Boys Will Be Boys
Hermione: The Wicked Slut Witch
Part 2
Boys Will Be Boys

Disclaimer: I know these stories are not “by the book”, and yes I have read them and am a fan, this is just a perverted trip down my twisted brain. Open your mind and use your imagination, don’t get so caught up in the norm sometimes the bizarre can be just as titillating. This is only my opinion and I welcome other views. I love all comments, good or bad, and invite everyone to post one. I hope you enjoy this installment. Happy reading!

Hermione Granger went about her life and true to his word Hagrid had a strong talk with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter until they saw reason to forgive her. They made up during a Hogsmeade weekend. Harry, having not gotten permission to visit Hogsmeade, snuck out under his invisibility cloak using a secret passage from the marauders map and met Hermione and Ron behind The Shrieking Shack. As soon as the three were joined Hermione wantonly dropped to her knees and proceeded to give “her boys” a double blow job. Trying to cram both Harry and Ron’s dicks in her mouth was trickier then she had thought her teeth were in the way. She pulled out her wand and preformed a non-verbal spell that made her teeth vanish, with just her tongue and her gums she was better able to fit both “her boys” comfortably in her mouth. From the moans she was hearing she knew they both liked it very much.

“Her-mi-one, suck it harder. I love your gums rubbing along the underside of my cock.” groaned Harry.

Hermione looked up at “her boys”, Ron’s head was lolling and he was drooling and Harry had a rapturous look on his face. A depraved idea occurred to her, “her boys” liked her sucking on their cock, but she had never seen them in this state, it seemed to her that they were really enjoying their dicks rubbing together in her mouth. Her wicked thoughts caused her pussy juice to leak down her thighs. She popped both cocks out of her mouth, held them together between her hands and continued to jerk them simultaneously making sure they stroked against each other. She watched their blissful expressions and listen to their elicit moans.

“Do my boys like the feel of each other’s cock?” Hermione asked with an impish toothless grin.

Harry and Ron snapped out of their ecstasy filled hazed and stared down at Hermione with shock at what she was doing and they were enjoying. Ron saw Hermione’s gummy grin and asked, “Hermione, what happened to your teeth?”

Hermione magicked her teeth back to place and stood up. She pointed at their dicks, “Boys, put those away,” she demanded, “Harry give me your invisibility cloak,”

Harry and Ron hurriedly did as Hermione ordered because she was demanding and they usually followed her orders unless it had to do with quiddich but they especially listened if it had anything to do with sex. Hermione was brilliant at sex! Harry handed Hermione the invisibility cloak and she threw it over all three of them, “Harry take us to the secret passage way into Hogwarts.” commanded Hermione.

“It’s in the cellar of Honey Dukes, this way.” said Harry as he led them to the candy shop. It was a bit tricky because the shop was popular so it was awfully crowded. They carefully made their way to the cellar and Harry had to check the marauders map to find the opening of the secret passage way.


Once they were in Hermione stripped off the cloak and steered them to the middle of the passage where they would not be overheard.
She pulled out her wand and said the incantation, “Nudo”, and all their clothes vanished. “Her boys” still had managed to keep their hard-ons that is why she loved them. “Okay boys, let’s play a little game,” she smiled wickedly and the boys knew they were in for trouble, “I want you both to lay down facing opposite ways and,” she hesitated for just a moment and then blurted out, “and suck each others dicks.” she heard them gasp. “Wait, the first one to get the other off gets a prize…” she stopped because they were giving her murderous looks.

“Hermione,” Ron whinged, “how is that a game? Harry and I aren’t AC/DC.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you boys it’s just that the thought of watching you suck each others big cocks,” she stuck two fingers deep into her pussy and started frigging herself, “makes my kitty cat so hot. Oh, fuck yessss.” she moaned as she came. “I’m cumming just from the thought of it. Please, oohhh fuck, pretty please, OOOHHHH FUCKK!” her pussy squirted into her hand.

