Les is still hiking with Cheryl and Paula. Things are becoming tense between Cheryl and Les.
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Part VI

When I Was a Kid #19

I awoke at my usual time. The sun wasn’t up yet but some rays of light could be seen lighting the valley and the tops of the mountains as I emerged from the tent hoping I didn’t wake the girls. I needed to pee. I could smell bacon cooking. After relieving myself I made my way to the wrangler’s camp. He had bacon frying and a pot of coffee on. I struck up a conversation with him. He was a college student and was making some money working for the outfitter this summer.

I asked him to save some of the bacon drippings for me so I could use them to cook any fish I caught. I went back to the tent and got my dad’s collapsible fly-rod out of my pack and my homemade flies.

Paula stirred as I was about to leave again. She whispered, “What ya doin’?”

“Goin’ fishin’.”, I whispered back.

“Can I come?”, she asked.

“Sure!”, I replied.

She pulled her shorts on and slipped on her tennis shoes. She grabbed a tampon packet out of her box and pointed it at me with a grin on her face. I grinned ear-to-ear back.

We walked into the brush not far. She looked around and dropped her shorts to her ankles. She pulled her panties down and squatted. I pointed the flashlight at her pussy as she started to pee. She peed a lot. I noticed a little spot of blood in her yellow cotton panties. As she finished peeing she pulled a couple wads of tissue out of her shorts pockets. She used a small amount to wipe herself then pulled her string drawing the tampon out of her. The tampon was soaked with very dark, almost brown blood. Even the string had some on it. She wadded the tampon up in some tissue and got out the new tampon. She stood and bowing her legs inserted the tampon. She pulled up her panties but before she could retrieve her shorts I cupped her pussy with my left hand. We kissed and as we broke she said, “Few more days and we can screw. This time without a condom.”

My dick twitched at the mention of that. She bent over to get her shorts and I rubbed her smooth but ample ass. She said, “I think we may have created a monster.”, and she pushed my hand out of her shorts. She pulled a small paper bag out of her hip pocket and put all the residue in it.

We walked to the stream, I tied on a fly that I had made that looked like a Royal Coachman, and started to fish. I got a couple of bites but missed setting the hook.

As I waded north in the stream I noticed some beaver ponds to the left. Paula was following along watching me work the line. I wondered over to the beaver ponds and I could see “brookies” swimming in the clear water.

The “brookies” must have been hungry. Almost every cast I caught a fish about 6-8 inches long. I asked Paula if she knew how to clean them. She said, “Yes.”

As I brought the third fish up and threw it in the grass next to her I handed her my pocket knife and said, “Don’t cut yourself.”

She flipped me the bird and started cleaning the fish. Right after that I caught a real good one. About 12 inches long and it fought real well! The next one was too small.

I told her, “Flip me the bird again!” She did and the next one was about 10 inches. “Hey that works!” We both laughed. My luck didn’t hold and I quit at 12 fish.

She said, “How we gonna carry them back to camp?”

I said, “Hold up your hands.” I put a fish on each finger through its gills to the mouth. She looked at me with exasperation.

“What are you going to carry?”, she asked.

I reached down and picked up her little paper sack holding like it was contaminated. “This!”

She made a gesture like she was going to hit me with the fish. We made our way back to our camp stopping by the wrangler’s camp to get the bacon grease. I gave him the two fish I was carrying.

I introduced him to Paula and he said, “I’d shake your hand but it looks like you got your hands full. He-he!”

She just smiled and glared at me.

When we got back to the tent everybody was up. Cheryl wasn’t there but had checked-out with Phyllis to go potty.

David got the fire going and I went to collect the breakfast rations and came away with biscuit mix, cornmeal bread mix and blueberry pancake mix. The wrangler gave me some syrup. I made out like a bandit.

We feasted on fish, biscuits, and pancakes. Everybody was impressed with my cooking. We really enjoyed it.

Cheryl and Paula sat with me. Cheryl on my right, Paula on my left.

Miss Miller showed up as we started doing the dishes. She said, “As soon as the group leaves for the Yellowstone River you can have about an hour to bathe in the stream about a quarter mile downstream.”

