A xeno-anthropologist is chosen to be the first to study a new alien culture.
Sandra's excitement grew as the automated shuttle headed for the tiny spaceport. Her brunette hair swayed as she gazed out of the shuttle porthole. It had taken two years of negotiations, grant applications and political maneuvering to get to this point. Sandra was a thirty-two year old xeno-anthropologist who had been the only one in her whole field to be chosen to observe the ritual mating ceremony of the Gaia planet that was to occur tomorrow. The Gaian's had been contacted a full century ago, but had rejected further contact. They were unwilling to fully open up their planet to visitation or even academic research because of the special and unusual qualities of their world.
Gaia was a sentient planet, the native humanoid species was symbiotically linked to the environment. Any damage to the planet through pollution, contamination or bio-infestation would harm the population as well. The population looked very similar to humans, only the slight golden glow of their skin seemed different. The Titan - the hereditary ruler of the planet - had finally agreed to a protected status for the planet in exchange for limited study of their world.
The Space Marines had stationed a small permanent space dock above the planet and maintained the off limits area, while the human scientists lived above the planet, receiving information from the surface in carefully controlled amounts.
The planet had one major continent and a few smaller islands. The land mass was small, most of the planet was water or ice at the two poles. Gravity was slightly heavier than earths, the rotation of the planet to their sun was just a bit quicker, but the size of the planet made the days longer by a good four earth hours. Very similar to Earth as far as they had ascertained from space. One single culture, one single religion, one feudalistic ruler. One of the few facts that had been established was that there was no divorce on Gaia. Couples stayed together and were faithful until death. Almost unheard of in most societies. Sandra's study hoped to explore this aspect in particular of the Gaian culture and publish the ground breaking research.
Sandra watched Gaia grow bigger in the viewport as she dwelt on her good fortune. As a xeno-anthropologist with only a few years of first contact experience she was surprised when her name had been selected. The application for study of the cultural dynamics of the sexual and religious rituals of Gaia had been made two years ago. Her mentor had filed the application for him and his research assistants, of which Sandra was the most junior, to study the almost secretive society. After many interviews, medical tests and background checks, only Sandra had been granted an invitation to the upcoming major festival. It would mark the start of a two year in-depth study of Gaia.
The media exposure and professional jealousy of the last six months was thankfully over. To say Sandra's mentor was unhappy was an understatement. The only reason Sandra managed to survive the harsh backlash was the thought of what she could achieve with this research. Her university on Earth was ecstatic and supported her when her mentor cut all contact with her and started vicious untrue rumors about her. She was no blushing virgin, but she was not the slut her previous mentor had been saying she was. Her sexual experience was in fact very limited as her spare time had been spent getting her education and then working hard at her career. The fact that she been an orphan on scholarship, without wealth or any social network connections made it hard to defend her reputation.

The last two months had been in total seclusion for quarantine purposes aboard the space dock, to prevent Sandra from infecting Gaia with any harmful diseases or bacteria. She had been instructed to permanently remove all her body hair, except on her head. Her hair was slightly curly, long and brunette. Her stomach rumbled. She had not eaten for 48 hours as she had been requested. She was very hungry, but the excitement tempered the hunger.
As the unmanned shuttle landed as per its program at the small area for arrivals, she gathered her belongings to start the most important two years of her life. Her contract had been negotiated with difficulty, as the Gaian priestess who had headed the negotiation team refused to state in writing what the contract would actually entail. The only contract that had been offered was a one paragraph document stating "unlimited and intimate access as participant/observer to all religious and cultural activities in exchange for Sandra's full acceptance of all Gaian laws and religion. With the two year agreement to be extended at the Titans discretion. Publishing rights to be Sandra's, but the Titan has full right of veto."
It had taken an interminable month-long discussion with the priestess to discover that this would be the only contract offered, no negotiations, and no deviation. A take it or leave it, open and ambiguous agreement, but one she signed after long and hard thought. There were risks, but if it meant she could publish the first scientific study of Gaian life then it would be worth it, probably.
