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What a girl Mary turned out to be.
Fbailey story number 591

What A Girl

I was forced to attend yet another family reunion. Would you believe that it was my forth family reunion this year? Each one was more boring than the last one.

I found a chair in a corner in a room that almost no one entered. They constantly walked by the doorway, looked in, and asked me to join in the fun. What fun?

One of my little cousins came in and sat in my lap. That little minx squirmed around in my lap until she gave me a boner. What a girl! Then she giggled, jumped off, and ran out the door. I just sat there unable to move and not wanting to show the world my problem.

Soon one of my older cousins came into the room. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. She was wearing a fairly loose dress that was much longer than I had been seeing. Then it struck me that I had seen her in a micro miniskirt not too long before.

She walked over to me, straddled my legs, and lifted up the front of her dress before she sat down. I swear that I had seen her furry pussy without any panties. She reached between us and managed to get my cock out. It stood straight up in the air so she just lifted up, positioned it, and sat back down it.

She leaned into my ear and whispered, “Mary told me that you had a problem and asked me to take care of it for you. She didn’t want you to be embarrassed. She would have done it herself but she is still a virgin and didn’t want to cry out and make your problem any worse. However, you can take her virginity while the family meeting is going on. No one will miss us then.”

I whispered back, “What’s your name?”

She giggled softly as she slipped up and down my stiff cock. “I’m Mary’s older sister Fern and we are second cousins. My father and your mother are first cousins. We live in Seattle, Washington. That’s about a million miles from here. I think I met you about six years ago.”

I said, “I’ve changed at lot in that time, I’m fourteen now.”

She replied, “I’ve changed a lot too, I’m fifteen, and I’ve been having sex for the past three years. I’m on birth control, I like to give blowjobs, and I especially like to swallow. My bra size is 34-C.”

As we talked she kept lifting up, settling down, and squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles. Then I was cumming and I do mean cumming. I never thought that my first time would be that special.

Fern looked around to make sure the coast was clear. She lifted herself up, quickly sucked my cock clean, and then told me to put it way before she jumped my bones again. Then she ran out the door. I felt very lucky to find a girl like Fern. I finally went out to join the others.

Mary came over and asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

I replied, “Yes, I am. Thank you for your help.”

Mary said, “I hope you already thanked Fern.”

I replied, “I certainly did.”

Fern came up to me and she was wearing her micro miniskirt again. I got a kiss on the cheek and then the three of us got some food, some drinks, and we found a place with three other girl cousins about our age.

Fern and Mary knew them and made the introductions. Apparently I was the only boy in our age group. April, Mae, and June were sisters and they were fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen respectively.

I about died when Mary said, “I sat in his lap and gave him a hard-on.”

Fern said, “I had to let him fuck me to make it go down.”

Then Mary said, “I want him to take my virginity later during the family meeting.”

April asked, “Can we watch? If he has anything left can we borrow him? I’m horny as hell and my sisters are virgins.”

Fern said, “Sure. I’m pretty sure I took his virginity so I might as well give him three virgins in exchange.”

April giggled and said, “His friends back home would never believe that he had fucked five of his cousins at a family reunion.”

June said, “As Jeff Foxworthy would say, You might be a redneck if you go to a family reunion to pick up women.”

Everyone giggled. I felt embarrassed, but I felt my cock stiffen and I also knew that I was going to get very luck with four more girls.


Mom caught up with me and said, “I saw you with Fern. I was going to warn you that she is a real slut back home. Her father told me that he has caught her more than once with a boy in her bed. However, you seem to be in a much better mood, so go for it. You just might get lucky, I did. I lost my virginity to her father years ago at one of these family reunions.”

I blushed. Mom and I had a pretty open relationship since Dad had left us a couple of years ago, so I said, “I already did. Her sister Mary gave me a hard-on and Fern took care of it.”

Mom kissed me on the cheek and said, “That’s great. They have a big tent. I invited their father to sleep with me tonight. So you can sleep with the girls and fuck Fern until your dick falls off.”

I got another kiss but on the lips that time. I looked for Fern and told her what was up. She giggled and said that she already knew. Her father told her that he got lucky with my mother and would be spending the night in her tent. Fern had already invited April, Mae, and June to spend the night with her and her sister. They were moving their stuff in at the moment.

When I told Fern that I would get my sleeping bag she giggled and said, “Don’t bother. You won’t be sleeping in it. In fact I don’t think you will get any sleep tonight.” I got a kiss on the lips and she took off.


