A female pleasures herself
Watching Marie:

Hearing voices from the house directly behind mine that I couldn't identify prompted me to go inside to the back spare bedroom that has a view of the adjoining property. The rooms in the back of my home are about six to eight feet higher than the ground floor of the house I was looking at. From my view through the open turned blinds I could see two young women standing and smoking at the back of their house. They were both about 18 or 20 and slightly overweight. The one who was the daughter of the people that lived there was the smoker as her friend looked awkward with a cigarette.

I couldn't hear what they were saying even when I had been working next to the fence but I could see that they were lovers. Occasionally one or the other of them would softly caress the others breast or face. They were both fully clothed and neither was overly attractive but the exchange was interesting so I stood and watched (with a pair of binoculars).As they finished their cigarettes the daughter leaned over and stuck her tongue into the other girls mouth and slid her hand into her crotch rubbing her pussy through her slacks. It was a mildly sexy exchange but nothing to write home about. As they started into the house to my surprise the daughter turned and gave me the finger.

I new the families kids had moved out a couple of years ago and I wondered what was up. I started paying more attention to what was going on over there and later figured out the parents had taken a trip (their 5th wheel trailer was missing) and the daughter was there with her girlfriend taking care of the dog. I would occasionally take a look but didn't notice any other activity.

I'm a widower and retired to an oversized house with too much property. I don't date as I have always been a little shy about my body. I do enjoy sex but have refrained from seeking normal intercourse since my wife passed away. The affliction that holds me back was being born with an extraordinarily large cock. It has detracted from my life rather than added. Most normal sized men would laugh and call it a blessing but if they had lived the experiences I have they would understand the curse. My life has seen mostly rejection because of it rather than praise.

High school & college were a disaster for dating and sex. Of the few women that tried intercourse with me only one said afterward it was good and most had me stop before I found any release. Does not do the ego much good and the frustration can be overwhelming. I recall only being able to achieve full insertion three times prior to meeting my wife. Not a record most would be envious of. I didn't have the looks to be a porn star so was left with old lady thumb and her four daughters.

I had given up looking for a normal relationship when I met my wife (god bless her).
She was a tall slender woman with the only vagina I had encountered that could take me the first time with only a little discomfort. Her open inventive mind toward sex taught me most of the things I know. She was a bit of a pervert and loved all things sexual, coaxing me to experiment with abandon. I was the first man she had found who could fill her and satisfy her sexual needs. A match made in heaven that became love, giving us a great marriage and partnership. I miss her still in more ways than one and will until I die.

The next thing at the house behind mine that got my attention was several weeks later I heard the wife open the storage shed making a lot of noise as she was rummaging around. I walked inside to my observation room and watched her remove an odd looking chair and a round of plywood that she carried into the house. The chair looked like a medical type device as it was made of light weight aluminum and folded together. She took it and the round piece of plywood (about 2 feet across) into the house through the sliding glass doors that lead into their downstairs bedroom.

My view is elevated and looks slightly down into the master bedroom. When the drapes and bathroom door are open I have a straight unobstructed view into the shower. I was going to go back to the project I was doing, but saw that she was assembling something so picked up the binoculars to watch. It's about 30 yards away but with the field glasses it gives a very clear close up view.

In the middle of the highly varnished piece of plywood there was a round raised piece of wood about 4 inches high by 6 inches around. She was threading something on to it. When she finished I realized what she had attached was a large pink flexible dildo that looked almost as big around as my forearm and just as long.

I almost yelled out in exclamation at the sight. It looked to be about 2 inches across and 12 to 14 inches long which was similar to my size. I stood there a moment and remembered the daughter seeing me so turned the blinds closed. I continued spying through a couple of pulled down blinds.

I had never before taken much of a look at her but was now interested. She was of Latin descent, early 40's and a little over five feet tall. She had medium length black hair, a little extra weight but not fat, just enough to have a voluptuous roundness and I had heard her husband call her Marie. Very nice proportions neither long legs or body. What appeared to be a good figure with small boobs and a mildly attractive face with puffy lips and cheeks like Mini Driver. She was wearing shorts and a halter top with nicely shaped muscular tan legs.

I could see her fiddling with the plywood device and dildo, wiping it down with a cloth and applying what appeared to be a lubricant to the large dildo which she stroked with a slow loving affection. She then placed it in the shower over the drain. Next she brought over the chair which resembled a Zimmer frame in construction but had sides that folded out. There were two small arms that folded down from the sides but were only about two feet long and three inches wide when folded down. They were too far apart to sit on and left an open area between them about two feet across. She wiped it down with a cloth and placed it in the shower over the dildo device. This was becoming more interesting by the minute.

