she was seeing! It appeared that her mom was actually enjoying the rape, actually wanted this man to fuck her. Crystal wouldn’t admit that the finger’s sliding in and out of her pussy, the other’s tweaking and pulling at her nipples felt really good, but her body betrayed her. Her snatch was slippy with her juices and her hips humped the fingers inside her as of if of their own accord.

Sharon’s climax caught her unaware. It hit her hard and all she could do was moan and tremble as the huge orgasm ripped through her small frame. Her pussy pulsed and squeezed the hard shaft as it rammed into her.

Eric felt her pussy squeezing his cock and couldn’t hold back. He rammed hard into Sharon, his body stiffened, he groaned and a moment later he pumped squirt after squirt of cum deep into her hot hole.

Crystal was so involved with watching her mom climax that she didn’t realize she too was close to one, until it suddenly it hit her. She had masturbated many times, had climaxed many times, but had never had one so intense. Her knees refused to hold her up as her pussy pulsed from the climax and if Chuck hadn’t been supporting her, hadn’t been holding her up with his fingers shoved up her pussy, she probably would have fallen to the floor.

Chuck was delighted. He felt her cunt clamp down around his fingers as she came, then a moment later felt her go limp as she began to fall. He held her up with the one hand under her crotch and the other cupped around one of her firm A cup titties.

He held her up until she was able to stand on her own. Then he rose and with one quick motion pulled her top up and off. A moment later he had her bra off, then with a quick flip unsnapped her cut offs and pulled them down to her ankles. A second later he hooked his thumbs into the band of her panties and pulled them to her ankles also.

“Step out of them.” He ordered.

Before she could think, Crystal followed his order.

He took her by the arm and quickly marched her across the room. He stopped in front of Gordon
who’s eyes were wide in anticipation, wondering if this was it, if he was about to fuck his step daughter. Chuck grinned took Crystal by the back of the neck and pushed her to her knees between Gordon’s spread ones.

Chuck leaned over and placed his lips against Crystal’s ear and whispered loud enough for Gordon to hear,”Now my little cherry cunt, you will do just as I tell you. You see that lump in your daddy’s pants? That’s his cock aching to get out. You my sweet little girl are going to undo his pants, pull out his cock and suck him till he cum’s. Got it?”

Chuck waited several heart beats for an answer and when Crystal didn’t reply, he squeezed her neck and whispered,”Don’t make me mad. Like I told you, do as we ask, when we ask and noone gets hurt. So do you understand what I want you to do?”

This time Crystal nodded her head.

Chuck said,”Not good enough. Tell me what I want you to do.”

Crystal’s voice was thin as she relied,”You want me to su..suck his cock.”

“See I knew you’d get it!” Chuck smiled, then as he let go of her neck said,”So, go to it.”

Gordon trembled as Crystal reached for his zipper.

Chuck shook his head, knowing that Gordon was probably trembling from excitement, but also knowing he had to play the game, and said,”You don’t want to struggle. Someone might get hurt if you do.”

Gordon looked up at the big man and saw him wink. Gordon tried to relax. A moment later Crystal had his pants unzipped. She slowly reached in and pulled out his rock hard cock. Gordon was so turned on by watching his wife get fucked by the two other men, that drops of precum glistened at the tip of his hard cock.

Crystal wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, leaned forward and placed her warm teen lips around the head of it. An audible moan came from Gordon as the young girl slide his cock into her mouth. Chuck grinned as he noticed that Gordon’s eyes had rolled to the back of his head as Crystal began to suck his cock.

The big man wasn’t surprised a few minutes later when Gordon began to cum. Crystal jerked her mouth off Gordon’s cock as he began to spurt his spunk into her mouth.

Chuck grabbed her, pushed her face back down toward’s Gordon’s cock and growled,”I didn’t tell you to stop! Get that fucking thing back in your mouth cunt! Suck it until he quits squirting God Damn it!”

Crystal found that to keep from getting a face full of goo she had to again put the throbbing cock back into her mouth. She held it with both hands and tried to swallow each shot as Gordon filled her mouth. Eventually after several more blasts of cum, Gordon’s hard cock quivered and lay still in her mouth.

