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A simple revenge story with a twist

Samuel Turner first heard about the children from his roommate. He actually believed that evil could invade the body of a newborn in the seconds the umbilical cord is cut.
“Never trust little kids,” he warned, “they’ll trick you, take you off and eat you.
Samuel dreaded going back to the apartment. He knew that if he had to listen to one more stupid story he’d end up killing the guy. So out of necessity he started taking the longer route home through Drake Park, it was beautiful. The falling maple leaves decorated the sidewalk, and the sound of them crunching beneath his feet soothed his nerves as he walked home.
There was just too much on his plate. Medical school was hard enough without living with a demented Looney. He needed to find a new roommate, and fast. His mind was racing when he heard a child crying. Looking around Samuel spotted the little girl about ten years old sitting on the swing.
It was getting late in the evening and there was no one else in sight. The last thing he needed was another problem. But she might be lost, hurt…or worse.

“Hey, little girl, are you ok?” he asked.
She lifted her head and looked at him.
She was perfect, big green eyes, flawless white skin. A perfect ponytail of golden locks flowing down her back. Even her school uniform was neatly pressed. Not a scuff on her shoes. No GOD, not again. He swore to himself that he wouldn’t touch another child.
“What’s your name sweetheart?” Samuel walked over to her and knelt down. Reaching out he brushed away her tears.

“Jada.” she whispered. Her sweet tiny voice was like music to his ears. And it shamed him that he grew instantly hard. No, no he wasn’t a pedophile. Those bastards were sick. He said to himself.
“I’m Sam.” He said. “What’s the matter Jada? Are you lost? Did someone hurt you?” He couldn’t stop himself from stroking her hair. And thinking about what it would be like to taste her sweet little lips against his.
“My mom use to bring me here.” her voice started to crack.
“What do you mean used to?” Samuel gazed at her adoringly and imagined himself rubbing his hands up her creamy white thighs.
“She’s died…I’m so alone. I just want my mommy back and I don’t know what to do?“ she dissolved into tears. Samuel wrapped his arms around her. He could feel her tiny breast rubbing against his chest.
“Where’s your family? Isn’t there someone else?” Samuel looked around again. Any other time there would be a million cops roaming the paths through the park.
“I’m scared… Please help me.” she buried her face into the side of his neck damping his shirt with tears.
This wasn’t right. She should be with relatives, foster care or something. Not out here alone. Samuel felt common sense leaving him rapidly. He’d just take her back to the apartment and call the police. He’d do the right thing, not something bad, not this time.
Samuel stood up and she automatically wrapper her legs around his waste. He could feel the heat coming from her tiny sex box. “Let’s go home Jada.”
She looked up at him smiled for the first time and shivers of excitement pulsated through his body.

Samuel showed her around the tiny two-bedroom apartment.
“Do you live alone?” she asked.
“No, but I wish I did. I have a roommate named Ethan. He must be out. Unfortunately you’ll meet him later. That guy is a real piece of work.” Samuel handed her a soda, but she shook her head no.
“Can you just sit with me? Jada asked her big green eyes pleading for attention. He walked over and sat down on the sofa. He watched as Jada looked around the place. He felt guilty that he didn’t have a better place to take her too.
Her eyes were drawn to a stack of medical books.
“You going to be a doctor?” she smiled.
“I sure hope so.” Samuel turned and winked at her. She was so intoxicating. His face flushed with embarrassment at the pleasure he got just from looking at her. How could such a small child make him feel this way? He felt himself holding his breath as she scooted over and sat down on his lap. He tried to shift her position so that she wouldn’t feel his massive hard on. Instead she wiggled herself directly over his throbbing cock.
“Do you think I’m pretty? My mommy use to say that I was pretty.”
Samuel smiled and nodded. “Your beautiful.” He said in a raspy whisper. He saw his own hand reaching out caressing her cherry red lips. Lips that he wanted badly to be on his cock.
“Do you like my lips?” She asked sweetly.
“Yes.” Samuel felt his heart pounding. One little touch wouldn’t hurt. Just one. Samuel thought as he lowered his hand and rubbed it across her red and black plaid skirt. Then slowly he eased his hand up between her milky white legs.