Cheryl, Paula, and Phyllis got real happy. The dishes were done quick and none too soon because the hikers moved out right then.

The girls scurried into the tent and changed into their swimming suits. David and I waited outside then went in as they came out.

Paula came out in a red two piece that looked like a bandana. Cheryl’s was a lime green and yellow two piece. Phyllis had a black one piece but was cut real close and didn’t leave much to the imagination. Today we would say she had a “camel toe”. My gosh she looked nice!

We all headed down to the stream and found the area that Miss Miller told us about. We past Miss Miller and Mr. Johnston on the way and they stood guard.

The stream made a little cove with high brush on three sides. The water was only about three feet deep. We put our shoes, towels, soap, and shampoos on a grassy patch and waded in. The water felt cool at first and the girls’ nipples were sticking out hard.

Phyllis lay down in the water and got herself wet all over then went back to the bank and took her suit off and hung it over a bush. Her pale skin, pink nipples and dark pubic hair was a sight to behold.

David and I were both hard watching the girls frolic in the stream. David crouched down in the water and took his trunks off and tossed them at the bush that Phyllis had hung her suit in.

I thought that was a good idea and did the same. I had my soap in my hand and snuck up behind Paula and put the bar down the back of her bottoms. Paula started tussling with me and Cheryl jumped on my back. I did a wrestling move on Cheryl and quickly switched positions with her on all fours. I tugged her bottoms down temporarily disabling her. I dove under Paula and grabbed her crotch.

The soap bar had migrated to her crotch and I ground the slippery hard bar into her pussy. She became wide-eyed at the pleasure.

Cheryl jumped back into the fray and I felt her naked pubis on my lower back and buttocks.

Paula grabbed my rock hard cock and was stroking me in time with my rubbing of her snatch. I reached both hands into Paula’s bottoms pulling them down and grabbing the soap. I stuck the slippery bar into her top and used my slippery hand on her ass and pussy.

Cheryl took the soap out of Paula’s top and started soaping my back and chest. She moved her hands lower over my butt.

I gathered suds off my chest and used them on Paula’s chest pushing her top up off her breasts. My left hand was in Paula’s butt crack with my middle finger probing her asshole. My right hand roamed over her breasts tugging and pulling on her nipples gently.

Cheryl grabbed my dick also and shoved a finger up my ass. Now I knew how it felt. Holy crap I was near to exploding and Paula was close to cumming also. I thought the only way out of this was to make Paula cum first.

I moved my right hand into Paula’s crotch and inserted my middle finger into her against her tampon rubbing my thumb over her clit. She gasped in the throes of her orgasm and collapsed to her knees in the water dislodging my fingers.

I then turned my attentions to Cheryl who had me on the brink. My soap was floating nearby so I grabbed it. I was too late with my efforts as my cum erupted from my dick making a little white fountain just above the water and splashing down into the stream. Cheryl’s grip was firm and I could tell she was enjoying making me weak with her ministrations.

Paula had weakly waded to the shore shedding her top and bottom and collecting her shampoo.

Cheryl released my wilting cock and I turned to her dislodging her fingers from my ass. “You’ve been a very bad girl.”, I said.

“Turnabout is fair play.”, was her retort.

“I have never cum that hard!”, I said with a grin. I was running soap gently over her chest and back. “Remember the first time I did this?”

“Em humm.”, she sighed as her eyes closed. She reveled at my touch. My hands soothed her skin and I moved my hands simultaneously over her belly and lower back. She seemed to welcome my hands as they grazed over her Mons and butt cheeks. I returned the favor by running my fingers through both her cracks slipping them both into their respective holes. I wanted to save making her cum so I washed on down her legs.

Paula handed her the Prell shampoo and we got on our knees. I wetted her hair and she applied the shampoo. I liked running my fingers through her beautiful auburn hair that glistened in the sunshine. Her olive colored skin shined and her beautiful eyes and face completed the picture of beauty. I was in complete reverie of this girl.