Chuck grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her to her feet. He turned her around and marched her to the center mattress. He again spun her around and then almost gently pushed her onto her back on the mattress. He slowly unbuckled his jeans and pulled them to his ankles. He did the same with his under wear and as he stood up his hard cock waved about. He grinned and dropped to his knees between the young virgins legs.

“Time you had some cock in that tight cherry snatch of your’s.” He said.

He ran his finger up and down between the lips of her cunt, coating it with the warm fragrant nectar that had poured from her tight hole not long before as she climaxed.

He placed his finger against his tongue, licked it clean, then grunted,”I think I want to eat that sweet little virgin puss of your’s before I fuck it.”

He pushed her legs up until they were against her shoulders, her heels touching the mattress just above her head. He leaned down and slowly ran his tongue up her crack, which brought a gasp from the diminutive redhead.. He found her clit with his tongue and proceeded to lick it with long firm strokes of his strong tongue.

Crystal had never been eaten, had never had a tongue in her pussy, she didn’t know what to expect. But when she felt the exquisite sensation of his tongue lapping her clit, felt the intoxicating warmth as he licked and nibbled at the lips of her snatch, gasp at the chills of pleasure as he tongue fucked her virgin snatch, she was lost. All she wanted was for him to continue, for him to keep eating her, licking her until she couldn’t stand any more.

She was so lost in the feeling of his tongue and mouth moving over her warm wet cunt that she didn’t know she was about to climax until it hit her. She groaned, her body stiffened, then she let out a high pitched squeal as she came, and came, and came.

When he felt her stiffen, felt her snatch pulse with her climax, tasted the cock throbbing nectar of her pussy as she did, Chuck knew it was time to ram in to her. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, lubricating the head with her pussy juices. He slowly pushed the purple engorged nob into her, until he felt it touch her cherry.

She was till moaning, clutched in the arms of her orgasm as he pulled back and with one hard shove of his hips, ripped through her cherry and buried his cock inside her tight virgin cunt.

Crystal screamed as he rammed through her cherry, filling her cunt with hard cock, sending a blast of pain through her body.

Chuck didn’t hesitate, didn’t stop. He held her knees tight against her shoulders so she couldn’t move and began to brutally fuck the young girl. After the one scream, Crystal lay trembling as he fucked her. The first stab of pain as he entered her faded as he continued to fuck her. She had been well lubricated from the orgasms she had earlier, so the only pain was from her torn hymen.

After a little while the pain subsided and Crystal found that it was actually starting to feel good. She lay still, concentrating on the feel of his cock as it slide in and out of her young tight tunnel, trying to make it feel better and better. A little while more as Chuck groaned and rammed his hard rod into her depths, she realized that a third orgasm was building inside her.

For just a split second she felt ashamed. Ashamed she was enjoying being fucked this way.

Then another part of her mind took over and she heard a small voice saying,’You can’t help it. They’re forcing you. You have no control over it, so if you cum they made you do it.’

Like a light switch being turned off, all shame vanished and Crystal felt her cunt spasm as she climaxed.

Chuck felt her tight snatch pulse around his cock as she came. He redoubled his efforts, pulling his cock almost out of her tight snatch, then slamming it balls deep into her. Her little titties quaked each time he rammed into her.

As he did he growled,”That’s it my tight little fuck toy. Cum for me. Cum for daddy. You’re gunna’ cum for me one more time, squeeze my cock one more time with that fine tight little pussy before I fill you with my seed.”

He rammed his cock into her and said in time with it as he did,”Cum-for-me-cunt! Cum-for-me!”

He heard her moan and again felt the fantastic feeling of her tight little cunt squeezing his cock as she came. When he felt it he rammed his rod balls deep into her as it throbbed and twitched dumping gob after gob of cum deep into her tight young puss.

Slowly he pulled his goo covered cock from her defiled young snatch.

As he got to his feet Sharon hissed,”You bastard! You raped her! Damn you!”