The academic world on Earth were desperate for information about this new world, the few pieces of information about Gaia seemed fantasies of the early explorers. Pictures of the Titan showed a winded red devil and the image of their Goddess was of a huge flowering Blossom of some type. One of the main reasons for Sandra accepting the contract was to dispel the absurd mythic-like stories and to bring full scientific reasoning to bear on the information about Gaia.
The Head Priestess of Gaia met Sandra at the spaceport. The shuttle left immediately, leaving Sandra to follow the silent majestic priestess into the anti-chamber of the decontamination room. The universal translator softly hummed as the tall woman began to speak.
"I am High Priestess Aurora, I greet you in the name of our Goddess Gaia and in the name of our leader Titan."
Sandra bowed her head to show respect. "Thank you for doing me the honor of greeting me personally."
"Are you ready to accept the conditions of the contract?" Sandra nodded. Aurora rang a small bell next to a door. "The priestesses of Gaia will prepare you for meeting the Titan. You will have to undergo a ritual in the temple before the ceremony tomorrow where the Titan will choose his new lifemate."
Sandra's eyes sparkled with interest. "When did the Titan choose his last lifemate?"
"The Titan chose his last lifemate nearly 200 seasons ago."
Sandra digested this information. "How long do the Gaian people live for?"
Aurora smiled. "Most Gaian live for around 150 seasons, but the Titan will live for more than 500 if we are lucky."
Sandra went to start her hand held recorder. Aurora's hand came down on it. "You will not need that."
Sandra started to protest when the room started to fill with young priestesses who pulled her into the next room. Over twenty young women were there. Sandra was totally distracted by the hands gently undressing her, a cup was offered to her lips and Sandra drank the sweet liquid in the cup. Sandra brain went a bit fuzzy as the liquid was absorbed. The High Priestess came forward.
"Do not be afraid. This is just to relax you. You will be taken to the temple for preparation and the nectar will ease you through the initiation rites that will make you a full member of our society. The Goddesses blessing will take all night." Aurora watched the priestesses bathe the compliant, silent woman whose eyes were now drooping at half mast.
Sandra could feel the drug take away all resistance. She could move, but it was too much effort. She allowed the gentle hands to turn her, stroke the lightly scented water over her. Her hair was carefully washed and then bound into a braid. She was dressed in a light cotton shift and led out to the waiting vehicles.
The High Priestess settled her on the seat beside her as the silent hover car glided up and traveled along the track towards the major city of the continent.
Sandra fuzzily realized that her luggage had been left in the space port, but couldn't get her tongue to articulate the question. She supposed that she could get it later. The High Priestess made her drink from the cup again during the journey, leaving Sandra barely conscious as the scenery slipped by.
She dozed as the trip took several hours, they passed many small villages or towns, there were no big industrial centers that Sandra could see. The small facts and observations she stored in her memory to put down on record later, but she knew her drugged state was missing a lot more than she saw.
When she awoke the vehicle was stationary outside of a wild garden paradise. Large blooming flowers were everywhere. The priestesses escorted Sandra down a path that had decorated flagstones showing the familiar picture of the red winged devil, many of the pictures under her feet showed the devil creature with a huge rampant cock. Sandra now knew where the image had come from.
They neared a large petaled flower that was as big as a shuttle craft. It was set in a natural amphitheatre with tiered steps rising in a half circle around the petaled flower. The petals were drawn up and formed an enclosure that the high priestess opened with her hand. Sandra's light cotton shift was taken and she was guided naked into the cool dim interior of the flower.
Aurora quietly muttered prayers that were in the Gaian language. No translation came through the translator, Sandra suspected that it was not allowed to translate the sacred prayers. The large flower seemed to come alive at the whispered prayers and rustling sounds issued from the back wall of the petal bower.
Two priestesses took Sandra's arms and moved her to the darker area where there was a small dripping vine. The ornate pool holding the excess liquid underneath the vine showed a clear syrup that smelled similar to tropical fruits.
Aurora bowed before this area and indicated with her hand for Sandra to be placed before the small pool. There was a small stool made of organic material, it was soft and moist, it molded to her naked, hairless crotch instantly. Sandra was placed on her knees sitting astride the soft projection.
