The final chapter
Part 4

We continued to make love all week and all daylong, for years. When Sophie’s father came home we had to keep our love sessions on the down low.

The week before her 13 birthday while, I was licking my sweet girl’s pussy, I demanded her to seduce her father in to fucking her.

“Why do you want me to seduce daddy, Mistress?”

“Because I would love to see his cock deep inside your tight, hot little pussy.”

“Okay Mistress. I will seduce daddy for you.”

“Good girl” I rewarded her by letting her cum.

Over the next few days Sophie did a wonderful job of flirting with her dad. She wore skimpy clothes around the house, rubbed her ass against his cock while sitting in his lap while they watched TV. I knew it was working. I could see the lust in his eyes. I could see the hard on that he thought no one noticed. And his nightly fuck sessions with me were the hottest we ever had.

On the day of her birthday I told Sophie that it was time. It was a Sunday and Tom had the day off. I said that I had to go to town for a few hours. I got in the car and drove off.

****Sophie point of view****

As soon as mom left I asked dad if he wanted to watch a movie with me.

“Sure Pumpkin. What did you want to watch?”
“It is a surprise. Sit on the couch, Dad, and I will put the movie in and will join you.”

I put in the DVD. It was one of the porno movies my parents like to watch late at night. That’s what my mom told me. She also told me which one was dad’s favourite.

“Would you like some popcorn Dad?”

“Sure that sounds yummy.”

“With butter on it?”


I went into the kitchen and put the popcorn bag in the microwave. I took out two bowls and filled them equally. I put butter on them and I made sure that dad’s popcorn had lots of butter, just how he like it. I went back to the living room and sat in dad’s lap like I usually do. I handed him the popcorn.

“Here you are dad.”

“Thanks sweetie.”

The movie started. Dad realized that it was his favourite porno that we were watching. He shifted uncomfortably.

“Honey. Where did you find this?”

“I your closet on the top shelf. Why daddy?”

“Well I don’t think we should watch this movie. You are too young to watch this kind of movie.”

He took the remote and pauses the movie. The scene showed and older woman licking and a younger woman’s cunt.

“Please dad let me watch it. Please!!!!!”

“I don’t know sweetheart.”

“PLEASE Dad. Please with sugar and a cherry on top”

I put on my puppy eye look, which is something that he cannot resist.


“Thanks dad”

He press play on the remote. The scene continues. Both girls start to moan. I innocently grinned my ass into dad’s groin. I know that it turns him on every time I do that to him. I take his arms and wrap them around me. His hands start to rub my tummy. Mmmm. I love it when dad rubs my tummy. It feels so good. I feel his hands move slowly up to my breast. Dad never touched my breasts. I guess my week of seducing him is finally getting to him. His hands start to rub my breasts; massaging them; pulling them. I let out a little moan.

“You know sweetie you have been teasing me all week and you are having me watch a porno with you. I think something should be done about your behavior missy.”

“What are you going to do to me dad?”

“Well first I am going to give you a good spanking for teasing me.”

“No daddy, please. Don’t spank me. I will be good.”
“A little late to beg don’t you think sweetheart.”

He moves me so that I am lying, with my ass in the air, across his. He pulls down my shorts and panties.

“No dad. Not on my bare bum.”

“That is exactly what I plan to do. A nice bare ass spanking is what you have in store.”

Thwack, thwack.

His slaps are much harder than mom’s. It stings so badly.

“Please daddy stop! It hurts!”

He ignores me. Even though he is much more rough with my spanking than mom it still has the same effect. My pussy starts to leak my juices. I feel dad stop spanking me and starts to rub my burning hot ass. His fingers travel along my ass crack heading down toward my pussy. I moan as his fingers push into my wet depths.

“Does my little girl like having her ass spanked by her dad?”

“Yes.” I moan.

He flips me over and removes my shorts and panties completely. Then he removes my shirt and bra revealing my blooming breasts.

“Oh honey you are so gorgeous.”

“Really dad?”

“Yes baby you are hot and sexy too.”

He leans in and kisses me on the lips. Our tongues dance together. He kisses my neck and down my chest to my left breast. He sucks, licks, and nibbles it. His left hand massages my right breast. Then he switches. He kisses down my tummy, swirling his tongue around my belly button. He moves down to my dripping pussy. He breathes in my aroma.

“Oh baby you smell so good. Do you taste as good as you smell?”

He licks my slit.

“MMMM… Yes you do.”

He devours my pussy. Licking it, sucking it, biting it. He pushes a finger into my love hole. He adds two more. He attacks my clit, which sends me over the edges. I buck and shake under him. He pulls away.

“Daddy please fuck me.”

“What did you just say?”

“Please, daddy, fuck me. Fuck your little girl please!”

“Honey I can’t. It is wrong. It is bad enough that I licked you. There is no way I am going to have sex with you.”

“Please daddy. I promise I won’t tell anyone. No would know I swear. Just you and me. Please dad. Please!”

I stroke his cock in my small hands.

“Honey. No stop.”

His voice was weak. His sex instinct was driving him crazy. He finally gives in pushes me back and guides him cock in to my pussy. It hurt at first but then it felt amazing.

During our fucking mom came home in the middle of the action. She keeps quiet and watches.

Dad’s thrusts increase in speed. He is about to cum and so am I. We cum in unison moaning and groaning together. We lay side-by-side trying to catch or breath.

“Was she good honey,” my mom finally asks.

“Shit! When did you get home?”

“A few minutes ago. Don’t worry honey. I planned this all.”

“You did!”

“Yes and I have a confession to make. Sophie and I have been having sex since she was 8.”

“Is this true?” Dad asks me.

“Yes dad. It is.”

“ Now honey. I know this is a big shock for you but you always told me that you wanted a threesome and who better to do it with than our very own daughter. No one will know about it. It will be our family secrete.”

My dad was stun by what my mom was telling him but I could tell he was thinking about it.

“Well. I guess you are right Olivia. If none of us tells anyone then what is the harm?”
“Good I glad it is settled. Sophie come over here so I can lick dad’s cum from that sweet pussy of yours.”

I go over to mom and sit on her face. Dad comes over and starts to lick mom’s pussy. It isn’t long before mom and I are both cumming. I get off mom’s face so I can watch the show this time. And oh what a show it was. They went from missionary, to doggy style and finally finishing with cowgirl where mom rode dad long and hard until they both screamed as they orgasm. As I watched the show I couldn’t help myself from masturbating. I came three times while watching them.

Our life from that day on was a happy, interesting and exciting.

***I hope you enjoyed the series. I sure enjoyed writing them and being supported by my readers comments. Thank you to all. :)


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I enjoyed it very much. Too bad she did not have any friends her age she could have had sex with too.

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