Chuck grinned, grabbed the older redhead by the throat pulled her face to his and said in a low menacing voice,”I did and I will again before we’re through. Now I need my cock cleaned.”

With that he pushed her to her knees grabbed his slippery cock with his other hand and placed it against her mouth.

“Clean it bitch!” He said.

She stared up at him, defiant.

Chuck leaned down so only she could hear him and said,”If you don’t the next thing we’re gunna do is fuck your sweet little daughter in the ass!”

Her eyes widened and she gasp,” wouldn’t!”

“Try me cunt.” He said.

She stared at him for a moment, then he could see her expression cave in.

“Ok, Ok, I’ll do as you ask. But please don’t do that.” She whimpered.

He stood and again held his cock to her lips. This time she opened her mouth and began to lick his limp rod clean. After several minutes she had licked all the cum from his cock. He stepped back and looked around to see if Crystal had moved. The young girl was still stretched out on the mattress.

Chuck grabbed Sharon by the back of the neck and dragged her to the mattress.

He shoved her roughly down between the younger redhead’s legs and said,”She needs cleaning too.”

Sharon looked shocked and protested,” you can’t mean.. I can’t...”

“Do it or I’ll do what I threatened to do.” Chuck snarled.

Crystal’s whispered voice said,”Don’t fight it mom. Just do what they say. And if you can convince yourself to enjoy it that helps.”

Sharon looked at her daughter and replied,”Ok honey. I’ll do just as they say. Will you be Ok with it?”

“Yes. I think I’ll like your tongue on my pussy.” Crystal replied in a purred whisper,”besides, what choice do we have? They’re going to make you do it one way or the other, so why not do it and try to enjoy it? I will. Come Mom, lick me clean.”

Sharon leaned forward and spread her daughter’s pussy lips with her tongue. A moment later she began to lick up the cum juice that was leaking for her daughters cunt. She licked her daughter for the next ten minutes, and when she was done Crystal was clean. She had also cum twice as her mom licked her.

Both Frank and Eric came over and told Chuck they wanted a turn fucking Crystal’s tight young pussy. Chuck grinned, told them to have at it, grabbed Sharon and pulled her after him as he walked over and sat down.

Frank was first. He climbed between Crystal’s legs, rubbed his cock up and down her tight slit then with slow pressure, shoved it into her snatch. She was wet but tight and as he began to fuck her he felt her hips coming up to meet him on each stroke. Not long after he was slamming into her. She came a few minutes later and as Frank felt the fantastic sensation of her cunt pulsing around his cock he too began to cum, dumping his sticky goo into her depths.

Frank crawled off and Eric immediately took his place. Cum juice was running out of Crystal’s pussy and down across her puckered little asshole and onto the mattress as Eric placed the head of his cock against her slippery hole and pushed it in. He fucked her slowly wanting to enjoy every stroke.

As Eric shoved his cock into Crystal, Chuck had Sharon sitting on his lap, his hard cock stuffed into her pussy. He wasn’t fucking her, he was just sitting quietly with his cock inside her watching the other two fuck Crystal. Sharon’s ass began to move back and forth as if she wanted to feel his cock moving in and out of her. After a few more minutes he felt something wet running down over his balls. He pulled Sharon back against him and peered down to where his cock entered her cunt. He was surprised to see that his balls and the chair they were sitting on were wet from the pussy juice flowing from the redheads snatch.

He grinned, placed his lips against Sharon’s ear and whispered,”Why you demented cunt! You like watching your sweet little girl being fucked, don’t you?”

Sharon groaned and stammered,”I...I...I...”

“You like it that he’s ramming a hard cock into her. You like it that you can’t do a fucking thing about it but watch. You like it that you’re forced to fuck and she’s forced to fuck, don’t you, you perverted little cunt? Admit it, you like the fact that we can do anything we want, fuck you anyway we want, as long as we want, don’t you? You are a perverted, horny little slut and you like to be forced to fuck, don’t you cunt? Don’t you?” He whispered, one hand pulling and tweaking her nipples and the other rubbing furiously at her clit.