We rinsed her hair in the stream and as she had her eyes closed and face wet I kissed her soft lips holding her face in my hands. My hands moved down her neck to her shoulders. I ran my hands across the smooth skin of her breast and cupped her apple sized tits in my hands eliciting a moan from her. I ran my left hand across her ribs on her right side to her back. My right hand soothed her breasts and moved down over her tight belly. Her eyes popped wide open when I grasped her Mons and slid a finger into her slit. Her eyes fluttered shut again as I started to stroke her clit and slide my finger into her vagina. She was purring like a kitten and had her arms around my neck.

I slid my left hand over her butt cupping her butt cheeks in turn. I ran my fingers up and down her butt crack and she was biting her lower lip. She was getting close to her orgasm. She buried her face into my right shoulder and lightly bit down on my neck muscle. I timed my move just right and jammed my middle fingers into her ass and vagina at the same time and she came hard.

Paula shrieked at me, “Stop that Les!”

Cheryl and I looked wide-eyed at Paula as she leaped up out of the water about six feet away holding her crotch.

“What’d we do?”, said Cheryl.

Paula looked at us and realized that I couldn’t have done anything to her. She said, “Oh crap! Something just……….bit me!”

It wasn’t funny but Cheryl and I started laughing. We had both seen the string hanging out of Paula’s pussy.

“I’ll bet a fish thought that was a worm.”, I said pointing at the string.

Paula was trying to examine herself for damage. “I think it’s time we got out.”, she said.

“Let me do that!”, I said.

Cheryl whapped me on the head playfully. “No! We need to get out. I’m getting all wrinkly.”, said Cheryl.

We waded to shore, dried off, and put our swimming suits back on. We then noticed that Phyllis and David were gone.


When I Was a Kid #20

All three of us went into the tent and found Phyllis and David cuddling on the far end of the tent. The smell of sex was heavy.

“Hope we didn’t interrupt anything.”, I said.

“Nah, we’re just warming up from the cool water.”, David said.

“David, why don’t you and I wait outside while the ladies get dressed?”, I said.

David grabbed his trunks from a small pile that included Phyllis’ one piece. He put them on in the sleeping bag.

As the girls changed David and I gathered wood for the noon meal. Paula and Phyllis emerged from the tent. Phyllis had David’s pants and a shirt.

“Cheryl wants to see you Les.”, said Paula.

“What’s up?”, I asked.

“Nothing…..right now!”, said Paula eyeing my package in my trunks.

I gave her a questioning look and headed into the tent. Cheryl was in our sleeping bags with the covers pulled up to her neck. “What’s wrong?”, I asked.

“You have some unfinished business to take care of is all.”, she said. “Take off your swimming suit and get in here with me.”, she said pulling back the covers.

She was naked under the covers. “What about the others? What if they come in?”, I asked.

“They won’t. It’s all been taken care of. Besides, they’ve seen us doin’ it before.”, she replied.

I skinned off my swimming trunks and slid in next to her. She felt warm next to my cool skin. She rolled up on top of me; lay with her head on my chest and her belly covering my cock. Her legs were spread alongside mine. I folded my arms over her back and held her close.

She sighed, “This is nice! I could stay here all day.”

“Yeah, but we wouldn’t get that business finished.”, I said. “We only have one condom left too.”

“Wrong. You only have one left. I’ve got three.”, she said with a smirk.

“What? How?”, I said.

“My mom gave them to me because she knew the pill doesn’t take effect for a week.”, she said.

“Uhm…speaking of…did you take your pill this mornin’?”, I asked.

“Yes dear!”, she said sarcastically.

I was running my fingers through her silky hair. I put my hands under her arms and lifted her dragging her up my chest so I could kiss her. We began kissing passionately slipping out tongues into each other’s mouths.

I rolled over on top of her kissing her neck and shoulders. She must have put on some perfume before I came in because she smelled wonderful. I held her arms out to the sides as I began kissing across her chest. She started to squirm when I began to kiss and suck her breasts. I tongued her nipples then sucked them into my mouth.

I slowly moved over her ribcage to her stomach. The scent of her perfume mingled with her musk. I was intoxicated. I tongued her belly button causing her to giggle.