I ran and grabbed my digital camera with a tripod and brought them back. I kept peaking through the blinds watching her and setting up the tripod and camera. I had the thought of maybe getting a picture, but was more interested in the high power telephoto lens I had attached.

She had disappeared and I could see her in a mirror moving around. I continued setting up just in case. As I finished she returned with something else she was placing in the shower. It turned out to be a large enema bag that she had filled and was hanging on the shower head above her.

My heart was pounding with excitement and fear she would pull the drapes closed or shut the bathroom door before I got a chance to see what she had planned. It was a warm day and she had left the sliding door open but fortunately the screen was to the left with nothing to obscure my view. She kept disappearing which worried me but she finally walked into view totally nude, exposing a lovely shaved vagina and small dark nipples. She stepped into the shower and stood there for a minute then gave a large sigh, as if resigning herself to the ordeal she was about to undertake.

I had lowered the tripod and camera to the bottom of the window and raised the blinds just enough to allow an unobstructed view making sure she would not detect my presence. She turned away from me and bent forward a little while inserting the enema nozzle into her ass. It created a very sexy pose as she turned back toward me. She reached up and opened the device that lets the liquid flow and stood there with her eyes closed and no expression on her face.

It took several minutes for the bag to completely empty and she remover the nozzle but stood there motionless. I could see her stomach was pooching out quite a ways and her discomfort was building. She continued to stand there with her butt cheeks clenched and her hands holding them together, then walked out carefully and turned right. I figured to the toilet to relieve herself.

She returned and retrieved the enema bag then walked away again. I could see in the edge of the full length mirror, she was probably refilling it at the sink. She walked back into the shower and replaced the bag, then repeated the enema cycle as before. As she stood there taking the liquid she kept looking at the huge dildo with longing and lust in her eyes but fear at the same time. After finally taking all the liquid she removed the nozzle again. This time she only held it for a few minutes, then again disappeared around the corner soon to return and refill the bag.

When she returned her demeanor had changed, when this first started she had the determined look of someone that has to perform a painful but necessary chore and now as she looks down at the huge dildo, it's with lust and the pursuit of pleasure. She has stepped on the plywood and centered her body over the dildo and slowly squatted down to placed the head of it against the lips of her pussy. She held the shaft with one hand and parted her lips with the other then started slowly down.

I could see what the narrow platforms on the sides of the chair were for. She held her balance and some of her weight with her hands as she continued the long descent that was impaling her on the huge device. I would not have believed she could take the whole thing but she had about half of it in her when she stopped and started taking long strokes almost to the point of pulling out. Then lowering herself again with her legs shaking slightly down onto the giant. She worked out like this for about twenty or thirty strokes and then lowered her self down until her pussy lips kissed the top of the pedestal.

Her eyes were closed and her face had a strained and intense expression but with a hint of a smile. She sat there with it fully inserted for a few minutes and then started a slow short 3 to 4 inch stroke. I was impressed with how the whole set up was constructed to fit her proportions so exact. When she was completely inserted it was as low as she could squat. After every 6th to 7th stroke she would almost pull out and then plunge down to full insertion again. Every time she did this I would feel a chill and tingle as if I were being skewered also.

Of course my dick was out and being stroked furiously at the same time and I wished it were over there inside her. She had adjusted the armrests just right because when she reached maximum penetration she could lay her arms on the side rests to relieve some of her downward pressure and it afforded her extra balance. As she continued the strokes she increased the length and speed. I could see why she had the muscular legs and butt from the exertion of doing deep knee bends on top of that beautiful monster.

I could see she was building toward an orgasm by the strained and pinched look on her face and her breathing rate had increased dramatically. She dropped her right hand to her vagina and using her middle finger began to massage her clit. It was protruding and being pushed out by the giant dildo that was invading her. As she started cumming her back arched and she jerked back and forth with little hops. She was only held upright by the huge dildo and the chair that she leaned on.

I was sitting on a small step stool peering through my camera and squirting cum all over the window sill and wall. My body was shaking from my release and I had forgotten to take any pictures. I was cursing my self as I assumed she would get up and leave if she ever regained consciousness or had not died from being impaled on that fence post. She stayed in that position for what seemed five minutes before she began to move a little.

The show was not over as she reached over and took hold of the enema nozzle. The insertion was difficult and showed by the startled and painful look on her face. When she had it inserted she opened the fluid release and continued to squat on the dildo as she filled with fluid. After it had emptied into her again she reached to the side and picked up a black butt plug. She removed the nozzle and inserted the plug with a great deal more difficulty.

