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Or so i though
Today I woke up watching my sister get dressed. There couple things I should tell you first, my father and my mother had a onetime thing and we never heard from him again at least that what she told us. He got my mother pregnant and she had Kelly and me, yes we are twins, not identical though we actually look nothing alike. My mother was a great mom she worked two jobs when we were young so she could support us. We live in a two room apartment. My sister and I share a room. We are both 17 and seniors we go to school I work at the movie theater down the block, and Kelly studies her ass off. She is very smart and beautiful; she is about 5’5 and 110 pounds long brown hair that is always strait. She has deep blue eyes that you could go swimming in; she has about a 34 B chest. She exercises in our apartment’s gym about an hour a day. Now as for me I am 6’3and about 210 pounds of muscle, I play football for our varsity team I am the running back I was being scouted by a number of schools, and I have medium length brown hair. I have the same eyes as my mother. My mother is 5’9 and about 140 pounds and has curly brown hair and green eyes, my mom still works her two jobs to keep this apartment but she is rarely home before 8pm. My sister and I usually take turns cooking dinner. Tonight it was my night to cook and I was making my favorite food chicken parmesan with spaghetti, and garlic bread. I set the table and put on some music, I got us some of moms wine, I poured us a glass and called Kelly into the kitchen for dinner.

“Oh god David it is so nice.” She said
“Well it’s not every day that my sister aces her Midterms.” I replied with a smile I knew that one day my sister would go on to do amazing things with her life, but I always knew I would be the one she left behind, she would go on to be a doctor or a lawyer or something amazing.
“Well you didn’t do too bad yourself.” She was trying to cheer me up but I only got B’s I was smart but she was a genius.
“If you keep this up you’ll be going to MIT or Yale.” I said trying to remain happy for her.
“Hey if you keep playing as hard as you do you could make it big even go to the NFL someday.” She said trying to reassure me.
“I’ll just be happy if I get a scholarship or something.” I said starting not show my sorrow.
“Enough about this lets eat.” I said
“Are you sure we can have this?” she said holding up her glass.
“Look its Friday and its only one glass, just enjoy it.” I said reassuringly
“Since you put it that way.” She said taking a sip.
We ate dinner and just talked; we shared a few laughs, and talked about our day.
“So any girls try to talk to you yet?” she asked
“Yeah … but I don’t have time for them.” I said (at first she frowned but then smiled.)
“But one came up and kissed me for some reason.” I added. (She got a little sad.)
“Oh yeah who?” She asked
“Stacy I think, I don’t know but she wanted to be my girlfriend or something.” I said
“Well what did you say?” She asked, she was on her seat waiting for my response and I could tell.
“I said no and walked away.” I said
“Why?” She asked
“I have too much to do then worry about some other girl.” I said
“Like what?” she asked
“Well If you must know, I have to practice every day, I work around here, I take care of you, and mom.” I said
“What do you mean take care of me?” She asked
“Well you know I stop guys from making fun of you.” I said
“Like whom?” she asked
“Remember Bill.” I asked
“Yeah the guy who would push my books out of my hand when I was a freshman.” She replied
“I made him stop.” I said
“What did you do?” She asked puzzled
“Don’t worry about it?” I said, “He will never do it again.” I added
“I got you a little something.” I said as I pulled out a little box.
“You did not need to do that.” She said blushing
“Hey you deserve it, don’t say you don’t because you do.” I said with a smile on my face.
“Thank you big brother.” She said as she gave me a hug and opened the box to see the perfect women’s watch.
“I saved up what I had left, and saw it, and it looked perfect for you.” I said
(I was born minutes before my sister, and ever since I can remember I was her protector. Especially whenever there were storms because my sister was afraid of a lot of things, but for some reason she hated wind so much. I never knew why but whenever there was a big storm she would crawl into my bed with me and grab onto me and cried, but that stopped when she was 11. I loved comforting her. It was like my job.)
After dinner we sat down and watched TV. She would lie on the couch and rest her feet on my legs. I gave her a foot massage as usual.
“That feels superb.” She said letting out a little moan.
“You are welcome.” I said
As we watched TV, a weather warning popped up, saying potential gusts up to 60 mph and a flood warning. Kelly looked a little scared but looked up at me and calmed down. It was about 9 o’clock when mom finally came home.