I let her arms go and put my hands on her sides just below her ribs. I lightly kissed the mound of her pubis and the dark sparse pubic hair that lay flat against her skin.

I watched her eyes as I ran my arms under her thighs spreading her treasure open for me. Now the scent of her musk was pervasive. I savored her taste and to this day I can close my eyes and taste her. She began to hump up to my mouth when I would suck and lick her clit. She shivered with ecstasy as her orgasm hit.

“Man I love that!”, she said.

I got my last condom out of my pack. She watched as I took it out of the packet then she said, “Let me.” I handed it to her and she sat up. She then had me lie down for her. She grasped my rod with cool hands, rolled the condom down slowly and gently, and then straddled me.

She placed her hands on my chest and worked her very wet pussy over my stomach and pubic area. Her eyes rolled back and she got a sweet smile on her face. She reached down and guided my shaft to her opening. Taking it slow and easy she slid her velvet gloved love tunnel over my raging manhood. My hands came up to caress her breasts and roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

“What is it with you and my tits?”, she exclaimed.

“Ummm…I like them.”, I said.

“They’re not very big! Paula’s are bigger!”, she said.

“I know but I like these.”, I said as I ran my palms over her smooth skin tracing the contours of her apple sized breasts. When I say apple sized, I mean that if you take an apple, cut it in half, and lay it flat side down, that is how big her tits are.

Paula had large orange sized breasts. Again, if the orange was cut in half. That’s all I had to use as a gage.

“Ummm…that feels nice.”, she said. “Your hands are warm.” She clinched her pussy muscles squeezing my shaft. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Rising slowly she began to scrub her pubic area on mine. Rocking back and forth she became intent on her own pleasure. Her eyes closed, she pursed her lips, and her pussy oozed moisture.

For some reason my senses were dulled. Perhaps it was the adventure in the stream. I don’t know what it was. I was hard. I was inside Cheryl’s very juicy very tight vagina but I wasn’t feeling the excitement. She was using me to make herself cum. Her breathing became raspy, her nostrils flared, and her pace quickened. She couldn’t sit up straight in the confines of the tent so she leaned forward on my chest. Her vaginal muscles grasped me tightly and she shuddered through an orgasm.

Her eyes caught mine when they fluttered open. She slowed down her grinding on me like a runner slows down from a sprint. “Unh God!”, she gasped as her vaginal muscles continued to spasm and took a gulp of air.

I reached up and pulled her to me hugging her tight. I rolled us over with her on the bottom. I drove my cock into her hard. I rose up slightly and looked down at our sweaty bodies. I pulled out to the tip of my cock and drove back in forcefully. She grunted and looked at me with surprise.

I slipped my arms under her knees and pulled her legs up to her chest tilting her pelvis to me. I drove into her repeatedly. Sweat was dripping off my face landing on her chest. I used the sweat to wet my fingers and roughly attacked her nipples. I was in a frenzy pounding her twat. All I could hear was the slurping of her cunt.

She hadn’t really recovered from her first orgasm and was in the throes of another. She was gasping for air and having spasms that racked her whole body.

I pulled out of her and commanded, “Get on your hands and knees!” When she complied I pushed her legs apart. I pushed down between her shoulder blades with my left hand and guided my cock with my right. I slipped in easily and she cooed. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me but I had to hunch over to keep my head out of the top of the tent. I was becoming frustrated.

I think she noticed my frustration and said, “What’s wrong Les? What do you want?”

“I don’t know!”, I said curtly. “I want to play with your ass!”

“Oh! Well you can’t put it in my ass!”, she barked back.

“I know.”, I said gently pulling out and sitting next to her.

She turned to me and kissing me on the cheek said, “Lie back.” She grasped my cock and removed the condom. She kissed me sweetly on the lips then moved down to my groin still holding my semi-hard cock in her left hand she began to lick, stroke and suck.

“You don’t have to do that you know.”, I said.

She popped my cock out of her mouth and said, “I know, I want to.”

“Emmmm!”, I said as she slid me back into her mouth.

