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Will is given an ultimatum, Rachel's obsession brings about her downfall, and Brook and Rev. Greene began their "Family Reunion"
To avoid an ending with 20 pages, I broke it into two enjoy.......And I am so sorry it's been so long!! I've been so busy lately I barely had enough time to finish this story!! Thanks for reading guys!!

And if you like the story, or have some criticism, please leave your comments bellow....Also, whether or not you liked this series, I'm open to collaboration, so if you want to use one or more of my characters in one your stories, give me your idea, and then go for it!!! Also, the third series is still under thought, so if you have any ideas for it, don't be afraid to make a request.

Also! If you want to write a series involving the happenings in The Farm or what Lisa's up to back in Brownsville, message me your ideas, then go for it!!!


Will hung up the cell phone and looked back towards Lynn and Brook. With terror in his eyes, he took a deep breath before speaking.

“It was Greene...he wants us to go down there”

“What! are you crazy!” Brook shouted, “We can’t go down there! He’ll-”

“He said that he’d go to the house and attack my mom if we don’t go”

“Then I guess we’re up against a wall”, Lynn said, suddenly reaching into her pocket and taking out her cell, “I think I should call the cops.”

“I think so too”, Brook said, nodding her head.

“We can’t just do that”, Will said, “Why do you think that the cops will help? By the time they’d get here-” but Will was interrupted by Mark’s cell phone, which had began to ring.

Picking up the phone, he answered it, “What?”

“By the way, if yall aren’t down here in five minutes, we’ll torch the place”


“HA! Did you think we wouldn’t foresee this coming? No, we planted what you might call high grade explosives under the building. So it’s up to you.”

Will frowned as he began to grind his teeth, “We’ll be down”.

“Good”, Greene said, ending the call.

Will threw the phone at the wall and grabbed both of the girls, as he made a rush towards the door.

“Stop, Will!” Brook protested, “What are you-”

“There are fucking explosives under the building and he’s going to detonate them in five fucking minutes!”

“What?” Lynn asked, glaring at Will.

“You heard me! We have to go-”

“Will! We need a plan!”

“Fine! Lynn!” Will said, turning to face her, “Call my house and leave a message explaining the situation, but while you do, run, because we need to get the fuck out of here!”

“Right!” Lynn replied, quickly dialing the Reed’s number.

Rushing down the stairs, the three teens, tried to make it out of the building as quickly as possible. Will held both Lynn and Brook’s hands protectively as he ran, holding on tight from both protective instinct and support.

Once on the bottom floor, the three burst from the building and ran towards the intersection and across the street to a near by alley were Greene, Hayden, and Rachel said they were waiting.

After about thirty seconds, the three seemed to appear out of the shadows of the dark alley. Hayden quickly sprang at Will, pushing him up against a wall, as she cuffed his wrists. Lynn, tried to attack Hayden, but was grabbed at by Rachel, who, she quickly kicked in the stomach before Greene retrained her.

“Run, Brook!” Will shouted, “Get the fuck out of here!”



Brook nodded and began to sprint from the alley, when Greene pulled from his coat pocket, a small remote.

“Freeze!” He ordered, holding the remote up in the air, “or someone might get hurt!”

Brook froze, and walked back to the alley, her arms raised in a surrender position. Greene grabbed her arm tightly, and began to lead her out the other side of the alley.

“Hayden, cuff the little one, I want to talk to Brook here”, He said across the alley, giving Hayden a waving gesture with his hand, to which she nodded.

Seeing Brook and he reverend turn the corner, Rachel stood and turned her attention to Will, who was now cuffed and sitting on the ground.

“Hi, Will”

“Get away form me!” He yelled back.

“Will, everything-”

“Stop! What’s wrong with you! Let us g-”

“Will, stop”, Rachel said kindly, bending down to touch Will’s face, “We’re finally together”

“Why can’t you understand! I don’t love you!”

“But you do, Will! I know you do!”

“Stop!” Will yelled.

“He is making to much noise”, Hayden said, pulling from her backpack a gag ball, which she crudely shoved it into Will’s mouth, causing him to shake his head in protest.

“Will it’s okay”, Rachel said soothingly, leaning against him as she stroked his wavy dark-brown hair.

Lynn sat on the ground, trying not to bring to much attention to herself as she slowly got into a crouching position. Once in that position, she began to twist her wrist out of the handcuff. Once her right hand was free from the metal cuff, Lynn stood up and quickly ran at Rachel, kicking her in the lower back and forcing the crouching girl to topple over.

