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Chapter Two

About a week after our first 'playdate,' Holly called me, and let me know she was on her way. I told her she was welcome any time she liked, and I asked her to wear a skirt, if at all possible. Then, I went about preparing for her arrival. She knocked on my door shortly after that,

I open the door, and she is standing there in a gorgeous little 'standard' schoolgirl skirt. It was even the red plaid color we all like. She came inside, and I gave her a drink, and I set the pack of smokes she was expecting on the little bookshelf I keep by my front door.

As we went into my room, I took off my clothes, and asked her if she wouldn't mind doing a little stripshow for me. I explained how I wanted it done, and she nodded.

She began with her back turned to me, and bent over forward, just slightly, giving me a slightly better view of her butt. She reached down, and with both hands, pulled up the bottom of her shirt, and tossed it aside. She quickly undid her bra, and dropped that, too. She turned around to face me, she reached down and plucked her panties down, and tossed them off of her legs. She now stood before me, wearing only her skirt, and her socks and shoes.

As I had requested, she stepped forward, and swung her leg over me, and straddled my lap. She kissed the underside of my chin, and then my lips, slightly grinding her hips down into mine.

Of course, I was hard by now, and as she straddled me, my fingers were touching her. She moaned softly into my mouth as I played with her lower lips, and she pushed down into me harder. It was only a few more minutes before neither of us could wait any longer. She lifted up, and I guided myself to her open (and waiting) netherlips.

As her lips parted, and my manhood slowly slid into her, she tensed, and clenched her eyes shut, and her head fell back. I pushed her down on me, all the way, and I once again felt my shaft press against the back wall of her insides. Now my eyes closed as I lifted her, and then pushed her down again, effectively making her move on me.

Holly moved with my hands, impaling herself over and over on me. She was clearly more confident in herself, because she pushed on my chest, making me lay down while she placed her hands on my stomach, and moved her hips up and down, back and forth. She moaned out, "Fuck me, Tobias."

My head lolled back again, and my eyes closed. After a moment, I opened them to see this gorgeous little thirteen year old girl, grunting and thrusting on me. It turned me on to know that she was loving every second of it. I looked down at where our bodies met, and all I could see was a skirt, hiding our forbidden act of love beneath it.

She leaned backward, and put her hands on my ankles. She jerked her hips back and forth that way, which made me grunt, and my eyes bulged for a minute. She rocked her hips on me, moaning and groaning as my manhood pierced her insides repeatedly.

By now, we had been making love for at least ten minutes, maybe longer. I moaned out again, and I told her, "I might cum soon..." And she leaned forward, putting her hands on the bed on either side of my chest, and continued to thrust down on me, as if she hadn't heard. So I told her again that I thought I was going to cum.

She looked down at me, and pur her arms on my shoulders. She stopped thrusting for a moment as she leaned down, and whispered in my ear, " Cum inside me, Tobias. I want to feel it again." She then straightened up, and began impaling herself again, as if she had just started, with a renewed energy.

After another minute or so, I groaned, and looked up at her. "It's time," I said. She looked down at me again, and grinned a big grin. She slammed her hips down on me, and just gyrated them a little bit. Her head went back, and she said (rather loudly), "Cum inside me, Tobias!"

As she spoke, it put me over. My cock began to throb and after a moment, I sprayed my hot liquid love deep into her belly. As I came, she did, also, and her lithe little body shook like a seizure as I pumped her full of my cum.

As soon as I was done, she looked down at me, and I smiled up at her. She rolled to the side, and lay down next to me in bed. "That was great," She said.

"I'd better be going, or my mom might worry," Holly told me. She got up and put her clothes back on. After giving her another drink and the smokes, she went on her way.


Holly and I have been screwing at least once, if not twice a week for about 3 months now.

One day, I got a call from Holly, asking if she could come over. I quickly agreed, and we set a date.

At around 4pm, Tuesday afternoon, there was a knock on my door. I went over and opened it up to greet Holly, but to my surprise, she had brought a friend with her. She smiled and introduced the girl as Kendra Bellas. I greeted them both, and let them both in. As we sat on the couch in the living room, Kendra informed me that she was hoping to score some cigarettes, too. "I already know what's going to happen. Holly filled me in. I'm cool with it."

