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I love sex. But didn't expect to get any...
I learned when I was fourteen how much my body can give me pleasure. I also learned that it was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

For as long as I can remember, I masturbated. Ok, when I was six I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, but I knew that I could make myself feel good, so I did it. Of course, my mom was pretty concerned, and tried to teach me that it was evil, that I was defiling myself. Back then, I listened to her.

When I was fourteen, I didn’t. I was dating a kid, and I guess I was doomed from the start: if I thought I could make myself feel good, this boy could make me feel amazing. I lost my virginity to him the third night we spent together- it was the second week we’d been dating.

I dated him for a year and a half, before I broke it off. Too much work and school… you know?
But I didn’t think of something, in doing so- that I was addicted to sex. I craved it. I needed it. Being single, I couldn’t get it.

I tried to learn to control my lust, and for 2 years I thought I was doing better. I was dating a kid that just happened to live 5 states away from me, but it was whatever.

Then my best friend-Kelli’s, brother, Justin, txted me. He wanted to hang, he missed me, was I still dating that one guy?, would I meet him at a diner in half an hour. Sure, why not?

I showered, shaving my legs and pussy clean. Drying off, I rubbed the towel a little more than necessary across my clit- it just felt so good.

I paid more attention to dressing than I usually do- white shorts, blue v neck t-shirt that hugged my small breasts, with a blue bra under it. No underwear. After drying my wavy blonde hair and putting on some eye liner, I left for the diner.

I got there before he did, and slid into a booth in a corner. A few minutes later Justin’s thin frame was sliding in across from me. “Hello Justin” I smiled. His gorgeous hazel eyes fixed onto my smile “hello Anika, when did you get your lip pierced?”

We ordered, and chatted for a while about Kelli, and the idiot she was dating, about his classes at college, when we finally got to the topic I knew he had txted me for- his girlfriend.

Some five months earlier, at this same diner, we had sat with Kelli trying to give 19 year old Justin some advice on sex. Kelli and I had both told him what we liked, that he could try with his girl, since she wasn’t responding to his efforts.

Actually, his girlfriend sounded like a bitch. She was allowed to party and drink, he wasn’t. She’d rather get fingered than have sex, he obviously preferred sex. She told their friends he had a small dick- “which I know isn’t true” he added. She wouldn’t moan for him. She thought precum was ewwy and wouldn’t touch it. No way to anal. She wouldn’t let him bite her. When Justin told me that, I just laughed- “what is she stupid? I love it. All of it” He went on, speaking of his frustration, and I sat there and listened, in wonder- how does a girl not like sex? Somehow, I didn’t think it was for lack of Justin’s efforts.

To be honest, just listening to his husky voice was turned me on.

He suddenly said, half joking, “Let’s go fuck.” Ok, I casually answered. “Really?” Yeah, let’s go. He just looked at me, and even though I tried to laugh it off as a joke, I knew he was at least half serious. A few minutes later we stood up, paid our bill and walked outside.

“She won’t let me enjoy it…” he said as we walked to our cars. “That’s so terrible; you need to be with someone that can enjoy sex- not enjoying it is like not enjoying life. I love it…” I said wistfully “course, I can’t, because my boyfriends in Maryland…”

He looked into my eyes, biting his lip, and then reached out to rub my pussy through my shorts. My eyes went wide in surprise and longing. “You want it…?” I didn’t answer, just looked at him, hoping my eyes weren’t betraying that I was begging to be fucked. Justin looked me in eyes and asked: “is your mom home?” Yes… He looked away.

“Get out of here” I told him shakily, “go home.” He left. I slowly got into my car, and somehow got home- I don’t remember the drive; I was in such a daze. All I knew is that I needed sex, and that I needed it like I needed air.

At home I curled up in my bed, trying to stop from shaking. My phone buzzed. It was Justin. “Ok, im kinda sorry. Like I want it more than anything and I want to please someone for once. I knew before going that would happen. I just want it. It’s not fun not being able to lick pussy, or fuck like I want and having a rowdy time. I’m sorry. Were you a little wet?”

I stared at my phone and his words, and laughed. “Don’t be sorry for that” I responded, “I knew that might happen too, and I’m not sorry. This is the most I’ve wanted sex in… a while.”

“Why did you say no?” he asked.

“Because you would have felt guilty.”

“If you promise not to say anything I wouldn’t. if no one knew I wouldn’t mind. It wouldn’t mean I love her less… it would be just for fun for us…I’m longing a wet pussy to lick. To rub a clit, make a girl moan and fuck her… would you say anything?”

