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my filipina wife mets my friends wife and is fucked
Enri's Initiation Part 1
Copyrite Aussie Greg

We picked up my Filipina future bride Enri Tanquezon at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne. There was myself, the Elephant Man and his 23 yr old wife Virley, Wozza (Warrick) and his 19 yr old wife Anecita (that is going by her passport which said she was18 when she came here, and it cost him USD1000 for each yr the official in the Philippines added to her age on the document, and it cost him 5000 - do your own maths) who in her one year stay in Australia had been undefeated in any club sex contest or fight, The Prez and one of his wife's "sisters" the 19 yr old Rizalina, and Walter "The Stud" with his wife and my favorite Filipina in the club the 43yr old Elena, Don't you just love those Filipina names: Anecita Galleon, Virley B Canangga, Rizalina L. Dionzon before they married

The Melbourne club had about 350 members, all with Filipina wives who they shared, or competed in Club events and fights. I was an honorary member because I did all the overseas money transfers, prepared the financial contracts so no member got burnt by a divorce by his Filipina wife, and the paperwork with the immigration department. The Prez was about 60, a wealthy plastic surgeon and the unofficial president and he could remember the good old days before the Australian Govt. passed the law that you couldn't marry a foreigner for 7 yrs after a divorce from a previous immigrant. He got around that by bringing them here as students to the school run by a Chinese immigrant Wu Xian where you paid your school fees and they were marked as present all year and given pass grades, or as sisters (Philippines Paperwork/bribery) of his wife and therefore entitled to immigrate. Being wealthy he had 7 Filipinas in his house: a house big enough to match his sex drive.

Barry or Baz "The Elephant man" was named for the size of his cock. In his case when he was fucking it was "I'm an animal not a man" not as the other way around in the film. Warrick or "Wozer" was my best mate from our days in kindergarten, while Walter was simply Walter. He was 52, a Govt. pen pusher, had lived with his mother till he married still a virgin (not just for sex but virgin as in dating) the Filipina Elena Canangga. He was thin and scrawny balding with long lank hair which he brushed from one ear to the other with a part in his hair just above the ear to try and cover his bald dome. You should see him walking on a windy day facing sideways trying to stop the stands being blown off away from his bald top. Yes, and he even thanked me for giving Elena a job as my secretary, which involved long hours working back and interstate trips. We called him "The Stud"

The girls gushed over just over the 5ft tall/short, long black haired, cute little Filipina faced and slim figured for her 22 years Enri, and we hustled her home where the girls helped dress her. A necessity as she came from a small village in the island of Bohol and was dressed in the height of fashion 15 yrs ago. I have to say that after changing and wearing dark stockings and high heels, a very short black skirt and a thin white camisole with narrow shoulder straps she looked good and fuckable

We went out to an Italian restaurant, there being no Philippines restaurant in Melbourne, perhaps a sign regarding their cooking, and the girls plied her with liquor. She whispered to me in that cute Filipina accent "Greg are these girls ok. They seem cheap and want me to show my body, the panties are so small and no bra and they look at me when I am naked getting dressed and they sit close and their bodies touch me".

"Things are different In Australia. It's normal. Don't take offence. Enjoy yourself and for what it's worth your body is the best here"

"You think so"?

"That's why I picked your outfit so they would know you are better"

Like all Filipinas being praised above another is like honey for the bee and she looked at her legs and stretched with pride her camisole to make visible her nipple size and shape

The meal ended with a very tipsy Enri semi sleeping in the car home as Anicita stroked her hair and Elena her legs as she lay across them in the back seat.

At home the party continued until Virley gave her yet another drink, saying, "Here you
are, there's lots more if you need it." Enri gulped it down and got her glass refilled immediately.

Virley turned to The Prez and said, "Enri looks really sexy tonight, doesn't she. Let's see how horny she is and whether she's feeling horny. Do you think she would like some cock fun with us?"