“How are you guys.” She said taking off her jacket and flopping onto her chair.
“Fine, do you want me to heat up some dinner for you?” I asked
“If you wouldn’t mind sweetie, I am sorry I am late I had to do some inventory.” She said
“It is okay mom, gotta do what you gotta do.” I said
I lifted Kelly’s legs and gave her feet a little tickle (she gave out a little giggle) and went into the kitchen. I put the chicken and some spaghetti into the microwave and put it on for about a min heating it right back up. I brought it out to mom and sat back down, continuing to rub Kelly’s feet. We watched 10 things I hate about you which was my sister’s favorite movie. It was good because I’m not the kind of guy that like action movies, I like romantic comedies so it was good to watch with her. My mom passed out right after, and I went to bed I just laid there listening to some music. I eventually passed out. I woke up at about 1 to hear my sister get up. She was kind of crying as she walked over and touched my arm to see if I was awake. I lifted the blanket signaling her to get in. She climbed in and I held her close, until she stopped crying, she eventually rolled over so her back was to my chest. We started spooning, I held her closer than ever before, we soon fell asleep together. I woke up with my sister still in my arms. I waited for her to wake up, still holding her tight. I knew my mom worked at a café on corner on the weekends so I wouldn’t get caught.
“Thank you big brother.” I heard her whisper
“Anytime, I would do anything for you.” I replied
She turned over and said “Kiss me”
“What?” I said kind of shocked but so happy.
“You heard me, kiss me.” She said again this time more meaningful
I rolled on top of her and gave her a very passionate kiss. At first with no tongue but gently easing it in as she was shocked at first by my intrusion she reciprocated by using her tongue to play with me. She slowly took my shirt off, and I slipped off her nightie. Letting up a second to take it completely off. Then I returned kissing her. I slowly moved down kissing her all over and stopping briefly at her nipple to play with it. I moved down even farther and kissed her inner thigh.
“Oh god I can’t believe this is happening.” She said trying to whisper
I slipped my tongue down her slit. She jumped up in excitement then gradually relaxed as I kept licking her. I let my tongue go inside her, letting it massage her in ways she could never do herself. I felt her tighten as a gush of fluid hit my tongue. I worked my way back up as I again started giving her a passionate French kiss.
“Oh god Kell I love you.” I whispered.
“Davey I love you so much, you don’t even know.” She said back
“Okay there miss clingy.” I said sarcastically as I kissed her again.
“You jerk” she said playfully.
We kept kissing for I don’t know how long.
“David.” She whispered
“Yeah.” I whispered back.
“I want you to make love to me.” She said
“Are you sure?” I asked
“I have never been more certain of anything.” She said as she kissed me.
I took my 8 inch prick, and rubbed it against her lips. She moaned in a way that made me want her even more. I penetrated her magnificent love channel. Reaching her hymen in a matter of moments. Letting her adjust to my size before slowly tearing her hymen. She let out a little whelp, and a few tears. I soothed her by giving her a long passionate kiss. I slowly pushed in a little deeper and kissed her as I kept going. She was moaning into my mouth. It only took a few pumps to finally explode into her virgin pussy. I didn’t stop kissing even after, It was heaven. She finally stopped the kiss.
“That was amazing.” She whispered.
“Well I had some inspiration.” I said
“Seeing you naked has turned me on more than anything.” I added
“Yeah, I have wanted this for so long.” She replied
“Then why did it take you so long.” I said
“I didn’t want to jeopardize our relationship.” She whispered.
“Just remember I will always do whatever you need.” I said
“I know.” She said as she gave me a kiss.
We laid there for a few minutes before I got up and got into the shower. I let the water run over me for a few minutes trying to keep the mental picture I had in my mind. I was thinking did she ever want to do this again. I don’t know if I could stop myself from doing it ever again. I thought for a while then washed myself and got dressed. Kelly was still lying in bed I walked over, and sat next to her.
“Is this a onetime thing because if so that’s not going to work for me?” I asked
“Is that all you think this is SEX?” she said almost enraged
“No I want it to be more than that; I was just making sure you didn’t just fuck me to lose you virginity or something.” I said
“I would never do that to you.” She said as she gave me a kiss.