She then sat there rocking back and forth, massaging her clit and working herself up for another orgasm. As it approached she began to speed up the rocking, when the plug popped out it starting her climax with fluid spraying out behind her against the shower wall. Her orgasm went off like a rocket. She was bouncing up and down and having more fun than I have seen a woman achieve during sex. This time it was too much for her her legs and she started to collapse forward. The pain it caused her must have been great as she almost jumped off the monster. About half way up the sudden out stroke and suction stopped her. She held there briefly, then slowly raised using legs and arms to extract herself completely.

She was standing straight above it with stiff legs and the tip of the dick was no more than six or seven inches below her pussy. The vision of her standing there looked crazy. It seemed impossible that anyone so small had taken it all inside. I was ready to call Guiness book of records and this time I had photos.

She stepped forward out of the shower and sunk to her knees. I watched as she laid on the carpeted bath floor for quite some time. I would periodically check on her but I could see she was breathing. I went outside and drove around to her street to see if both cars were home. Only her car was in the drive. I had seen her and her husband at the store and new what he drove.

She did get up after 45 minutes, showered and washed all the equipment. I was hoping I would see her try to insert the monster in that cute little ass of hers but no luck. The thought of an anal insertion is probably not possible but what I just saw appeared to be impossible so I could dream. She dressed, packed it up, put it away and went to bed. I could see the end of the bed where her feet were hanging off.

I'm to old for her but would love to give it a try. Her husband is a real duffas. About 80 pounds overweight with all the extra from his waist down. Narrow shoulders and a head to small for his body. I have never seen him do anything around the house and he appears to be super lazy.

I had noted the time she started her adventure and would check every day to see if this was a scheduled thing. I periodically through the week check their house for cars and would see both cars there at random times and days. The event had happened on a Wednesday which was the only day I never saw two cars. I have been keeping a sharp eye for any activity on that day.

I called my deceased wife’s best friend Celia who I remembered new Marie and asked for their phone number. I told Celia their dog had gotten through the fence and I wanted to call and see if they would try to coax it back. My real reason for wanting the number was in case of a repeat performance. I might get brave and just call and offer my services. More likely was if I wanted to stop or interrupt the action, I could ring and hang up when she answered or have one of those heavy breathing lewd calls.

I had fantasies of showing up in her backyard midway through her sexual activity with some pretext about a fence board falling down. If I were to catch her in so vulnerable and exposed a situation I could take advantage. Sounds good but I’m to chicken. I may be a voyeur but a stalker I will never have the balls for.

It's been exactly four weeks since I caught her in the act. I have improved my viewing area and have downloaded the pic's I took. In today’s computer age they are nothing special. I could find much better stuff for free on 100's of sites but these have a special meaning for me. I was almost there to participate. I also have a phone handy with her number ready and I have my number blocked.

My surveillance tells me today is the day. She has again brought out the things from the shed and is setting up in the bathroom. I had almost given up on this happening again but I see a difference in that she has the oversized dildo laying on the floor but is attaching a smaller one that is about two inches longer than a average male and closer to a normal diameter. That is disappointing as the oversized giant was beyond fantasy in that it gave me hope.

She has started with the first enema and is just leaning over the chair holding the fluid for the first time. Her stomach has pooched out like last time and is very sexy looking. After releasing it and finishing the second one she has refilled and is now centering her self over the smaller dildo. She has lubed it and is lowering herself, inserting it into her pussy fully in one swift plunge. As she strokes up and down on it she is inserting the nozzle into her ass and releasing the fluid. She has stopped and is holding still with the fluid inside. This time she did not use the plug but is holding it with an inserted finger and slowly sliding up and down on the dildo. As her orgasm overtakes her the fluid squirts against the the shower wall again. A few minutes later after extracting herself she has again lowered herself down onto the dildo but has guided it up her ass. It was difficult to insert in her ass and her face would contort with the pain. As it was almost fully inserted she forced the last inch and flinched with the pain. She held still for a few minutes to let the shock to her stretched asshole subside. Then after slowly screwing her ass for three to four minutes she has gently stood up. Marie has removed the smaller dildo from the platform and replaced it with the big one to my delight.

My excitement is growing but as she left this time she walked out of the bedroom and disappeared. I sat there stroking slowly and anxiously waiting. My phone rang and I got up to answer. When I did a female voice said are you enjoying the show. It gave me a cold chill and had me momentarily confused so my response was “I think you have the wrong number”. The female voice then said” look out your window” so I looked through the camera lens and saw nothing. She said look higher up. I stood up and pulled down a couple of blind panels and saw her in the window above her bedroom looking back at me with a phone in her hand.