Even in her half drunken state, my future wife looked up in surprise, but it didn't actually register enough for her to say anything, and was too affected to resist when Anecita led her over to the sofa. It was a 2- seater and both of them sat down together with Elena standing behind and Anecita and Virily sitting at their feet .Anecita put her arm round my future wife's shoulder. She looked down at Enri's legs, and saw that the short skirt had ridden up almost to her stocking tops. As Enri tried to pull down the hem a bit, Anecita stopped her. "Just leave it alone, Enri," she said. "I love your outfit, and your legs are so lovely it's a shame to cover them up." Enri bowed her head shyly, until she felt Elena's hand under her chin jerking her face up.

"You want something tonight, don't you, Enri," she said. Enri was looking puzzled, her face blushing a little. "You're drunk and horny and you want some fun," went on Elena. "Well, that's what you're going to get. We have plans for your initiation."

I looked towards the sofa. Anecita had her arm round my future wife's shoulder, holding her tight.

"You know you're a slut, Enri, that's why Greg picked you," she laughed. Her hand was right between Enri's legs now, under her skirt. Enri's mouth opened but all she could manage was a low gasp. She was blushing hard, but Elena was holding her face up for all to see. Anecita laughed again.

"She's wearing stockings, mmmm, we like that! Nice bare thighs. Nalilibugan ako sa iyo (You're making me horny!)"

Elena twisted her hands into Enri's long black hair. "Tonight, Enri," she said. "your cunt arse and tits are anybody's. Do you understand? Whoever wants your kiki (cunt) can have it, and will do whatever they please with it. You understand? Is that clear enough, Enri?"

Rizalina squeezed onto the sofa, and my future wife seemed to be totally in a daze, not realizing that Rizalina had put her hand high up on her thigh. I watched her inching it upwards, ragging the skirt with her, until her fingers met the bare skin above Enri's stocking tops. Only now, with her skirt almost up to her hips and bare white flesh revealed for everyone to see, did Enri become aware of what she was doing. "No!" she gasped out, trying to cross her legs and push her hand away.

Anecita immediately gripped her arms, holding her still. Enri tried to struggle away, but Elena also held Enri's head and Rizalina managed to get her legs across his lap, and of course the little skirt went right up round her waist. Now we could see not just her stocking tops and suspender straps, but also her tiny black panties which were barely wider than her cunt lips.

Anecita quickly took her belt and pulled Enri's hands behind her back, wrapping the belt round her wrists. With her arms now behind her, Enri's firm little tits jutted out enticingly, and it was an amazing sight to see her being held down, helpless, her shapely legs slightly splayed apart, the dark stockings and suspender straps contrasting with the bare thigh flesh above the stocking tops. Her eyes were glazed slightly, and she was starting to sob. She had a terrified look on her face as she stared at Anecita. She was crying now, confused by the drink and the speed things had happened.

Rizalina and Elena stripped while Anecita held Enri and said "Let's see her tits."

Like a flash Elena was pulling Enri's unbrarred tits out of the camisole, and started fondling her firm 33c breasts.

"Let's see her arse now," said Rizalina the 19 yr old 5 ft, 85 pound, tattooed teenager with her hairless slim bodied body, augmented with her hard artificial silicone injected 38C breasts given to her by the Prez (he loved his women to have big tits) defying gravity by standing out like coconuts attached to her teenagers body. In fact all the Prez's women could have been tattooed clones from the bars and clubs he frequented in the Philippines. Immediately Enri was turned half round to expose her lovely round arse, the thin ribbon of her black thong almost invisible between her cheeks. She looked small and helpless and extremely vulnerable and fuckable as Rizalina ran her hands up and down the back of her thighs, clenching them sometimes round her exposed arse cheeks. I could see the middle aged, portly, short haired styled, round-faced, round bellied, thick thighed Elena's nipples getting hard, as she thought of how in just a few minutes they would be fucking and using Enri, and then watch everyone else fucking her too. Riz's hands hooked into the thong, and slowly she pulled the scrap of material down over Enri's knees. Now my future wife was almost naked, her skirt and top crumpled round her waist, tits, cunt and arse all bared.

