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This is the true events that happened in my childhood and teenage years. Names have been changed for privacy reasons. ENJOY!
It was Summer 2003. My family and my cousins family were (still are) neighbors. That Summer was the Summer where I discovered a new me. I discovered that I liked boys.

I had just gotten out of the 4th grade. I was 9 years old and I was more happy than ever to have Summer here. That Summer my brother, my sister and I spent most of our time playing outside with our cousins. We would be at each others houses constantly. If we weren't jumping on the trampoline then we would be swimming.

One hot July day everything changed. My cousin Fred (also 9 years old) got the idea to play cops and robbers. They had an old busted "creeper" type van that was broken down in the far back of their driveway. That was the "cops's" van. Well I got to be a cop, and so did my cousin. Not Fred though, my cousin who was in 2nd grade, Jesse. He is the cutest little boy ever! Smooth white skin, rosy cheeks, cute pouty pink lips. How we played the game was that the "cops" would stay in the van for 20 minutes while the robbers would try to hide around the yard or in the house. Since I was older I got to be in the driver's seat pretending to drive. Out of no where Jesse sits on my lap and says....

Jesse: Josh can it be my turn to drive now? Please!

Me: Well maybe in a bit

Jesse: (Starts squiggling and yelling) Please Josh! Please Josh!

All this squiggling of his butt was rubbing against my young cock. I got hard and nervous for what Jesse would say about it.

Jesse: Josh what is that?! (He puts his hand on it feeling what it is) Its so hard!

Me: *Gasps* That's my wiener. *Gasps*

Jesse: Whats wrong?? Did i hurt you?

Me: No, it feels so good when you squeeze it!

Jesse: Well if it feels so good should I keep doing it?

Me: Yeah, but maybe we should go to the back of the van so no one will see, and you gotta promise NOT to tell anyone. Okay?!

Jesse: Okay! No one I swear! But only if you make me feel good too.

Me: Deal! Here, let me pull my shorts down and you do too. Your going to lay down across this long seat and I'll lay on top of me with our wieners touching okay, ok?

Jesse: Okay, just don't squish me!

Me: I wont, don't worry about it.

So there he lays, my beautiful cousin all exposed with his cute, little 2inch dick sticking straight up. I lay on top with our dicks touching. I can still remember the magical feeling on my young 3.5inch dick as both of our young cocks touch.

Jesse: *Breathing heavily* Oh Josh this feels so good!

Me: Yeah? Do you like it?

Jesse: Yes!!! I love it! why couldn't we of done this earlier!

Me: I don't know, but here let me try something.

I started moving my hips back and forth. I was now humping naked with cousin and it felt amazing! I can still feel the waves of pleasure going through my pre-pubescent cock. I could help but to moan. it felt so good!

Jesse: (With his hands now on my sides and moaning too) Oh Josh! this feels so goood! Please dont stop anytime soon! Maybe go faster!

I did as my cousin wanted. I quickened the pace and now, I was in heaven. I couldn't believe how good I was feeling! I was real horny by now. I started going faster and our moans turned into huffs and puffs of pure ecstasy. I kept looking into Jesse's light brown eyes and he kept looking back into mine. The perspiration on his forehead and rosy face made him look way cuter than ever before. His smooth young body felt real oblivious against mine. I couldn't help but to start kissing his young chest and start licking his nipples. He went crazy!

Jesse: OHHH MY GODD JOSH!!!! That felt so fricken amazinggg!!

Me: You do the same!

Jesse leaned his head up to start kissing my bare chest and lick my nipples. It felt so AMAZING, Like as if a wet warm satin soft cloth was being lightly brushed across my chest! I loved it! At this moment I humped faster, and from what I know now, Im pretty sure I dry cummed. My body shivered and so did his. I collapsed on his young warm and sweaty body.

Me: WOW! That was so fricken amazing! Did you like it?

Jesse: Oh yes i did! Can we please keep doing this? I like it a lot! and I promise I wont tell NO ONE!

Me: Yeah sure thing kiddo.

Jesse: Thanks, you are the best! you sure did make me feel good!

Me: Heheh. Your welcome, He dude did I ever tell you that you are really cute? Well If i didn't before Im letting you know now.

Jesse: *Shyly* hehe. Thanks. But we better go find these suckas before they ask what took so long.

Me: Yeah true but come here first, I wanted to do this during what we just did but I forgot about it.

Jesse: What?....

I leaned in for a little peck on his lips and he was shocked!

Jesse: Woah dude that was cool!

Me: Maybe next time we'll do that longer.

Jesse: Deal!

We exited the van we pretended like everything was normal. We found my brother and cousin. Every now and them Jesse and I exchanged smiles or winks............ And thats how It All Began. ;)

Let me know if you like it! There are SOOOO much more stories Ill share if you guys like them. THANKS!

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2016-08-22 18:25:36
Good story and I have played cops and robbers also,When I was cop I would catch the robber and take him to an old car in the back yard and make him suck my cock, I had two young 8 an 9 yr old that always wanted me to be the cop, finally got them to the 8 yr to suck me while the 9 yr would stick his cock in my ass they really enjoyed doing me,Only memories now but would like to do it again even with a coupe of young ones it was great fun.

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2016-08-06 05:00:56
Great story... How about more of this story

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2016-07-16 02:58:43
You really need to continue the story. It was really hot. Love the innocent days!

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2015-09-23 20:37:20
good story and i believe it i true as I have done about the same.

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2014-06-02 20:44:35
Please write more

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