Aurora took Sandra's face in her hand and clearly instructed her. "You must swallow as much of the Goddesses gift as possible. She will stop when you have had what you need. All you have to do is swallow." Aurora indicated the dripping vine over the pool. "Tomorrow you will attend the ceremony. Tonight you will be prepared by the Goddess herself."
Sandra nodded. One of the priestesses teased the dripping limb towards Sandra's mouth and Sandra took the smooth thin tentacle into her mouth. Her arms were too tired to lift up and hold the vine, but it seemed to stay in the right place anyway.
The first few mouthfuls were easy, the fluid dripped slowly. As she swallowed the Priestesses and High Priestess left. The fluid came faster and Sandra started having difficulty keeping up with the flow. Her head started spinning and the fluid overflowed her mouth.

Sandra closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on just swallowing, but as she did this she felt something touch her leg. Green vines were converging on her and started sliding up her legs. Other vines came from the top of the flower and wrapped around her body.
The vine in her mouth pushed into her mouth further and started squirting faster. The vines around where she was kneeling crawled up to her hips and wrapped around them.
The clear fluid that overflowed Sandra's mouth ran down her chin and dripped onto her chest, tentacles of vines reached out and spread it over her body.
The room spun as Sandra's world narrowed. She felt lightheaded and languid. More fluid was being pumped into her mouth than she could swallow, her body was nearly fully covered by the fragrant liquid. She knew it was drugging her, but she couldn't stop it. As mouthful after mouthful was swallowed a heavy rain of pollen particles descended onto her and stuck to the sticky liquid on her naked skin.
The vine slightly changed shape, becoming thicker, swelling and growing into a phallus shaped thing, spurting more liquid as Sandra still tried to swallow, but she was already feeling too full.
Sandra's resting place shivered and through the thick haze of her drugged state she realized the stool was moving under her. A thin projection was exploring her vagina and clitoris.
Sandra's body heated with arousal as her skin tingled with desire as the stool grew a small shaft up into her vagina.
The shock of the intruder bolted through her. A sudden fullness and the intruder had filled her vagina. The heat of arousal sang through her body as the vines caressed her pollen coated body, the vaginal probe increased in size and a smaller one stroked her clitoris.

Finally the fluid stopped and Sandra didn't have to swallow anymore. The phallic shaped vine stayed in her mouth and swelled to a larger size forcing her jaws wider.
The vaginal probe started to thrust in and out of her vaginal tunnel as her arousal grew. With each thrust in it grew bigger.
The vines held her upright as the invaders slowly fucked her in the dim light that came through the flowers walls. More pollen dropped from above, making her skin glow with a golden hue. Sandra's consciousness dimmed as the drugs took control.
Flashes of images paraded through her mind as she felt the vaginal probe thrusting deeper and deeper, thicker and wider each time.
Sandra couldn't reach climax, the flower wouldn't allow that. Images of the winged devil flashed through her mind as her arousal increased. The image of the rampant cock played over and over again as she was brought higher and higher in arousal.

Eventually Sandra passed out or slept, she wasn't sure. She woke to find the vine in her mouth had gone, but her body still being invaded, stretched even further, arousal still being increased, but no climax to quell the mind numbing need to have completion. The Goddess used the vaginal probe to change her internal organs, rearranging them to give her womb more space and Sandra was dimly aware of pressure under her diaphragm, as the top of her uterus bumped up against it with each new thrust of the vaginal probe.
Each period of awareness got shorter and shorter as her body couldn't continue the level of arousal and consciousness at the same time. Her body was being held upright by the vines, she had no control, only a languid desire to climax.
Later Sandra woke to find the dimness had been replaced by darkness, the only thing visible was a glowing blossom that seemed to float in the air towards her. The strangely face shaped blossom came towards her face and covered her nose and a puff of something musky scented took away her awareness.
Sandra dreamed of the Goddess, saying she had been chosen for a special purpose, a destiny. The images of her being pregnant invaded her mind. Sandra tried to deny this is something she wanted, she had a career, she was here to study. The images were reinforced and the Goddess promised that everything would be fine, just enjoy it. Sandra knew it was just a dream, but a tiny part of herself did want to have a baby at some date in time, so it wasn't a terrible thing to dream about it.