She was off to the side of me slightly on her knees. I reached out with my left hand and ran it gently over her butt cheeks. She moaned on my dick sending electric shocks through my body. I smoothly ran down the outside of her left hip then came up the inside of her left thigh with the back of my knuckles and put my thumb directly on her juicy slit. She moaned again sending shocks through my penis to my whole body.

I closed my palm on the inside of her right thigh and added some thumb pressure to her slit entering her love tunnel slightly. She tilted her hips to meet my thumb moaning on my phallus. I rolled my head back and closed my eyes. My testicles were tightening and my fully erect cock was expanding.

Cheryl kept at her licking, stroking and sucking as I ran my left hand down the inside of her right thigh and back up putting my thumb back into her slit. Again she moaned.

I push/pulled her right thigh wanting her to straddle my chest. She took the hint and without losing suction straddled my chest.

My left thumb took its place in her slit and I quickly found her love button with it. I brought my right hand up and cupped her right butt cheek. I gently rubbed back and forth across her clit with my left thumb keeping it well lubed with her juices. Her little brown eye winked at me and that gave me an idea. While my left thumb was on her clit I brought my right one into her love channel to lube it. She flinched and moaned on my dick. I didn’t know if I was going to last much longer.

With my wetted right thumb I traced a line from her pussy to her asshole riming it and back down. She went “Um uh” and shook her head no when I did that. I attacked her clit with my left thumb and she sucked in a breath her little asshole winking at me. Right thumb to her ass, left to her clit. Wink, wink, clit, and ass. Wink then she gasped for air. I was close to cumming. She was moving her mouth up and down my shaft. Clit, ass, then wink. I worked her into a frenzy. My toes were curling and I was getting cramps in my calves.

I pushed up with my pelvis, she fell back slightly, and my left thumb dove into her cunt, my right into her ass all the way. She tried to scream but my first gush of cum caught her in the back of her throat. She coughed but started sucking and swallowing. My eyes were watering. “Oh gaaa! That was good!”, I said laying my head back pulling my thumbs from their holes.

She continued to stroke me with her left hand milking the last of my jism from me and she fondled my nuts with her right hand. I finally felt her mouth leave my now flaccid prick and she turned around on me. She had this devilish look on her face.

She slid over my sweaty chest with hers, her tight nipples tickling my ribs on her way up. She nuzzled my neck and I reached down with both hands and cupped her sweaty face. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her lips. My tongue tasted myself on her lips. I parted her lips with my tongue and her tongue darted into my mouth. She had held a wad of my cum in her mouth then she unleashed it into mine. I tried to spit it out but she covered my mouth with hers. I was forced to swallow.

She rose up giggling, “That’s what ya get for messing with my ass!”

Hell, I couldn’t be mad. I pulled her back to me and we cuddled.

When I Was a Kid #21

“Are you going to be in there all day?”, came Paula’s voice from just outside the tent.

“Noooo!”, said Cheryl.

Paula stuck her head in, “Whoowee, what have you two been doing? This place stinks!”

“Nothing ma’am.”, said Cheryl trying to act innocent.

We all laughed at that.

“Go take a bath. You both stink.”, said Paula. “Lunch is ready.”

Cheryl and I couldn’t stop giggling. Paula was acting like a mama and laughing at us. She picked up the empty condom, “What happened here?”

Cheryl patted her tummy and licked her lips. “Ewww!”, said Paula. Then Cheryl patted my tummy and pointed to her mouth and then mine. I rolled my eyes and Cheryl and Paula burst out laughing. Paula was laughing so hard she was rolling around and kicked the pole down that held up the center of both tents. She squealed when the tent came down and that set off another round of laughter.

Paula sat up and held the tent off Cheryl and me and we put our swimming suits back on. Cheryl and I crawled out of the mess and headed to the creek holding hands. We washed up quickly and went back to our camp.

All of our stuff was lying out. Sleeping bags hung in the trees. The tent was back up with the flaps open to air it out. Cheryl and I pulled our towels out of the bushes and dried off.

We ate lunch with a lot of laughter.

“What do we do for the rest of the day?”, I asked.

David said, “Swimming?”