I smiled, and led them both back to my room, and retrieved a carton of Marlboros from under my bed. I tossed them onto my computer desk, and then looked over at the girls. I spoke to Kendra. "So tell me... How old are you, Kendra?" She told me that she was 15. I asked if she had ever done anything with a boy, and she told me that she had given a handjob to one guy, who turned out to be an asshole. "I promise I am not an asshole, Kendra." She smiled at me.

The girls looked at each other, and me, and suggested we get started. I told them to go ahead, and so they began to disrobe. As I watched these two underage girls strip off their clothing, I very obviously started to get excited.

They both started to come toward me. As I stood there, the two of them demolished me clothes. Very quickly, I was naked before them. Then, they both took of their clothes. I laid down on my bed, and Holly was the first one up there, and was sucking on me. Kendra, was a little slower, but before long, she was on the bed with me, kissing me. At my beckoning, Kendra lifted herslef up, and allowed me to lick her vaginal lips. I sent my tongue every way I could, including into her. The first time I pushed my tongue inside her, she squealed a tiny bit, apparently happy with the feeling it gave her.

Another few minutes, and Holly got up, and so did I. I asked them which one wanted to go first. Holly said she would, and so I had Kendra lay down on the bed, and then Holly get on all fours on the bed before me, but in front of Kendra. I told Holly to 'play' with Kendra, and she smiled and agreed.

As I placed my shaft at Holly's entrance, Holly began to lick and suck on Kendra's clit. I then pushed myself into Holly's body, and felt the familiar tensing of her body, followed by the relaxation and enjoyment. I began to thrust against her gently, and as I did so, I watched Holly go down on Kendra. It was Holly's first girl-girl (or so I assumed), but she was doing fairly well. Kendra was clearly enjoying herself, I noticed: Eyes closed, one hand clutching my bedsheets, the other cupping one breast.

And so I stood there, doing Holly 'doggy-style.' It wasn't long befire I hit her in the right place, and she practically went limp, and let out a long, low moan. I guessed( Correctly, I later found out), that she had orgasmed.

After several minutes, Kendra whined a little. "My turn!" I chuckled, and pulled myself out of Holly, and she moved off to the side. I grabbed Kendra by the legs, and pulled her over to she side of the bed. I bent her legs, and held them at my side, and I placed my cock and her entrance.

With a smile given to her, I pushed my shaft deep into Kendra's body. She gasped, and groaned as I slowly penetrated deeper and deeper into her. Once I was in, I gave her a minute, and then began to pump her. She soon began to moan out load. Holly decided she didn't want to be done so quickly, and leaned down and whispered something to Kendra. Kendra could only nod, not speak.

Holly swung her leg over Kendra's body, and her vagina came to rest over Kendra's face. Kendra began to return the favor that Holly had done her just moments ago. She dug in to Holly's body cavity, licking like crazy, almost chewing on her. Meanwhile, I was doing Kendra but good.

We went on like this for several more minutes, and then I announced that my 'time' was almost up. Reacting quicker than I could imagine, Holly jumped up off of Kendra's face, and sat above her head. She placed her hands on either of Kendra's shoulders and told me, "Cum inside her, too. I want us to be sisters by you." Kendra was alarmed at first, but quickly decided she didn't care.

As Kendra lay there, moaning on my shaft, nodding down at me, I could hold off any longer. I slammed against her, forcing myself deep inside her fifteen year old body, and grunted hard. Apparently, that last motion sent her over the edge, too, because She moaned louder, and clenched her eyes shut.

My manhood spewed jet after jet of my cum into Kendra's body. As I finished, I looked down at Kendra and Holly. Both girls smiled at me, and laughed a little.

Kendra decided she wanted a smoke, and then a shower, so the two of them had a cigarette, then showered, and dressed. Before they left, Holly told me that she would be back, and Kendra said she might come back, too.

I look forward to their return.

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2011-05-13 13:18:46
just like to point out one minor mistake, they disrobed, then undressed him, them themselves again? Might wanna work on that, other then that, great story.

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2011-05-13 07:24:18
you know i love this kinds of stories as long as its fictional



2011-05-11 22:38:02
hoping to hear more nice friction story

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2011-05-11 11:41:50
Isn't this a pedophile story?


2011-05-11 05:52:29
I realize that this is a work of fiction, however, I find the story to be somewhat less than plausible and lacking in realism. I have read better.


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