Hayden, noticing Lynn’s sudden movement, turned towards her and walked angrily towards her. Lynn, keeping her hands behind her back, waited until Hayden was close enough, and swung the cuff at her face, slashing her across the face.

“Ah!” Hayden yelped, touching the place on her face where the cuff had scratched her.

Lynn quickly helped Will to his feet and unstrapped the gag before the two ran from the alley. Hayden walked from the alley and yelled at the two.

“I wouldn’t run if I was you! We have Brook!”

Will and Lynn both stopped and looked at each other. Sighing, they walked back to their captors, who restrained them further, lacing burlap sacks over their heads, and re-cuffing Lynn and gag-balling Will, before leading them through the alley.

Maria had left the house immediately after hearing Lynn’s frantic message, and now sat nervously on Kevin Forest’s couch, gripping a cup of tea.

“Maria we have to call the police”

“I know, Kevin...but...”

“But What, Maria? Will, Brook and Lynn are in trouble! We-”

“I know, Kevin! It’s just we don’t know were the hell they are! And if we do call...”

“Do you think that the reverend will hurt them?”

“That’s what I’m afraid of”, Maria sighed, still grasping her tea, as she looked up to see that Kevin was just as distraught as she was.

“Well shouldn’t we call Lynn’s parents? I mean, they both-”

“That might not be the best idea”, Maria interrupted, “There’s no telling how that would turn out”

“Well, Maria, I don’t think there’s anything we can do”

Maria held in a whimper, as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, “I know, Kevin”, she said softly.

Will and Lynn didn’t know quite how they got where they were, but what they did know was that now they sat in the back of a car that was parked on the other side of the alley.

Unable to see, and unable to communicate, the two sat in silence as they felt the car turn on the city streets.

After about ten minutes, they felt the car stop, and the two were ushered out of the car. Still unable to tell were they were, they had picked up on the fact that they were now inside some kind of building, and had been seated in separate chairs, their ankles tied to the chair legs with rope.

Feeling the rope on his ankles, Will began to panic, and yelled for help through his gag-ball, which, only came out as mumbling.

It was at this moment when both felt the sacks covering their heads get pulled off, revealing a poorly lit and presumably abandoned ballroom.

Hayden and Rachel both smirked at their two prisoners, as the two girls saw the fear and panic in their eyes.

“We were told to keep you here for now. And if I’m right, Rachel get’s to have a little date with you, Will”, Hayden said raising an eyebrow as she did.

Rachel smiled ear to ear, as she walked over to the bound and gagged Will, bending down in front of him and placing one hand on his inner thigh.

Will tried to swear through his gag, and tried to fight his restraints, as Rachel unzipped his fly and reached her hand inside, passing the peep-whole of his boxers and pulling his flaccid dick from his pants.

“Oh God”, Lynn said, turning her head away from the scene in front of her.

“Do you like it, Will?” Rachel asked, in an overly happy voice.

Will mumbled through his gag, which caused Hayden to laugh while she walked over to Rachel.

“You know William, I would think you would enjoy all the attention Rachel gives you?”

Will responded by glaring at her.

“Oh well”, Hayden laughed, “Go on Rachel, do as you wish”

Rachel smiled, and quickly undid Will’s belt, before pulling his pants and boxers to his ankles.

Next Rachel took one hand and cupped Will’s balls with it, massaging and playing with his testicles.

The sudden attention began to make Will’s dick harden, and he tried his hardest to not blush.

Smiling, Rachel next grabbed his now semi erect dick in her free hand and quickly jacked him off, making his dick grow to its full 6”. Rachel continued to stroke his dick, when she stood and removed her uniform skirt and panties, revealing her twat.

Will knew what was about to happen, and sighed, as Rachel straddled his lap, pushing herself closer to his body. As she scooted forward, Will felt the tip of head slowly push up against her pussy lips.

“Oh Lord God”, Lynn groaned, seeing what was about to happen next to her.

Rachel finally pulled herself close enough to Will, that the head of his dick was pushed into her twat, slowly descending down her vagina.

“Ahhh...”, Rachel moaned, “Fuck me! Fuck me Will!” She said, reaching up and removing the gag from his mouth.

