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OK that's the title. I can never remember the other ones when I'm writing. So there's a party, we learn something ELSE about Eric, and Boooooze
    We stood  there, semi-nicely dressed. We waited outside, for 15 minutes until we saw the limo pullned around the block. "Jake, is that for us?" she asked as it drew closer." God, I hope so." I said. As it pulled up to us, we got in. "Hey pal." Eric said sitting opposite from us, arms spread out on the seat." Um.. Hey Eric, whats with the limo?" I asked " Oh this? This is just normal, you should see MY car. It's..." he started. " Eric why do we  get to go early? " Jenny asked. "Well, Jake being my best friend, and you his girlfriend, I decided to give you special access." he said casually. His personality different from school. As we pulled up to the giant ass estate, we went inside. "Ah welcome back Mr.Masters., and Welcome to the Masters estate." Said the doorman. "C'mon Guys , I'm gonna show you your room."Eric said, as we went upstairs, Jenny seemed to cling tighter. We went down the main hall, with doors all the way down, we entered a HUGE room. There was a path way down the middle leading to a king size bed with extra soft bedding.  In the front of the room, there was a smaller kitchen, fully stocked with liquor and beer. Parallel to the kitchen area, 2 Arm chairs, and an extra comfy looking couch. "Good enough?" Eric asked. "Are you fucking kidding me?" Jenny said  standing out in the middle of the suite, and twirling around. "This is gonna be better than that night we filmed ourselves and put it online." I said. "You guys have a sex tape?" Eric asked, perking up. "What site?" "www.por--" "Jake!" "Fine.."
      As Eric left, we were free to look around the room more. We both made our way to the bed. King size, extra comfortable. "Wanna warm up?" I said looking at her across from the other side. "God yes!" she said and we both jumped onto the bed, kissing each other furiously, as I lifted Her top off, revealing her sexy bra barely hiding her gorgeous round tits, she unzipped me and pulled my dick out of my boxers. "How bout a tit-job as a warm up?"she said sexily. As I layed back and she put her tits around my dick, I felt I may have cum right there. " aaaaahhh....Jenny, your tits are..aaah...amazing!" I moaned as she moved her tits faster, "That, feel good?" she said, "ooh...aah...y-you have no idea." It was incredible. I moaned as I came onto her face. I lay there as she got up. "After we' done with the party, you have to make it up to me." she said going into the bathroom and wiping my cum off her face. "Oh I will, don't worry." I said back to her.  Zipping back up, and pulling my jacket back on. There was a knock on the door. I opened it and Eric came in" Hey Jenny?" he yelled towards her direction. "Oh hey Eric what's up?" she said. Walking into the room. "You give great boob-jobs." I felt my face redden. "I was gonna tell you at the start, but I was gonna see what you did."he said, laughing, he pointed to the top right corner of the bedroom area. A small security camera was there. "You horny bastard!" I said. I pulled a rock from a nearby plant, and walked in front of it. I threw the rock at it breaking it. "There. No more live porn for you!" I said snapping at Eric. " Anyway you guys better come down. The stripers are here, along with the DJ." Eric said shrugging at the destructuion of his property.            
        Both re-dressed, we followed. Eric downstairs. In the main hall the music had started play a peppy beat. As I watched a van pulled up the the front gate, and some of the most gorgeous women stepped out. M,n black clothing brought out poles on stands. "Dude, how did you pay for all this?" I turned around. My friend Tyler was standing with a dumbfounded expression. "Hello tyler." Eric said. "Are you staying the night?" he asked tyler. Tyler replied yes. Eric left us to show him his room. "Look." Jenny said turning to me. " Those aah...ladies...that are walking in the door? They are beatiful women. You can watch them strip and grind, but NO touching." she said. "Hey! You think that I need any other tits than yours?" I said playfully poking her tits. She kissed me, and we stood there, locked together. "Get a room!" a voice said. We broke apart. Lisa and her boyfriend Mike. Walked through the door. "Hey Jake." mike said, pulling me to the side. " Look what I got." he held up a bag of pills. "Is that...?" "Shit yes." he said casually." Ecstasy. I hear it's great during sex." As the strippers set up their poles, Jimmy, the only openly gay guy in our grade walked in. "Hey Guys!" Eric, are there gonna be know...guy strippers here?" he asked sheepishly. "I thought of you." eric said,"Sorry guys...gotta show Jimmy the male stripper.