Elena squeezed her tits looking at me and smiling as he did, and Enri gave out a loud squeal as Elena pulled roughly at her nipples. Almost immediately I saw the points start to stiffen up, and Enri was openly crying now, her round Filipina face blushing with shame as she tried to turn away. She knew she was helpless, she knew they could do anything they wanted to her. Rizalina had attached a strap-on and Enri could see her making the final adjustments at the side of the sofa. It looked enormous, a good seven inches of rigid prick jutting out from her hairless cunt. She pulled Enri's head round to face her, and pressed the huge knob against her lips.

"Take it in your mouth, Enri," she rasped out. "Suck it."

Enri tried to turn her face away but Elena gripped her by the hair and pulled her mouth against the menacing rubber prick. The cock was huge and Enri had to stretch her mouth wide open to even begin to close her lips around it.

Virley was taller than the others: longer legs, frizzy hair, different shaped face: perhaps the Spanish genes somewhere in her family lines coming out and she replaced Elena who nuzzled against me and started fondling my hard on

Then Anecita reappeared. She also was holding a large black strap-on dildo. Naked you could see her body was that of a young teenager, no pubic hair and with her nipples stiff at that puffy stage where areola and nipple together formed one dark erect cone. Her youthful looks deceived because as I have stated since she arrived no one had beaten her in a fight or any competition we organized at the club.

"We told you, Enri," she said. "Tonight your little cunt is for anybody who wants it."

My future wife caught sight of this even larger dildo and her eyes went wide with shock. "No!" she stammered, "please, no." But as she watched, Anecita strapped on the dildo.

It was pure black, about eight or nine inches long and an inch thick. Anecita pushed Rizalina aside and thrust the dildo against Enri's mouth.

"Suck this, slut," she ordered. "Make it wet before I fuck you with it."

Everyone laughed, except Enri. Slowly her lips parted and Anecita worked the dildo into her mouth, pushing and pulling it as if she was fucking Enri's mouth with it. At the same time she reached out and began to fondle my future wife's tits, twisting the nipples between her fingers. The points were already hard, standing out like little bullets as they were manipulated.

"Spread her legs," Anecita commanded, and Enri felt eager hands pulling her thighs apart. They bent her back over the arm of the sofa and held her down, legs spread well apart, as Anecita strapped on the dildo. And slowly, inch by inch, she fed the dildo into Enri's tight cunt. The sight of Enri taking that black rubber cock into her pussy was incredible. She was moaning loudly, making sobbing, crying noises.

And then Anecita began fucking her with it. Faster and faster her hips thrust to and fro, ramming the strap-on cock into my future wife's helpless cunt.

"I'm number 1 at the club, so I get first try of the new wives, and I love fucking. Women, men, animals, doesn't matter. Fighting just as good"

Each thrust made Enri gasp out, her tits shaking and her body jerking as Anecita screwed her relentlessly. Anecita herself was panting with the effort, building up to her own climax, her firm small young tits bouncing up and down as she fucked on and on. As she orgasmed, she collapsed forward, shaking and trembling, her hands clutching at Enri's tits.

Slowly she pulled herself back and the soaking dildo slid out of Enri's cunt. She looked down at Enri lying spread-eagled on the sofa and motioned to Rizalina. "She's ready for your cock now," she said, and Rizalina took her place between Enri's legs. She was still having to be held down, and watching the hands clawing at her stocking clad thighs to keep her skirt up round her waist and her legs wide open ready for Riz to start fucking her was so good, I had the stiffest, biggest hard on ever, helped by Elena's sucking.

Rizalina's white strap-on was wettened with Enri's juices as she pressed it between
Enri's wet cunt lips. The imitation knob started to disappear inside, then she slammed forward and Enri screamed out as the whole shaft penetrated her juicy cunt.

"God she's loose," Rizalina moaned. "You must have had have had many cocks in here... such a little slut like many cocks have screwed you Enri, how many times has this loose little cunt been fucked..."

She pulled back a little then drove the cock hard into her again.

