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Destiny reconnects with an old friend and fucks him in the process
I sat at the table in the restaurant, looking over the menu and hoping not to get stood up. I really hoped I didn’t get stood up, prayed not to. I didn’t think I could handle that, not right now. I’d burst into tears right here in public and that would not be cool.
My boyfriend had dumped me a week ago, the dumb fuck. I’d given two years of love to that guy only to have him break up with me over text. The only good thing was that I’d had just enough time to reconnect with an old friend, Reese. Though he was close to eight years older than me I was mature for my eighteen years and we had tons to talk about. About the same time my relationship had ended his girlfriend had dumped him and this was the first time we’d be seeing each other face to face in years.
We were scheduled to meet at 6:30 and it was almost 6:45 by now. My heart plummeted in a premonition of me sitting here, alone for hours waiting. I’d just about resigned myself to this unfortunate event when the restaurant door opened. Every time the door had opened I looked up in the faint hope that it would be Reese and every time it wasn’t him my stomach dropped a little lower. But finally I saw a face that made me smile.
Reese came rushing in, saw me, and immediately sat down across from me. He was even sexier in person than in his pictures. His hair was shaved close to his head and he had a light dusting of beard that gave him an edgy look. His eyes were a strange blue grey that captivated me. He appeared very flustered.
“I’m so sorry Destiny,” he apologized. I ran late at work but I hurried over here as fast as I could.”
I smiled at him. His button down shirt was rumpled and his baggy jeans looked about to fall down his legs. “It’s ok.”
He smiled back, revealing straight, white teeth. He was quite the handsome man, if a bit too skinny. A waiter came over and took our orders then left. We were in a booth in the very back and there was no one within three yards of us.
We began to talk about whatever came to mind. He asked me how school was going and where I wanted to go to college and I quizzed him about work. We barely noticed when our food came and it took every in me to remember to put food on my fork and bring it to my mouth.
Finally, when I thought everything was going so well, Reese brought up the subject I least wanted to talk about.
“What was your boyfriend like?”
I looked at my plate, the contents of my stomach threatening to make another entrance. “He was ok,” I hedged, hoping that would be enough. It wasn’t.
“Just ok?” Reese asked, gazing at me intently.
“Yeah,” I said. “He was nice most of the time. Sometimes he’d get really jealous though.” Reese looked startled and I hurried to ease his mind. “James never hurt me or anything. He just got…jealous.”
Reese nodded sagely. Did all 26 year olds act like they knew everything or just this one? “How was he in the love department?” he asked, not beating around the bush at all. I coughed slightly.
“He loved me,” I told him, pretending not to understand his question.
Thankfully, our waiter came over, asking if we wanted dessert. I was about to refuse but Reese requested two hot fudge sundaes. The waiter left and I thanked Reese for his generosity. I thought the earlier question was forgotten but Reese brought it back up saying, “So how good was James at sex?” He spit out James like it was a curse word.
“Well.” I paused trying to gather my thoughts. How to tell this sexy guy who I’d been friends with for well years that I was a virgin. I’d never even had anyone touch my pussy or ass or my tits for that matter. James had been my first love and he’d never wanted to do more than kiss. Sometimes I thought it was him but then other times I wondered if in fact it was just that I was ugly and no one would want to touch me. I decided to tell Reese the truth.
“We never had sex,” I admitted. Reese stared at me.
“Are you waiting for marriage?” he asked sincerely.
“No.” God no. I wanted to fuck someone, needed to, but no one wanted to do me.
“Then what happened?”
“He didn’t want to,” I whispered. My face burned with humiliation. Maybe I hadn’t been open enough with James. Maybe he wanted to wait. But why didn’t he tell me if he did? When he had broken up with me I thought about why he’d done it and that was the only reason I could think of.
“What a stupid idiot!” Reese cried out. The few people in the restaurant with us looked our way and he lowered his voice. “Was he blind? Or was he gay? Did he not see how beautiful you are?”
I blushed again, this time from the praise. “I’m not beautiful.”
“Yes, you are, Destiny. Look at you. Your body’s perfect, not to slim but not too chubby, your hair looks like silk and your eyes reflect light like a mirror. I don’t mean to freak you out but I’d love to have sex with you.”
I looked at his face, completely earnest.
“You would?” I questioned.
“Of course I would,” he answered with a smile. “To tell you the truth, I always thought you were cute and now that you’re a woman, you’re stunning.”
I smiled. “Can I ask you something?”
“What’s that?”
“Are you…experienced?” I felt like diving under the table but I couldn’t take the words back now.
He didn’t need me to explain what I meant. He just answered, “Yes. Very.” I stared at him. I wanted to ask him if he’d take my virginity but I didn’t know how to say it and any words I might’ve had stuck in my throat. Reese didn’t seem to need me to ask though.
He moved from across the table and sat next to me, laying a hand on my leg. I felt his warmth travel up my leg under the table. I was wearing a skirt that hit my knee when standing but when sitting slid up to about mid thigh. Reese’s hand moved under my skirt and ended at my panties. I’d put on nice underwear but not my best. Now I wish I had put my sexy blue lingerie on. Couldn’t change that now though.
