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Nerds have even more fun
I opened my eyes to find my new lover, the delectable tiny Morgan, spooning in front of me. Her hand lay behind her body gently stroking my growing cock. No wonder I woke up. I responded by caressing her breast, teasing her nipple. She squirmed against me. “I was wondering when you’d wake up,” she whispered. Hearing this, Marti, my computer, sprung to life.

“Good morning, sir. Good morning, Morgan. I hope you don’t mind that I listened to your conversation last night. I found it most enlightening, but what does ‘Ungghh’ mean? It is not in my data banks.”

“’Ungghh’ means you should just mind your own business,” I responded. “Start the coffee but don’t have it ready for 15 minutes.”

“I think you’d better make that 20 minutes,” said Morgan.

“OK, then, 20 minutes—and ignore any ‘ungghh’s’ you might hear.”

Morgan rolled over to face me, rubbing her tiny tits into my chest. I moved to kiss her but she turned away. “Morning breath,” she said.

“I don’t care. Come over here and kiss me.’ She moved up making her delicious lips available. I kissed her, tenderly at first, simultaneously sliding my finger into her pussy. She was still sticky from last night’s deposits but some gentle rubbing soon brought forth her natural lube. My cock was now rock hard and aching for relief so I lifted her leg over me, leaned forward and entered her for the second time. No wasted condom this time—it was skin on skin. She was so tight. It was like putting my cock into a strong circular vise. I could feel her muscles grip me as I moved in and out toward our inevitable orgasm. Morgan raised her leg even higher, bringing her pussy perpendicular to my body. Her flexibility, combined with the friction she was producing, was driving me wild. Harder and harder I drove into her supple young body. She met every thrust with one of her own forcing my erection deep into her pussy until I struck the barrier presented by her cervix. She gasped audibly when I forced my way into her womb. I was getting close so I reached down to tickle her clit. She responded immediately—panting, shaking, and trying to pull my body even closer to her. I started another kiss just as she shook uncontrollably, squirting all over my cock and balls. That was all I needed. I shot stream after stream after stream of hot cum into her womb. I hoped she was honest when she told me she was on the pill. Throughout our ordeal there were at least six “Ungghh’s” so I expected to hear about it from Marti.

We lay entwined with each other until suddenly, “Your coffee is ready, sir,” we heard Marti announce. “And I heard several more of those ‘Ungghh’s’ in the interim. I wish you would add that to my data bank so I would know what to do.”

“All I can tell you,” I responded, “is that it signifies a very pleasurable experience.” Morgan chuckled as we held each other close.

“Thank you, sir. Now I know that you are enjoying yourself when I hear that sound. I had never heard it before last night. Does that mean that you had never enjoyed yourself before?”

“Yes, I have enjoyed myself, but this signifies a special kind of pleasure—sexual pleasure. Look that up in your data banks.”

“Yes, sir, I have already begun to do that. I understand now. There is a special kind of pleasure associated with sex. Is that right?”

‘Yes, now if you don’t mind we’ll get our coffee and breakfast. Turn yourself off for an hour.”

I pulled Morgan from the bed. Totally naked we trod off to the kitchen. Pouring the coffee, I removed some bacon, sausage, and eggs from the fridge. We enjoyed our coffee, a Kona blend I imported directly from the Big Island, while I started breakfast. My range has a built-in griddle so once it had heated up I added several bacon strips and sausage links to the hot surface. I cracked 5 eggs, mixed them in a bowl and started to scramble them. In only a few minutes I was ready to serve. I carried everything out to the deck. Morgan was a bit nervous about our nudity but I assured her it would be OK. My neighbors couldn’t see us—my house was out on a small promontory of land—and passing boaters would need binoculars to see us. I held her chair then seated myself next to her. We kissed and joked as we enjoyed our first meal together. When we had finished I suggested a shower. She was amazed by my bathroom. There is a separate commode room, a large whirlpool tub big enough for two, and a three-walled shower with no door. There are sprays on all three walls of an area roughly 18 square feet. Once the water was comfortable we walked in together, grabbed the soap and proceeded to wash each other. I took my razor from a shelf and shaved before kneeling to shave my lover’s pussy. I was surprised when she took the razor from me and proceeded to shave my balls and all around my cock. All this attention was making me hard again. Once Morgan had rinsed me she took my stiff cock right to her lips. She licked the tip and all around the head before pulling me deep into her mouth and throat. I put my hands behind her head and started to fuck her mouth. She gagged a few times when I pushed all the way in but she never complained and sucked away.