As he talked and rubbed he felt her start to breath heavily, then to pant. And as the last word left his mouth he felt her cunt spasm around his cock as she orgasmed. When her climax was done
he pulled his cock out of her cunt and moved it back so the head was against her asshole. She didn’t seen to notice at first, being held by the warm after glow of a climax.

But a moment later as he began to push forward, as the bulbous head began to stretch her rectum, she started to struggle and gasp,”Please! Not there! I’ve never had it there! Please, it will hurt! Don’t! Please don’t!.”

He took hold of her nipples with his strong callused fingers, and clamped down hard on both.

She gasp, then groaned in pain as he squeezed her nibs.

“Do not struggle.” He hissed,”I told you any time any way. And right now your going to get it up the ass!”

She trembled and then nodded her head. Chuck pushed again and felt his cock slip a bit deeper into her ass. A moment later he again pushed and felt her sphincter muscles clamp just behind the head as it popped through. Slowly he pushed into her, not really wanting to hurt her more then he had to. Finally he felt the firm cheeks of her ass nestle against the base of his cock.

He looked over at the mattress and found Frank, Eric and Crystal stretch out.

“You two through for a bit?” He ask.

“For a bit.” Came the reply.

“Bring her over here.” Chuck said, waving at Crystal.

Frank got up and helped Crystal to her feet and said something to her.

The girl wandered over looked at her mom impaled on Chucks cock and said in an almost dreamy voice,”What do you want me to do?”

“Get down there and east your mom’s pussy.” Chuck said,”She did you and now it’s your turn to do her. And while you’re at it make sure you lick my balls.”

Crystal smiled, a detached, stoned looking smile, then glanced down at her mom’s pussy. For a moment Chuck could have sworn she looked hungry as she stared at her mom’s dripping snatch. Then she leaned forward and tenderly kissed her mother on the lips. A moment later Chuck could see her throat work as she slipped her tongue into her mother mouth.

She kissed and tongued her mom for a bit, then slowly kissed her way down to her mother’s tits. Chuck enjoyed the way the young girl licked and sucked at her mom’s titties, then watched as she continued licking down across her mom’s firm flat stomach. Chuck was almost mesmerized as Crystal’s pink tongue darted out to lick at her mother’s dripping snatch.

Chuck was pleasantly surprised to find that each time Crystal ‘s tongue licked along Sharon’s slit, Sharon’s ass hole would pulse around his cock. Then a moment later he groaned as Crystals’ tongue slid over his balls. She took first one, then the other into her mouth and gently sucked on them. As she did she used her thumb to finger fuck her mom’s snatch, which caused Sharon’s asshole to pulse yet again.

This went on for half an hour, then Chuck decided it was time to change positions. He told Crystal to stand up Then he pulled Sharon off his cock. He lead them both to the mattress and had Crystal lay on her back. He ordered Sharon to sit on her daughter’s face, which she did after a bit of hesitation. Then Chuck got behind the older woman and again stuffed his cock into her ass. For the next ten minutes, as her daughter ate her pussy Chuck fucked Sharon in the ass. Finally he rammed his rod balls deep and filled her bowels with a load of cum.

He rolled off and lay on his back for a short time, then slowly got to his feet. He looked over at Gordon and noticed that he agin had a hard on. A nasty thought struck Chuck and after a minute of thought, he decided to go with it.

He pointed to Gordon then said to Eric and Frank ,”Bring him over, but leave the gag on and his hands tied.”

The two men untied Gordon but left his hands tied together. They lead him to the mattress and stopped him in front of Chuck. Chuck grinned and shoved Gordon onto his back on the mattress.

He went over to where Crystal lay on the mattress, her eyes closed. He brushed the hair from her eyes, then said in a soft voice,”One more time sweet little slut. Time to do your step daddy. He’s still hard and I think you should help him out. Go on over there and fuck him but do not let him cum.”

To Gordon Chuck said,”If you cum before I tell you, I’m going to kick you in the balls as hard as I can. Then I’m going to fuck your sweet little stepdaughter here in the ass. You got me?”