During the family meeting we slipped away to our tent. Mary was more excited than I was. She didn’t want any foreplay but I did. I took a few minutes to kiss her budding breasts and her soft pussy. Thanks to Mom’s advice I tried licking her slit and found that I liked it. It also made my cock harder. When I slipped it into Mary she whispered, “I might be a redneck too.” We both giggled and got down to business. I pushed into her and she pushed back. It felt good being on top and being in charge. It was really nice that we had both gotten naked too. The strange part was having four other girls watching me. It was as if I was on display or worse yet, that they were there to critique my work to see if I was good enough to fuck them. I tried to give them a good show but it just felt so damn good to have my cock in Mary that I couldn’t hold out for very long. As I shot my load into her she cried out that she was having an orgasm and she clutched me so tight that I could feel her fingernails cutting into my shoulder blades. Mary thrashed up at me with such intensity that I had all I could do not to be thrown off. Thanks to her I came out looking like a hero. What a girl! I rolled off to one side of her, held her to me, and kissed her like I had seen in those old movies. Mary responded with tongue. She pulled my ass toward her and I slipped back inside. That time she got on top and fucked herself with my cock. I watched her tiny titties try to bounce around on her chest but they were too small and they were definitely too firm for that. In a short time she was moaning and thrashing around on me saying, “Oh God he’s doing it again.” Sure enough I was cumming in her and she was having an orgasm at the same time.

Needless to say, my reputation for being a great lover was cinched forever. What a girl!


It was not even dark when Mom sent me to bed so that she and Fern’s father could go to her tent. I didn’t mind at all. Fern and Mary went with me and soon the other girls arrived too.

Alice said that she wanted to be next and she undressed quickly and started sucking my cock. I stopped her even though I had been enjoying it. I explained that I needed all the cum that I had and that I had two more girls after her to take care of. I was quickly reminded that I had better fuck all five of them at least twice before morning.

So I pushed Alice back and placed my head between her legs, she clamped then together saying, “No boy has ever gone down on me before.”

Fern said, “Me neither but I’ve gone down on a hundred boys though. They seem to like sticking their cocks in my mouth, especially after they have fucked me with it. Hell, I’ve sucked cocks that have been in other girl’s pussies, I’ve even sucked one after it was in another girl’s ass.”

Mary said, “Oh gross.”

Fern said, “Not really, it was Gale’s ass and I kind of liked it.”

Mary said, “I heard a boy once say that he would eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from.”

Fern said, “Well I saw and I got to lick her pussy and ass too.”

Suddenly our attention was on Alice as she grabbed my head and tried to push it inside her as her orgasm struck. She cried out, she bounced around on the sleeping bag, and then she had a second orgasm, right on top of the first one. I was so impressed that I held onto her ass and licked even harder than I had been. Sure enough she rolled right into a third and a forth orgasm before pushing me away, clamping her legs together, and rolling into the fetal position like a little baby.

Fern said, “I have heard about girls having multiple orgasms but I’ve never seen one before.”

Mary asked, “What did it feel like?”

Alice replied, “It felt so good that I thought I had died and gone to heaven.”

Mae said, “Hurry up and fuck her so it’s my turn.”

June said, “Yeah.”

Fucking Alice was nothing spectacular. She just lay there like a limp doll. Oh she had three orgasms with my cock in her but I really had to work to cum in her. When I pulled out I looked over at Fern. She smiled and came to me and started sucking my cock clean. Mary just smiled.

Mae let me eat her pussy but I only managed to give her one orgasm before I took her virginity. She was as tight as Mary had been but somehow it wasn’t the same.

June was thirteen like Mary but six months younger. Her pussy had no hair on it and her pussy lips didn’t look fully developed. She had a nice taste and she sure was tight but my thoughts kept going back to Mary. What a girl!

Mary got in there to suck my cock that time and I smiled at her. She was trying hard to please me.

That night none of us got much sleep. The younger ones got some sleep. I got to fuck all five of them twice and the two older girls a third time, not counting my very first time with Fern and Mary.

As we were leaving Mary gave me a kiss that made her mother’s eyebrows raise. She whispered in my ear that she loved me and then she thanked me for fucking her. She promised to email a nude picture of herself and of Fern every week for the rest of my life. What a girl!


On our way home I told Mom that I had cum fourteen times in a twenty-four hour period. She was astounded and told me that her date had only been good for four, three the night before, and one that morning. She let me sleep most of the way home.

When we got home Mom woke me up so that I could help her unpack the car and carry stuff inside.

That night at bedtime she said, “Your little girlfriend Mary asked me to let you sleep with me. She said that you needed a girl in your life but that she couldn’t be here for you, so I would have to do. Their father invited us out to Seattle for a vacation.”

That night as I was licking my mother’s shaved pussy she said, “What a girl that Mary is.”

My sentiments exactly.

The End
What A Girl
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