Taking a deep breath, Will shouted, “Get o-off of me!” he yelled, stuttering as Rachel had began to slide back and forward on his lap, her twat now fully engulfing his dick, her tight and wet pussy squeezing his dick, whose shaft slid in and out of her twat.

“I’ve loved you for so long, Will”, she whispered into his ear, licking the outside.

“I don’t love you!” Will yelled back, “I-uhh-I hate you..uh-you...uh”, Will stuttered again, the feeling of Rachel’s pussy juices felt so good against his dick. His face began to redden slightly, and he quietly moaned upon each thrust Rachel performed.

Rachel, still smiling, reached down and inserted a finger into her snatch, using it to rub her clit, whose very tip rubbed up slightly against Will’s dick.

“AHH!” She moaned, next leaning forward to kiss Will passionately on the lips, only to have him pull away.

“Ra-Rachel!” Will began, but then sighed, “She won’t listen to reason..”, he thought to himself.

“You know, Will”, Rachel whispered back into his ear, “I remember saved me from those boys that one day...they beat you up and hurt you...but you did it for me..”

“What are you-”

“The girl in the alley that day, Will...she was me...”

“The girl in the alley...”, Will suddenly remembered that day. He remembered seeing Rachel, and he remembered telling her to run as her attackers, and possible rapist,assaulted him instead of her, “ were that girl...”

Rachel nodded, suddenly sliding forwards and backwards much faster, her face began to turn red and she moaned loudly.

“Oh! Will! Your dick is so big!”

Will blushed, but didn’t respond, his mind was now active with recollection, as he thought of that day, “She...she was that little girl...she thinks that I saved her....her life...”

“Oh fuck me! Fuck me, Will! Give me your big dick!” rachel yelled, breaking his focus.

“Uh-Rachel!” Will moaned suddenly, he felt the beginnings of an orgasm coming on, and tried to pull away from the girl, “Rachel, I’m-uh-Rachel!”

“Uhhh...AHhhh...AHH!” Rachel Moaned, now practically jumping up and down on Will’s dick.

“Ra-Rachel! Uh...uh-Ah! Rachel!” Will yelled, trying his hardest not to cum, though the tight wet pussy pumping up and down on his erect dick made it almost impossible.

“Will!” Rachel moaned, throwing her head back as she quivered and shook from a body numbing orgasm.

“Ra-uh...ah-ah-uh...Rachel...”, Will moaned, shooting his load into her twat, no longer able to keep his cum from bursting out, especially since Rachel’s twat had tightened and oozed when she had orgasmed, causing his dick to be squeezed, “...Rachel, we...we didn’t use a...a condom...and I...”

But Rachel had leaned forward and began to kiss Will again.

“This girl is insane!” Will thought to himself, “She’s only going to listen to...herself!”

Suddenly a plan formulated in the back of his head, and he turned his gaze to Lynn, who wore an expression of discomfort, and gave her a wink.

“Rachel, I love you”, he said softly, kissing her neck as he did, “I’ve always loved you, Rachel”

Rachel’s eyes widened and she hugged Will tightly, “I love you too, Will”


“Yes, Will”

“I love you so much, I wish I could hug you back, and I wish we could make love again. Can you please let me go?”

“Yes, Will”, Rachel replied, kissing Will on the lips, as she stood from his lap and untied his ankles from the chair.

“What the hell!” Hayden yelled from across the room, running over to grab Rachel, “Why the fuck are you letting him go!”

“Go away!” Rachel yelled back, quickly snatching up her skirt and panties, putting them back on and pushing Hayden back as she did.

“Rachel...I love you”, Will said, smiling as he did.

Lynn was smiling now too, as she now saw the plan Will had devised.

“Rachel!” Hayden shouted back, as the distraught and delusional girl next pulled a small silver key from her shoe, and bent down to unlock Will’s hand cuffs.

“Stop it, Hayden! I’m doing this cause I love him! We’ll be together for ever!”

Brook’s hands were placed in oven-mitts before being cuffed, as she sat next to her grandfather in his old pickup truck. The two had been driving for about thirty minutes, and the silence in the truck was awkward and unbearable.

Eventually, Brook spoke up, “What do you want from me?”

Rev. Lloyd Greene didn’t respond for a few seconds, then said in a monotone and somewhat calm voice, “To make a deal with yall”

“A deal?”

“Yes, a deal”

“What kind of deal?”