“Okay I just wanted to be clear with you.” I said as I walked out of the room.
I went into the kitchen and started making some breakfast. I heated up the frying pan and made some bacon, and two omelets, and some hash browns. I heard the shower shut off when I finished putting out the food. Kelly walked into the kitchen and came up behind me and put her arms around my stomach giving me a hug. I set down the coffee pot and turned around.
“I love you.” I said as I looked deep into her eyes and kissed her passionately.
“I love you to” She said laying her head onto my chest.
“Let’s have some breakfast, I made you favorite omelet.” I said
“Your and amazing boyfriend.” She said
“Just remember don’t tell anyone about us because we can both get into a lot of trouble.” I said
“Don’t worry I am not that stupid.” She said giving me a kiss.
“How about we go to a movie, this afternoon.” I said
“How about we stay in bed.” She said giggling
“Well if you want to” I said picking her up and sitting her on the counter and started making out with her.
I picked her up and carried her to our room all the while still kissing her very passionately. I laid her onto my bed; I just stared into her eyes. For what seemed like seconds was ten minutes. We made love for about an hour just staring into each other’s eyes making the most intimate relationship anyone could have. We lay in each other’s embrace until about noon.
“My shift starts at 1 so I need to get ready.” I said as I gave her a peck on the forehead and got up.
“Do you have to.” She whispered
“If you want me to college near you then yeah.” I responded.
“Why don’t I go to whoever wants you?” She said
“I’m not letting you sabotage your life for me.” I said firmly
“I wouldn’t be sabotaging my life I want to be with you forever.” She refuted
“I want to be with you to but im not letting you not reach your full potential.” I said
“Look I am going to be with you no matter what.” She said
“I know but you could do great things and if you stay with me you will regret it in the future.” I said with a saddening look on my face.
“I’ll never feel that way.” She said “I want to be with you forever.” She added as she got up and hugged me
“Well go on you need to get to work.” She said as she gave me a kiss goodbye.
I got a quick shower and walked down to the theater. I took my position at the concession stand. Wendy was the manager of my theater I could tell she had a little crush on me but I thought nothing of it. She goes to my school and is kind of stalking me. She is attractive but i don’t know why I never tried anything, but I wasn’t going to now.
“Hey Dave how’s life” she said as she sat on the counter.
“Its awesome Wendy, what can I do for you?” I asked trying to show no interest.
“What I can’t just have a conversation with you?” she snapped
“Then what do you want to talk about.” I replied with a halfhearted smile.
“Are you going to homecoming?” She asked
“Yeah.” I replied
“With who.” She said
“Um uh no one.” I said
“Well would you like to go with me?” she asked
I thought about it but I knew if I said no she would start digging into my life and maybe find out about me and Kelly. But then I thought to myself this maybe a perfect way to disguise my relationship with Kelly.
“Why not?” I said
She jumped up and gave me a friendly hug, and walked off. The day was slow until Kelly came in. She usually came in and talked to me at 5:30 during my break before the Saturday rush which was at about 6:30ish.
“So Wendy asked me to homecoming Friday.” I said as she sat down.
“Well I was going to tell her no but I had an idea.” I said
“And what was this idea.” She said
“That I could use her as a cover.” I said
“What do you mean?” She said questioningly
“Seeing that we spend so much time together and now that we are together, we need someone to draw the attention away for us.” I said
“So you’re going to date her.” she said
“NO I’m not I’m just taking her to the dance.” I said
“Why?” she asked
“If I could I would take you, but I can’t.” I believed
“And people already think I am going out with her so it wouldn’t be unbelievable.” I said
“I understand but I don’t like it.” She said
“Kell, I will never feel for anyone like I do for you.” I reassured.
We continued to talk for another 30 minutes and I went back to work. It was about 8 o’clock when the kids from my high school came in it was a couple of guy on my team and their girls. We talked for a while and they walked off the solo guy they were with stopped by my sister and talked with her, she turned her chair around so her back was towards him and he spun her back around. I jumped over the counter and grabbed him and took him out side.
“You got something to say pussy.” He threatened
“Yeah you come near my sister again and I will kill you.” I threatened.