When she awoke again it was to an intense driving need to come, that was not being fulfilled despite the huge shaft of the flower inside her vagina. It wasn't thrusting anymore it was softly vibrating as it spread her wider and wider. There was no pain, only arousal, driving pulsing through her. After nearly a full day of increasing arousal with no completion Sandra was nearly at her breaking point.
High Priestess Aurora arrived with another escort of priestesses and bowed before her. The dim light of the flower had brightened slightly and a noise was rising outside the petals. Sandra was aware she was being moved. The flower lifted her high and the vines held her knees wide and apart, showing her stretched womanhood.
The thick probing shaft of vine in her vagina shuddered and extended a thin tube into Sandra's cervix. An aching feeling of being stretched was over-ridden by the throb of a bundle moving up the tube and into Sandra's waiting womb. She could feel every tiny movement of the tube inside her. She realized that she was being implanted with something, the tube planted bundles into her womb lining.
After her womb had twenty bundles implanted the vine slowly withdrew Sandra craved to have the fullness return, but her mind was fuzzy with arousal and the knowledge of what had just happened slipped to the background of her mind as she remembered that she was going to meet the Titan.
The arousal had calmed slightly but she still felt the need to be sexually completed. The desire hadn't gone away, she needed something more. Another rain of golden pollen coated Sandra's body and her skin tingled with increased heightened sensitivity.
The High Priestess gave Sandra a long drink of cool water to slack her thirst. The preparations had gone well and the xeno-anthropologist was ready to meet the Titan, to start her intimate study of the sexual practices of the Gaian people.
The flower petals in front of Sandra slowly folded down to show the amphitheatre rows were full. Sandra could almost feel the hundreds of alien eyes watching her. Surprisingly enough she felt no embarrassment. Then at a signal the crowd's attention was taken by something up into the sky.
The Titan was heralded in with a loud fanfare and Sandra couldn't believe her eyes. The creature flew down to the front of the crowd on bat-like wings. The Titan truly did look like the devil, naked, definitely like the stereotypical demon. Red skinned, black wings, small hones on his forehead, tail and a huge muscle-bound hairless body. The only thing missing was the cloven feet. The creature had humanistic features, but demonic as well. He stood at least 8 feet tall and his cock was huge in proportion to even that body. His folded wings nearly touched the ground behind him, his tail twitched in the small gap between the folded wings.
The Titan's cock proudly stood rampant and was already throbbing deep crimson with arousal. The muscled shaft glistened with a natural dew-like liquid all along the shaft coming from within. The tip was rounded and much larger than the shaft until it broadened out as it got closer to his body. The head of his cock was large but had a cup shaped indentation, perfectly shaped to fit Sandra's cervix. The Titan's cock was nearly two feet long and was as wide as Sandra's thigh at the base which was hairless, as were his balls which swung pendulously, swollen and throbbing.

Sandra's body instinctively flushed as the flare of her arousal cascaded through her body. The drugs were still affecting her, she wanted that cock inside her, she needed that cock to complete her. The fire of desire burned through her and she gazed at the Titan with lust.
The voice issuing from the colossus was clear to everyone in the amphitheatre, the translator box near her gave her a quiet commentary of his words, but it was his voice that pierced her to the depth of her being. It spoke directly to her loins and her arousal doubled. Sandra's body shivered and sweat rolled down her body as the need called to her.
Sandra watched as the Titan called on the Goddess to bless the upcoming marriage ceremony.
Sandra's arousal was causing her body to glisten with rivers of sweat. Her body cried out for the huge cock, but she couldn't even move her finger to do anything about it.
The Titan addressed the crowd. "Today I will choose a new lifemate. The Goddess has chosen a worthy candidate, a descendant of one of the first human explorers who visited us a hundred earth years ago. She carries the Gaian blood in her veins."
With that the large winged man turned to Sandra and stood before her. His dark eyes captured hers and she was held spellbound.
Sandra slowly realized he was talking about her. She tried to object, she wasn't Gaian, she was only here to witness the ceremony. Her body was languid with the drugs and desire that still coursed through her. She couldn't speak. She wanted to object, she didn't want marriage. Gaian marriage was a life bond. This wasn't what she had signed up for. She had been tricked.