"Tell me, cunt," she gasped. "How many cocks have shagged you!"

Her pace was getting faster, she was getting close to cumming.. I realized Enri was saying something, and managed to hear her whisper,

"Don't know, we very poor in the village. Aunt made me fuck old men for money. Since I was 12 I had had a lot of cocks, lot of fucks, maybe 40, 50 a day. When I 16 I stop, save myself for marriage"

Virley took hold of Rizalina's arm and told her to stop fucking Enri and lie back on the sofa. "Let's see the slut fucking you, Riz," she ordered. So Enri was then hoisted on top of Rizalina by the girls and lowered down breast to breast onto the massive dildo. As soon as the cock was inside her, she obediently began to ride up and down on it. Elena moved up behind her and pushed her forward so that her tits were dragging against Rizalina's tits. She gripped Enri by the hips, helping her slide up and down on Riz's dildo.

"Mmm, this arse belongs to me, Enri," she breathed excitedly.

Her hand snaked in between Enri's legs and began working on my future wife's clit, as she still moved up and down on Rizalina's strap-on. Elena was using both hands on her now, one rubbing her clit, the other probing between her arse cheeks. Enri was moaning as she continued to fuck Rizalina, and then to my delight I realized that she was starting to cum off. Her hips were jerking faster, even with her hands still tied, she was really riding her. Her head went back, her eyes tight shut. Her climax hit her hard and she was gasping, panting, almost screaming, as her body shook with its force.

Anecita still had the strap-on dildo jutting out from her crotch. It was glistening wet, and now the smiling Elena was guiding her strap-on between my future wife's legs from behind. Suddenly Enri also realized what was happening and tried to turn round. "NO! No!" she cried out, but it was too easy for the others to hold her there, her cunt impaled on Rizalina's dildo to the hilt, as Elena prodded her arse with her dildo. Suddenly it was entering her. Again Enri cried out, then Elena pushed forward. More and more of the dildo was inside. Anecita began to fuck her again, and each push moved Enri forward off Rizalina's dildo, before she was pulled back onto it again. I watched Enri getting sandwiched between the two of them, both dildos ploughing into her. Virley straddled Enri's face grabbed her hair forcing Enri's mouth against her cunt and then Enri was sucking it, her lips clamped round the wet love box as Anecita jolted Enri's head to and fro.

Both Elena and Rizalina were driving their dildos harder and harder into Enri, gasping out with the effort of fucking my future wife. Almost the whole length of Elena's strap-on was now penetrating Enri arse.

"You love this kind of fucking, don't you, Enri," Elena gasped. "You can't get enough cock, can you. You'll do everything we tell you now. Any time we want to fuck you, or get you fucked, anything we want, you belong to us now."

Enri had given up. She lay there with Rizalina driving her strap on up into her cunt and Elena driving hers into her arse, sandwiched between the two, legs spread open, her hands still tied with Aecia's belt. Her whole small slim body jerked each time they thrust into her. Valley's wide open cunt was fucking her face. All the time she was moaning and making little squealing sounds every time the two cocks rammed into her.

Suddenly a deep screech of pleasure hid Enri's moans. Virley had come and strongly Quickly Elena replaced her handing her strap on to Anecita and commenced fucking Enri's face with her cunt.while Anecita replaced Rizalina underneath Enri and Rizalina took over taking care of Enri's arse with her strap-on.

"Susuhin mo ako", - (Suck me), "Dilaan mo" - (lick it) "Gusto kitang kantutin all night"- (I want to fuck you) Elena screamed

As we had come to expect Elena orgasmed quickly loudly and strongly covering Enri with her fluids, as she regularly ejaculated heavily when she came. The roundabout continued so that Rizalina could also receive Enri's tongue

The little scenario with the four performing their roundabout lasted about twenty minutes causing Enri to cum again and again as they fucked her, and when they finished with her she lay slumped on the sofa, almost unconscious,

"Until you beat us in competition we can fuck you any time": Elena stated. "Now it's the men's turn".

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