He ran towards me and pushed me. He tried again when I threw fist into his gut with all my weight.
“You want to try that again bitch.” I yelled
“DAVE STOP.” Kelly yelled as she pulled me into the theater.
As Kelly pulled me into the theater I felt a sharp pain. I collapsed onto the ground I fainted. I woke up briefly as I was getting into the ambulance and fainted again. I woke up in a hospital bed.
“You’re finally awake.” Kelly said
“What happened?” I asked
“Well that guy stabbed you.” She said
“They had to stitch you up but the guy missed your organs and you have been asleep all night and its 5 o’clock Sunday. They said you should be fine in a few days’ time.” Mom said
“What the hell were you thinking?” Mom said
“I was protecting Kelly.” I said
“She’s old enough to protect herself.” Mom said
“I know but I love her I can’t let anything happen to her.” I said as I grabbed Kelly’s hand
That may have been a giveaway at the time but I didn’t know what I was saying.
“Yeah I know you do.” Mom said
I got out of the hospital later that night; Kelly went into the kitchen to start dinner as soon as we got home. I fell onto the couch as soon as I we home.
“Dave?” mom asked
“Yeah mom” I replied
“Um I don’t know how to say this but are you and Kelly having sex?” she blurted out
“Uh um what are you talking about?” I said
“Kelly could you come in here.” She said
As Kelly sat down, mom repeated. “Are you two having sex?”
“What makes you think that?” I said
“Other than seeing you two in bed this morning, I can tell.” She said
After a few moments of silence, Kelly blurted out “Yes we love each other and we are having sex.”
“Ok.” Mom replied
“That’s it no yelling or anything.” I said
“Well I have been meaning to tell you but you two are not related, at all.” Mom said
“What?” I said
“I went to a clinic and had a procedure when I was where they implant a fertilized egg. But I had sex that night and didn’t know that somehow one of my eggs made it to my uterus and was fertilized so I had you two.” She said as she felt calmer.
“Well isn’t that funny.” I said
“Well do you know who is who?” Kelly said
“Yeah, you were the implanted egg and Dave was the surprise twist.” She said with a giggle.
“Isn’t this great now we can be together.” Kelly stated
“It’s amazing. I am speechless.” I said
We sat there for a while as Kelly went to finish up dinner. She made some cheesesteaks, and the works. We ate dinner and watched TV Kelly went to bed at about 10:30 I stayed up to finish watching my show. I walked into my room and Kelly was lying on her bed sleeping. I pulled up her blanket and slipped in. I spooned with her until I fell asleep. I woke up and it was about 6, Kelly was still asleep. I walked into the bathroom, stared at the bruise I had on my side there was about 4 stiches. But I felt fine other than a little sore. I got into the shower and let the warm water soothe me. After about 5 minutes I started washing myself. I stepped out of the shower, and got dressed. I walked into our room and Kelly was sitting on her bed.
“What’s wrong babe?” I said
“Why did you do it?” she asked
“I was protecting you I thought he was going to hurt you.” I said
“You can’t keep risking your life for me.” She said
“Why do you say it like you are not worth it.” I said
“Because im not.” She said
“You may think you may not be but to me you are everything.” I said
I walked over and wiped the tear from her cheek and gave her a kiss I will never forget. I loved her I knew that no matter what I did i would never be able to show her how I feel.
“Will you go to the dance with me.” I said as our kiss finally stopped.
“Yes of course I will, oh but what about Wendy?” She asked
“I’ll tell her I’m not going with her.” I said
“Come on get ready for school we need to leave in 45 minutes.” I said as I gave her a kiss and walked away.
I went into the kitchen and made some breakfast. I made some scrapple and eggs. I know ewww scrapple but come on it is delicious. I finished up eating as Kelly walked In and picked at some scrapple.
“So does this mean we are being open?” she asked
“I want to be but I understand if you don’t.” I replied
“Of course I do.” She said
“Well then it’s settled we are officially dating.” I said
“Then why don’t you ever take me anywhere?” She joked
“How about you and me go to a movie tonight.” I said
“That’s sounds fun.” She said
“But first we better get going or we will be late.” I said
I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth real quick, and walked hand in hand with Kelly to our school which was down the block. We went through the morning and, I found my sister in the lunch line and I got my usual (a hoagie and chips, and an Iced tea.). She got a salad. We usually never sat together because she had her friends and I mine, but I choose to sit with her today.
