This is a short about... sex and food..
Peter was a bit of an oddball after culinary school he had started several businesses and from the profits of selling some of those and from a few current projects he found himself with quite a lot of free time on his hands. He had met Shannon working at the check out counter of a local grocery store. She was completely oblivious to him or what he was about so when he invited her over for dinner she was hesitant at first but eventually acquiesced after some prodding. Peter called her a few hours before to find out her favorites, She was pretty blasé about her response having not really experienced food.

She arrived at Peters house a conservative looking building single story three bedroom two bath affair and after the tour he led her into the kitchen where he had her sit down on a bar overlooking the kitchen. A jigger of Rum and some fruit produced a nice but weak alcoholic diversion while she watched him work. Potatoes went on first, Then a hefty Salmon steak; bacon was cooking somewhere as well. Then it was asparagus and brussle sprouts. Peter quickly created some noodles which he set aside once cooked and some mussels. She watched fascinated as he produced first a bowl of salad with sliced cucumbers and grape tomatoes some small fronds of lettuce dressed with a bacon cream dressing that as she ate sent shivers down her spine. Then it was long flat noodles mixed with mussels crested with a salmon steak covered in a cream sauce, potatoes dressed with a butter garlic parsley reduction. The asparagus and Brussels sprouts that she was quite unsure of had this earthy flavor that was contrasted sharply with a butter lemon sauce that she kept dipping into. Every bite was an adventure and when he opened a sweet white wine and filled her goblet with it she found herself entering a whole new world of flavor and experience.

“This is wonderful” she said.

“Thank you I’m glad you gave it a try” Peter smiled and sipped his wine.

“I had no idea”

“Few people really do”

“So what’s after this?”

“Some candied grapefruits and chocolate”

“Yum” she said her fork working feverishly at the food in front of her. “If I keep on like this I’ll get fat”

“Well then we will just do this from time to time, to give you time to recover if you would like?” He chuckled

“Hey anytime you want to feed me I’m up for it this is a far cry from ramen noodles and microwave burritos and take out salad.”

“I expect it is, there are some things that I would like to do?”

“Oh? What do you mean like with food or are you talking after we eat?”

“After we eat” he grinned

“You mean like bending me over the kitchen table and having your way with me cause that’s the only way you’re going to make me any more full”

Peter laughed, “Well that would be nice but I was thinking something else entirely.”
“Okay now you got me curious”

“Well there are a few things really but to start with… I’d like to make a mold of your body”

“What for?”

Peter Laughed “Well if I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?”

“Okay what does this involve?”

“Well you getting naked of first of all” Peter said putting the candied grapefruits and chocolate truffles in front of her.

“Okay and then what?”

“And then we make a mold”

“No I mean after we make the mold?”

“Ahh… I think you’ll probably want a shower…”

“Will you join me?”

“If you would like?”

“I would like?” she flashed a smile at him as he led her back to a bedroom that was more of a workshop than a bedroom. It took over an hour but when the casting was done he led the naked Shannon into the master bathroom. Her fingers pulled the shirt up off his chest and tangled in the soft curls of his pelt. His hands slipped down her body and cupped the curves of her butt. She tilted her head up to meet his mouth with hers. his hard cock pressing between them. Her fingers danced tantalizingly as if she were fingering a flute her lips brushed his nipples as the warm water flowed over them. He lifted her lithe body his cock pressing at the entrance of her sex. She gasped and dug her fingernails in as he entered her. She enjoyed the long slow strokes of his cock while he nibbled and sucked at her pointed breasts. Shannon growled and flexed her hips wet flesh slapping and sliding against wet flesh. Shannon’s fingers digging into the smooth flesh of peters back as he forcibly pinned her to the wall. Their mouth’s wrestled while their hips bucked together. His hands dug into the firm flesh of her ass as he pounded Shannon’s tight little pussy. She moaned when the first spurt of white-hot cream splashed inside of her, her pussy contracting on orgasm as more cream filled her pleasantly.

After they toweled off Heather said her good bye’s and a lingering kiss before she walked down the sidewalk to her car. It wasn’t until a few days later when Shannon again returned to Peters house. Peter led Shannon into the living room, she was stunned by a life sized statue, made of clear pink crystal and parts, she blushed when she noticed that the lips and the tips of the statues breasts were darker. “What do you think?” Peter asked

“Its… its wow”

Peter smiled “It’s pure sugar so you could lick it and it would be like eating candy”

“Really wow that’s just wow” she let her fingers slide across the smooth stomach of the statue”

“It’s the first one I ever did its quite interesting”

“But today” he walked her to the kitchen “We are going to try something else.” His hands worked the buttons of her blouse. She shrugged the blouse into a pool onto the floor his strong firm hands caressed her waist and back as his lips tasted the soft gentle curve of her neck. She groaned as her hands worked the hooks on her bra, she shrugged it off his hands cupping her now bare breasts. “Close your eyes” he whispered she did she felt him step away. She felt the soft caress across her breasts. “Are you ready” he whispered.

“Yes” she managed throat-tightening gasp. Suddenly searing hot across her breast, she bit her lip. As the hot liquid was painted across her skin, she let out a soft cry as the brush coated her nipple with hot liquid. She could feel the liquid running down the skin of her stomach. One breast was coated and then the other her nipples were tighter and harder than she believed possible. He finished and worked the zipper on her skirt, and then pulled her panties down. He painted her thighs and stomach next, it was hot and she tried to hold herself as still as possible, even though she thought her skin might be blistering her eyes flashed open when the brush touched the lips of her pussy, she looked down to see that her body was painted in chocolate. She gasped at the differences of white and dark chocolate that had swirled across her skin. He kissed her and then proceeded to eat the chocolate off her breasts, slowly. He would come up with a mouthful of chocolate and share it with her she could feel her whole body vibrating as he slowly worked his way toward her juicy slit. When his tongue touched the flesh of her slit her legs almost buckled from under her and when his tongue swirled around her clit her hands clawed at the back of Peters head her hips bucking involuntarily.

“Oh god” she trembled and as she caught her breath she looked at peter her hands quickly worked the fastener of his pants she pulled them down quickly and pulled his cock out holding it in her hand she smiled now it’s my turn. She took the paintbrush from his hand and dipped it into the warm chocolate and began by painting Peter’s cock, and then she painted his balls. She put the paintbrush down and blew lightly on the hardening chocolate. Her lips wrapped around his balls she suckled the sweet chocolate off of one and then the other. Peter trembled as her mouth hungrily sucked the chocolate coating off of his cock. Her tongue swirled as she felt the hot gobs of cream exploding into her mouth mingling with the bitter sweetness of the chocolate.

She swallowed looking up at him “we should really clean up” she giggled. Peter pulled her to the feet and slapped her on the ass as the two of them retreated back to the shower…

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2012-09-09 17:03:32
Do you think that if you just ignore it it'll go away? I mean she can make the /r/ sound, so it's not a maettr of of needing artic therapy. It kinda reminds me of when my friends and I practiced speaking with a British accent. I understand how you feel though, I'm also a speech path. People (friends/family) seem to have higher expectations for our children's ability to speak early, clearer, and in complete sentences! Good luck!


2012-03-10 21:06:13
OK I have to admit I am a chocolate addict. I like chocolate as much as sex. Now put the two together like this.....ORGASM. Also at my age I could eat more chocolate than pussy. Well let's see about that.

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2012-02-14 02:05:21
great job but its more for people who come here to get off but other wise good job

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2011-12-30 03:57:40
much to short and not really interesting at all........ maybe you should learn English

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2011-12-25 02:09:39
I liked it. it was simple but in a good way:)

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