“Do you like school?” she babbled on.
“Yes.” He reached and played with her ponytail.
“You like doctoring?” she asked. Her pretty face full of innocence.
“Want me to show you what doctors do?” He asked. Samuel caught himself and snatched his hand away from her thighs. No he wouldn’t, not this time.
“Okay, I‘ll start.” Jade stood up and lifted up her plaid skirt so that he could see her pink lace panties.
“I take my clothes off right?” She asked and all Samuel could do was nod and rubbed his cock through his jeans.
Jada flashed a smile and slid her skirt off, then undid the buttons on her white shirt. Samuel sucked in his breath when he saw her tiny pink budding nipples.
Jada stood there naked in front of him except for her pink panties and black leather shoes and white lace socks.
“Now what?” She asked as she chewed on her bottom lip.
Samuel reached out and grabbed her around the waist. He blocked out the guilt as he slid her panties off.
“Mmmm, you’re so fucking beautiful.” Samuel said as he rubbed his hand across her tiny young ass.
“You said a bad word.“ She giggled and he reached up and grabbed her ponytail and forced her over his knees.
“Did I do something bad?” She began to sniffle.
“Yes, you went home with a stranger.” He smacked her hard across the ass, leaving his red handprint on her flesh.
“Don‘t…” Jada cried and began to struggle. Samuel thought he was going to explode as he whacked her ass again. He leaned over and kissed her butt, then rubbed it before slapping it again several more times, making her trembled over his knee. He then pulled her red cheeks apart and slid a finger into her tiny cunt.
“Ahhhh, fuck.” He said out load and rubbed his crotch against her leg.

Her sobs increase as he fucked her with his finger. He held onto her tight as he leaned over and stuck his tongue in her pink asshole. She struggled and he whacked her ass again as his tongue slipper deeper into her hole.
“Please don’t. Pleeeeese.” She cried out in pain as her pussy juiced covered his finger.
Samuel raised his head from her ass and slid his dripping wet finger out of her pussy. He stuck the child juice from his fingers and moaned.
“I’m gonna eat your little pussy.” He said roughly and shoved her tiny body over onto the sofa. He flipped Jada over onto her back and spread her little legs far apart and started munching down on her cunt. Running his tongue up and down her pink slit. He reached down with one hand and undid his jeans. Cum leaked from his cock as he bit down her tiny clit and she screamed.
Jada bawled as he slid two fingers into her snug cunt. Her pussy juice covered his face as he licked and finger fucked his child toy.
“You like that don’t you, you little cunt?” He smacked her pussy with the back of his hand. Jada squirmed on the sofa tears streaming from her face.
“Please stop…please. This is bad.“ She whimper. She thought he stopped because she asked. She was wrong.
Jada sat up her tear streaked face flushed and watched Samuel as he took off his clothes, then lay down onto the floor.
“Come here you little cunt.”
Jada shook her head no. Samuel reached over and grabbed her by the ankle.
“Sit down on my face.” Samuel ordered. Jada stood still, Samuel pulled her over on top of him. He forced her head down onto his cock, placing one of his legs over her head holding her in place.
She gagged, and vomited on his dick when it struck the back of her throat. He sucked down hard on her pussy making her scream. He wrapped his arms around her teeny waist. He could feel the heat coming from her pink snatch. “You little slut, you shouldn’t have teased me.” he mumbled into her pussy.
He lowered his leg and pulled her off him yanking her head over to his cock just in time to see his thick white cum shoot off into her mouth.
Jada sucked down his cum and without his coaxing she lowered her head and licked up the few droplets from off of the carpet.

“Hungry.” she looked up at him and her green eyes turned to red and jagged teeth replaced her perfect white ones.
Samuel screamed and fell backwards.
“FOOD!” Jada screamed and Samuel scrambled to his feet and hurried into the kitchen. Jada followed behind on all fours. His mind confused. Samuel looked around; Ethan was eating him out of house and home. The refrigerator was bare except for a small amount of hamburger.
Jada snatched the hamburger from his hand and scuffed it down.
“MORE!” she yelled and Samuel couldn’t stop the piss from running down his legs. Ethan was right! Ethan was right about the children. He looked all around the kitchen as Jada knelt down and sniffed his piss. He heard the keys being tossed onto the table in living room. Ethan dropped his heavy book bag onto the floor. He was one step away from the kitchen tile when he stopped dead in his tracks.
“Sam, what the fuck? What have you done? Answer me! What the fucks have you done?”
Ethan just stood frozen his eyes on the demon child lapping up Samuels pee.
“Jada sweetie.” Samuels voice shook. “This is Ethan, he’s your dinner.”
Ethan fear turned into a smile as Jada clamped down onto Samuel’s cock ripping it off. Samuel fell to the floor, blood spurting from his groin.
“That’s what you get you sick fuck!” Ethan yelled as he turned and ran. Samuel heard the door shut seconds before Jada shred his throat.

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2008-06-10 03:02:41
lmao ... that was fucking Awsome!!!


2007-05-01 15:27:58
They should mass produce these demon children to exploit those pedos. lol


2007-01-27 17:52:45
Hey everybody. thanks for all of the great comments. i had completely forgotten that i had posted these stories on this website, until the other night. I was really happy to see that people have read my stories. I've been working on several novels and I even sold a short story. thanks so much for all of your imput. as you can tell, I forgot my login id and password.
my short story can be found in eternally noir through logical lust website.



2007-01-25 22:53:45
Holy Fucking Shit Man that was friken freaky


2007-01-17 17:51:38
aaaa! brilliant!

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