“Oh hey Dave.” Christy said
“Hey.” I replied
“What brings you here?” she said
“What I can’t sit with my girl.” I replied
“So Which one of us are you dating.” She said with a sarcastic tone.
I nudged Kelly.
“You have got to be joking.” She said with a laugh.
Kelly and I just gave her a stare.
“Oh you are serious.” She said
“Yeah it turns out we are not really related at all.” Kelly said
“But your twins.” She said
“Yeah its complicated.” I said
“Well explain.” She said
“Ok, my mom had an already fertilized egg implanted which was Kelly and, that night she “celebrated” and somehow one of her eggs made it to her uterus and I was fertilized, and I was born.” I said
“My mom had a problem with her fallopian tubes and eggs would not completely make it into her uterus.” I added
She stared blankly.
“Um so your mom is ok with this.” She said
“Well once she found out we did it, she told us.” I replied
“So you didn’t know when you first started?” she asked
“He didn’t.” Kelly blurted out
“Well I didn’t care at all, to be honest, I loved her that was all that mattered to me.” I said
“Wait a minute you knew.” I added
“How long Kelly.” I said feeling hurt
“Dave calm down.” Kelly said trying to soothe me
“How LONG KELL.” I said trying not to yell.
“4 years.” She finally whispered
I got up and walked out of the cafeteria. I couldn’t stand that betrayal; I just left school and walked home. I went straight to my bed and collapsed. I lay on my bed for hours just trying not to freak out. I didn’t know but Kelly was standing in the doorway not saying a word. I finally broke down; I couldn’t handle the one person I loved with all my heart keeping this from me for so long.
“How could she keep this from me for so long? I loved her with all my heart and she kept this from me.” I said to myself holding back my torment
“I did it so nothing between us would change.” She said quietly
“So now you’re following me?” I said
“I just got home from school.” She said
“whatever.” I said turning around
“Then why didn’t you tell me Friday?” I added
“Because I didn’t know if you would keep going.” She said
“OH so it was all about sex.” I said as I stormed out of the apartment
“No because I wanted you, you were always there for me.” She said as she tried to stop me from leaving.
“Yeah it’s always about you.” I said as I closed the elevator door.
I walked down towards the theater. I started my shift; I couldn’t handle my life right now.
“So are you excited about the dance?” Wendy asked
“Not now Wendy.” I said
“What’s wrong big guy.” She said
“Right now my life is so fucked up.” I said
“Why what happened.” I said
“Well first I fucked my sister, who turned out to be no relation to me at all, and then come to find out she knew that we weren’t related at all for over 4 years and didn’t tell me, and her reason for not telling me was that she didn’t want anything to change but then fucks me.” I explained
“Wow that is pretty fucked up.” She said
“And I owe you an apology.” I said
“For?” she asked
“I was going to use you as a cover so that no one would suspect me and Kelly, and I would like to just say I’m sorry, you don’t deserve that and don’t worry I wouldn’t have taken it to far so yeah.” I said
“It is ok but FYI I probably would have went along with it any way.” She said with a laugh.
“Thanks you’re a good friend.” I said as I gave her a pack on the cheek
I went along with my shift and served maybe a person every hour so it was dead. I went home at about ten and saw my mom watching TV on the couch.
“What happened” She asked
“She knew.” I replied
“About what.” She countered
“That we were not related, for four years and didn’t tell me.” I said
“Yeah and I knew for 17 years does that change the way you feel about me.” She said
“No but its different.” I said
“How?” She said
“Do you know what it’s like to wake up next to the person you love knowing that you could never really be with them because it’s you sister, Do you know what it’s like to know the one you love is going to go and be someone in the world and to realize you will hold them back, or to know you would risk your life for them to find out they have been hiding the one thing separating them. Have you mom?” I said as I started to cry.
“It’s ok hon.” She said as she gave me a hug.
