An Anthropoligist goes native
Tribal Maiden by Saul

It had taken long months of study to get to this point but finally Amanda was allowed to see the secret ritual of the previously unknown tribe. Their language was difficult and tongue twisting, but she finally had made enough progress to think that she understood most of what was being said. Her University grant only lasted a few more weeks and then she would have to go back and write her paper. Her grant was minimal and so she had no back up, no support, she was doing this study all on her own. Her supervisor was elderly, busy and slightly patronising about a woman being an anthropologist.
This evening's celebration was the summer solstice which held great importance in the tribe's affairs. Tonight was the night that their God came to visit, she thought the translation of the name was Star Man. She thought the word sacrifice was also being spoken, but she was not confident with her translation to be sure. Amanda knew that one of the aims was for as many of the girls in the tribe to get with child as a devotion to their God. The tribe had been uncontaminated by the modern world, keeping their traditions secret and being untouched by Christianity. Their belief in a God from the Stars who inhabited a cave was anthropologically interesting.
She was sitting on a log near the back of the circle while noting the preparations being made at the front of the temple. The temple was a natural cut in the rock face. The gap was narrow and she had never been allowed in there, so could only guess how deep the cave went.

The young girls of the tribe who were in the middle of their fertile stage of their menstrual cycle were dancing round the fire and the young warriors were watching in eager anticipation. The girls were nearly naked, bare breasts bounced and sweat trickled down their dark skinned bodies. There were groups of young people, one girl to four boys.
An old woman brought her a fruit drink that she downed eagerly as the heat of the night was stifling. Her mini video recorder set up behind her was catching all the action, so she took a few minutes to get comfortable, it was going to be a long night.
The dancing girls jiggled and swayed to the pounding drums while moving in circles around the fire. She didn't notice the old woman behind her point the mini recorder down to the ground as she passed by. Another cup of the sweet fruit juice was given to her and she eagerly drank deeply of the intoxicating liquor that was starting to give her a bit of a buzz.
The pounding beat of the drums started to affect her body and she could feel erotic excitement watching the young girls dance for the young men who were gathered near the entrance to the temple.
The feeling of disconnectedness grew inside her as she watched each of the dancing girls being surrounded by four males. The girls were lifted aloft by three of the young men and the fourth ripped off the loin cloth of the girls. As one, all the men in front of the girls plunged their erect cocks into the girls in a co-ordinated movement to the beat of the drums. Each thrust of the males was to the beat that increased in speed. The girls moaned and panted and then thrashed in erotic climax as they were pleasured by the youths. The men swapped around and a new male took his turn at the young girls who eagerly encouraged a deeper and faster pace.
The huddled groups thrust and groaned around the camp fire and she watched them. Amanda grew even more excited as she watched the young maidens have climax after climax. The final huddle collapsed to the ground and the young women were guided to their huts by the older woman of the tribe to join the rest of the young girls who were not at the right stage to get pregnant.