“Yeah, swimming!”, said Phyllis and Cheryl. Paula didn’t respond. She looked like she wasn’t feeling well.

“You all go on.”, I said. “I’ll do the dishes and catch up in a few minutes.”

They scurried off and I turned to Paula. “You alright?”, I asked.

She looked at me with sad eyes, “Yeah, I’ve just got cramps real bad.”

“Anything I can do to help?”, I asked.

“You got any aspirin?”, she said.

“Just Bufferin. Will that work?”, I said.

“Yeah sure!”, she said.

I got into my backpack and pulled out my small bottle of Bufferin and handed it to her. I took her cup and poured some water into it. “Thanks.”, she said.

“Why don’t you lay down in the shade for a while? Maybe take a nap?”, I asked.

“OK.”, she said.

I pulled our sleeping bags out of the trees and laid them under our tent. “Here.”, I said.

“You’re sweet.”, she said crawling onto the sleeping bags. She lay down on her back with her knees up.

“I’ll be right here if you need me.”, I said and I started washing the dishes in the hot water from our fire. I finished in about ten minutes and dried my hands on a towel.

I crawled under the tent next to Paula. Her eyes fluttered open. “Feeling Better?”, I asked.

“Not much.”, she said.

“Where does it hurt?”, I asked.

She ran her hand across the top of her shorts. I took my hand still warm from the dishwater and placed it on top of her shorts. I gently rubbed back and forth a couple of times. I undid the button of her shorts and pulled the zipper down and just folded open her shorts. I placed my hand back on her tummy and lightly rubbed.

“Ummm, your hands are warm.”, she sighed.

“Just relax now. Close your eyes. Try to sleep.”, I was speaking softly. I continued to gently rub her belly and she lowered her knees. My warm hand soothed over her bare tummy and the top of her panties. She became very relaxed and I heard her breathing slow. I continued to rub then I heard her snore a little. I looked at her face and then very softly kissed her lips. “I love you.”, I whispered.

When I Was a Kid #22

I very quietly slipped out of the tent. I grabbed my towel and headed to the creek with a skip in my step and a warm place in my heart.

“Where’s Paula?”, everybody asked.

“She’s not feeling well.”, I said. “She’s gonna take a short nap.

The four of us just fooled around for a while. The creek wasn’t really deep enough to swim so we pranced around and splashed each other. It was a lot of fun.

We soon tired of that and we got out. While we were drying off the hikers returned. There was a bunch of commotion in the camp and I feared they would wake up Paula.

We returned to our small camp to find Paula still sleeping. She had rolled to her side and pulled her knees up into the fetal position.

“She has cramps.”, Cheryl said.

“How’d you know?”, I said.

“’Cause I’m a girl!”, she said.

“She take anything for it?”, asked Phyllis.

“I gave her some Bufferin.”, I replied.

“That’s good.”, said Phyllis.

Paula began to stir. I crawled into the tent next to her. She rolled to her back bringing her knees up. I put my cool hand on her tummy. She clasped her hands to mine and closed her eyes again. She whispered, “I love you too.”

“You feeling better?”, I asked.

“Umm huh.”, she responded.

“What you said a minute ago, did you mean it?”, I asked.

“Umm huh.”, she said. “You love Cheryl too, don’t ya?”

“Yes, of course!”, I said. “It’s just different somehow.”

“Umm huh.”, she said. “I know now. I feel bad about how I acted last time you told me. I thought I had got between you and Cheryl.”

“Not to worry! You hungry?”, I asked.

“Umm huh.”, she said lazily.

“Well do up your shorts and I’ll help you up.”, I said cheerfully.

“Humm, when did that happen?”, she asked.

“I did it when I was rubbing your tummy.”, I said.

“Naughty boy!”, she giggled.

“Just wait ‘til your period ends if you think I’m naughty now!”, I chuckled.

We crawled out of the tent and I helped her stand. We sat around the fire pit and made “Some-mores”. Cheryl had six Hershey bars, Paula had a box of graham crackers, and Phyllis had a bag of marshmallows. These girls came prepared!