There was a few things I wanted to say, among them ‘please do that to me!’ but I replied “I don’t like lying, but since no one wants the truth, I wouldn’t have to say anything. Sept I think you would feel guilty.”

“Come over” was his response “if you want, no one’s home. This is my choice.”

“I’ll be there”.

I’m not sure what I told my mom I would be doing, or how I got to his house, but I did.

“Park in the garage” he txted me.

I parked and got out. He closed the door behind me, and I followed him inside. Even though I hadn’t been over in a while, I ignored my surrounding and followed him through the kitchen, the living room, up the stairs, into his room. He closed his door behind me.

For a few seconds, we just looked at each other. Then, like a tide, he reached for me and unzipped the hoodie I had put on 20 minutes before- it dropped to the floor. He pushed my shirt up with shaking hands, “please…” I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the floor.

He stared at my flat stomach and bra for a moment, then unclipped it. It too fell to the floor. Then his hands were on my breasts, pinching and squeezing as I rubbed his cock through his shorts. “Oh my god, you’re so firm” he moaned. I laughed softly, closing my eyes for a moment. “Sorry, I’m not going to kiss you” he said. “that’s ok.”

“Take your pants off!” I slid them off. “ohh” he moaned at the sight of my bare pussy. He pointed to the bed, where I walked slowly, letting him get an eye full of my nice ass, before reclining comfortably. “Sorry, I like to undress myself” he smiled.

Off came his shirt. He was skinnier than I’d thought, but he had a nice six pack. Then he slid his shorts down, and my eyes rested on his dick. He hadn’t been bluffing- he was at least 7 ½ long. I’d never had a cock that big.

He pushed my legs apart and kneeled in front of me on the bed, and began eating my pussy. I was already so turned on, when I felt his teeth on my clit and nipping around my hole I moaned “ohhh yess!” and climaxed, pushing my pussy into his face. He forced one finger inside me, and curled it back and forth, thrusting in and out quickly.

After I stopped shaking, he pulled me up and forced my head down- “suck my dick!” I lightly bit the tip of his cock, then used by tongue to lick the precum off his cokc. I then to took the very tip into my mouth, lightly sucking. I began bobbing my head up and down, taking more of his shaft into my mouth each time. I used my right hand to work with my mouth, while my left stroked his balls. “Ohh yehh” he moaned, “you’re good at that.” Hadn’t I told him I was?

He thrusted up into my mouth while pushing my head down, causing his large cock to slide deep into my throat. I stayed there for a moment, gagging, letting my throat constrict around his cock in an effort to dislodge the intrusive member. “oh my god, yess…” he fucked my throat, and after a few moments shot a load of cum down my throat.

I licked my lips and smiled. He just looked at me, then threw me back down onto my back, his hands around my throat. I stared at him, struggling to break out of his grasp. How had he known that I loved to be choked? When I regained consciousness, I thought we were having sex- he was playing with my clit. I moaned and he looked at me and smiled.

“Oh fuck me, please!” I moaned. “You want it?” he asked.


I guided his aching cock into my wet hole. “Oh yess!” I screamed. “Yeaahhh, you like that dick in you?” he asked as he pounded away. I couldn’t respond, I just moaned. “Yeah, that’s right, moan for me!” I complied, moaning all the deeper when he sank his teeth into my neck. Then he kissed me, forcing my lips apart to bite my tongue.

I tried to bite his neck, longing to draw blood and show my enjoyment, “No, she’ll be pissed” Oops, guess I forgot. I bit down on my lips instead.

He began rubbing my clit, fucking me a little slower. “And you thought you were bad at this?” I gasped. I felt amazing- my entire body was on fire.

He didn’t respond, only pinched my clit harder as I climaxed once more “Oh yess!” I moaned. He continued to thrust away, as I slowly came down. When I opened my eyes, I saw he was staring down at me with a mixture of hate, appreciation and lust. I laughed.

He pulled out and lifted me so that I was on top of him. “Show me how much you want it!” I guided him back inside of me, moaning, then began fucking myself with his hard cock as he pinched my small pink nipples and rubbed my clit.

“ohh” he moaned “I’m cuming!” I fucked him even faster “that’s right, cum for me” I moaned as I felt him fill me with his hot cum as I climaxed. “Oh yess” I moaned, collapsing on top of him.

For a few minutes we just lay there, completely spent, a total mess.

Then he moved me off of him and got up and began to dress. I slowly did the same. Then I followed him down stairs and out the door. I turned my car on and left without looking back.

It’s amazing, how much pleasure our bodies can give us. Long distance, my boy can’t give it to me, though maybe eventually he can. Did I cheat? Yes. But I don’t think that pleasure is a sin.

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