Ron was so turned on by Hermione’s squirting pussy, “Merlin’s Balls Hermione, let me lick out that kitty. Can you squirt on my face?” Ron inquired.

“I think so Ron,” Hermione petted her kitty cat for his enjoyment, “but if I squirt in your face what are you going to do for me?” asked Hermione in her sexiest purr.

“Blimey Hermione, if you coat his dick with your pussy juices,” Ron said dejectedly and then he whispered, “I’ll suck Harry’s cock for you.”

“What? Wait I…” Harry started.

“Come off it mate, it’s all just sex. Let’s give it a go if we don’t like it, no harm done. We are the only ones who will ever know. Besides Hermione gives us all the sex we want. Who are we to deny her request? You don’t want to go back to wanking, do you? Come on Harry, all the sex you could want or your right hand?” Ron finished with an obscene pantomime.

“Fine, Ron’s right Hermione but you have to promise never to speak of this to anyone. ANYONE! Promise?” Harry waited for confirmation.

“Yes, yes I promise. Yea, Thank you boys, my kitty cat thanks you. Now Ron, lick the kitty so it can squirt for you.” Hermione conjured a chaise lounge and sat upon it spread eagle, leaned back on her elbows with an excited spark of anticipation in her eyes.

Ron went straight to work licking her gash with his long, pointy tongue. He knew better then to over stimulate Hermione’s huge one inch clit too soon or she would pass out. Ron licked and sucked her inner and outer lips for several minutes the plunged into her love hole and began to fuck her with his tongue, pushing it in as deep and as fast as he could.

Hermione felt her orgasm rising from deep inside her pussy but she could tell it wasn’t going to make her squirt, “Ron…oh fuck baby…I’m gonna cum…please suck my clit…suck it hard,” Ron did as she asked and sucked her clit like it was a baby cock, “FUCK…FUCK…SUCK ME…OH FUCK YES…SUCK IT YOU BIG STUD,” Hermione screamed out and squirted like a geyser and passed out as Ron placed his mouth at her gushing hole to drink all of her sweet pussy juice.

“Merlin’s beard!” exclaimed Harry as he saw how much Hermione’s kitty cat squirted. “Ron, let me in there. I have to get a taste of Hermione’s cat juice.” Harry said as he elbowed Ron out of his way and noisily sucked the remaining nectar from Hermione’s kitty.

“Oh no, she’s passed out on us mate. We’ll have to wait until she wakes up to shag her.” Ron whined.

“Fuck off mate; we don’t have that much time left. I’m shagging her rotten and I don’t give a friar tuck that she’s passed out.” ranted Harry as he stood up and eased his seven inch cock inside Hermione’s insanely tight, hot, wet gash. Harry let out a sigh of pleasure when his knob was to the hilt. “Blimey Ron, it’s like she gets tighter every time we fuck her.” stated Harry and he looked at Ron who was sitting on Hermione’s face and titty fucking her. Harry shook his head and laughed, “That’s it mate, she a right good slag, isn‘t she. Fuck…I fucking love her snug kitty cat.” Harry reached over and gave her large clitoris a firm squeeze and he swore her heard moan in pleasure beneath Ron’s arse. “Love, are you with us again?” Harry asked Hermione.

“She’s too busy licking my arsehole to answer you right now mate.” said Ron with a wide grin on his face. “HERMIONE!” screamed Ron in surprise and outrage. “You had better suck my balls if your going to stick your finger up my bum.” complained Ron but then sighed as Hermione complied and started fucking her titties with more vigor. Ron let out a sudden and loud groan and came all over Hermione’s tits and stomach. Spent he laid on Hermione with his head at her clit and let his tongue gently play with the swollen nub.

“Ron, it’s time you kept your promise. Get off me. I want to watch,” demanded Hermione and Ron slowly obeyed. He sluggishly got up and knelt at Harry’s side.