Unable to say anything because of the gag, Gordon nodded his head.

Chuck cupped one of Crystal’s tight little titties and whispered to her,”Ok go to it doll.”

Crystal let out a soft “mmmmmmmmmm”sound, then slowly rose and drifted over to the prone form of her step dad. She dropped slowly to her knees beside him and just as slowly un-did his belt, un-snapped his pants, then since they were still unzipped from the previous time, she reached in and with both hands gently pulled out his hard cock.

Sharon jumped to her feet and started to shout,”you bas....”

That was as far as she got. A hard slap landed on her cheek, knocking her to her knees. Chuck said nothing but just watched her, his hand raised for another hard blow if she again opened her mouth. Sharon remained on her knees, silently weeping as she watched her daughter swing her leg over Gordon’s prone body, line up his hard cock with her young pussy, then slowly slide down onto it.

For the next few minutes Sharon watched her daughter fuck her step father. Guilt consumed the older woman for she found that she liked the sight of her daughter riding her step father’s cock. As she watched Crystal fuck Gordon she felt her pussy grow moist, then wet, then sopping as she grew excited and her juices flowed. By the time Crystal and Gordon were well into their fuck, Sharon had accepted what her daughter had tried to teach her. You can either go with it, enjoy it or allow it to be a torture, for we are without control. Sharon was at the point of accepting that she wanted to be used and fucked and fucked again. And right then, because she had accepted it and because she had been watching Crystal fuck her step dad, she need to be fucked herself.

She turned to Chuck and said,”Please, can someone fuck me? Please?”

Chuck grinned and waved at Eric and Frank.

“She wants to fuck boys.”He said causing the other two to look over at Sharon.

Just then the sound of a car pulling up out front was heard. A few moments later a man came down the stairs. He had on a ski mask, like the others. He was short 5' 6", and on the slender side.

“Hey Meat!” Chuck greeted the new comer,”I was wondering if you were going to make it.”

“You think I’d miss a chance at pussy?” Meat said with a grin.

“Well you’re in luck,” Chuck replied, “This sweet piece of tail,” he waved his hand toward Sharon,” Has just ask for more cock.”

“I’m ready.” Meat said, flopping onto a chair.

Chuck lead Sharon over to Meat’s chair and urged her to her knees between his spread legs.

“You need to get him all lubed up with your mouth.” He chuckled in her ear.

Sharon noticed that the other two men had wandered over and were watching in anticipation. She wondered why. Her eyes fastened on the front of Meat’s jeans and she noticed the bulge there seemed to be very large.

“Give her a preview.” Chuck said to Meat.

Meat grinned, grabbed the bottom of his shirt and slowly pulled it up. Sharon’s eyes bulged as she saw the head of his hard cock, the size of a small apple, sticking 2" above his belt.

“Oh my god!” She gasp.

“You see why we call him Meat!” Eric laughed, then he leaned over and in a low voice said,”Well, take it out. You need to see the whole thing.”

As if mesmerized, Sharon reached out and slowly unsnapped, then unzipped his pants. She took hold of the band of his underwear and slowly pulled it down, exposing the full length of Meats massive member.

She stared at it for a bit, then reached out and wrapped both her hands around it. She couldn’t get a hand around it and as she held it gasp,”Oh my god! How big is it?”

Meat grinned and replied,”10" long and 7 ½" around.”

“It’s so big! I don’t think it will fit....” Before Sharon could finish, a loud moan was heard from the mattress.

Everyone turned to look. Crystal was slamming up and down on her step dads cock at a frantic pace. The wet slap, slap, slap sound each time she dropped onto his cock was being accompanied by grunts and moans from both her and him.

“Jeez, look at her go!” Frank said,”I want more of that after she’s done fucking him.”

All eyes were glued to the pair on the mattress and they watched in silence for a few minutes.
Chuck glanced down once and noticed that Sharon still had both hands wrapped around Meat’s huge member. He grinned and returned his attention to Crystal and her step dad just in time to hear the girl groan, her body shaking as she orgasmed.