“And your right I never felt that way about anyone, but are you not going to let it slip away because of this little lie.” She said
“I guess you don’t know me at all mom.” I said as I flopped on the couch
“Dave did you hear what you just told me, you love this girl more than life itself and you are going to let her get away because she lied to you.” She said
“I’m letting her go because all she wanted was sex.” I said
“What the hell are you talking about.” Mom said
“I asked her why she didn’t tell me Friday and she said because she wanted me, and if she felt the same she would have told me before we had sex, and let me decide to continue or not, she was just doing it for herself.” I said
“No I wasn’t.” Kelly said as she walked in
“So now your eavesdropping to.” I said
“I feel the same way about you.” She said
“NO if you felt the way I did you would have told me.” I said
“I didn’t want you look at me different.” She said with tears in her eyes.
“Stop pulling that bullshit.” I yelled
“Everything is always about you.” I added
“Your right, im sorry I didn’t want to lose our connection.” She said
“If you knew me at all you know that will never change.” I said
“I will always love you but right now I don’t like you.” I added I set my phone on the counter and walked off
“Don’t worry he will come around.” Mom said to Kelly I heard as I closed the bedroom door.
I got down to my underwear and got in bed. I heard some mumbling as I went to sleep. I knew they were talking about me but I was to mad to care. About 20 minutes later Kelly walked in and laid on her bed sobbing. I don’t know but that sobbing broke me down I wasn’t made anymore I realized that I might have over reacted. So I got up quietly and snuck up behind her and joined her in bed.
“I’m sorry I overreacted.” I whispered into her ear. I gave her a little kiss on her neck.
“No you were right I should have told you.” She said
“Look let’s put it behind us.” I said
“Never leave me like that again.” She said as she turned around and gave me a kiss.
“Don’t worry” I said
“But let’s be honest with each other from here on out, about everything.” I said
“Okay.” She said
She climbed on top of me and kissed me so passionately letting her tongue explore my mouth. I pulled off her nightie and let my hands discover her body. I pushed down my underwear not letting up on our kiss. I slid my quivering member into her tight little hole, very slowly savoring each inch that went in.
“OH god I love you.” She whispered
“I Love you to.” I said
I rolled her over; kissing her like I’ve been gone for years. Savoring every moment, thrusting myself deep into her. She let out a strong moan every time I pushed all the way in. We kept this up for I don’t know how long; we stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like a life time. I knew that I would be with her forever.
She tensed as a rush of her juices flowed around my cock and like and invitation for me to finish and my cock spoke for me by quickly releasing all of my cum. I got off her and laid on my back she quickly laid by my side with her head on my chest, I loved it when she did that. We fell asleep her in my arms. I awoke with a great feeling. I looked down and saw that Kelly was giving me a blowjob.
“Now that’s a way to wake up.” I said with a smile.
“You bet it is.” She said with a giggle.
I didn’t realize that she had been doing it for a while as I came literally two minutes after I woke up. She never let one drop out of her succulent mouth.

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2013-12-26 02:01:48
piss poor writing and a crappy plot. no way he would forgive her that fast MAYBE in a couple months more like years but not right away. he has to be thinking she lied to him about something this big what else will she lie about and when. there is no way in hell he would have gone back home after school or after work, he sure wouldn't sleep in the same room as her. delete it and rewrite it spreading it out over years.

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2013-07-19 09:44:28
piss poor writing and totally unrealistic plot all equals a waste of time. this needs a total rewrite by a GOOD WRITER THAT USES A GOOD EDITOR AND KNOWS HOW TO WRITE A REALISTIC SOUNDING STORY NOT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT LIKE THIS.

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2013-05-31 18:57:05
get a better writer this story is one of the worst stories on this website IF YOU CAN NOT WRITE WELL DONT DO IT we want good belivable stores and more of a i dont know better writen one maybe all i gotta say is i dont write but i can make a better sex storie in 10 minutes thatt will be better than that

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2013-02-14 14:04:54
just plain dumb and way to fucking rushed. it would take months or years for him to forgive her IF he ever did. delete and rewite making it more believable.

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2012-08-18 09:33:10
no paragraphs lousey plot and way to unrealistic and rushed delete and find a GOOD WRITER to rewrite it for you because you suck at writing

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