“Let’s go to my place,” he whispered in my ear as his fingers began to toy with the edge of my panties. I could barely breathe because he was so close to my pussy. I could already feel it getting hot and wet. I nodded.
He quickly climbed out of the booth and turned back, ever the gentleman, to help me out too. As I stood waiting for him to pay a thousand images played in my mind: me sucking my first cock, my cherry being popped, maybe losing my ass virginity, being fingered and licked and teased, all for the first time. All by Reese. My pussy was getting so wet and I just wanted to get out of there.
Eventually we escaped, leaving our two sundaes behind. We were going to feast on something else that night. Reese’s car was black, not an old car but not exactly new. It was clean and ran, which were the only important things. We hurried inside the vehicle and Reese took off across the parking lot, headed towards his home.
We stood in front of Reese’s house door while he opened the lock. Pushing the door open he stood back for me to enter. I looked around at a typical bachelor pad. Leather couch and chair, a tiny table and trash everywhere. The t.v. was bigger than the one at my house by a long shot.
Reese took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I gaped at his bed. It was huge and the mattress looked softer than air. I longed to dive headfirst into that bed and go right to sleep but there were other matters to address.
As I began to turn, Reese came up behind me. He put one hand around my waist and the other he placed on my leg and began to pull my skirt up.
“So what have you ever done?” he asked me softly.
“Kissed,” I told him honestly.
He quickly turned me around, asked, “Like this?” and before I had a chance to answer he pressed his lips to mine. His tongue gently made its way into my mouth and began to massage mine. His kiss was so full of passion I almost dropped to my knees. I didn’t need anything else ever again, just his kiss. It was then that I realized something I should’ve known before.
I liked Reese, maybe even loved him. I’d never really loved James. He’d just been a stage. As soon as I’d begun talking to Reese again I’d forgotten James, I’d just clung to the pain because it was what I was supposed to feel. But now, kissing Reese like a thirsty man drinks water, I realized what a fool I’d been.
When he pulled back from me I stumbled forward into his arms. I looked up and saw his smiling face. I couldn’t help but smile back. Every time I saw his smile I felt my insides turn to jell-o.
“Ever been kissed like that?” he asked. I shook my head then raised my hand to pull him back to my lips. The second kiss was just as intense as the first. This time, without breaking the kiss, Reese’s hand pulled down my skirt and panties at the same time. My whole nether regions were exposed to his gaze. I backed away out of reflex and covered my privates with my hands. He looked at me sadly.
“Destiny, if you don’t want me to do this I wont. I wont do anything you don’t want me to,” he explained softly. I shook my head. I wanted this. I wanted this more than anything I’d ever wanted before. I slowly removed my hands. I shaved my pussy everyday and it was smooth and soft. Reese looked at it hungrily.
“May I take off your top?” he asked gently. I nodded and he moved closer to me. His expert hands slid my shirt off my body, followed quickly by my bra. Now I stood completely naked in front of the man I’d only just realized I cared about. I looked at the floor, waiting for him to do something, make some sign of disgust. Instead his hands reached out for my elbows and pulled me closer.
“Destiny, you are a beautiful young woman. Never let anyone tell you different. Ever.” He raised my face to his with a finger under my chin. “Do you understand me?” I smiled. His heartfelt complement meant more to me than he’d ever understand. One hundred men could’ve told me that and it wouldn’t have meant as much as it did coming from him.
I kissed him again as his hand moved toward my chest. The kiss wasn’t any less passion-filled but this time it was much gentler. His lips moved across my jaw and toward my ear, then down my neck ending at the space in my collarbone and back again. He pinched my nipples gently, pulling, squeezing and rubbing them. He dropped his lips to one and began to nibble it while continuing with his hand on the other one, causing my pussy to burn with heat. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I couldn’t stand the wait and begged him to fuck me.
I began to moan and moan loudly. This was the first time anyone had ever done this to me and I couldn’t stop the moans from escaping my throat. It just felt so good. The fact that it was Reese who was doing this to me only made it more arousing.
He pushed me back onto the bed and when I had stopped moving he joined me. His head was directly above my slick pussy by just a few inches. I knew what he was going to do but it was still a shock to my system when Reese’s tongue began to probe at my pussy lips. I gasped at the feeling. It felt like a thousand needles of pleasure were poking my body and I couldn’t stand it. My back arched in the air and my moans were so loud I felt sure someone would hear them.
“Do you like this, Destiny?” Reese asked, pausing his licking for a moment.
I couldn’t speak, could only manage to nod slightly. He bent his head again, this time licking my clit. Oh, I felt like I’d cum right then. I began to thrash on the bed and Reese had to hold my legs still. My breathing was coming quickly. I screamed as pure ecstasy ripped through me. My body convulsed as wave after wave knocked every thought from my head. Nothing I’d ever felt before felt as amazing as that had.
“Destiny,” Reese said when the pleasure was beginning to die away. I fought to concentrate on his lovely face. “You just had your first orgasm.” He smiled at me. He seemed to always be smiling. “Do you want me to leave you alone for awhile?”
I found the strength to shake my head in a vigorous no. I wanted everything from Reese, everything he had to offer. This might be my only chance to make love to him and I wanted to remember it.

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