Crystal sat astride of her step dad breathing hard from the climax she just had. She noticed that the rest of them were watching and smiled. She was beginning to like being part of the show.

Gordon groaned as Crystal started to dismount. He had been so close to cumming that his balls hurt. But he knew better then to cross Chuck. He lay there, precum leaking from the tip of his wet cock. Wondering how he was going to get relief.

As the young girl began to dismount her step dads cock, Chuck grinned and said to Crystal,” Wait!”

Crystal stopped and looked at him puzzled.

Chuck grinned and said,”Your step dad did just what I ask of him. He didn’t cum. So why don’t you set right back down on that hard cock of his and make him? How long will it take you to make him fill your pussy with spunk?”

Crystal smiled, then slowly slid back down onto Gordon’s hard leaking cock. She leaned down and kissed him, snaking her tongue into his mouth as her hips began to pump up and down.

She pulled her mouth from his and put her lips to his ear and in a whisper that only he could hear said,”Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard. Give me your hard cock, fill my pussy with it. And cum for me daddy. Fill your little girls pussy with your spunk. Cum in me daddy. Cum for your little!”

The last she gasp as she slammed up and down on his cock. Gordon was already close, and with the extra stimulus of Crystal’s erotic girlish whispered requests, it didn’t take long and he groaned as his cock exploded inside her.

For her part, as he came, Crystal pushed down until he was buried balls deep inside her, locked her lips to his and kissed him passionately.

The four men watched Crystal bring her step father to a climax.

“Damn,”Meat grunted,”That is hot! Do I get to fuck her too?”

“Nope, sorry.” Chuck said,”We don’t want to destroy the mechanize, she’s way to small for you.”

“So, instead,”Chuck leaned over to Sharon and said,”I think Meat needs a blow job.”

The older redhead started as if from a trance, then looked at the massive member she had her hands wrapped around. She leaned forward and engulfed the apple sized head of his cock. But that was as much as she could take in her mouth. She licked and sucked it for the next few minutes, stroking his shaft as she did.

Finally Meat said,”Come on up her bitch, I want your pussy now.”

Slowly Sharon stood, then straddled his lap. He placed the head of his cock against her slippery pussy and began to push. She groaned as it stretched her cunt. Chuck was watching from the rear and was amazed as he saw the lips of her cunt stretch and stretch some more as Meat pushed his cock in. Finally, just as Chuck thought her cunt would split, the huge head disappeared into her snatch.

Sharon was panting. Meat grinned, took hold of her hips and with a hard pull and a savage thrust of his hips, rammed half the length of his cock into her. She groaned and sweat beaded her forehead. Meat let his huge pole rest inside her for a moment or two, then again grasping her hips he pulled down hard as he lunged upward.

All but an inch of his humongous cock slid into her cunt, then it stopped as the apple sized head hit her cervix.

Sharon let out a strangled,”Gack!” sound, then went limp.

Meat grinned and said,”It’s in as far as it will go. She ain’t deep enough to take all of it.”

With that he pulled her against his chest and stood up. He walked across the floor to the mattress, holding her with his hands cupped under her ass cheeks, still impaled on his tree sized pole. When he got to the mattress he got on his knees, then fell forward. She landed on her back with Meat’s thick cock still filling her cunt. He grabbed her ankles, pushed them up until they were touching her shoulders. In that position she was bent almost double. It gave him full access to her pussy and gave the others a great view of the action.

He slowly began to pull it out, until the ridge of his cock head showed.

The others sat enthraled. Her pussy lips clung to Meat’s rod, as if it didn’t want the huge invading phallus to leave it’s tight confines.

Once the ridge of his cock head showed, Meat paused for a moment, then with one hard savage thrust rammed it back in until he hit her cervix, causing Sharon to groan.. Again and again he rammed into her, each time hitting her cervix at the bottom of his stroke.

Sharon was like a ragdoll as Meat fucked her, unable to muster the strength to even respond. For the next ten minutes he brutally rammed his cock into her, over and over, hitting her cervix each time. Finally he plowed as deep into her pussy as he could, the apple sized head of his cock tight against her cervix, and groaned as his humongous pole throbbed, dumping gob after gob of spunk into her stretched violated pussy..