I picked her up and with my arms under her thighs I pushed her against the shower wall. Hot steamy water poured over us as I lowered her onto my erection. For the third time in less than ten hours I entered that hot tight tunnel of love. She raised her legs so they were over my shoulders—damn, she was limber! In this position I was able to drive my cock to its deepest point in her; again I pushed into her womb, her cervix clamped around my dick. I moved my hands to her ass cheeks. Using the soapy water as a lubricant I pushed a finger into her rectum. Morgan sighed with pleasure as her two holes were massaged. ‘Ooohhh,” she groaned when a second finger penetrated. I used my fingers to massage the thin lining that separates vagina from rectum. I could feel the strength of my erection sliding on the other side of the membrane. I knew Morgan was close when she threw her head back, put her hands around my neck and kissed me forcibly. Her body bucked as her orgasm ran uncontrollably through her body. She sagged in my arms, lowering her legs. I adjusted my grip and continued pursuit of my own orgasmic bliss. Although spent she started to move with me, encouraging me to cum. “Ungghh,” I screamed over and over as I sprayed her womb and cunt with my seed.

“I see you are having more fun.” It was my computer again. “You bet,” I replied. “Maybe I’ll figure out a way you can experience this although it would probably blow your circuitry.”

Morgan just laughed. “I never knew nerds could be so much fun.”

We toweled each other dry and dressed.

“I really need to go,” Morgan told me. “I have to work tonight.” I just sat there making believe I was ignoring her. “Ryan,” she continued, “I have to go. I need you to take me. I’ll come back tonight.”

“I think you should quit that job and stay here…with me.”

“That’s a great idea, but how would I support myself?

“You wouldn’t need to…if you were my girl friend…if you lived with me. I’d take care of you.”

She leaned forward and kissed me gently. “That’s a great idea, but I don’t know if I’m ready yet. After all, we just met. On the other hand, we did have sex…no, fantastic sex…three times. And you do serve a great cup of coffee with breakfast. But not yet...OK?”

I lowered my head, knowing she was right. “I’ll get my keys and take you back to the bar.” We climbed into the Porsche and headed out. I kept under the speed limit…barely. I pulled into the empty parking lot, right next to her car. I could see why she would be concerned—it was a piece of shit. It was a Plymouth PT Cruiser that had obviously been a business truck. I could see where the name and phone number had been sanded off and repainted with what looked like house paint.

I took a close look at it and then turned to her. “You paid for this? Looks like they should have paid you to take it.”

“Haha, very funny. It was all I could afford and it really does run pretty good.” She kissed me again, promising to return to me when she got off work.

I returned home and worked with Marti, improving her interface so she could take commands from Morgan as well as me. Then I drove to the nearest town where I bought her some clothes, underwear, and intimates. Marti had advised me that Morgan was a size 2 petite; it was like buying birthday or Christmas presents. I even wrapped them—some for Christmas, some for a birthday. By the time I finished it was almost time for dinner. Of course, I went back to Morgan’s restaurant where I requested that she serve me.

“Hi, I’m Morgan and I’ll be your…what are you doing here?” She did a double take when she saw me.

“I’m having dinner, of course. Let’s see, for an appetizer I think I’d like some yummy pussy dripping all over my face. Then, maybe, some 69 or great fucking for an entrée. But I’m not sure yet about dessert.”

“Ryan, you’re going to get me fired.”

“Would that be so bad? I’d take much better care of you than they do here. But since I am hungry I will order and let you serve me, but only on one condition—that you let me serve you later on.”

“Deal.” She recommended a chicken dish that turned out to be pretty decent and the beer was cold. Again I paid in cash. For a tip I left an entire hundred. My bill was $17.63.

She managed to find my place by 11:30. She pressed the button at the gate and Marti answered. “Welcome back, Morgan. My master has been waiting for you. Will I hear any more “Ungghh’s” this evening. I hope so. My master has had a busy day. He needs to enjoy himself.”

“I hope so, too, Marti. I hope so, too.”

I greeted Morgan at the door. She jumped up to kiss me. “That was some tip--$100 for a check less than twenty. I appreciate the money, but I hope you know I have to share tips and that hundred raised a few eyebrows.”

“ Well,” I responded, “the service was excellent, and now I get to serve you. C’mon in.”

I led her to the bedroom. She anticipated a quick jump into the bed and just started to undress so she was really surprised to see the huge pile of boxes wrapped for Christmas and birthday. “OK, which comes first?”

“What is this? What’s going on?”