Lloyd smiled a wicked smile and made a left turn, leading to a road that led out of the city.

“A deal you can’t refuse”

“Stop beating around the bush! What deal are you trying to make!”

“At any given moment, I can call Hayden and have her ‘liberate’ you boyfriend and that little asian girl. Yall understand me don’t yah, Brook”


“Good. Now, I recon I don’t really have to kill them, but I will unless you commit to something”

“What!” Brook snapped back, feeling very frightened.

“You come back with me, back to Nevada, and we’ll start a new Farm, I already have people looking around for-”

“NO! no no no no! I will never be part of that sick, awful, terrible place!” Brook shouted, “You’re just going to kidnap more boys and torture”

“Ha!”, Lloyd cackled, “You’re loss”, he replied, reaching for his cell phone.

“NO!” Brook said, using her bound hands to try and knock the phone from him.

Lloyd laughed maniacally, then said, “Well then, Brook. My only living family member. Come back to Nevada with me. I have a new world to create, a new world to build, and I-”

“What are you talking about?”

“That’s for later, Brook, yall don’t need to concern yourself about such things”

“If I’m going with you, grandpa, I should be told about what-”

“Well then”, Lloyd said again, reaching for his cell.

“NO! I-I’ll go...”, Brook blurted out.

“Good. Yah know, Brook, I’m sure you’ll like what I’m planning, also, I didn’t want to have to kill my own kin again” The reverend said, before laughing maniacally.

“Rachel! You will stand down this minute!” Hayden yelled.

Things had taken a turn for the worse, and now Rachel stood and faced Hayden, starring angrily into her eyes.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” She shouted, “Don’t ever tell me what to do!”

“If you do not stop acting like this, I will simply have to tell the reverend-”

“Tell him! I’m leaving your little ‘cult’ or whatever, I got Will back and I don’t need you idiots anymore!” Rachel yelled.

While the two argued, Will had secretly taken the hand-cuff key from Rachel and had released Lynn from her restraints before untying her ankles and letting her stand next to him.

“Do we leave?” She whispered to him.

“I’m scared to”

“I think we might be able to if we play the Rachel card”

“Me too, I’ll try”, Will then walked up behind Rachel and put his arms around her, kissing her on the neck as he did.

“Will”, she blushed.

“I love you”, he said, motioning with his head for Lynn to leave.

“Rachel you dumb-ass! He’s using you to escape!”

“He would never do that! He loves me!” Rachel shouted, suddenly springing from Will’s embrace to get closer to Hayden.

“You idiot!” Hayden shouted, pushing Rachel aside to grab Will, pulling a small gun from her pocket and holding it up to his head.

“Will!” Lynn shouted from the exit of the room, unfortunately giving away her position.

“I wouldn’t move”, Hayden said to her, “I’ll blow his brains all over the floor!”

“Stop!” Rachel yelled, jumping at Hayden, tackling her to the ground, and wrestling her aimlessly for the gun.

The two fought for minutes, when Hayden pushed Rachel away and aimed the gun at Will.

“Time to die!” She said, angrily using both hands to aim as she began to pull the trigger.

“Stop!” Rachel shouted, jumping at Hayden, who pulled the trigger that moment, resulting in Rachel’s body making an unnatural twitch, as it hit the ground lifeless.

“You fucking idiot! How stupid can you be!” Hayden shouted, Kicking Rachel’s body.

“Oh shit”, Will swore, running to Rachel’s side, and flipping her over to see that she was still hanging on by a thread, “Rachel! Why did-”

“You saved my life once...I thought...I”, but Rachel stopped, and her body went limp.

“Rachel...”, Will said, laying her body on the ground, “I’m sorry, Rachel”

“Sorry? Why would you be sorry? She’s insane! She thought-”

“AH!” Lynn shouted, jumping on Hayden’s back.

Hayden growled, and grabbed Lynn’s arms, easily throwing the 5’3” girl on the ground. As Lynn hit the ground she made a groaning noise, yet sprang up quickly to lash back at Hayden. Nevertheless, before she could attack her, Will grabbed her by the collar of her shirt, and pulled her away, as he ran for the door.

Hayden tried to shoot them down, firing shot after shot at the two, yet missing each time.

“Dammit!” She swore, before sprinting to catch up to the escapees.

I KNOW!!! What a cocktease! The Grand Finale Part: 2 comes out in a few days...stay tuned for the ending of the ending.....

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