As Sharon felt the hot blast of cum inside her, a huge orgasm gripped her. She screamed as she came, and came and came. Finally her screams ended abruptly as she fainted.

“God damn Meat.” Chuck said in awe, “you fucked her senseless!”

Meat pulled his huge, slimy, still hard rod out of the small redhead and grinned.

“That’s one for my record book!”He said standing and starting to pull up his jeans.

A few moments later Sharon moaned and opened her eyes as she woke.

Chuck looked around and said,”Well ladies, we would love to stay around and play some more but we have to run.”

“Tie their hands and feet.” He ordered, pointing at the two women,”I’ll tie daddy back to the chair.”

He pulled Gordon to his feet and marched him to the chair he had been tied to earlier.

As he tied Gordon’s hands Chuck whispered to him,”I’m going to tie you loosely. Give us a few minutes, then you can work your hands free. If I were you I’d make sure to take control right away. As soon as you can, tomorrow or the next day, fuck your step daughter again From now on, if you play it right, you have two cunts to use when you want. If that bitch of a wife gives you hell, slap her, hard, and tell her that you saw how she liked it when she got it from us, so it’s your turn to get your’s. And from now on, she’ll do what you tell her to or else. Take control now my friend.”

Chuck stood up and saw that the two women were tied and laying on the mattress.

“One of us will be watching this house,” He said,”and if anyone of you come out of the door in the next half hour, you’ll be dead before you get to the car.”

“Let’s go.” Chuck said to the other’s and a few moments later Gordon heard the door slam as they left.

He began to struggle, to make it look good , as he worked his hands out of the ropes. When he
got his hands loose he untied the rope holding his legs and stood. His hard cock pointed straight out and directly at Crystal, as if it knew where it was going.

Gordon stood still for just a moment debating on whether or not he wanted to follow Chucks advice. He stared at his wife and step daughter bound on the bed.

“Well don’t stand there, come over here and untie us you dumb ass!” Sharon snapped in a petulant voice.

At the sound of his wife’s voice, especially the chalk on a black board tone she was using, it instantly crystalized Gordon’s thoughts. He strode to the bed and without hesitation slapped his wife hard.

“Wha.......!” She gasp.

“Keep your fucking mouth shut!” He grated,”I’ve put up with your shit for way to long. I just watched four guys fuck you, numerous times and you came on their cocks more times then I can count!”

“But....but...they....they raped me!” Sharon said meekly.

“Yes they did, but you didn’t have to enjoy it, or cum for them, or ask for it,” Gordon replied starting to get into his new role,”but you did. So from now on it’s my turn. I’m taking charge from here out.”

He turned, knelt and untied Crystals ankles, then her hands.

He gently took hold of her knees and spread her legs, staring down at her cum slick pussy.

“Are you sore?” He sk.

“A little.” she replied.

“We’ll fix that when we get home.” He replied,”Put your clothes on while I untie your mother.”

Crystal dressed while Gordon untied Sharon. His wife uttered not a word as he released her. She rubbed her wrists where the ropes had chaffed them, and slowly began to dress. Twenty minutes later they all walked to the car. Crystal and Sharon stared at each bush and tree expecting one of the men to pop out. They drove home in silence and arrived after dark.

As they entered the house Gordon said,”Both of you, go shower and clean up. I’ll make a couple of hot toddies for you to drink when you come out.”

The two women, too sore and tired to argue, trudged upstairs to do as he bid. A half hour later they both entered the livingroom and sat on the couch.

Gordon handed them their drinks and waited until both had taken a few sips before he said,”We’re not going to report this. The reason is even if they were caught, I don’t think they would be convicted. You,”He pointed at Sharon,”ask them to fuck you several times. You were being quite the slut after they broke you in.”

“I.....” his wife started to speak.

“QUIET!” He growled,”No matter the excuse, you did ask for it. For now, I want you two to go to bed and we will talk more in the morning. Go.”