The vines holding Sandra lifted her up and closer to the front of the flower bower. "The Goddess has brought this volunteer to be my lifemate. Do you my subjects accept her as your queen?"
The crowd stamped and screamed their approval.
"Then I claim this woman as mine."
With a surprising speed the huge creature grabbed her hips and lunged forward, his massive cock thrust into Sandra's waiting hole.
Sandra was totally unprepared for the incredible orgasm that came. She felt the massive intruder force its way inside and hit deep into her body with a shattering of pleasure. She felt time slow down as his cock forced its way into her tight vagina. The pleasure explosions in her body were one long continuous wave of orgasm that battered her over and over with pleasure.
As she came back to sensibility she found the Titan staring down into her eyes. He pulled out his cock and thrust it in again and again and again. Each time Sandra's body climaxed as the huge shaft went deeper and deeper. She could feel every thrust, every slam on her cervix as a hit of incredible pleasure straight into her brain. Her cervix had become her main pleasure center and she climaxed with every thrust.
The Titan gave one final thrust and his seed was pouring into Sandra's womb, wave after wave filled her and stretched her womb as the seed forced its way in under huge pressure. Her stomach expanded as her womb was stretched and filled with wave after wave of hot come. The seeds of the Goddess were bathed in the germinating liquid of the Titan. Her consciousness faded as her body shivered with never-ending climax.
The cheering of the crowd brought Sandra back to awareness. She looked up at the Titan. She was still impaled on the monster cock and felt split apart, full to the brim. He lifted her away from the vines and spun her round on his cock to face forward. She came again and again as he thrust back into her from behind as he held her aloft, presented to the audience.
Sandra was conscious of the haze of gold pollen lifting off her overheated skin and it surrounding her head as a golden cloud, increasing her drugged arousal. The Titan held her tightly as he thrust into her body, her legs and arms dangling like a puppet. Sandra could hear his voice in her head saying, "Mine." Sandra's thoughts answered back, "Yours."
The audience noise grew as they shouted in ecstasy as Sandra climaxed again and again, seemingly feeding their sexual desire. Through barely open eyes Sandra saw the audience explode into orgiastic gyrations as wave after wave of pleasure overcame her.

Sandra woke still impaled on the huge cock of the Titan, her back resting against his chest. They were sitting in the Goddess's petal bower. The Titan pulled a dripping vine down and placed it in her mouth. "Drink from the Goddess's bounty."
Sandra again swallowed the gooey nectar and felt the drugged arousal increase again throughout her body.
The Titan's cock grew even wider and longer inside her body, forcing Sandra's body to change and spread further. Her vagina was elongating and stretching to eventually fit the massive cock of the Titan. There was still more of the huge cocks' length to be accommodated and Sandra's feet dangled above the floor as the huge invader throbbed and pulsed against her cervix as she swallowed again and again.
Once again the vines of the flower held her legs high and wide as the Titan moved her to face him and started thrusting in and out of her body.
Sandra could feel the Titan's cock growing larger and broader as each stroke stretched and altered her vagina. Her womb was full of his fluid and still he forced more in. Her belly swelled and stretched as more liquid spurted in. Eventually he stopped and Sandra was barely awake as she felt the large shaft pull out of her body. Not a drop of his cum leaked as her body absorbed all the excess that was not trapped in her womb. She felt the Titan laying her in a soft sweet smelling cocoon that was provided by the petal bower and Sandra drifted off to an exhausted sleep.
Sandra woke with the cocoon swaying slightly, the face shaped flower was looking down on her and she heard a soft voice in her head. "You are my chosen one. You will see and experience everything. You will carry my blessing." A puff of pollen came from the flower and Sandra inhaled the drug.
A thick tendril of vine eased into her wet vagina and sunk in slowly. The vine worked its way up to her cervix and then vibrated sending waves of pleasure through Sandra's relaxed body.
Slowly the vine eased into her cervix and pushed into her womb.