                                      * * *
      The party was in full swing. Me, Jenny and about the entire grade( which was about 150 people) were dancing and I'm pretty sure half of us including me  were either stoned, drunk, or some kind of deranged mix that made everything and everyone more sexy and smooth. I looked at Jenny, was was dancing with beer in a plastic cup. She looked great. "Hey...I-I have a d-dare for you!" I said drunkenly  at Jenny. "Oh yeah?" "Yeah. I dare you to give m-me a body shot." I said, knowing she would say no. "HELL YEAH!" she said, she must have finished her send or third beer. She took my hand and we found our way to the body shot area, where 5 sexy, beautiful women were being licked. I expected to stop there but we kept going down the hall up the stairs. "Umm..w-where are we going?" I asked. She didn't answer. As we got down the hall, we found a door that read ERIC. We knocked and nobody answered.  We entered the room, and it was enormous! He had his own mini kitchen with a table, had like 7 closets and a huge bathroom. We went over to his bed side table, and there were two pills and a note that said, 'To Jake, I told Jenny about these because they're a quick fix for how your most likely feeling now. Take one. from Eric.' " That's nice of him I thought  downing the pill. " So..." she said making her way over to the kitchen, and opened the fridge. She pulled out the nicest bottle of alcohol in there. "I have an idea." I said to her" How bout an erotic body shot?" "Ok" and she pulled of her bra and panties and laid on the table. I lightly and carefully poured the alcohol on her body and laced it around her pussy lips. I took of my sort and leaned in and kissed her. I worked my way down to her breast and licked the beer off them and made my way down to her pussy and laced my tongue around it and began licking her pussy strongly"Ooohh!! Yes! Right there!" she moaned as I licked and toted with her clitoris. I kept on licking and I put my tongue through the lips and around her wet pussy. I licked faster and more passionately and I felt her shudder as she orgasmed and I moved out of the way. It was then that I heard the door knob slowly open, quickly Jenny grabbed her clothes. And my shirt, and we hid behind the counter as two figures walked into the room. I was then I noticed it was Eric, and Jimmy. Eric lifted Jimmy's shirt off, and they both began to get naked. "Jake, did you know that Eric was..."Jenny breathed. "I had no idea what so ever." I said just as quietly. As they were kissing, Eric must have noticed some noise. "Hey, why don't you go into the bathroom and I'll be in, in a sec." "ok" Jimmy said back seductively. Just as Jimmy went in me and Jenny jumped up. We all just stood there Jenny, now had put her shirt and pants back on, as did I. "soo...." I said. "I-well.."Eric said. "Can we talk about this...I don't know, tomorrow?" me and Jenny both agreed that we could. We left as quiet as mimes, and worked our way back to our rooms. 
     "Why didn't you pick up on any clues?" Jenny asked. "I don't know, I just never thought..." "oh well, all that matters is that we, have a king sized bed and no security cameras. " she said sexily. I kissed her and we made our way to the bed, furiously making out, and taking our clothes off. Now naked she laid down and I leaned on top of her. We kissed, " should I get a condom?" I asked her." No, we've done it without it before, besides...I love you." "I love you too," I said as I pushed my fully erect dick into her wet, tight pussy. Aaah.. She moaned in pleasure, I started thrusting forward and in and out. "Ooooohhh!!" I moaned, for some reason she felt more into it and alive with it before. Aah!!aah! She panted , and I felt an orgasm rush up through my dick and exploded into her pussy. I felt her explode with another orgasm. "aaaah..."I rolled of her. And laid next to her. We both caught our breath and sat up and climbed on top of my dick. I groaned in pleasure as she slid down my dick. She started to move up and down' "" I could feel myself cumming. I grabbed her tits and rolled them as she voiced on my dick."ooooh!!" as she exploded with an orgasm, I did as well. She got off, and lay there next to me. I grasped her hand and we both fell asleep.

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qX4VRA Sorry for the off-topic, could you tell where I can get such a nice pattern for my blog ?!...

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