Everyone wanted fish for supper so I gathered my stuff and asked if anybody wanted to go with me. Paula volunteered.

I went straight to the beaver ponds. I had to wade through the marshy area the ponds created but I found a spot the fish couldn’t see me and started casting away. It was pretty slow at first but I changed to a bumblebee like wet fly and got three fish right away all about eight to ten inches. I changed flies a couple more times but ended up with only eight fish but two were over twelve inches.

Paula did a good job cleaning the fish but she made me carry them this time. She carried my fishing pole and stuff. She kept goosing me with my fishing rod as we walked back to camp. We dined on fish and blue berry nut bread that Cheryl had fixed. Phyllis and David found some wild raspberries and some blackberries. I smashed up a few of the berries and stuffed them in the cavity of one of the larger fish and poached it. It turned out pretty darn good if I have to say so myself.

After dinner we cleaned up and went to the campfire meeting. We sang a few songs and then went back to our tents to get some rest because we had two days of hiking to get back to the base camp.

I gave Paula some more Bufferin and she went to change her tampon. I said I was going to the latrine and headed in the opposite direction. I circled around and found Paula just as she was pulling down her shorts. “Can I help you with that?”

“Crap! You scared the shit out of me!”, she said.

“Where? I don’t see any.”, I chuckled. She flipped me the bird. “Can I pull your string?”

“I suppose! Here.”, she said and handed me some toilet paper. “Just pull it down and out. Don’t yank it!”

She stood with her legs apart and bent her knees slightly. I held my flashlight and the toilet paper in my left hand and grasped the string and pulled it down and out. “This is so cool! Why is the blood so dark?”

“Well, it’s old blood from inside my womb. It’s just being sloughed off.”, she explained.

She was about to put in a new one when I said, “Can I do that?”

“Here!”, she said. “Just don’t push the plunger until I tell you.”

I took the applicator in my two fingers and tried to hit her hole. She took hold of my hand and guided me. “Ungh! OK, push the plunger….now make sure the string is loose and pull the applicator out leaving the string behind.”

“That’s so cool!”, I said.

“I’ve got to pee now.”, she said. She squatted right there and peed.

“This trip has been more educational than I expected.”, I proclaimed. I wrapped the tampon in the toilet paper and handed it to Paula. She put it in a small paper sack she had in her hip pocket.

We headed back to our tent together. “Aren’t you afraid that Cheryl will find out that you helped me with my tampon?”, Paula asked.

“Nobody owns me!”, I replied. “We aren’t married. I love you both but don’t try to tie me down. I’m not even sure I know what love is. I just know that I have very strong feelings for you and Cheryl.”

“Cheryl very much wants you to be her boyfriend.”, said Paula. “I think she wants to control who you go with.”

“I’m afraid I’ll disappoint her then.”, I said. “We are too young to be committed to just one person. You said it yourself; we just want to have fun.”

We arrived back at the tent and we stopped. I turned to Paula and looked at her. I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips and pulled back. Paula looked wide-eyed at me then put her arms around my neck and pulled my head to hers. She kissed me passionately and for a minute we tongued each other’s mouths. We broke the kiss and we entered the tent.

Cheryl was laying on her stomach to the left. She had a small tank-top undershirt on with light blue panties. Her legs were slightly parted and I thought I detected a small damp spot in the gusset. Paula got settled to the right, removed her shorts and laid down on her right side. I settled between the girls and pulled my pants and sweatshirt off.

I rolled to my left to face Paula. I flicked the flashlight off and kissed Paula placing my right hand on her left hip pulling her to me.

“Don’t I get a goodnight kiss?”, came Cheryl’s voice.

“Yeah sure, I just thought you were already asleep.”, I said. I rolled over and found Cheryl in the darkness. My left hand found her right hip. Her panties were gone. I ran my hand up her smooth skin to her back. Her undershirt was missing too. When did this happen? I pulled her to me. I reveled in the feel of her small pert breasts on my chest. I kissed her passionately pulling her in tight to me.