‘I just want you to know how much you mean to me—a lot more than just the sex. So, when’s your birthday?”

She looked at me, “You’re crazy. You know that, don’t you? January 11.”

“Yes, I know I’m crazy—about you, that is. So Christmas comes first, let’s start over here.”

Morgan made her way to the bed and, sitting down, started to open her presents. “There’s an awful lot here for just one night’s fucking.” I said nothing, just passed her the first package. I decided I’d start her with the regular clothes before moving on to the more intimate apparel.

“Are you not enjoying yourself, Master. I don’t hear any ‘Ungghh’s’ this evening.”

“Don’t worry, Marti,” replied Morgan, “There’ll be plenty later on.” Morgan was all smiles as she opened her gifts. She even leered at me when she opened the items I’d picked up at the adult store, especially the open cup bras and crotchless panties.

Too soon the party was over. I cleaned up all the wrappings into a trash bag before turning to Morgan, kneeling to remove her shoes, anklets, and pants. I looked up surprised when I saw she wore no panties. “Just thought I’d get a head start,” she said smiling. I moved up to her T-shirt and bra before removing my own clothes. Once naked I started the evening’s fun by pushing her back onto the bed so I could lick her pussy. She was already wet as I slurped up her secretions. She moaned appreciatively when I nibbled on her swollen clit, sucking it forcefully into my mouth. I kept up my work on her clit with my fingers as I moved down to tongue fuck her. I rammed my tongue into her then slowly withdrew before starting the process all over again. Morgan lifted her hips and started humping against my tongue—faster and faster. Suddenly—“Ungghh…ungghh…ungghh.” Her orgasm shot her off the bed a foot at least. When she fell back her breathing was still ragged. I continued to lick until she whispered, “Enough…enough...for now.” She pulled me up with her where we lay while she regained her strength.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said, “to show you how I feel about you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” She stroked me slowly, soon bringing me to maximum hardness and size. I can’t remember ever being so large or so hard. She leaned forward just touching my cock with her tongue. Slowly, she licked me all the way down to my balls and back up again, pausing to encircle the head before lowering her mouth onto my shaft. Bobbing her head up and down, gripping my dick with her lips and tongue, she soon brought me to a sensational orgasm. I sprayed hot jism down her throat until my dick softened. She milked me of any remaining semen, then licked the head, capturing every drop. She looked up with a smile, pausing momentarily to lick her lips clean.

We leaned back against the pillows, resting and talking until 2 a.m. I looked at the clock, “Staying over?”

“Of course, but before we sleep I have more plans for you. She jumped from the bed, grabbed one of the boxes from the pile and ran into the bathroom. “Stay there, I’ll be right back.” So I stayed until she reappeared in one of the lingerie sets I had bought for her. She wore the wine red open bra with matching crotchless hip-hugger panties. It was all I could do to keep my eyes in my head. I waggled my finger to say “come here” and she did, slipping onto the bed so a delicious nipple appeared right at my mouth. I suckled her nipple, feeling it grow between my lips. I reached out for its mate with my left hand so my right would be free to explore her hot cunt. She writhed all over me before grabbing my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. We kissed urgently as our passion built. I couldn’t control myself. I flipped her over onto her back, positioning myself over her pussy. She brought me home, guiding me into her once again. She wrapped those supple legs around my waist and pushed herself to me, meeting every one of my thrusts with one of her own. Faster and harder, harder and faster…until simultaneous “UNGGHH…UNGGHH…UNGGHH…UNGGHH.”

We had just collapsed into each other’s arms when we heard the inevitable: “Oh, good, sir. I am so glad you are finally having fun. You too, Morgan.”

We laughed ourselves toward sleep. Just before nodding off I whispered to her, “You really should quit that job.”

“I already did.”

I bolted up. “Does that mean…?”

“Yep, I’m moving in.”

We clung to each other falling asleep just as our lips met.

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2011-12-09 06:27:26
I thought I'd have to read a book for a discvorey like this!

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2011-11-18 01:34:15
I'm so fucking horny. I wish I had a nerd boyfriend

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2011-05-09 19:19:41
I love your stories. They're so different. Not just about great sex, but also love. Happy endings! I'm so horny right now! But not only that but also happy, as this is a great story line. Please keep writing. You're excellent!


2011-05-05 18:05:37
Thanks for the feedback. I've enjoyed writing this one. there will be more parts--at least two. I'm looking forward to a computer orgasm.

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2011-05-05 14:53:04
A great story as Ghostrider says it would be nice to have a 3rd part.


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