Sandra enjoyed the feel of something to fill the void and was aroused by the small vine checking on the safety and positioning of the Goddess' seeds. She faded off into sleep wrapped in the cocoon with the vines still throbbing in her vagina.
The next day the Titan arrived at the Goddess's bower and there was a smaller crowd than the one the day before. Sandra was again presented by the Goddess to the Titan and he again fucked her in front of them. The hot shaft of the Titans cock plunged into her deeply with one stroke and Sandra climaxed at the first stroke and again and again as she was pounded with the hard flesh of his cock. The audience responded with the same orgiastic enthusiasm.
Again and again Sandra lost consciousness as her body lost the battle with her pleasure. Finally after what seemed like hours the Titan finally climaxed and his cum was shot into Sandra's womb under terrific force. Her womb filled with wave after wave of hot liquid and the seeds that were nestled in her womb were bathed once more in life giving liquid.
The seeds grew slightly as the Titan pumped in more and more cum.
Sandra climaxed again and again as her body stretched to accommodate the liquid.
Finally the Titan's balls were empty and he withdrew his large still hard cock from Sandra's body. He once again placed her in the welcoming cocoon and left her to sleep.
Every day the Titan returned to feed the growing seeds with his cum. Her womb expanded with the growing seeds and the Goddess fed her with drugged liquid. Sandra knew time was passing, but all she cared about was the intense pleasure she was feeling. She knew that she should be trying to study the people who were the spectators to the daily ritual, but she just couldn't muster any brain power to even think from a xeno-anthropological standpoint. All she cared about was the driving need coursing through her body.
The Titan's cock had less and less room as her belly grew. Each day the Titan had to work longer and faster to get enough stimulation to come as his thrusts were shorter. Sandra's stamina had grown, but nobody could sustain hundreds of orgasms on a daily basis. She would constantly surface to an approaching orgasm as the Titan worked long and hard to get enough stimulation to come.
Sandra at times had moments of clarity where she studied her surroundings and situation. She really enjoyed the constant fucking she was getting, but she did miss the kissing and fondling of human sex. She craved to be held and stroked by her lover.
Her belly had become so big that she was no longer able to leave the cocoon. The Goddess altered the cocoon so that the edges folded back and Sandra's vagina was presented to the Titan each day while still in the enfolding petals.
One day as Sandra was being prepared for the Titan her belly spasmed with movement and she became aware of the small lives within her moving down to her cervix. The High Priestess Aurora arrived with her attendants and Sandra vaguely heard people outside in the amphitheatre.
The Titan arrived as the cocoon moved her into a different position. She was positioned by the vines with her knees pulled up high, exposing her vagina.
As the movement in Sandra's belly intensified the pollen bower brought a blossom down to cover her nose and a sweet smelling puff of air caused the slight feeling of discomfort to be changed into pleasure. In her dreamlike arousal Sandra heard the Goddesses voice. "Now you will give birth to my progeny. Thank you."
The Titan stood at the head of the cocoon as the priestesses got ready for the arrival of the Goddesses children. The audience now silently watched the special event.
As Sandra felt the first of the twenty seedlings work its way out of her womb the feeling created a wave of pleasure that doubled as the second propelled itself out and into her birthing channel. The priestesses caught each one in a small pot of earth and watched as the new plant buried its roots into the earth.
Twenty young seedlings fought their way out of Sandra's body with each one bringing a huge climax. The Titan stroked her belly as it slowly reduced until there were no more seedlings and Sandra drifted off to sleep in the cocoon.
Sandra was aware of time passing, she was bathed and fed by the priestesses. She slept inside the warm cocoon of the Goddess while her body recuperated.
One morning she awoke feeling refreshed and wide awake. She lay watching the priestesses tend to the young seedling which had grown significantly. Sandra caught the eye of Aurora the High Priestess as she supervised the young priestesses.
"Good morning." Aurora came over and gently stroked Sandra's forehead. "The Titan will be here soon. Your duties to the Goddess are over for now. You will return when the Goddess requires it." With that the High Priestess left to attend to the growing seedlings.
It was only then that Sandra realized the translator was no longer needed. She could understand the Gaian language perfectly now.