“Fuck off wanker; I haven’t finished shagging, have I?” Harry said trying to put off Ron sucking his cock but Hermione’s pussy was so good he didn’t know how long he could hold off.

“Ron, baby come up here and lick Harry’s cock as it goes in and out of my kitty cat,” suggested Hermione and Ron did as she asked letting his tongue lick her pussy and ride along Harry‘s dick. Hermione played with Ron’s hair and purred, “Oh baby that looks great, lick Harry’s dick more for me, baby.”

Ron then firmly placed his tongue on Harry’s penis and Harry lengthened and slowed his strokes. He was fucking Hermione while Ron was licking the underside of his penis. “That’s fucking brilliant, mate,” growled Harry and before he knew what he was doing he pulled out of Hermione’s pussy and feed his cock to his best mate Ron and Ron sucked his dick for all he was worth. Taking Harry’s cock down his throat while Harry moaned, “Fuck Ron, where’d you learn to suck cock like that? Oh fuck yeah!” then Harry grabbed Ron by his bright red hair and started furiously fucking Ron’s face. He could feel Ron’s moans of bliss on his penis, “You love sucking my cock, don’t you? Fuck Hermione, I think Ron sucks cock better than you. Oh shit, I’m cumming. Ooohh Fuucckkkk!” Harry screamed out his orgasm. His first spurt went straight down Ron’s throat then Harry pulled out a bit because he wanted Ron to taste his cum (he was more turned on the he would ever admit to Hermione). After Harry deposited a couple more spurts on Ron’s tongue he pulled completely out to finish jizzing on his best mates face, suddenly Hermione’s kitty spontaneously gushed her squirt onto Harry’s dick and Ron’s face.

Ron quickly licked Hermione’s entire squirt off of Harry’s dick then Hermione jumped up and tackled Ron to eat the mingled goop off Ron’s face, loving the combination of Harry’s cum and her cum. It made quite an elixir and she needed to share this wonderful aphrodisiac so she lapped some up and kisses Ron passionately sharing with him the love potion he helped make.

“Mmm, thank you Hermione. That was delicious.” Ron sighed as their lips parted.

“You’re delicious.” purred Hermione and she lapped up more of the concoction and kissed Ron more deeply. They moaned into each other’s mouths.

Harry watched the kissing duo lustfully he wanted to jump Ron and suck his dick but he didn’t want Hermione to know how he felt. He didn’t know how he felt. He was confused. Damn Hermione for opening up this Pandora’s Box of feelings. Why couldn’t she leave well enough alone? Hadn’t he, Harry, and Ron, given her enough pleasure without her pursuing these obscene games? Harry was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he hadn’t noticed that his two best friends had gotten up and were speaking to him.

“Harry did you hear me?” asked Hermione as Harry caught her eye and focused. “I said we better be getting back to the castle. Dinner is in an hour and I wanted to go to the library before then. I have so much homework.” the last words were spoken more to herself than to Harry and Ron. “Aroparti,” Hermione cast the spell to return their clothes and she walked ahead suddenly remembering all she had to do for her classes. Harry followed but Ron stayed back.

“Hermione, aren’t you going to vanish the chaise?” asked Ron

“Leave it there. We can always use it again.” she turned and told Ron with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

Ron hurried to catch up. When they got to the opening to the secret passage they stopped so Harry could check the marauders map. The coast was clear so they clambered out of the opening, which was a statue of a witch with a hump and her hump was the opening.

They were walking down the corridor towards Gryffindor Tower when Hermione let out a gasp of horror.

“What is it Hermione?” asked Ron and Harry in unison.

“Oh Harry, I forgot your invisibility cloak in the secret passage,” whispered Hermione, “I’m so sorry. I’ll go back and get it. You two go on and get ready for dinner.” Hermione sighed thinking of the lost time this would cost her.