I felt hands on my hips. I felt a hand on my buttocks pushing, pulling, and squeezing. Paula moved in tight behind me. Her soft warm BARE breasts on my bare back. She was nuzzling my neck and kissing the back of my head, nibbling on my ears. She blew warm air from her nose on my neck and shoulders. I was being tickled and teased from both sides.

My flag staff was rising quickly. Cheryl was grinding her pubis into mine. I could feel Paula’s Mons in my butt crack. Someone’s hands began tugging my briefs down. I lifted my right hip up to accommodate them. My flag staff was caught in the waistband. It was pulled painfully downward until being released suddenly to spring up and slap Cheryl in her slippery labia.

Paula’s body momentarily left mine and I felt her remove my briefs completely. She then got back behind me and pushed her naked Mons firmly into my butt. She reached over behind Cheryl and pulled her butt to us grinding our pubic bones together. Both girls were squeezing me between them and the way Cheryl was moving it was like she was trying to get me inside her. Paula was rubbing her prickly bush on my butt and they were driving me crazy with lust.

I felt my rod slip into Cheryl’s vagina but I couldn’t get much penetration because of the angle. I was desperately trying to get more penetration. The sensations on the tip of my cock were pushing me to the edge quickly.

Paula nuzzled my neck then whispered in my ear, “Save your cum for me.”

Cheryl, in a slightly louder whisper said, “Paula can have your cum but your prick belongs to me!”

My mind was in a whirl. I wasn’t thinking clearly. What guy could?

Cheryl was working her hips back and forth, up and down. The tip of my dick was slipping in and out of her tight canal. Her tongue was dancing with mine.

Paula was nuzzling and kissing my neck. It was as if the girls were working me over as a team. They seemed to be reading each other’s thoughts. I was doomed!

I felt the first twinges of cumming so I rolled away from Cheryl not knowing what Paula had in mind.

Cheryl said, “Now Paula, do it now!”

I felt a hand on my dick then the warm sucking of somebody’s mouth. I began to cum. It was an intense feeling but not forceful. No geyser of jism, just a strong steady flow. My ears were ringing, I tingled all over.

A small flashlight came on. When my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Cheryl holding the small penlight and Paula with half my cock in her mouth with a strange look on her face.

“Is he done? Is he done?”, said Cheryl. Paula shrugged her shoulders.

I said, “Yeah, I’m done.”

“Swallow Paula swallow!”, came Cheryl. Paula shook her head no with her lips still tight around my dick. “Just swallow it! Damn!”

Paula glanced up at me. I moved my head slowly from side to side. If she didn’t want to swallow that was up to her. She pulled up off of my dwindling prick trying not to lose any of it but a large drop fell from her lips to my stomach. She looked like a chipmunk with its cheeks full of seeds. She grabbed a towel that was to her right and spit into it. “Damn girl. If I’d known you were going to do that, I’d have jumped on it.”, came Cheryl’s remark.

Paula wiped the cum off my stomach. That’s when I noticed it was my towel. I held my arms up to Paula and she crawled on top of me. I hugged her tight and Cheryl flicked off her light. “Just remember your prick belongs to me.”

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Damn that sexy.

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2013-04-24 15:28:51
October 2, 2011This is a really great waurmp, It really gets your muscles pumped but doesn't tire out your legs leaving you with lots of energy for your performance. I used to think that it was necessary to do long/held stretches before performing but recently I have learned that this is absolutely no good. Best thing is to get yourself nice and warm using dynamic stretches just like Paula is showing I am so happy to see dancers taking warm ups and cools downs a lot more seriously, it really is the most important thing for the quality and longevity of your dancing! Can't wait for the rest of Paula's videos to come online!

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I'm glad I found this one. I'd read all the others. Keep it going. There are so many possibilities. Phyllis could make a mistake when she decides to let David have her without a condom. When she comes into the tent, she climbs onto Les, not realizing her mistake until he's buried two or three inches deeper in her than David had gone and gets so turned on that she's not able to stop herself from fucking his brains out. She's forgotten that he's not wearing a condom and takes his full load at her cervix.


2011-05-07 07:24:41
Simply an outstanding series with a nice pace, good spacing, and great character development. I am really looking forward to reading many more stories. - THX


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