The Titan arrived quietly, no announcement, no fanfare and no audience. He landed at the entrance to the bower, folded his wings and stalked into the Goddess domain. He bowed in respect to the Goddess, towards the rear of the bower and gave a small nod to Aurora. He then approached Sandra with a gleam in his dark eyes. His was naked and his cock ready, Sandra didn't think the Titan's cock could shrink like humans did. She had the impression that he never wore clothes either.
The Titan pulled Sandra's cocoon upwards so he could get closer to her.
"We are free to leave until the Goddess requests our services again. Now, my Queen, we can get to know each other properly. We can now celebrate our marriage." The Titan released her long hair from the braid for it to fall loose as kissed her with a passion that heated Sandra's loins. His tongue delved deeply, stretching and exploring her mouth as he fondled her breast with one hand. Sandra saw sparks behind her closed eyes as her body flushed in arousal that was different to the drugged heat provided by the Goddess. This was a sharp desperate need that was fueled by human arousal.
His tongue pulled off her mouth and latched onto her other breast as Sandra's back arched in passion. He pulled her body closer and Sandra's legs automatically opened and spread. She wanted his cock, she wanted to be fucked. No drugs gave her false arousal, this was all Sandra and she couldn't wait.
The Titan's back bent with surprising suppleness to bring his cock into contact with Sandra's engorged pussy. With a jerk of his hips his hard shaft entered her vagina and Sandra climaxed hard and fast.
The Titan took his mouth from her breast as he stood to gain better traction. He thrust in and out with increasing speed and pressure as Sandra clutched at the hard muscled arms holding her. She came again and again as the Titan's cock forced in further and further.
With a mental shout that blotted out all other sound the Titan released his load into Sandra's cervix. The hot liquid pulsed into Sandra as she lay trembling in a never ending climax that continued wave after wave as her cervix was pleasured by the liquid spurting in.
Sandra was kissed back to awareness and then the Titan pulled her up, swung her around on his cock and settled her on his cock with her back to his chest.
The Titan walked to the side of the amphitheatre and opened his wings. With a hard jerk they were up in the air and Sandra screamed with ecstasy as each flap of his wings drove his cock deeper into her body with each thrust. Each flap of his wings gained altitude, each thrust brought another orgasm to Sandra. Her hair whipped in the wind while the Titan held her by the breasts as he flew upwards to a tall rock face with rooms carved out of it.

But the time the Titan had arrived at his home Sandra hung from his body, panting with exhaustion as she tried to catch her breath. Her body sang with sexual heat as she realized that the Titan was nowhere near finished as he spun her around on his cock again and laid her on his sleeping platform.
She felt dwarfed by the large bed and the giant who now crouched over her. His cock still throbbed with need as he slowly pushed in and out of her vagina. The slow fuck was sending Sandra into heaven as her climax slowly crept up on her with a heat that filled her whole body. Her mind screamed for more. Her mental chant was, "Yes, yes, fuck me." Over and over it was the only expression she could make as she had no breath available for talking or even screaming.
The Titan watched Sandra lying under him, her hair looking messily sexy as she climaxed again and again as he thrust slowly but fully into her. His speed never varied but drove deeper each time. Her body had changed and his cock was almost fully inside her body. His cock pushed upwards further as her womb was forced to flatten up against her diaphragm. He watched Sandra's orgasms take her close to the edge of consciousness and then let loose his control of his own desire, inflamed by her mental screams.
Sandra had nearly passed out when the Titans thrusts changed and became fast, hard and took her climax to a higher level as he finally reached his climax.
Her body tightened with the last of its energy as she felt the Titan's mind enter her consciousness and he invaded her soul. Sandra felt the surge of cum in her body and the surge of the Titan's mind as a single event. She was now bound to him completely.
The Titan rolled onto his back and Sandra was now lying spread-eagled on his chest, fully impaled on his still twitching cock. His wings unfurled and wrapped around Sandra to form a warm dark cocoon. His thoughts invaded her mind, "It will get better my dear. This is only the beginning." Her last thought before exhaustion overtook her was, "If it gets any better it might kill me." She heard a chuckle in her mind from her husband as she slipped into sleep.

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