I stood there with a sick feeling and said “ I Uh” three or four times until she said just listen. I wanted to make sure you were watching and interested so had to get you to reveal yourself. I have been trying to get your attention for quite some time and was starting to think you were oblivious or just not interested. I finally knew you checked over here when my daughter said she saw you watching her and her girlfriend. She said she put on a little show for you.

I had seen you last time before you closed the blinds but was not 100 % sure you had been watching all the way through. I was sure you had some interest after Celia called a few days later and said you had just called a few minutes before and asked for my number because of my dog. I looked outside and my dog was in her usual place so I walked the fence line anyway and didn't find any hole. I figured you had something else in mind. I had noticed the small gap at the bottom of your window last time and noticed it has stayed that way ever since. I hoped you were watching which made it more exciting for me. Even though the show was just for you I enjoyed it more thinking you were there.

Your wife’s friend is the biggest gossip in town. She had called me several years before your wife passed away to tell me all the personal stuff about you both. She told me of your huge cock and your liking for giving your wife enemas. She has probably told everyone she knows every thing about your sex life and I have been having fantasy’s about you for years. I'm going to go back down stairs as I might be seen by other neighbors in this upper window. Call me back when I get there if you want to continue the conversation and show.

I stood there with a dumb look on my face not knowing what to do. It was very arousing but could put me in a vulnerable position. When she entered the downstairs bedroom she stood just back from the window looking straight at me. All she was wearing was the smile on her face with a sexy and provocative look. I picked up the phone and called.

When she answered my heart was racing. She said how about raising the blinds so I can see what Celia was talking about. I stood there terrified that I would be exposed both physically and as a pervert. I raised the blinds and stood facing her with my dick sticking out and she exclaimed that it was everything she was told.

She told me my wife had confided to Celia that she had once measured it with her seamstress tape and it was over twelve inches from the tip to my body and about seven inches around in the middle. Her best guess was two inches or better across. It would appear my wife had told Celia some of our most private things.

She then said she had with the help of a girl friend shopped until they found a dildo of a similar size. She turned and pointed to what was now standing proud on the pedestal. Her friend was the wood worker who helped her construct the platform with attachments and to also modify a medical shower stall chair for support.

Marie then told me she had wanted to see if she could take something my size in case she ever had the chance to try in person. She also told of spending a lot of very painful but pleasure filled hours to be able to manage what I had seen and had found some of the joys of enemas also. She said she has never had an affair and is not sure if she is ready to start one, but wants to keep that option open with me if I don't mind.

Although if you are over there and I'm over here I don't feel it is a betrayal she added. It's just two people fulfilling their needs individually. She stepped back and pulled a small step stool over in front of the shower then sat down so her legs were spread wide with her butt about a foot off the ground. She began to rub her pussy and massage her clit. The phone had been replaced with one of those clip on your ear things so her hands were both free to masturbate and explore the rest of her body..

Marie told me it was time to drop my pants and let her see me stroke that thing. I let my pants fall and removed my shorts. She was watching as I took a hand full of lotion and began to masturbate in slow long strokes. This was exciting as she told me about the fun she had building the cock stand with her friend. She said her friend (Ann) is gay and lives with a girlfriend. She and her girlfriend both tried to take the big one but never were able too. That was when they had installed another attachment device behind the first one for the smaller dildo. Later on she found an interesting new benefit of having both of the dildos installed. That is what she would like to show me right now.

She stepped back and installed the smaller dildo behind the big one and after lubricating both she stepped over them both and started the long descent. Hearing her describe how it felt as she started inserting the large one had me mesmerized. She was taking the monster in her vagina and telling me every detail as it stretched and filled her. When she reached the point the smaller one was nudging her in the ass and she started inserting it I lost control and started squirting on the window and moaning into the phone. She tried to hurry to catch up, but could not rush the anal insertion with the monster already in. It took her several minutes to fully insert both dildos and she did not last more than a minute of stroking on each of them before she was moaning and starting to cum..

My dick had gotten hard again watching and listening. I was thinking it was almost more exciting than if I had been there. I could not bring myself to climax again this quickly but enjoyed every minute of this most entertaining show.

We talk often and have set up times when we can entertain each other through the window. She has been reluctant to come out to the back of the property and talk through the fence as it might start the inevitable affair sooner. I have told her about what a “glory hole” is and have offered to make one in the fence at the far end of the property where both sides are screened by trees. She almost agreed she got so hot and has since watched movies on the internet about glory holes. She has asked me not to make a hole yet as she would not be able to control her self. I feel she is weakening but I do not want to rush it and I'm concerned about what happens if we do. I'm definatly in lust with her but not in love. Who knows what the future will bring.

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