Both women got slowly to their feet and headed up the stairs. Gordon followed a few minutes later and climbed into bed next to his wife, who was already sound asleep.

The next morning he woke before either one of them and made his way downstairs. An hour later when Sharon and Crystal rose, he was sitting in the kitchen waiting for them.

After they sat down Gordon said,”Did you both sleep ok?”

Both women nodded.

Gordon smiled and said,”That was quite the experience yesterday.”

He looked straight at Sharon said,”So my little slut wife, how did it feel to have a pole that size stretching your pussy?”

“ bastard! I didn’t like it!” Sharon replied, that petulant tone starting to creep into her voice as she said it.

Gordon smiled grimly pointed at her and said,”That will end. Never, ever use that tone with me again. I’ll slap you right off that chair. Do you understand?”

Sharon didn’t answer, but just stared at him defiantly.
Gordon rose, leaned across the table and raised his hand as if to back hand her. Sharon’s eyes got wide as she saw the look in his.

“I am done with your shit.” He hissed,”I am taking control of this relationship. You do as I tell you, when I tell you. Do you understand?”

Sharon nodded her head slowly, knowing from his look and tone of voice that he would do as he threatened.

“Good.”Gordon said, sitting back down.

He glanced at Crystal and said,”That goes for both of you.”

The younger girl smiled and nodded.

He looked back at Sharon and said,”And you are a lying cunt! I was there, remember? I watched you cum on their cocks, over and over. I heard you ask them to fuck you. You liked it, and you wanted more. So don’t try to fool me. Now, I want you to make me some coffee and bring me a cup when it’s brewed. Mean while, I’m going to fuck your sweet little daughter.”

“You....Sharon started to say, but cut it off as she saw Gordon’s hand come up.

He motioned Crystal to him. The younger girl stood and meekly walked over to his chair. Gordon untied the knot holding her robe closed and pulled the folds apart. Crystal was dressed in a short baby-doll style nighty under the robe. Gordon reached up under it and cupped her pussy.

Sharon stood staring at him until he looked up at her and said,”Coffee. Now!”

She moved to the counter and started to prepare a pot, her eyes never leaving her daughter and husband.

Gordon reached down and pulled his hard cock out of his boxers.

“Suck it.” He said simply to Crystal.

She smiled, sank to her knees between his legs took hold of his hard cock and slid her mouth down over his shaft. Gordon leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her mouth on his cock. She cupped and kneaded his balls as she sucked and licked at his hard rod, every so often swallowing it to the root. It didn’t take much of her enthusiastic ministrations and Gordon was ready to blow his nuts. Just before he came, he stopped her by pulling her mouth off his cock.

Gordon looked over at Sharon to find his wife with her eyes glued to them, and her hand between her legs.

“Did I tell you to do that?” He growled at her.

She jerked her hand from her crotch and stammered,””

“Come here.” He said pointing at a spot next to his chair.

She walked over and stood where he indicated. He shoved his hand between her legs, and his fingers slipped between the folds of her snatch, to find it was sopping wet.

He grinned and said,”Bring that chair over here.”

She pulled the indicated chair to him and positioned it where he told her to, then sat down. Gordon pushed her knees apart and shoved two fingers into her dripping pussy. Sharon’s eyes grew large as he started finger fucking her.

As he slammed his fingers in and out of his wife’s pussy, Gordon looked up at Crystal and said,”Come here and climb on my lap. I want you mounted on my cock.”

Crystal smiled, walked over and straddled his lap. She reached down and put the head of his cock against her pussy, then wiggled her hips as she sat down sliding it in to her warm wet pussy.

Gordon looked at his wife ans said,”your little girl is going to fuck herself on my cock. You are going to sit there and watch while I finger your pussy. You cum before I tell you to, I’ll slap the shit out of you.”

Gordon leaned back and Crystal wrapped her arms around his neck as she began to side up and down on his cock. The sensation of her tight pussy gripping his cock, as well as his fingers buried in his wifes wet slippery pussy was fantastic.

“This is turning out to be a great life.” He thought to himself.

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