Amanda was surprised when a group of women surrounded her and lifted her to her feet. She was guided into the temple's entrance. Torches lit the large interior cave which held an Alter on one side and a larger than life male statue.
It was naked and anatomically correct, almost human but not, slight differences but enough to shout alien. It was handsome, athletic and could have been from any art gallery if hadn't been for the huge rampant cock. It was leaning back, slightly on a slant. Shiny patches showed that many people over the centuries had lain on what she now realized was the Star Man.
She was guided over to the figure, was disrobed and given more fruit juice to drink. Her body was oiled, her pubic bush was given extra attention and oiled fingers dipped into her pussy. The shaman of the tribe mumbled prayers in front of the statue as Amanda was prepared by the matrons of the tribe.
The buzz in her head felt a lot like being totally stoned. Her legs could no longer hold her up as her head flopped back in languid pleasure. She could not speak, she could only make sounds, none of which could make them understand she didn't want this.
She was lifted up and gently placed on the statue with her vagina entrance snuggled onto the tip of the cock of the statue. Her legs were placed on the huge statue, which was so wide her legs didn't come close to the edges of the body. She felt spread-eagled as her body relaxed as more of the drug worked its way into her system.
The drum beats pounded through her body as she slipped lower on the statue. The cock head pushing into the entrance of her vagina. The warm statue felt like it was beating in time to the drums as well.
She knew the drug was hallucinogenic when the stone felt like it had turned to hard warm flesh. Her body slid further down and the statues cock entered her vagina.
Her body responded with arousal as her mind floated in a haze of pleasure. The cock was slowly entering her body as she slipped down the oily surface. Her vagina was stretched and teased as the ridged cock crept in millimetre by millimetre. She moaned with pleasure.
The delightful throb of the statue matched her bodies throbbing and the beat of the drums.
As she slipped down the cock, one of the women approached and fed her another large cup of the liquid. She had no control, no ability to move, she slid further down the ridged cock and felt more than she had ever felt in her life. Every millimetre was like a mile as her body eagerly accepted the large hard cock. As the drugs affected her further, her eyes started to see impossible things, instead of stone she now saw hard muscled flesh in front of her eyes.
Slowly she realized that the drums were increasing in speed and her legs crept down so they were dangling, not even close the floor of the temple. The only thing stopping them closing was the huge cock that she was now impaled upon. Her arousal was so high, she was nearing climax as she felt so full and tight. As she finally felt the tip of the cock hit her cervix she felt a large hand being placed on her back.
Then the statue stood up. Unbelievably the statue was actually alive. She was forced down further onto the cock as the creature now stood. The climax Amanda experienced was unlike any she had ever had. She bucked and shook as the Star Man cupped her head and let her body hang loose and unsupported as it trembled in completion.
Once Amanda settled and the trembling subsided, the colossus laid her upon the Alter on the other side of the temple and lifted her legs, forcing her knees wide and down close to her sides.
He pulled his large cock out and slammed it in, setting off another spasm of heat in her loins. The drum beats kept time with the Star Man's thrusts, or he kept time with them, Amanda couldn't tell.
Her back lay on the cold stone alter as the Star Man pounded her with his large cock. In the torchlight of the cave temple she looked at the God through hooded eyes as he took his pleasure from her pussy.
He did not make a sound, she could see he breathed, but he didn't seem to show any exertion. The drum beats speeded up as his thrusting went faster. Every slam hit her cervix; every thrust brought her closer to another climax.
Again and again she was taken over the edge to be then brought right back to the brink, to be again pushed over the edge in pleasure, as the Star Man kept thrusting again and again, going deeper and deeper. Climax after climax was pulled from her body as it seemed like hours passed.
Finally she knew he was nearing the end as he suddenly pulled her up to his chest, her legs held in the crock of his arms. Amanda as lifted high and then slammed down onto the massive cock that felt like a tree log. She was forced down and held tight against his chest as his cock ejaculated his load directly into her cervix. Wave after wave of hot semen was forced into the tight cervix with inhuman pressure.
Amanda's orgasm was blinding and continuous as she shook and shivered while being held tight and hard down on his cock as it spewed into her body, again and again.
She felt his backward motion as he stepped back to the wall of the temple and was dazedly aware of him leaning back into his original position. The Star Man's arms fell to his side again and she was once again left impaled on a stone statue. Only a faint throbbing of the stone cock in her vagina was left and even that slowly stopped to become solid once more.
Amanda lay on the stone statue for a long time as her body still rippled with sparks of pleasure. She finally fell asleep still impaled on the statue.

Amanda awoke very late in the day to find herself in the women's long house again. She could almost believe it was a dream if it wasn't for the fact she was naked, she was surrounded by all the female elders and her pussy felt well used, in a good way.
She was kept on her sleeping pallet for days as she was washed, fed and cared for. She was so tired and worn out she didn't mind. Her thoughts raced when she was awake.
How could she explain what had happened. It was not a dream, but did the hallucinogenic drugs change what had happened. Had she just fucked a statue, or had it really come to life. It seemed impossible.
Over the course of the next few days she realized her status in the tribe had changed from outsider to treasured member. Gifts were left on her pallet and the males of the tribe looked at her differently.
Previously she had worn western clothes, now the grandmothers of the tribe dressed her in traditional garb. She went bare chested like all the women, with the only difference being that she was painted with symbols on her breasts, stomach and thighs.
Amanda knew she had gone native and really didn't care. Now as she lay on the pallet attended by all the women elders of the tribe she wondered why she hadn't had her period yet.

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