Harry swiftly formed a plan, “No Hermione, Ron and I will go back and get my invisibility cloak. You have a lot of homework with all those extra classes you’re taking this year. You go on. We’ll see you at dinner.” Harry said forcefully.

“Oh, thank you Harry and you too Ron,” she looked around to make sure no one was around and kissed them both shortly but soundly, “I love you both!” she whispered as she speed off and as she rounded the corner she blew them a kiss.


“Blimey Harry, what you do that for? I was hoping to get a nap in before dinner.” Ron grumbled.

“Weren’t you the one who said, ‘Hermione gives us all the sex we want’, I’m just trying to keep her happy.” said Harry condescendingly.

“Well, why’d you listen to me for mate? You should have told me to stuff it.” Ron laughed and Harry joined him.

They made it back to the statue of the witch and checked the marauders map before the climbed through her hump and into the secret passage. They walked along until they reached the chaise lounge and found the invisibility clock draped over the back of the chaise.

“There it is mate. Get it and let’s go.” Ron assumed and he turned and walked away. He didn’t hear Harry follow so he turned back and saw Harry sitting at the foot of the chaise with his head hung down. “What’s wrong, Harry? Let’s get a move on.” Ron said as he walked back to Harry.

When Ron reached him, Harry looked up. Ron saw lust smoldering in Harry’s eyes and was confused. “I believe I owe you one.” said Harry. He saw that Ron was even more confused so Harry grabbed the front Ron’s jeans and unfastened them for him, then comprehension dawned in Ron’s eyes and as Harry grasped Ron’s dick it got hard in his hands. Harry sat there wanking his best mate’s six inch knob. “Blimey this thing is fat.” exclaimed Harry as he ran his thumb over the head of Ron’s penis.

“Stick it in your mouth Harry. You’re gonna like it. I loved yours. Go on mate.” urged Ron and he eagerly thrusted his cock towards Harry’s mouth. Harry opened wide to accept his friend’s penis into his mouth. He twirled his tongue around the knob then began to suck in earnest. It was brilliant! He loved the way it filled his mouth up and when he felt a nudge at the back of his throat he relaxed so Ron could fuck his face properly. When Harry felt Ron grab his hair and thrust his cock down his throat it set off Harry’s moans. When Ron felt the vibrations on his cock he could not control himself, “Fuck Harry…Suck it man,” growled Ron. “Suck…my…cock…suck…my…cock…fuck.” and with each word Ron rammed his cock down Harry’s willing throat and Harry could feel Ron’s balls slamming against his chin.

Harry gathered some of the saliva that was running down his chin, reached around Ron and inserted a finger into Ron’s bum and gently finger fucked him.

“FUCK HARRY. I’M FUCKING CUMMING! KEEP FUCKING MY ARSE. OOHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKKK! SWALLOW MY FUCKING CUM.” yelled Ron as he shot his cum down Harry’s throat and Harry swallowed then Harry pulled back so Ron could finish cumming on his tongue.

He was excited to taste Ron’s cum. It tasted amazing and Harry swallowed all of Ron’s cum and sucked the rest off Ron’s dick. “That was fucking brilliant!” exclaimed Harry. “You taste wonderful. Thank you Ron.” Harry smiled at his best mate.

“Anytime mate. Fuck when you stuck your finger up my arse I almost lost it. That was brilliant!” said Ron with a sly grin while fastening his jeans. “We better get going. It’s dinner time and suddenly I’m starving.” they both laughed.

Harry grabbed the invisibility clock folded it and hid it in his cloak. Harry and Ron made it out of the passage without being detected and preceded to the Great Hall. They sat down next to Hermione at the Gryffindor table. Ron and Harry piled food on the plates and tucked in.

Hermione leaned in lewdly winked and whispered to them, “Did my boys like playing with each other?”

Harry and Ron practically choked on their food but seeing the lust in Hermione’s eyes they laughed instead and looked at each other. “Yes, we did!” they answered in unison and all three lovers laughed together.

To be continued...

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